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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, July 07, 1932, Image 3

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.. _ < _ . - x. R W,§;'.\\(* ‘s~ V. ~l“§~$.v~:,.b_ \ ' \*.~..~ \‘ .. ‘,U ’.:\'~-~-_--Mr\ -_.,-V. ... ,.. . _ ~, . . L . . ' . . . \\\\ W, 53. . .,.;.,. ,g. 5 «~44 a;cv..c.:‘..*—,‘-..a«»v-ar,».....~«e----~’-ua--—:-—-- -w..Q. ...,. ..~ 4,, ,5. F?! Lgckqwqnna. N;e;_\v,s,, l_—;l}=_kA~W§l1ll&;_ N '~l.'-(Mrs... July» 1,, 1932' Ramon Nzyvaxxo and M}a<1ge‘ Evans Lu I-Iud.d1Ae w11_L~ be shown at Sheas Seneca Emmy qndj Szmuzday \v1L‘h rx_1;t_t;Lua.ee Sax- I;n. ‘I.\.€.l,(l-l«t;1.o1;A \-_.:m be. .19-.n,. Bgn-. new 111 L31_xre1I2ss.!a'1;w. A-tlded suby;cLs. ScIan,l:It1Ce. with. Paul, Mum wm, be shown. tzhree clays stunting Sxmclay. lg/Lentil): We Go To. Hell; w1Itl1 $)’.lV.l84.‘ 'bI1.d.n.e.y ma. ‘F-i‘e(lI?l<\ March. will be‘ shown. Weqpgsqay arm ’Ij1x_u_1:.sc_i.a.)_'-. Acmqct sub-- glsq v;I be, (1'£0!‘ed}. E «: Sheas: Buffalo Eebecca, the !zn,ngum,mve mule gm‘ n.an:t.e~ came out, or Ivanhoe and. «A0. bxved‘ am su.:3.n::.-b:,'ool,< F-'a—v;m.. mass 10112: been. a. t.a:v.ori:te. 1:010, of: me. axteaxest. Stf&,\€. 9: «me stage‘. Thg lnxmoxitzal cas-.. sic. will, come to the 1,mf,f.e-lo. v1.“ri_<_1.ayv we‘-tvh. Mgpior; Ni-xpn 111 nights» we I‘0‘l.€‘.. 5UI9‘3 ported -by Ralph, Bellamy. M;is.s 'IfIA.\’01_1, was‘ chose!) to poznmy. the‘ cha._:z:ctexj- t_hmt to mllvlions is 1~he symbdl oi optl-_ 01,1. the. szaere will; be :.\.:§h.u.r_, “1?a.:b\ West. in Gcbs M1’ Joy xx; Bermuda (Marla Manning’ r-1.10. gland orcméstlfa g\_n,<_l. I:I,e1-bl/3 at, me \V'\1r1_'v;zgaj \vS1_1,:;_>r_<w,i,<.l,e the xr(u,<>i,c2_z,1‘ <l,l.vert;_.*~.\-,-1,11eI_1t,. Va . .‘ \ Welcome l,e)N,is, (1). Q1g_a, Alb;-.r.i (2). Pa and. FI.‘ank_ Bl.-gck_ of, the Reye,Iers_ (5). mammoth bm_aVdcaAs_t_ S=he.a.’s. ‘Century’ ul\'\/‘i1it‘cm:gn (3)..Graham McNameg (4), hea,d,_2_al|-s_ta_r group of gloom-Qhg_ie_I)sl, In go, s._',unJula,1e Inzgustry, DEPRESSION will balm: a, back — seat on 1\1_ond&.¥ night. April 4. \\-x,:er_\_ Gehez_'a,l Motors signalizes the opening of the nax-tonal e.\'hib1_t_ of its au and other} d_iv,ex:si- 1.1.e.d Protmcts, si,mu_1.t.ane.ou_sl.v. in 55 cities with an h_ou_r’s AIL-Star. Ex- hibit <;f_ the gin. xnaglging al1igh,spot ix; 1932 radio. histoxc-y. The nation- wide drive (0, sti1nu_lgLe.L)1e automo- tive industry and tghexjeby induce pgospexity iz_1_ indusqry as 3, whole will begin \\:t;_eu t_h_e exhibits ‘open one pzje Saturday. More than a. h,und.xed. eutertainersv !x=¢Iu.ding such headliners -as l?a.t;1 Whiteuxan, and Ergo Rapee with, their oz_'ch,estra_s, zhg R_e\'eJers, Wel- c_Qm,e, Lewis v.:i,Lh 'her blues. the Cqlgntess Olga Ajbani. Ohman and A;-den. Graham, .\IcNamee. ace an,- zluuncer, and a host of other‘ stars ‘will take pzu-t, in B1;oaldw&y's big- gest; bx:oa_d<.-astr. Moxge than forty smtioxxs will be linked in ‘the radio opening of the drive “to, put. hands‘ ‘to work, and bring back. -p1:osperi,t_\y:.\ Staged la‘ the Times ,Sqi.1_are.St_u atop the famous Amstexjdam The-. aim in. New Yorls City. the r.evt.I.e. will ‘be gttenlded, by. celebxjities from the bu,si,r,1ess, social and th,ea_t:i_ea_l w,oz'l(_1s. camera: will click, co]uxr_l_I_:_- lsts will be busy jqttinz d.ow,n_ \names\ and, spectators will, peer oxfec shoulders for-.a glimpse 0: the ari.s.tocracy— of. the. radio. ‘world. be}. fore the lights go out and; millions of. A.r.ner_i_can. listeners heat: a. pro- gram that only 1; lgiyg could have commanded, a, few decades ago. Jack M\.11.h&-I1; no't,Cl s,-t.ag.e star‘ wilt n_ea.<I. tlge. RKQ vau.c1_e,vm,L- p1.‘08!‘*\.!!) ail: sheaf: cegcuxx s,ta1cb_1_z3g SM-Uld 01412’: ag-ts,‘ v.v.1_1,1_ nbe Louis. Moscc-m... with I:le1.e1.1a\.« s.»,n.c1 mm Kerns: Three Slate Bxohhens. A.d.t.\ Bmoxm and me I<.I.k.u.ta:: Jam 01.1. the‘ semen mu. be D->ugla.s -217.. In. 'I_».<aVe. Is. A Ra.<.=l,<ev. with Ann D»-toxak. Hem Smmb am, xnmy musical sans ax-I sp wm be Ieemxred. ’ S3he,ea.s. H.ippodrom.e.- 14.0w-1.5, For 014 a. d.rt_\m.a 91: m.r-c.!- Tam-113 lslle which depicts me con: Iflriat. between o1d.e:.~u.nd_ y6u,1.re,ex: zenzm.-» tlong. van. be. sn.ow.x.x. at xttppo-. -tart‘-ins Saturday. pxctixxe. 1.9 9. pl.otu.\:l.mt.1.0I.\ at JQIIII. Van Di.u,.ten_'s play. Axtex. A1}. vt_i.t.!.x M.axn.ne.b. Perry pl.‘-t)'.~‘ :.x.:¢— use r.é_n.x1n.1n_c lead Hz); the nmmsv.- vr.0c1u,9t-ion. Miss Iferty @180 plays tms. 1919 11.1. we n.<'I:e.n, v,rs1on.. in wh.1_¢!_\ she makea. her 2.I.\.0te1.on. picture debut 1.1e.n.-- K)! B. Muman at the Krwxxd mstm. am! x.I.cl,dg<.!. screezi subject; will mans! out me. Subscribe For The lackawanna News 5 3: L is ‘Y ?S RUDY VALLEE. COMJJNG, FRIDAY F REE!! F REE! Mxgsicalv stars wme an dmuscml stars. go but a_!_te1; five years Rudy V_'a,l_1e~.- who 15, eomlxrg to Shh_ea,'s B.u1Ia.l.o In petmn mdaye July L5 10: 8! six <_l.ay- engage.-— meat with ms. Connecticut Yzmkees. Ram Boise: and. other stars of George. Wfh|i_tge's sea,nd_al,s 1s,su11 one or 1:13;: elect; M11908‘ musical stats. Solve '31,‘;-l,1isI’»ll_zzl,e,. ‘line. pening oi our Mammoth Summer Sale. Solve This Puzzle For the past week -Rudy was demon-. st;n_>.t_ea that his dfmwing power at the New Yong Parqmouxxt is as gnegxt. taglny 9.5. 1,1: was when he first came to than Lneamxb five years ago as the new moi zvg millions. In fact so great his pal!- ugg power -“been 94+. the box_o1;r_1ce,, that he mg ms, Connecticut \'am:ees and a big supporting companv ‘is being ‘held, met: 1, se(‘bn_<,l_ week. The secret or Rudy §_lal1ee’s sugcess is, ~.h-.-11; he keeps an ever watchful eye on his pm'o11n’a11ces Hot =. de1:;aJ.1 escapes his atbention and he xpends hours scudymg the mnplgficzmon :y‘s*:em,‘ uhat, sends his voice out through .h,e.‘et,l:xer and Luclt*.r~rmm. E E é rm, .. ‘g Shea’s Bu E E Beginning Friday '-‘B.§_:B,ECCA OF SUNNYBROOK F':\Ri\-If’ IVIARIAN MZARSI‘ On the Stage 1-(A LPH §ELLAM 2' Upright Pianos T’ «I lliig GOES OF JOY IN BERM.UDI\_\' with Arvhur \Fat\ West FREE! E 'A<L1mral or Jesters‘ Buy them for .1 sang. Plenty ll 10 c h 9 0 <3 : » from Idem for pr.u:t-ce, Sh,ea’sA Cjeutury Beginning Saturéiay 5 RKO Acts I_Iesa(,led by JACK MULI-IALL Fzunous Screen star IN PER SON on the Sargent ’ EEELE FREE! DOUGLAS 1\\AIRBANKgS. JR «in ‘LOVE IS A RACKET” wltn Fl‘z:11PCs Dre. A1111 Dvctmk ‘ .-§azx<s&'+ 4%“. 3421:- );§' 4 :5-\g;_g. .11 in ‘Wii; fiaa‘ , _9( I \»~ .5. ‘ : ,.*\‘§ ‘ . ~~\:;- I 4.3!; \; ;-x»=u.zxz_~; 5. 71;)’ -A #5:. *~\‘i.%»rf' $1’-,‘:§~ M-¢._,;§_ ¢-‘*2:-,1 v,v Shezfs Hippodrome Beginning Bamrday ‘NEW MOR.‘\I>‘ FOR OLD‘ BEE ‘:7 ‘=§'7‘'?7*‘:£‘C'‘? ac. a.*.:..s..!u.'d a .\I3'-\\\?‘”' §. ROBERI YOUNG. MAR(}.\[U‘.I’I‘ PEi?:RY,' LLWIS .‘:‘vTON}:' Mh.'R;NA LO‘)! BUFFALO APPLEAN §3:Ze':sga'am §'-“:'z??“~:., Zak ‘:2’ I ~31!’ & K-Qawn Added A t.I.»mcLMn BOBBY J ON E3 1367 Main St. Buffala, N. Y. jg‘? Ht‘ « e- .. T? ? ‘-‘W? G». M. Y. (,9/3? *3 In \How I Play Golf’ H_ENR.Y MUR'I‘A,CdI_ in. organ July 1st to July 1th Money’ deposited up to July 10th will, draw l%n.t:eere..est from July 1st, at the. rate of Per Cent. Member Of The Federal Reserve Bank Resources Over $2.,000,00().,00 A contest. of Merit. and skill can You Solve The Problem’ la D\.-.I¢.'|19NI.* , _ , la rlnu nu (Inn '-1_'' I; uu «um aunts rum: she; In tan 9! E] tho olbq auqru Ii no to total 2] x lylnonlnliy. nr- __—..— _ < undlculujly Iqd ‘ ' I'D dluun-lly. ullu v LEA] number! (rap 1 ~ to l3._Do not me. ll: lune number -5 :'#.t...%1:°*“.&\.: . 5 C ho 'IIo|| by \\‘ ' ’ ‘ mail. Nu emnlruu ‘ «I III: Ilrm may tutu tho contest. ‘ cumin: mu ' _ Tuesday V _ E July 12th 7 »— ~ 7 -~ % Numg ....................4......,.....,..q..ugnu % E . .J Adclrqgq ._....,................,.............-ouguuqga 0“! ouuo_I_III9ooIot.o,ooonlguntogvInnnttuctcqouocioltlo rd@EIW JEEWJ@'EEJ3 ΎΎŎ ෟΎˊΞਇढΎǪढḿŎ Prizes w{|l be mvarucd for the twelve best soluhons 0, .,,,5 problem. takxng unto consul-,=,r_ag , 1 ¢°,.“.,,..5. ,.eJ:,,E.ss' and Uniqueness Soluhons can be mmn rm thy v1e‘vs':.1per, 5.,-p_1._m, pacer. or In .-my um mu f-\--n\ --.—1>».»»-..~.g -‘nu rule In the event 0! tics. llke ur-zen no 01-“Q - ~'- ~ \\:V| Iv: 5...-.-4.-1 Q, ..-. ;-nu testante. S(\'ul -mg ‘. -. M J:-pntvd 1 -u 1;. and .~¢-...; ha 8 p M_ Tue.-sdnv. July 12. 1'\? Solu mm.» In. my---I -.« my --A 4.. -.... .a V ,,. -‘-rnc before the n‘n=‘-vw -~--« -a --. - —-... u .V -1 .--a p\‘ . will be .-w-urdm-I -.; n n M \HIV .-m. H.‘ ,v . ...‘..‘...¢.u run‘;-§A ants will kn «purl»: No eoltltinn w.-. v.-. rp‘ ......- ....g .. ...,.¢.,... ..,,,,, .,..-.1, decision on the Iu4»ue.= ¢\\n¢aq .., ,.,,,..-,,V....; .: -:1 . in-m. RE‘ME-MEIED 4 - »-..-. ~ ,...~r- . ... , 12th and no anl--Nah-.<u ‘I . , ..:...- .: ‘»::,\.:: .T,...V'“ Jmy Everv nersnn lak:-11 part .,. 1--. r--~'_'gf W. h. _w,,..ded .1 souvenir.

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