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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, June 23, 1932, Image 4

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’~ v - \ ‘ \ I ,_ ‘, 3,, ‘V V rt’: ,..E»:Wr;,v=xi<~~= -.,'; :1» L.a..4.»...au.;.~.a»;:.o..a~»:«s¢,.ue4~a.a‘.m~~;<xa1..a>.~*4m«m$5'r1%iwwnw1M. ‘K. — - V w »- *4 371 - _...:........~.....,...‘.....,...=.¢..~..-....e,.....»-~.;.»» .. ;.-,..,_,,_._,,Q.,;,,,....;,..,,‘,,,‘...,,‘.,..._...‘$.M.,,........,...m. ...;.;;..»;..»s«:=.s¢x.w-'»e:~«.~é~«vp~1a«z'A$-:=;¢¢,*iw_i4r 3.-7 ‘*\:; : :~;~++:-:»._—.-::~-:\**r''' !\”‘“’.?”.“”fi1“;*.’:'*“‘“\:'::;:'*“'::::.‘.1;‘:\7£ # ! V 1.. .. rp‘ . '9 ~41 1: : $'3':‘«'.\'t~ z.»-r:\‘q\~ 2 -'.<Jr-;-;.,..».£«z {*1 »\‘f.~‘. 3 !-.’«.~',».\E‘.-/. ’:;--3&3 -.«' 7 .. kt,‘ -, ,i.,:r- , .-v: U,‘ > M1 M g“ ’ . a-r~xsw« ‘q’*»'.N‘s~’ M? ?*.‘C‘-\‘ , _ . . ~'-‘ _' \ '7\ _ _ vyagkawanna, iN:_e_ws , La__d5§Wahna,_ Y_,, Thugs, Jjape 23‘, 1932 Bonus sPaymen5:t Necessary Mzeasure Local ?Co,ngressman reizlievesi %A’G‘E‘ A%FeFI*ICTS H~EAR;liN'G_ B:iJ.T :LlTT‘L'E HP 55‘. iB*ElEL ’S‘C»I?ENTslSTS FINSD Acceptance of Owen Plan for Payment of Sqildivrs Bonus Wouid Improve 'Cond,it-ions Generally, Mead States 1- zlns Hnlc. bu‘ llny h.n‘e the wanna ugh: lu bu there as muse who 1‘.-pre~ 5:-11:.-.cl thy (mt:-Sol:-m. ~L‘~.a.gue wlxezz rha-;. loltcul .. he-at.n.u Congnuss vo pro- pose the E1g.>,h1‘eem‘-h Anwn.':_m1em. mm tune: the \’ul~tL=a<l I...-w. Laboratoryr Test lR'evea‘ls Thajt-Loss, ils. ‘Experienced Mainly in. Hearing ~Hi’gh Notes PRIZES 922 .\.~'.’<¢ TCCLLI KC 7 “ U » «,~ , .“W£ k/‘?'~..“2.=)lP __, - I‘ I .'-J, _ _.', A-, .,'i . ' V‘ ‘I. V?» . 5 .‘ _‘ .A M‘ ‘T: ‘“ ‘. Se\ . A leclted ‘btlsiness firms pa1ftic«i- r,‘ 1st.P»rize~.—$2 1n Merchan-Q _ _ , -u » _ _ , F; .2 Elia/e\-_ t:‘§.“ 4&3? -:‘€’-‘3:~’§:Q$%§ patmg “I this puzzle\ /M ‘ . ‘ . L‘ M M in Mer-§\.€ 3Ps‘E’* ,. . M -' 4‘ \q:i§._w _.»~:z -time *N 3rd P-r-ize-—50c in Mercha.n- dise. -- ---7-/A ~ \’ In Me1'c»h':u1dise at Thuy an us u.-1:11 ultmn their L.glx'.~. .n.~; Ur: :a'.I.'.n‘xn at l:bI;).‘1L:; tlmt zu‘1‘1\'uI 111 Washlngwn um-n the 1'0ccnL tax zuul l.1:II It-4 Alli-ILH \\--- uIn.:xLl«.~n.d' Nu .om: D-L\.’n)t (1 t.» ::-smz‘: ‘tvhevlr coming. um 1- gut mm the right iv 1‘esex‘.\L Luv ('URl'* mg of mu) cmzen \',‘,'le he x\:n1.un» '.v.'.lu:-. Inn ngh‘!.~i .u u uuzcn 6 Pzwtic-ipating St-ores 1-'ull'a\\'2ng ts .nxv'hcr of zhr sunes vi ::riat1v.- on quesmnns of 1-.\.l.1.u1 m.p.r'.mu\ ‘.\1;.\h -.u’u Dr \.1\|s 1.‘-AIM |J,\ H:-pLraL-11' .n\-‘ J':um..~s My I\‘lr\ul In t»!u- tl;l’l‘cHl .\:l1(“t‘. ‘R'prn--:nt.n:n«. Mr..z1 -uh xmy he mm-s that me .701‘ um-ra bx-nlia .~h umi I.-. p.u(.l our w:u' vea- u-.m,s xmw _ .'\~nI_- trun l'~tx~ 'u'.I‘4.: ..).x Uni I‘LUll'ul'-5 Nor Do our ears grow old‘? It is a ,pupuX-.u' hul-ie‘.‘ that hetlring deb-eriu1'z1tc-.s \\'i'll1 inxcm-mill; age. and‘ a recent ex[)e1'imenh ('Ul1LlL1('led by the Bell ’I‘eleplmne Laxhnlratnrivs in New ‘xfo1'—k City has led in the cnnclusion that there is smnu ha‘-1~: rm‘ this be- lief. Ibuvt that the llLlGI‘iul‘E1vI.i0l1 is small. 0 2nd Prize-—-$ I .00 ‘/ crandise. Try this fasc-inati-ng pas- 11 me vet-L-r..1I.s u'rr,- [).IJ.(1 the bonus ac- cn-ul..z;; U 1119 OHVX. plan 1'. ‘L-. buuml lu mwe .\ mm!-:u...1 :I*1.vt up -1: general uxltl.-IJ.4lL~ Ll1l‘ul1‘,\.1 w 1111: cuuuuv L1 .4111 um cu-uly .~przud In e\e~r_\‘ cmmun:v._\' vlu |u;h(uL‘ mo l.m.<l. uucl W111 be uaccl .n Ln: p;.r_\:mul nf bill- “o gx'uc:.1's. l~uL-u.u1..s, ur\1g:a,1~L.~ Iu.<‘.!rd~. LIuct.v.d'~, .md -L1n;I.-s iE.‘xp:mum‘g our cuw:-z.c_'.' \-.-mm: 0-unlul 11111: o. :.:.d Cx1llI'0l1(‘L1 11)‘ Lnv suunzl pom-v 1x‘)\'IL1L-(I 111 :he Omu pl.su \.\..1l §t;xuml.t.' bLa,~az.m-—.s‘ “ml 1.-.x_~:*1) the (lL'}Jl\:-lull If C.1IL:l\-35 ud_|»‘urn.s without zmpprov- um, u Van‘. ullvf ;.:ogr.un \\h1ch \-all proxnde for u prep.\ c~.xp..:1.sluu of the cu-..r‘.\_\‘ v.l:1'uc'. 1 ...v‘.‘ 11‘ our tL':‘b'.lH.lLP xuul. 1;. -..u.; 'I=t’s easy to win .\ pt ph r .»'.uhv.u Ir-In ‘.1:-: 'lc.-all!\ .n 1 1: .- mun .1 n- 1.urL.uu' It'nl-ll'lL- uz px lhll'lll.1 fu & 1 - git-.~L5 to mns.LL1 \“ ‘h nu. un1l:.n .1 ml: .1“ 1.: 1\ In conducti11:: the <-xneriunent the Bell 11L-zu'i‘l1;',re.\1)e1:Is u~v.l nu a-1u1ium- eier and, charted the lu-nrlug ubilily of 200 of the luh.»mtnr_\ enmloyee~' rau3.:ing in age Emu L\\’c-:u,v Lo simy _\ea.1's. Thusu la.-.~.’.ml were :L']UL'lL‘ll in such a nay t=l1utvLhe prupnrtluu hav ins; defucli\‘e'11e'.u'i1.:,- \\:1s nlmut. what might be expected in any no1=ma.‘. group of ‘people. r' \ , Val-uablo mcvrchandise rewards are the prizes in this interesting‘ puzzle con-test. All .-_ mu have to do is to determine which of the phone numbers, name or address in the “ads” below are found in the puzzle. When you have discovered the correc«t phone number, ;, name or ad«dress, mail it to the Puzzle Ed‘iv1.~<3.‘. 411 Electric Avenue. Be sure to sign your -mme and address. um‘ pcupiv mu!‘ 4»! i\A.xJ.‘ 311:‘ (r \:x, .1 luul).-1‘ \' K L-coll.» l: .-n .sh1~u|Lt g,u;.p Ih:-111 ‘v\l,'| wuk mug Lu (_l.u an h|('.t§lllt E\u._;.w.m £1 \ tun.-‘L -~ »\£ .1\ ‘r. Hut '.h(—-.1‘ CL‘l.1‘l.I1 ,'-,ovurnmL-n:.s lune luau contrtbutix-‘,5 : 1 u)n1n;.l- \.x.l :H. hi _‘ [pr 4 \mum - .1» ..~:~e not. .15 I0‘ It was fuuml that only in detecting sountls of 11i'.'.l1 ‘l'1'equeu1*ws, that is lltcwu above the 2.000 Inuit. which would include those (-om'es1mmliug to the top u‘l:L\'e of the piauu and higlxer notes. (l0('i 21,40 amnrc-(-iuhly affect the abiluy to hour This (let-rouse in abil- ity to hear. In (‘()m'el‘IlS the extremely high uullllda. “.19 estinlzucd to be about ten per cent every ten years after one remshes the age of twenty , The three correct answers‘ win the prize; in the order of their arrival. Post mar-k will determine priority. All answers must be sent in -by regular mail. I ‘m Loin day our mu m In .V1|L'(( up Ll Lu. mu‘ m. \ .um_ all u'.“w (I'M:-us. zud .:‘ praz; nm of publus and pr.v.l:: \\.ul'k.~‘. thuv «null m.sI.u-o m1ploy- m.m Lu L:l'L',L‘ nu.u‘.u.\~.-r.~. of our jobless, H. Wlll not, as clvrm-.2 1‘t~ ‘full duty to the pL~>p1g- ur the c:~ImI.;\.. E(.‘o1)01nC5 at non: (-xports of flmuxce. .\'!.uLlL-111.5 Ll! Cu1l‘LllC}_ lulu even bulnu All 11121711 places on the Fecle-ml Reserve B0.|l‘d. nnd in me '1‘rca.-ury. nclmllt. tn: §U\lLH.H..l(‘.‘a~. of Lhe |.:;:u‘1plL- coutxzuerl m the Owen plan. and ‘:r such :s the case. rellef as \-.111 be provulecl ‘by the l:am_1s‘. not only L0 bhe veterans and their ale- pendemlls but to lc-;-,”1,ux1.-; all over vthe land is an nblzgunlon we canuo: avoid. nu: -.' \n.x.uunl I1 unpl\>5~1x.:I 1L. xn- - I (I H Li I ‘IN! FRED Mc-PAHERSON Check That Thirst With FRENCH CLEANERS, INC. Greatest Cleaning Qualities '1 '.r I.‘ ..u.» Anuv 1.-.\v L-:m\.ux.pul ml!) zn Hn n\.u:tj.r uf 1:11 (-(_‘upIt«.:l 1.» erm- pu.sscl U) n .—ple-nrlu: xypc n1 u\.U,‘ c\Jm-u- .sh.p Mm. tum n-urzy every walk of me can lzv I'uun:l m Ih:«.1'mnks Tm-5' ure ’llE‘llh1'l cumn1un:~'.-~ um\ 1,‘.L<L1o1.ln uucl whey behave and _‘u~\l_\* m). L11-at they are \vI‘.h;!_ thou‘ co1..sV‘.',m,..m :1‘ rxglms Ln petltiloxmtlx.’ C‘oug1'<.-.~u 1 r relief Some Members Sm-:1) to 1\-ssnt. me up- pearunce of the uvr-1‘.u1s in the capital GENERAL .u\ro REPAIRS GOODYEAR TIRES A EXIDE nzurzxlss 940 Ridge Road Abbott 4535 TRY - IT at Lowest Cost 805 RIDGE ROAD Abbott 4900’ “This upper frequency range is or iinpurtanue t-hiefly in distinguishing certain consonants and in aunreL'ial- lug the timbre or quality of musical sounds,\ observes one of the Bell 8.00115 tical engineers. \In ordinrwy conver» sntlon. wliem the speaker nnd listener are close to each other. no (llilicnlty is experienced by the average person from to sixty years of age. be- cause the level 0! sound at the ear is high enough so that the falling off at high frequencies would not be no ticetl. “l3<ut in the theatre or lecture hall. the situation is tliilferent.\ he further points out. \Here the level of sound at the ear is often quite low and the high frequency components are usual- ly relatively weal: by the time they reach the ear. due to selective‘ absorp~ Lion in the room. Under such condi- tions a person from to sixty n.i'.:ht emeilence some tlilliculty in (listlngulshing consonant sounds. and mlsmket\lhln\ for “sin.\ \famish\ tor \vanish.\ and the like. BEVERAGES Phones Abbott 3022-5036 r’‘T,';5‘‘’:f 54 ‘A .. .,‘.~.' 3‘ -1 ’ :~ 3’ .. .2‘; 3- : _;g a’ '\ .' j ' ‘ 4' . ’ ‘ . . — —r -- --~~ - ——~ —— -- @ Milady's Beauty Shoppe Genuine lionat rermanent WAVE $3.75 W All umnuncs Beauty Work GEO. J. KUNZ MARTIN CZAJKA Complete Line Ladies and Masses WEARING APPAREL SEE US FOR YOUR ‘STRAW HATS AND l'l' TO DATE MEN'S WW3 ITEMS OF INTEREST 9/; 565 ltldge Rom] Abbott 0573 103-! Ridge [ma-1 Open I-zvenlhgs 476 Electric Avenue Abbott 451,0 A‘ \ STATE ELECTRIC CO. VG‘ o I - § Wiring, Fixtures, Repan-mg 9 359 Ridge Road If - - ——j——'.—% ‘W ‘V - ?‘—~_‘ New Way Shoe Repair 9/ Service 35:51‘ QUALITY u:.\'1_*nI:II. 6 we CALL AND :Dl-ZLIVER M 1824 scum mm me. Abba I: 570: *4\ —— —— —— — » Q GREAT LAKES GARAGE General Auto Reyairing Auto Fainting-Battery Service Storage, Towing 639 RIDGE ROAD. J‘. Bl-IRES 8: SONS MILK AND CREAM (‘ll0(.‘()l.»\’l'E MILK BUT’lfBlH\lILK Cottage Cheese :20 Electric .-we. Abbott 4011 Dr. Sam E. Fcmks and ms. Sarah Van Vrtuxke represcntmg me New York State Depnrtmm of Healcth. wJLl hold prexmcal con.su)tat.o;1; at the Commu- nity House. llkesbzurrn avenue, on '1‘u5.s-- day and e<ln.sd.1y. July 12 and 13 from‘ 1 Lo 4 o'clock an was announced.‘ “th.-;1 week Mrs James P Cotter xumd Mrsv. Ray- moncb Burke ‘ml! represslnt the Wom- en.‘s Au..\1l1a.ry of me Srmth Buffalo Post Ame:-wan Logxon :11 mhe state con- vention to be held ht, Brooklyn. Aug- ust. 25 Lo 27 Mrs. Iumes Cilsuwllle. Mrs Harold Don.1_m=Hy and Mrs. Jxur):s Mn- honey were named '5 a.l,l:a1*n:ates. Abbott 4077 STEEL CITY MALT SUPPLIES Mohawk Liquid Malt 318 Ridge Road The two camps of Erie Coungby Girl Scouts. one at Pr I:-CLIOII1 and the other at Orchartl Park wxl lbe open for the summex: July 5. ;-mcl ct-loss the last. ct Auw_v.u<t. The Seven I-Ellis camp nexu- P1*ot,ec*uon is for Girl Scouts who are xspc-nd.n.g from one to elgm. weeks in camp The Green Lake cam? at Or- chard Park 15 a day camp and Gm Scouts may smy there not longer man three days no. .1 t,.me The Board or Educanrall. West. Seneca Hugh scobool. has 184.1 wed 9. report from the Statistics bureau oi the New Ynrk State depzuwmem at Albany, mar. the cost of teachmg a pupil in -their school (‘or the year 1931, was $619 less than any other school mamct 111 Er.e ouumy The average cost. per pupil “as about $162 U0. \illeludy and rhythm the older per- sons would um>x'eciatc as well as any- one. But the (ones would lack bril- liance. and dllTe1‘euces between the in- struments wuultl not seem so pro~ nounoed to them as to younger per sons.\ ‘V; . . . Rounslu Furniture Co. PARSONS DRUGS Quality — Service ' :0 - '5'.‘ ,2,‘ 1005 Ridge Road ABBOTT 6400 M -—~—~——~——_ E6‘ Jos. Zoladz Lumber Co. -rm: MODERN LUMBER sronirs 1400 Bailey Ave. 641 Bldg: Road Jeff, 5159 AH». 5139 Lake Erie True Fruit ASK FOR Mrs Lee Martnn :08 Tlxorndale street. West _Sam-ca, gave a card party in her hume last Friday evening tor the pur- pose of ralsmg 1‘und.~: to help defray the expenses of the West S:ne_c.1 American LE:{!,‘lOl1 xmxllmry del-svgates to the con- vzmmom in Brooklyn in August. Price 1409 South Park Ave ORANGEADE Superx-sior Rov R Brockau. cl\.aIr- man of the Eve County Eu1ax,gr.-ncy Work Rs.-her Bureau. rzcexved notice Sa,turc1'\v tlam. tn‘ New York State ‘I'emporm'y Emergency Relief Adminis- tra'l',n has app)\ vml 4-. pxogmm for the nclmtzonal work Irhef projects Erie County In all I;..ne projecl,s rmnl‘, be cxclvd ou: M an tstuumted cost. of &3l.50O nncl will pmldo e1np1*o:,'1m=.nL for 434 workmen 0! me estzunmbad oust 329.500 will b: u 9.1 for lnlbcxr (um the bxuzmce for mat >1‘: :1 LAKE ERIE BEVERAGES «H9 Gate Ave. Abbott 0949 Concluding. it is observed that “the average difference in bearing ability between a person aged twenty- and one aged ňrelatively is small. but there is a. tendency for hearing to deteriorate with increasing age.\ A study made of more advanced age groups. that is of persons above sixty years. it is believed. \would probably uncover marked differences in hearing ability.\ DAN SKUDWlCK‘S Oldest Drug Store In Lackawanna ESTABLISHED 1904‘ ., 17\ Tilt-top Lamp Smoker * Combination $2.98 513.11 Ridge Road, Ab. 1357 Q M. ZOLTE FURNITURE —— STOVES Barnett Bros. 3 Ring Circus Coming 353 Bldge Road Abbott 4892 .1/9>Z.’L Health Llub Awards Given A large group In-r-1 L1ck1\vaux1'1. nt- lzemled Lin second annual tcumng H the T xpuycrs‘ Central Council. of Erie cmhtv hclcl an the Hamburg Fair- Izrsunds Suturtl-a1‘.' u1'(rn:o‘1. In add!- in‘! t‘ 11.0 r«.-st.mz'm :1 W111 ulmc was W ' W morn t“‘.ntza \\ 11:19 the mirnbers l..stm-rl U tIdLU’9S.~\.”~' hy Sm‘? Comptrol- !r=r !\'.r!‘..s 'I‘r¢mu.x~.° mvl 1\VH1lLmr, T-) R -'1:-rt ~n pr.-.~i(Iv,r.' of tn‘ Uu'te.1 'I‘..~<pu\‘.'~.‘ Le.u:u:- of Buffrh. who m-g=d a mum! cconomlcc platform in the c nw: r -u:'y .mz1 b.1215‘ H=c;~o~-.s MOSCOW CUTS ’PHONE USER’S CALL RITUAL Thotzsands of children, their fathers M ' Hollywood Beauties Claim Oh? Fudge’ F udge-Making Title and m'of.b.ers. then‘ aunts nad uncles . nd their g1'zmdl'm.he1s ‘\vl1.l be all ready so see ev'eryht.n.,: when Barnett Bns. circus comes to Lackuwnnno. on Fndny. July 1 Th ebgl pancle at noon. the Lnzlg lmunauxx buzurflles. the unrivaled’ Lmx-back riclers. the unnxa.raLll.ed Lalsplly xx gynxxumtlcs. .acr.\bat1c and equ3lllbrls- ucc nmrvrls. the convuklng and m'rll\— pmv.,»kmg :lowns_ me thrllllng races. mm. is all pI‘r)[n..~5.\d (or that day The grant! free street, pur.1dL- u. mLl_e in length .v1l1 puss over the principal sm=eL) at 1.0011 and for sum;'-tut.-Us beauty pmmls< an no ouzrlvul all vthrls of former years. ‘Then: will be real lvn1oi1:’u':l’e. mid pen- uuts .1m.l» all the test’ t-hm: goes to make up a real ctrcus day. The Barnett Bras. (‘m-nus ls a clean show There are '10 short‘. change nrtlsts wltzh this :show. they expect to put town on their 11.-:,vul:u‘ mute. and want to be able to meet the people face ‘to face. Now‘ He No Longer Has to Say “spasibo” (Thank You) to Get Number Desired Mia; Virginia Weimtein An- nounces Names of 70 pupils Who were Awarded Prizes The tollowmg 15 the lxlst. of names of we ‘buy: and glrls In ‘-the grades of the mrtarcm Lucka‘wr.un-\ Public who have been awarded prlzes for re- oelvlng the grates: number of stars 111 the Health Cluub sponsored by Mlss Vlotorla Welnsbelu. phyylcnl education director: Plans R‘: th» mcmnocl-nt'.*n zt !:r*\. cur: l‘l:’.I|“t -- an 1000 lays 1‘ mn \‘.'r ‘~rn Nnw Y rk who will be given Applying American etiiclency me'th~ ods. telephone officials in Moscow re- cently (iecided that too many formal- ities hnve attended the procuring or a. number in the system serving the Russian metropolis. Consequently they have ordered abbreviations in the ritualistic conversation wh!ch the telephone user and the operator have hitherto indulged in as follows: “127\. acknowledged the operator with her individual number by which she may be identi for complaints. “3-77-97\. said the caller. giving the number he desired. s,v \- ~'~ I’ * x*.=cr~vIr)n 3* \amp Turn r M Allv\:mv Sm1:- Park are mpamv nmr.n' cnmplz-tlou it was n~.-rrnrvc‘-‘I (Ira \-.~ek' The c-\mp ~-‘HM \ \ ‘\ ‘-'-v~ \' ‘p~nNl l\1l' the season on Monchy. Ju!y 1!. I: open ‘a ‘Wasmnghcn So!m<:X——F11st. Grade: L31.- me Rojeki Carl Sclmltz, Dorothy 'Dvom.- ski. John’. Grlmths. Bernilcce Dnnnstel:- her. Jame.-4 Little. .- ‘o.'s' b<'--r-,»v\ .h(- we--: -‘I nln~ zuml sixteen. Many :.pplicnb1bns. al1'endv have been received Second Orude——Ax\geune Fazzavl. Chas Tocln, Frances F‘-rm. Raymond Davis Thnd Gmde—Amm Parsons, Raymond Blohxr,-_ Loretta Verel, Norman Bower. The scmte this wmk will find cut. just. how much Lnc1_<a'.-.-.nnn school cmlclren have losu-ned (lnnng the past ye r n thvxr \\lIlO\|s stud’ s am! the a?tll(_h'L-n will Um! out wm-‘n'~r '~x- not they will l\.1vL~ M Iakv up ‘.1v\:e»sa_nm studies again new mu when a new school year l)gIlln\s. Beglnnmz Mnmluy. zhr ._.-un_u.\l regents c-xan|.n:mn-e got. under wzw uud mmw n h\\u uil] be lighter. and some hmvur when they crsse Friday nfterncm '1‘hcr:- are some students. however‘ who non‘: ha \xntly affected. Thost wh‘s a.v av tugs !_:ee.n nigh enough during, the school year so that they may graduate whether or not they pass ‘the regents exam_s, Founvh Grade— June Fowler. En-Ion Johnson. Stella Muslak, Nlabb Kamlnskl Rossevelt. schoo!——I-‘lrst Grade: Victor- ia Vlolnnru. Wallhr Kozma. Dorothy Steko. Angelo Sperduw. Anna Ya:zkan- tcs. Michael Urunksnnch. Philadelphia A’: At “3-77-97\. repeatel. the operator. \Da\ (yes). the caller con ! Buffalo Friday “Pozvoniin” (have caiied). the oper- ator replied. \Spasibo\ (thank you). the caller returned. Without thanking the opgrI~ tor it was impossible to get a number. In their eilort to improve matters the o first cancelled the “spuibo\ and shortened the \puz- vouiia\ to “gotovo\. meaning “rendy.\ Lately the procedure was further ghorteued by substituting the mo- ayiiabio word \(iaiu\. meaning \1 do\ or \I gin\ ‘or the three-syiigbie \gotovo.° ' , Second Cvx'ade—sophie Sznmwagna. Louis Calello_ Helen Burgmnownlu. Sam Sodowski . Mary Helen Lowchuck. George Kelly, Mary 'Dox_m1lo. Julius Steckow. Baseball mm or Wcstam New York wxll have the huusunl opportunity of seeing the Philndlelphdn Athletics of ‘,he American Lenguu In a gmun baseball battle with the lust eldepplng Bison.-3 E‘zI1v.|1y axtemoon at the Bison Stadium -In Butmlo Pesldnr, Q ! or the‘ Buf baseball club ‘booked the A531: let-lcs so as to give tihe. dmfowes 0! the game a chance to see Commie Mack mm-, self. and th greatgr number of his ate}- lar players. who m\e_ now pruning Clo.-ye to the Yankees in the Amemcan league pt-nI_\an.t sace. Tulrd Grade-—5usle Tlmmerman, M!- zhael Munich. Fourth Grade--Lame Kumlarslgn. Zlgmund Mlklda. Fnmceu Boooo. Steve Lnpxs, Julia Coluggt. Anmhony Staztek. Pancho» 4 Marco clgodnn try out I new iudgo roclpc backstage. ' This group. now on tour, Invo bun labeled unollelal “clumps.” Miss Kathleen E <')sBomu:‘ president of Mount. Mercy Ammnae .nssLoa'na.t1on. is chairman of the receptikm committee for the garden tea sat\_u-c,1:xy, June 25. from 3 to 5 u. m. In honor of the gruiuatea or the dual at 1023 and :0 celebrate the n_1lv-'0»! ugmversnry or the assocxwion Assis M13 Cxsborne on we cocmx ‘ are all the past presi- dents of tin: association. Lmclln scl:oo—-,-F1131: Gmdae: Concetta I-lose. Eugene I[cAllmber, Ethel Finch. Anthony Piegalk. HOLLYWOOD, -—- '1‘ ll 9 . gauntlet. or» perhgpu yeghonld say the cook rbgok has bqea thrown down to the ‘thpntricgl world, The idea In: orixinnted by Fan- ehon herself-, who believes that dancer,-s need plenty of energy building foods and. who has urged them to eat plenty of nweeta be- cause o_t‘t_he quick energy renction. As one tell blonde maiden put it, “a sweet bite between acts puts snap in your cart wheels and pep in the holes at your shoes. You can‘t nmlle noross the tootlights unless you have oodles of energy.\ So if you’re sitting somewhere front of the or sixth rows these days and detect the faint odor of chocolate waited\ from the general direction of the stage. don't think it's an olfactory illu~ alon. It’: probably Mabel or Mary or that cute little red-head—tourtlI from the end in the choi-us—.—tr1ln; _out a new fudge recipe. ‘WIRES QPAN BIG RESERVOHR Second Oraclc—.-Stella Kunnmtskl. Bay Bahtle. Third Gnde—Rub)n Wl \ Joseph Plegcuk, Grace Worthy; twbert Richard- son. Prqsldent Orrermxum anxxounou Lhere will (be. no mqrease tu a.c_lmlss:bn pnces nor the game ‘Frlday between the A's and the Herd. Rey schalk, who ls get- blng more ou tor the Blsons this year ihzm lbeen cvlsent Ln. many seascrs past. is comldent his s'o\;n.ge1a:rs will give the expextcrccq Veterarls of the Amexjlnn League plenty to think about. It means -the lull strength or the A}; ‘Mill be plttzed against the mu strength or the BISOIXS The newcomlers on the Buffalo team will be playing their heads or: \In the presence 0! such great dia- mond lzlngs as Connie Mack, Jlmmy, Foxx, George Eanal-haw. Jimmy Dykes and omega. The game will be called px'ompt.l)' «ta 3:30 o'clo<*_ spanning I Iistanco of 911. feet. high above the .peaceiui waters of Kensico Reservoir. Westeliester Coun- ty. New York, are sixty telephone wires, constituting one of the longest spans 0: its, kind in the country. These wires supported ‘by live giant sixty-toot creosoted poles on each side of the reservoir have been in service for about sixteen ‘years and constl-3 tute an important link in the long distance service between New York and Boston. Yet. despite ‘the spsn's‘ great weight, rarely do any 0: the circuits break. The wires are exceed- ingly strong and durable, made espe- cially ior river crossings. six lhnchon and llgreo chorus beanie: who cldgn to know their ccooga and Ill:-‘I lmvehid chin: to the {udge making chunplbnship of showdom. Pburth (irade--Anxlela, Dixon. James Duncan Bethlehem Pm'k—-I-‘isst Grade-—}I11de- gvmzl Baehr, Robert. Cox-al., Ruth Hudson. Rex Ansel What's more. .t.hey are ready to back up. their bout with toothsome offerings 4;: least two inches square. an Inch and a. hall deep. chocolate or vanilla flavor and with or with- out pecans as‘ you prefer. T115, fudge is made backstage on a portable ~electric stpve and the -number of these stoves which have put in an appedrance during xecent meek: seems to Indicate that the is going over in 1 big way. The scum Burma [along cigzo. is sponsoring a stag Hold’ day outing for Lions and their friends to ba hem M the Y M C A Camp Wbzitstoni. Angbia. this Thursday evairing. A ‘penies of cqn in various’ sports have been gnungvd {and thirteen pnizes ore to be g-mm» the winners A steak dinner will be, served ate 8:30. Anhzigementa 101- mm event were oompltd by a commit- tee under the direction of Cari Milli’. ¢h|~£.!'!'.Ml.1- perio h rn-um man ma hmuh mah mm Second Grade-snetty Jane -King, 311- vla. Plpottl, Mary Burke, Stephen Yuma- cvtlch. Third (}rade—.—,-Kathegxinp Turkovlch. Kalbld Boedo. Mary naenzem, Ronald Morrmon, Fowirii Gra_de——Grace Mhrxjaho. Steve Tu!‘-kovlch. mm: Grade——Mar—3ory Brown. Pang iiHV88»l\i cmand VNNVMVMDVT THE BARGAIN STORE Men's, Women's, Children‘; Bathing Suits Beach Pajamas for Little and BI: Girls 1030 Ridge Road

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