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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, June 23, 1932, Image 3

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. . .<.' .\ ‘ “«.;;\‘< ~ ~\4. V, ‘A ._ rm. 5‘ . ' ‘«1I*.*:,.«»-~¢.-.:.u.,,., V ‘V «: \-.:.J'- ‘ ~ ‘)4’ - . » \ — _ I V _.,.. . ,. 4 . ';w__ ,...r¢¢-bJ~.A\ ~13». .._». -«aw-7”-W \.:.-:._..._..;.. .1.-’---—-.r %. ,..,-, ~_,,,;_. ..,...v .9.-. ~;a,;:.,- ,7 E WW .:_-_\,x I. ._ W C'.'....L',-I-\.'~:?:m}»..¥ . . 5,, . E M . . a £3; '_:J:'!Z'_1“d_»‘:.>4::.-q,~__'_ .5‘ ‘ ‘-.« w ~,. _ .. _. - ‘§3 fs¥‘:g;fa~2xw‘ ... . , .. , ‘ ‘-IIvnI!¢tA—-«MA-u-4.4‘-¥-A-a-‘—\.,..,_,__ Y! . ' ..V:: 85,.’ w, ‘LA.CKAW‘AN-‘NA1PU.'BLlC usaaaré =l:;m:.kAwgsnI.1a. N.’ev.~ts_._, ‘kw Ne. Y», Thurq. Jupeé 2.3;, 1.932: Lead Proves Fat}‘alV ‘Spring and JS1:1:m.1n:er-- Break?fa_s:t:s. %S‘ho:1:1‘ld_ Bic‘ Ir1,te‘resIi;ng,,‘+fa1#ie(1 -A. aégtmz auv j-HAT % , -.5, MOviN.f£rY-.$:A\H-N_;G *4; %% I‘: V I m;AnINc4AV ~ ‘ \\. \”\.*‘ % « Abboitjt 1728 l«.a¢ka.wan.na. Goes Into. Second’ Place Tie. by losing to T'on,a-.. wanda 4..-.2. Sheas; Hiiprome Ftrgntang to H1? Ixwe cum hm mmung 2: (our run 11.-t_x<1, sou much to ove.c..me the Lackm\tax1na. B.1s.«.-ball club 1051 a 4-2 clc-1510:‘. to ‘chc \£mm_wzma.v_a. <E1drc-ages us the Srhazttum Sounvh Park avenue. Sunday .L11;erl1oo11. 'Ihc- defeat. put... the locals 2,1110}; Juno :1 three way up with VV11l1uIrI_‘.1ll_e and Iclxawqnun and left.‘ the Niagara Falls. v.,1u on the same Ms‘ notched a 5-6 victory over Ft. mngum m undjzsptx possession 01; mt. p1.a.oe- ‘ ‘A No pmxxher in the gnm_e can wm_ all 30:! his battles a._ncl -so it lg with backa- ‘,\vanna's own Iavu:‘1t.c. Big Chief luyers ‘who was on the mound Sunday 1:»: the locals Ln spite or the met. that tjney cams gut an she shunt, end the Cmet »pn,ch‘ed a brand of ban \\h!(_:h woulcl have brousgfht. v1c.ory in Lhe avem;-3 ‘COn,T£sl: and only eight bmgles were se- cured from his d;.=1'1\’cr1es t,hrougx_out jthe day ._1ohJ;. Bax;ry1_norg- 1-n State's Att,ox=ney.j \_:_ti1th, Helen Twelvmrees tn; the 1e'.\(l.l,1,1gY :£ex_nl1;m3e suppo_x't,u1g role starts an; Shezgs mppodrome satuumy I,-n xulswlon mere, mu be. uclgeu scxreen .swbJect.s and. Henry B. M\xwyg11 as the Console 0: the graml Qggan In, another ‘ct -111$ r.o1g1x_m.l novelty séngul-ogues. A story or clzyshuxg Loves mid. 111111151-Lo11;;_ Sm1'e‘s Aptmormgy cqm-‘ lk-inves. nhe conjllcts 01 1; rom;m,L1c tn-ax:-. gae with u_1xu:l11ng»cour: room z1m_1_n.L Mi;C‘ha,€;lLS. Sons. 102 Michae-ls Pl. Lackawanna N. Y. ‘Bxr -l0SEP‘F.i.I_NE ‘GIBSQN. ‘l?iIr.e.c,I.ox. ‘lkinz. E094 1n-.tl¢.x.I.'~.- Sheas S.enec=a ‘breakfast menu is. »usua1;1vy more dit to vary than that of » other meals. It is easy to serve the. same foods over and over again, but who \.v9uI.dn’t dread. bz=ea.k;fas.t if they lmexv that every slay they \\Y0l_1_1_d4 see at the breakfast table. exactly whag was -there )'<}st1e1‘day? Fruits,’ce1:ezg1s, breadstu(fs and hot; dishes should be vagriedj. Be sure «to ‘utilize. seasonable fruits and change the; menu to appeal‘ to. ap.peti1:es of various seasons. Spring and summer- bre_a.1«:‘fas1;s may be especially interesting for there is :5 wezmh of appropriate foods from which to. choose. The, menus furnish intelrestingt, wcl1~balanced break- fasts; N [ms 0 LR@ '1}o;n_ Mix comes to the screen mt, Sheas Sengct Friday am! Saturday Ba.rba.ra. Sumwyck In So Big wxll, be hexje Sunday and I\1ond,a,y wim m;Lbl11ee Sundyzxy Twin. r o 1:u'I,‘caots:1yq.. ‘h\e Twin for Tu_esc1ay to, '!;'m1rs~ giay wall‘ be Symphony of Six Millions -mm Ric:-u‘<1o cortex and Irene lfmnne and But the Flesh is Whole St,x:awberries with Poxvdered Sugar Rice Flakes Cream Cr.isp.B':_1cun Su1'prise_ Muffins‘ Coffee The vlmtors caught the gmnt m:>uncls- man unawares nmvevc-r and bunched their mus to coll;-ct their entrtre total :n the DIIZSL nhrec nmmgs. Lu.-‘oman. zuptzun and szellsr second basemrm tar the Elclrcgdge-a. led ms tcanxmam-.t. on the oiimse and ucc.m:.t<,-cl fur half of Ifm-xr tmul nunlber of luizs Luskey. Drlsc.-ll anu WC-In also played a. Class A ‘bnmu ct bull fur the ’1onav.an<1a uggreggu-;(u1 “bile their pitching‘ star Andy Vitkers u‘lv~\v-zcl but txvohlts c-nd, had ten stalke- cuts ‘lo 11's credit Added scxjeen sgtbjscts also \\:121 be s),}_oIwn_. ,Shea_’s Kensi'ng;ton Sljic-ed, Fresh Pineapple Iiice Flake \3\Ta Butter- ._Pl_1_re Apple Butter Syrup Coffee FRIDAY, JULY lst i ' The mrrent m.‘t1‘ac-Mon is Letty Lyn~ I van xv; n_ Joan Cmwiorcl. Brenlzfast Betty‘ Kaczka we; responsxble for Lackmvzm- r.u's only tn-.0 has and Bciey zurl La Fm-stgzz brought, .n the two rna_1'k€.'rs In ‘lbs hut. or the fourth The Cruef re- :-..vec1 czedn for nine strikeouts and l‘('I\‘§ed. to Issue’ :1 salgle irec pass to fmst dtmnx; the ('0111E.st. L:apkzuvan1m \\ 111 meet Lockport. Ln the (zrst league game bet\ve‘en tuned: law) 11- vals on :11: local dmmond Sunday and Manager Potts aggnegnmion promises to >mal<e'shc-rt, work of meir visitors. 1E‘r1d_« and S3-,tl1‘:(l:lV the dc‘ub.w {ea- 1 ‘L-h0gT~an1 n),c111<les Tom MLK m_ I Destry xfgxclea Agnin «she the 1\&1s1;s-axlxng gLa_<j_v with Clauciette Colgbert and Ed- ml_1:n.d Inwe and stumcs Envln B/um Chahberton comes Svgnduy and Monday June 26 and 21 in The R.1ch_ Are Always with Us. Spanish Omelet’-‘ Hot R0113, 25 and 50 Cents Fluffy Omelet with Tomato Sauce Whole \\'hez_1t Bread Toast Coffee Halves of Cantaloupe ('), Ixxdicmes that re,-owes are given belcyw. To ALL INCLUDING Ml-‘.NA_GERl‘£. So. Big is booked for 'I.‘\.:e5c1a.v- and, V.V.e<.l_nes<t.a.v and Tmvnday evenrlnzs. w.1.tn Bgrbara Stanwyck Q5 mo; leadipg st:uj. The (1_ou‘ble‘ £c(LY.u‘.'e for Erdjay and_ Saturday. Juuly 1 and 2 &n1clu¢1«iJuck- ie, Cooper in When, A. Feller Needs A. Fr,I_a1:,d (1,114 lyiarlgrg Mf,l:a5l_x In Beauty Had the Surprise M_v.1 Cream. 4, t.£.Ib1.e- beaten egg white. Add % cup. Rice spoons. buttezf, add 4 tablespoons Flakes, and bake in 8 hot waffle suzmu. than 1 use. a,n.<.l beat wel.L. iron. 3 RINGS, 2 ST AGES HIPPODROME TRACK Sit\ 2‘cu;”as . tédspbons bak- Breakfast Betty 350 PEOPLE ing. powder» gnd ‘A teagspoon salt, Flakes in oven. Have ready hot Add \to mixture,‘ alternating. applesauce, mashed prunes or apri- with 1 cup milk. Put spoonful oi cots, or any other thick fruit _san,c_e. batter in greased m.u_ pan. On Make a betty in a serving (_i_ish_ by this,‘ place teaspoon Apple Butter. alternating three layers of FIR-EMEN OF WHOLE RKGINON T0 PARADE; INDEPENDENCE’ DA. Y BARNETT\' BROS. WIRE V,V'ALK'lNG_ ELEPHANTS CLOW NS GALORE. Sheas Buffalo Cb.4<é:wim§poon:u1og batte1'._Bake. mi twb 1; cooked mu: Serve Thousands of ! from all over Western New York and South- ern Ontario, will march v.:ith_ Bu!- f;_1lo’s in the uniformed parade planned for the morning of the Fourth of ‘July in dual observ- ance of the c_ity’s', Centennial and the Washington Bicentennial. Representatives of practically every volunteer fire department in the area surrounding Buflfalo will be brought to the metropolis of the region, through the agency of the Southwestern Association of‘ Volunteer Firemen. which embraces the counties of Erie. .-\_llegan_v,l Cat- taraugus and Chautauqua, and more. than 100 communities within those four counties. Six thousand ! are enrolled in its mem~ bership. Almost all the member depart- ments‘ are expected to muster the bulk of their strength and supple- ment it with bands and drum corps for the Fourth of July parade phase of _B.ul‘E:;lo's ten-.day'progra,m. Both modern and antiquated ap- paratus will be introduced to pre~ sent a review of ň prog~ ress. Commissioner George W. Hedden of the Buffalo Fire Depart: ment and Peace Justice Charles J. Shults of Gowanda, secretary of the Southwestern Association. have co-operated in arrangements for a display of equipment as old as 1831. That year will be represented by a small hand_ pumper. Another relic which will be dis- played will be a time-worn Pren- dergast hose cart of 60 or more years ago. which Jame.=.to\vn men will bring to Buffalo. in oven 400°F', {or 20-25 minutes. warm with cream 013- fruit juice. Make; 10 large mq . Spanish Omelet: In a skillet cook Rice ‘Flgke Wg Mix and sift 1 chopped green pepper: 1 table- 134 cups. 2-tgblespoonhs suga1',_ s}poon_ chopped onion for min; 4 t_e_asj_)oons baking powder and ‘A utes, Add 1 teaspoon chopped teaspobn salt. Beat. yolk. of. 1. es: parsley. 56 cup chopped olives and. thoroI,\gh_ly,,add1% cups mi1k,.then- 2' tablespoons Chili Sauce. Add 4 add to. dry ingredients. beating beaten egg; seqsoned with sq_I_t_ and thoroughly. Add 1 tablespoon. pepper. Cook until egg; axe. d9n.e.. melgggg bggtg; gmd fold, in, :.ti_tt1g nstlf occnsionally. GORGEOUS PATRIOTIC SPECTACLE mun Buffalo will nmlen an.ot.!1.ex‘ mlhtnnsting s<_=I.*e¢m and swan pr°8t8..m- E‘r1<.1.a>t«- On 9110- screen. will be Oqnltance Bennekt What hive 1.101- lywood v~'l,\.¥.I Ken !-I_z;x_:1d_l,1*4on Lqwell “RN33. 01‘88°3‘Y REID“. MW” 30.!!- en u:d_ otlhex-'5. on the will lye Bony Cqtngqon In pcnson singing. dan- entex.'vanv—inc in Star night get tape Grave. Charley Man‘- ninz Ind symphontlc and l.l.nI.bs.e It the console or the Wwlltzer vol). provide me musk: mex1a1nnjm_t. MISS AMERICA ' . ‘‘.‘«.7.- ‘‘ ‘S 2 PERFORMANCES -— 2:15 AND 8.: 15 11* ., §~i SHOW GROUNDS ERRINQTONS FIELD NEW RIDGE ROAD By Special Arrangement Cut Rate Circus Tickets Say It With Showers; Ideas. For the 'Bri1de-«to-Be Part.iLes. May be Secured FREE with Each Purchase at Parson’: Sheafs Century Drug Cm, 1409 South Park Avenue, lacknwqnna. In-:I.l.h1.e hpnots on the 13159 made- v bdll {sat Shem: Cenmlryv \ ! will be d:vJdec_l_ my the Interi- pexwonalltv. Gpoxges Carpen- mer and Roscoe Erntgy Ar‘bu_ckl_e from in P¢!30I.1- 0t.he.r acts will be chem’ and June. Eddle Cmrr and Ar- chie and Gertie I_-Yenvs. I-{ex-b St.ra._u_b and band also are tea,1ured,. on m scxteu ym_ 1). Joe E Brpwxm In The ’l%n,d>e1-!4oot_. Girger Rogers‘ has me fexnlnxne leaq opposlge the star. NOTE —- NUMBER OF THESE TICKETS IS LIMITED :/Q‘ Goodwill Anniversarv Sale Mug’: Slrgw Hats . Lqdiea Spring Coats Ice Boxes . . . . 29¢ . $1.69 $3-00 up Porch. Furniture Shea’s Buffalo Dining R90m Tables Begin!)-ins Friday CONSTANCE’ BENNETT In \«WI~IAfI‘ PRICE HOLLYWOOD\ \\ ibh Nell Iinm On the Stage: Star or 200 Screen I-like BE'l_\I‘Y COMPSO}I IN PERSON Victrola; Bed,SpringandMAthjeu $5.66 All Kinds of Furniture gnd Wearing Apparel Take Advgntgge of This Sale At Our Store 126 Ridge Road LACKAWANNA, N. Y. By JOSEBHINE GIBSON Director, Heinz Fqod lngtltuu SPRING engggement parties, and showers for the bride-to,-be offer unlimited opportunities for the ingenuous hostess to introduce un- usuglly attractive touches. In planning such :1 party you may decide to have :5 “Rose Shower” with rose decorations on invitations, roses in the house, pink ribbons for the packages, pink candles on the table and pink mints. An interesting method of distributing shower gifts is’ to have them hidden in various parts of the house and at certain times during the party hand the bride-to-be a card with a Verse giving her :3 tip as to where to look for a group of gifts. When these have been found and unwrapped give her another card and so on until all have been discovered. The menu is important, and either of these listed below is attmctive for showers. Merlngxies with ice cream are especially suit- qble for the ‘Rose Shower.’ JULY 2 SET APART FOR NIAGARA AREA Saturday, July 2, has been desig- nated as “Niagara Frontier Day” in the calendar of the Buffalo Cen- tennial observance. and at this time features of special interest to the people of the vast frontier area will be presented. The program otherwise arranged for the (lay includes the attractions provided for the entire festive per- iod of ten da_\'s—-the rnitlway. trans- portation exhibit nnd trade esplan- ade, and competition by Buffalo grammar schools in a track and meet, to open in the arena of the. Centennial snulnun at 10:00 A. ;\l. and continue Llhtll afternumi. when it mll be »u...~onle-«l at 2:30 u'cluck by a hand «. -use-rt uml at high schuul zrtlxlv.-‘c mm-L and at -1:00 by an zu-1x«-»'.;;n- . \\iil1lt.i»\n. In the on-nine at 7-“.0 a band c--nrert. select:-»r.~ l-.' l‘»ut’fuluchur.1l .~nci(-ti:-4, (l:%!u'<'s ln «gr ms and in« (li\'iclI.1:Il~l ‘uni dixe-r Stu-ll v!1t«.-rtain- Inent \\;ll ‘v- u.“f«-null. .\t N ‘in there- xx ill be :1 9:1::::I u'\*.'r: nu! [~.u':xlo.- I f l\1.~'{n1'..\xl. V! u :m'' '.‘.'lv'1‘ :m.lc-n1- \\¢\l“‘xl “ -12». . -H . ?'l ‘.-1‘ ful- l \u-.l ‘\ \. Y‘ vvu c and l. -‘.—. ml 1:. 5\; I'll ' :1 '1 h t ‘:3 . = in \STAR NIGHT\ at Cocoanut Shea’s Ce-ntury W'ill Be Here July I Beginning Sgtuxdny Both In Person GEORGES CARPENTIER The Iuternamoxml Personality ROSCOE \'EAT'I‘\\' ARBUCKLE Chicken Salad Eclairs with G:u.'ni5h of Pickle F ans‘ Crisp Cmckers Vegetable Mold. Salted Nuts Coffee Mints . .’ ea-_. - K 4 3» , /43:.‘ 3*“ S‘ .7 \\‘§ |\\ ‘ _,,~:-a. _x.;-,;_ I.:;._ u :{ 795%\? %§v;¢‘<,‘: '1‘ 1-'txmous Screen Comedian On the Screen: JOE E BROWN In \The '1.ENDER!‘O0’I“' with Gmger Rogers ~ .—~=,~<.,*£3.>—\ ¢ ~~.:</§‘_‘..~.-. . ~ :- - :’§.‘:E‘.?‘.§€{‘-3‘.‘I‘3?’%‘-‘.‘§“,c;:¢',§' .;.g5‘é\ \\'$x\\ .\¢l~ i ,- 4 R?) 3 vi’ \‘’4\ , >~ \. :1 t ‘ J14‘; ‘ '2} 3\ 3 i :,.. >. . -‘ ' 1 3‘ . >1; ‘ -.«' : ': '. ' ;-.~;~~«~ ~. . :,.f,.‘ Y‘? =:*‘.$ = \ , as; 1” . . ‘r‘“'\ t‘..«.*’i .. ..¥ .- :93. ’ *‘L§“’s3.v. ', $13:-7 \£’.‘.'z_ s \‘''’''.7.,. z\ .~.-3; '— V‘, -. . 2;\ ‘ ;.::,: $5:-jg ‘-_};;.~: -.4‘.-.;_; . V _I : -v.’-:1’-. -.2 “ziuix » (’ . ‘ :3 § ~; e:.=~‘ :::~:-..-.;<.::‘_ ~z ';';=.~ . '- , .. M12,-,:;>'.s.‘ ‘ts-‘:a.;\¢ 9 . r. ......,,4,. ,5 ‘A21; . .¢¢7/ L‘ _\x.. _<,,_ ,¢. .. ;.-,.~ _.-,_._,,;;§:;;.,«,- ‘-:.»;~',‘9‘«' 1: ¥ ;-+3 ‘ 1?~ ~‘-'.r.‘:¥.'.‘ .‘w‘=3- ' s ~.'=-mgr.57:2-I«;k+;ssv='-*‘=D‘<s .. x. .5. , .‘ .4 . . ..«.. , { ‘'-:‘§s.‘:'-‘ 5 «‘ .-.‘5‘§~\‘5:i-\:'.“-“..‘..g\. -5'~‘a“. ¢,~--:7‘ *3“ E *‘-Sen -2\.‘ « A W . 1.‘ \ ‘..~ _:.3,{, _ ; 3 .‘.-:5--. .;.<_‘_—-2:, ‘..~~.;\ ,, 1 23-: *3‘ a}g-§- W’ -\;.§~.'._- \ J‘ ' ' '}»‘§ «‘v.*'' :;a.‘‘' :.':“v.:,; ‘«,~“.‘-.j;}g.£\’-? ,'.-3: ‘ H, M ‘$59 ‘, \‘ W 3.:e;.«~ ':a -~ 7 ‘ Meringue-s with Straw Salted Nuts (‘'9 Indicates reiip errics and Ice Cretun' Coffee Hints . .« ~ 5'“ 2 V-4 ‘E '3 g S E9 as an; gm-n ml-,m Chicken Salad Eclairs with Gar-‘ nish of Pickle Fans: To 1 cup boil- ing water add *5; C._l.|p butt:-r and 1 cup of being sure Hm wrxtor is boiling‘ at the time. >’!.Er \\h'-lo uddin: fho Hour and mu]-. unhl the. mixture fa-rms a bu‘.l and lmx n (,e-ndxmgs in hm: 2-. the ~m~un H >huul~l luv 'm..‘|»...m1 z.- '.‘.x,.n Cucumber Relizh, and 1/.2 cup .\izi_\ unnzxisc Salad Dressing. Chill salad thoruughly. (1-zu'nish with pici-\iC*'ia11S. made by cutting thin pzwailei slices almost: the length of the pic-klc‘ and ~'prem!ing slim-~ tn !\'[‘l\\\‘l|[. :1 fan. Shea’s Hippodrome Beginning Saturday JOHN H ‘\Rh YMORE s --u 1 I M§\'i \\ ith Straxssborrics and ILA‘ ( roam: us .11 1 L_’f.: \\i1ll'.e‘- \¢-r_x HF \.M~ . :.\;.«;uv n «alt. fulu m v ..|'i'.-1 u; -. «rd ‘.. \.'.1- 'L \u[v 11.5.‘ 2.‘! . !‘~ J.- »:' t.‘ 13‘ 1'4 x x’ ~ ‘J I ' t‘ -'. E.‘ I‘AIl‘I: :5 ;\'I ‘I‘()R-NEY H. ‘” In ‘ u. I. HY.-Ll..\Y 'I\V'EI.\'I:I'fREIIS W ll\.:v- E1 ml 31 K. I\u.4‘: Jxll F..~I‘x\(-l‘(l Ralph Into HI-.‘\}!'; is \11uI‘-'.(\-H -t Ormn Adud Screen Subjects ‘nu. !»u!t~- l0.'.h .’ub§leP ‘(Mr 3’ ‘«‘:\~rs “'01: b; . 'q \ *4‘.-.. - .. .«.=\.'»~;-'«\= '_g>~.s' g, .r.-. .r«;- 1. -\ .;t -'-,s§- _. ?“ r .‘ H _. »'2.~.j§~.<’ z,__._;A _ L... »>' '\',»-.§§ ,~v '~»\ r, . :~ -.‘,~;. !%‘a.:«‘*'-- ;?‘4‘‘ W .§5:4'>,'s ‘~ fl ‘.» ..,J. -. 9;, 4»? (I.i~?<s5'“‘~‘ .\ am. 7§*\%‘*t‘.3«‘3‘$\°'~;x\»»a»1'*Z°-\* \ \* - 'i\ ..,n*.??.§‘;‘s.“?,#»:»z¥e2-‘ya-;«'eAw.M»\ ” ' \~ 4*‘ ~' x‘ 2“ 91 eg. ‘- _ .‘..u.i I 2...‘ . VIA. ,‘ Kn - .1 L E .1.. 1.0 vn --L1’-. \‘. ,3 .:~;.‘~l c. y, _, _ ml \\i*f\ =v- I1 1.\ : -l-Eh‘ . \ dvr “\'ur. H: I. u- .‘.u.«.. .‘ 12.!‘ 2.ui.t:‘ul .<;..:.,: .2.— w'..'I‘; tx.-.1. .{u‘c1 to mute. 3 Lu!-i<.-:.,p.m..> 1 .c.~,..1 nmlu.-s zxbvut 10 mcrmgue shells. iI\LH-~'. 1'32‘! 1 1! (l:|=t!‘\ 2«!;<l l-1 “ .\. I I33‘ I-‘N mulntak :-«-wn v.'- .-.u-~’. \\-«n-.-'. -f thu pznt am! wu-n gru.:xtc.~st. xu-mt.-n vl tin: umscnt. LACKAWANNA PUBUC Ltmmmw

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