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‘iv .. db 1 “y .~ $9 E “'1...-s‘?__,...v‘Cf1%a-s~'*\ \ N _...............“.......-»-.-—-1:ff_;,\.U E me LACKKWANNA NEWS!) '5: 4% -‘ii omem Newspaper at ‘Thu; City ux 1_;acka- wanna, <00; New York news In General Social and Sport 0! Lacknwniina -‘gm’?-r 1:...‘ ‘ 9:2 '1'o.I¢,.l ‘1-2‘ _X0|.I.l Laélrawannn News; ‘Lhckawanna; N. Y., Thur§., May 19, 19322 -‘PRICE 5c--$2.00 PER YEAR Pupils of RouseveE|%t School “ Give Annual Spring Be%|ehration hm Sitrolliin %Coup%|‘e Cele%bra5ties 15th. Anniversary‘ School Problems Brought Before First Waord‘ Taxpayers Group ‘Mr. aad Mrs. John Pentek En- tertginment at Social Event‘ Sunday. Association Takes Active Part In Settling Dispute Over Teachera——Other problems Diacusaed at Meeting. ed CUXICUL-1011 m that school mglht be sa»t1sr.xctox'1ly taken (‘are of without placing,’ an addxtlcmal heavy burden on the '4ap.:,\'L-rs was alzu takf-I1 up at tho meeting Entire School‘ Takes Part in Annual 'Pr'o¢1-am Including Several Phys and Musical‘ Selections. Wunhlngton Acrostic. jrhid Grade Miss A. Burke. 7 was your bra xngm dn bomfofvuble cir- cumsbzmces when .1_1_@ (£193.41. Mrs. Murphy? No. Mrs. Flanugtm, he was half way un- der u Icrunn. wamer Burgnownkl, Emlly Hurlsmlna. Angelo Colello. Grace Romero. Demeter Dubloh. Helen. Kuukowsku, Leo Oumlul. Flmtzx Ctnpasso. Joseph Mnuc-lk. Nick Hur- ngoa. I I U 0 Why does Eurxell‘ carry an the ladies Lhzm plus in his pockets? \ Over 200 relnl£\w and {menus ol l‘J.’:‘ and Mrs. John Pl-nL:o;‘. 213 Fowler ave- nue -Jolneu them m celabratmg their it.t.‘h,:yye<l‘g\.1:g unmvcmury mt u bzln';ucL 'ajl1£.1,\’§\'.§l__§l awn zu mm honor at me ;(3r\’g_‘ml‘;i»i§,x Church lull Sundzny e,\en.u_s,‘ ¢}_L?tie \(§i{enl. ulso c..nun‘emoru‘Led 'lx(- \x_;on1.]5l'e:ahivI: o: la years of aLl‘V|Ce by llentr.-lr ‘us o1';:nn.st at the chum-L: ‘g: A numher of usrlul and ma’.-mmv—,~ gtgz ‘\V'l8),'8 sl1')\verel.l on the happy covple rulon-g with me well \\'l:‘.h€'s for the tu- tune ‘by rlwlr numemus fnencls. F The I.g:\chm\~an11:1 (‘lee Club \Slog-x’ of lw: Penna}; la presxdcm wok part in the 're=uwues mm sung several sel- ecubcns mclumng. The girls of Lhe church‘ cho-.1‘ bx-'2l'\v'£.'d («he banquet. Mut- t11€l\v'QIrakU\’lCh .1cLecl as toustmutel’ for t;l1<;', occasion. Duo tn; the clc-mcl.shLn;; of homes In mm Old \'xlIa'ge Hx~.2'r qr c-uvo schools m ‘the ::.t.y whzcn are p1'9.0Ll0.~1lly dc.-« er-rted acoordlmg 1') mr repu1'l.<. u.’ the zxssuczutacxx. They nrv the Iughuan avo< rue b(hOu1 and 111:: Dams hV.rc.('L school The :.-nu‘. h0\'.L'\L!‘. lnla 1.:-ne turned m- 1. u t.rn.pomry j:uu.u' h.«,;h. M1100! and is new bum; ‘IL-led I-n‘ t-hat ptlrpuse Thu L.u}spuy:.*l': vulmve mm: m- order to pis.-vem the bu.lt1u:,' rv.‘ u Coblly uddtznn to uh‘ h.;.-.h s:hwz1 bra tlr-15 bunt‘. It might be po;~.s1bl_- 1 use‘ uhc of '11-.-so schools for that purptse 'VVh1Ie neither of the schqols ls ct;n’.1‘all)' located. a1ut~ able tnxnspsnatlozx Loulcl be provlded. S J M'.1:‘lG1Ch,_pI'(‘.$£d€l:.l, of the asso- cmtton. :.ppom::-d u conumbtee 0! ten to xnvestxgate candunons thomghl!‘ to demernnnc if such a plan 15 prautuxcnl and make wlmcever other recommendations they deem 1'.~eces~.:'x\. It is than pmn \4: cooperate with the school board and tmey sum also ask Sueplnrcndem; Bo- lnnd to acComp.my them on an Inspec- mon tour or all schols. is possible, so that they may obt,a.m first hand 1morm- amen. Auovne: umtber or ugxbzttzan concern- mg Luckzmmxna. school Lsuclxers has hm-n cl:-.re4.l up t.hroL.gh the gxcnon -1 who 'Ixxp..yer‘:. I1npr.\'enwl1’f. u.~;suc.u- hon ut Lue Fxrsz \V.u'd In 1m'L-.~«i.xg~.xun;; (01l1plu2'l1,'- 2114; «. number or uumcu. 1m\V lu.n..mu,; m in-.11 schools an nut gmcl\un.u.a or u was mr: college and are xxmklxxg :nqu:r;..-.~ they BsuLbll.‘:h£‘(L rm non qLu.. ‘mu Lo ns'rur.-L Clll‘-Sta .f;t;u1 mot that‘ more 15 no basis I21‘ such a complmm. The pupxls or we 'I‘heod‘one Roosveolt schqal pm.-a~cnLcl thou‘ ulmuul spmlxg en- terlnmlnne Iberoro xx axvrge audience or paremms and. menus an the_ sclmol wu~ dtt.9r1un1 F1-lcmy cvemng. 1'. Baby's F'ox~bunn mm Grade. Miss :0. Csmdeex. Cast or Cl1u1‘n0L£'1‘s. Ln\w.'encce Wushlnglon_. . .Chm'les -Fnclale Austin Wnshm-gcuu—- ....Lo1us Co!oggI_ Jane Vvzu-hlugbou. . . . . .. . .Conch1La Dina Mummy Llzc. . .. . . , . . . , .1\|.~.ry Nxgro’ Sec-‘nt——Th-e F.‘en'y Farm 1n Virginia. Time-.—~ FA:|b.runr-y 22, 1732. Chime is sun, ewe:-11,z1g the tram‘ 59:: on S=.\_turduy mghm Who 15.‘ t_1us, ‘Ml;SSK)X0{}sL Gm-1;. tluut k;f3(u'._Q‘l' W1;<_.\st‘l.ex~ ‘Jack; zuway .1'lDl‘.). his S_q;'dx‘i't.;' meetlmgs. ‘ The .prog‘rn.m or exxmrtalimxexxt. 1n- whxch all not @110 grades mt. the school took part, cnslsbed or several short. -plays cvommenmxaablng events from the Mile ox Crgorge Wasmngwn. ax nxmuon by tho Lmmst and eighth gmde pupils. :1 flag drill by hhcze sevnvm gmde and a num- ber of musiczu selecmons including the pmlogue, “Liberty's 0nnv:v.f.l' March\ by seventh grade. \'1-‘lor£\c1or.o.\ by the grade \Tom. Thumbs \Ve<id>lnq;\ by second grade and 'pn.mot1c songs by the -fourth grades. The; Four Muskmeers Cmlli. 1§!.!,)g; Bemle and Stgesw have contzraétamg v.c.-ui- mg apparel‘. “B.rd‘s Eye View of My Old Kentucky Home.\-—~MJss Mzu-re-.tt_ Miss Oavanxuugh. Miss ’Gfzmc. - Q j * “ Ye Editor mg-at the (jug) last week Th me-.:L'.er was brougiht to the at- Iemxon (:1 me '1‘:-:x'pay,t-rs‘ q.ss.;c;ul1'.u1 \vnc.x1 a 1eL1,r was re ml ha-Iure me invet- zng Thursriny eve-mmz. much st.a.:ed that there are C:-x'La.ln tench:-1\» now enxplayvd m Luckmvuxlruu sctnzls. mm lack the necessary qu-.mnca:..un.s to £111 such .1 postman. and praxr-.1‘-zed w {muuah the pxuganxzumon wnh czeuuls 1.0 va:1Iy the charges 1f they wuhl Lake a,ct1.n In the manner. The law-r mntmmed the names 01' lane teachers. whom thye acccused of being unqualified and was signed by two local rasldems “hp are graduates of a kxeachers college but. have been unable 11) secure positions. ‘Stella M1k1d_a. Florence Knnsyak, Olga X-Iolynskl, Mary Flore. Swhlu Flak, Mid» red Zarkovich, Many Honbnchcwskl. Ju—- lm Nayda, e-oc,ad,m Mvleczmkoxvskl, Mary ‘I-I1at,'éonchsm.a D1212, Catherme Zamo- ylolx, Margaret Cara. Helen !Iemlok_ Set ~‘h:1pne»Ho1yns1, Florence Kohxm. 1,-‘redn ‘Po1'~tkn_ Dora Slpos. 2. The Young ‘Geneml=-Fifth .8th Fade Boys. Ed. Conga-21, asked I-es mt 5900 was high -Geo, K142-in sxxyas muse 63 always‘ glolng to be the H3; catclxez. _ The socml even: \\u.: given under me ausplcgs of 'fAVt.‘ cufferent. socxemes xmh which the couple are a mcl1.d-- jlng the Czrannlan cumamc Soclezy. St. George Creation Lodge No. 294. Wom- en“s Altar Souiew. Church Choir and {Lackawamms No. 756. M_r. Pentax has none 8. restdem. cf ;IJa<:l<— \ for over twenty years and 5t1uI1_1ng the past. eleven years has become well known throughout me, city as u fxhllk dealer. He met. the womcm who was ‘qlestlned to be his wife whale xn.:l<- gmg cu vwtt to Youngstown. onto and ’they were znm-rxed shnrbly after. Mr. Pentek In expresmg -the ecum- ‘ments as‘ both hzmself and wlfe said. “This has been one of tgge happiest ooqslons in eibhel‘ or our lives und we 4 wlgh. to extend our heartiest thanks The emrebamment was arranged and d|1-rected «by the ti:a(‘Jxers of th school undar «the supervision of E. R. Mccann. 1:.-moopal. Followolng is the complete PF<5E!‘&m- Profoguez Now they are serving. Ray Mullen with rubber glasses Cast. of clmracu-rs: Geo. -VVash1‘ngt.on.. ...Edwax'd~ Dzlehclnsz «Masbuar Hobby . . . ., . . . . . . .Nlck Stoyofr Skipper Cronkite \the demon ii‘!-jus4tv.,a1' was held up at, me (:3'x.o1é' vM¢K_Lnley 1.~urk\vay Sa1nu\ds1.y x':ig1xt._. ' u u i‘ 0 ' Accompanzst. Mrs Mcoarthy. Liberty's Onward March-=.'lt,h Cimdes. Wuldnm Bustle Andrew nodn . John Fadale Adpms Sullivan. hqs- 2; weaknéss; for hot @985. Acmon on complaints of buses driving down the side streets m the F‘ir.=.t. ward and mqunry of me xeason far the mgh me msux-anc~ mt.‘-s (mere was aJ.s1 among the business considered by the taxpayers group Miss Kane. Mrs. Mccamy. Walter Anclruka.t., John Aaholas, Alex Bleach, Vincent Cellmal. 1.01113 Cora. Mhthw Cygtmlk, Ftexfe Elak. Anthony I-Iolynskl. Wllllam Horbachewskl, Frank Jakubowskl, Michael Kullnaka, John Ru- dlch. Alvln Szalkoxvslxd, ullllan Bamb- rowakl, Albema. Ford. Helen Hrynchy- -sken. Bertha Mlcllmlslm, Adeline Muzyk. Thule Pawllk. Sophle Pulntek. Vlola‘ Bbwn. Alloe Szalkowskl. Vslctrln Trella. Sophie Umskevlch. Anna G-nlac; Stella Bemuclu. Janet. Gullus, Anna I-lemlok. Mary Kullskowskn, Alma Kuzmaxaka. Lllllam Lezan. Mary Srtzmco. Rlcnatd Ricks, Felicia Tomllo. Helen Weber, Lox.-l tle W-lbersku, Mary znrkovlch. Wanda Koslkowslgn. Alex Dudek. Leo Gasdewlcz, Andrew Kotaulu, Chester Mlmnalk, Stanley Mastyknrz, Edward Muxky. Iwnllher Ml- gas. Edward Mcnrgan. VV|'a.lte1-Napleracz. Paul I-‘a.nasuk, Stvee Podoba. Max Pu- ‘kalo. Stlh Grade Boys, Duulo Momanarl. Charles Peskgr, Frank Gnbryel. ‘Stanley Plowskrl. ‘Stanley ‘ Sau- per, John Fadnle, Teddy Kozma. Mike Earle. Peterr Snmardak. Ashley. Hargx,-ave. Brownie Jams, John Kmaazak. John Rusczézyk. Domomcc Beimrardl. Musical selection. The a.t.tuLucle or the awacsamon was chm the matter: should first be must».- -gamed {.9 deermm: If the accuaers wue not urusbaken m then‘ be-nets and that Inquiry‘ should be made of school au- morlmai in order to learn their Sldc ut the manner and 1f mhey were avvare that such a. condition existed. O:_:pt~.4:?1‘lnum of the la/ckawannu Fire Departménp jsgettlng to old to play nandbgux. -.’:—. ‘ > i I ~;\§ mu Bmadnagen and Fritz Iux;tenber- get. two well known me went. timing -vo‘ Dunkirk nut. may played cabbage and got: no According to members of the assocmv txon the buses or ‘the Greyhound line which drive oyer Rxdge rad in trawl- ing .through the any frequently drive dawn Gates ave-nuue an. a. considerable mt. eo! speed and endanger th llves of many cmlclrm them The some concu- non is caused by buses at the Hamburg Railroad company .wnlch also operates over Fudge roaod, drwlng down diure- em: aide =11-eats 0! the ward at an :41-egea fast rwte Cd speed. The a.ssoc1a.tlon plans to deterrmne It the franchise granted to each 0: these cmopames gives Dhem the right, to Jp- emte on -ide streets and 11' not will pe- tmon the Common Council to correct the nbmatlon. M;'.s. Avery. Miss E. Anderson The rnamcr was (ullckly cleared up when 1:. was referred to Berchmzms J Eolzmd. supqrlnt-uenclem of schools woh smted that accarcmtg to smte educa- nlonal laws. any person who is ‘offered 3 poslmon after completing two years s4uccessttu.lly m a state teachers college has the prlvllege of accepting such a posmotn and if they then pass satisfac- wrny through the three yea: probation- ary perlod as Is ruqulreu 01 all teachers the)‘ are then on an equal basis and ervuimled to the same considemtlon as a graduate rm ma ‘teachers cqllege. Supermtendent Boland also stated that. there are some teachers hem who are not graduates or a teachers college but who live up to the requirements or the state law and that thelr work has proven satislaotory. I‘-‘irst Grade Mlnuotrwlwlas Dolau. Miss: Osborne, Mfrs. I. O'Connor. Acccompam is-ts. Mrs. 1. O'Connor. v Frank Ryazka says to 951: Ohm Lighcner. How are me whales? to our many friends for the many behuuxul guts and the excellent tune -they have given us.\ Stephanla smarduk. xamherme \aloe Olga Rukavlnu, Ralph more. Leonard Kovachou. Bernice Oaaheba. Victoria Violanm, William (‘-voooll. John Hod)‘- mskl, Anna Yaczkuznlcs, Mildred Month» vn-am. swnu Sochn, Michael Jumskevlch. Oammo Camp:-Ll. Harry Flak. Charles Kllhlngbeck. 3. Washington the bvover-—Mlss C. Otmdee. Mr. w. Ema;-ung. Johnny Sch-walnac‘-c is in Mme for x\ Carnegie medal. He saved mine lives last week. It was A Tom \cat. Start June 20 Barney Kane the Cherry nose’ trafllc cop zmved off C1-ys'n! avenue last week and the neighbor-: held a. ceiebmt-ion. Chic! Ryszka. to the Mrs. Andy ma 1 will go down and ran tor cum. (c<mc1e&‘ on Page 4) The Mrs. OK I-‘:ank' as long as yrm don‘t have Ithe house The Chip! stayed’ home.. Regents Schedule for Luckn- wannn Announce] Thin Week Matthew Oreskavlch secretary. was Instructed to commumcate with the Fire Rating assocJ.=.txon and lnqun-0 the reasons for the high mm lnsunlnee rates in -the First. ward. It Is the opdruon or the organization tha: wmh the high standard 0! emciency of the I.acka:Ivnn- .nn.F.lm.Dapnrr,¢mnt. and «tho laca_t'.on< o: the the fighters In xhe ward. together with «he mm. mm: there has been no stenou: mm 1055 there for fifteen. yams. there is no reason why the rates should not be lowered. Plan celebration on July 4th. Grade School _ Will Present Program Tihousands of school pupils of Ieac ! wanna and Western New York Monday uutreed on the last five weeks stretch -before they can enjoy may ha!-“VJ. months of summer vacation and before may have T. cencomno: ma: one weex wmch every pupil dreads uurm the school year the week of fmal emmmations. That of course vppl cu to the older stu- dents. who have to try regents, the younger pupils wul be given their tests a week or more b\.'ore that tune. The regents exr,1mnwt.l=.vs v.:l1 start this year cn Monday. June 20. Folio-.v:ng Is me svlxedule as announc- ed this week: Tom warren was explaining advan- tages of being a counmimam. and one of the customezs (all Mr :1 high c)xg1r._ g. Consideration or means by which the overcrowslgd sandman. ,.1Jk-.the, lugh. ‘school could be mluevezi xulmcrut placing an addxtdomu heavy burden on the tax- pnyers was also taken up at the mee-tang Oorrsxdemtlon 0! future high schoc) needs by which a threattened overcrowd- some nine said she had 9. sore throat but ‘It was part of her outfit she wears around her necx. AH Fraternal Organization; of 11: City Will Take part in Bi- centennial Fete. All Pupils at Bethlehem Park Schoo Will Take Part in En- tertainment. Why aunt Subew Rmge make the grade Saturday nights? i Attend Veterans Golobrallon American legion by Mrs. Saraiz J. Eur- mann. Plans are iprogressing rapidly for the lutgeqr. celebration yet held .111 leaka- vmmm in uommemm-azlon 0! the George Waah1n,g~i;o.u blcenlwrzlnl. sponsored by the mcknwanna Blcemennliai committee (in July -1 1111 which all or the Imternal organizations or the 4,-lty will take part. Commiucea of tan representamlves or the respectalve organizulons which will participate in. the cclberamlon are mak- ing nrrangemevnts for the progmni un- der the direction of I-‘nltmiclr. J. Mclvmhon general chmlrmnn The arrangements committees. whose -names have been announced lnc1ude's Patrick Nsmmnhon. John J. Monnglmn. 1-‘rahcis R. Shea. Joseph Kemtlng. Den- ms P. Kane. Jr.. Edgar Fannie. Arthur \Gibbons Dennis A. -Bmdy. John J. Kil- coyne and Leo A. Joyce of Lackawann-1 Council 2293, Knights to Clumbm: i\_‘lark J. Lewis or Laclmwnnnn Lodge F. S: A. M.: Mildred 13. Teal 0. 8.; ‘Miss Mary Banner, Mia Mary Ccmnelly, and Mrs. Loretta. M. Avery of Catholic Dauglinters or Amezvlca; alohn Grllo _I 0 Q P‘. Chnrlotme Bromley. Iona Rebekah large 587 and Julius Imrsa. Woodmen ol Anig.-rlca. say. Joe (hllagher. what about last: Thursday mgm? Songs by Amerlccnn legion Auxluary Glee club. The annual spring enuiexvtaciixment giv- en by the pupils of the Betmichein park suhoal will be presented in the auditor- ium or that. school on Friday evening. May 20. All the different grades at the school will take part in ‘the entertain- ment. which was prepared under the di- retition or their tenchqrs. Damua P. Kane, Jr., principal nuporvisad the un- dertaking. V Dan lwaloney has asked for a leave- of absence. The cottage at Angola IS open 10: the season. Address by Mr. Z. Nesbor. former Or- ganlzer or the War Camp Community service In Lacknwanna. Monday. June 20. 9:15 a. m.. elemen- ‘ _ mu, algebra‘ m,.,,;,,_-, 3_ Amenm. ms. Speakers Laud Washington as tory. geography: 115 p m.. I-‘r‘enc'1 twa E“mple to be Followed Tm years. erman two sears. ecouomzcs. d w _ typewr1t.1ng I. I-.mm_-noble, ~.ou.prehen- , 3)’ 1\‘ AI3““‘ UH‘ ’a.'vL' vocanonal. prgpgg-edn¢“_ who Is the fireman that buys all the outs for the horses? Address by John Maxwell. G. A. R. repreaematlve. Partmit. or George Washington re- ceived by William W. Mnhoney. cam- mander or Luckzuvanna Post. No. 63 .-\m~ erican Legion. Address by Mrs. Nettie Bennett. Pres- ident or State Daughters of Veuenma. The pmgmm closed with the singing of the Spangled Banner, music by Croa- tian String Orchestra. Jon. smolkiowch. director. Ooogzm beat. Les in u. 100-yard dasn but has bent Val to the can: register. Tuesday, June 21. 915 a. m.. Engush three years Engllsiz four yours. buluess armunecnc. wnnmerclal xuuvnmetlc. ole- zmmcary English‘ 1:15 p. m. Latin two years. three years and four years. French tour years, shonbhand two. elen~en*.ary bxology and geneul smence. Wednasday. June 22, 9:x5 :1. m.. cle- memary Unxited Scales history, French. $pnn1,sh.a';d. mmnn cm-ee yca.r plane geometry and comprehensive tech- nical: 1:15 p. m., spelling, sllemt reading. advanced biology. chemistry. luatary A. comprehensive technical. physical geog- raphy. Thursday. June 23. 9:15 a m.. inter- mdeliube algebra, advanced algebra book- keeping two. u'L;.',':.nome!.ry. n1ut.hematl- ics three: 1:15 p. In. physics. general biology. Friday, June 2!. 3:15 a. m. rec: two ye-mu. Greek mme, solid geometry com- prehenslve music: compmhenslve art. Afternoon no xunluatlons. Sveeral hundred people attended the celebration. in homer or the George Hmalungton bxcentcnmsu given by me Patrlomc and Sannce orgnmztmons or laacknwnnna M. Memorial hall. last Thursclny evening. Included on the progmm {or the eve- rmng were several pronxixxenm speakers who related Em ;.h¢> life bf Wasingwn an do! how nhe obstacles and trmls which beset his caeer cmpxme with the conditions of today. They emphasized me (um. mm the Ideals and exnxnples which were followed by the “Father of Our CouI.1.t=ry\ S,1.\9L,1ld be appnea by the pnnenc geueratdon In sltaertng a stmalglxt cmuse though our dutdcultdes. musical aeleobions. drills, dances and 'I1he prugrarn incluude in number of shiort. plays. A Ii'I‘ubieaux by the sixth grade, 4; scene from \Alice in Wonder- uumd\ by the seventh grade, :1 woodne soldiers dance by the mat. grade and the fomuhion or a human by the fourth grgdmpuplls will be among the features 01’ the evening. Following is the complete program: 1. Hhree Libtle Kittens. Birds. Dal- loons. Kindergarten, Miss Robinson. 8-. Wooden Soldeirs. Dolls. First Grade. Mdss Tirency. 3. Spring Flowers. second Grade Mrs. Wehtritz. -1. Irish Dance. Founiah Grade. Mia- ses Merrick and Bonner. 5. Health Drill. First Grade. Miss Mccohniok. 6. Minuet. Sqcond Grade. Minn K1118. 7. Over All Boys. Smwibbnmet Girls. Third Grade Miss Carey. is. Bpning Time «in Japan. Third Grade. Mu. Mcurnw. 9. A Guam. Quest For Ohm-ncter. mum Gmdaa. Miss Oreizhmon. lo. Violin solo. Eugenie Cow.-lid. ll. Trial ueene Xrom “Alice in won- derland.\ Savemh Omdo. Mate Mikulec. la. song. Aasuntn Bellagambo. Mar- garet. Bluwenberger 13. Tablcaux. Second Continental Congrus Signing me Doelamtion or In- depundeince. Washington's Inaugumhilou. Whlhlngton wt Valley Rage. Belay Rosa and the First Ping. Spirit of \18. Sixth Gmde. M153 Daley M. Awodion 8010. Nick Pllla. 15; Human Flag. Fourth Grade. Misses Bonner and Merrick. Ye Edmor lost: his corn cob last. week 4 .1} i . ‘T; '9. Ray Mumns must have an-opsy. He is always dmppmg glasses. Not on lus nose either. The Red Try-Its beat. the Gold Try- I173 last night bowling. But. Ihhe Gold boys made up for M. ivhen the chicken was served. Kruzer was lazy. but boy. whdn he got a hold ot a knue and fork how he could eat. The committee ‘Mae. much pleased with me mtemst taken in this affair by me schools and the public gwmemlly [:1 _J. L-vv4::l \‘£r’ Overtime Contest The bunch from rthe Eagles wem there mcluding Popcorn )':nll Dlrnabcrger and Lhc Jew. The program will inclulude a parade, rlnaworks, demons?.ruI:Ions and speeches. ceremonies will Mark opening Game Sunday Jon Eiaxwell. at Bu active and -energetic ninety year old OivLl War vet- eran and comnmiider of the Erie county 6. A. R. spoke on pcmiiiabism ts mo thieime of his iulclr-es. He remarked that anyone worthy ox living in a land Much as ouurs should be ll. patriot Not the kind that. goes about ahouhlng his patiiratism from .t.he iioiisemps but does nothlm, but. the kind who will put, his ulioulder to the wheel and pull with the seat\. in overcoming diinculmes Mid. mult- ing .1 beater imid in which no live The sturdy old Vctcnm also said. “lacking back over the history or any or our our ouiiatnncling wins as an ex-- ample. we should not believe 12h eball_v- hoo about the last gi'exvt.a wm being ll war no and war: but must face condi- tikma as they actually are mid while we bend eve:-ey effort iownnl pmmotlng peace we must air. All times be ndequn—tT- ly pmpamd to defend ourslvca.\ North Tonuvnnda Defects Locals in First League Guns of Sealon 4-3 Local Golfers Open Season The Lackrgwanna Baseball club suffer- ed dercaal In its first league game of the cezxsnn Sununy when 1: lost an overclms contest. to the lumber jacks from -North Tonnwunda on the lntters dhxmoezl 4-3. It was a pretty ptcnem battle all the may hrugh beuwecn C1119! Myem. the lo- cal 250 pound mound tnvomne and Kim- '1el. who held down the slab mr the vlcburs and it. had the dlstlncun or be- mg the only gnmv played In any or the (our leagues or the Western New York division 0! the Subuzlun A. A. in which an extra period was 11¢-ccasary '40 d€.‘0td'I the verdict. DEATHS Lncluwanna Gait Club. lawn: membe.' to he accepted in rpm Buffalo District Golf Aaocmtion. opemcl its yinugurnl Manon in auspicious mannar over the weekend. at the South Park course. when 68 member: participated in the -Ruainnki tophy toumament. 9. 38~hoie mead handicap évent. The winner was Joe Kenoewlcz, who put ! 9. pair of consistent rounds 0! 82 and 83. With. an 18 hie handicap deducoed on each ocabion his low ‘net. ngcmgato 0! 120 cnhbled him to take the tmpmy. Bmnley Fiigm-9. vwon low groan prize\ mm mupeonve rounds '13 and '74, while Joe Schwca was rsecond Jaw 81050 -with his 18 and '75 medals. Cernl mm the lxpnrtmcnt of vmu stmstdcs, Burmu at Health. during the past week. Albert Alcox. 449 Colton. Dem Kl:-11011. 421 Simon. Mary Dunn, 70’! Pint St. Stephen Yolgek, 300 Magnolia. Cleo Dunn, 701 First 8:. Ivan Ivaklch. 60 Fmh 3%. Paul Batch. 489 Gate: Ava. Vincent. lizmu. 102 Pmopeat. one 0! the biggest rates 01 its kmd over to be hedl here Is schutuled Lo tnke place Sunday when (ma lackwwmmn Baseball Club tormarly opens lta league season at. home against. the Wllllams- vllle nggmgwtlon. which Is reputed to be on cut the best. teams In the Northern league. The game wlll be held in back- nwuum. Suwllum. Scum am: mmnue. Elabmto ceremonies lmvo been amne- ed. to pmcced the gnmo Mumger John Potts announcd today. A pm-mlo handed by Mayor Walter J. Lohr. my council- man and owner city umolnh will be held on the cluunond M. :1 o'c1ck mo be :01- lowed by nag raising cenemoudcs. Musk: has been arranged ‘for mu ocdmlon. It was announced. Muym‘ Inhr will tsos out. me than ball when the fauna line up too we battle. Nbrzh Tcxmwnnda started the scurzrtg m the unrd stanza and held their one [I rl. uuvanutgc anvil 1.1.0 s.-,v.er.:h. when tau local sluggexs gut a. line on Klsiers duivcry and pucuud ucn.-s~s me 1v.ng run. The Twin City Ltuls cnme right back 111 (me elgnbn nowev-ar, and cast; gloom In the loc.1‘s camp by vrarking up two more poxms to then’ advantage. But. again in fine aignui 1he large group of Steel Clty tans. “ho [allowed t.‘1e.Ir Iuvorlte son ‘the trip wrre g'ven an opport.ux.1t.y to cheer t-hr.-mselvco nmrse. when ‘two ms-re :’un.=. were driv- en ham to put Ls -'...-um ..1 on the hug e:(. of a. 3-1 a0Gl‘°.. BIRTHS Two speakers scheduled no take part .In the celebmblon wen: unable to at- tend. Judge Patrick Kmler at Buffalo. becnuso of illness and Mayor Walter J. Dolm because at pvesalng city affairs. The complete program at evems fol- lows: Mr. nnd Mrs. Rudolph Knmenders, 12'! Center, A daughtter. Mr. and Mrs. Jon. Alejo. 119 Pearl. 5 son. Although mhe pluy oi past week end was cnmsldared as ‘me omlclad open- ing the club actually opened Its‘ season an the previous Sunday. when in spite oz‘ mhe wengtdwr a number or ardent -gamers turnecl out to ink», ‘part’. In the Klckets Hxmdrlcnp, the mac event 0! -the season. Shave Mandy earned on mm prim an -this «vent, awning 4; 94-20-314'. while Ck-m was second with 90-16-74. Joe Schwed Oadcd who best mm-k, -1~1-'39-80. BLASDDELL YOUTH GRADUATES FROM C. A. 7Mr. and Mrs. Joa O'Donnell. 51 Park- view. a daughter. Mr. and Mn. Jessie Graham, 4157 mg» ham. :1 daughter. Ame:-lea, by Croatlon .su-mg Orchés- rm. with a. ~vevtemn lineup and Judging {mm early season results the Luckuwu.n- in team is one of aihe best ever to rep- resent this city in the great “nxmon.-ni puahiime.\ They lost; an extra inning game to their old jinx, North ‘Foun- wnnda last Sunday by 0. one point; margin. an tlhe lntwrs meld. They ex- pect no make up 101- it. hpwvcvex-, ‘when thmt team comes here on July 3 and as me lumburjncka finished second in the league luab your it cermlniy was no dis- grace. Clue! rmarers and Frank Wimwl emu nmxush the «bnttoy for the locus Pm9un:tmt.lon at the Stars and Stripes. A. E. F’. paper by Robert. M. Avery. Stars limrmnnn, for ubmry collections. and stripes received by Mrs. Sarah .1. Songs by American Legion Auxultu-y Glee club Mr. Theodora Fabik oz 46 Avon avenue Biaadeli, who was appointed 0. coder. at the United ‘States Coast Guard Acad- ‘emy by Representative Janws M. Mead in 1928, grndumzea this ymr with ‘non- ors. The exercises -in donnectlon with: him graduation commenoyxi. May mm and coninnued until May lath. Altar Ukus gmdua-tion the cadet! at the New London Academy Jeuve for a cruiiae on one nor the U. ‘S, mzvenua Cuwem for Ionoiuu‘ and Pacific ports. MARRIAGE LICENSES Vincent. A. Polanq 211 Erfnlar 512.. Buffalo. and .1em_1ie Nledzealok, 70!) Wnsson. Ave. '.-“zmlr joy imxs short lived. lmwvzvrx. when we ’1\.vIn Guy bextsmen again. 1.» ml their eye In the same period. snd urov In two men. to ‘even up ‘tho count. '1‘he tie <.ont.1mu.-d '0 the last of mu tumh when Ton nvu.-:~ aggregauvn nmrked up we wlmtlng usltj. Ten mu were chmtged agumst. Myers and Kisiok was touclnzd tor aovgm Nova, 4 Address oxrcieorge wnamngwton by Joe~ epli M. Roeznlhlld. Spanish Wm‘ Water- ‘ans. M.\N.\m:ns MEET Pew: Keen. 183 shnnlcy 8%., Checkm- wugn. and Genevieve Blmzkowaka. 101 Prospect Ave. The manage: or the bnckuwanmn. '1'w1~ light Ioltbul t4.-nms~ am requested to inset in the Counull Oha.mbe‘r at the Juacnw-xmxu. City Hullotv Friday Kay 20. Belocmmt by Croauun string Orches~ cm. Pater Nanak, 482 Gate: Ave. and Man Clnrdmosloh, 462 Gate: Am. Pnmentmdon of pomult I 01 George Washington to lmkawuma am No. 63 MGKA WANNA‘ PUBLIC LumAm: ‘ 3

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