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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, April 28, 1932, Image 3

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;,;;‘£:$-33-Sfif.-;i 2-:~»7~':::~‘,LI, ‘X K .. 3%.? -\1: (4, .¢x.;.,~.~.: 9\'.‘~{\‘7.-.«‘>‘<\ \ t;«\.5-‘*1 5; ._\_.1.. : \. 34\‘.-\~ 9' 'L9:=,k§\v-nun 'N9wsrLaék§v9x.;-M. N’. Y n. .'Ll'»lmi*s-. AI‘=fi|‘,2.8. .1932 3;» %:=.='?.3\f1-5??’ ‘- -,\.L~“'V§ W 19 , 363;,-w;-,; s.1“=;*'=:;é»:s;*:'? \ »,-.=‘«.«‘,:s;‘<:z~:~ ~'::}>.~,«.‘ “ ._; ‘ , . ='-’*.<$;r5*7:’r'»*-\ * < vi: .. ‘ . .-;_.‘..;:,_..,; '.',;f,_.‘:.,',~7; 4 .-.-: t. 1-:».- -2+ -.6‘. 7 «'.<).'-‘%.*:ic , - j W. '~ 2‘ ' é 1? ' ;r.\? r 1 :;;*.4;~..; -. ,, ‘-_-1,:v,.4.w_ .»_ I ~:\i.'« .1 \ \ H »‘«I'-':*:=*. ’ gr.-v'.;,~ ‘ I/‘~_~\«»? In 16 and iscreen 'AtH a Program H igh School Friday3 01'cheétxva--‘-3“(£u::I,d':’s Hiaa'rt..\--Au:-kgnr. 2. 'na;‘~qh——“consen1qt1o'n\ mchuseu. 3. Maich‘ \T331! Luékawumaw . Act '4. “At VoJ1ey':!'b!ts¢.~\ _ I’41ace——A ae'ntn\'s -peat wtjo. alley -Fbxge. \mme-vA‘n1gm: durhm tho ‘R_ev\:l1.i- ‘tl War. Nawi rm he held in Bamburgr High aanool, ox-lean; gounty content». held ikhy, April‘ 22. ‘m Amman High 'a¢ha¢1. 16!: ‘wits won by Helen). Bi'ee§1=o£ Lyndon- vmu high school. Betty. ‘0’Dea, ‘at. aa- seplrs pctwol Albion, who ‘wag ‘Orleans 'cdum.y champion last year and ruixxiéra uh in the Westeim New York‘ {Emmi which will ‘YE héld Saturday. Qdaf '14 .111 But’- (E10. 1 '1' :;'a*§;4*.?é\:.\.'.=; ';‘51~¢=\‘«¢.-.‘~ ‘. v .4; ;o,.:.,; .v. .3 .4»-:,\\‘+z;<‘,,‘g.‘ 5 .,,¢3,§,’,-1.-,n.;;~* x3 5 c ;F.,.’.;$:.:’ v‘ ’ '.~'s' .s=’7¥\‘5~»’ri git‘ J. mt-‘gs r ; . *.~.A-.1‘-:‘.r'?*3'~’.. ,. .1» '~'-':\(§ ~,'2‘.\ ..\\¢‘~‘}n»:\,,1:-‘: I :,n5.:~¢g-.»’ Lg -§,:4;;e.~'..‘.,‘,*~.. 1‘ * ,« .3 39», . ,r -. *§x»“ . . Hippodrome 'M‘muet-—Ja-n.e Wesson. Mc Nellie M-Jynk». Roberta Wqowr, ‘K-.{yl,v‘la Yamcs. Mgury Kuryak, hanées Rebl, ‘Maury Gundagno, . Directed by -Miss Lulizin Act 5. \Washington as President.\ 1=.:ac¢-—-wall screen. New ‘fork cm. Tlme—‘-March 1’t69,,_ Vary Bride, -Warts ‘sacurcucy at, -shew. Bippcdrouu. Paramount ‘hgs vaken: Johh Blytl’\,O5'I.\é avitaucfm ‘awry it mm u.gr1p):tuig porumyal at haw a. -bird i-{gains his lost and -‘mm mg love of the ,g1rl.j picture depicts ‘the .lx‘a:u\.-x -stunts at barnitémiuzg iyvlatom \ with death; In they put over their uoutx an In air c1x:cua'a»pop‘.ua.r Baum: ‘ox Jvuy ma Conhty FM: tenutux-\o at I gew yeaxsj Hqzdaxxg the out am Rltma-d‘ Ar-‘ in. Jack Oalde. Bobby Ooogoix and Vir- Bruoo. Coming rdirceiz fwrxx a. succe fun; at [the aexwyn Theavre. Néw York, Arch _3eIrw:~'r,t will prsgeusth Benn, W. ‘Levis thrilling play ’i\.ho!< be\'i1 Basses iér‘ xiii engagement 0; chm’: days; at the Ex_'-‘-, i-langer talmetttre comménc uex:t.‘?1‘hu:s- day mgm. and nfxéluuijng Saturday mat.-' \mm peisognei of this ‘c_iit1ng'ms}\ed- —-comp.-my lhcludea Arthuur Biron; Bapil‘ g ! «Robem 1;ox‘adn»e.. Mary Nash.‘ Cecelia ‘lnttlns Diana Wynytujjh Eric. ~B1dor'e, J. ~Mal¢:blm ‘and others in at «whom %have‘.previouisly 'beé'n cap’: tor- 'sté).iar~ roles, ' -the Djevil«'-!?ass,enelis in curalzamle 9!“ =-.« young -iguin n a cmmtry parish. At‘ the hougep in 1Ihe‘e_o'untry he sug- gests a game of “Tru.th\ and each,-auero! the clistdngulshed =blnrkguar¢_1s, as ‘one o!‘ the ohgmbbterg describes them. tells ‘what wants ‘mom in 1119.‘ The act» ‘rem ‘covets applause and is willing to‘ sacrifice the haw zplay she as about to‘, ap‘pe\u;- in ‘and with it -who tut(u‘e at the young bJut.m_‘>rf; th eunsuocesslul author. wants .co'mtoI't and a woman in give it. to him and sh: lovely Judy ‘his mist:-ess.. :'v.'2uxts perfect iove »a.m:1— .1119 artist. to‘ create bdguizy. Jzmc when the Devil gives‘ main the chance to come to grips with‘ he temptation they re 'Studenta~Will Again Prggent ‘wushingtén Play‘ in Auditorium as Result of Numeraus ‘Requests, 'Puhlic7 Invited with no 'Cha1'.¢e.- ‘for, f. . .r:ii:.£ion. tloiam and ‘distrust, out to the Ao‘pen_‘: sea. of union and riiarmohy. Inspin-d~ 'always my a. smgiexiees or -purpose.. and‘ by the realization or nr, sacred. trust. his thloughia. to his dying day dwe.\c.u.1ways‘ upon uhc xfneims of ‘xndlclng his country united. and prosperous and great. Wash‘u:gton's Aznericfanmm has been a. ‘cohstant beacon guiding us vo his vis-3 Ion of a nation -great and ix‘1depu‘1dent_., In us ‘continue ‘to build upon the glare ions edifice which he so glorlc.usl)', Iounded. wuwneu over ‘by the guardian‘ ‘n.-ngei oi Wasivingtmrs teaching and ex- mnpie. ‘lat us lead. qur nation onward m‘ her illustrious career. The public is invltacd‘ v oattaemd the -chntest. and there will be no cl\a.r\gt)‘toi' admnsslon. ,. ..R. Wmtemn ‘inn CHECK nuns‘! Almasil-:1) Chief Justice James Kane The warm mcmberd 3. gaup of nation: alleged. by police to ban victim-‘ used many local bwinesémen by pain: Ind éhachon them 133% 3149-1‘. waqtglten mug custody by Bunraxo pouda this Week who ptunwd mm {mm Cleveland. no ghvehIanazneasJohuDean.ul1uJo!in medotnuw York «my. Helsdlexld m live passed 9. warthleau dheck ft!‘ 031 on Nick Bodnar. Bamxiurg >'1.‘urn-‘ pile. Devocuves 0’RaurL:e jlplono at Ibo local police arrested tour a.ll.o§¢ed' memban 01 this gang last ltebrtnry at- Iter turning them through several omen. Them B-re mu two -warrannl; om. tol- mummp of the gang. one John Doe; one not Milwaukee Slim, ' ‘:v,g J?‘-§‘.};,‘ \_;'3‘: 'Th‘e atttdems of Imnwnnm high school will again pmsnm» the Garage vwasnmyux program. which they ~pre~.- seamed last 1‘-‘ebruazv beta: 3 ‘oapa_o1tyr autmence-, Vin cehebratdon '01 W;u~h1nxtc«n‘s 20087}: bIr1_;hd:‘\y annlwjiuy. in, the school auditorium Pridziy Apru 29. meryone 1:. mv1wd' to no the pm- ‘gram which wm be shown free of chgufge with vth_e curtain rising at (MS sharp. it was annotmced. this week Leo A. Joyce yprgncipal 0: mp ‘school. Arrangem row tine presentation were copleted, following numeous re- nuesfs. by me ‘city ’Wash'1ng'wn B1-Com ‘tetnn.1al cbnxnuhtog. under M11-3. Oolemun ‘J. Ehmmnn. ‘general chad:-man and Eemhxnans J. vnolund who -was then ,pn‘1»no1p§1l of the school. Mr. Joyce. who amocesmed Mr Boiand as principal 1o1— loxvmg his recent appomtment as au- permteutnxdent or educiutdon. has cooper- ated «with the ecommlttee In oompletelng the arramgemen-ts. Address by Be:-chmans J. Bound Sup! 0! Education. Star Spangled Btnnur )‘ c,\ :1 The play. which that‘ me '01 \Tl)eFx3.1.her or our Caunmry\ was‘ directed by Miss Shaw who was as-, slshed by Miss Ada. Bindeinau and Miss Marlon Manon. T116 special xmdc 'wns= an-anged by was Mary Connolly and: Miss em Doxuc The clnchestm. 1'5 (11- retecl by Miss Margaret Man, supeqvlsor of must m Lackawanmz schooly. -Followvlng as the program: Chlamcten I ‘ c\-one-x-ax \Vashlngt.on ......n. Whltehlll srnuans wnu. commm-: FRIDAY ,; r) =,4':T/z. Sheas Buffalo Repreaentmnves 0! W5 whoéls in his aounty wxll take part. in me Erie ‘county final 01 the 1923 National spell- lng Bee at 1:30 p. m.. Dhyught Saving Time or 6:30 p. m. standard time. Thu contest, which is bemg conducted by the Bu Evemhg News and sponsor- ed In Lwckawannn by the Initkawanna Another of the gals triple- tinge ma screen wm be orfera: do ‘by Shula’: numw, imrtdxig mldny; iiudlng t1x_e‘blll. as ‘an exuv.'at1t:§actlo11,: will be mug Crosby; who has vbeoomev only at the :eouti'y'5 ‘leading fmdlo en~: u5rta;d.I1enT. -in person. He wlll be ‘heard’ ‘In long: or the x)ox'nantlc typ that have, won mm popularity win: »ml1ll6p’s. on‘ ‘me screen wm ‘be This Is‘ the Nlgm.‘ with Lily Damlte, Charlie R,ugg'las,'Ro' Inuit! Young Thelma 'I‘oc_ld, and Gary Also on‘ the mag» wm be Swiss Moveme-ma, with Anxerlcxvs Own vlnwkyl Boys Billy Dooley mo sooty gob ot 'preen lame and Frances Dee, capnvixmng Ch;-|st;l’e comedy war. Charles Manning‘ wind urchestxa and Henry B. Murbah at the Wurlltwr also will be reoatiured. ; :‘:.'\~’ :£_ »j.. \ -.,‘_'*“\: ‘ .‘ ‘ , ..5*\:‘:i';\=t‘v‘ =‘;,;'».”:?',‘e.~.;, =.7’J fr\- “*.'\¥‘§'a,:'§\‘ 1.? - 4: .‘—.-. .9\ .» ',L;‘,-“.. .'§\.‘.~,g_ii»;'~‘. ..,x __ v:-‘,«.::“ , ,»‘.:»,-= ., \r:=‘;§*7- 7; :1 « - .~..,.\., , ~. v.-,r_ . .2‘ ‘ .2. Va Sentry . . . , . . Carson . . . . . . First; soldier . Second Solcucr Henzert Amiborslzl. . . John‘ Mxmmng . . . . . John Nbvick . . . .Nlck Kukoleca‘ Lackawanna News 'm1rd Soldier Maytred Homer Fourtl‘. Soldier Fifth soldier . . . .Luke Thrquln Manan Gunslorek Over 1000 paople xvilhtemed the first showing of the Washington .pI~ogmm in- cluding the ‘school bond‘ numerous city orticduls. puxnets and friends or tip: stu- dents and all classes at the school. The way was given. such wxde acclaim by all wlio saw It that an immediate demand (was made for a szecond presentation by «me hundreds who were‘ unable ta tx- ‘tend and by many »\~.h.o “ mo see 1: again. . Essay-—\Arrwrlmnism as displayed In me of Wasmngton.\.. Antoinette Sapjnog Anxemcu. '‘ ''.'~..: ‘Q. _\..‘:.-‘Sh’ The Gay 0<\l>‘:\lle‘ro_ feaiturlng George OB'ri9.n. ’V‘1c~tor Méxclaaglen and Cdixohlta Manmnegro, «M311 :be shown at, Shows Friday and Saturday-. Exam. special. attrgotiohs, Medley-—\Amerlca‘n Nantvwnal M316- cues\ —0rchcsvrn. Explmxxauon 0! music, \I‘hemsa ‘Hmem, Readmgs. :1 Prologue and Message of the Sen- ute to President. on hearing of death of George Vvashlngton. Helen Hanna. 0: Reply 01 President to Senate. John Mnnmxxg. c Washington. the need 0! our times, Gertrude Seaman. \GEORGE WASHINGTON\ Act. 1. “washmgwa Far All.\ Plant.-—A modern Living Root. 'I‘Imes——-1932. 0' - ! Nu‘ Maumoe chevaner in one Hour Wm: You‘ will ‘he shcbwn for three clays spart- 1ng_ Sunday. ‘Extra attxtnotdbns. The Experts. 'stz_a_!-ring (moi Sale wi)! be shown Wednesday ‘evvrung. Added surf/eta wm xx; snawx.-.. ‘~5;*\1‘”’- 3 _, -. \ . 4 .V 1;’; ‘¢‘-‘a“T‘.f,: Shea7s Century ‘ prrogmm has been revalde and -Im- proved slrice the showing and sev- eral musloal numbers added but the play Itself or the actors {have not been changed. The reading‘ of the essay \Amreleanlsm as Dlspkxyecl in. the Line at Wash.1ngtxm»\ by Antolnnebte Sajnog‘. \\'hi(‘il won nrst prize amcms; the essays \v1~it«ten by mgh sbhool pupils in the re- cem-, content conductde ‘by uhe American Legion. has aLso been vadded. This «:5- say which took me nontrrs among those, presented from over 100 dlttorens schools m Bufxalo and Erie oatunty Io)- lcyws: r Man warmed. the mrst Winner Ems. picture made by Kay Francis said to be Hollywood‘: -hast. dressed star. will be Ilxovm utg. Sheas Ge.m.\u'y beginning Siwurday. ‘On the stage topping the RKO vaudevilne will be sue“Cai16l' and‘ Nick stugwt. the screen's 'awcvet2hearI.. in person. other acts will ‘be iblet OM1- aun fbhe camcatue prlma donna of’ Sweet: Adelina. The Student Prime and The Red Robe. Others wul be Raynor Lehr, ecoenmrlo comedy dancer; Edgar Bergen. the venmloqtual dacwr permrming The Opemtkm with christian VG‘-rme; and Kellie Armut and Brothers, dmcxng and singing. Shea} Kensington ' ‘r 1 n‘ 45$ . “l_ Joan ‘Bennett is seen in Sheers Kne- sitngtoh‘ Thursday evening in She Wam- ed A Millionaire. Added nttmctlons. George Washington Ridhard Whitelull Wdllena Macnnnal 1‘ Bronsllaus Jsuuckt Friday and Saturday the double fea- ture pnogram wm Include Slim Summ-exw ‘Villa \121 Racing Youth and George O‘Bx1eI_1 in The 019-)‘ Ca.b'a1lero.. Added attractions, _ 7 Amenca Billy . . 'Dommy Sammy Bobby Mchael Juklch James Hcxoper John Kncoyne . .511) Radeck! Oné Holu Witli You 'w1th Mum-lce Americansm is the union of all those Chevalier and Jeannette ‘M|\cDonal..1 lofty meals -which have Inspired the heads the pmgxxun Sundtty and Monclay _ power and progress or the American pec- Mny I and 2‘. Extra attractions. ,pl|a. It is as spmt at luxmncvmng crux‘- Tuesday and ‘Wednesday evenings. age and undlvlclecl loyalty; 11: is a spirit May 8 and 4 The Wiser Sex will be the of unselrsn sarvlce and unswerv'mg att.mct.1on. l’-a\.tlb.. an is me spivt at “me greatest \\'asln|ngton; the Ideal Anlerlcalx Bent ..4..4....E.....mny Skowronskl Daisy Horvnt Kathleen Judge Sheé’s Great Lakes Orchsetra-—1\';\rch--“Our oys and Girls at California ..................Ascker Act 2. “Baby's I-‘ortune \ P1ace—X-‘nun House In Virginia 'I‘1me—Februury 22. 1132. Boasting one of the moat distinguish- ed all star (lasts 0! mg cxnnmt season, '1'h,c;‘M‘Lrac1e Man dbmes to Shtafs Great. Luca Friday. The cast oz The Mlmule Han. 13 an important: one. Sylvia Sid- ney and Clleéwr Morris: play -the lehuztng xummtdc rules. as the gm menu and the -dapper young {'cm cmok. Hobart Bd_sw'bx-Lh plays the central role of the tmth ealer pt-ufzriaoh. John Wray plays the part of the rake paro.lymic_ The Frog. the part which made um Chaney lomnus on the screen 13 yeans ago. Chick Sales is backed {om Thursday. 9! good men and the beat of great men.\ Mm’ 5 lu’The Expert. ‘ u is the spnrlt of urnrge W-usmngtou Whoaler and Wooleey in em crzwiy We see mm as 2. soldier aura Valley are the two great ‘features booked for I-‘urge .unId his starving. {rm-en. b.3's:e\:- Friday and énmrday, May 6 and 7. ml men. We see his eyes cum, and the —-—-———.-——-—---—-— furrow of has chezk deepen, as he Lnwmcce Washington G202-ge‘s halt _bro'.ne~r . . . . . . .. ......Joseph Jmnuln, Austm Wa.~.hmgt.on. George-‘s 2;.-ur breth- er ...w=xlt,e'r Empnc Jane Washington, G:-orge‘s sister . .. Virgima Johnson Mammy Lxze crosin _ Invutclxgs Lmm. glru; desperate balms thzuugh the cvlnvsoned snow. But he ‘ \ [kept his mlm true. and ms C0ll'.P.:.’,‘: n A nsleady. He knew mm only mmnzgh D g E victory could the “night to life. linen)‘. B“ a G and ma pursuult at lmppmess\ be as- E habushecl for venertmoxm yem ur.burn ___‘_ Tms was courzigc: this was devotion to Ah 1: P . 1 ‘ B , _tiuty this was Anxcrlcumsm. ‘— ‘\9 ° rw‘ 93°’ Y m3“Y| The colonists were vxcwrious. The Borrower; Lead‘ Trustees Q0 arrnox‘ of the wzu'rir:r gave way to ‘the ’ . ogown of the smcesnmn But Anzu'ch,y Take Achon“ Imlweatened hhe bleeding. exhausted states Here his xare wisdom. his lm-‘ pan-tlui justice. and his pr-udem. mader» radon helped to build and launch the {rail ahlpot spate. than guided the ves~ be) past. ithe dzutgeruus annals of orb 0rahestm—Young, America. Goldman R..vt..“ - .. Á muaan oae .. Act. 3. \She Who \V1ll Not When She lvlay\ Place—i. small slmng room in the home of Mrs. Chnmberlaync. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LACKAWANNA NEWS T1mc—An- evening in lime June, 1759 Colonel George Wasmngton . . Vvmcehnx Mrs. Chamberlayne .. Ma.r1nn Jamszeelk‘ Betsy Faumleroy ...Mar_v Bucmxext Capnun Colin Mercur. Betsy's. causis. . . . Shea’s ' Butfalo Indlgnnnt at the cons1.a.nt‘des'tructlcn to publlr: library books. the trunwes or uhe Lackawanna Pubuc mbmry at their ngular monthly meeting on April 14. Issued an ultlmntmn. Michael Kant.-y ..D. M Wn.!'.s-r Ynrnes Celin Chamberlnyne Mrs M-artlm Cusus Beginning Friday Radio’: Newest Sensation DING CROSBY IN PERSON on thg Screen: 1111 the case where large \fines are due, the entire Xamlly ls deprived of library privileges until such mines gre paid. “THIS is Tim NIGHT\ Lily Damien. Charlie Rugglea. when book: have Sheen. Barrovied and never mturwed. even «Net a visit from the pollco meaeenger, notice la pent. to thd mad but mu: damily and an no re- sponse ls rqcelved Iurphe: steps will be when for mllectzlon. Roland Young Also‘ on the Stage \SWISS MOV'l:lmN'1$f' B[%I’[||lB ~ Yllll Ml]\/E ii Where damages occur to books bor- Isow {or .-home use. the bmrower must be msponnble tor the book and imme- mately pay all umhagéa. The rules for issuing cards have also baen»m_ade more stringent. The librar- ians and Iced! have ‘been instructed by the Board to be exact in these; details and i.’ ii; is necessary in any In ‘tho! aobperwtzjon ot the city lww depart- ments will be requested. Entdnely‘ too ’rn'ar'n§r‘va.lunb1o boo Iiavie been misused and defaced. The same Penal ‘Code gwxn be enforced which means imprisonment- In a state prison for not mom than three yearn. or in a county Jail 10:‘ nut. more mhun 0119 your, or u ‘fine of not more Jitian 8500, or by both and im- prds<mment. Shea’s Great Lakes wow: you onnl-:n ~ I/I/eelzarla milk on It Took A Miracle to china» Thelr 1-lute Beginning Friday to Love! “THE MIRACLE MAN\ SYLVIA SIDNEY Hui‘!!! Moiiiiis‘ and Hobart Bcuworth Added semen Events snows Great Lakes News ONE GOOD MOVE deserves another -'-as you've probably been wanting to try Weckerle Milk for a long time —- Special Milk which is so rich in food values, so sweet, so creamy, so altogether delicious in flavor and wholesomeness. Shea’s Century z I? 4* PENALTY RAISED ON UNPAID TAXES NOW — before you move, phone us your order—to be delivered to your new address the morning you arrive-the number in LIE. 7400. negmnlng Saturday Hollywood’: SwUet.b.gsu\ta SUE CAROL and NICK STUART IN PERSON On the Satay: KAY FRANCIS In \MAN WANTED\ HERB BTRAUB and Band An adcutfbnal penmcy cl one-halt 0!.’ me per cent has been added (0111! un- paid taxes nor the flush hull of the year. since I-Many morning, April 22. It. was announced by City Tresuurer Paul To- maka Up till Friday ltuxes were payable‘ at one per cent. . Over 020.000 sbm mmnlns unpaid from tsuws due for the «tum half of the year. The second half at the tea! is payable in September. Buck {rates up to and lnchidlng 1930 are naw P!\)y‘£\lb1e wlthbwt. Lxmree-sf. or penalty under the terms o'!..uhe trax momtmmmx approved by the Common Council in Febmury permitting donn- quent taxpayers. who have failed to ‘meet their obllgntlons ta the city over a..perlod of years. no make payment wlbh out addltalonrgl fee. The momcprlum will continue in effect until Ocwber -lst. , - Shea’s Hippodrome .111‘ out Beginning Saturday The Pals of \Touchdown\ in n. ro1nu.noa- ’ thriller of the air! - gm lick. And \SKY BRIEFS\ ‘ 451.. two ‘I! a tom '~ -RICHARD ARLEN, JACK OAKIIQ '3? Bobby coogun, Virginia Bruise. Charles Stan-ett BOB DEMMING at drtmd organ Great Surrounding B111 Dollar Shoe Repair og- dn_\'r -. In‘ love!‘ V SOLE and HEEL 50¢ . First Quality in workmanship and Material We also carry 0. lull line or new shoe: for Men. Women and Chiiclren ‘FRANK PAGE '11 South 1_’a_r,'k Ave. Bumalo, N}. Y 4o ‘Yam Continuous service-4-1892-1932 lnlln (lonl. uh Shun nl Innrhn) or n ion! ,_ ‘ling nun. It B n dlullnctlcn CO'I|YC 1 not-wilt: wochth I on It your door. You'll any on uclslnetuv Mt!!!‘- SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LACKAWANNA NEWS Subscribe For The lackawanna News #7- 110!

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