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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, March 10, 1932, Image 1

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,=P-:1‘ \ \-\:- W4 DH E . *--‘M 1' . . . - , . - . ‘ ‘V , - J , ‘ , -_ ‘ . _. mew». tn General :- . = ‘ ' . -- 5 .1 '« -' A ~ 3 “ -\'1-<« ' - ‘ 5 __ ‘ ‘“ ' \ : -,80e!n.| and Spoil? at 1' °-*s“\‘&=ii§‘.‘?5;'.\:,'3»ni«.«'9 ~ A ; _ . % %. %% v; 4 E V‘ _ n ‘ , I K ,_,m,,m 4 5 '-~ ‘ ' 3 »: ‘ ‘vex ,,- , ~ . ~, ~ ' ‘ \ ‘ “ V A, \ V V! _ ;_ H , . . . ‘, 9La.cka;n.v_v,anna News, Lgckawahnm N, Y., Thur;-,. March 10», 1932' PRICE: 5c:«—$2.QQ legion llrive éPmgressiing I ! A of :Meeting~ Show smning Lo:unciI Accepts Charter Vkevision? Vlackawanna Caniines: Take lionors , At: Bujffaila Dog Show 3 \I who said. the sehaazgs. are. dlmnk ‘Requirexixenu. Fm- Candi For City Offices. Changed. YOUTH. A_LS)0;R~E,CE‘lVES. HQNQS AS; BEST‘ B..0.Y,j HANDLER ATTHI-1 S.‘H.0..,W-, Mmnens snow GREAT oj \ concmmuc wnmva m MEMORIAL Borne. worn. 0, O O 9 meta Mike -¥9)_'.c_e., Con_1m1ssmxer- 92: Public Work: wsa out with a ‘shovel- 1\ ‘Cf4x1.cl.1.d:.v-.ter fox: the 0!(LC,e or city, '.t.’~1I1£.% the £w..wte,- must be an‘. auto:-.¢ may- and must. have‘ practlsech 9.1; l_ea.sL (ow: yegaxs prior to‘ e1ect1or_1, h_1_s. cup,-. d:1gl_a.cy- 15, Do, be‘ consxqered, was, the gig-, clsion. h_a.m.le<1 down. by the Gammon. Kcounpgl‘. ’l>‘h,l,lrs(1‘z_\5_I,-,, u.t’_1_¢_:ct1,ve.ly; J.x.1,u;<-.edl~_ ‘at.el.s'.. The; :g.ct.1or; J;911_ow5 the recent rgecom‘-.r menclgmons. at the Charter» new-1oq~ con.\.rn4as1.m apyoimscx In 1.930,, w.‘h.1eh.; .'lp})l_\J‘l€C\ the change. A con.cessn_on was made at max; ion the then. .Jn.<;!s,ev John -L Monaghan w.h_o., though not an axwxney: hast, pvcaslded over- 61143:; 0'9!-“‘V. hue tar 1r.v.I:ar.1:v.~ 2Q yea-7.8. TIM‘: ‘c.<n.x.iA°1l. decxeed mat no can be- elected to public Omoe u.x,\1.ess, he has! heel}. 34, 1:t~i.1.<_lem. 0! Lwlmmrmna ion :59: Most as. yea,-~.. ‘mks. 4°t10I.x was, m1lu,en.oe,d‘ smoush. We Sodalks 09-“.- dlclacys 91- Stanley‘ sch1_me1.., whp ran. 1.01: 1-116 omge. at Judge in thc 1931 6180:- ! ' I Lackawamn, ow_-gets o¢_- morgough,-.l2z_ed_ 41085. crawled. 0!: their snpzwe at the ‘-1.“!-1 'cI7s 1.5 the edghu; qxuuugal an brxaed Ken; ‘net club dog sl;\_ow held, xxx Elmwocd Music haJAl_ 1a§t Wednesday» and Thurs-. 4d.ay.. In all, the can-ne e,nte),'l,e's‘ or ave.» ‘c,U2£e:;eut Lat-1_iaw«i=-M13.-. people cauti ed off one cut more prxzzs am <fh_e ‘~‘d,rogg1_ee.'.\' event. 0: the year 34.) he. 1;_el:c1 In this sec- =1‘»1.on 0! the country-. Prize W1.I.11.!-,ers. ‘of. :7-:>I.I1.e at th.e~ 1.'~‘-tE.’€~‘l.t b.1I¢eQ1r,xg. k_¢Jme1§. 1.I7Bn\ gl), pans. 01 the ccIun.tx:y~ am. Qayada were\e1_1.t In v1v.1_m.a_t was ptqbe-bl:'.~ 33.118-L93: greatest ‘dog, Show :9. d_ate_., ' B1111-3 m.bb.9n. cam:-as d1_dn't, 081113’ 0&1: 5&1! or. the honoxs at th.e.. s1..x.0.w./., 1mI.ev.er... as. a local. boy.‘1?a.u1. Cumin... age 7;. 15.60. ‘South. Park. =.xv.e.nue., zxmuxtxv the W9. tor one at; min events. back to‘. ucxa-.wa:.xm.. Paul. m.u,m;_>l_1ed_ °V.¢1.\ 1.11:3. bxotlren Gh:a.:!.e.s., ace» 9}. and 18. other bo)'*.l 112. to. 1.5 years» 011.! in qompewzlon tor the best. boy; h.ar_2.d.1e,»r at the snow,- The wimxez mceivett 11 1,n.u,c2_; ouveted RU-Eel.\ 1.02492: cup. 1202; taking. tirsh :_~‘-ape $1.1 this evqnm Hts‘ UP.<>'«Y.I€'I,‘ Ghaarlet. V185. the mane: oi the <z‘up last. De!.:.&t.'s I.Ias,e.rt.)‘ 0.wI.=.t<i bx’ §«.iJ;zt.l.e Mc- Demt. 1_%_o1,:sx,x.u_L~ avenue. took; 1I,:.n.t_ plus.-e honors. in the, compwtton. tar; A.m_e.z- i.caI.A.-0,191.1. Bo-ibonk 1‘exx1_ex:» docs, ow-:« 1,5. ,pot.1.n<.!-5. and. uruler, 20» pounds. Dams‘: ‘klpgerty alga. t,ook_ 1fuLu:hn place 11.1 tn; Qpen competmon (or all, Boston Tec-«. '-x_len_;. and second‘ honuxjs. in. the bank bred; by eg_¢_n},b1)p: class. ' _ A n)a,m.ns, at. all the Amenléan «Legion. !.?'0ets. tmmdecl, xn me zone of the Home 1n1pr.owteame-nt ‘oanmp-\a&s was held an h \ Excise last Ftlqlaw ‘evemug-. The meeups pres,-r Adm! own? by '1,.,‘1xt,x.-!Ilc<>0r1x1.ic.ls., '4'-.on_e. ox-. XIOQT‘. Hanxbtug post. Carl iiwrrm R-as'W£Lu::xb€n.1s,h Hm: a.n;<lM <3eox3e W'BS9l\b.1=\°.1.1.-. Ohamnesn Burke. South, ze- Pom mi-\.Q ms pas); law. $.125.00Q.« month or: xwxls. Ln. prospect? but mom; cs 1.1; ms. been, dexexxea, om Fpglgxg’. Burke snug-. gsastetl, dxybxxhutton 0: Lxtezatuxew wktnh \I pexaonal xciuow.-up. suggested s.o11.cmnzz a_1.cl 0: Auyuxux. Boy: S<‘<.n\t§.. ‘Bu.sl=‘-.2-ss.. and -Fraternal °lTB‘dn1zI-mans. I: I I, Q John Shea, Ls‘ still on 1.1;: Lime Mtnig. The <1.1_ah.orm-. corps. 3,092 a. break. the $138: tow. ci_ays.. They rcl,l,<!r,1'1:, le The Q1J§1,ce., (-Iu_rtuzdaJ;e \Captain gx_hibl_t_€cl by, B_4lt,s_., Nléazgam Cumr.:., 1460. Scum Park: ave-. ‘-m_1_e, won, secogd h.an_ou-5 among my ‘1_.~;\1_mtex;;_» ax the puppy clob. class, Iiapgy Val_1¢;yjv },I1g;;,o1e.,, Happy Valley- .Ke1)_m;l;,\ Pfh'1l_ad_e1phJ..\_ was ms‘. Ln 3,1.-has e_v_enfc. 1-1_e’rew.t1::,en4x 1310 Rltm, Charics Cu.r.tIr.x,. sown. 1?a::xr.1<. a.v<:n.-4%.. vplactzcl: 5.6001151, an-I.ons'nhe.1§Iov1ce.. bl_t.°1.1.t'I a,.n,d; he: KcI.\.¥J:€.1.‘ ‘P6£,t4ne!.'-. 'L‘1.\.h!¢.mt-‘:0I.:.'1 mo. Rm... Chm:-a. DA <.>u.rt1m pl,a.°e,<.1. 9se<.=on,<1 sa.r.wx.=s- the om bitches. A. Pb-la dpelphnm er,:.t.r.s_'. a!.ao’th.st. in $1.11.: m¢.u>.. liepxqoexmtvizeo. 'tI_xe- Sow; hut- mo Post-. West Seneca. 'I.’¢Gh 1%-I.xAb.ltIé= A-1?no.t sud ’Co1.m.nh\l,& Pooh besides. the. local 1:06.» v.Ie.x..o. PX¢t°l.1*&« The. reports. 0!'€1ieH€1Z9I¥F €1.13..- vlosesl #1.?-a.t,.un.X.x.0r_)e<l-xu:~ resnlte have al-. was: zmaltwd. and that I.xea.r1¥- 6100.000. with at mark. is \\.1I°£,\,e.lx~ ‘tn. Mtmyr 1,931.1 \,u_xemp_lo[.ed tor x.1.10xx,b.l_x,s. have in 103).: oi: as. tempowrx mu yarn. Ame am yexmaneim pa-3-. mm also been s.e¢u.red- The ,- dl.h0l9§E<l. that. in come. <11;-. me.»-. approxixzrrmlx» 60 pct: cont, 0! me, an an c.!.t-:,r~ or °.<.xu.s.xw; 333110.! 10119.. Page Tim M¢C0r1.n,i0l.:~., John (D90), Dohklihyr and Ila-ro1.c_l <_>.'DoJ.'_u;n_e,1l_., '1\b9 5035- at No., 3 $1.‘! W K.<>—A1! max’ vhk Paint- IC0I.n.N,w.le S©e:sar- ox Hamburg» post. re- p°r'<e.<l on Oollclmons. xn; Ilaxhbtut. town W86 divxded Imp, 9 zones; Supt. 0: schools w;~PP911.\te.<1 colonel. A 2e.t1i’ec.1 01:- tlosr ls clevotlna run time ts! Ixmemenn. sweat. Jobs ‘oz tempomxgr zmxme sec-« uxed tor ;1>.€I5<>.I.Ls out. at work, 0‘ 0 \o__ c ‘ Mmlch says. ma gxppec the paint. comgs bn the ohm!’ turns‘ A1 H:,Is’8°1'°¥ 53-38. 119 Imp. «M1 M4 hingowm. b:w.sh.. Wmtado Pam’ ?t\'t‘l1;I¢h9l.-H11. 0!: West Seneae. post. xeparts Inn cqeopemuoxx or an owls; 0:g,=.‘,Ir.\1zt.>Az,1c.>1.1.4s..,1,1,n§. de- '\m4.n8 t1n.x.e. Ia wxxtacts.. Kenyans. that, wwn. Izmployees. dtaxtecl 11.1. 91!, to solm 3'-°s~a1x l_¢a.d.!.:u.1.c¢. W.ctor~M,ver.2.c1,:. L.a<‘!.< tool_:~ the blue r1.bb.c_n. 10!.‘ “t.:?l.© .bttche.9. -upon: the Dachsh_u.nd_es. $15!: Wm! placed xwetve I.m.mr.=z- nets. bn;c1.'>.ex:~- Gret.e1.\:o1_z. Se,eh.c:1.xx_x,., J 3- Schoeukoph nuxlala. N; Y... stun. mg blue; 101: the writ.-4.1.e.rs. Sleuer; -gets up menu man. pxbios t-ices L_>«'.a!!.!-§1I.!1;_ me Q9113); w1_th~n_';_>ap.ex“ lx Á bun. ‘Ullden me terms. or; me. my l.a,w; mt.‘ ‘«.h.t.t.1=. 1.0 only {or is. 9asnd.1c§a.te to. have been 3-. I.!e¢.11d,ez.x,% 0.! tm cllarhrtct tom 39. <.1,a:vs...-.h.1ch. pexnubtecx xI9u-msxdmts who. 1.1a_cl cornpxiocl with the requlaennstxts <0: lenmx 01' real-— demo. In the ¢.\.1.8..t.x‘t1.ct, and countz.» to. e_atabl_uI; gogxdeuce 41.: tzhn °lW,.~ A. candidate four me. M1100 111330!‘ qr» cqugoumeg.‘ to, bl! ~'o,l_|zi1l:_-1e., be a.. pmpenx oawnex in I-a::|<.<Awa.~I_x.n.a:~ at the -tune or 11.15. cand._ldacy- I3t9p¢1:t.! at-ho. mu-w be. subspc-'4 £0, tantlpn and, ’9.es9aa.r.r,en.t on me last. Pxooedlng; meat. ton at me. city‘ aoaoxclms; V9 the. new law. Not, 91.!!!» ‘b\Illdl.n;:- ‘tucks but 111 1.:.\.~. malttlen.‘ aw!-ices ox‘ \vh_1ch_ -axe xu h.9n.\o,a. 91¢ (mI1\ the. -1.1-Int, Impwvenaem ¢B.lI‘.1|1&,1 Pledzps. 1!. work in t.1,.1e, home! xvceivod by tho‘ Imlun 1.l.\.¢k.>a.to that, em-y wsmeos on-. in oupplxlns: Goods amt mamxalu 101- profit, by tho drvtu anon wont. es. !’901.|.DE-. Pli ક৭ਞfl. in,-‘ Wm édscorauxxs. reamnc “kl xe.-newpxu: ‘oi leads in vo1.\u.nn. of: pleéxsa 91 homes tlzxovanoui tho- \.\'41.1 have won: don.» I.mm».<11.ately< nut! mun: wt: 6:. M. (“arable ‘li I96. 1.11.. hoax». cv.\,\'n¢r.a. have. 130-. 'I.'h.x9.w;_h s.u,cl.=.. worm. I.xunc.\r9<|.:x. ~01. N\.’0lf.K\\e!\A employed By: comructors null be given exppxoxmsnt lblhwlne 1.5. Q qeuueq NM! 9!. All ma l;0l’_§:G_ 1,11 hsvo. been put out on put}!!!-. Ctvmaqe Anthony Botrim svwt Nndkmm in N: Monty, 1.A.teta:m1rex rm been d1ambu.'-ed. appxoaumately’ 0.4000, worm. 9!, work In ‘PI°§_Pe°t.- Ex- pl ! tkl a;‘9l:°Kln.\.9i0.I!1g- '51! <.=0_1.1t.v ox; people :1; cmmon are on. 91:3. qr mane ty» ivlLe't x‘Q).1s._ They are about to 9911: «it; W,-opermon at \,Var<l Bus- inem, a.s.socJ.at«19n.‘ Ella str.e’ot._ nuns 1.2.1054. Men and iiydraxtlot .B.\.1!;1nul. ‘Men. 111 n1oven;xex_\_t._ Comxade !<I_:u1_e,.r.. 0.1. 1l.°l,lIV§‘i.|!.1.1.1.P-.l200?i- xepom 3/€0_\1,I;1l,18: !7§0l,!. worm 0!; wqrk; (>ex‘&0!1.3.“3\- C-’9m!a<.l Amery: 9!; !a,:.¢=.1.<«.\- explained common In La.¢ka.\s:1:~nn@- Cm,» wm: Itste wt in. em,-' 14.00. mum... Emmi cm; is; ~.\!bo.1.=.= 1.00 men. «om; ~15 x.xow- o.a~rs-s3hM:- close in 3.00 on mu: ‘data Amue V-.d,. Jontmnv-tmu. \l1_¢t9r< l.(o~3n.c.h. took. 1111,7995 ':.\,or.x.ox.s 1.9. the. hitches... n-11¢! I-!_w took. the blue ribbon 1.b.1r- mg btwlm. auwng; the C+.¢1..n.\-In; Bhpphtsxd '17!.1_e Jockey: wtixina ‘uni tzxgglc to u;ot1,:er~ Lane; can’Q.get_.. 3. na.o\u1§§ George Klein. B‘-,lP.t-. 12119 ‘lit!-It, Go. mats--cg 30': work Wed.npsdai~ Inormxpz and 11%: battling; Q1. I,i0l‘n! Kerr wfeml hnuxs. landed. awn 0.. law in malt. 0!. an 11:70. ngdavent-, Ho. (Inaug- -'-W~‘0..€*.!.1.°<1 1.11 Ketm 01.1 mt. 1°!!! at.t.er~ several. trip: wound my V.-41.9. gnc.-t.e.-:1. to this maze ‘B-Gad am watts. GQQXKO rm-A Qtdonotl an N! qt, tn» kind you. 1991.: ulxrousxxa ITEMS OF INTEREST The 1-93K§l.i_‘s}.V-’%N14.i. H1th.t~8¢.ht:.>91 T33&1‘|.'- ens, As‘sociat.1.c.:n held 1&5 z.\9.r.=.u.a1 -bt.\.nqu.e.t We evemns at the, New 091011141 r.e.stA.k!-trlnre tn. B»1.<.t'zz met. 5h.ea.. <,tn.v:c§o2: 9!. the night achools was the ptmclpal speam. Ar.mux- E. WAI.-A 1.15. was me senexax cnmnrm. 9!: tzhe bazxque assisted by Miss, Agnes. Eazrw. claw. or; her home onto 9 ooncxeto was at. me. a1.d.e. 0'1: rI..=.e lxoslse Sauna; e-veI.m.>z«. She v.v.aA-s zrez.:.t.ec1,9».t., our land!- ot. Yiomnp I.;oe91.ca-L and mv been. r.et.\.I.x:I.x.e¢i h.o.x_ne to the can: 01: her. 221.4 .ent.s. Gat«h.ez.‘L.=.ue'1-.5 ts. <.la.n.1sI.1.w: at 99.Bcvd.k1_n. e,d.1,t.or ox the ,A_no1Ihet»Qh.1’-,!.!8e l1\.I.1.10; city Ethic! that whelxevet all. elected o!f.l,<=1.1.\.l to. be -a_-, r¢&1.t‘«en_t« or: taxpayer 9!. the cm:-. he torlexts ms cpl omoe... '1‘o.. ptavms m1ns& dup,1X9€vt1,0!.\. 0!‘ an-« polmmpm. or. the |1PP01.l.1.‘-.IDJ¢'l.1§ 91: an, elected oIx1C,er- to. 1 second pest, of, ¢,,r.<>&.v<e.x~ at 19:5. tmpomzxce. 0.t.,1.5. <1e¢ree<!, 1;; Qhe xocal law. $51!‘-p,t_c1e man: no pets son omier mall Q91nm1ss1on_ex:- Q: <71;-eqs. he pernsémtl in bold zncrco mo. 0:21:91 at the mm time- .A. ot?m!n\9_sl<>.ne.r~ 0% Ned! u.n.<l9r, the law 14 (mzlblo 1.0: one my zppomnnent. 0: elwuvé or1,xc.:._ Don‘: (ox-sot Q10. 4- 0_., Hz, card Patty ‘lid Will” 17 It ‘bénx The xollqwlns. Qonnnxtttee 92* poxnws! to handle the cnstrxuxxvkou 0% l.1,¢¢.lTM.1l\‘0; am. they Xollow-up on the aolnc; 1;: Ien.q1:awa-1:m:s.:.- 06:1 K.t.\l..1l.\\r.. <!°l.<.>.ne_1. W2 Horn. 13¢’-Ix: I‘b1.3l\°W‘k.]\ captain: Alex: Tomnrak. liyutcunnt: Rotten. Avery. zteuwnamt hum sm_u_:e,._ ngutoaant. 8.1%.; Odtmh. l.le'utenm\v- ' Coqmqe Iéolanowbki-. pm, being an’; 9I tn the, Show men ogntauzplaked the o;x.np.1oyl.u.3 <1. aevzem men by $11.9 tatlroadb-An the. near- 1.ut'-\r.e._ tequeited 9. Speaker 1:01.11. the liwloymsxxt» human 11.5, Iu.-< tux‘? Sm-~ !~‘n:a:m.Ir.I<i..rt1ex-. mxminx up Ridge with 0., 1:1. bi.- hwal but my 89130:, 0(t,1¢¢1.': M6QOI'm_1ck 9p.¢.I.\°s,l. the emu I11-A. turned 9V‘¢.'l'.- *0 Qt-» 1.Lcet my Pro-wt. mchawanna 9069., curl G.-. 1.’- lime J:-.. I P“-D1 lot th.e~ Bermlehme Park. Soh9o1., q\,i;I1.111$=1. 1‘<.1r»t.1_xe I.11>x.x<,>r.- oi; 1:epNsen.t.u.1z- t.h.n.b school m the dsitr-lcc bet; <_:on_-. tom, wkmm. 1.8 heme: co'nc.t.u.cx.e<1_ by me. B.u£1.a1.o. Exemnz News and syonsored In by that 1>0_-pm Oozaomxog Con.irS,s1,eWJo2.:n W: Olqon-. * 1.19;-., 1030 Ridge Road. I_1_a,s,. c<.>n.1I1ne.<l' \ ’ ¢ 9. 9, I. (Q\1°¥.¥') ¥..¢.N,1 «V! “.111 I Cit&r.I1:o.r.. ' t,c.'!.:_1_s. home WI-.t»h. n. cold. tor; se.v,e.x.1-1, A of: me Relish. Hatm A1.-—, llanpe we-'= !.xe.x<.1 1.1.: #01-511:1. hall-. Ridge Road Suzxday’ ev.e1.1.mK- to 1u.n‘u.I..0, pltsns. 19:: a. Georev \Yash.n..izan B1.-Gen-. t'_4:rx1.r.x.1.a.\1. <.>e.l.e.bI.‘a_t1.oi; to be. 2.:.e1c=. um. ch.-_. 1.\lt\.!-rs. Dr. A, S. Ct_,.ul.=.c.w.-Isl. Ridge ma, 43.1.9 cause 0!. the ar.x9I.1ze~ I;I_1.e.nt.4~. !.nI.|_It.r-. Emmett W, Horn}. mu P9191:-. Alex ifozrgcux. -iamu nuxlm, 1} Joint. -‘ Robert Avexy», John. -I. §t.\ea.., .‘ _l(c.Co1,'I\\1cl<- South l31.It.t.-91¢. p_os.t._ BAY’ .l:.u,r_ke.., ~ Jmmu. Co,tt¢,l’:- West Seneca post. Pam. WeI.'I9l.xeum., P9-t., Pete: rat-u.no. An-. 1h_o.Iay; !'ImI3o.. my Munoz;-, 1.-. g.04nz- ta buy M la.u..t9:-V mat ‘so, -__t.~;I+. 00.0 xmn. ‘GOOD. NICSEKT‘ F3.-T1'E«‘.! 1!. 'I.‘I.~.e Boy Scouts. 0!. 1:009 in St. Mtuhaxls Ii. clwroh 31.99‘-Ici and. V5T:_:,x:-- 9-W s.t»x:eet4-A rave ¥eew.e<.1. 4.35. 9re.<i.L:s to data an the troop‘ aocomplistmem. tec- ow. dot: me co\.u.1.ty- nobp 2:3. ox. me Bethe! Pnssbyteua-u. cmamh. R.1dz,e row. ‘have xeceued. 192,7 c:ed1.ta which 1.6, We 3.00. -min than they nomad 9: the same «we 1.88:. year. The. Swu of Troop, 22.‘ I-‘.1.::;ex;_d.sh1p‘ uuse. Rtdge roadp, lead me. 1.1.5: 11.1 me x.m.xx.\ber« 0!: cream tanned. over. 9. 11.3.0: penod. Last year vim. 563. z1.v.1nz_' th.¢m. a. max 91. men 9red._lta. min. (3-3? in. 1932- Heme‘: as new wsyv <1: Upéllius, 'WI.\.I.!.\« mum. id. P1.x.n.¢.~9m7sl. Day! to. 59.01.! It vthrtl. V!!¥wV.|{'A§!.l1.\.S,H.1.2{G.x'1DN.-_ Oqtl 1,l_l.c.q tn. the I.3.\.1.rea».\I. 01; Vital. -Eta-.t.m1.<=-5.‘ Duran at. Health. d.\|r- 29!: \um pm week. §; l.l°.D.on,n_e1!._ 4.3 Date m€¢9t,.. it-x!atLt‘ex.,\l!e1i3\3,I. ML 1.11.11! J;- 1.32. Keener. stréet, a Ion. Rb. 2:4... ML tmd Mxs. J’. 1.03. Edna stm-et.._ a. Q9-ugtxter.. Re!» 24. M1,: and Mrs. s. 8t.u.1_&k._.. 4.93. Inchaxn txwnue. a daughter,-, F.‘eb- 25- M: and Mug. (1 Eqnnlsko, 1535, Ridge R»o£\d._ a. daughter-, Feb. 25. Mr: and 151.123. $u.lll.va.m.. M27. soxtth. Park; ewenue, a, sox_1_,, I5‘eb,_ 26. Mr. and. Mrs. Bexrnardzilx.-51.6., 41.2. Ineham a.v.enu.e., 2:, c!.aushter._ Feb. 371,. um and M,ts- F Ma.z.z\x.-3.111. 38 Jackson. street, 3 son. !'-!eb. 29. Mr- and 3_:I.r.s- !.3.- Papoqopolaa. 1515 Ridge R.<x\d.. 9;» daughter‘ lE‘eb- 29. and Mrs. A. Pr.wb31.o., 533 Came: stjoent. 3; son. !_\fIax'c); 1_ and bus. D. Qo;l),ax;_e,_ 60,4 0.‘Dc-J1 st'x:eet., a son. Mach 2. Mr. and Mxcs. W Urbmxczyk, 582 CeI1“-ez:- street. 2.1 daughter. March 2- N‘ ‘has.- Anna}. !l.1.v.2.:r.c1. age 1.9. who 1.11 1.0: the 1_>a-at two. months -at mt» hmxe ox; R1.c?g_e road. Mn! VVedr.x,e-;v-rm n_x,or.1.\.'-nz». She 1.5. :.n.zxvm.<.!. 5!’ her pamem M:-. Inn! I.I!rc- A.nt-!.r.<.>1.1z‘ rs-,w,g,ic1 e,nd._ one bxother. Rater. nun rerlcnx Irevuv: about 0,: last. cm 914 l.m.‘eI.‘- tn? Went haywire. ma 3. .B.9y._ Con8,Y‘“.\.%.*. mlons. Phil. ’ “Old Man WAinter”1Pays Supirisecl A Visit Here on Sunday. Much 20th.. the Rt. R. Nelson 1.1. Bake: wxn have passed 12! years, an a meat... The occasion. vr-111. b0 obsezv-ed. 1.1.1. 9-. specuu by Lady ox Victory Age; Socxety. f.%_.=.v., Irlermap. Ciexlpclx. has o»'u~‘8-ge 0! sh; an-. mngeaggmta. An. will. b0. g-1ven_ In Vic-t.o1:1g him by $132 chgldxen or the institution selection; will, be roxxdered by the Bagx1;ca.‘Cho1z; u_1}de:_\ the ox’ MJss helen ooxvotan. 3.beve..—.-1io11o., '.I'om« \I)oxx1 Steve. 8 mg 39!! NW8. 31119.1} 19“ GQT‘ a‘n.a..ved.o The annual report 01.-t.I.r4e .S.V?~1’¢ .Brm.r.d 01' Social Weuare submmeq to rage Les- 1$l.&.W.1‘e M°I1.<15Y 111311? 5h°‘i~'5 <111,111‘11.1Z the gust. §1x_ mogtlug or operation og me- olq age secqraty law. net. pa_yx;r;_eI1ts up-uog1;ou_u,t the slgane of I'i.9a9.o2s._ came halt o1“wx_uck_x has been met. by the state. The law went n_~.n,1o eifect Jan-_ \u.a.r>,' 1.. 1.931. 'l?n.e- average sun: in up- state. (A1LsL1_‘lC*“.,S‘ in ,Jgu1ug:,\yg was $2L.72 1,1,1 June $21.17. Uncxpocjed W'eAth.e.r- Came; Mo.t.<,>riat.a Much Trouble, Near Fa,tali.¢¥ Alao. Reu.\.I_lt;-, II. B. A. Toumamunl out Stork 8»eI_X>.rte.I:~ Bays wa.t<.=h -Iomx M.°Ml1sh.0!1 arm Frmxk Bmby réxonl, P1,r.o txeaslqlxar!/ opens April 15th. Fireman John Sclxwalbaeh says he I»‘°“$h¢’-<1 the trucks. Y:-M’€!;|-.\ than 9.10 V012 Zlxemezx ever Knew lgclw... Just. when everybody h.a,c|. put away the fur l_me<l nnutens a.n_d, <>Vezjcu.u_xs. and beg»: 0. look I.o:wa1rc_l_ 9. bright sun.- 1,1_y- days on ighe beach on: ‘In. the park “‘Olt\ again c.l.:oyped in on. \b {or a. vls1,t., Fu_rt,h_err_n_<>re‘ he's lugs; txwe rwpulmr relzmves who always drop 1n,op._ its when_ we; leas-, expeot.=mem and when we have xnmtc entirely different plan Lnto, which they dc/mt Qt at all, To aclu 0 his I.\1\P°I>.\Ll.t.u‘J.ty he bx.‘0\kgl\t the whole family é~1..6ng.. wmd.- ice. s1.\,<>.w. zazeetg, and 9., tm_epexja.&u_re that was lo.\,v,’ enough. to‘ !<.eep’tne i.uxna¢es worlslxag -Qvem:1x>11e., Drive on Fm- 500 Team Entxie: Fc2I.=_'~ B9wl.i.nz_~ Championship- As the next Ipeexixxg at he C. D. .1, Court Monslgnor B,€x1,:_ex: X0. 1043.‘ 901.311 nmuueas will be appointed to take chrujge of the gunner dance to be. lgeld M the Club M_ayfa.u~ on Iuesqay. April 12. The budge party t.hu_t. hm been, sclxedlueq for Apru so. in me m;:uar.<1_ Fxllmom: room of the o‘.¢l_ Statlexf has been changed to Saurday. Apml, :13, There will also be a. 1‘:.sl1.l,0I1, rewew o;l1_s,-. praying the Latest spxgnpg tm_ dsu,n1m§§ smesz Charley’ Ourtin t?»1.1.tm2c_1_ ms. DOGS tn, the show». We mean the 1,o.\,1.:- leased (mes. Provzdxug they are \_ucce&'.m1.L Ln t,h_e Apnl Ppuxzxry. the uelegxmes selected by the Ema County l_)e1_n_ocmt,1c orgunlzou non wxll, go to the u¢L1on_.gl (;OX1\_'(_2.'.Ilh_D 11; Cmoago ump.su_:u,cted. Leader Geo. J Z1nuu,enn,a.n lrecenkly 1.n, a roxmal gbzqxtqazrgegxt. A, sustained t_l_r1_v,e 10 Kg 1_‘e,croq name. he]; 0! 500 te2_un_ eutrtqs win he nude mus by oI_ 01;; the Bujtnlo. Bowling assoolmioxx fox: the city’ $1389.»- xplnship tz0u.r.n2ame1.1t- sch.ec.1.u1_ec_l_ 150: Ei,<=h’s Seneca academy» éyrél. 15. to Tuesclay. may 3. the tp13.r.IA.aI.:\§I_1!; will 12: eéxxeluetegl 0.1.1. the sy1_e 0; last, year's A. g.‘-0., tourney wt-th. booster squads occupying mg nl.-» Leys mt» (me Ilxét, weelg. Fgveman teams \,vn.1. roll a.t- night wmx. cloublens and. $112- gles in the attgxjnooxx. $11901; 4.00 C U I_ Goo<lweo-then.‘ t.0r- the Beat f.I.ou.se-. All the boys stay home» SOMETHING WE. APP-R.ECtlATE; The Gym Class. some class. 501.116 X105‘?- Some lunclg. Some kegs. Soxne alleys. §.1m.u_e ROITE1! bowlem. A gx:-and drawing \\‘l1_1_ be held at 638 Ingtxzun avenue. A_g_:r1__l_ L0 331;; th_e bene 0: me 1;. 0., B. U;_x.erup1_oyed. club. The News has recelved the letter. of. appreciation trotrx Hem-3' Sylvester, s_eor4;t,ary or the I.aclguwan_n_:1_ George Wnsltlnston. B:-.Conb¢nnsm.l. comr- ‘mxttee, LavI;awz_\n_x\_a,,_ althoxlgh wmewhnt stun. by the blow atftei g. Sg1t11r<1ny that equal, 0. any clay in May. soon had 1119 niitts back on gm! was worlgmg day and night. ta lseep the 1.nghwas's with ma. large munbei: at °lI|Ploym91,'M; (@1191. men !W51.1K\,b1e wk well. pxepnml. and. met..t.he emergency in well. as :19! my or ’c.o.wx_x. in. this 9:‘ the state} 5¢;Vel)al mooll who Md 0P$.0‘m15t.l-« easily been; leaving their cats mm out-‘ d an wlxltur encotmtezeql dnttcutl. ‘lea when 'mey- went out to, step on me s0a,rt¢r~ in we morning and the 88-N895 wqlgyg. There were other motorists wnca. «lid 3. tum order btxalxxen. ;or as my days, '-1l_fl_1_e1_'¢ was, other mobovlsts wt_\_o. '0:ll¢.=°\l.l1_tered still gxjegtgr (l}'! vrlwn. the! bag to. dig In order to {ma their ONE. The stem prwented mote :Iex_vJ._l_1;xs. problenug tq some who s_kJd(1t'<l on the my roads. and. collldcvl with. whct cars or tan. in we cutch. or a we vphonsa P019 l,.\T\1!,1:,r accidents ‘or. nmxor 'ueI5l_ousmss, were‘1:eporte<l, to police x_x_1_-:51‘ many people xeceivésl minor 1.hJ\I,1?l.e!.¢ In. .a_ocl_dentB. The a.~ufb02.l. ball 01 the l_..a¢k.;\va11ua Eire mpg, Benevolent In¢., mu be p_¢1q Ln, Mgnxorlal hull, Ridge road. T'u,é$<l_a§'r €_aVé£11j1g', Aj_:r’.1'5. Clayton 1E‘u.f.- 1'-.9)’ and his. 1391.1: P’:G<.‘-9 0l.‘°11.&9YI‘-W W111 131.1\ 1.11_S!1. uh: r.x.x..\.z.s1c.. I.~’-QLICE. BR.l.E;FS. A Crxu:clner roanster reported sno:eI¥_ from Albert. Cl,.~zu*y., Buffalo, was res coxeregx xfrzclny mglu by Detective '1‘utt1g_ n-.-.d, \v1¢h:o\\'s1~u They (ouncl, the mag qhme. parked in tront 01 the mam oz-. or me Bethlehenx Sbeel congpaay; on Hqmburg ’I_‘urnp1ke I The B» B. A, onc1.a:\1.s. will endeavor; t. oslxmv that thexe is no depmsxon In bqwl.ln'£¢ In’ Buffalo by attempt.-1.1.18 ‘-9 not 1; new record (or- a olfty m The Murmmens. mu. open. with.‘-t.v.I=> 11311, squatls of city imam qepeuftixnpant temns. An efloxjt ml: be mitde to BB2- mm: full. aquads tram. me iolmlng If.‘1'1e.Go\1nty qepagtmenltst 1'-We Depam-. mnet: once cleparmxen 3°h.00Lx_[xa_$t9l.‘9. hotels and restauxmw. AI.K_1.9Dl¢‘}!1 I.«ex|.0n.. okxurclxe-9-.. clubs. \,x!.!.:,w. Amletlo c.u_b. Orioles. l_1ag1£\_=x._ '-rooms and squnqs \_,vu_sh1_ng to regerve entries are muestoct to 91.0. sq as soon n_s_ possible. Exmflexs will positively close M.«i|.l£0h 25. ' ' \ ‘ \ ' ¢ 9 0 a, The wolf! ma there- - -, a o, Lécknwanna News. )‘,mcka\va_1_xr_n_i. Y3. G.e.nt»Ie.n\éz.1. Ptotum 01. \B18 8020\ about to WW1.- dog In month. one 111 text hand. and ball in right. takes a. h.ea1.t-hy swing and ball, lama back in (Inlet. Ema\: mp. I. am <ltr€ct.et.1 b your; 0 J. Bnmmnn. 120 Mmae you that ‘:3- x_'esolulo1_1._ mo Executive Comxgtbteg of the George Wgsszxuxgtqn Blecentennlal (.‘e1ebr:;t4on is deeply nppmcgntlvc 03. the ussxsmnco \vhI.9h_ you mend.ered_ in pro- moglng t_-he recnet C9lon;),a1 Ball. A St. 1:‘u.t;1ck_ Cbmken cljmner wm be held qt Joe Rogers Place. 170‘ Abbotg. Rwpd. Tlxuxsqay evcuxng. Mzutch 17. \Va.1LeIZ1oLk_o, 451 Zivllanq avenue, re- pornecl to galzce that his gamge was e1_mte1‘ez1 by sneak thj.-.=.ves saturqgy night A 13 plate. stsrugc txwbtety wag xhe only tmng tulgen zxotke suiqlf Who, greased the ball? A. total. 9!. may stock companies were 1ncx:1‘pora_t_e_<j u_x_ Ex-no co1u1t,y dupuwg the 1_nom.)._x gag Eebruary Lt. was, a.m1_\wncu1 reoc-n_t_-ly by Scwetriry o1_ Szme Ed\\'xml_ J. F'l_1_m_x . This total puts Enle county sec-. on,t\ on me List, or 'upsLx,1_to cmmtles. meut. Dcsmomg compxa,1,ne<1 «$0 Chm‘: lev Ekm EM: I-11 mo pm boys were on. ma, alley and mm he 6611):! we 40. pins I'\.n,<l_ 4 bo¥5 » 50111.0 Ken. Very t.1.'u.ly yours. !.I. SYLYESTER. secretary. A pwxvlmux; \m1km,; beat, 9.1’. 1:86. :1 gn. muday. lmard a_ noise‘ L\. the Ridgg 1,l1c:1t-er. Rmge Roznglvg tnggd Lgxmxecuzyzely 0.\!led._ hendqxuurlcxs Upm the a,rrl_v9l, 01 the emergency squalgl the bulging was stlmmxzxqlexl an;l_ n_ couple 0: omr/mi. (mtexx-(1 t_o uxvesglgaxie The round the buuvclmg‘ 0CQ\lple(l. but not by buxglx‘-.xjq as expected. '1: was only 9 C0u.ple «It. yo1u\:zk3.v<,1. pram’ MtI'e,séet:>. practicing their :50: for the nexr. t1£}§'. Try to gen mjxytmng to cm» or- drink wmx, Dan Mmoney. Joe Ciiallxtstxcr. Biron Farrell. meal Muck. 119:1 !.<l.1mph,_ Carley Levus. Joe uen.ry._ A_x_1;_l.\' m.xrI4.. Der: Keefe. Stow RN36 Ixntvey. Bunxey rhe- \:\_n_ ma last but Ilevexz short... Charley Elch. all. 1'n1l¥LI\g mound who |.l.¢8~ 0.11 3'-aahl But 1, sot m.ln.c.-- OM61 Etwll had, tb be wiles! out. of ma amae zoom overytlmo 16 was ml tum to. ‘bowl. local boy sroute Me, ex.xthuse.d_ over plans for. the Council “€>c,u,.n.p OW‘ over iwpat. Labor Day whlcn w,ér¢ rccenuy xx-1)cnrt._e<l, by I3‘1e:<l_ C:.m_xm,s.-;u.1er Russ-.11, C.'Wq1_xckex:l_1_c. He pra1,1c 1_neat-1c_:.- (.11 the lxn-g;e pnos 01 wood ordeal, by Caretaker Everett :3, Brawn on Three Wiley Ntmue Reserve 1.0:-— the several t»1wu_smx4l_ urea xvmcn will be Xjeq11}j'e(_L dlmmg that time. ’ B. B- 4., 0! %.\l.'e also working 01.! be state toumamenc suh_e<1u1eq for Bu-onoI.:.I.c.v's alleys at R.oc.neste2:., Ixom Match 8 to May 3. Approxlmaetely 1,00. teams an: expected, to eiweuc !.mI_r.x'l_3.ut.-» Mo. Exnried, will close M.r.s.1,'0h. 21.- ’ c 0 Q 0 Geo, Eckl, what a book‘ (not nose.) Da.v1cs—H.ow» he can miss ‘cm 0 O Q C‘ Yl were thtee ocournnoes repoxted which Iwarly DWVGG Mal to those 009- ’<?etn¢d,. Jesse Tu_r,n.er. 6.00 211:1 meet. wsa _louI_151_ lylx_1g- m a snow bignk, in ‘W11-. son. street. n.a.oI.'- Btelawanm \Ye<I.n.es.<laY morning and ‘was. new! (man to -death wnan taken to Our L.a.dyv of Vla- tioxry 1I,oapm.1,- 'I‘u.a-wisy ev.em.ns. capfahls. or; teams entered in the A B. o't9u_rr.uI.menz at Derott will Ineet. with oifftoials of me Bufmo Bowling: ! at who B.\.t!f¢.\l.o Oatetlnsi co. to. dismiss vlnm the trip. A ma»! 01 1.1% this district axe mterect giving. ufxalo 3.19 hone: of havlw 1-139 second laxsvst out 01 tpY(!1 °nW~. Chicago. !,\?€“.“<1.¢:<,1. as me 1.10% spot 0! tzowltna in. the country In. tshe ml} city to ex.coe<.l Bulimia moving l'°'— ielivattou. to!‘ 1.3.7 t9a.n\I.-. Frafms Bloclra-n. as :1. bsmrler. better molt. to. the lmw geurw. \Y0\1 \?i°.“,1d.\ 53313. 11.10 Anna. I».'1'.1t;uszc\vsl;J. torrné:-Aly 0: 11355 Bethlehem: stxcect, was reported nglssing to police this wce|.<.- §h.e is 17 year“ old. 5 5 1n, mu, weight. 1_35 pouuqs. (1;u'|;; '1.m.l,l.‘ amt blue e.V<‘s- She l_x.a.d, e.!.n-A pl.os'e.<_i. at 2.28 Gibson. 891.903.. Buiialo. {and a_ checkup shmx-_edA that no on; knew 0: net} wlxereapaltg glnce Last. Sap,- tembexj. 1; had been bells he}; that she was staying, in 1.3\..1.131nl.o and, 1.! was. believed were. that Wu! I_t.&Iv‘1..I.!l at the 10091. t.<.lc!.r:ess.. If we. left anyone cut. blame It on Dan. Muloxxey-, Pie pr.c-m.1sec.|. to song In 0 complete List. ' _ 0. O I! 0. Wen boys, I am open. to: anome: 11.». vtvanoxxg * A cmcl. patty xvm be 1.x.e1.<1 in. M.ems>I.1.a1 H_r\ll.. Rgdge xéaxl. I~.‘r,1.<.my- evening‘ unshte tine nuspkces 01 the De-ushu-1.5. of Vet»:-— an; Assn. Mm Mary M_1,u:phy,[ Aldrich stner. is gexxeral, chalnna. not the are rangements. asststeq by Mrs. ta. A,ver.y._ Ridge Road. ‘ Mcciaifthv and. McGaw<_u.1. wzmtzed the halls ml,Ixte<l. 8?.°€&.\.« Miss E61110. 3-5. who has been staying with. trlenaa In Blmjon «vent-e ‘S01? the law dais was _!.<run.d lying in the amt In. a. swan wn,-Mflox; “ken to 0111? may 0!, Vl.°tor~y 1:l<.Ipl.t.&| by Deeotlves anti. rxu,- Mterv being M.» the hog- '~p1.h.l the WM. xvmrued to police neut- eq\.I.I:Irt»9x! when 0. change 91 m.to.xt.c.a%,1s‘:n mi placed Iutnst, her. Idtlo. Anselm. Ascot Abbott --me: by 0 ‘onermcl by Norman 0-. liavhetuone 9 wmk 2.!- vhllo 9t9.I,II_n¢_- tho I \ in tune, at my 11:)! '.I.‘uc.I-day 1% Vunldhlmllw. lavuhkonto Md! at vmog tot mats .,,__._,__.__>L__‘“,7‘_,L_.,‘,__._«_.._,»_;;5&|_ !.!l.a.<.:hen., what an ta,¢°1<!.e.I.I.|z- The Boas—0!mley! 4 0l1a_r1,ey—1Iurry- 11:1. ml up mother am that wan the M1,: °&ll.1_;,\g. Snw the Chief and. P_l.-t 0111.61 of. the titty department towinc We pumger back. to Ho. 3. house Tuewél mm. The state eentae 1\1,on,<,iay- night by a vow of 2'1 to 2.0 tbs bl.11 our San» atom Hickey or Bxi.I.Ku.1,o prexnlbsing ch1.1cl-- wn Hut-side 9!. New Xork. Om! babween. the ms: 01. 1.0 and 1.6 To m.0t.k.m plotum uxracoonmanted by 91? under reatrlotnciu t_<_> be ne- aoted mt.<.>. ontmsnoea by local w_u1on= tut, - '1'tI.emtI,;\oxxy 'mo—.~m.:v1n Jim M?N&I.!1.l!'!-, '1‘!!! K1_1,\9eloa., What ml.t.°.n. .-ln81.n¢~ _ ‘V ‘V _ g DEATHS 011. No! We don't miss winning- 0. 0 U. 0, 1‘n.o; eqitlpment recently stolen; from the at the '1,‘h.om_aI., M°De,r:,no.§' Contacting company re,4><-v.e.1t-. ed. 1%. I.'e_po,1:t,¢;d by PQ1l°©. !-‘mag-, The -typewriteé was tuning by L$.lf,_! 'I‘uI.'b.9. i_ xaJl_m-M1. omI‘s1<.>ne.- In. t.h_o.!_-’eI.l1.h I’y1_v<.:n.1I_\. Rallmad ynjtdé Ind. the ct.\.e.c.I.I. Wtlttr uni III rimv hr mmtimmig u.n.t.I‘9t 13.10 mm.- 0!‘ Ohm Cvl.I,0.l,‘«~ P! kt. at Ponmzlvnun Inna National A.l.ld_1_l.n.e, Bcwlnls party’ lm at me 8<.>\.l.t«h Park alleys. 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