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9:5 v?I.~ - .. -4-c 5;: ,p.a \ ‘%;.‘..,,.. . ~-;‘.’e._ .-S, 3-,‘\‘ ‘A “ .1 »u.-nw(/I WANNA PUBLIC LIE?!‘ iv‘ ,«~ *1 ,i'.«'~1\“ *“_¢’;3': ‘ 3,3,’: V\_ ~'-“*9 > I '£;fr’U:;' > _ V __ _ x ‘tn,-.2 ens, '9: & ~ 3 ‘ i , : i. ‘ ‘ N _ y ‘ H V _ saelalggq spm qt 1 Awa,n.nI.I‘. EH9 ‘C0.-T , Z 1 k. ~ - V — ‘ ‘ ' 4 \ ,' lackawapng .; T T . é ’ 'V ' Laclmwanna Newt, ~l.-A9ka.wmniJ., ‘N. Y‘... ‘”.l'1lnuea...,_ ‘March: 3,. 1-932‘ ‘PRICE Sc-:-$2-:00 Police Department Effective ¢AnnuaI Regport Shows V %lle.mot:t:atic (Huh Bites. Tmst|munla’I n'inn‘Ij,I Hearing On Tax %Mora;t:oriun1 Postponed Until Friday Over loowpronuxxeut. Dexxzpcma. mo!!- ly m.¢ml>e:sV 0! ens: Fourth, Ward, 0Ohftt1D club, mbenglecl, the wst,u_nox;.1t_u_ ulnner ;zl_vt_axx_ my -that, xgoganztatalop at tame *£'ern'Il_esw.uraxx1.. =c,ox_-nexj Raecct ave- nue and Misc Road. Monday evenne- 'm1e qmne: was given an honor at on_.y Treasurer {Paul Tomaka agxq i‘o,ur-m_ W‘zyrd_ qouncxlmun Thoxnns‘ wann. who were rplectea‘ to ~hte1,r amoea on Q10 any pqyrou at, the ‘lag: elecuun. 7 Potcenta-to high in Recoverinxgl Stolen §.’~ropert;y ua.n.d.. Cam; Many Interest-in; Fact: Din.-, cloyzd-. mailee led in, the number ‘attest.-. 991! week ‘U. ,8. Iemelee T-ml. In the nut.‘-In ‘heir oz wenxexx. who tell. mm the ‘hands. 0; me laws 25 to 29 ‘seems to ‘be we ese 19: been men and women. when they are the the moss_ elenzer: ox wrest end sitter the 0!. 3.9 the number decline sharply; ‘perhaps by the ! they reaehf um,’ most =1>.eeple leem the\ t.-r.ut.k.x. abevt «thee axteni ttint however W omen 9‘\'er. eighty aha 91149 woman over ~si>;w 'wh.o§e munes, were en: vexed an the iblottelr for the Year. hat nubloqy as Itoxnm 'n_agcn_- 9! the 'l.‘a,\v is p..r<.J.Vt.‘-1.1 by the feet that new pie touowirfag almost. every eoneeivezble eimxesslon wexe attested slurinc yen}- -Leasline the list Wese !.eb‘9x:e'I:e. with e um: 0!. 1.622 exresee. these with. no we eupetlon 258 'e.n,¢1 51:-wlexlte were Mel; on the list with '6§e Among, we etmergs, were doetaers, newebey. pouee omeer» midwife. caddy; banker. eptleien, '!§$t«0F= nay. water. special nm,9e::,_ élyeuxisg. bxztcher and. term hung, Sign. in Rival. trestautamt “3&n.d_v«'-lchr-3., Cheese. 8.05459 Beef and $9“?- do youvgo tor a. soup? Many Prolesh Received Fmm. Prompt Tqxnqveu; Mu: Neetinx Held S.un.d.a.y- objecpzons to the pljopcagl were vabced Sunday by the t.axpaye.rs' poup In uurd ward. who pexda méeung g1_ st. M1cna.els' hug-ch. Warsaw and Elcbs tmc avenues. Ifrepammons were msyie xo: repgeaennatzon at the on the amendment. me boys, at me Post) O are an some :!!«.ar‘4\.v1t_~tlcn1.~. ‘Several of them «'na:n.t to he pilots, '§.‘h2ey we :1: hm w.rnc1.»thA.>x.'e.. ’ ‘ The hezgylngs an: the _sale_> o1_’ tax re- ceipts and‘ 1.118 mogaumum on Interest on back tguqas. sceduled to -Ix} helq be- tazye the Mayor In City Mpnxluy alexjnoon have bqgn pcstparwq unmi next Tuesday a,t_ 8 p. m. At phat tgnve pxapqyers in oppogzmon to me proposal 0! ‘the CouX1¢.«‘1,1 to wguve was :1 taxes ‘~l_npa;d xp tha,t;perIo(1 prior tzq 19;-11_ a._s .3 means at mcluclng g1_elx_n- quem. rtgxpayews to mac than obllgauons to the qlcy, will be given oppornumty to. voice Qheu; objecmans. Back taxes to line unxount, ca’. approx; Lma_w1y 0266.000 haye g;cuumu1ate<,1' ox; the books or the cgtgy sauce ms mem- powlon In 1912. my o1I1.c1,a1.5. hold that the paynqeup cm: the pmnxgipgnl, xmuld at. this tune a_11,ve;a.te zxqapcigg uanqgtlons here. The measgxe -.vo_u1d, save some property -owners abom 1.? per cent wnm ts the amount «,1! $1.1» pvemalmes due on some parcels to land, ' The measurg as adopted by the Gog!)- cl noldus good over :1 sxx months period whlgzh ends October 1. when pxrbpeny owners -who age 53111 da1J_.x_1quj:nr. wllj DO ljeqtured [.0 meet the Iull amount. ‘Tho annual I°P0,1.‘t at ‘the Ia.-nkawunna. Iaqlgco DePNftme' nt 101; me year mar wmdh has wan-been that. HA9 departxhent 1'u.n¢t-i.on€d etticlently during rthe pm, yea: m~\_xp1.xdl¢_I_1.ng thu. law mi; bxrmslns to Ji1.at.icé* «thsxse who break ltn Them ayeI.\88€. K08‘ Nmvprlnz pwperw !t<.>1¢n um‘ rapvowaably wgyh that at any other mlllce depoertmlm. In the oo\.n.1.tx‘y with 9 what value. 9!. al5a6.1.6-91.5 or '11. Ween: neldoverett '0\_1t of 4;» t.91ia1.. at 623.11.39.04. ropotted stoien. and. es xeéord at h.a.vm.s~ tqdovewd 31 out 0! the 32 auwmobllea mpovted stolen: in the am- Follmwtng is 9., letter 'acccxu1pgnymg the !,‘?P°!,'1’« !1.\0In.0h1.e!< 0:! ~t.>1.I.w Cilisoh to the Board 9: Pbllce coxnmiss-!.onex:s.. The board. tor. the past» year included. Iiom Etywurd T. Malone! exaogtxciog E_{a,tric1_; 0- Gomnusilonew: Olement 8. Otwalsy. oomxnts-slonerz Joseph -.7. hind. inlerkz Dr. Joseph. I.~‘- K‘-.11. strewn. '.I‘<Ir the onmuble Board at Police Conn-. We wondqu?» wtyay gs the telephone number and. address iv the Jbackaws-.n.nu. ‘_su;_>'pl_y Co. \ James Gauzgun and ‘E30111! WW6 ,jq1,np-<;ha..\rxqexi or the agrungemen; com-, mtvtee 8-11¢. VVHU-3-m. M9.D°N.i1C1_.‘ 'f.0l‘1,1,1€1' wIup¢1;v1,sor,'c.2.1,ed gs 0I§d,1PI[l§_»11 at. the zimnezj. Lmruquumg Thomas ‘O. podkm. edivolr on the ‘NEWS a-s. t.oasm.a-.ster»- Mr. Bpqkm mtroduced me several speakers of the gaigenjng who gi_1_sco'u.rse'd 01; 1,110 £‘“1.'P0'*°5 01, <>l.‘8%1.1!Z€|.t-1011. ‘What 1% ha- accdmphshw An? the past nus! pwposed mat. »g1;1 ‘be -Elven in runhgdng\ the 1orr.nat1J<>n of surixiar» Dena:-\cram organi- zamons In-the~oLh¢:v wisfds of the (my; The speakers or the gvondng mcluqeglz James '(ia1uga,n, ‘p1je§lde1_1,t. or the Fpurm waxd Dexn.ocra,t»1c\ club; Michael. W- Glmre. -James Hanlev. John C<.=wa.1yl.sus. Jdfm Joyns. .!on:ner councilman: Ru.- qolph Wotxxsteln. tanner Corpox Counsel; 09:1 IV<:n- 19191646 Wmen-_ Fcmrths Waist tcouunoxlmanz Paul. T0- ‘131-\£Y '3\!'9°-5\.lN.l‘ '9-119‘ E43.-W!'§,1 T- Malom Icirmer xnay9r~ \.Vm.-_»0\1.3r1e1.\. 9! the Dan 0\13I:Ien Glam: Ct?-. was» in town may night ‘its 3’? ,.. . ‘t We understa-ml .Supt.- at Et.1u9a,t19n. Wm. Bteen, 1:». on. the sick list... Well. 8411.. -we hope you will be ‘biwk. 01.1 me job 80011., ‘ x V. 9,’: v ‘ S’ .-147 4 v =. \ new hnmediagmiy following the adoption of the amendment on Februay 15. which relates t(_) the cnaceuugiap of in- tm'esb and penalties on waxes which be- came du_e prior to the year 1231, many protests, wexge received Irom taxpayers who have been prompt in the pa._‘y'ment of their city taxes. 'Howev¢r Corpora- tion Counsel John W. OC-ogmor, who reaumxiienqeg we project to time Coun- cil; states mat he received the approval at the Lacigawanna Citizens! conigmtnee, the; Cmagjnber of Cor ! and the Bethlehem Sbeei compa.ny_. which pays -65 peroent, or the enmi-e city tax, beifore the PX'CI'pQ%d1. Handle $81.11 HA8-k Kollnlw 8,I.\d'G1‘3|.1..|.' M_ek1x,= were an c<,mr.eren.°e all day Mon: stay and Gran: 1051; his harm nip mm ‘ ’iV.;xpa,yers who aye been prompt. 113 ‘the payment of then: city ta); over 9. penod of years are .<.a1d~t_o «be sprongly opposed ya the measure since met; yéirly -uax has been ‘proportxonanely in,-_ creased to make up Ibr we denctt af- fected through yhe ljauure 01 de11_ns. quents to pay. _ The percentaee of lww violations by major» dnlxnes 1.s'compa.rwt-tvely v1.o~. lsmons as Rem! Iatws mid. disorgarly conduct being the basis tor the greates- number 0!, west; although charges. of mid degree assault ran hem wl 225 sB_!_‘!_‘etS a_\_nd_ pam l_a\-ceny with 182. Congratulations to ‘I3.-iii Mailing and, Bellarsheim. wmners‘ as Is»; .Su.1J-- dars game 9! 3w.1t.l.ba-ll, 1.31. the K: 9!. Q, t.ou.mnmen.t.- Meamvmle City ’;‘r;-asuurer Pgul J. '1‘umaka_ has been t.al;1r.g stetps tom-ads the couecuon at ba.CK_ taxes. Bach; tax bxng are now bamg prepared. The first: bulls were sent. out; no delxuquent tag- payers lpst wee}; ' mlssloners. Gantlunen; 1. NIYO the 310130!‘ ‘:0 ahbmdt. 1.1°1.'°Wlt!1. the 9911‘! A.n.D.1‘&1 MP0” 01. @116 31.843!“- wanna Olty Police Depamnent for the year ending. Daeembeial. 1.931.- Miseellaneous Aprcrperty .10 tn? value 0! o2.2.2o9,o4 was :épaiw.aa‘ato1en, ox wmcn 015.616-35 ‘or '11. petcent reooheresz. 03:6 to the value of $_$1.1..063,.00 Stolen. of whim. Proper.-ty $10.-1.4.3-,00 or 94 1;! percent recovered. Thirty-two cars were 1fepo23t_ecl_ stolen In the ql_t.y of which. tlnlrtv 0. 9 wow recovered. A. W031 at edght automobile thieves were arrest- ed and. their csaes dlspo .of according to law, T119 aolutlan 01 all major» chimes was sixty-mm percent. The (_usc1p11ne of the department has been good, all ofllcors having pe.r!om1_- 69! their duties with emciencs‘ to my knowledge. ’ Chuli Gallagher is svlu on the N.Y§te1'~ -wagon. Look out, ~Ch;u:le._ S?-. Egg: m¢~l,<'s Day is coming, .Sevg;~g1 u;tl,eg1'gu:x1s wqm received tram cwntr-,3 exzwe-=»=1ngt.h,em reemts that pmmingntlpexnoémts t,hro1gghm_xt_. the they were \_u1.able Lo aulgng ‘the d1I}_.n.Bl’. An1_ong then; gwetjo ngesgageg :{rom' Al Smith, so zr‘ueorGvernm_'-u Q nut; mm _snu:n. 1’<>rm‘&.r‘gDVeX_‘!1_0r or New Yoxjk -In-m,.e5 M- ~Mk>ad. congressman: °1.‘!VE:>1.‘ Cabana. George Zunmermann. Evie Caumy Democratic one-xrman; are-be. ‘aechetary Erie County Demo- 9I.‘@-vlc =0rs&n1za.t.10n- mn1Ds1,\.1.l.o a.eCV1? 1sh,:wb.7000 nusm A summary gr _a.rrv5ts »!or :3 muggy mtmber 0: violations -follorwat. Jchn. ‘('I.‘omato) 'I.‘oma1.l,o. mmm1ss1on.- er of; Motor vegxioles Of, the !‘M=ka.wna111.‘-. Fire put in 3 request. 130' t,h_g 01149.1 1.45 have the hosls at me hey!!- quar-ters wash this can in their spare time. 011 yealfg! As§a.\sM.=. 1st tlegree Assault, 21191. deem Asswulw, 341 degree Burglary G001.-D BROS. OFFER. VA!-.UA,3.LE. PRIZES Malgcrzata Balm. address not glvgu, Feb. 23. ‘, Pqmck Owen. 201 Keeve; Ave.. Feb 2'4’ 1_)1so1;c_l1'¢_=L1y Coxxducg; Gwwcl. Larceny .. Misdemeanors Pam’ larceny Rape: , . . . . . . Mike Moran. is: now wztlnz Battaltion, Chief or the §‘J_x'e Dept. D151 jmu pge his badge? Goolql Bros.. 1367 Main 31'... Buffuga Bux_‘fq1_o_ have inaugurated gx Cm_c-—O- Grams Contest. and have offered tau; yalmsblc pnzes 9.5 gawards Ion‘ the four ‘best answers received. me pnzes are such than they should lnquge pxjgwzl <-ally eyerybocxy m Lackawarma §o ‘my their h_1ck\ espccmlly as mere .15 no cost. or obllgaaloxxs Lncurred by any contest- am exuermg the contest. The {mu- pnlzcs offered are: 151'. prize. plsyer piano; znq prize, gxli elecruc radio, 3:} pgxlze, baby grand radxo; Aim prize an all electric clock. All answers must. be m the hands or the Judges by '1 p. m F‘rlday_ xuzgycn 11, 1932' Full details concerning the contest may be learned by reading the ac1verc1se.nqent, 01 this company on anpmer page or this paper. BIRTHS Rpbbrey Births during une past week: Mxj. and Mrs. J J Hanley, 450 Coltog The nialn. causes in Amsts at wom.-, on were Dis. com} 63; assault 32 and Intoxication 14. Wm. (Betty) Davis was in t;own_ tor a few days last week. I-00155 semi. and says Stoney Barrett won.‘-t 1_éave $114; lcidge. Keys 1:. 1311 roder Btoney sqnf. qnwn with Betty to have mled,’ We wonder 01 Stzoney even: ugpegs in on ‘me Spelling Bee. B915 E0118. Ruburgh, Salts. Creanmmpr. sulpther. ' 3'.‘ 9; _ Where: Is My Missing Boy? avenue. 1; son, Feb. 18 ~0\_1j; of a total 01 113 Eel_‘i_9\_.lS accldgmts reported there werg 138 people; kxuecl and Injured, The cause of aixta fg1tayl- mes were: Orassmg nyo‘-«1n_te11ac_eblon_ 2; plyanlg £_n streec 1; atgpplxzg from be- hind‘ is arked car 2, making a \7ot>n_.1 qt flvg deaths caused by any-s. Deaths mxusecl by cars. Deaths by other xneaps were: street. car. 1: gun 1: eleotrloxyy 1', aro\_vmg 1. ‘ Lost. persons 1,'¢P°1’t,ac1 were: boys. 12,. gllrla 4; men 4; women 3. Founcj: men 3; women 3. U. S. whites and black leg the 1151: of persons arrested by a big nmjprugy, wgxlle Polish people come next with a -bum! of 454. then Czecho-S1ovak1_ans. Mexlcaxx Jugo-Blawugm and Italians in the order muted. —EuI1m.!8.ry:. U-. 3., vvimte 9,26; U. S, Blagk 827; U, 8, req 5; Albania 1; Am_bl.a_ ao: \/Vstmxxg 1: Augmg 15; cgm. gm»; -3; ozeono-sxovakla as; Denmbxk 1; England 4; Fra_.nce '1: Gennan 10; Hebrew 6; 1-nmgayry 6),: Ireland 11; Italy 86; Jugo Slqvia. 68; Lithunm 1; Magcs doma 6; Mexico 69: Morocco 1; N_'Ol\v}‘I}Y 1; clung 454; arto Rico 2; Romu.n_m S; Rmssln 25; Scotland 4.: Spam 1?; SW0‘ den 1'; Syria. -1; '1‘ur1c.eY 3: Ukranla 10; Wales 1'4‘; Bohemia 3: Bulgaria 1.7-, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Grant, '10 Lincoln avenue, a son. Feb. 18. Mr. and Mus. G. Lloondls. 609 Ridge Road. a, son. Feb. 21. Mr and I\_|r:. A Monaco, 223 Holbx-wk street, :3. son, Feb. 21. Mr. and W. G. Van], 116 An_1_olq street, n son. Pep. 21. Mr. and Mrs. J_. 105 Grape x. ,:a' , ~. 5. I .1» w.‘ M _ . A1th}gogh.po1lce are non: always suc- cessful 111 Ilpgratmg paopde who are xe- poz1te;1‘1p.1ssl,u,g‘they can make several suggeauons as $9 what. mdgh have hap- paneq tp ‘tjn_exx1,1,1I1d nine tglmeo out ten nyhen may tell you not to wcgrzfy g lost rlegtivo ox; fr1_e§.tl may lgnaw what they ate maljnxxg ahnut. Axtzyolxegl plgase rgmd spatjsulca show- gng recon-c1_ or the want hccmnpllshed. Respectfully yours, Older. T. s. B. Plzxstetr Klnecly. Must -be planting on a. banquet 0 U 0 0 !?o11ce moutenant Gemgld Malpne led, the depa.runen»t In «he number 0: ar- made wuh 191 to his (;l‘¢(Ilt. om- en high on the list were: Ponce (111.-tel’ Ray Gllsom. '19: Det.‘oc.1,h_/e Joseph Spam 148; Reteetlve Edward Carrol; 161: De~ teohlve Joseph Scahm 130; Detective -kins xaum «Ma, and Detmztlvo, 0.91. 1hl\lunfuxL‘9 121. BAY R. Gmsow, anger or! Police MARRIAG.-E LICENSES Mona. Grugel, 414 Exectnc avenue 3114 Arthur Kemble, 416 Electric avenue. Lula Marks. 495 Games avenue and Joseph Magks, 405 Gates avenue., Catherine Grimm, 1463 South Park uvanu_ Bxg ggnd Thcunas Mm‘-phy! 410 Vxctory vaenue, Lzgckawanng. ,Yeutn Inbxfamka. 57 Rosary avenue. and I§‘.)l‘l'l5 Aalexj. 30. Harman street. Buffalo. ., Betty says Stonaey w9n't ¢V§1l take oft‘ snow shoes when he goes mg bed, Mn D.emS<ru.9le ‘68 .M,§1l3Un street. oglled at the l,oc,alpol;1_ce hgadqugrters ‘9, new dgzrys ago and repcvrteq his son Anghnuy, age 19 mgsaxng. He rvms me moat'i,m:m1c as wow the rguzainqer of Annhonyb {a.'111_ly -but was somewh cmpfamed when assured by once that DEATHS Cermlcates tiled In the Bureau of vunaj statistics, Bu/.rea,u_ ox gealtn, dug ing the past. week. The Faurth We-rd banquet was. 9 ml suoocss. ’ ‘-a A Edward 13m Iifambuxg Turn- pike, Feb. 22. Michael K.11ma.s, 42:: sea 52.. Feb. 2;. The report. dlsglosos mxgny mtetresting 1:471: about this “Intermmonal, City\ as Yuckanwanzga is olwtn called because It in represented by a gregter number (-1 ua p1‘eportIona1_l_y than any city 1n Americmi '.l_‘)rea‘e being thirty- ageven dlfgexrent gaces xepgeaentd on the blmzter during the pnm‘, ‘year. Out. of an topan number ct! 2568 arneses 300 0; them wax; women and while white 0’. S Joe C.3,aI11zan‘*wa39 tfnefe. :ut.»bem.a and, all. missing exsonxsolbenp do turn up aggun and In just. as goc-Q Q condition 3; when they Wong 1051;. In the mezultlyne lest see what; hap- pened tx) Antlgony. He had dec1d_ed_ uhqvta h wczulct, hke -to sl_ep, in a_ dltrerexm bq fox} gt qlnmngg ggxd he thought that gt the game 1511319 it wouldn't be bad to :1‘: Jgvf‘ ‘ L‘:- All the old timers Wen! than I.ncl_ some had team in than‘ eyes when they P855991 the sppt, where the Tavgm uses! to be. A _ ITEMS OF INTEREST -. -_ o 9 Bill Sccghlll 11.14 his regular job agd kept the boys Ircrm w1.11=itl1,nz- Mr. I-Iennessey. pnncipal at the Gec. Washington school, was placed on the school conunittee at. a recent. m.2o.t.1n-g at the Lazcigqwanna, Bxcemauual com- mlttee. wm R. Cattoxz \§‘hClh was Lrxed in City Count. Buffalo‘ Cotton :1 cwll engmeer In the employ of George .G. D.eh1. Im;.. mas cnnxged wxnh Imucuczug ms prongs- ton \_v:mou.t. a neon.-e .n cunnectxon with plans :0: rs .s;=.v.agc plant (LC thg County Heme .Lnd_ InI.mn;uy at Wende. Pub clmrge was d.s1ms:eu after George C. D.ehl, county sup.-1‘1nte11dem, of n1gh- ways, Leahfl t.h'.u lhge urm am uhe work alLl1ougl1 Cu‘.-r..n ub:.a~.z1e(l the con- tmct to draw the 1.1.1115 and bpecLf1ca- txons 1P.et.e M°G.<.M:r1.1 didn't have 8» word to. say. haye 0, pretty nuurse to look site: him so he journeyed to Hamburg and play- ed souk on the shrwt. The flrsb .._ct. went‘. aver big as the people who picked lum up tltouglxt that he was in z; serl< ous condtlou but. at the htsphml the p1;ys1c1gns.5ocn1 found me real tgouble. services For Patrick llwen Held Tuesday Morning O O O 0 The last time I noticed E111 Morris-. say he gm his (fourth qhjgken. Pour t.l1ousa1.‘1q .‘\V.ash.mgton medals are no he c_l1.srt.lbmec‘: among school children. 11:.-re by the George Washm:_;- ton B1-Cenpemual ccmnuttee. \f #5.‘ -4.5‘ ,\x\§ f V! Jake Myzel passed pup his chicken and R_.uqy Welmsteln took‘ it hmoe. Les Rsguber from \V;uI's\ is still trying to chisel a few bowling -bets. Here's ‘hoping he is succegslul. Justice of tho l°eaco Carlton E. Em‘) deoideq that Anthony would get; his de- sired cha.ngcs or slueplng quarters, but 1-. will be tor ninety days in me 2 Cotgngty peIutex1ma.ry.’ not. \the hospatnl. A coupl or days In-tr and a_. iranua n1at.h¢r,‘ilvlrs. Tomljlnovich, 149 Arnold street rgported that her son. Geary, age 6, co1_11d not. be round any place. Det- ecmves O'Rourke and Mccmttexy 1nves.‘1- gxyted and possibly knowing more of me hnbx-ts or yclung boys that. even their ngouhers. they made a. morough sg-arch to Itzhe mouse and another mystery had gone to muuglxt (on upsbajrs under a_ bench tlgxcy {nun-:l_ lsttle Ciecvrgg. last asleep. 'I‘wo lzfnxge electric signs will soon be Ierected at the ends of the new Ridge Road bndgo urging passe:-by to do men‘ buying In Lackmvzuzna. The bOtI..l‘(l of directors 0! the Ch.'tn‘lbl.‘1_.' U! Commerce voted to erect. the signs at 9, recon’. —meut—lng. Ntunerou; Friends and Rel».- tive; Attend Last Rite; of Forgner Rbilroad ‘Man. of these years. e was ‘bum at Angola. He had :3 ‘post. (12 friends here and had been gccusmmegl to spend. par; of each atterltoon umcmg his fx1lend_s. He often was mbsc at dinner tlfgié lms fam- ily was not glnxmeg \_mt1l 11:68 Frlcmy evening. T116 Division at hmtenut-y. Infancy and Chxld H_yg:ene ot the New York ‘State Deparunent or Hmutli has im- nouncecl that Dr Foulks gnq Miss Van Vrguuaen mu be m Lnckawnnng next waoy for th_e purpose of holding pre- natal cop.su1t.at.1o;1s. The co1\su1tat.on: will be held Ln the Comnxuxmy I-louse, ‘Wnvesbarre nvenue. {mm one; {.0 101,1: o'clock next) '1‘uesduy and \Vedmsda;y afternoon. . 011:‘! Jones is visiting here xrom‘, To- ronto. When asked .abo1_n. 4.4 he said t.ha.t.'s all it Is. Funeral sex‘-v;ces were held Tuesday morning for If-'.u,tr1ck Owens. whoge body wag toungi by q small boy last Saturday in the swa,t,er’ or smokes Creek. Numere nus Iriends aml, x_'e1a.t_Av¢s Im the deceased iyttéglded ‘the Qérviliicj Whlcli lwéfé held nrom the funny residence 201 Keevelj ,a-Ienue at 8 o'clock and mum tho; Church of Our Mother 01 Good Omgndel, Blasderll 91:4 9 o'clock- It is belleved that the dean or Mr. Owem. 4: rgureq railroad mm. to wave a to one at his old pals med 0!) his ddath. It was my daily l'h§b_lt to leave his homo and wank down by the Nickgl Plgu; trapxrs In mime vo‘wu_ve his hand at his pal. Jim (Jherry as he thun- dvred Past In his locomotlvw They had |1een_ dlaqst Vt:-.lend,s 10: years when they [vex-e both active In raulxfdaglng but Itnce his nttrenyent P41, 1_u_u1 seldom ma 1r1__end gx_cept an 1119 tram went by: Mr. Owen; left his home Fnxldgy alter-« than a,.5 usual but mueq to return at, his gugtomgry tint}: so rglntlvee and lnlgnqs unmgqlqtely started g seargh tor hlm. They became more Manned as a to locatg mm proved ¢*u_t11e so an all night at:-ar<=h1n.g.piu't&' was orznmw! led bi Charles C91lghH,1j 01 the Lacks. wa-t.!na_ 91199 dephrtmem ti 89h-lh-l9.w 05 t_h.9 No news was. _sre;x_:l\re(.i,, however, 1_1nt.ll_ the next morning when the little my] boy a:_ 1l_8 Ijemon snjegt, ran across the body while plavzng alone the banks or the week. 11.3 reported his .Ih.n,1 two 591110 my w0_rkn.1en nearby who lmmesir tatitelv nntlfted police. .1-leuts. Smsrraw Detective Q‘-Reourke responded to Il1_h_e can gnd 9'-R,ourke whp haq, known I Owens tor many Yeahs icI.enti.!1ed the body! ' Msmbexs 9! ‘.5118 f.f!!.11‘1lY BBHEVG $118.‘: Owggs bqca ! cagmsed ‘vi/hue returning home «in; the‘ am; and tum-ad =t-he wroné: street bellgvlna ‘he was on Klrby aw- hu.¢- \I‘h.9 attest at the wt of which the 1109!! 19\.I_l1..¢! m.1,,I in the ewe! ‘While Kl!‘-DY 8'90-“O CV93?! 1&9 oval» worI.ro«,l.'tn the yards at the RUN Yuck Contra! Iilllwd 1.54 vests llnd 111 1.9! 3! Shernjm Leker. president or the Eu!- falo Besaql Stores Informmgcm Bureau and Dwight. _Ch¢unper1am, Buffalo num- tm‘. were guest speakers at :1 recent meemng of the newly formed Lnck:m-an- rm Credit Bureau Judge John Puuon or city court and Henry Sylvester. prest- dont 6! the ChILn\bL‘l' at Comngarce were uhe chief local speakers. Sur~vn1vLng Owens {are three guns, Ed- ward T., Francis Wllllnm and Henry Joseph, my ocmuglzters, Mm. 1F'1:.a.n)_c Lid- clell. and Mrs. Charles Coushlln. and eight gmndchllglren. He resided with Mrs. Cmzghlln and her husbgmd at the K¢o\'ex street address. Barney Kane and J¢rr_y Carrlg axe 51,111 on me waver wagon, what. a break for me other Butcalo cappera. s 3 ~ ,«‘ ,¥ ”t i A \_’,~& POLICE BRIEFS M17. Fred McPherson. 940 Rmge Road, has announced than 119 'vL;nJl_ contanue the I~Iud..<on Essex sales and service at. that nddxess. This was rormexly known at the Ridge Motors 00. —' Bl-CENTENNIAL COMM. HOLD MEETING Policeman Kuhixw and 'I‘u_i:t.1e are in- vestigating the cofnpiaint. of Francis Ruddy, 249 Fourth street. than he was hem up and robbed out Q26 ‘into Thurs’ day ngiht. in the rear of the Williams share. Ridge mad. He sguid tziuyt two men with their coats pulled ‘our their head am; armed with jevoivera jumped on him from the dark Just’. I1’L_er he had ,tumcd ion from Ridge road‘ on ms my home. ggcuqsg oi the dark he was un- able to give but In vague description ol cipher m_nn. say. Bqu-mbt. was Lrcated by the police and sent. home. A new Lguckmwgnnn firm mcewed its’ charter at. Albany last. week 'I‘ne Sprmg Perch 00,, Inc.. was alum-Lered to dual m coal. lumber, metals and min- nernls. Capxtul. 7500 shares of no par vguu_e stock. moqrparmors. J‘ C H_mv- Icy, Brldgepon, Conu._ H. '1‘. Dow. 511;- dor, N. Y. gnd A H Knapp. Smnfortl. Conn A meeting of the Inckawennn B1- Oonwnnlgl Oonmubtee was hled Friday evening gt the home 91 Mrs. Satan J Ehmwxm, cmmnittee ezwlrnmlx at 202 1.51130!‘ Mange. lens for celebration: in‘ the mmxetiiate ruture were dlscguaed 1i.W“.ldmS 9 511901311 FY0853” 3'5 FMDET Bgkere on Maxch 191711, the Fraternal Pm8i‘i.1!.1\. Wll will Win P1609 durin April. Mr. Holland 0: the edhool cmnxxutten, is omoleting arrangements 1:9 luv; the Irish school pupils again present their nuts pI.'08!,'am so uuthuaiasucauy Wh;pslili!&'»9I1 fl-Centennial pmgmm. received, by the large audience mt new ti that m.n.ny retmesta, have been re- °°iVe<.! W luv cit prcisenmi n,l.a-in. The membem oi we gvnerpl 0Dmmlt- we attending {she meatins wen: Henry Sylvester. 9; 0- Pew; 09rn«.eiiu- Down- ey. John G!'1.!. Whit P-1.15! Thoma Bodkin: A cm‘ wns driven mm the front or CorpcJmt1oI1 Counsel John W O'Con- nor's builcllng. 1028 Ridge ‘Road early Monday rnmnng, breaking glass and un- mg cimxago estlmxgteci at $200 but. the operator of the tzgmrrhlna nmnnggtl to ditlve away. Artlxuy Ross, 121 Franklin street. «guogod up have been the dmvgzr of mg: ea: ws.u«I__M:er gxrmst-eq by Omcur Scah‘111 and taken -to the police smpzon His h¢_s;\_r1.ng was adjourned um.u_ Fnclny morning ‘in Guy Court, The -westlnghvuae Co reports an or- der for 58 nddmoual Xloodlnkhns wmgh are to be mstatlled in Auburn pg (or the purpose 1)! creating udlmonal security anl saxuty. 'rms ggmpany tn- stnlled 40 such lights them some muntin ago. Mrs. C K. Whenlen xmd daughter, Mrs. Dodge, 56 Mason parkway zyttended a meeting at the Pen Womezys Club 111 l_3urfn1_u. Tuesday night. Mulam Emma C. Poxmfldme or East Aurora was the principal speaker. She told many Anter- esplng details I9 her §x>pe1-ieupe 1:; Bus- sia during the Revolunron and or her escape from. that country shortly after- ward. Miss Virginia Harden. who dlx the play \College Flapper\ wlmlh wag so popularly 1-,ec,e1ved here last. October when 1_t. was presented unler the gum- plpa or the C}a.t.lwl1c Daughter» of Am; crlca, has been a recent guest 01 M33, Wxllleun McDonald qt Vmceznt sbxeet, Mm Joseph R, Bouthyrd. 1.00 Alswcc avenue. rgzporbeq to pclluce Snturqny mommg that. there had been x; collision between an Egsex coach which she was dnlvmg and g ijmuck owned -by the Tax- aco 01! Co. which yin drlycn by W J. Hyndman. The accgdenm occurgeq 3;: front 01 the Post. Qmoe, mdgg Roget. N0 0!“? W85 lnlllfed. Henry Gree1a,.36, or Geozgetown. !3, U. was mung! Wedgxesduy monung mung we N|9kel‘P1ate railroad badly’ bgxmeq about me (gee, hgnds gum sums. He clal,med¢t.ha;=l1e had stopped to wgym himself, where a. couple 6:,’ comer men ha, dbuilb n f1r0‘bt381£16 Y«11‘!!I Wicks. wh.:°P- 1.18 1961.3 1.1!! ‘W5-D06 and fell. 411790 the me. Green was .plc!n_ac1 up by Liam. Spam ant; Dsmctr-lve mtzmtrclk and nghed to the hospital. He wgwlll bg '.»xh.araea with» niece! whoa released. \ ‘ . ;I'h_g Laclgawaxmg Pos; or the American Legion gmnounqegl this week that th__o eufzle of tphls city bavg: thus in; pledged, themselvés to lmpxovemenm for the §.§l;e of u,,nemp1_oy-n1énx. relief at. a cost of 07,410. 71jhis‘w1l1‘cr.e§he po,t»en,-.- 119.1 exnploymnt. whcm will relieve sev- eral neely families but. the I._»t;g;k.a.wann_A Post expects to greatly Sn-cnease that amount. before} thg .(ir1ve is coxpgrleteq. Michael Joyce, Commxssipner of Pub- uc Walks prioveg t-he \emcgency 0! that department by the way in wmolgr may emgnlnatgd trra hazzards caused my mgr. Wednesday’; snowsvonn. Puttxnx an emergency forge 9! 1,0 wor}:’he soon h_nd the streets and §:r(5_s\va!1>;s cleared so t.l1u.§. traffic could pruceed as ugual. ' A machine operated by Samuel M11115 Jr,, 23 E051. Mllnor ghzreet skidded 9:; me rwet. pavemexxt qn ‘Scum Egrk avenge nea_r Bulgkes Creek s,aLu‘rdn_y crash‘-, ,ed 1nt.o xx fblllbogujd, The driver rgcelvcg only bnusep. VINCENT A. EYE Funeral services for wncentg. A. Eye were held Fridva Mternaon in. Hamburg e passed away 111. Our Lady Victory hpsplta.1as the result; of injuries re-.- gevlvecl in 1111 automobile collision near here on Depember 16. gm been qrlvllng go see a; brotbexj in a hospital when his car 1n n, wash on Q rglny nlglyt, M.r- Eye was 5.5500‘-.R.uted wmn his fath- N: In. runnlns .6 839014310 station @1141 lives! at aoushwestern bm!19va§d and Lekeshom road. He «is .uu.rv1.vedl -by his purenta. Fred and mum» Em. two 'bmth.er9, WW-.0tr 9.!A.d Flwsi. W0 The Crostu. Sales and Service. 073 Ridge Road. reported to Police that one ‘'0’ $114.31!‘ 54119911183 mm. ta 8. $985811 ‘ear and failed 1/0 Ietum with it» The police. are Investigating. Gaglmer ‘K;111‘baIc, 418 Oentgr street; was nntested‘ Ttlesday night. by‘ Qtrclcr Ozer-s melewskl. sakxz-I38!’-F3 with dlwrslerly cm- £11.10”: Mrs. Mary wgska 53. of R. E. D. North coluw 52: ga. senlous oondjtn~.n_ in pun Lug! Victory h_ps.pltaJ as Lug vesult of an g cra_sh. Her son Somnloy, 19, _ \ suff_ex-egg lacerations oi _the face. scajp ant; left arm. The 1nju_1}- d.e.s wave caused when the car In winch they were rlddnz skidded. down :9 hill on mu: North voomvns-iumburg and hi; 9: WIQPDOIIQ3 P919- over 100 retx;11_ nterclmanfg attended Inst. 'rh\.1r§dn¥'.s xneetlnz at the lacks- wanna cream\ Buxeau m_u.1 all at then. spoke tgvorab!y‘ot the plblect and 111- csiqamr that PM!’ my lend their IMP?\ towalgss maklpglb a, succesg, The yet‘; or <.x.unv1nt1u.z’tl1.e otsan \ of M! bureau 1-, rapidly 89!D8 torwlrd‘ 5.“ they have worken may nth-I438 data for its nu. nlrtv ma-chantn XI!!! usv.-any sienna t-heir’-spplio-man! Ind. Nd. melr dues 1.6 39.1- «thq g -_. Vlctpg Bgjrett or 231 Lomgneskep at... was bmuzht tho the p9!1ce’s1=-mun by J0.!°Ph P05? and Fred. Klein 01 Abbmf» 1.16 m bnuaea shut the 05.979 hwy whpn 1.118. 1.4“ the Hid. Wont 1,1100 thin 11.1‘.-<‘3.l !i.lh.9 was £.1.I1V1n§.Wt A9119“? .89!“ pollen When police went *0 $nve.stl8,‘Wo .5. 0:211 {mm Bfgevg 1{arseI;__ 57 Wglnug street that when wen» burslan in. th.-.3 house this)’ rm.1n.d Jun 1,a.ther- who had bpen mssilu In whmoellar to srut what time sun rvztumed. homo evenlnzt 5.0 vs-Adv!-odtoohecx uponhunbn by other mm tn me man A vred-int: at nut guilty was nndmd. by Judge Hate: mu: 1.1: t-.119 Gas: 9! Eds « '3’? a V ..a‘r‘3; ‘?‘és3:1.3~3,}»fL { ;. 1' sf -M .4 *. \

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