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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, February 18, 1932, Image 5

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. . ‘ . ....»..., ». . , ,. .. .. -. . ui-‘_un:.rAMh)dM\'slo .sms-4,, ¢ «~-. _ 4.‘. rs-.u~:atsu::;~;.w:;»4»4aJu4s'uAsmsy> ...»a<ug5-gum »,¥|wn>ii\atn4anp-,-?-zuuubdmxt \ \ Q B11 I.-.,acl:av_(gI‘:_I{m_ Nays, Lackaw_inng,_N,’,,_>Thu_|{o., Feb. 18, 1932 E 0 00‘ mean‘ ntles nkni 1400 bail: court mm 1'/zgfolz is A Taste of Sunshine mg as with bush‘ hotel. : was 1 de~ 200% Bzii mans ; was birth 95. '0! \‘ 43 Wm ‘eelehnte thin month he hundredth hinthdny ot the Father ot our \Country. Two hundred years may seem a long time to an individual. ‘but it is comparatively short when it conic: to union. \1‘-no hundred years‘ no there in, no United‘ States. It WI! It tint time that the hlne-eyed, equalling baby who VII‘ named Geofxe Washington was born._ He was a his bnhy. hnt_ probably no batten} -looking than most at his -kind. Nobody thought anything special about hlln——ex~ cepting his mother. She knew. of course. that he was going to he the head ot something large and important —— it turned out to be these United States. n veritable union for dancing‘. I-‘tom vbeneath George Washing- ton’: faultless white iperlivix and sculptured -brow looked out 1 beir of eyes which sparkled with uni- mation at the mention at one at the guy -levee: sivhich. were the mode thou day’: in aristocratic: Virginia. and the teat which trod untalteringly the ice and now '0! the with of elennce with nuk- vllng glass. whit: -linen and a can ; terpiece of old~tuhloned Va 1 to :x’l\Io ‘I delicate tour; or color toutha scheme. THE MENU Cream of Mushroom So\up Toutod }7_lIol¢ Whgat Fingers Lobster Cutlets ) . . . . .\ Q 1 ‘ ‘ 1’ Valley Fame encased in muddy army boon. slipped with aiacrlty into the buckled pumps of lush- lon to step with ease and distinc- tion timgracetul measures of the minuet and quad!-ilie. So wouidn’t it be most charm- ing and appropriate this month to give a Washington's -Birthday Dance? Let us revive as nearly as possible the spirit of the times. my and witty. but with an under- lying decorum. White wig: and spreading gowns should be the order of the evening with the ladies, hnd cocked huts. stocks and. if pos- sible, buckled shoes. with the men. Costume: and win are simply tuhionod or crepe paper. Tho tlmler. too, should re ‘Cuaui«'l1Peas inTb¢lc Cues Gnpefruil Salad lead Fruit Cake Washington Punch Cream -of llushroom Soup: Drain one eight-ounce can 0! mushrooms. put through grinder. Cook minutes in top part or ‘double boiler with one tablespoon ‘water. one tablespoon lemon juice and two teaspoons salt. Make white sauce of two tnblespooua butter, tour tablespoons and three cups 1 iilk. Add mushrooms and one cup cream. Keep hot in double boiler. Lobster Cutlets: Make this}: white sauce of two tablespoons ‘butter. tour tablespoons one cup milk. one-half teaspoon salt and one-eighth teaspoon pepper. Add one egg yolk, one teaspoon lemon juice and two cans lobster. minced. Let stand untll cold. Shape into cutlets. dip in crumbs, egg and crumbs, try In deep fut. Servo with tartar sauce. Both re- cipes serve eight. Washington Punch: Drop into- one quart water. three-inch piece cinnamon, one teaspoon whole cloves. one twspoon allspice-- boil the minutes. Strain. Add honey to taste. then two cups pine- apple syrup (from canned pine- apple)——re-heat. Beat eggs well. allowing one-half egg to each glass to be served. Divide the eggs Among the glasses. your hot punch in. stirring well. Serve at once. Makes about one and one- tourth tonne and 0113-1121)! quarts. 3:4 “Iv I‘ A Naughty Little ‘Boy George Washington was one of the greatest patriots in all history, and he left behind him the purest name of modern tixnes—-but before that he was just a llttle boy. Cherry tree or no cherry tree, we helievo he was truthful. but he tore his clothes and got his hands dirty and the spankings his stern little mother gave him have re- echoed down two hundred years. Washington was a magni character——a. calm. audacloua gen- eral. never crushed by defeat nor elated by succeaa, who led his in- experienced little army through unbelievable dli to almost incredible victory. As the pree- ldent or the feeble little republic which we: to become the greet United States. he was unfailingly wise and uternly unaeltseeting, but with it all he was just 1 hu‘~ mm helm; with hulun rolling: and rather snuunling human traile——eome of which he inher- ited from his pietnruune though dlmlnutive r.:et.l2er. Neither of them wold ever learn to spell. ad both he want amounted to U.\'SHtlNE is always bene @ cent. Try to have a taste of it in the foods which you serve these grey, chill winter (la; 5. Sun-ripened pin:-apple ombincs extremely well Wllll Vege- =:\l:le=‘, and carries into the combm:1- tinn some of the bene of that tropical sunshine xvhich people nowa- (ls\)S §rcquentl,\ travel many hun<lred'~. 0’ miles to enjoy. Here are twn vcdpvs in \\‘hicl1 it is combined with- ‘tu'u:-.tot's—tl1c must popular canned inn: “uh :1 succulent fresh vege- table. 'l\'ry these out on your kitchen stun? the slices from a. No. 2 can of Ilawauzm pxncau-lc. Tu tlw .~_\:-up frum the can add l?1rcv:~fc»\trtlh rupl nugar, and hall a ntmule. tlwn puurl uwr. Rake until .1’! \rt‘j-’ t--v1«lI~r. 3 golllt'[1_ lnruwn and the s_vru1- th-..l.-t en:-<1. Serves fut‘. : I\'.;/uni l'.1I-.5 .-u 1:’-.' 1'1'.1.’i .\l:.'.’.' Sela-ct three large own sm-l su-c-<'~t putntocs (_\':am», 11' puss»!-!e> and lake until tender. Cut in ha‘m~s It-ngtl\\\'i~c, and scoop out ct-.mrr~. Mash, add inur tahEv.~<po.ms buttrr.‘ Your tahlciponns heavy CtI'|'.':1lX1. fnurt tablespoons brown sugar and tho. drama-d contents of an S-nun..e cane of crushed pineapple. S(‘.’.\>tvl1 tn! taste with salt. and beat untxl tlu Re cases. sprinkle more sugar on, top, and dut with butter. Brynn in oven. Servos six. A Tasty Omelet .\lr.:!~ are rnndo: better. 1-2 11)‘ nu-ans of [_-!m\.'1pple zhe l»r-mt-!m of \\-¥-uh hclgs to -1- 3;: then). 11 .- n.:ght}' _::.»d \\:'.- ..:. Meats Made Digestible ‘N x:.' 1'\’ul'.‘d l':'.:m: Br» .\ ~.‘: u «I snu-‘Md {am I..:‘ .£.~!.. .mJ sprt-ml s[I.'|!“.X's’ 1-(unul lumcr. Cut 1'1 inh- ~':.c.x mi H.u\an.u1 pzv-:.u»p!x the Cunh.‘H§> mi :1 Nu :5 ..'4‘ '~-Y‘! ;~rk‘>, la} nnc-1::--.2 m I cut !\\u 1-ranges in -‘rm-~. ?r...- I . v: p(‘t‘l un._ Lay alter-rn:1t«~ ~.x vs Saulérd Phma/>/rlc and Tomatocsz Drain slices of ilawauzm pin»;-apple. Salt and pepper ripe tomato shoes. lmvmg the same number of each. Snuté separately in :1 little hut fat. Lay a ‘tomato on each slice of pine- apple, and serve around the moat platter. T:.mm!ac.r Smffrd wit)’: Pin:-apple: Cut the tops o four even sized ripe tumatoes, scoop out, and drain well. To the pulp add the drained Cun- tcnts of an S—ounce can of crushed pineapple. one small minced union. two slices of diced and fried bacon, and sxx crumbs to make the coznbinnsion the proper consistency for su:Ffx:»_(,'. Season to taste:-., re tomato shells, and top with more -3-ruml)s. tlus. time buttered. Bake until soft but not broken. Scrvcs four. «n the barn. and >1-rw. H121 mp lvr-um nr : ;, une~fuurth u-uspoon -‘ Ln \\'.'2 the S('.u=Hd slice ux 34 v. M4 w-2 ruruund um--hall‘ cup -u‘ the ' pineapple syrup and um. ¥ .' «ta cxdcr (ur :1 “hole cm :.s~-.m~a syrup. if 3.-nu haw nu c-.,u- .-.c.-, and bake one hour In 2 _‘.,'.~' \'c\.. re-muvxug cover at end .» Hr .-.r. Serves eight. Mu_I}¢'d Mm! 1.00‘ .\('r.: >.—.«-'d1‘.- Lhrcc~iuur2lxs puum! chamu‘ . L thrc-c~fuurths puund chow,v.x¢ -«-1. one beaten egg. une—n2Jf cu: '.-.ui‘t one tmspoon salt and z: ':w gr‘-:'u of pepper. Lme bottom ‘ml 5‘-.-~. oi greased loaf pan wuh nuxtmc. \--' cavny with the ssLuTm.- ‘-:. v»-2 below. cover with rest ct nu ' .3 strips of bacon on top. am! ..n-. - a 400° oven for about ion)’-u --'. mes. Serves eight. Stu Add to one and v 1. ‘nu cups dry crumbs. one-halt 5.-.ur...r sage. one-half teaspoon thyn..'-. ...,u salt to taste. Add two (.1i;ics,u.-nu melted butter, and mm m the up tents of an 8—ouncc :31 {um -3) of crushed Haw.\n.1': ,unca1.-,-a- ‘ But vegetables are not the only foods to which a taste of tropical sunshine can be added by means of pineapple. The ubiquitous egg. too. can made into a unique dish in the to lowing: Pine-opfvlc 0rm'let: Beat uutilthick four egg yolks with two teaspoons sugar and one-half teaspoon salt. Add four tablespoons syrup from an S-ounce can of crushed Hawaiian pineapple. Fold in four stxt}ly- beaten egg whites. Melt 3 little but- ter in :1 skillet or omelet pan. pour in the mixture. Cool»: over zt low until brown onhbottum. then ., . ._\_ _. _ ‘place in oven until t e mixture is v'‘'‘‘1 ' ‘\5mr'° and Yams lcuukc-d on top. Spread with fruit Ba/.*t:,' Pr:-'.m',‘: and Pintapplczf jam made by cooking together the Wasli and peel five young tendcr_crushed pineapple, one tablespoon pztrsnips, cut in long thin slices, and ' butter and mo tablespoons sugar. trail until tvzvzdcr. Lay them in aliold over and onto 21 hot platter. urge, sh:tll:.w pan. On top ht,» 301- at mac. St'—r\'¢S three- } “1“*“.“‘~:;.'-‘»\.:. . 3' ‘, V I .‘ -‘V . x'§I,“*“r~ 5‘ - cf“ 94 -«_ , 9+; . . Q ‘*.\“ % 3‘ '4 .. ‘ 2) ,4 Bran Muffins for Health Children’s Crusade in Middle Ages - Dwarfed by School Army of Today N ewCarsU se Reflecting Warnin gGlass 1.: u. 5 EVERYONE likes bran mumns. To the lmusamvite who has trim! to make tasty. Ilnffy bran mulllnsx. tho‘ l‘L'6'|[I0 given. here will he at‘ nmnmnl Interest. Followed t-nromlly. c-omplr-to smocoss ls us- surml. Inile'quantlues or the Important vitamin \B\. which Improves thr. muscular tone. And the high con- tent or iron in bran. it has been proven. is readily asshnnated in the blood because of the mun».-. presence of copper and other m'n emla. A-uJ \\Iul(- uugpzostlng this re- cizm. all Ilmsu who enjoy bran nmlllnv. will be interested also in I».-arnhu: certain mots. recently px-oven by scllvntillc investigation. which i~\llmN thul this loathsome fund at the same time supplies sev- eral r-1:-znc-nts of vital Importance 1.0 any 1-enlthtul diet. Br-in bus be-nu recognized for n 9911,; time: as mm at the most lm- _-mrtunt unxmas of cellulose or iu-of-‘I. the food which keeps some M Ila '.n‘lI!ci|ml functions of the *.'.'‘;_v in good working order. he .~:'v. N.--!'5 gently exerclsc the In- lu=!'!\!\l muscle-s. Jun :'ecem.l,v. however. much man has been learned of the rea- '.-:t-nn for In-an\s unusual value in the .1I¢-L. it has heen shown that. an adalttlon. tn the protein and min- 1139,15. In ‘mam 1.!-ere zllst are det- By J. EB“ .~\nD SCllIl‘l'l-ll! (aloxnlmr of Sm-,lt-.try of .\utomu(|\'e Ellglll qu.rcJ ll) mxuxy :Il\[£‘S for 1\.u‘~t.r.gcr cars as “'0” ns trucks. The new reflectors are A msuucc relnuve of the high pD\\PrI:rl mstnng light used In light. houses and unem- or! by Dr. Nns Gustaf Dnlen. vlnmcnt S\w;:d1sh engineer. The mat use -ax than prmclplc (tom rm nlxtornobnlv smud- polnt was in N10 mnnufucburc at tho large red reflector signals wmun n wnrnlng on curves mm M (laU..'t nus spots when 1l1nm1nxm:d by the num- light.-. or npprosmmng cm-s Fun m 1-; this cnmc the ndoptlon of the re glnss for truck usage and nuw n In standard on most. Ame ‘can curs .\‘.c mule type of glnm xr. also usm: 59 smudr-rd wnrnlm: r-qnlpnmnl m '.r\n-2 and runway crcs=r-v.u:~_- 1.110 ln.s!.x\» 1-- n’ being made by l:«'I'2. r-W:-and ..n.‘ .\ - wny nuchormcs An “musing L.”-I-::~H--- 1.: L\ York Show mm‘ c 19 .:.~!cl« 2:. «« -1 Sf.‘\'\'!!‘)\1 '.\.‘.\f‘5 WM: ?u.\l~L.: ‘I. '2» . ..l of S‘rot=' 'rX~.:t.n.'- :l\-t ‘.'.v ..-u. . .- But. to get back to this gunrau teed recipe: ‘ All-Bran Muffin: A survey or cars exhibited in the Natiolml Automobile Show. in New York, mndc on the opening day by one or the nude paper editors brought to light the {net that more tlmn eighty per com. are equipped with reflex glass in the mil light. This type 0: reliant- ing glass has been ntloptetl by prac- ttcnily an oi the lending munumctur- ers bemusc as the need for protecting cars on tho higllwnys in case 01 failure or their own electrical system or when parked with the lights turned out. 5 On tllese curs. although the bail light may not be lighted. the new re glass covering flushes ll wtmling to up- prcnclxing drivers by menus oi te lights from the head lumps ox on- coming cars. a In adopting theue lumps passenger car nmnufncturors lmve followed the- lend c-sztnbiisllt-:1 by trucl: makers who have used reflex glass for several yours and. in fact, more than 20 states now require that all trucks be equipped with re reflectors on their rears. It is clzumocl by sntcty engineers that in a short. time reflex lumps will also be re- Cream 2 tablespoonsful o! as\-‘P ening and '/4 cup of sugar together. add one egg. ‘Mix and am ’ .:'u or V; teaspoon ot‘ so.‘n '4 teaspoon of salt. and I teosu-\3 of baking powder. To the z-wanted mixture add one cup of ml-bran then one cup of sour mil‘: tutor natoly with the sifted (Irv tusm (Manta. Pour into grease! '0'.--'-‘u. tins. and bake tn :1 mo(ler'.u- oven (370° F.) for twenty minutes Yield: 12 ‘mumns If sweet tmlk is lised instead 0! sou_r min. omit the '/6 teaspoon of soda and use three teaspoons of tmkln-: p--wd»-r Raisins or dates may he addl.-vl to the mumns if desired attendance in cousznmiy lengthen- ing. Ten years ago It uverngeu com- pletion oi the sixth gmdo. Now the national nvcmga is or me seventh. Some states now roncn nigh Ichooi in their average. clearly point- ing the upward rise saving me! without won: and tent on matters‘ nerves.‘ With this rising tide it slow tram- iormntlon in clothes is noted. Liictlé Isixicbcd suits. colored blouses Ann dmnty dresses. élenuscd as easily in the wane: rub us are all the mmiiyia cmngruy the touch oi’ a button. pre- dominate to i| greater extent. Clennlinpss. sunshine. fresh Ill‘ um proper load are ms: iorcing down the mortality 'rnLe among children. with more man 8.000 000 .t‘IeC§1_'|C wnahero plnying a prominent pun -in the px-b~ gram. the association says. ‘Mothers. moreover. iennzc \. .» un- portant an cther manor: In prqmruig their children so ngm Ilia‘: Dnlllrs.' the association comments. ‘They look sharply tohenltli nud clennllness this has-brought greater demand tor wnsn- erli. electrical or gas-engine. to solve the problem of keeping me school child in clean clothes at great money: xvcrc I-1 r;)nr<,\\n or :v~.*. - .\.‘ '\n‘ um on LIN.‘ \‘IoW Tl n‘ I’ \-.. E m QT the e‘c\“.x-Ic ug‘~‘.e. u-'-1 nntlng Grand Cmt~n‘ P») a bright plow In t-.c -can-~. 2. .; Il.‘l‘.!s- or me cur§ tlms u~_u!; -‘ :.l.

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