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A. v.. u... .n.« ...- ..~...... ..... -u a»--...... 4»....._.-..u......-.. an-9.‘-——.» «-4-—-««. ».:u-..-o........»s...‘.~.~..v ~98----»aap.¢. -».w..-a- ...... .. on v-L»->~' ->*- J» ‘N u» .....—...—.. a. ....a.-..... _. w... .., . ._..a.e4 ~.v~....--....,.-»ri--p:‘rw-.- '{.~uxv?,.:wtf\\'MV'x',\“‘*\\ we:-:::**'-:2: , V Lg‘ .{‘.2::»\\.‘:‘1\“.‘2\f'£’“:*.L'3“t’3'T.“?.*’1.‘f’*‘“”’*“‘ ’$..“‘.“.“‘..‘.'.\“\“!;’fK‘.\.“\-\*‘..\.“\\\“‘ 92$ . ”\*““‘r\i'L‘.-'.‘£' . ’ *3‘ ._ ” 5.''‘A‘'7 ‘» ;.;: L-,~. s . -:!;., J i :{,‘;'‘-L' x. -. - ::;*.’.§.' \ i v' 3 1 (‘Y . \9‘:“’-k9§“'..‘.\’. 'N~9‘§3'~:.‘.»,.'.-\.“=1F—_!.\\’>‘.i\.'.\’r, N;--_Y~o. Th“?!9a E91’-_ 18.5. E \I‘zy1;a1‘ to be ‘held in tine County of Erie. LEGAL :51o9:1_c}: Honor Roll j k 3Franl<slin ’Sc’hool a mm A*nnouneed . It mus-av.o:I;t ;8cho‘oil rDa.tcd. -Burfa,1o,, N. Y., September 8. 1931. 7 STATE’ OF‘ NEW YORK. ‘COUNTY; COURT, ERIE COU'N'I‘Y. Published Wick it Lncknwtnlll. N. Y. ‘BY ELECTRIDGE PRESS, Inc. ‘Business Office, 411 Elecztric Avenue \Pe'lep‘h one :, Abbott 1181. J. J. BARBER, J;r., Business Manager THOMAS G. BODKIN, Editor JOHN s. KNRLOE, Attadrney t,-an E_-lsuzi-‘ tuft, O'£{1_c’e and; -P. ‘O. Mlc!ress,_ 3265 1_3rxsbane Building, B11'£f*a1o. New. York.f ‘To: NEEDHAM 'G-. SMITH: The Ionegamg summons is served upon you by publlcnblon p1u'su.ax1r. ‘to, an orgler, or the H211: Cuuton I-I. ‘How-coa1_,' Jlutuce 'ut_ the Supreme Court. 0! the? .sza.:e «or New Yor1:,':1.x,v.e<1 me 2m: day: «J Jnnu,a.ry 1932_ mr-.d meet with the_ qomplauxt, dn the office of. me Clerlz, cf the County of Eric at Buflalo, New’ York Luckaivmxna Nmu1om\l_ -B,ank_ pxamurr. vs. MINNIE BQULEY, 1ndlV11dua.11y= and as Exeeut.rLx,.of and under the ‘East W111 and '~I‘est,ament of Joseph G. Bouley. 1-mac of I.-ac;ku\vanno., N, Y.. .ds*éceu.se:1. et.. al. Defendants. Folloxving is a 11st. at ‘names of the ‘minor pupils at the Theodore Ro:osev,e1t gmde school as aimioruhced this we}: by E. R‘. M_u.Czu,m. .p1-lncdpal’ l sixth. vgmde leads the school with 02 pupdls on the honor -z\'»I‘1 and the g1z‘~1s‘lead- ‘the boys throughout. wmn over twlcea ms many nmncs an «the nst as there are boys. v - The ‘honor rcru 1121‘ the second quar- ter at the Fraxnklln school. shio-wed the th1r(l‘g~1‘ade class of -Miss‘ L. Harrlcy high whth Len pupils on the hzmnoi 1151: while the fouiith ghracle class 'oIZ'M1ss Julia. M‘. Brownell was second wwn nine ‘pupils vh.a.v1ng an average «cit over 90. All other cl-usses of the different grades mucle a good shuwmg according no their size and many had eight. pupils on the honor roll ‘ 1; « *3; In ’p1u*su:.mA;e and by virtue 014: judginemg uf foreclosum nngl szilje duly granted by this ‘Court and entered In me Erie County Clerk's Office on the 81111 (buy 01 February 1932. I, the under- ‘tivgnecl I duly appointed in 191115 a,ouon for su,c11 purpose, wm expose rm‘ nale a1;d»s_el1 as Public Auouon in tune highest bidder cheretar, in the xvesterly vestibule of, the “Erie County Hall, in the C1;t,y of Buffalo, Erie County‘ New York. on the . if 2 4. 4 4 u ' 1 Official Paper of the City of Lagck-awanna The only newspaper published in the City of Lackawan na, N. Y. Iatered as second class matter atathe post office at Buffa*l.Q.N.Y. isubsicription, - - - $2.00 Per- Year Advertising rates submitted on application ’1‘hlrd Grade Nzmc_y Holynskl. L-ucy more. Mary Rukavlna, Demeter DabI1ch_ Kasper Mil- gns. Joseph Mzmclk. Wm-tar Burgnow- ski. ‘Rickard Ensley. Teddy Mlatusz, Michael Novmk, Stanley Pawuk, Michael Mumich_, Alfred Szalko4wsk1_ Bettina E9.- mardak. JOHN s. ‘K-NIBLo‘E,. Attorney for mun- nut. Omoe and P. 0. guldn'ess_ 328 Brisbane Building. Buffalo, New York. Jim. 28 Feb. 4 ll 18 25 Match 3 T-hhrd Grade Q \ S.‘ = L4. Harrlty. teacher Leona. 13'.ojei<,‘Et,mn,a. Hare. I‘-Jverlelgh Ehrmuxm, Louise Kaczmaxek. Martian Nlzlurskl, June 'W1_e:_zb1emec. Geraldizxe Jakubowskt, Ruth Samch, Edmund I-Ia], Joseph Mxchalczak. A. Gray, teacher: -1 wruu, « 4;,;r‘|:§' LEGAL No.T1c.a 25.TH DAY OF MARCH 1932', Fourth ‘Grade sum, 01-‘ NEW YORK, ooumrv coum-: 5921:; COUNTY. at ten o'clock in the Ibmuoon, 0: that day_ the real estate and nxortgagecl .pn'em1s/cs ‘curectecl in tum by said judg- ment. to be sold and in and Judgment described as lollowsr ALL '1H;-rr TRACT OR PARCEL 0? LAND, situate in the City of Lack».- wznnua, €(;um;y 0; :Erie and State u! New York, bounded and descrlbegi 29.5 follows; Anna‘ Halack, Frances Guarmo. Wan- da Kw.-mlerz, Gregory Laccmla, Julia Colbggi. Anna. «Koznk, Mary Steokbw. Mary Violnnm, Jose}/mine Szypka, Jos- eph I-Luragoz, Walter Wilkdnmsky. Lackawanna News, Lackawanna, -N. Y., 'l7hurs., Feb, 18-, I932‘. JOSEPH MIQHNIK, Rlantift .V!S. AN- TONI IDZIOR and ANNA IDZIOR, his wife. Defendants, Helen Leege, =1-Ienrletta Now-ortya. Lolll-xan Kuoxen1bka., Romaine Flrgstxxxe. Henry Czuuuskl. Veromca M1foczko\v- ska, Edwin Odorczyk. Stephen Kessel 5 ; ‘. ‘V IN» In ‘pursuance and by v1rtu_e ot a jut!-gnxernt oi‘ foreclosure and sale‘ duly grn.nte<l by this Court and entered m the Erie Gouxvt-y Clerk's otg on the 26th any or January; 1.932. I the under- signed Referee, duly appointed In this action for ‘such purpose, wjul expoge for sale and sell at Public Aucuon to the highest bidder therefor, gr. the westerly vest,i.bule ‘oi the Erie County hall in -the Clty of Buffalo. Erie Cotmvty. N. Y.. on the Stephlne Holynskl, Anna Sutlclx. M11-. dved. Zarkovlch. *Edwm_-d. Cawronska, John Rusczczyk, Jolm ‘Knaaszak, Michael mme, Mmon Kendersovn. Mary Flore, Olga Holynskl. Mary Horba/chewskl, Fifth Grade Q I-‘ourth Grade Angel-a. M. Koch. ta-ac'h.ez'. BEGINNING at 3. point; in the east, 31) .e. oi uhe Hzvmburg 'I‘.urx;pikc 1.00 reel: «nouuh of the smith line or the South B\.v.-if Railroad. measured along the east line ot_ the Iwlmngburg 'I'urnpil<c: thence south along the east line of the Ha.mb1u-g Turnpike 100 feet: thence r~ust.s-rly at right, angles to Hamburg 'I‘\u-npixe 400 feet to a point: thence i‘O1'ti1 at, mgshr. angles ll3.3B feet. to :1 point; thence northeasierly nmking a sc'm.hcast single of 114 degrees 28 min~ ut.c-s. 30 seconds with phe 19.51. describ-:-.1 line 309.23 feet 1.0 u point. thence iiurL.l1€.i.~.'.:-rly 1n.xkiug :1 i:o1*tn'wc.~.t. ungfe oi‘ i53 degrees 17 m1uut.:ss 33 seconds with the lust. cicscirlhed line 111,26 fa t to n point in the soutlioily xiglit oi’ way 1-'11:‘ of the Sauuh Buffalo R=u.!1v.'oud' v.?u~ucsv westerly along the SOL‘.th€'1‘1}' line at ‘(he bouuli l3uiL\ln R.ilix‘.~a<1 7'.’ 25 feet‘ Ln :1 point; t.lu«ncc sou'.»l1\ve~.tcrly 48515 wet to :1 po1nr._ Snltl p.>1m being: 250 loot 041:: at right angles from the i‘11I(‘.(- 0! be-.;1un1i.g; tlwnce Mast at. right, .:-nglcs \\1l,h Hamburg Turnpiize 250 feet to the eust. line of Hnmbmg Turnpike at me place of begnming‘. ’Itg:\Iiiar with all buildings and otho: mip1\)\«L.ncnt,s upon said premises, in- cluding the railroad switch or milrotvi cmck ooimecning the above described pnermstes \\<if.i1 the South Bu Rail- road company. EXCEPT ING_ however, from the above described premises: ALL THAT PIECE OR PARCEL. OF LAND, sihmte in the 'Down or Ham- b\u'g_ County of Erie. Stage at New Ybrk. for Lima} Luckawnnnkz. Oiby——So\tth State Highway No. 5071. liereimiltei‘ designated as Parcel No 2 1-2, described as follows: Robert‘. Blank. Walter Bilowns. Rus- sell Bcznser. Louise mnzonow. Anthony Chomzak, lmchael Melnyk, Fred Sicko- Ionskl. L. Gaul. tesacherz B2u.'bai'a. Fllxghern, William Peters. Julia M. Brownell. teacher: Sixth Grade Mary Book. Catherine Hernlck, Mary Smolkovich, Anna Wmch, Joseph Gab- riel, M.1c‘.mel -Hrynchyahym, Leo Kotula. Louise Grosso. Jenme Kozmu, Helen. Lapls, Dorothy Parzawskl. Anna Puskar, Cnbherlne Sz;:u‘wogu, Lotuc Szwed, John Boylm. Charles Fuclnle. William Faulk- ner. Peber szyclx'o\vsk1_ ‘Jesse Duncan. Bl-C\ENTENN'lAL CEL‘E'BRATl0N OF'FlC'lA=LLY OPENS MONDAY President Hoover will officially open the nine~months, nation-wide George VV2t.\‘llll1g‘lZ()l1 Bi—Cen'tennial celebration at noon (Eastern stuiilarcl time) Feb. 22, when he will -cleliver his George Washington adliess before a joint meeting of Congrees -.1ss‘en1b1ed in the House of ltepreseiitatives in the capitol. The judges of the Supreme court, meinbers of the Cabinet, foreign ]i:)0ln1zlt~s and many other distinguished visitors also will be p‘i'c-sent, and the a(11res< will lw carried to every corner of America over a sat-ion-wide hook-up.‘ , Following‘ his a(l(1U‘S.~§, P1‘esir.Ient Hoover will be escovtecl to the East steps of thc Capitol, and will give the signal for the singing of “.~\.mm'ice;\l»_\\a vhm'u.< of tun thousand voices. It 5:: expected that million of people will join in this “sing” as it comes over the air. l8‘l‘H DAY OF MLARCH. 1932 Aloysius Baron. William Krzemlen, August L1t:\vin1nk_ Rxe Mmuk, Stella Cnrxxxczx. Joseph Koyec, Viola. senior. Mmgmet Tapaszto. Ida Nistor. at, 11 o’c10c}-Z In the tors-noon or that L'..:,-‘. the real <.:.:..nt.e and xnortgageul }_)l'£'ll1Ls€'S (lu'ec1.ec1 111 and by said judg- ment L.) be sold_ and In said judgment LIL-scnbed as follows. ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND. smmte In the City of .Lack.1- \\1-m‘.1_ Coluuty or Evie and State of New Xork. bemg Lo; Number '1‘\ven.._v- Lhreo 12.1». Subclivxsxcn No. one (1). same bcuzxg pan‘: of La: Number 'I‘weut_V- u.n.o I123). Tnwusmp Ten (-10). R..xm:c Eight, (8) of the Buffalo Creek Indian Rvsc-1\ni.:an. and conslstmg of thr;v I30’) fx~:~t.!1'onLmg on the sojuth sldv f Lhns P«l.v>e and one hundred seve11'.y- tutu‘ .174: feet. m depth as shown on a .erLn1-1.1 nhp or plan of lots made 1‘ 1' 1'-‘mnk D. Camwell, by E. T. Non, Sur- vc-yor. and recurcle-cl in the Erie County Clerk's :mce_ Sepbcmher 5th, 1901. un- CK.‘-I‘ Covex No. 679 FRANK L. D'ARCY. Referee JOHN J. SULLIVAN. Attorney for Plum- t.lff. Office & P. O. Ac1r1.I‘cSS_ 1000 D. S. Morgan Blc1g., But!‘-alo. N. Y. Feb. 4 11‘ 18 25 March 3 10 17 seventh Grade H sprugue. teaclxerz Esme: Kaynowskl. Rdbcrt Hoepimger Betty '1‘on|:. Henry Amomk. Fifth G rmle Adeline }\«I,uzyk. Anna. Galac. Alice Szulkmvskl, Mary Z.u'1\'ov1ch. I-Eighth (mule L. Korzelxus. teacher An<u'ew Bocln. Antoinette Bosco. Helen I-Iorbacewkskl. Sopme Kopxmla. Anna Szurnwugno, Anna Vuskowch, Stet no Br:-zesczcy. 1\j)c);.x-:1 Idzlor, Edlza Dylong, Helen Mlcimlewska. \ViIll.m1 0rcn.|o1'ek, Archie Ordc-cka_ Betty Blucstonlo, B\u*-wyn Cox. A. Cunnolly. teacher. Inis Ht=lt.z, ‘:\1111..m Kntm, Elizabeth Dylong. Stcphmlin. Hc1nyk_ Helen K1511. Lvtuo Nnby\vnniec. F‘1o1'ence Am.ono~ Wllunnx Haj. F..lun. t.9.\cher. III\ .“_ 3 1 §l'f[§ !Il|||3l|9 \ \ The moat chorus gratlwretl at the Capitol will be con- ducted by Walter l):in1rn.s'r.l1, -mrl will ho accompanied by the United States Army, Navy 215'! Marine bands which will paly as ,a unit under the direction 0 John Philip Sousa. An “in- augural” crowd is oxp(-.Ct(‘(l to b(‘ on hand ‘for these ceremon- ws. 03 Mu\'CL‘xlme Czermcjewskl. Irene Czu- lwlmkl. E(1\V£\l‘(l F‘ltZgf‘1‘ul(l, Alfred P1-uch- mckl. Bomm M.1(lc_|:x Jessie Mcczmn § Exceptioml Facllflia Enable U! to Guar- antee Our W ark - §nuunm.-- -..ur.u::um||m 11:0 kill! yo: cult! to have and when to but It. that II when you ‘all need IL W0 have conlmclo: the habit cl undying cur cuutomou. Our wotk is (-1 (ho highest guilty and our sonic» are — WI I :1 your instant div ‘ poui W. are uplcillly pro- ‘ ' ed to tum out loltollludu. . ti.lllhndn, no! zhendu, unlo- —— nenlgloldern. booklelmonvr 7 loan. curds. circulnu. and ,' -any othe: jbbl. Como in ~— and In uu n~:xl time you _: nend aomcthina -in _— Clio printing lino. mm\ made V. Ge.~cnnLtz. teacher John. Byst!'nnowsk1. Stella. Bystmm oivsku, Leon:_n'(l Toporek. Josephine Kauai Mary Burkn. Anna. Raymund. Edward sllwinski. M. Lenkner, teacdxcr: After luncheon, Pre~si(len.t Hoover. accompanied by the members of the (‘ni!<~d Rt’-~'r~< H:-«v-«_r-—~ Wavhingztos Bi-.Centen- rial conmiission and the Ditsrict of‘ Columbia GC‘Ol‘12.K_: Wa%\.— *ng'ton Bi—(‘entennial c-mnmission will go to Mount Vernon to lay a wreath on the tomb of the ‘Father of‘ His Countr_v in the mne of a united nation. Stanley Franc. Mary Jean Garmon, And)-e\v Kowalczyk. Ale: Nlstor, Walter Nlizlursm Zwieback Pie Is Colorful And Novel At 3 p. m. there will be exercises at the Washington Mon- ment under the auspices of the various patriotic societies is the District of Columbia. L. Smsxnenburg. teacher: Nelson Reed, Roscniary Avery. Miss Ryan. teacher. Seventh Grade § } R BEGINNING at a point on the east- erly boundary of the existing Lacks.- vvanna Cxty—-South State Highway at the mtersoctlon of the said boundary lwlth the division line between the lands or Advance Supply Co. (reputed owner) on the north. mid the lands of Bouley 8: Buck (reputed owners) on the south, said point being 16:: feet distilnt feasteglty, _mes§ureél 21; right ang es rorn ation o. .+ 5: of the hereinafter described survev ba. line of the Lackawanna City—lSou:§ - State Highway No. 5071 Erie County; thence easterly along said division line 20: feet to a point 36 feet dis- .tan1i etasterlyé measured at right .ang es rem tation No. 9+ 25: of said base line; thence south 3 degrees 32 minutes west 100': feet to a point on the division line between the lands of Iiouley & Buck (reputed owners) on t e north and the lands of Stoney Phoint Lahnd Co. (reputed owner) on t e sout the last mentioned point being 36 ’feet distant easterly meas- ured at right angles from Station No. 19+ 2511103 _the said bas2e)lint13_; thence a ong sax xvision ine : eet: to a point on }tlheheasterl)}'l boundary of said existing ig way, t e last mentioned lpoint being 16 feet distant measured at right angles from Station No. 10+ 25_:*: of said base line; thence north- erly along the last mentioned bound- ary of said existing highway 100: feet to the point of beginning; being 0.05 acres more or less. The above mentioned survey base line Lo (1 portian or the survey base line for the said Lnckawnnns Clty—~—South State Illghway No. 5071 Erie County. as shown on A map on file In the oifioe of the Clark of Erie County. Adam Sokolowski. Julius Lotockl, Fe- lix obstnrczyk. Bertha. Plorkowska. Fmnl»: Szuba. Sophie Palkoeka Eighth (mule J. Coughlln. teacher. In the evening the George Washington Colonial Costume ball will be held at the NIa Hotel under the auspices of the United States George Washin_gtonBi-Centennial commis- sior asd the District of Columbia Bi-(‘entennial commission. No £‘.ff‘)l't is being s to reprotluce the colonial atmosphere for this occasion. The afair is being managed by experts and every state will be represented by especially invited guests. While the celebration officially opens on Feb. 2, Sundav Feb. 21 will he an active clay in the District df Columbia as well as in every city is America. The United States George Wash- ington Bi-Centennial commission has suggested special religious services for George \-’Vashingtori to be held wherevr poople gather to worship. Response from the various church organ- izatioons to this project has been remarkable. It is probable that practically all of the 232,000 churches will hold special services honoring the first president os th's day. ASTRY c o 0 k s. u: u 1' \' 91 n u s us . th e l r vrmltinns are. often 41:11 __,;,,~;;::. for so1m.\ll\ln:; en- ’$‘.\“:_.’-; ‘ 5 Lively o 1- S g I n all -‘»‘;-._v.,'‘‘°~'.~ / 11 n d c0111pl(‘.l0'._\' ‘ \ dIl‘l‘e1'eut, \v i I It I which to _stm~lle 1=‘re(1er1ck Homer. Lean Ziolkowskl. Joseph Lltxvmlak, Stella Dzlulko, John GLnnett1. Chm-1<_:s Klefer. Ray Klefer. Grace Sterluce. 65.3 3 % 1;» %?s; mu family ur guests. And there ure thuse, pus- try-xxlaxklxxg being an art. who are stlll t1'_\iu;,' to uchieve rlvh lluky crust. um| would shout with juy In liml \‘Ull1(‘tllHl~g giving the c~. of 1msl1‘_\‘. and yet u..L so di \ '1‘lu-. recipe Lzlwu here satis bulh expert and bu'.'iuner—-is sure to surprise and please those to whom it is sm'\'e(l. '/.\\'h».hm-k No! The very muno suggests the ttuvors and colors of tlne (ivrmnn coolaery. Curious Facts About Where N. Y. Motor Cars Are Owned OWEN B. AUGSPUHGER, President of the New York Automobile Club. has had pr(‘pa1‘e(l 0. map of New York whlch shcws some surprising things about the distribution of automobile ownership in the state. From motor cur registrations it shows that 81 T‘? or motor vehicles are owned in a zone 25 miles wide. just inside the state's boundary; in all the rest of the state are only a little over 18%. \This map ought to be a telling argu- ment against increasing the gasoline tax.\ said Mr. Augspurger. \When- ever the tax goes above 2c 21 Iargze share oi gasoline used along the bor- der will be bootlegged in from outside. without paying tax. That has been done on a. huge scale in all the states that have taxes higher than New York's present 2c. \But that isn't all of it. The boot- Ieggim; truck could bring in a cargo oi‘ tax-free Pennsylvania gasoline to New der u 3-cent tax, the Commonwealth lost $1S.000.000 in one year through. such 'boot1egging.’ In Indiana. it has gotten so bad that there is serious dis- cusslou of reducing the tax In order to int-1'<-use the revenue. A folk-masque written especially for the United States George Washington Bi-(‘entennial commission by Percv lilac- I\'z1_ve will be presented at (‘oiistitutional hall, Washington, D. C, 0s the evening of Feb. 21. This masque is being produced under the auspices of‘ the United States George Wasliinyrten Bi-Centennial commisqirm and the Uistrict of Columbia George Waslsinyztoii Bi-Centennial commission. The masque is entitled “Wawefield,” samed after the hirthpiiace ort‘ George W asliingtmi, and portrays in svmbolic form the story of Georre ‘Washington. Five hundred adults and children are being: rehearsed for this production and the music will be furnished by the United States Marine band. The foll<—masoue is being printed lav the United States George \N'ashington Bi-rCentennial commission for use in other cities. It is exnected that this masque will be produced in all the large cities of the United States during the Bi-Centennial cele- bmtion. The rm-lpe wne-n tested pl-mlucod :1 line golden brown crust—just like the beauty of the 7.\\'iplm(-1: ilsvlf; and brlght yellow are-tun till 1111.: in cumrast to the \\'hlt(- me- ringue. (let-nrulml with z\\'iehack mlvturo nn the» top. The cream nl\\'u:.-s u sm-cess with evap- orated milk. pr’ovi<IeSI the exactly n'ix;ht cous«lstenc_v. Be careful not to 0\‘el’('u:\k the lllllng. Zwleback Pie (‘run l<‘llllnp: 1 bug zxvuhrwk ,6 egg yolks “New York would be the ideal place for bootlegging, because of its exten- sive waterfront close to great popula- tions. The racketeers would use boats and barges, as they did in Pennsylva- nia; bringing gasoline to sta- tions that were in on the racket. \In Pennsylvania they found that by /‘ / ‘\ \_ Q 9' 3: .5 (J \\\‘*V *6‘ . °\\'. 16. 49$ 4&0- (11 \um qrnuml) V.-, cup sugar ‘:1 cup butter ‘Pg tsp sun. =53 cup hrm-.'n 1 tsp. vanilla. sugar 1 tbsp. corn- M tsu cinnamon starch 1 (‘up e\'n.v- Vlc-rlngue orntod milk 3 egg whlles 1 cup waln- 8 tbsp. sugar During the week of Feb. 22. motion pictures depicting m'incin'|-.l events of the life of George Washington entitled \Washinp;ton the Man and the Capitol’ and produced by War» 1191' Bros.. will he shown in the theaters of America as a fea- tu2e of the Bi-Centennial celebration. Hundreds of theaters ahve already arranged for such a showing',iaml. undoulutedlg’, mactically every motion picture theater in America will be booked to show the lie of Geoge Washington on the screen. Referee. GOATSWORTH £5 DIEBOLD, Attorneys for Pla.lut.1 Office and P. 0. Address, No. 433 Main Street, Bu1’m1o_ N. Y. Feb. 11 18 25 March 3 10 17 24 E\VDARD L. JUNG, (‘r£\:m1 tngetller lmtt.m- nnd brown suL:ur. Add <-lnnmnnn and Z\\'ll‘l1 and lxlond tho1'm1.’.'lIl_v. (‘over lm:- tmn of largo deep plo tln wlth part ml‘ xnlviure and reserve rest for top 01' pic. llleml sugm‘. snlt and cornstarch. .«.\rld lmnlng water and ball untll thlcl: and lmuepuroul’. st.lrrl1:g.: con- slnulily. Bout l'_L\.:' yulla aultl mlll: uml stir sl0\\l_\ lnu» sun‘:-la 1ulx- turrr. (‘nok until mixture hangs; (mm S]'m(IlL Add vunllln und pum- lmn zwlelmck crust. Cover \\-nth meringue and top wlth relnulmlur of zwlebaclc xuixture. Bake in a mmlernte oven until brown. Yield: 8 .-1er\'lqg=L If the 1':1mll_v ls hlasé uhont pie. and mrmy are. they will lmrdly bo- lleve their palates when they try this. * . i K / we we 0 01 4 are any 421.92 LEGAL NOTICE Supreme Court, Erie County. Edna. M. Riggs by Janet. Johnson as guardian ml mam. Plzumlff, agnlnst Dnwd Riggs, Defendnm. To the above named defenclunt:-— You are hereby 'sumn1on<=<l to nmxver the conxplmxut m t-his a.cl.1on mm to serve a. copy of your xmpwer or if the complamlnt is not served. with this sum- njms Lo srrve :1. notice of a.ppenr;\nce on the Phunufffs Attorney wJ:'th,ln Lxuen. ty days ulnar the service or this sum- mons, exclusive or the day of service. In case of your Imlure to appem‘ or answer judgment will be taken ngairlsf. you by demult. for the relief dexnmducl in the complnhmb. I).'2.‘od at Buffalo. N. Y. 25 MILES or THE NEW YORK .,~,(‘. - ___... - Q ' 3 :9 .\‘ LEGAL NOTICE your Lulure to appear or an.-uvcr snm pcrmon and ordnr will be made bv snlcl murt chsasolvmp; bhn nmmwlmzo between yours:—-It and Adelaide H. Maxwell. D.-Anti 13url‘n!o. N. Y._ J.\mm.ry 27th. 1932 T0 JOHN J MIDZWELL York, deliver it. and than load up. with another cargo oi? tax-ti-ce New York gasoline and haul ll back to u Illling station in Prnnsylvmiia, thus doubling ‘his corrupt \':innim.:s. and defrauding the revenue of both states. “VVli,m'cvc1- the gasoline taxes are high, they offer a prize -too tempting to be rasisterl. The interstate commerce provision of the constitution absolute- ly stops the states from i11terl‘c1'ii1g with such )l‘l0V('ll1('Y1[.s'; It thn Illling station man is willing to make false reports of gasoline handled, and split the swnz with the truc‘:m:1n, it is prac- tically iinpussiblc to prevent the tax being c-vzulrad and the gasoline con- sumer z~obl>z-d. Exactly that has been done in all -the liigh-tax states. and if the New York tax is raised it will be done here in a big way. “Disti'ibuLiou plants just across the state line would provide the gasoline; tax-evading retailers would ‘lizxve it trucked iu; everybody would make a good thing out of it, except the con- sumers, who would,-of course. go-right on paying the tax, and the state. which would never get the money. NOTICE ‘IS HEREBY GIVEN to yqu 11hat n pouuon has br-on prm-1:2:-cl to the New York Supreme Court. and mad in the OM10: of the Clerk 01' the coun- ty of Erie on the 27th day of Jmnuwy 1032. praying tlmt. thn n:[.r1':ugc between yourself and Adeimrlo H Mnxwcll be dissolvml on the ground that. you have absented yourself In. up\v:1rzL<. or ymrs. last past vntlm-1.1 being known bx‘ suld Aclc-laide I-I Mnxxvell‘ to be lxvmt. by x'en:.on of which _xou are p1'es.1znw'l u be (lead. JOHN S KN1BLOE' At17m'ney for Plain- tiff. Office and P 0 address, 326 Brlwmne Building. \Buffalo. New York‘ Jan 28 Feb. 4 11 18 25 Mar. 3 IC LEGAL NOTICE STATE. OF NEVV YORK. SUPREME COURT. ERIE COUNTY F'LORI.-‘NC-E B SMITH, Phlnt-lff vs. X\’EEDHA[\I G. SMITH, Defendermt. ACTION FOR ABSOLUTE DIVORCE TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFEND- ANT. IF you want , what you want when you want it-~in the Jnxmaxy 8th, 1932. Robert M Corkl. Jx'._ P1mln‘bI{t\s At.tm'nc_'y'. 410 Erie Coumy Bank Bullcldng. Buf- falo, N. Y. this method millions of gallons of gas- oline were coming into the state; it paid no tax in the state from which it. came, and had llttle trouble dodging the Pennsylvania tax. Pennsylvania had to start a ‘gasoline navy,’ patrol- ling all the waters ‘by which boats could bring in the stuff. Tms notice» ls given to you by publi- cmzion [)Ul‘SlIE1l1t to .111 ordstr made by we New York Supreme Court and duly f!lc-<1 and em(=rec1 in the of of the Clerk or the County of Eric on the 2711: any of Jam1u.ry 1932. and PLEASE TAKE NOTICE l'~‘U'R.TE1ER‘ ACTION '1'0 ANNUL A MARRIAGE To me above named dnfeunclam. David Riggs: The fongolng summons is served on you by ptlbliuxmon pursurmh to order at the Hon. (‘Linton T. Hnrton_ Ju-;L1ce at the Supreme .(.'o1uvL. Erie County, New York of dtutc Jnnuzwy 15th. 1932 and filed with the ct/rnplnlnt In Erie County Clerk's office. Bumalo, N. Y. Dated ‘Jnnum'y‘15tl1_ 1932. Robert M. Coda, J12, 1\1:ulnt;1ff's Atconiey, 410 Erhe County Ban}: Buuclvlng, Buf- falo, N. Y _ YOU ARE HEREBY SUIMMONED to answer the complaint in the above nntmccl actxon «and 11: serve 4;. copy of Your nn:;\vex'. or if the con1pL'1int; Ls nut served xvxth this summons, .120 serve a “N ew York with its rich market and extended frontage or navigable waters would be ideal for such operations. in the and me whole system of highway tlxrough the gasoline tax would break down. Because it has studied the experience or other states and 1's intenested in development 0! ,h1ghways. the New York Autognobilo Club is unquali opposed to any, Jncreaso in the gasoline tux.” that a hearing will be had on 5.1.1:! pen!- tion. before the New York State Su- preme Cuurt. at an Equity 'I‘L.rm t.)1e1'e-at to be held in 41.11:] for uhe County of Erle_ at the Erie County hall: in the City of Buffalo. County or Erie and ‘ State or New York on ethe- 11'I‘H DAY OF‘ APRIL, 1932 ,zm'ntz'ng line--4 : WE HAVE IT! K notice of zxppeaxmxce on the plaintiff's attorney wmxin twenty days after the service of this surmrbns, exclusive of the day or service‘. mud. in case of your failure to appear or answer. judgment will be taken against; you by ‘¢1'e1'-aulb for the relief demanded In tlxeoomplulnt. '1' ': g 5.1 I r:__ 1 W ~: 1 iii;-' SUBSCRIBE FOR THE “We undersand in Pennsylvania. 1111 at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and upon LACKAWANNA NEWS Jan 21 23 Rab. 4 11 18 25 3. as-4..

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