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J \ ‘ * T“ LAm<‘A«svA—r\wia$1732.90 2.;-naénl V % MW -“L” T R AT __ ,. , é ’ ’ - ‘M . _ Z \Z A A‘ , V 1 '1 . V} I -m,’:f.::’.:.'.', §;::.\.'.: - ' ' .. ' ‘ ’ 1- J / ' c wanna I1 ¢ e ’ f { % /an ‘ct .3 vi,oL. 1:6.-—N¢. rso 'Lacka'wunn’a .-News, Lacknwannia, -N. Y, Thurs., Feb. 13; 1932 PRICE 5ca$2.‘00 PER YEAR I wha1.Vsm‘,:m.g Quaint Costumes Worn By Lackawanna Pupils Wilson School Pupils In Interesting Pageant y ‘P“.Y‘:$ :' \‘§‘.;.-.i'%.?\.‘ ‘Since when did Jim Dovdm (6 Into tho mu: business. New Ideés in Educution Presented at This Modern School. ‘Many.-Interesting Articles On Exhibit. rslw, Jen’-y ‘Reap weazung a. straw ms Received a letter from ‘Paul Moore mm; West Point. sends me regards to an the boys eupeoxaily N1¢k 1-legadus and Al Zahorslus-Pa\:l as youu -know 1: the champion» bugler at the U. S. M. A bind and expects to 3:’: to the Olym- pic: at Oalufomla. tahls vsumjmer. Wilson school, Giibride street pres- Iemde the appearance oi the \Interna- Itional 'Set.t.iaex'nen\ at a worlds fair last. week when through ihe hard work or Miss Catherine Joyce and loo-operation not Principal John T. Avery the ‘young- sters of \that school .pre.=.ent.ed an “Old world\ pageant. The innovation or newer_ ideas in school work, which tend to ‘bring out ‘the ‘natural individuality oi the stud- ent so that they \live\ 1’IhEi1\l§MJDS of reading. Titing an-.1 ’rit1hmat.i;: rather mhan -tho methods or when “grandma was a girl\ and a stern raced old vul- ture sat in bac or a desk with a. biaack« sn-ake whip to pound the a, b. c's into young heads, are eniphasized ‘by ‘the work which is being done at, this school .and oumulated in the interesting ex- hibits and pageant. The exhibits were as interesting as they were varied represexning over 31 divtferent natioxmiitics from all parts of ‘the globe. A spinning wheel from Heidelberg, Germany W'hlCh is over 250 years old, a Russian sanqaver which has sh-zen in the family oi Mary Straczuk for centuries, a. beautiiully inlaid and handcarved canteen from Jugo—Slavu, };risK linens and Croatian made scarves in ‘awry color or the rzmibaw ailowenv: to make up an exhibit which ybu \vouirin’t expect to see outside or a large museum. Helen Petroski. Elizabeth Nawburg and Yolaii Khmer. 11. consists or chicken with pnpruca, noodles. breaded ~ca.uu-- cucumber salsa. and Dobcs Torta. a fozfm of layer cake. M185 Joyce in. telling or her work gives much credit to professors at the state Teachers college, Burtala and to :ma other beauhers at -her school. She explains me ideas of this modems school thus: The ‘bankers had a day 0!! Lincoln‘: bdrthday and boy did they celebrate “We have done away with much of the’ routine at school work. The cu.s< comary ‘gotta. go to school,’ has been supezseded by ‘I wama go to school)\ “In developing this unit or study. we dzidly lesson. does not begin with a humurum ‘The iesscm for today will be the multiplication 1.ables.\' “Instead we nae units ox work. It may be the development or New York harbor. the liiircoin hig,'tw.'a.y. or in the case oi this oiziss—ancesu-al history.\ In linking up the children with a knowledge or history. Miss Joyce loi- lows the’: advanced ideas or education. An interest is developed in why the pupil's parents came to America, and then uliey are coached to as): isome- Cnmg about, the customs in the old country. Had a letter from Betty Davis and -Stoney Barrett. They have gone In 161' tmpplng. 1'-‘lrat day out neuted two moose. A letter Will ‘reach them It Davis Lodge. Ardock, Ont.. Canada. The Editor of '1‘HE STROLLER has been mquasted not to put Itho 1ol1ow- Ing names on page 1. Joe G.u1.lagher,. Chm-1 Gallagher, Birch 1<‘a.rre11, Dan Nhlouey, Raddy Ridge. Kruzer Brc.'s.—— Well alright, we won't. Sign in Austin‘: cigar store-Last else: in the box free. The Lacbwwmma Republic Is mu In town. 3 Did you pay your tnxeq? O O I O Gradually the facts at nnmlonnl mu- tcry are women Into the scheme. and ube one child realizes It he or me has become an Interested pupn. \Every parent knows when a. child‘: curiosity has been a1‘ou.~x~d. there ‘.9 no stopping Mm Joyce cormnued. \These chudrcn know whether Oh-21 wars drove their mthors and moznthera to me United Stata. or 1! they sought economic gain.\ Don't forget cm: Roosevelt dinner Saturday evemng. Get your Ihlckets at The Lackawmna News. Appearing In costumes of the nu- tlve lands 0!.‘ their forefathers was aprt oi the program presented by pupils at the Wilson school Wednes- day morning and nttcrnoon. !t com I Courtesy Buffalo Evening News are: Virginia. iiushan, Row. Mxsnec, Helen Llszkai. Angeles (fas- tanedo. Mary Strazkuk and Dunn Verhanotf. The children offer a. vivid spectacle as ibimrno and interesting as the heir- looms they brcrught lrom home as they parade about the school. garbed in the costumes, typical of their par- ents-' honqelands. There are girls and boys in the high neckeci blouses. typical 0! Russia. some wear the bright colored ker- chlets and aprons that betoken Italy. or the dazzling oolois often seen in Hungarian costumes. Color keynotes the a stitutes part of the unit of work pro- gram Introduced to the school by John '1‘. Avery, principal. Left to Don't Xoxget that this ot is the ONLY UNION PRINTING PLANT in cm city. \They question t.he1t parents about old world customs and now may ware observed. Then they carry a vwld word picture with them when they touch Luger and more tmpomuu. qua- Lions at European hstory. It makes the subject: lave. “This exhibit.\ said Miss Joyce, \re- prewents concrete evxlcnce of student interest in history. And It has nude 1: easier tar them \' Don't forget the Colonial ball Wash- ington's b1nhda_v—see John Griffiths xbr tickets. ’ Formed Here Many Tributes Paid To Former Lackawanna Detective We would like to meet’ the omcers or the mauwwm Supply company. 0 O 0 O Send your observations to the am»:- Ier, care at this paper. The children are living their educa- tion and Qjoying it. Lncknwqnna Butchers’ and Grocers’ Assn. Pledge 100 Percent Support. Funeral Services‘ of Thomas F. Daley, Secret Service Azentj Well Known Locally, Will ‘Be Held Today. The {acuity also adds a. much tc: the event with 5 Hungm-Ian lunch pre- pared under the direction or Mrs. Try-I_t Bottling company purchased I haw saIe—-I suppose Mark Kt] will any -the Insurance. The Lucknwaxma Butchers‘ and Gro- cers’ aasociatlon pledged 100 per cent support to the establishment of a local credit. bureauu at their last meeting Frank P-mion, president announced Saturday. Funeral services of Thomas F. Daley. well known secret §etvIlce operative and tonne: detective on the Lackawaxma Police llorce, who died suddenly 11-um -3 heart attack in the County hall. Buf- falo. last Monday are to be; helql this morning. Funeral from the family residence, 1 Chunberlln drive, West Benect M. 8:30 and Irom the Bucullca of Our» Lady cit ’V1ctary\it‘9i30: ' Mr. Daley was well known and liked and many messages or condolence and mom) tributes have readhed his tam- Jly Irom an parts of the country from mnklng government: amulals, any and state police and others with whom he dune in contact. comlled a gang on Gates avenue. who had totmcl 3 qulcekr way or increas- ing 9. 82 bul to a $20 bill than letting the Jntex-est. accumulate in 3 bank. It was threugh 1115 {me work on thus case that 3].-. Daley repelvde his appoint- manc to 'the xederax office in Bu where he ‘ham warked ever since uad where he made a d:sungu!zlIed nun: fd?’§iYn)gsel!. ’ “ *\‘*' ‘ ‘ The town must Do all cleaned up. haven't heard mytlllng from Palace commissioner 'W£drr:er lately. local Man Agrees lackawanna ls Slow Bi-centennial Plans Progressing Rapidly 6 oil: Sponsoting city Bnrgain Days The Chamber 01 Commerce which recently advanced plum mgr, the !orma- tfon ix! *3 érédit bin-éau“‘ancl' has been seeking the support. or the businessmen and organizations throughout the city. have now got the project well under way through this ca_-Upcration. 7C_on,unitl_eu Announced For ' the Celebration, Feb. 22. ~— An‘ article 121- last weeks issue 0! the News called mtentlou to \the fact that Lnclnawanna was exccptcamnny slow as compared to other cries of its size. The article was based on the stamstlcs gath- ered by the Chamber at Commerce and -was wnltted with the clue! purpose or gettlng the people of Lackawannn to think constructively regarding candl- nlons here and to loop around to: ways and means 0! improvmg them. At least one local man agrees with thelstatexrgent that Lackmwannn is slow and has wrltnen the tollowlng letter to emphasize hxs bellufs. Thxs paper would lzke to receive more comments as regards to peoples thoughts along gms llne. . Overcome by the death 0! the man who was both his operative and friend. Chic! Edward J. Mc described Mr. Daley 3:. one of the finest agents in the country. In his career. both as a detective and :1 secret service again. Mr. Daley brought to justice many noted crim- inais. The most sensational cane which brought the nations.-. spotlight on him was the manhunt 10: Frank Hickey.- '.\-hu killed Jceeph Josephs. 9-year-old Syrian boy 01 this any in 1912. wm; only the meagerest of clues to work with. Mr. Daley. than a detective aztzxwbed no the local police department set to work to salve the crime. Plans for the local celebration o! the George Washington B1-Contenxunl cele- bmmcn are pragmsslng mpldly It was announced today by Mrs Sarah J. Kim‘- mnnn. clmlrnqm o! the bncknwunnn any comxmm-e The opening of the cola-bmuou here wall be clxnxnxctl by the column! costume hall which will be held in Moxxxomnl mm cm the evening 0! Feb 2'.’ A very xnturuauxxg program has been nrrnn-gud and n cupnolty Ma tonumwe 16 c.\'puz.w:l I-‘ol1owlu.g nro the c.mnm.loo.s. Recap’-ion conmmncu‘ Mr and M.ns., Colcnmt J Ehrmam. Mr n.n<I Mm Henry Syl\'e5cc-l. Mr and Mhxs Clxoswr White- mu. Mr and Mm \\'nlwr J mm. Mr. end Mrs l<'.(l\\'m'I.l '1‘ M.\luno. Mr nun. Committee Will Be Appointee! ) Tomorrow To Or Buying «Campaign. Mr. Pllllon. scared‘ that the .aasnala- tdon had gone on record as favoring the plan advanced by the Chamber of Com- merce and as a body \VC'L}Xd support that organization in Iutmenng who esbahuahment or the bureau. For 1-5 years Mr. Daley had been working as xx secret se:v1ce operative under Edward Mo chtei or the Buffalo omce. Mr. McHugh's son, the Rev. John L. Mc an assistant at St. Joseph's old cathedral. assisted In administering the last rlizes. The Rev. Herman Gerlach. assistant pesto: at the Lacks/wanna shrine, present at the trial, heard the stnlcken man's confession. After comparing many records and leports covering many clules 1n the class 0! city at Lackawanna. the Chamber of Commerce will appoint a. committee to pass on the dates that the great but- gain event will take place in our city. \Such a. bureau would be or great value to the members of our wissocin» tion\ Mr. Plllalon said. “All members never the project and have nidicated 9. vnlllingness to contribute proportionately to the projects upkeep in the event that other organizations at the city also offer their support.\ Mr. Thaddeus Rosinskl oi the Rosin- skl I-‘urnlture company and lilr. A L. Pulkowski. cashier oi the merioan Bank or La,Ck€\Vu' members or the credit bureau conjmittee oi the cham- ber of Commerce spoke before the meetlrrg and explained the project.\ The Chamber at Commerce will not be connected with the credit bureau once it is estmlblisheti\ Mr. Pulkowski stated. The bureau is to be an independent or- ganization and a centralized omce will be established as soon as the peioject is well under way; A boart oi tirectors consisting ot ten members is to be appointed to direct the «mm-s or the credit bureau and an efficient start organized. A girl is can- vassing the business places at the pres- ent time to explain its objects and the nopportunlities ottered and to solicit tiheir co-operation. The Lackawvanm News is giving every -ca-operation and is willing to advertise all the articles on sale in the stores which cannot be shown in the win- adows. Mr. Daley had been called as a wit- ness in 1; 630.000 damage suit which Mrs. Margaret Hillard, 38 years old, 45 Lincoln avenue. hmi bro1_1ght.ngaln6t the dinccse of Buffalo. She charged. iin the suit_._ that she had received a ivroken ankle as a result of falling on ice at the porbico entrance to the basil- ica. She alleged that like diocese was careless i.n permitting la: to accumu- late there. An interesting story is told of who de- ceased by Chief Gilson or the local 90- lice iorce who has been his intimate ti-lend for many years. Iackuwanna. News. Lackaxmnxm, N. Y. The ldentiy or the slayer was estab- lished quickly and :1 nntlon—wi.d.e hunt was undertaken on -the stgrengtlx of the Imormatlon dug up by Detiecblve Daley. M:-. Daley jcmed the United. Saute: necret. service on Feb 20, 1918. and was assigned to the Buffalo office. Here he werkeci in the tasks or r5pp1‘0!1s?!\d11A§ oounterfelters, preservmg the integrity or the bonds and similar obllgnmlons oi the government and guarding the pres- ments and vice presicxents and members at thexr families when they vlslted Bur- talc. Alter reading this. why? what Is wrung wuh lnckawannn. The \\'non,; is with the busmcss people. Here 1 am trying to get. my xmtch repaired and 1‘: took me a. week to get at watch- mnker». Yes, I found ms place. but when, between 2 and 5 p. m. only nncl gave him my watch. Go ahead and and his place open again. No! Those people seem; to open and erase like bzuxkczs. mm)-‘tune E. H. Rlndmsh who ‘Is acting on be- half or the Advertising Sales, Inc.. will tux-msh the window display postexs and every enhrt will be n‘J:\d.e to have this event equal Buffalo Day held recently in our neighboring city. -It has been suggested that the com- mittee select each Friday for two weeks in succession so that. the cvimzens may better «acquaint themselves with the great bargains that wnl be otfered dur- ing th!s event. Mr. Dziléy iriiis’ a'pp6Ynte’d a spéclal agent to work out of the fcdeml office In Bulfalo In 191'! when he was a de- tective on the local force. A short time nftemvard many local merdhnnts and business men began to find 20 doliar btlls in their till which were not what they appeared to be and Tom Daley was assigned to the case. He was always knawn as a. keen ob- server and an exceptionally hard ~WUl‘K&l' and it wasn't. long bufore. he ‘had .\’z\tl\'e‘ of Scranton Ham again you can read about moat nnynhmg, but please try and walk our streets Mter 6 p. m. The only Hung after 6 p 111. you can buy In our any ‘is cheap pour female Oh‘ and that again us ngalxxst the Ian I got my watch in me rcpnlr sh:/p three weeks. ago and every time I pnus by the place ls closed, Again you may l\(‘.'v' about u Legion or N F W. hollering about their dm-c Where are they where. Just. houermtg an nexxspapers but doing nothing ac- tually. Mr. Daley was born In Scranton. Pn.. 14 years ago but came to Lackawanna as (1 boy. e was ed\\cxvted in the local public and high schools. Mr Daley is survived by his wife and six sons, Thomas 1-‘. Jr.. zmd Edmund FT Daley. students at. cnnisius college; Robe'nr_ pupil at Our Lady of Victory mgh school: and Vincent. Jn.m.es and Eugene, pupils at, St. Jdhn's parochial school. N. P. Merchants Celebrate It is believed that the greatest bar- gain event for some time, will take place in . .orth Park section on Hertel avenue {mm Delaware to Main street. Buflala, on Friday. Feb. 19. The merchant: and local papers are do-operuuing. The display windows have been especially re-decorated the occasion displaying a special design poster calling attention to the splendid values uttered Ior one dollar. The Buxralo credit bureau has of- fered to co-operate with the local or- ganization so that local merchants will Ibo oi data. concerning anyone in weatren New York -who applies for credit. Amundmenls To Ald This committee a moratorium de- clared by ths committee as an induce- ment to delinquent taxpgycns to pay up all their 3.1-rearage. This opportun- ity will go may effect om April 1 and and on Oct. 1, 1932. Altar that period plbpex-icy owners who have not taken advantage of this opportunity will have to pay the mu tax together with the penalties and the nccrued ln Just like our C. of C where are tmny? Where? MRS. SARAH J. EEIRMANN Legion Mobilized Against Depression County Drive Started Monday Iaxpayors Passed I! we want to accomplish somouunr; let us do It right. xv): only go nbou: It in papers. blu. Jmd mu. no and so nnd do nothing. Mrs. John Crostn. Mr. and Mn. Ed- ward Donowlck. MI. and Mrs. John. Aazklor. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Paryz, M1-‘._ and Mm. Thomas wnrrcn, Mr. John. Joynt. Mr and Mrs. Thomas C. Bodldn. Mr. and M11. Alphonse Pulkosxskl, Mr. mm Mus. John O'Connor and Mr. John nrmmu. City Moratorium Declared on_ All Taxes Which Becam¢' Due Before 1931. N. M. YUMA8. I34 Blmcm Ave Merchants Complain Of “Relief Orderu\ Lneknwannn Poet Will Cooperate With Local Employment Re- lief; Many Suggestions Offered to Home Owners. At a oon ! meeting held at the mayor's omce Monday ai the following attended. Charles Diebold. attorney tor the Lackawanna. National bank. member at the 1h-m Coatsworth and Dieboid: Mr. Evan Hamster, repre- senting the Bathelhem steex corpox-a~ tion and a member or the rninn Iocke. Babcock, Hollismr 6.: Brown; Mr. John J. Sullivan, attomey for the School baud, «ls at.torney for hhe American bank and John ‘W. O'Connor, corpora- mon counsel. me committee aiso recommended that the system adopted by the city at Buffalo\ Wdlth reference to the sale or tax scripts be also adopted. En!l'ml\xncnts: Mn Wnllehlll. Mrs. lmmld Holmes. Hon. Walter J. Lohr. Mr. Edward T. Mnlone. Tlckocs‘ Mr. John Grltllth. The clty {women have otlered. their aorvlces new tho cloccmtlng committee. Bpooohos will be glvcn by Mayor Wal- ‘lor J. Lollr. who will be mt.1'oduced by Mm Ellrmnxm and by Mr. John O'Con- nor. Members of the Inckavvgnna. Poet‘! mmerican Legion mobiildned with 33‘ either post in Erie county Friday night’ -to take part in the battle at peace with all that vigor that hqarked the cn.m- jiadgna ol the World war. Raymond Burke 0! the local post was one or the -speakers oi’ the evening and the mil -co-ope-mtion of the nankawuuza Post was promised to make this’ drive a sun- -eees. However local Ingiommiree are :going to ush their drive more no as to iltther the work of the cum employ- ment relief rather than work entirely .independent of no. and is progressing rapadly and em- ctlently under .the present plan. The American Legion leaders at Erie county who spoke at the meeting Fri- day include: Boechnt and Sempecr Fidellav posts. June: N. Comer and Henry Altmkm. Clipper, John N. Gurver: East A.1u'ora. Emil Styn: Riverside. Harry W‘. Staple- goix: Lv.xm‘n. Wmusmsville, Victor B. fwylegala: Kemllngton. my W. Nagle: Downtown, man J. Wyleg Burun- ahddle, Karfy E. Vogt; Troop I. Edwin B. ‘Kenngott; John E. carver: Colum- bu, Raymund J. Burke; Clinton. Albert. J. Bulllnn: West Seneca. George '1‘. Vbndormuellen; uchvvb/nna. Raymond Bums. and ‘Lancaster. that J. wu- liunl. some dlmttsrnotlon has been 0):- pressed by merchant: In the (ust.rlbu- tson or relic! urders given by me atmo- mprcsentntlve umce here. might hun- dred and eighty-two ordonl were mmod to one merchant over a short period The persons presenting hhcao orders In the majority of anus, lb wua tmuod. trend no previous business (ial with the supplying mm. Plmhcrxraom this people were from the moat distant porn or the city. Mhny or the \mun! por- sonn\ owed bills to rebxuucrn in their immedme neighborhaodn. These mor- chmtl tool that they would be given protennco In the luuanco at order: And that me state’; repruanhwlvo make some mm .14: “certain 3 (act. such as ‘t‘l:»abovo baton Ilium; A “Mlle! or- The charter was amended‘ in both respects and taxes mat were not paid for the years 1931 and 1982 tax scripts will be sold and the holder win then have the right to bring an action to sell the property and the owner will‘ thereby be the meal\. The adoption of Local‘ laws_ Nos. 5 and 6 were recommended by the Cham- ber of commerce and the Oman’: com-' mltwe. The committee reoongmended the passage or IOGXL] LNWB No. and .6 which mhtae 00 the cancellation or interest and penalties on ones which became clue prior to the year 1981. City rec-‘ ‘ordn now that property mum: in ‘In- ‘debted to ~tl‘.e extent at 0306.000 since 1900. when Incawmnu VIC snohrponted mto I city. _ DIIIDGIE l'AR’l‘Y on 'I‘uc«d'ny. I-‘ob. 16 was Agatha Haydon entertained her Bridge club at her home on Victory avenue. Prizes were won by Misses Mary Konch. Mur- yom O'Neill and Juntyn nuke. while I dellihtlul luncheon wu being served plum were discussed tor their hummu- vuntion. nun Mary touch '11} In tho nut. bond. ‘-Both, zpoposmons were «presented to the can-m council at a regular meet- mm on the 15th day. at ‘ibbtunry. I932‘ and adopted. The utultlon In lnonwunm. is u Mme amount then It In in probably any other part ‘at ~tho county beouue cnploymout roller is antnltnad hm [ASK AWANNA PUBLJC LIBRARY LAGKAW Am vuawé. L\B¥::-5:

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