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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, January 14, 1932, Image 4

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~:w,-, ‘ ‘r.,;.'.~ M Lackawaung News-, Laclzawanna, N. Y., Thura., Jan. 14, 1932' MEMORY IS REVIVED BY FALL 0N STREET \Accident in Chicago Loop Is Blessing to New Yorker. New York-.—.x mun clad in :1 tagged suit and :1 dirty white swc-ater started to cross Stale sm>e-I in (‘hit-ago one night n-1-:=.I1t.1y. He was just another hit of lunnuu and nnhud_v paid very mu:-h um-mi-an when he leaped :from in from of u >1,-umling automo- bile-. .=z-uumml and x':xp1u*d his head on the curl». The In-llmv got up and rubbed his head in a hewildc-1':-d manmzx-. '1‘:-at in the lnnp s\\'il‘l(!(1 on. but the mun in the 1I1'.~lu-u-In-:1 clothes sum,-In :1 side stroet—-he was sud-It-uly and unne- cnxunnhly :x<luum-d of his am-enrunco. I-‘amt ! \ uf menu»:-_y lmgznxx to stir in an :uvulu=nc=d mind, writes Tom Pettc-_\' in the C‘hi’c21,L_'n T1-ihuue. And that is why II:u'ry (-'1. 1:Im'er_\', wealthy \\\e.<t('I'.(-<t1*I‘ county real es- tate and 1'n~'ur:1nce man. who hxul be-eu Again Reduces Prices given up for dead after he drnpped from si;:ht on :1 trip in I.-(m‘.,' Isluud snun-1 oiglnt munths ago. was back with his family in time for a happy (‘lu'i<tnms. .\lr. Huvery was hag:-:11-Ll, his z-In-eks xu-re thin. and he could l'(‘Illl1lII\I('l' hllle of his adven- tures in aphasia. 110 had 1‘-mud mum-If a few hours afuar hmin: surf:-rm] the blow on his ht-zul in (‘l1lt:.’1',§n when his ermtlc mem- ory told him \\ ho he was as his brain He Finds Himself begml to funetlun normally. He im- menlizm-l,\' begun hurried pr:-pararious to return hmne. The We:-.4-lxestor man who came back from the (lend is thlrty~eighl: yours old nml a step-son of the late (‘harles Punly. pioneer land owner in '.\\'e\v York clt_v’s most fashionable suburban dlstrlct. Mr. Have:-y had lived for years wlth his wlte and four children near White Plains. On May 2 he went tlshing of! Rye beach, and when he dld not re- turn home that nlrght, a search (Ils- closed hls boat anchored 100 feet {mm the shore. and evidence that he hnd fallen Into the rock-studded waters. All efforts to any trace of him failed. He had been happy at home. His health and business nlmirs were In good condition. The family felt he had su an accident and slowly gave up hope. Gun-Illpplllgs the Firestone patented extra process that makes the cord body tougher of great hccomplishmenti Because of Firestone’s unequaled position in buy- ing raw materials-1-ubber and cotton —e factories and economical distribution, they gave car owners the greatest values in their history. t Don’t drive on worn, smooth tires when you can have nfaw Firestone Tires at these low prices. Two Extra Cord Plies Under the Treat], a patented Firestone construction that gives added protection against punctures and blow-ou ts and stronger bond between tread and cord body. Never before could you buy such remarkable values. Tougher, thicker non-nkld trend that gives greater non-skid protection and longer non-skid wear. You get extra strength, extzra. safety, extra service with every Firestone Tire because of these extra Fires ! con- Drive in today. Equip your car with Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires and enjoy 1931_the y in which vane, their extra safety and satisfaction at counted most—was for Firestone a year the lowest prices in history. Wires Brothenin-Law. Mr. II:1\'ory‘s brother-in-la\v, Assist- nnt Corporation (‘mmsel Suunw! Faile. rer-oived n telr-.::rnm signal} with tho missing man's nnmt-. .-\ telqophnne call tn (‘hiv:x:.':n fullnwod and $100 was ,— tt-ln*.'r:m1xed 1'01‘ Ilnvor,v’s expenses hflllw. struction features. \1 an nnt know wlmro I have hl‘(‘l’| nor “hat I have hr-on duinz; all those monilus I have lu-an away.\ said Mr. Iluvc-r_\' at his home. \'l‘~l1lng§ wore lnustly hlunl: after I fell out of my boat uhilo zx'_\‘i11,'.; to pull up tho nnchnr. I ! my lmzul then. I hum n vu;:uo rmnnxnlwzlnx-.u uf hzulng; wnrlmll on (1 farm near (‘hi- cngm. \I rm-all the full I su # ! while walking nlung the .<.n-not In OhIcn:.;o. That I-1-ought back some of my mum- ory. I hcvsnn tn search my pooling and «1i<(-ox-vmd tho suit I \\-as xvourixlg hm! In-on l-ouv.;ht In New Yurk. Tlmt 110111011 Inn to re--all my identity. ‘When I linully could rolnenmer 1 was !1p[11lH('d at my uppe:u'nnc0.\ Town Gets Wrong Pole Painted at Half Price Valley Stream. L. I.—'1‘l1e son of Even-Mt S. Strange. the village steeple- jnok and painter. took am or- dor from the vllliiggrv bmlml for his ratlwr to paint the in front of District School No. 1. Instead for N0. 1 ho wrote down No. 4. which Is the (‘lo:u'w:1ter school. The price was to he S30. CHARLES J. DUGAN Rh’ tho eiriev Strange painted the wrong and r(m(iex-c-d the bill for tho conzravtod foo. The village bnnrd infm-mod him of his mistake and ussuroti him the error was on him. He plncmi himsn-if on tho mm'0_\' of the trustons and th(‘_\' said that since they were going to have the pole of School No. 4 pziintr-xi anyhow they would pay him $15 for his s(*x‘vico<. 1497 SOUTH PARK AVE. LACKAWANNA, N. Y, PHONE ABBOTT 1900 DRIVE IN AND EQUIP YOUR CAR TODAY Perfect Receivers to Penetrate Dense Fog Listen to the \Voice of Firestone” Every Monday Night Over N .B.C. Nationwide Ne/twork New Ym'k.——I’hotnu-lmttric rot-nivers whirl: MM anahln an nix-pmno pilot to pick up H;:ht signals thrnuyzh sov~ oral nmns thick hnvo hm-n no}-fumed. Dr. Irvin: Lsm-_:nmir told the .\mo.rl- can Society of ;\Im-Jmniml I:7n1:lnnm's. T110 r(=r'<-iwr. ho sum, “-119 {mm six to 13.000 Um:-s us snnsHl\~r- In pick- ing up light signals as the human eye. L. H. S. Cagers Defeat Sparks Lnt'kxu\mnm South Purl: Fg FLT Pg FLT Pansy. 11’ O D 0 Mergley, 1! O 0 0 Rosa. 14‘ .I) 0 0 Sulllvnn. 1'! ’% 0 6 Munich. xi 1 -1 6 Crauy, c 0 0 0 Zsh-os, r: n 0 'J Gallagher, :3 2 0 4 Zzmbu, c I 0 .7. W11:-cler, 2g 0 1 1 Algulre. c O K.‘ 0 Enrlght, lg 1 0 2 Downey. lg 3 2 3 Nemon. rg 0 1 1 Rnlmnn. 1g 3 1 7 ---—— Bulbxerz. rg 0 U 0 Totals 0 2 14‘ Sctmlll, rg -J 0 0 Marusku, rg 0 G O De in 1930 Budget of Palestine Government lmckmvalxnu Irixbh sc11ool’s bnsketbnh to-run scored ‘its s1'xth consecutive bri- Now York.--—.-\ dr\ ! of nmu-l_v I2.- 000 in tlw 1930 lnxdsgot of tho Pales- tine _un\'m'nn1ox1t. was disc-Inst-d by I. K. \\'. Stand, dirt-.'.'.'.nr of lmlnstine custnms. The de ls mtributod in part to the ! crisis in .\n1m'Ica and in part. to the economic sothacl: suffered as 11 result of the rlots In 1929.-Opinion. umph and its seconcl over a Butmio school yesbc-relay at South Park when n. susbmlnetl attack In the first t-lmzc quarters enabled the suburbnnltes to Totals 8 '7 23 Lnckmvnnna. ....6 6 7 4-23 Scum Park 3 2 5-14 Rcl.'c«rcc- Chuck Lynmn. notch out n 23-14 will over Conch Tom- my O.onno1\s c1m.rge:s. Wm: Doxvney. Ra:m‘:\n and Munich sotztmg :1 dnzzlmg pace the vlsiwrs got. off to 0. rlymg start and enjoyed a 12-7 laud tut 1z.x)fL'me. Another rally an- C'1‘(‘RSE(l Lrackmvmum advantage In the third penod and the victors were con- tent; to play a defensive gam: in me final session. California. F orest Fire FSES INDIAN SIGN LA.\’Gl,':\GI~7 Tolls Show Incréase Radio actors, p1'o(luced and operators have long used 11 code of slgn language of their ‘own. for cammunlczumu; through the soundproof glass ptmels separwhlllg the studio from the control room—but it rcmzmecl for Elmo Scott Watson, nutlxor of The Lcmc Wolf Tribe to us» ». code that completely lnffled all ' ...ese experts. Sm-I-anuonrn. (“n1if.——I-‘orest tnnk I toll of s:zn.~,tm.nn norns In sum- patrnllml lands in ('nlifm‘nin during the first nixw months of the yoxu-, the state divleion nf 1‘nrn-t.x'_)' )‘0pm'tS. Tho dnnmga is estixnnlml nt $1.170.S()3.53. or txpm-_oxhm1t(-I,v three times that of the 1930 snnson. L-.1c}:anvamm will play West Seneca ‘on the fum1cr's count; In 9. Southern Erie County league on Friday after- wmtsun “ms smnd 1,, 1,119 contnfol ‘ l'I‘her.e study llsls may be had upon‘ 5'? room at the CBS studios in Chicago’ 3!l_>l’t1l11°e“‘;£T:\st° U10 5130111112 1X‘€‘ (11l‘0°t0l‘ E xvluzosslng z\ relzcnrsnl vf one of l~he§;- Two speuérs from men orgammuon 0 ,M°“““Y- we’-‘“-°5“*‘5' “\“’~ F“‘1“Y 3“\°\’ ‘ onrollecl me enmtlccl to compete. for the 4 «lo prc-grams wl1lc.1x are given at 4:45 stlver and bronz. pluqules orfcrccl in the ' . ' 3\°S“\ ‘°’ ‘“° ‘W ““°‘ “‘ 5*“ ‘CST’ -——- $1i1\é§ 1gf°r mm mmdle west‘ Evcrgrcven nee’ Wm: 27 orgnnlzrmons enrolled. Erie nnd the title or clmmplcm. speller of __ full-l.»locuda:<1 Puebl olndlzm, was lnslde Coumy sun mmms the mm m we wcsmm New Y-m.k_ 14, the studlo crcxxtlng sound. effects. number of ont in me °m_fnSmom_“ Mrs, L. R. Conner. president. of George wm xt. xmrnln Watson extended F, Lmnm. mlxllmry of Wllllnmsvlllc ex- m g‘ , SI’°1““3 139° b\““T5 \‘°“‘“‘°\“d 5\3' me urnsscs the cnthuslnarlc splrllt. or other 't“'° “Wm: {mm m5 “gm cm and Eve\ mckawmnm News and the Buffalo Eve. pnx-tlolpams ln the hot: when she says: grrcen rlcc lmlmtccl 1118 Wolf howl. “mg NW5. sprmgvme mom has Sm ..Tmmk you for the °pp.m.mmw 0, Next\. Waauor placed two of tho __‘mMes ‘ having some olcl-fnshumca fun, -for who “gm mm mm one of mm Mt Many of these groups are Wang up ‘1°:7:s\§3a-W g e ~ -a . - - 1 cl tl 1 u ‘ ‘ L‘vu‘g1een‘Tr°e mmuce 1:1:°::h‘ the spolllng ban for more tlhan its en- I!I‘fW11-“ 1'01‘ U19 0Pl53““m“-3' 0“\T0l1 by °f “ 5’>\”°P“‘9 “°\5‘\' “nd 5° °“ 1 0 ° wertnlnnlcnb value. they MD empbym, tho Luclxznxvslnnn News and the Buffalo :1 score of effects. “ ' . \ Evening News [or tho rewlvnl of this ,3 _ , . ~ v - on er )0 cc. am e -r . nn ac pens loawca trlmt the two wane \JSi1l§.', '\ QC t elm H t cm H m Dbmdmd W wmmg mo qpemng mo db \ ma Iudhm sign lmxmw the universal 1' - 11 ‘D 3 ‘“ ° 5» T t _ r in N ' ‘ nu; hmgu,-,g¢ of me early west. the convenience of the pronouncer In re” °’~ ° ° °‘‘5‘ __ els -'——————~—-—-—-—-- conductlng the ellmlxmmlon match‘. ml Where clubs lndlcate, however. that Est SUBSCRIBE FOR THE tlwlr mlumburs went to study lntcn- SUBSCRIBE FOR THE ‘ dvely for the nmtch us many as 35 all 5 ' LACKAWANNA maws was M W to R SW0 orgmmm_ l..ACKA!WANNA NEWS ‘Firestone # ‘Finsteu TIN!!!“ \u°‘ ‘\7 3\\: 1‘‘‘33, mag, in... _0ldl‘ii:l1l ‘oidiiglil Malta 1'5\ _0ldIicld Qld 31.3. -n... Old Told ow» Sm .'.\'° \.2!-*°.‘a*-\*\ -\W 5-“ .9?” S23‘ ’.=';°.fr-'::' W\ =--- E::.: .I:;:. .-\:. 7*\-wn FIDO llf ક IICU I frli P-It Si‘. .._._—...—.--—--—-—-—————-——————- —-——-—-—-——-—--—-—-——-— -—\——-—-—-' EM“ 'l.c”.“i_ F d_________._ ‘ _ Essc. -_ _ . . Cl 1 C‘l::vr0lct..} ‘'40 21 $4.79 s9‘3o Nils‘:--—~~-~---} D 00 20 sh 75 $13 1° Sl:¢yl:l)e’rk’r 6.00-18 610.65 830.“ I _ Essa‘ Vilting........ “JD. 3015 H. Dr .--- $15045 Chcvrolch... 4-.00-20 5.35 10.38 NW1‘! Fmnk i Fbr¢I_............. Al-.50-21 5c43 1°05‘ (\dSEl-1”()'l).;$ 530-21 .'q. 13.54 lludson....-.2 6 00_19 1°..s z1.¢4 32x6 I!‘ D‘ \\ ‘\50 51°“. :For«l—-«..-J “nick M-~ . “\\'“\ ' n.n- 34.17 H. D. . 36.40 10.60 ¥€l;c\r0‘ct--J 4.75-19 6.33 12.3: g}x5=vroI<l=:,. a.25-18 7.53 14-60 St-deb R r V 'iP!\3‘---- Sm\ '’ 1.8511110 36 8 H D 51 55 10° 20 p _ . . 6.00-20 10 5 11 24 ’‘ ° '---- ' ‘ ;F,,5k...e,“,__} 4_75_20 ‘.43 1,. 4. nmei=.--\.._ 3.25-21 9.15 15.02 Packard ICC! M,‘ -9 - Plymouth memo A.\ 6_00_21 11.1. 31.5‘ 6.00-20 11.1). 14-50 23-14 0 c i “- iC)i“§'.‘.‘.'.'.°\‘ §.=...d. 5-50-18 0-35 16-30 we 6 0'5-\2~. “J, “.5, 6.50-20 11.1). 15.30 31.5: , mm I 0 I ' ' - \ 'iiI’3§.°.‘e1::2: 5 00 19 ‘ .5 13;” <\;'..'1.i...;..._. Sim 635-_\2«0 1\ “J4 7.50.20 I-Ll). 25.45 51.» ‘ . - ‘ ' . mon.... \““‘ ‘i3.§;..‘§f.‘;Ef:: of.'i'i.ma.... 5.50.19 0.43 15.45 E...iml..., \-\- . s 9.00.20 11.». 46.50 90.40 I ' _ §v‘h’i§§'.i§.'.': isi i~.'.'éi°-'«’u'.‘i‘.Z.“. 7'°i?.3.° “\ 5 ‘ '“ I935-20 I-LD. 61.65 no.» Special brand tires are made by ll manufacturer, without his nam_e, for distribution liy_n_ioil order houses and other DOIIHC Gllll:CllI¢¢—Every tire manu- distributors under their own liriinds. These tires are sold to the public without the responsibility, identity or guarantee by F’I’I‘O8t0l10 hears the mime of the tire miinufucuirer. Fires_tone do not iiinlsc Special Brand !.|l‘¢l for ANYONE. Firestone Tires are sold tlii-oi_igh FIPO; Fl_ RI_§S'l‘0N E and carries their and our none »sex-vim; Deiilcni and Service Store; who give complete service. You get extra protection with the name Firestone unlimited guarantee. You are doubly pro- ou every tire Firestone miikes. A Icclcdn

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