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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, December 10, 1931, Image 6

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,.._ <;,. . 3 . '_ ‘4 V \’ 7‘: ‘ ._._a._... “W- ff +'$!§§?%~‘%r:1.:‘..~i2-- ‘n~‘4-1: II‘ _. yap v‘.~'35~\\“ V»T»%J««»»1s'+\=<%>~aT‘~=\.s‘W‘_”‘ % M ‘~.«)§..m;v.3.eu-‘-“--$u_ ~ Ji”31Ea2«.-3 ‘f;\r! I. ' \\_ » ‘ \ ,. ‘. I _Y!l- T;.hi!l'~$-a 7D.°c.- 192 Fire Menace ifo‘S}ta1:eVFA\or¢s‘ts> M T_ Held ‘in Check 'I':e‘lep‘hones \ ‘Used by Rangers for ‘Cont‘ac’ts Wit}: ‘Fixie-'F’=ig1'1t=in‘g’ Forces V \ ‘. 1 Stutioned at ‘Strategic ‘Points in 25,000 ‘M ‘Square Mile Area ESTABLISHED 1893 :lI.~\‘l.'LARD rimos, Si2R—\‘l(=E BES1‘ :lN- ‘l3QUu'n\lENT A'.\'l)‘ AT'l‘EN’l‘l0.\' T0 xmxam ‘Merqber Federal Reserve System Member New York State ‘Banking Dept. ‘EYES ‘EXAMINED BY APP0l‘NTMEN'lT DR. WILLIAM J. COOK Lackawanna 'N,afionaJ , In the «big task at protecting 26,000 ‘.‘.'square miles of forest ‘in the state from the telephone plays ‘an ex- fgeedmgly vital role, <a,cco1'(1’ingvto K-iune F. Williams, ‘Supo1‘vis:n‘ 01‘ Forest vlv‘ix'e‘ :Dontrol-or the New York Conservation Department. “It is--the duty of: the New York Con- servation Depurtmegi: ‘to protect 26.000 square-1uile‘s-of fonest from lire. ‘With- out the ‘telephone, ‘its -work would be slow-, would spx'ea‘d further ‘audio vast ‘um-cage -of forest would be ‘lost. \FPOIH early Spring. ‘before the snow has entirely ‘disappeared. until Fall. when it'll!1S returned, men Me on duty on six!-y«sevex1 of the prominent speaks scattez-e(1 atlufough the ‘forested ‘area .01’ the State. watching night and day for a light, or a hazy of smoke. to point out the location of an uncon~ trolled forest blaze‘. Comfortably pro~ tected from biting -winds in :1 glass en- ‘ Bnllarcl Brothers Oldsmobile Sales .and‘Ser-v16e at No. }2.’I2 South Park avenue, ml:-ptuue Abbott 1032. is mo’r’e and more appreciated -by -mwoxnobue m.vncrs~ “ho tleznaml the very best m ‘~uv\'.ce and eqlllpment at ‘prices as low ms possible, vconslstem‘. mm the quality of the v.orkm.uLsh1p and the xvofwz of the ~n1aterLu1 mad. Member Erie ‘County Bankers ‘ M _.._ _‘. .,_».-r.+::§ .~'~j{ ‘-'---;;:s::-;:_ ::= : ~=:=:_'~-,=:5:5z;E5$:§‘ . . _. - ,xs*\’ ' n rm’ .t. -. _v ’-’-« ' .§-x < ‘ ‘x. \:;.;:£:§.‘;:::-A.-._ .4 ‘ -~ ':=:'-5=5=:=5z;=isi‘-'- w ' IV:-.:~>‘..:€-2.~'.:5;EsEzEs:5&‘ -. I ..-;«,;m‘. OPTO METRIBT AM'ERlCA‘N BANK Helps ‘|.ncka\\'znnu| Grow Over 28 Yours 0! Succcsslul Service to the -l‘(-o'ple ox Member Namloml Credit Ausn “Modern forost control‘ practice ‘ll dependent upon swilt conummicav nlon,\ Mr. Williams explains. “And nothing but the telephone «provides ..this. \21 forest fire bI'ea‘ks out deep ‘in the (woods. From his watch tower on 9. hill- ltop, perhaps miles away, an observer the smoke. -Before him via a map. No. one of the Second F\edera1A Reserve Dist 'Lucku\'.unn1I Monro: 9A. M. to 6.P.'M., except Bur: hyt. Glenna Saturdays at 12 Noon ‘Phone, Washington .. (only one of-lice) 142 BROADWAY Noni Michigan Ave. Bu =N. \ Indeed, old Gen D:p:'ess1o*n. -15 felt leust in tho»: ‘plared where manage- ment and er.|l2.1oyes. are even‘ alert, to give U10-9:111}:-: Qf se1'\'1r:e. The Used. Om‘ cleprmment ds busy daily duo the excluxnge of machines, yjnltlmg as it does some highly com- ‘muuxxcmbtc b.n'g~snLns m guaranteed used cars. Abbott 1728 CIIECK €l‘ll\'l‘ 'mms'r wrriu Theo. Michael.& Sons -ms cLE;\xIssT AN'l‘llR‘ACI7l‘E _ , 5, I no \ 11 service counts for anything any pllcr‘ it as in the automobile bus1nes<.._ «and local pecple are buying where it c'.)llnts mosv.—BaL1:u:1 Bmthers. om‘ ~ Prompt D‘-livery Service 103 Michael: Place ‘Bl-3\ ERAG ES Lacknwtuxlm, N X’. Bl§\\\.l'Y SIIOIPPE l'Ol‘l‘l..-H3. lfbC.-\vl'SE OF -l'.'X'l‘l:'R'l' SKILL ABBOTT 5022 ABBOTT 5036 IN A~'l.‘~'l‘EN’l'I0.\ T0 l'A'~'l‘RONF Before Irlencls come In to dinner. he- *.7'~:e the evc-mug at Budge. or for tli'c dance. Lwrrkmvannu women appreciate the value of a, visit It) the 1vma,«|y‘s Emtxty Skruppe, No 565 Ridge Road. wlc-phone Abbott 0573. Impmxed pernmlmm. waving here is done only by experts skuled in times.- crnrt and with every mvought to the comfort and convenience of patrons. Klndly consideration compels each omplm to treat. every customer as u wurny, personal mend. and to look 1:: her lhmr-dressmg -needs ‘as actually performing xv favor—-rathen- than merely a Job. 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Park M1o.—Illdge Road Get Up Nights? 15-251‘ Bottle 565 RIDGE ROAD Abbott 0573 Abbott. 6328 Use ems easy bladder physio to drive out iimpuritii.-as and exces acids which cause irritation. that Results in leg pains. backache. burning and gztting up nighva. BU-KEYS. the bladder physio, txznmunlng buuhu, juniper oil. atc.. works’ on the bladder pleasantly and c as costar all on the ibowls. Get a 25:: ‘box (5 grain size) tmm your druggist. After four days. it not reineved of getting up nights go back and get your money. You are bound to feel better alter this cleans- mg and you get your noguisur sleep. Locally at Harry '1‘. Jam, Druggisvt. Make This 250 Test Iyplcll flro observation tower used by state forest rangers. ‘Upper left Ranger with telephone in observatory. BUSINESS IS FAIR Rooms Lunxbcr. Mlllwork. Wall Board. l Board. Storm Wlmluws. Comblnzmun Doors, Rooting Joseph Zoladz Lumber Co. Visit One of Our Large Display 80 ARE OUR PRICIS In I moment he has judged the app:-ox~ innate location 0! the blaze. Ho tele- phones aml instantly the llre-fighting force at the other end or the line is on its way to the scene of the trouble. “Let us suppose the telephone never had been invented. What would the tower-man do after discoverlng a tire’! He might send up a flare. tire on’ a. gun or set out for the nearest settlement by whatever means of locomotion might be at his disposal. In any of these events there would ho great nn certainty. The (lure nal-ght not be seen. the gun might not be heard. or his journey to the nearest settlement might be long and slow. “Tho telephone is lwzml because there is always someone there listen ing for its rlng. 'I‘hero is. it is true. n chance that it mltrht {nil ‘in an mnor geucy, but it seldmu does, The tire might be along the llne of the tale phone wire and break off cnnnunnlra tlon. That has lmmwucd. hut in such cttses.1Isua1l_v the next observation -ztn tlon has also .-awn t‘.nr~ blaze. with the rosult. that t‘.n- ltu'.s.~a_'.:c gets through anyhow. closed shelter raised on steel frame work above all obstructions. the ob- server muy stay at his post even when ! are close to him. His range of vision extends for many miles. He has on his shelf 1: strong glass, which extends his View even further. Most important of all. at his elbow is n teie phone. \He must be able to distinguish an innocent czunp from a contlagrn tion. Any smoke, however, draws his gaze and he keeps on watclling it. wait- ing to see it it is spreatlllig. it it re‘ mains steady he dismisses it from his mind. It. however. the smoke grows just a little denser. or n of ! nppenrs, his hand reunites for the tele phone. , \scztttered thron3.tli the forests are nt-nrly 100 rnn_:',ers. l‘:l(‘h with his sta lien and telephone. Under their jurls diction. to he called it needed. are 2.000 lire wnrtlens. (‘il(‘h also with his telephone. At all headquarters are shovels. hues and hose. Threngli the forests are vztrnzuns. nnti \vllm'e there are none-, wntr-r hnimx have been dun nrnr springs. \rhi(-h are usually water tilled. At many il(‘ ! there are automobiles, equipped with fire iitzhi ing apparatus. Some have gasolinr 1mnms. ‘ “Within a few minutes after receiv in: a message that u is raging, xv rnnger may summon his \\'a1'dens b3 telephone nnd then drive oil’ in his truck to pick them up or to meet their- il’ they have apparatus of their own They are on their way to the wltl‘ almost the speed of n city depart ment.\ ‘ Kinz‘ie Floral Shop ABBOTT ROAD 1400 BAIIJEY AVE Jeff. E159 641 mnalz noan ’ Abbott 5199 Abbott 0090 lackuwznnlm. N. Y. CIIARLI-‘.5 HERR SONS GOAL. COKE. SOFT COAL. [Cl and BUILDERS SUPPLIES Office: 1240 So. Purl Abbott 1942-: see our Complete Line of Unpnlmcd Furnlrture SUBSCRIBE FOR THE Phone 1928 Coal and Coke by the Bushel Joseph Brown. Pres. Hints For Homemakers By Jane Roger: Buffalo and Lackawanna Ice Co., Inc. 21 sotru PARK AVE. Dushless Range Calm $8.00 Ton 'Young Diplomat, Far From Home, K_eeps in Touch Through Radio Delivered muo (‘oal anal Ynlos Lcmgh Coal Scum-I-—§ol\n3—l)onner Hanna Ice Stntzicm Opt-n From 8 A. M l‘[|D“'L||Ill|\'9“|| \In the lust S-mnn.-r the Now Ynrk Slate (‘omm-\:.,Iinn l)opm'mmnt has added an an-p‘1nn tn its (lotm-Hon snrvioo. -'1‘hé r‘:~nr= nu'i'y over areas in which 011::-r\'m's are few and far nmu‘t. dt‘t\“(‘—Ul‘ r l)l:'.z(=s out of sixth! of the 0bsm‘\'m'. But here again. the tale- ~jphonn plays its vart. because the n\'lz1~ tor. until a two-v a_v radio system is in- _Btl\110(I on his v‘.nnr-, whit-h has not been done as ye’. (Hns on to the near est enlergexlcy 1-.mIinL_: and from there telephones his the news. _ TEIE next time you clean carrots which are to be grated. instr-ad of cutting off -the whole top leave shout. an inch of the stem. The whole carroi can thexi be ix :1 without the risk of scrupimt Imur thumb and \ while the lust M in being grated. TOMORROW you may be on the “front page” yourself- A stood gs-noml ml») to fonuw in suxm-ninar gre-en wgntztbles is to use u. dash of sugar to a pinch of salt. Without arH1.~’ally s\ve-mm1- ing the (11511. the suxmr rnsmrns the p;ard<-n sweetness whlr-h so many vesu-tablqs begin to low on their way to the kitchen. more cellars.’ R O B B E D ! Why not tnke a page from the other fellow’: ex erience and ninkeuureyouuealllycovercd. keeps them dry for all time _, ' IIIIIIIIIIIIWIIIIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIWWWIIII .; Exceplloncl Facilities .:_ [:2 Enabls U: to Guar- ; _é_ anlec Our Work -\‘ ; 3 ‘ ~ _'_*- :;Jw Itlulmmuu-— --mumm1 \:m_I'__—= T 15. Had an 1. E. and ‘vihua’°l(o have ‘ thus‘! 3- . II when you -cull: need It. 3 ,. ‘go buy gontndo this habit ’ (Ill CIII OITIC '3': Out work if oi lhe_hi¢h::| 5- and out undcei no ? at your inuanc db :_—' We ue eopeclully pro- “: md lo tum out Ielluhudq, _.,» udn, notrshoadn, smo- j ncntnloldou. hookleu.¢nvo- -_ - lop», carda, drculuu. Ind 1- may other Ml». Coho In - ’ udnoa us nut time you -‘ nod nomethinj h the printing lino. I W WU }E T N A - I Z E With 1 Residence Bux-‘gnu-y and 1112!: Policy. Phone or ntel KLEIN-HEGEDU5 C0. THIS SMALL OUTLAY. III nmlllnz uvln; over \|llIIl lnnmllldonu. protect: both your hm- lly Ind property. You pooltlvcly olimlnlto the annoyance. unhulthv condition. and dunner tron coming caused by any collar: by lgntnlllnx the UNITED Euscnuc AUTOMATIC CELLAR DRAIN ER “INSURANCE WITH SE. NICE\ 447 RIDGE ROAD 'I'hnll3htestwntenutotnntlcallyntnrtsitundltotopu when water has been completely dnlned. Roqultu no Ipeclnl lnntallntlon or uttontlon. Connects to any electric light socket. Cnpaclty 2500 uh. perhour at normal lift. Equipped with X H. P. 60 (hrcle I 10 Volt A. C. Elcctrlc Motor and fool-proolnutomntlc switch . . .’l‘hls out la zunrnnteed to ‘(lye perfect satisfaction nnd ls offered for 1 limited pcrlod (Italy at this exceptionally low prlco -865.50 plm hr» vudlnz charges. LACKAWANNA. N.’Y. ABBOTT 0001 I: obtain rice MERSX Wrltc (or Dcullo umlinln PIA: UNITED ELECTRIC MOTOR CO. Subscribe For’ The Lackawanna News AGENTS! This most pncélcnl. mbstnntlnl and low priced out o!fertbl‘: oppm-tunltv. llbcrnl Im- nodlno commlulona. quick um, no Investment. oxperlcnco unnocenury. . \Sand for Sula: Plan CLIP THIS AD -YOU MAY NEED IT! 118-A“Conno In. New York }\¥!E*’H8I'IJ!18 vwmv»/sv>1:zw ‘L.-,u;» ‘ jg’ ‘l‘_H»_l %m‘1\I‘:1;'nv‘/imr a _.,_ ,, ———T———j—————-1-——‘, Classified Ads BUILDING L01‘-S 1\ OR SALE——Fine building ‘lot: I {routing on South Park Ave. Hamilton -AveT., Stearns Ave. M and the Martin road; no In! tax-est; prices reasonable. hu wire of Michael Kinney. 161-.64 ‘ninth Park ave. Phone Abbot‘ \337-VV. Phone Abbott 4597 lloomu M. EDW. STALTI-ZR LONG LIFE Gutters and Conductor Pipe Heating Furnace Brpntrlng 435 EDEN AV!-1., near Abbott Roan

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