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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, November 26, 1931, Image 7

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v*\‘“‘»=‘.~“?>>”=:-7' *4 ..‘»‘§\1=z~*-¢~°?..¢7s 3 E-‘~~‘ I-‘A “ =7: _, \A ..‘;,;'‘>, H _‘ ,_ \e\i“\z . J-5,,» . .‘ .- ~ N -‘I’ \ Y?‘ 9 9‘-, ‘3 U 5‘: -5 v. ~ ., a--3 A--‘lu w- ,.'w.a;.; ; .’ “ ‘,\ ‘ _v (41:-.,.-:~‘._ _, ., F, W] y ' w-V »« A.‘-‘*3. , ‘ ~ . r“.~\-1:. ., ’ \ Has. «'3?- ,‘. _{ *9‘Yj_‘.L', 1 > »- . ,~ I’ ‘ ' ‘ 52 ' \‘ ‘ . élrawgnna .;New.a..» ék-wnmu. N, Y» Thu 2.5-. 193?) of Stjaggek %Screen v screen play by Ben I-Iéxjht, mm Charles MaAA}thu.11r.. authors 9! The ‘Front. ‘Page. - -For thw I1-rst ‘time -in two years. do-1-1 nnr»-n is- ‘no lcuger .tne~ suave ,pn11shec1 Engmsh gentleman. Instant: he is an outcast and ‘a. renegade; hldmg out. wlth R cbazgan oLh¢r reiugwes from the, law in 2:. 9t.tr1nge ouLpcm at who edge; ,0? the Szmam. ‘ Gm’-is About Town 134:. human. -amuse mg and often drmm-.tic story‘ of two ibeaumul. K01-gaousi-,3 gvqxvned gins who ride in iiinoxisines without; ‘having to »_pi1y the chauzfteurni In 5hC\1'i‘. tlfiéf,’ are slightly addicted 111 «gait! digging. <\‘l-. though ozile would never -thing of ac- uuu.éin.sr uhem or being: the heartless type. The picture boas‘:-1 nrmny hilar- ious aspcxcts -val‘ the story 299 Muns- \'IhaZ) cbid the clinlogue, agzm. proves that the is one or the ciovereet authors now wr1t£'ng on the screxiiiz _ Muusicomniy of 1932. Harry Carroll’; newmt Broxclway show l‘.2‘$ in its case wally Vernon. Lynn Doro, Wallace Vet nan. S12. Billy Vernon. Julio Mmio. arry Morrisev and the Seven Carroll- etztes. Carroll's own selected girls‘ with new songs, new tunes and new dance steps Ix; additon. Wn}ly Vernon win presrm his cnvn. act. The Ar’-istocratic \'a.g*x..bcmi; Wuliam Ecmhnds will be secn in Taking 21 Movie Test. with Mar- garet Wilson. Arch H-emhicks, Sue Allan and Harry shipieyi G'mce,Doro. oom- poaer and pianist. Ten I-‘mgera ot Sym- copation: and Four Silly Suliys. Bound mg All Around. H ,.g I; Esme 'l'ay)or am! Ens’ Wray have the -pxfl-x1c1pz=.l Iem'.n.:;1e roles. As the wan- ‘tan vcluptunry ‘or the star). Miss Tayé !or- has me bxggesr. part sxnce her up- ,pe«.m=.nce in Clmmaron. Othe.'rs_ out.- standlng in 1.11:3 cast ‘.nclt_l<1e Warren Hymer, Tully Max.--Lmll, Ullric Haunt, Lawrence Gmnt amt Luclllv I..3Vex‘nI.= The Unhcxy O.z1:'d.en. is said to offer} Colman in n z*:!‘.e as full of acmon as his memomme Beau C1633‘. And Lhough,. it ‘Is a .pv1UZ.tll'F‘ or ‘action and, adventure. ‘that light. ror.(‘1n'v;': tcuch which it chm-acteurnstac ox .\I1 -Colmmfs p1ct,ux'e«s Is evident. I This, -is Colman\; first picture smoe The I)ev41 To Pay. Pm-nous -to that he ‘so\;,>\'ed big hits In suéh prnductions as Bulldog’ Dztuummoncl. The Rescue. Con- cuemned and Rames. In ‘secu'r~Ln:; this outs.tandmg picture for Shears Century. the “management offer‘ It to the people at Buffalo and wilctlntty at the usual bargain prices. Shea's Kensington The Spirit or Notre Dame. that sur- ring !oo.ba.l1 zlx-amn In \'.\hCh many 01 -the famous cc-l1ege‘s greatest players appear, is the ettrncuon at sheds Ken- smgton Thanksglvxzzg Day. matdnee and evening Friday evening and Saturday matiiee and evening Special sumac- vions are Lnluded an the prograzn in ce at the holiday and the ex- trn. features samurriay. n=Ltmee- are Weotward Bound with Teddy Rocseven and the e epucde or Dnngex )s.11and. Wallace Beery and Jackie Cooper in “The Champ” which‘ will be shown at Shea‘s Great Lakes beginning with a ‘special midnight premiere Wednesday night at 11.30o'cIock. Eddie Cantor, with Cvh‘arlo’ctVeMGrenw-ood, in “Palmy Days,” ich will be shown at Shea\s Seneca Sunday and Monday, th matinee Sunday. Eddie Ca.ntor‘s latest’ picture Palmy .D:-1:15 will be prescxxtrrd Sunday after- noon and evening and Monday evemxvz Nov 29 and 30. It is gay. pictorial and funny and Cantor-1s cc-nsxscenly amus-« ‘mg, and it set gsomeehing 01‘ 9. new style In musical pictures. T\«l€:1tl and We<1x:<-sday u'en1n9.s. Dec. 1 and 2, that ddlghttul ax-tlst Ruth Chatterton 1-I111 appear in Once A Lady. wlbh a gienc cast. iucludng Ivor Novena. Jul Esmond rm, Goertrey Ken‘. Charles Farrell und Madge Evans will be seen In Heartbreak rcmantdc drama based on mewellirn Hughs‘ stlrrlng st-cry of an honorable deserter. 'I'h'urs~ day evenlng Dec. 3. and James Dunn's newest vahcle sob Sister is booke !or Fuxdny and Samrd.-.1y. Dec. 4 and 5. Shea's Seneca for mree days, startdngi Thursday wnh specxal Tlmnksgxvxng Day m.at!ne~2 at 2 o'clock In addition.‘ there will be Laurel and Hardy Ln one wm be seen in his szcund talking pic- uxre. Pxumy Days. Sunday and Monday, w.:h mwblnee Sunclay at 2 o'clock. Ad- sncc her divorce Item the rormér \v':r1d'3 clmmpon Len yeaxs prior, but now that she has discovered the where slbouts -09 her son. she xzukas a plum to t-Ix father to take me boy from the squalox or h_a exist/snce -and to prdvde mm with educa.b1o:1a1. and social ad- vantages within her power. The deci- slcvm o! the tamher and rttho boy 01*.-.m:,e a erles of events which oonsttute the protiuuctzloxvs bd for omswndmg com- ody and drama. lung Vldor dlrecteti and selected Irene Rich, Rosco Ates. I-Jdxvnrd Brophy and Hale Hamilton as 'the players supportmg ‘W.-Jlace Bee1:y and Jaclea Cooper. Sheafs Great Lakes E Tu; F111;“-.,nan-5 pamdjse ‘cred subjects are Love Tans or Morocco fishetma/.n.‘s novelty; Glad Deshon. at a dogvule comedy and Screen Scruvenlrs the grand organ xmd Shea‘s Seneca ‘No. 4. ‘A Oiianga of opening day will launch Wallace Beew Jacke Cooper in The Chunp at Sheers Great. Laks starting \I‘hu:-stlay. This nwiy appointed day 01 opening instead of km Friday is but a rhemporary 1-nnomtziou nrd had it's cten~ tion in order to accommodate \a speciar n prevview showing or The Champ, opened to the public Wednes- day, 'I'i'xa.n.lcsglv1ng Eve. Nov. 25. The Champ is an original screen story and. s appointed to contain vari- ous elements oi comedy and dmma. The story is deaigncd on early it‘s a.udiencv.- ‘through the varied L-scapads of :1 form- er world's champion prizzefighter and his son Wallace ‘is the ex-chum. plan who has passed ehe pinnnoi or his ring attainments and physical prowess, but he is not reconciled to this truth about h-imseli He is seemingly the irresponsible tamer who drinks. gamble; away any mr/hr.-y which comes itivo his possession and thereby de- prives his son of the opportunities for happiness and education. However. rthere are moments wherein he izwishes gifts upon the child ho loves onlv tr. mire to gambling mvay these gratui- tiies. Jiaciéie Cci:>p.{-r, is thrr son who has been maxed in the sporting environs surrounding his tv.i.hcr's aciivimes and 3 the \vorclly~.wi_sc ycmngster whose only (xiticaion has been gamed through his amoci with the peoples o! 9. gar- xish Mexican. border town. Drawn by the lure at the season's race ciassc at Caliexvte the boy‘s mrithcr. by circum- stance. meets one urchin whom she later discovers to be her own son. She has risen to social tame and wealth News. Extra subjects at the Saturday Once a. lady. tar:-mg Ruth. Chatter- ma.t.mee wxll be Buzz Bzrnou in The ton. that lady of tine screen will be Cyclone Km and tho snxvl; episode of ‘Egg? gt!“ ::;5d“?;e3‘;$uW i B“\““g Wm‘ B“\‘“° 5m ‘'m‘ Tm“ fxove-no. Jill I:pr:ondganAd Goosrrey Kerr. 'I‘y-let. Lucille Br°WD‘=- Rex 3°31 and iadaea subjects wm be Lulu Mcconneu William Desmond. Ii-n Sociamy‘ Correct and Ear Carpenter Helen Ault in “Threes A‘ Crowd”, Erlanger, Week of November 30. Eddie Gamer, heady-eyed comedian. and ms band in Big Hausa Party Sheas Hippodrome A smith and Dale comedy. Sponllght Rae] and S_hea‘s Great Lacs News com- plete the surrcumluzg program Kay Fr.m:*ds 'LiI3,':.u1 Tcshnmn. Joel ‘-‘!CC}1‘.'l'-I and Eugene Panette are ur- le-azlmgz rwlwers in the new comcray cu-ama. Girls About '1'ow.:. \\h1ch wz1~ he shown zxt. Sham‘: 1~I;;op;>r::on‘-:1 beg1:mm;-:- S-‘llldwjy. On the :1 gr. Irxxxrry Carran :I:n::.s his M\l$AvCI'nll l)« -‘I 1982. ms 119 v~ est Brcuctxvny ccn;-vIl.u:‘lon. xvith a bril- liant: crust. 0! Stclt 0' her acts and Herb Stmub and band aho will be fea- tuted. Sheas Buffalo Spxrt ox‘ Not:-e Dame-, clsclcatetl to the mnmcry of the lute Knuto Rokne, with L-.v Ay:..s. k-‘rank Cartdm) the Four Hclscmen, W1.1l1.\m Bake-well. $11117 Bane uml J. Fnrrvll McDonald, the 1~=~Jut=.-r as Roskne. will be shown at. Pcwsessed. \v1‘h Joan .C1nwlcrd smzl Clark Gable. \v‘xll 1):: pr:-<'.=,nte.d at Shea‘: Bufaicz, begannfnq Friday. The h-\ro'nu of Possessed. mad}: mmous bv Florence Road 11- the stage \'a1'sIlon. gxves Mlss Cxmvrzvrd a wide nmgn 0: ucung oppor- tunlue-'s. On the stnge will be the 1\‘\'ue. Hot Java. rouurllzg’ Jm McDox1~ n.1(l. Ch-su'Ies Mnmxlng will direct the symphonic ensezrfale in the overturn-. Wlllunm Ten. feamnm: Gt-org'e D‘A1mn as salcxst. Henry B. Muftngh will agmn pm-stde at the console of the grand or- gnu rx ..v~¢ Joan Crawford, in Possessed. is seen :-s -a ‘factory w\')r1:ex' who cannot. reeun~ tlle hearse)! to the poverty and drab ex—- lsbence of her class. Instead, she makes the must 9! her charm ky going to New York. wherdshe becomes in with Gable In the role of n young mlmoimalre wxth political ambitions. The love ox‘ Gable for Miss Crawford becomes 3 atumblmg block when he aspires to be- come governor of his state. To render him (tee to execute 9. succmstul cam- pntgn. sha consents to an engagenx-am: with a Iboy from her home town when she does not love. But when at the notmnnvmng convention her name. _1s made the butt 0! heckllng propaganda. Miss Crawford resorts to more drasfac ,mea§n.u:e?_-. which result; in. 1.! ¢!rI:l!m1N<'- denouncoment or dn¢4*ra.'-ting conse- quences. , R” \ .3‘ 4.223‘? ~a=%% \ .-I “N. Shea’s Buffalo Beginning 1-‘rlduy JOAN CRAVVFORD CLARK GABLE \POSSESSI-ID\ Plus-—0n the stage: “ ‘‘ll0'l.‘ JAVA\ with Jim Ricfwnnld CHARLES MANNING and Orclwatm In \William Tell\ Cwriuxe Heading the cast of Hot Java. the stage revue, is Jim Mcbonalcl, comed- ian and Armanda Cmrot. colomture soprano other acts will be Naree. in’-abws dancing da.ughte1-1 Three sam- ucl Brothers, pmclslcm tap artists; Vin- cent. Yerro. Javanese v1xr{pe.r5onmtox- and twelve Sunkist Beauties. Ronald Colman and Fay Wray in “The Unholy Garden,” which starts with a special preview at Shea’s Century at 11:30 Wednesady night. ‘Shea’s Great Lakes SUBSCRIBE FOR LACKAWANNA NEWS ‘ Clxfton Webb. Frcd Allen and Libby l3I.>1n1:Ln. thus dlstmgulshod trio. will be ‘sum in Buffalo when Max Garden resents ma Mg revue Tm-¢c's A Crawl Two Gust Stars in a Picture You Will Never Pctgen WALLACE BERRY JACKIE 'C.O0FE‘R, S})ea\s Centurv “Prince of Pineapple“ 'BroadcastsJubileeParade Recklessly advenulrrnxs rat.h.e:' than romnnt-1c. Ronald Colman comes :3 Shows Cemury In Tue Unholy Gwdcn. 'at the En-lrmg-:r t.h«-nter for one week -'1‘-nu: CIIAMBP\ ‘E with IRENE RIC}! SMITH an DALE in Comedy 1 Great 'surmumlJng um Joan Crawford and Clark Gable co-sVtarre_d in “Possessed which will be shown at She:1’s Buffalo lg giunmg Friday. -bagnmmg Monday 1-vemng with pspxunr 'nmr:ncy:s on wt>d.nP<day and Ssvtu'r<In_v. '1'hre:~‘s A Crowd has exeryhmng In ,addmon to the three stazs 0! The Lxttla ‘Show the new revue has been devised by the most talontei grmp of aummhozn and stage tee-hnlcmn-= to ocnabcmte on In smglg stng prcsemacions. Sl1ea’s Hippodrome | Albertina Rcsch. whoso bullets and ensembles have been ‘acclaimed seascn Beg1nnLng Bnturday \Guns AmuU’1' TOWN\ with after season. has dcv‘s.4.-d and executed ‘the dances. - Jolmsotx the im- !ngnmt1ve creator or the decor 0: CrIm~ mm Gods. supplied tho stage settings. lwlme the costumes were designed by‘ Klvlebte. The whole Nvue has been compiled and supervised by Howard Dletz KAY FRANCIS. mlgYAN TABHMAN, Joel Mccrea am! Eugene Paulette P1us—shea Stage B111. wm; \MUslC0.’vll3DY 01-‘ 1932\ ' S} gr :/ 1» Harry Carroll’: Newest Broadway Pro- duction, with up all-star cant Cheat Sun-oundlng B111 In nclcuton to Mr. Webb. Mr. Allen ‘and Miss Holman. '.he cast 0: 'i!n'oc‘s A Crowd includes Tamera. C-eva, last seen in Wlxoopee, the Czxllfumn Collegians. Helen Ault. Amy Aevexs. Joan Clement. ‘Hnnuott Hmnml. Fred Mncmurray. Percy Ltumders, Lou Wood. Portland Hoffa. Ray Perkins. variously known as \Pruice of Pineapple\ and the \Old !rupper.\ ls shown nbove us he appear- ed wt-.1k1ng along State Street. M01»; (in; night. May 1!. clurlng Chicago's Jubilee parade. This mmnmom pro- cession forget! through thousands or spectators. oust the busiest. corner In the world with the “Prince of Pine- apple\ and a stall at announcers ac- 'comptmymg on the sltlcwnlk. Perkins. ‘guess from New York. 0! Nzxtiomnl ‘Broadcasting Co.. was heard over the lame x'xc-uvork» and station WIBO. tho Hlhlcago outlet. Thursday and Friday Imm-mug from 9:00 to 9:15. In his Ircgulur weekly \rond_xm3ts. He also ‘was beam Wedrxesdny momma from ‘the Mary Hula Martdn méclel 2;1tc_h_ex:‘ In the Libby. McNeil! 5.: Libby plant *_(_i_uring the regular broadcast period. _ Shea’1s Century Action! Romance! Atlventutel RONALD COLMAN Wally Colo. Alan Jones and others “ uN|‘I'ou' .GAIlD!}N” Three's A Crowd is coming here ml- lowing a. run of one solid season in the Selwyn theater, New York. ‘- FAY WRAY. Ear}:-:m.1=: TAYDOR 7 ' Wllfron llymu. Tmly Marshall »* ,. — non‘ bxumxg, nirmg Novelty .. ‘qty. \ : 3 \ - , J ; f ....,..,M._., ...,.,,.... ,.=<a;*.:...~=-. . .,.- ,. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE «Four Marx Brothers; Zeppo, Harpo, Groucho and Chico, who will be seer. in person at Shea’s- Buffalo beginning Friday, December 4. LACKAWANNA ‘NEWS -‘K

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