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»' ‘/ ‘L-9. Now; ~ ,1!-in_cL!.m«r\ana. Y... ?IThi9- ~o\1v V‘. 3.2 Hot—Wa.-ter Bottle “’D:,ri=nks” 92 Lbs. 7 of “H2Q”VBe’:°<'ore «Crying “E—n.o‘u.gh”! '.-M-3 ‘-§\;,\' W .. » 'u~.-‘~‘-I-¥- 3 ‘~u£‘~.., ,..- 4,, 1' 4.3;» 32 ;L.x('KAK,\\\',\:\'.\.\ M_'tm.\ u. _ sm:\.'£s l'Q..\l.\Il'.\'.'l'l‘\' ' ' \J\ 3 ' ;i’;‘-I!\ Coxnmezmlixg on me local Lbusxness sxtunxtlon torlay-. Clmarlea Troxv, px‘e-‘»- zclem of me LMko.\va11n,1 -N:\‘uoxm.)., baxxk‘ u'.7.l_(l \Lacka\vz1nna )5 Io:-t1Ira,\_-5 in the type of !i1,zmnc:a.l ms\xLu'..‘u1.s wmch nerve, this c.mznu_nA.,1.5'. our own exrejngtn and sound cx.ndmo’n. are well mchlcuted by the str;l,§nv|'21t 0! coxxcllzvzx which was .pllblJl5!_1l‘d I]: msr. of ‘Octo- ber, woxugy or momlou -L\, the hxguly uquld ooncutlcvn LA! the Lml;a,\\'£\_11n:_\ Nmtuonzzl Ba_nk., Th? smttntent at the close at bumuess Sept, 28 showed that bur Mquxcx assets-—thm,, is those wmcn may be C01_1\’(*{'L9d mto caslu almost. wvern,1gh,t, — totalled $2 65:‘ 044 Tms compares \_vn‘h depcslxs of $3,917,000. In other woxds. the bank, :5 oxcept1ona.1l:z klquldz this 1.»; an unusually f.\vo_rz_xbl_e ratio for any’ 1l,!sU.cuLzcn In a_dd1t.}on we ha.,ve $I.l6'Z.520 m I_ljV(Ilftg.'£lg€S. mostly on homes, oxvnecl by ('on:\:rv*zuuvely vu1uec1 prope-rty In this, cxmmumty. as well as over $750 000 in ochej: scru1.1<l- assets.“ Laékawanun‘ >N.!i§onaI own 28 Ymurs, ‘of ‘Sucu-sstul‘ Servjce tn the ‘l'l‘(||)lo ol Abbott .1728 (‘ll|'J_(‘K 'l‘Il\'l‘ 'l‘l WITII .3‘ xv-.‘_ it '15:» Theo. ‘Michael &. Sch: ‘v g. . , . ‘HIE l‘LE.\Nl:1S'l_‘ A,\'T ! QBT \ INABLE Pxjompt. l_)v;;1l_ve1c3_' sex‘-vice, 103. Alicllaels Place DEV Eli.\(i ES Lu(-k.wu;xmIm, N Y. “A fgzewrnat great): suength. wh'.ch is not shown In our s.z.:1e1_n_ent, is our membership, ‘in. me M.:r-me Mltllancl Group of banks. The. group 15,, com- porq ‘of 18 banks ex\‘.mwu_.g over the {'l]UX_' pat‘; or New Yuxl; State. The Bia Midland POrp(\!'«\UQl1 has cash of over $20_.0O0.Q00. The Isgckawannn t\’zxt.tox:_al bank. as n ur-m:,be1' or the Smoup. has hack 01.11: all the zjesources :1) money and m_an::gemenc ox Murine Mld1'amL In. these ‘trymg. times it is £5 source cl great samstacucn to the (us vectors and officers or this ‘bank to know that the L§(.‘Kt_!.W ! National bank is a member 01 one or the largest and strongest llganclal org animations 11*, the, United States.\ ABBD,T’I‘ 5023 ABBOTT 5035, ‘E .5 .5 Abbptt 4111 (special na,rgs\m1 Iluvrhm; \,\'uU-r In-alter Fits Any Car——$1:H)5 Installed BALLARD BROS. OLDSMOIIILE SALES AN\. .s‘E_R\’lCl: \-lluyv Wm.-no Servtce (‘oi|nts\ Roainaki Furniture Co .. :3; . ' iii? ‘ L‘ I\ ,' 5 <2:-‘~ 1 - v:-L‘, 3 = ‘ ‘v. '7. .53?‘ V./F{..~ 15.3. T K‘ . 3 A (‘omple_te Lilll‘ of, Furniture :'~‘<=-:'*e~:~:-=:~:- ‘'~:<= —. ~ -. 1, *4‘ ...g\§,,_\\‘:,_ and ‘Radios l)R_.,I/Aer;-. I Tasrwq we cnvacn-v om Maveeu A/or-w} TWO 1>owv.o‘ T’ re-2 Borne 5064 can t(oLD.$ OF.‘ Nn’)T€»Q Sold on Easy Payment Plan SELL 3 DRESSES 1017- 33,95 Amazmg values. Ea,1,‘l_\. to $45 weekly and tree- elresles Experience unmoessary, Free outm; of S0'1‘8,€‘ous Fall and, Wimc-1; styles. msnxox mocks. Dept. N- 3078_ Cincinnati. O._ Who doesn't remember when Hie old nqt-water bqtgle leaked at the sllgh,t,v:st..px;ovoc«stion_ oi: motile: leaxteu II wouiu lea}: ll it wen; she least on “bloav.ed\? Mote than three or tour pounds oi wlpbrr in the bottle was considered a, seinous Lesil oi the nan}.-hn_esg and dulra-m_l_i_ty 0! mm rup- ber, Al_mough_ nppmrently well estab- llsh_ec_I_ as n noon to aching humanity. the h_ot-.waLel: bottle still was regard-. ed as pretty much or an experiment. so !su- as its c and‘ sustaining ‘capacity was concemed, men s_cl,em;e stepped in (.0 mo: ouuxll the old tear: and wing !or}.l_1 amazixig revelations. Io pxyove Its contention mm the ugh}. kind, 0! rubber and me most npprqveq methods oi welding would résult in a come mm would pertorm yeoman service and dispel the in tears oi leakage and unqefpendnnay. ,; Montgomery wnxd 6: 00 ‘s great HI»:- apozy ‘in Chicago earned on intercu- lug gun illuminating tests. '-we found the ugh; Kind 0: rubber and the right methods of manuiac- um.-.\ mm Dr E. H lrlarvey, and or me big mun-ordez and r'e.tan-more concerxrs laboratory. \and men we set about to End out just whu old u‘usu._-I {1_qL-\va,zezj ‘b,o,tt.le could do_ to- wzuds_ gustnfygug the generous, guar- ayteos :n,.,\-tie‘ by the company In I word. we wanted no, lguow just nay mucu water we bottle cqujd d,I,‘!,n,k,' belore czytng '€n0.ugh,.,' Stuttxng with two pounds 6! water. wa kept ‘-teed1x\g* the bag until 1:. carded 92 pounds and resembled m,s1ze, the cnampxon pump-. Jam at, the county ‘tax: It dldnft seen; possible that the has could nqxq go much water at one time Now. no one eve: needs 92 potxuds 01 water In I home but the tap: than our pomp co,u),q gold max, much before ouxstxng sxxauza xemove for all tune the on rear ol_ xeajmge uuq or-nknge under normal usage . \The ward laboratory .3 one at the largest and most complete mddsujxal test shops tn the counujy. and 940, are conuuuxguy dolng the things that make our guarantee: more than poa- smxe me no}.-.watex ooule wax L8, mu one 0! the thousands at tests we have made and mje mnxxxxg to wnnunt we good-wm and con 91 out cllstolnexjs. In, this moctem day upm- mg goes runner in nullcung up Ind stlmxnlutuxg public con mun ptoven mam and quality 01 the thing; It buys.\ No lxxtoerest. or Gaming Gh Best, Equipped Service Station in the City 1,‘3'l'3, SOUTH l‘.MlK' AVE. Abbott 1032 1005 Ridge Road Lack_a\\\nn1\n. N, Y’ stadium Sunday-. score 4 to. 1 1:; 3 Northwestern New‘ York lesgue contest. baton a big and envthus-1-a.s_t1c crowd. The soggy mega mado It dlmm tor :1 good display of soccer. mspanos drove through to take every chance to S°0I‘0~. local l(.C. Holds Special Meeting we ‘Use the Lzneish i-‘ac¢.91'¥ Memovds In Shoe Re_b,u1A1d1ng, Milgdyk Beauty Slloppo lnlpmvcd Permanent Wavlnz Our \\foI,‘k ls (iuatantced Blue Ribbon Shoe Repair Why Nat Save the “Blue mun-n way\ Buoineu of Importance to Trnnsnctcd Thursday Night, All Members Urged to Be Present. The caermmn are ray elimlngted In the 1:101-mweatem cup competition but have two games won in N'Mon.\,1 cup series. ‘rho mspa!.\0s,,' next opp<m- am. In the Northwestern cup same: will be the Ranger; 0! South 'B\ht1_a!o who defeated Niagara.‘ Falls Rovers. 2 to 0. at the Falls. In the opening halt there was. no soon. but. Rangers In we mm! halt l'3lHe_d. and wu when Ko- gans. center forward, and Taylor. out- slda 1_e!t. sound gonli. Artisclo Finger waving \ Mnrcenlng llalr Dyeing We Call and Deliver scalp and Ends! 'l‘naunenls So. Park h'e,—lmge Bum! 365 RIDGE ROAD g3 Abbott 6328 Theme will be 3. special meeting 0’! the Knights of Columbus on Thursday awning. Nov, 19 at 11:15 o'clock at the Lrlub. roams, Brothel: L. J. Hank-y. spechg,1_ agent 0! thg sup ! council will be our guesv that evenjng. Bzother Hanley comés to inspect. our records and report hi_s_ findings to the supr_em_e council In New Haven. Abbott 0573 ‘Item. one of our, l-N80 9'-‘IP13! BUSINESS} IS FAIR ls Reinstated no-n_ns V ' Lumben-., Mlllworlr. Wall Baud. Plaster: Roam. storm Wixujaw-1. Comlnuauun Imam, looting Joseph, Zoladz Lumber Co. so ABE OUR I-axons Kinzie Floral Shop ~As you are probably lnmlllar with Brother Hanley it Is needles: {or me to tell you that he is a. taleumed speaker and always has a message of 1n_r.e;esf. ioxj members at me Kmghts or Co1um~ bus I xreajly {eel that im will be well worth your elioxjt to hear him’ It perhaps. you are in mien: in your dues and assessments in me can your attentlpn to axe fact. that our worthy gmnd knight and r!‘.1mncla_l, secmhrv will be only too gkad to go over tms matter and make some nrtangenxenas convenient. to you It is the desire 0! the officers of your councij that this xnmter be taken care at beiom Bxother H.\1_\1ey's visit. Fwlloxx-mg Is a list’ 0: cannon meet- ings for the re-nnA11\,tlm' or the ye£\r,. Thursduv eve-n_m-,2. Nov. 19. spec-H1 xneomxgz VV\-c1_n'*s(l-‘Iv (.ver\,1ng, Nov '15. xegul,.xr mowing. VVI‘dng*s(1uy evenmg. D96 9, regular. regular mooning and \VeL11\esq.xy e-veutug. Dec. 23. regular moeung 1400 l\ill.l2Y AVE. Jeff. 5159 (M1 ltlDG_li ROAD Abbvtt 5189 Allll,0,'l\I ROAD. Abbott 0090 l.avkawu\na. N.‘ \' Patrolman Get: Full Pay For Time Off Pending Probe of Circumstance; in Raid by Deputiea of Sheriff’: Offico. See our Sumplete Lino of Unpgln-.ed I-\\u'n Lebanon Water in Christen Big_l.iner A 1'55‘ DR. F. V. SUTI.-AND Dentist ‘ SAYS Pavrolman Bmjney Moran Tuesugy was ngu4l_n 9. regulnxr member or the L.nckmv.mua ponce :l«pmrtme:nt,. He \\~a.s reinstated on Monday night with full pay for 1110 time or his sus- penznun pa-n\un.g_ mvmst-gnnon or on- cumsmuu-ss surroundmgr the sootmq 0! Patsy R.1cc1_. deputy zhcxuft. m 2; mud coxxcluued here scwxjul \\:eel;:s ago. Pgone 1921: Coal. and Coke by the Buahel |0.\(‘|\ll Brm\'n., Pun. TEETH Extracted Buffalo and Lackawanna Ice Co., Inc. 2! S()l ‘I'll l‘.\RK AVE-. Dll.Sixl(.’8§ Ran.-.;c Cake $8.00 Ton Del.s_'D1,‘ed mue (‘ml and \':u,m5 Lehigh coal .~‘cn_|et——:-mhup-—l)m|ner llanm Coke I I Nitrous 0x1deani0xygen : II Igfp. You to to sleep. you awake. _ rlhu teeth an out. Alla lows! u- traction! of tycth I; numbing or _ (tanks! ‘he (mm, '1 - ' IS YOUR PLATE LOOSE? \ Broken und loou plate: repaired ' and re Ind mud: to look like : new It I reuqnablc price. Gold F and porcalnin_ bzugzework, zohi til}- inm. porcelain mung: and silver filling; carefully hunted, PRICES MODERATE g ‘I an. F. v. summn g D E N 1* 1 s T :3 IAIN AND M0!lA\\K 0 435 MAIN s11. . n - Burma. N. Y. '5 _ , H Avhyllhtnolt Npreuary 5 _ O lion\: 5 A, I. la 8 I’. II. .: Regulate! horn in attgndvguen. 5 --qwnaa.-.-.,'.-J-.-.-.*.-.51.-5'5‘-.-5-.-5-.-5-hr. Mr 1\1>mn was ts~xme1'ecl a. oordlzxl 2't‘CcpI,.un by other members of the. «le- pu1'm'(n'L \vl,1eu he xeporld In for work to sun alter mklxxlgnt. 'I‘ue.sd;\y mon:— 11,1‘; Ice Stat-‘U11 Cpm From 8 A. M. to 8 P M. HISPMWS AGIII NEAR GIMMPIBNSHIP .\|Il|II“\\|l|lI|\l W 532 J § « Vi- Abroken plate glass window is bound to cut in- to your pro un- lcgss you’rc— IF YOU NEED Lotterlnoadn Cards invitations Folder: Statement; Circulan Clever Steel City Soccer Set Back Germans, 4 to I at Turnpikg Stadium Béfére Good Crowd Sunday. Envelopes. Billheudo or anything else in the print» in: line. come in and D00 us Gernxm A, C soccer team tell before the all-m:ou_nd supemor play of the Lackaxxranna Htspnuos at Turnpike cuanus HERR sous | COAL. COKE. SOFT COAL. ICI III IUILDIRS SUPPLIES Office: 1240 80. Park. Aiioll 1.434 No mqre cellars! . Mn. Franklin D. Roosevelt selects a home of spring water to chrinten the 1 largest liner ever bull America. 1!. G. Monlioken. right, receiving the bottle {mm Mrs. Roosevelt. ', LEBANON SPRING. N. Y.-In a [picturesque cnromony here Mrs.‘ llftanlrlin D. Roosevelt accepted tor .111; state or New York 9. bottle of lwntu from tho historic Lebanon ~. Spring to be used in christening the new United States Liner Manhattan largeu ship evervbullt in America. [ The wnter will be used at Camden, ,New Jeruey. December 5, when the Manhattan is launched, and christened with historic waters from the states of the Union. The selection of Leh- anon Spring was mado at the sugges~ tion of Governor Roosevelt, who ap- pointed Hon. Chas. S. Fayerweather or the General Assembly and Mrs. -Fayerweather to plan the event. Tho Lebanon Valley Women's Club -conducted, the ceremony which had its inception in a request from Paul W. ‘Chapman. president of the United States Lines, to Governor Roosevelt for cooperation in plans for christen- ing the new American liner. . An impressive feature was the par- ticlpntion otslster Emma Neale, head of the old Shaker Colony on Lebanon Mountain and one of the lost surviv- on of the once set- tlement. Abner P. Hitchcock, de< ucendnnt of Captnln Hitchcock, I B:-ltiah. omcer said to ‘havo been the first white man to discover the medic-. inal value of the springs, was one 0! the speakers. A poem written for the occasion by Mrs. Eva S. Browning. of the Lebanon ‘Valley Women's Club, was recited by her daughter, Miss‘ Eunice Browning. of the Boston Little Theatre. The Boys‘ Band of Berk- shire Farm played patriotic selections following a, ps.ra,de by school children. Mr. E. G. Mcllicken. Vice President of the United States Lines. represent- ed American merchant marine organ-_ izstjons and received the bottle of water (rorn Mrs. Roosevelt. Governor Roosevelt had visited Leb- anon Spring and was greatly inter- ested in its history which led to his choice for the event, Early in the, 18th Century Captain Hitchcock. who had won the friendship of the Indians’, was -carried by them over the moun- tains to the spring, whose curative properties were known to the red, ‘men. Tradition says that Hitchcock drove the switch that he carried into the ground beside the spring and that it grew into the superb sycamore tree that now towers above it. Among the famous men who have signed the reg- ister are the Marquis de La Fayette. Daniel Webster, Charles Dickens and John Qnlncy Adams. 9 keeps themxdry forall time IE T N A - I Z E D Our Etna Plato Gléu Policy-gun um» (Au npl4cuuu!I—u notou IO VDII What a Bladder Physic THIS SMALL OUTLAY. In uutlnu uvlns _ one unul lnltullntlonamrotoctg bothyour hm- Ilv uud. vxoportv. You posmnly oununup the annoyance. unhealthy condmon. Ind and: Iron omnu squad by dun» eolhn by nnmum the UNITED Euzcnuc Au'~roMA'r—xc should da. work on tho bladder as castor oil on the bowels. Drive out im- puritles anti excess ‘acids that cause imtatlon which results in getting up nights. Irequent, desire. burning. leg pains or backache. BU-Kl.-Yrs (5 gr, tablets) in a pileaszmt bladder physio, Get. an 25c test ‘box, from war drugglst. Arte: (our days it not relieved go back and get your money. You will [eel good ai7t.e1_' this cleansing and you get you: ‘gwgmlm sleep. Jan's Drug Store. ,Kl..ElN-HEGEDUS C0. \maunmc:-: wnm a:.McI- «'1 RIDGE ROAD LACKAWANNA, N. Y. 'l‘hn!uMutwntorqutounntledllyuhthltudltntopo when III!!!‘ has been completely dnlnpd. Roqulroo no IDOCIII Insullauojx or mention. connects to any Ihclrlc light uockotg Camel?! 2500 nix. not hour :1 normal lift. lqulpned with )4 H. P. £0 Cycle 110 Volt AC. Elocylc Motor-and fool,-proof automnua twitch . . .Thl9 out zuanntcod to give :_a,a|_-(cc! utlllncuon and {I attend to: I limited pariod only at this oxupllonllly [ow prlco—I65.50 pluu lot» India charges. -2\ 1 V. W’ 3 _\i ' 7 44' 1'«,‘.r ABBOTT 0001 \IIIIIIWIIIIII\ Order t.o.o:bt¢|'gI in MERE! Writs for Don and 8119: Plan UNITED ELECTRIC MOTOR CO. r‘_. 'u_‘:~‘ .5‘ 1,15-A’ Conn 32.. Nwvqux AGENTS! This most vnctical. Iublhntill and low priced out!!! o bl; onvonpnhy. liberal in- nodmo ! \ quick uln. no lnvonmonl. upuygonco ngnoeuann. . ,. sand for Salu Plu THIS AD -AYOU 'HAY NEID IT! .‘ __ - »--vw-.--~.~‘ -..—. 1. .., V ' 4-«wad! l. ‘ ‘ ‘ '‘ am — --.~—-an»-—:,-.,,§,,.,, _ E:s 1'-ABLISHED meg _ EYES EXAMINED ‘BY APPOINTMENT DR. WILLIAM. J, COOK OPTQMET-RJ'sT -:~V- <-\-\\’-\‘s\.. - « 3° \~ 9‘ % ‘N-' » “m»,“\ nun: o.A.:M._ cc 09. M.. except an v hyu. cloud Saturday: at 13 ‘Noon Phone. Washington 51115 (only one office) : I 4 8 B R O A D W A Y Muir Illchlam An. lulfalo. N‘. Y, l\'Ee:11_-Jbe.-,x7- Eedeta! Reserve System -Member New York. State Banking DE?‘- Muxnber Exjle Count-y Bankers Assn. AMERICANQ ‘BANK Helps LzN‘k1\\\‘&II\lu\ ’Gr0.\v M:-mb_er Na.uox..z\1 Credit. .-‘.~m.x_ No. one or the Second Federal Re-acme D151. BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE-—AFine building Iota on‘ South Park Avo.. Bjamilton Ave... Stearns Ava. :nd\the Martin road; no in- mrest; pricoa reasonable. In» -wire of Michael Kinney. 1684 loath Park ave, Phone. Abbott I381-W. Phpne Abbott 4597 lloollnj M. anw.s'rALfr1-‘.-R LONG LIFE Gutter: and conductor Pipo Begun: Fiimuce Repairing 435 EDEN AVE. nut Abbott Iona

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