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.r— «~43-, ,5. v ..,=;H 1,, v5. ~.-,~::;.*-;« .‘ 3 \ ‘N -\'l\n\.:!;”'§'4(.A._4 \ — » ., A-' ..-.~-«,- _. u ,- Liékawanha News. 1iI(;knwann.&,;‘N'. Y., Thurs. Nov. 19, 193.1 oi-TICIAL _PROCE_EDINGS or THE common cousncu. mv.a,nna. Lackawanna. N. Y. Dear Sirs: i am A Spanish-Axnerxcan War veteran} which envwles me ‘tax gxemptzlon. The assessors hr.-we n1e.c-xemptzed fgromf taxes beglnngng with» 1932. Don't you think I should be exai ex'n‘pted from taxes lbegtlxming ’WM:h.‘ July‘ ‘I930. at which‘ time the tax ‘exemfbtlonl ‘bill went Into .eIfect. Yours very truly, Marlon F Forse, Moved by Joyrnt: and sncontted by; Warren, chm‘, c'unnn‘Jn1!cx}.‘:1on he re-“ oeived and .x'err.-r1'ed‘ to am; Corpouxtion Counsel. Carried. \ 7COMMUNLC:\'1fION N0. 3. Honorable Mayor and Members of the Council. WIiFE’_‘S LWE _sTonY % 13 aursen IN mun! ‘Regular: Meeting at the Gommcm ‘Gou1mL1 heljcl Oct. 19. 1931 ‘called In Order by His Honor the Mayor .Ecl'.\u1‘d T. Malone. Helps in Acquitting ’H’._.l8\ band of 5Murder. I Roll can, present, \\'4.rreirI;. Joynt. Gnf-nths, Dono\vL'1c-K. Moved by Warren: and seconded bv Joynt, 'tha.t. minutes of Oct. 15, 1931-. be approved as fend. Whitby, '0ut.——A -supposed “Lx-uer love story.\ w1*I_ttvn by Mrs. ‘\'ulvney\v1‘rick plus:-(1 (1 part In ac-qulmng her ‘hus- band of a change of -attempted murder here. Carried. GOMKVIUNICATION No. -1. To ms Honor the Mayor and Hoxwrable Board of Couno1l.men. ‘Gantll.-men‘: Accused of assaulting his wife with an ax handle in ‘tl1e1v:home a't-0shnwn, % ’.l‘rIc-1: charged that =he and his wife‘ had become estranged because of -at- J tensions paid to the =lntter by ms young- er brother. He produced the story winch his wife thud submitted to a “con fessiou\ magazine, and which told of the \vx=lter‘s supposed ‘love for I man other than her ‘husband. “He drew me into his arms and kissed me,” an ‘extract trom the story read. \'1‘hen I_ realized what true love was. No power on earth could have stopped me.\ “Purely Fiction.\ I hereby request your Honorable Body for the use at Memorial £121.11 Saturday Oct. 13. for .9 dance for the bene or 9. fr lend who :15 111. we wouuld apprectnte it 1! your Honorable Body would grant the uuse at the mu without, fee. -Slrsz In. -behaflf or the members or the? Mamorlzzl Five basketball team. I should like to request the pernnlsalon or yolm 11on<':rm.b1c body‘ for th use of the Mem-1 orlal I-mu for basketball purposes 1'02‘; Thursday evening of every week njom.’ Nov. 12, 1931 to April 29. 1932 dncluslvm; Your kind approval of this. requestj will be greatly appreciated. Respectfully yours, JAMES SCHAHILL Manager. Moved by Griffiths and seconded -by, Joynt_ -that comm.un1cat.on be necelved; nnr Iaulcl on. .1»a.b1e. Carried. ' Moved by Cirlffxths and Ewonded by.‘ Joynt, that we adjourn mm! Nov. 16, 1931. Carried. very truly yours,’ JOHN JANIK. 1553 Electric avenue Moved by Joy-nt and seconded by Warren, 17ha.t. couimunlcutlon be Jald on the table. can-led. OON|MUNICA'I'ION No. 2 (my Clerk, Iaknwanna. N Y. Dear Sir: Mrs. Trick insisted that her story ‘had been “purely fiction\ and denled the suggestion of the defense, that the “lover” whom ‘she described was her twenty-two-year-old brother-in-‘law. “He took you to -dances?’ the de- fense lnsisted. “Only with my bus- band’s consent.\ We enclose herewith a copy or Chap- ber 788 of the Laws of 1931 passed at the recent extraorcunm-y session and approved by the governor. we nsk you uto gave it careful study. Up-to-the-Minute -By reference to sectson 35 of the statue you will note mm the law does not apply to :1 city unlss and until the Common Counc1.1 adopts a resolutlan nccetlng its provisions. and on 02,‘ beta‘? Nov. .16, mules u oernirled copy of such resolution wth the adxrdndstra/tron. You will note that Section 11 of the not provides thmt. a. city must establish an Em.erg'ency Work Bureau: before it may receive any state and money 101' work relief. Adjourned, J. JREDMOND. vcxcy Clerk. Justice Raney severely criticized the manner in whlch the case had been dealt with In ‘Oshawa police court. ‘Trick had been clmrged only with common assault; had pleaded guilty, and been sentenced to thirty days in Jail. Acqultted by Jury. $552 Special Meot~1ng of the Common Counctu held. Nov. 5, 1931, callgd for the purpose at cunvassmg the vote at the election held Nov. 8. 1931. Prepared Especially fbr T/22': Newspaper Mayor Malone pr-.-siding. Roll call, presexi-t. Wasrrent, Joynt Donoxvick. Absem._ Griffiths. “The magistrate hnd power to com- mit you to prison for three years, and also to order the lush.\ Justice »Ru_ney told Trick. “Apparently he disposed of the case without hearing the evi- dence. I1 -there are any cases in which 11 man deserves to ‘be whipped, this would be one of them. It is most unfortunate that such an exzunple of administration of justice should be made in this community.\ Alex Hail, defense counsel. contend- ed that Trick was being tried twice for the same offense, in violation of all British legal tradition. Justice Runey informed the jury. however, that they could entirely ignore the previous pro- ceedings in police court. The jury, however, returned 11 verdict of -ac- quittni. City Clerk rcpcarlus that Election re- turns are not complete -in the 1st Dis- trict, 4th Ward. Insp§ctors not making return on one machine properly. 1\Qwe¢i ‘by Joym and seconded by War ran. that we adjourn to the-cam or the chair. In the choice of the Emergency Work Buureau provlcieci in Sectzlon 7 of the Act. the administration‘ respectfully urges you to endeavor to solicit the cooperation 0 energetic and enterpris- ing Cltvl2r8llS who will actuated by a‘ spirit or public $BX'VlC(‘, and who will be sure to coropemte with the local and state officers in miinin-is-terlng sue oessfully the provisions of the statue. The statue contemplated that the mem bers of the Eirlergency Work Bureau shall ye columeors. if pnid. their ‘com- pensahion lls not be ‘born in any part by state mid money. Upon appoint- ment or such a. burl-zau kindly g-lye-me the names of the zmcm-‘bers together with the office aclclrss or the Bureau. You will note tlmt Section 27 re- q-uires the i1<in1inrist1'htion to make rules‘ which are now being formulzited. and will be mailed you in due course. You are. howeve'r. urged not to delay ac- tion under Section 35 as tlw final date for receipt of ncceptmme or the provi- sions of this not of Nov 16 You will also iiml enclosed a pro- posm form of l‘E‘<(.illltlOl1 to be adopted by the Govenvmg Boeu-cl of you:_Clty. to which is midccl ti ccrmlicate to be executed by yau us Clerk of the Board ‘ l1ftei:‘iLs uuoption. Very truly yours HARRY L HAPKINS . lwicrveu, by Donowick nnd seconded by Gri.-films. that conmf.m'lcntion be re- co-ived. llled. Carried. Moved by Grlftiths mid seconded by wm'ren, that we adjourn until Saturday Oct. 21, 1931 at 3 p. m. CARRIED. Adjourned. J. J. REDMOND. City Clerk. special Meeting at the Common Council held Nov. 11‘, 1931 called for the purpose or canvassing the vote, cast at. General E'.ect:1on Nov. 5. Roll can, present, Woman, Joynt Griffiths. Donowlck. city Clerk report that County Conn- mlsslroners 01 Eleotlon opened the vot mg nmchlne of the Fourth Wnxd and discovered tharb the Eleculon Inspectors oi said Ward made an kgrror in repart- ing vote on Assessors. and they wouuld open all machines :1 the count directed Moved by Griffiths and seconded by Warren. that conimunrlczmlon No. 8 of meeting held Oct. _5, relative to light: on new bridge be ml-c’en from the table. Carried. Three Fhmilies Remain in Old Mining Village Shorter. '1‘exns.—'l‘he mine where G0ll('l‘l'll Sltufter and his 1‘cll0\v oltlcers. “took silver wealth from the grass roots“ hat’ :1 ce-ntury ugo may be mo1mt1otl. (flosutl more thun :1 _\our ago by its o\\'nt-rs. the .-\m(\.rinnn -.\let- ul coutpzuly. the mitw still contulns sil« ver fllltl. some say. gold. Only the trees are c-are-(l for In this nlmmlnned town and all but three of the employees of the mine have nloved awuy. When the prlt-e of sil- ver went down and the lnlne was closed Slm1’ter‘s heart almost quit be-ntlng. There was no light plant. no power and no water for gut-dons. Three hun- dred people left. l\Iexlc:ms, who llved in adobe houses. took the doors. win- dows, and roots with them, and the sun-dried dirt walls are crumbllng awny. Moved by Gwlnths and seconded by warren. that connnmnlcntion or Public Works be -authorized 1!)» purchase neces- sary Ilxtures and that ma cost 01' same be submllzced to Public Service comm:s- skm requesting them to divide the cost between the milromls. state and cltv \ ii, DON GEORGE Roll can yes. Warren. Joynt, Grit- flths. Donowlck. George - Sunnenherg Best In Wrestling It And. Monday X-Inery Deci-lame bout tlxat. went to I of sen.-sutionn-isnx t.!vm the Don ‘George- draw at the ball park last summer, 13 \- more promlsrng than the two DUI: Cie<.u=ge-Smnley Stusknk bouts last win vex‘, and .completely surpasses In point. of genuine Km-portzmce me two Don George-Karon Nowlxm matches at recent date. RESOLUTION No 1. ‘City at Lnckawauna tempo’:-ary cer- of luddbt»ed!)'ess—~$3Q.000.00. Moved by Warren anon seconded by Joynt. that resolution be adopted as rad. Carried. RESOLUTION No. 1. Adjourned, J. J. REDMOND. CITY CLERK Flying Tackle of ‘Sensational Results Should Feature Spectacular Clash. Don George and Gus Sozmenbreg 9' should usult in the greatest 0! an tlme bcxuts of the mat around here, experts point out. Regular Meeting or the Common Council held Oct. 31, 1931, ca to order by H15 Honor the Mayor Edward '1‘. Makme. City of Lnckawmma temporary oer’t.1- ncstte of Incl’:-bteclx1cs.s——-$30000 001 Grave of Civil War Vet Moved by Grutlths Mud seconded by Joynt. that resalutzcm he ndcrpted as lead. Is Found by Motorist MAKE THESE YOURSELF The greatest wrestling mmch or the present season for mis \ in that oftered by the Que-ensbury club or guffzmlo tor Broadway audxtorlum next Mbnday might when the fearlless Ed Don. G-some 'tackles—amx there will be plenty of taclc1es—the stout heaxtcd Gus sonnemberg, just rturned. from a triumphant trip abroad. George vs. Sannenber g is beyond any question the biggest match or. tered vwestem New York fans Ln. many, many months around here. Certainly it offers more posstblltles Here are two famous and toremost -exponents of the deadly and spectacular Tackle. Both are known to be accurate and dangerous alt; Mus breath-. vaking, all punllshlng sure Ilre Iorm or sudden ending of home. If Sonnreubexrg ca-tchcs George with one or those sudde ntuves, Georgia is poswlvely through and detected. 1! George does ‘-lkcxvlse to Sonnenbeng, the former All.-Amcaflcau fombnll Llnesman also 15 through and dvafmted. I-‘ans can take their pack and string with whom they wish. Roll call. presemt. warren. Joynt. Griffiths, Donowlck. Sunbury. Pa. — Descendants of Charles Muttern, Snyder county soldier In the Civil war. found his grave in Virginia after a 60-year search. Mnttcrn died while serving with the Union nrmy near Richmond. Records of his burial place were ‘lost. Mem- bers of his company had no recollec- tion of its location. Just about the only parts of her wardrobe the smart'woman doesn't make today are her shoes and stock- ings. First it was her frocks and blouses and lingerie and suits and now. it's her hats and coats. The new fashions and smart designs have made them so smart and so simple, she can't resist trying them and Sttting _sm_grt results. For instance, this smart little close- hat can be made of the same fabric as her frock, and think how many she can have! And her coat . . . well, note how easy this smart model is to make with its tering princess lines and ltixgrious shawl collar. Rom call, ves, Warren, Joynt, Grit- nths_ Donowlck. Carried. Moved by Joynt and seconded by Grlftbhs. tut, minutes of Oct, 19, 1931. be approved as react. Move dby Warren and seconded by Donowlck that we adjoum until Nov. 16. 1931. can-led. RESOLVED. That the tollcwlng list of din!-ms presented to and examined by us '-be uudlwu and allowed at the several sums and set. down in the ccilumn un- -der “allorwed.\ Adjourned. J. J. RLDMOND. City Clerk Hurry Laub. Lewistown, motoring through Virginia, saw in familiar Sny- der county name on a headstone in a national cemetery at City Point, Vu., last summer. It bore the name of \C‘1\z1rios .\i:xttern.\ On his return home he inquired whether a soldier of that name had served in the Civil war from thia sec- tion. His inquiries roar-iiod F'rnnk Matte-rn. son of the long-Inst soldier. Moved by Griffiths and seconded by Warren. that resolution be adopted as read. Gan-led. Moved by Joynt and seconded by Warren, that we’ adjourn until Nov. 2. 1931. Carried. I-lint: Fi HT \ \ then BUFFALO MAJORS, AMERICAN HOCKEY LEAGUE, CAN EXPECT ROUGH BRUSING, SMASHING CONTEST WITH ST. LOUIS STARS IN AUD. SUNDAY NIGHT! Excclln Patterns. Coat No. 3552. Sizes 14 to 46. 25 cents. Hat and scarf No 3551. Head sizes 21. 22 and 23 inch:-c. 20 cents. Adjourned. J. J. REDMOND, City Clerk , , '- lnquxrmg Reporter Is Told About Sound Effects In New Motion Pictures man. ten thousand dollar beauty pur- With Andy Mulligan. star defense; they tied for place in the league toward the tall and of last sr.-ason. Regular Meeting of the Commcn Council held Nov. 2. 1931, Called to or- der by ms Homer the Mayor Edward T. Malone. Split In and Bad Manners Bring Suit chased from the Chicago Shamrocks of Rhcume, famous goalie. Red. Jackson. the American Hockey Ge-ngue. last sprmg, hemlmg the {big parade. chef Against these huskles must be pitted crack, St. Lotus All-Starr. invade Broad rthé best combination of local stars that way nudmorlum, Buffalo. next Sunday Mmnger Eddie Oubmnn and Capt. Billy night to open the two-gamz. sesles with Hulmes can muster. Ln:-ny Wc-1ch'q very pr/nuar fast: step-I Ralph Rennie. oasxly one or the out- (\1 lcazn.-—Xlecause hor husbmul split in \ used the double x1ug:1tive and “nin't.\ and habitually ended his sentnn:-as with prepositinns. .\Irs. Hol- en \\-'llli:1m Morse. on interior decora- tor. tiled sult for dlvorce on the grounds of cruelty. She clmrgecl that her husband. John, a ccrtl accountant. also retused to abide by soclal etiquette, and she re- lated that once when a guest visited their home nml WM ushered into the dining room Mr. Morse refused to rise or xu-knowledge an introduction. con- tlnulng to eat his meal. Mrs. Morse declared In the bill that her husband spoke ungramnmtlonllv to annoy her and that when she reman- strated he struck her. Roll can. present. Warren. Jaynt. anmms, Donciwxck. Skyscrapers seldom crash to earth in the movvres but when ‘it's necessary for one to do so. an ordinary pezuiut. cmnchud in front or we microphone. wiim pmduo/3 the effect of a, £0-story building caving in. A ‘five cent. bag of peanuts will give enough sound to mail the destruction or New York city seem a certainty. This startling fact, together with most or me sound tricks of the nims. was cold by Col. Nugent; Slaughter. head or the sound. cleparcmenc of War- ner Brothers, First Nwtionai. and Don Kelly, inquiring reporter, in this week's broadcast of the Radio Newsreei of Hollywaod from‘ Station WBEN at 7:15 p. m. on Tuesday highi; bf this week ‘and greatly enjoyed by a. gram circle 01' local inns. Moved by Warren and seconded by Joynt. thqt; minutes of Oct. 31, be ap- proved as road. Amerlcazx Hockey league play. This series should d'Inv just ‘as well as did the luaugulm 6! the local sen- pets, the Buffalo. Majors Standing stars on the ‘Buffalo cluub in last Sunday's 1rw.ugur‘w1. and just as easily one of the hnncisomm hockey players ever tn whole American league COMMUNICATION N0. 1 Horrorable Mayor and Members or the son last Sunday whem close Ito 0000 howling toms clung spell-bound to their seats to within halt a mlnwte ‘of the circuit, has captured the popular Iancy of the Font sex. But he !s in them pmymg rough and tough every minute. Honorable Slrs: on behalf or our Lady oi Victory Basket Ball. team‘ I \\‘:s.‘x to make formal request for the use at Memorial Hall on Ridge Road or the 1921-1932 basketball season for following dates: From Nov. 1, to Dec. 31. 1931. Every Monday, Weqnesday and Sat- urday arjernoon between the ‘hours or -1 and 6. To give an unusually dellclom to your summer bevel- nges. add to 3 base o! sweetened ilemonade, tart jellies at dillerent warleties, ‘beaten until syrupy. The ‘brightly colored jellies are as yam- able for their color effects as they in for the distinctive they impart. Twoor three teaspoons til I lsrge glass is about the right proportion. second overtime period. the smashing Irresistible omensive of the Chicago Shamrocks getting ever the winning ‘count in the last, iew seconds. with uh»: entixe -team wen bucked up by the sterling reliable play or Gonna Joey Stark. ' The Majors are district-wide repmsen With Mulligan in the Sn Louls Big Parade. a. steam mner hoceky outfit. that nnows no qulhtmg. no let-up from bmlstng.crash1ng play nil the way blurough 20 mlnuuhe periods. are A. Caster, Stan Fuller. sack st. John formerly at the Bulrnlo Majorts when natives of the American league the \home club\ of Buxtaia. Lackawanm. Hamburg, Wmlamsville. Depew. Lan- caster, Niagara. Falls, Dunk.Lrk. Batavta and points In between. In all those places ‘the Majors are called “our team.\ Every Tuesday and Friday evening from 7:30 to 10:30. Lived in Bed Ten Year: It 11; were not !or C0}. slnughters de pazrtment the plcbures you see wo‘Ild have none of the Incidental sounds that make bhem seem realistic. There would be no ‘footsteps, no rule shots. no thunder and lightning. Those things are all put Jn, timed to the ‘nght moment, ‘after the picture is com pleted and run off. he declared. Every Sunday /ltemocn from 3 to-6. Your lnlnd approval 0'.‘ this request will be greatly appreciated. Respectfully youm, JOHN J. DEMPSEY. When hanging 1'ecen?.ly washed curtains. lt you have at ‘trying time running the rod through the hem. put A thlmble on the end of the rod. Then you'll have no trouble getting it through, even though the hem is still and stuck together. Beat of all. you'll eliminate the risk of tearing delicate fabrics. ~ Adria. Itnly—Just to prove he could do it, Medoro Mal-ass! of Ga\'(-I10 vil- lage has stayed coimnuously In ‘bpd for ten years. Marassi. who iq seven- ty. says he feels more robust and cheer- ful after his ten .yem's‘ rest. George T. Vandertneulen ‘ On the Air Nov. 25‘ govermentgal affans. presented weekly ‘by WBEN. Mr. Vuudemneulen will trace thn growth or the business handled by his court during the past 25 yams. He will also tell how Ithnt -‘business as handicd. The‘: county surrogate court was en- tubldahetfby the conatlwtion or the state 01 New York. The surmgxwe ionn of procedure 13 an outgfqw oi the Jecdledasblcal courts vox England. _ Moved by Warren and seconded by Joynt, that .commnlc:1.t1on be mcrnved and and laid on the table and city Clerk instruotéd to try and ar- range better schiecluls. V Hen Boast: Tw';“ Spun The duties. jurlsdictlnn and growth at the Sun-oga-te court of Erie County will be discussed by Creme '1‘. Vander- rqeulen. court clerk, over Btatiori WBEN on Wednesday, Nov. 25, at ‘I 15. in. He \Is the tenth speaker ‘to particl- ‘pate in the serles oi dscuoson on county Huntington, W. \'a.——A White Rock hon owned by Edna Filltnger. ten, of \V£‘.~‘(lll0I,‘(‘l W. \':1.. has two spurs on the side of each log Instead of the ‘usual one. Carried, COMMUNICATION No 2 SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LIKCKAWANNA NEWS SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LACKAWANNA NEWS Mayor and councu, City or back- A vi‘. ‘ f,}W,. L 1 M —.\4v!~n-« V: . [,1 ‘Why Experiment With Unknown Fuels! Damn ECON OM Y Adopt This Reliable Buffalo Favorite! When you buy fuel, you want HEAT, and when you buy mm 22:53::Yc;eKw>:..s::,H:::T;:::.::;::::: mas; M-ac P'°.f_“°°\ 1-ecozids mean anything to you in these times, let us Vde.mAon- in B““‘l° Cb °m strate that we are making a SUPERIOR FUEL. We by Buffalo . 6'?“ rte” stand back of every ton, and our customers know that they workmen ; \'°° get VALUE for their dollars; they get their MONEY’S ; WORTH. Economy Fuels 'Co_1'[)0l°atl0l’l. :14 Pearl .St.. Cl’... 2024 ; Kenmore coal 6: lee co.. 16 Lincoln Blvd.. RI. 132.0 ‘ Tomaka coal 6: Coke Co.; «Laekawanna AB. 4988 Backed by the Maker’s Name and Reputation

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