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v . -\_~§.-v-o,~—a.._‘_ ~ '. A ..__._‘ .' - J ' M1.\ ‘.3 ._.».¢»,,‘‘ _\ .. -..., . ¢ , 4 '4 -'3 vi ' ‘ ‘ F‘ «s: V‘ \ ' 1 . « ‘ <~.~.‘x:__ ‘- \\;\~.:‘_. Lackay N§_ws, -Lackawnh N. Y., Thurs. Nov. 12, 11931;‘ New Telephone Skyscraper Opened To Serve Long Islarnd Terriitory %|\MNM?A? ’ AN Mi :HiEA¢LTLH Aclassified Ms BUILDING LOT: FOR SALE---‘F'i'no building ioh (touting on South Park Avo.. Hamilton Ave... stearna Ave. Ind the Martin road: no In- hreat: prices reasonable. In- quire of Michaal Kinney. 1684 jlouth Park Ive. Phone Abbot! U887-W. 27’-Storystructure in Brook-lyne, Second Largest Telephone Building in State, '13 New Administrative Headquarters for Area. “Fresh Air\ Misnomer, for ‘It’: \Filled With Dirt and Gas. Rising to .a. lnelghtlot 348 ‘feet above the street, the new 27-story ‘Long?_ Island headquarters bulldlng of ‘the New York Telephone Company has been completed and formally opened in Brooklyn-. The tallest and largest telephone building in the state, with: the one exception of the Company's‘ ‘statewide ‘headquarters «building ln Manhattan, the new structure ls ani imposing addition to downtown Brook- lyn's ‘own rapidly increaslng group of pinnacles. The great new bulldlng, stands as tangible evidence of the great g1'owtl1 of‘ telephone service in Brooklyn and the Long island area. Wlth the completion of the trans- tear to the new structure of general‘ o forces. ‘formerly quartered atl ence to o workers, much ‘ct the ‘transfer or equipment being e during‘ week-ends throughout the summer. The massive new structure of steel and brick has a -space of 320.000 square feet and cubical contents ‘of: 6.’I32,695 cubic feet. Its exterior is «or reddish-brown ‘brick or varying shades. From its base line the building ‘rises through a height or nine [stories «to the tlrst at a series of ‘three setbacks of three stories each, the tower em'er- gm; from the mass and extending upward ‘nine ‘storlos with a setback on ‘either side at the twenty- There are two entrances, one from Willoughby ‘Street and one from’ Bridge Street. -both adorned wlt-h wrought iron grilles with doors ot the ¢¢EVERY ‘home-owner may now en- joy the comfort of ‘fresh air‘ the year ‘found. without resorting to -the -opening of windows und doors.\ any: the Holland Institute of Thermology. of ‘Holland, Mlchlgnn. '1’-he Institute points out that the term “fresh alr\ .‘3!:Lb 3 DRESSES for 03.95. Arman; vnluea. Earn to M5 weekly and tree dramas. Experience uimeceuu-y. ma outm of gorgwotw Pan and Winter stylus. -FASIIION mocxs. Dept». N- noun. Omlnnml, O. .3AL!35M‘AN-—l.c'cnl man (or Lnckawannn ' and surrounding counties. ‘Call on human donwlna om?’ Nb-bllshed lino. MERCHANTS INDUSTRIES. Inc; Newark, N. J. = I will not ‘be re.-spamlblee for my debts com.rnct.cd by my wife, Samnmgxe ‘Mason, who has left my bed and ‘board. RUSSELL MASON. FOR RENT-—-Mo<loru upper nut. .12]. Frmxklln St. Inq; 1'10 Abbott Rd. Buf- tulo. JEK. 15552 or ‘A 0808—W. DR. STUART A. «GOOD Anuolnwcm the Opening at Ills o at FR 337 RIDGE ROAD For the Practice of .\ll:l)lCIM) AND SURGERY ‘llourn: 820 n. 111., 2-4, 7-9 11. m. Phcmo A 1% NEW W \Sunbeams\ Conuplcuouuly lndlcalu That the Homo Air II Too Dry and Too Dusty {or Health or Comlon. Sunbeam: would Not 80 Vlulblo Wore It Not for the Large Amount o1 Dust In Home-Mr. . :3, gz» la n znlsnmner; than Mr Is In permu- nont ml.\'1m-o nf an-u-~1. nrlnclpully hy- drogen nml uS,\l:£'|l. llmt cvovom the unrlh In an mlnllmmllvuly thin layer nnrl unlllw fruits or \I'}ll'lllh|('H null --llu-r m~;.nmlu- mum-r. ls nnl aulrjucl in ll(‘I‘ll_\ HI‘ I-5nl!\‘xn “In'u H‘---~s 4 I‘ nl nllwi ‘mild lugs.\ any: the institute. “become un- comfortable because the hir Illl[)ply may have hocouio 0V'0i'liOill0(|. under- heatcli. stagnant. or polluted with (lust, odors or gases. indoor discomfort: are generally oxperlencell «luring the hunting aoaanm due to incl: oi‘ circula- tion. inch or mointnro, and to high and varying honipernlures. During summer, dlseonifort in tracenhie to loci: of air circulation. excess wurnnh and excess moisture. \Any end all of these conditions may now he eliminated. This in music pos- sible hy Li|0i‘ll|0StlIU(.'illi)' controlled heating N,\‘Sl£'lli.§. which. more correct- ly. tire .iir-comlitioning systems. These nir-cumiitiotlcm perform many fune- tlons ilnreiofure relatively foreign to the iitlillt‘-'Hi0_\‘ pnril‘_v the air by misn- ing and ‘lite-ring it; during winter they lieiilllifiiliy moisten the air to offset the (-imrm-ieristic winter dryness; they tnnlntnln mmlornte and uniform teln- porainres as desired. nnd keep the stir in consinnl clronlniion, thus prevent- ing i<il‘.lI1:lIii1‘il)il and over-heated areas. in nnnnnor they are effective home eonilnu nniis, wnsalilng. cooling and cir- cliiiiiing the indoor air. “ii in now possible to enjoy in homes. an indoor comfort the year ‘romni ilml ;,'om-rally will be far su- pel'lor lo Ollilllllil‘ air summer or win- ter. 'I‘iwrn no lt)ill!(‘r is reason why (lam,-i-lulilen, rlrs. ('.\'L'(‘SSi\‘e tempera- tures «luring \\'lme.r. and dusty. muggy, slaunnnt nlmn.<phcres of summer need be toiornio:-xi. for the means of inex- pensively nir-conditioning the home is within the renvh of every person who can ilR’0l‘(l a i‘ur‘nnce or other type cen- tral heating plant. SUPPOSE some one got hurt on your property!! How quickly a Damage Suit could scratch the happiness out of your “Home Sweet Home”! Phone for low rate on our Public Liability Policy. RICH JA _FET_NA_-IZE KLEIN-HEGEDUS CO. \msummca WITH SE NICE” “'1 RIDGE ROAD , The massive new Long Island headquarters building of the New York Telephone Company, towering above its surroundings in downtown Brooklyn. LACKAWA NNA. N. Y. ABBOTT 0001 An ur in various locnlious throughout Brook- lyn. there are now 2.220 tenants in this building which has been designed for an ultimate capacity of 3.500. These telephone employees comprise the gmirwai ntlniiiiistmtive and execu- tive forces of the cmupnny‘s Long Island area. This concentration of liinlior tuliniuistratire personnel in a s:|u;ie buildin3.; is not only an eco- nuiuicnl zirruiigeiuent from the stand- point oi’ ollicient operation. but also xunkes av-.iiiul)le space in which addi- tional ceutrul oliice facilities nray be installed as requir.ed, in buildings oc- cupied by oilico forces transferred to the new building. Work on the hentiquarters building ‘began in the fall of 1929 with the de- molitiou of twelve tenement buildings that i‘ormorly occupied the site. which extends 100 feet on Wiiloughby Street and 255 feet on Bridge Street. Founda- tion work started in November of that year and the building's steel struc- ture was ‘begun in June. 1930, with the brick work commencing at month later. Within n year ot that date the ‘building was completed and tenants began moving in last 'une. The moving period required over tour months, in which time consider- able necessary equipment was brought from the older buildings and installed in the new ot This work pro- gressed with a minimum of interfer- same material. These entrances lead into lobbies that give access to the main corridor from which the two banks of elevators are reached. Twelve elevators in the two banks provide a swift and convenient sys- tem of transportation to the higher lloors. A large business oiiice is lo- cated at the Willougliby and Bridge Street corner while diagonally oppo site at the other end of the iirst floor is nu auditorium seating 400. A cafeteria, soda shop and lounge for employees is located on the lirst of three basement levels, with kitchens. boiler rooms. refrigeration macliiner-y.~ ventilators and pumps contained in the two lower basements. From the second to the twentieth floor a vast area is being utilized by the general o forces. while from the twentieth to twenty-second space is provided for the managerial o with the executive o lo- cated on the twenty-third Ad- ditional general o space is at- forded on the next two floors, while .the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh house elevator equipment and water supply tanks. in the Long Island area there are now about 760,000 telephones, or -one- quarter or all the telephones in New York State.\tiore than twice as many telephones as were in service on ‘the island ten years ago. ESTABLISHED I82! EYES EXAMINED E1! sv APPOINTMENT DR. WILLIAM J. COOK OPTOMETRIST , . ’ ,2 . ,., A «~2- .-4:-.\‘ 7 ,,..: ‘ « 5 ’ ~ . s g, .- -;v‘ r. Z:-‘;::'::=:'-\ ' ' \ 4.52-ir:.<;».$».-,='c«\v‘_' —-.~:<v=:5x:='::~:- ‘ ‘ --:::».s-».>.=:§:: 1 \\.~:3..- . SUBSCRIBE FOB Noun: 9 A. M. to 8 P.‘M., except Cun- hyu. cloud Saturdays at 12 Need. Phone, Wanhlngton 5135 « (uly one omce) I 48 BROADWAY Ilqur llclllgln Au. Iaflnlo, N. Y. LACKAWANNA NEWS 83 MILLION ’PHONE CALLS Nation’; Daily Average Show: Big Gain in Recent Years Phone Abbott 4597 M. «EDW. STALTER LONG LII-‘E Gutters ma Conductor Plpu llemng Pumice lepllrlng 435 EDEN AVE, near Abbott The American people make an over age of 83.520.000 telephone calls :1 (lay. Since every telephone conversation In volves two people. this moons that 167,040,000 people talk over the tale phone ln the United ‘States every day. As this figure is considerably in ex- cess of the total populntlon of the country. it also implles that many peo- ple use the telephone more than once a (lay. Boomll Broadway Players Rehearse Over Long Distance Telephone I-Iook..Up The transcontinental telephone re« cently solved a big problem oi re- hearsals (or one oi! Broadway's latest stage extravziganzas. As B. S. Moss was preparing the second edition of his \Varieties\ for showing in his new Broadway '1‘-heatre in New York. Miss Ginger Rogers. scheduled for one-oi.’ the stellar roles in the cast. was in St. Louis, complet- ing another engagement. The question at rehearsals became a moot point. What to do under the circumstances was a vexing problem until Alexander Lertwich. stage director for Mr. Moss ‘conceived a. bright idea. “We’1l i‘ehezn'se by telephone!\ he announced. and forthwitli arrange- ments were made with the Bell Sys- tem tor special wire service to St. Louis and for special hendpleces in New York so that every one oi the some members‘ 0! the cast as- sembled there could listen in and re- spond to their cues. The settings (or this unusual drama thus consisted of the stage at the Broadway theatre. where the mass 51 players were assembled, and an qmce back stage at the Ambaggador ghea. tre in St. Louis where M153 ‘Rogers was at her and of the telephgne alone, The time was midnight and for four successive days until dawn, the re. hearsals progressed. What is a Bladder Hlyslc? During 1010 the total dully convenin- tibns over the lines of the Bell Sys- tem up .to about 65,300,000. and over the Bell-connecting and non-con~ nectlng lines 1: la osllmnlod Hm: the daily nveraxze was nbnut 18.220,000 Amwoxlmntoly 80,225,000 of these con- versntions were local cm1vorsx1tlr>ns. which momma that Inter-I-Hy vnuvox'tm~ tlons nvemued nlmul 3.300.000 ovary 24 hours throupzlmut the United Simon These are In excess of those of the previous year. ’J‘Ixe- tolul num her or local telephone mnvor.=mUmm In 1930 was me per cent greater llmn the precerlingv, year. um! this total num- -ber of long dlstuncn conversntlonn nbout one per cent above 1029 for the Bell System. I~Iowever. in certain sections of the country, the gain was much greater than this. In Florida, for example, a total of 231,726 outward long distance calls was made in 1930 as compared with 196.313 in 1929, an Increaao of 1! per cent. ____ _ A medicine that work: my. the bladder as caawr -oil on the’ bowels. Drives out impurities and excess acids that cause in-itamion, which results in getting up nights, frequent; desire, burning, leg {pains and 'backache. BU-KETS (Sgt. .'I'o.blet'.s) is a pleasant bladder physio. Get; .a. 25c test box {mm your drugegist. Mber iour days 1! mi relieved go back and get your money. Yblt will feel ‘good. after this cleansing and you -get your regular sleep. Mack Gordon and H€l.I')—y Reva], the composers. taught Miss Rogers the music and lyrics over the hook-up, Then Eddie Dowling and ~Ray Dooley, co-starring with her, would get on the wire and the Feh woum proceed with frequent xntepmptious by the stage director Who explained the various stage settings and props to the actress in ‘order to get the proper staging. Thus back and forth voices n-aue1ed over several thousand 1111195 of ‘gem. phone wire until \Miss Rogers had completed her St. 140111! ‘engagement and was able to come to New York by airplane in time Jar the anal re- hearsals prior to the acme; gagging of the new show. $5000.00 IN CASH ;PRlZl_-'.”S SUBSCRIBE FOR THE IACKAWANNA NEWS A TTE N T I 0 N ! 0SBORN'S QUALITY “GOLDEN STAR\ MATERIALS -_ h '.N Used Exclusively By - \_ M. E. STALTER F or All Kinds «Of ' ' SHEET METAL WORK, GUTTERS, ‘CONDUCTOR PIPE, COPPER and TIN ROOFING, HEATING and FURNACE REPAIRING CALL ABBOTT 4597 . 435 Eden Ave., Cor. Abbott Roati

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