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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, October 22, 1931, Image 8

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..;,,.. -- «. .., » V“ V’-.~_-~.»...\‘ — u. -. - . wv--v»-~ '* \\'“\\' __ .,..,. ..,» -.»»4-?—s'~\\\\’— .'.~‘ . ‘«.\“i V .-¢.,-§,ruo-an-_.v-'I'e‘ ~-' ')‘* --'Y -’‘>‘'\‘ \'*\ \*1 ‘ > ,‘ W5 ‘ ’\A_ ‘:»w.‘‘‘'‘ ’’‘k».,_. . , | \ .. , ,':‘$,' - r ‘-r’:~w - ~~.-:::.;~,- \ .1-.Ex€;'., ’ .. ¢ . ~s ' —.u's;'. A ‘ - I: rs _; V 3;. ‘L4£~ ' kawnpnu. =Nem...\L8ckaWa¢[ N} Y», Thurs-. 22. 1931 Leo Schmidilf Clatim Sun 0! New Yon»: -then ln o ‘exvept {nr tho purpose on mt\-1-levtimt -ut' nwtnlwrsr of ns~=.t\mb|.v fur? full’ toxins ln.-g.'intnx\g at §lU!ll a:.1llt'a!ioxIs. In any xounty t'!1_l.1i'c'I'tll Ill -t'u lhi\ll'OYl0 -m .rnlvw', the ‘haunt of :.u1.exvisors. and in; zuw <-1‘;\- e.nbt':‘clng rn entlrv county and lu:\~iu;; nu tmard of stun-1'~\.sm's. thu (‘om-3 mun <' -unrll. or if U11‘!-l be -1 -.110. U1t‘elhnd.\ t-xerclsing lh{\Dllt“'e1'3 of z\ cnnmnn mun-,‘ uil. shall nssemblo at smh times as tho- -l,o-.:lsluturu ntxnlaltnu an z\1.pm-tlumm.-nt shall pm-<m*ilu-. and (.U\‘l(1I* stlnlt cnuntias lntov ;.5xu:nxuly (H:sllWt('[.': us he;ul.\' equal in num- her of lnh2Lbit_ztnts. 2-xx-luvlng nllmxs. as‘ may be. of L-0n\'onicnt .m1 cbntlguotxsi torrttorv lu as colntu-a.(‘t form as pmctlcn-l ‘blo. -;zu-l1 of whlvlu shall be xvholly wlthln‘ n sc-tutv dlsmoz form.-ul under the same\ zxm)u1-tiunmmtt. equal to the number at,- mumbets nf :1s~<t»'nl-Iv tn whlz-h such. L-nunt,\' shall vhu <\m‘t‘«-ll, and shall 'cause’ to ‘be in the cIllr‘t.“uf tho sucretztry ‘of; ntntu nml at tho (-1- rl: of such oount.\'.. n (lcscrlutlnu of such \ speclf,vin1.z tho numb:-r uf L-.u~h (ll<tx-lct and of the‘ lnlmhllants tlmrent‘, ¢~:4cludln.'.7 ztlipns. ac-5 cordlng to the<-.on:=t1sx nr omxnteratinn-usctl as tho population ll:-am for tho fornmtion of sut-h zllsvrlt-ts: 'm<l such ammrtlonmmtt and dlstrn-ts shall rt-maln -unultcrc-(1 untll After the m-xt r--mp -\tlunment of «mem- bers nt‘ fl-\'.‘iI‘YHl)|\‘. ht vountlos lmvim:- mnru than one &t~n:t_tn |1iSt‘!‘l(\t_ [hr same numlw 1' nl‘ n~4som|>L\' tllstrlcts shall be, put In mu-h Se-rntu t'llstx‘lt‘t. unless that tm.-:mnl:l\' r,li.:tt~ic-ts oannut vlm «ovenlv (‘ll-I vldol -u‘-um.-; the st-mm: tlistrlt-ts at anv‘ I‘0\Inl\', in whlv-‘1 r--mo rme mun‘ z\sson1h1y_‘ tlistrlrt shall he put in the sonatq dln-3 trl:-t i‘: «um t‘I_1ll'1l\' hztvim: thr~ lztme-s.i. nr 0\\ lI'~S tus-=nntblv xlisthit-t shall he hut ln th-- :4:-n:vtv all.-:lrirt In such nmmtv hav- lmr t‘1»= .-amnllr-st numb:-1‘ nt‘ inhabitants. I*W1lll|lm: nllons. as tho msn n~:\_v renuh‘e .’\'u tmvh. um! nn Mm-I: ~ln :\ l'“\' lhclusod h_v strol-lq nr l‘ll1IH(‘ \\':\\'s. slmll be tlivldenl V In tln t‘.nm'1t‘inu '\|' ne-:mv~l:‘\' rllSllt'l('fS.' llul‘ shall :x.n\' (ll-elriv-t»-2 Nmtnin (I. \water I x » u1:tIl-n n\'(-1' an at'l‘iuinlm:“ Il|~‘lI'hf ln tho .\='1\1<‘ -‘4*lt.'1Z¢\ ull.-‘trh-t. than thn mmulutinn nt‘ :1 t-uh: n-‘ vl»'n'-k tlu-rein mljni-um: sm-H nsvc-n‘l~l\~ :'i~-trim, 'l‘mvns‘ nr b_\(\\'i.‘l \\'ln'<'h {rum the-lr lm-utinn mnv ‘bn Illrludc-.l ‘tn ‘either of two cllstrlr-ts. shall lw en plm-mTns tn mnko snl rltxtrlcts , most m=:u-l_v c-qunl ln numtmr nf inh:tbl- tnnw. 9X(‘lll(”Y‘l\.’.'11liI‘llS. Nnthlnz in thlsa cw tl -n «hull I\\\’f‘nr the «llvl.-zlon. at am’ tlnm. of I‘0lI.'lHt*S and tnwnz and the or-*-‘ll-m nr n~\\- towns‘ bv the ~lN::islntux'n. An :‘H'IHl'l|\Vl!\I-‘It hr -thn lf'['lSL'!t.|ll\8. or nthur h uly. shall he subjonz tn vex-low hv thv etnvrmnn court. nt thn snlt of nn\\ rill\--n. \'l\l('l‘ such rF‘lSr)Il:\lIln rr-gulntions as lhn lv-'i<‘zmn-n m:1_v m~c.<or‘t1\--.: and mu’ rumt l-or--ro uhiuh :1 «tzntxw turn’ be nond- lnt: luv- an nrmnrtimuncmt. shall RIVG DI'('l‘i'(1N\(‘0 thereto over all other muses and prnceotllnzs. nud if said (mm! b:- nut in sosslon lt shall (‘0n\('m‘-. px'0mm- LV fur the dlspnsltlcm of the same. 1 14. Notlxlm; ln phls constltutloir corr- tillllud su.:.u 5:u.ucm. mu Aeg‘1:u.L.uuJ {P0111 mali-lug sun-u pl'u\(L-iiuu for tho education and sumuxrt of ihe biluu, the deaf and u1_unb, and iuvuulu Lle|ll1l|l1EIll5.- as to it may st.-um p1‘u1J(-1‘:u1' pre\'unt’-any county. city. tu\\-n ur Villu'_.;e ti-um px‘,0\'-idluglfox‘ the care. suppom. mulmun.tnue and '§ec_ul1\r educzuxun of unn.m-.e of orphan asylums. homes for tlvp:-mlcnt cl1ildre11~:ur uorreu~ tlunnl -lnstlunrluns, \\'l|ethex' under public or px'l\'m.e auutrol. 1’zL,v-nxents by counties, clues, -to\xu:_9 and \'ill.|gcS to uharllable. el-.<e1uosyar.u‘y. currecuunzn and rulorxna- ‘Lory insutuziuns, wholly ur pu.1'Lly under .pz'lvz1te control, fur cure, support and niulnmmxncc. may be (‘ut‘l“)l‘lz£\1] but shall notlbe re.-quiretl by the ‘legislature. No such payments shall be mzulu for any inmate of such insllLuL_Iuns who is not x‘ec(;i\'e\1-z\n(1 retalm-ml thvreln ])lll’.'ll:1lH; to «rules estab- lisln-Ll by the stub: Lmunl of suulul we-lfzu'e. Such ruh-2. shall be subject \o the control of the lL\glslmzn'e by gmlexvtl laws. § 15. (‘ommlssionms ut‘ the state board of chzu-mes, now huldlng vo shall ‘be uuutlnuod In nlllcu as members of the state ‘board of Social well‘zu'e for the term for which they were appnlntud, rrespcctllvely, unless the legislamu-e shall olherwlsa pro- Ville. The leglslature m:1_v confer upon the state board of sxoclal “vlfzzro any addi- tlnnal rpo\\‘ox‘s thav, are not inconsistent. with other .pro\'lsiuns of the constitutlon, Dar \:<nI2s'r or Stu: AIJIANY, '.§r 15, 1931 ‘km.-*:;1:§'3-952? '2 ,o»\?w°_ ‘/// «.6-‘ _-9° £7/ow to play 13/112! Auc' rIoN v....; CONTIR-AfCT P1'RSUANT to, the ‘px‘o\‘isinns of section . eighty-of tho I-Jlc<'tlnn Lguv. the (‘rul- luwim; proposed umendments to the corn sututlon. dt=sI'rnatm'1 nu Prnposetl !\'merd~ ments numlu~rs K-me In six. lm-luslvc. will he subxn1:t.::l_>tp me \'nIel‘:~: (If this Stale f,r>r nxrvruvul at tho Hum.-ml Eh»:-aim) on N,n\'L-vnbor -third, nlneteen ‘hundred and thh'ty-L-no. Meyer Really ,Start,ed. Practice of Milk To Patients At Erie ‘County In’fir‘mary,. He Says. at lywynne Ferguson Aumor or '-raac-ncaz, A amber EDVV'.\RD .T. FLYNN. Sn-rcmry 0/ State. stirreci by the claim of Leo J. ‘Schmidt. comnfxssioner or chm-ities who is seek- ing re~eleacioii. that he recently insti- tuted the p of giving milk to patients at the Erie County Home zuicl Inilnmiry every am-moon, Cary ME33.'£‘i‘. f ! deputy commissioner in charge of the Home stnterl 'I‘h1usdny evenim; that this has been the genei-ml prac- tice for several years and was staitezi by himself when he was a deputy. \At a meeting in the Black Rock sec- bion Wednesday. «the commissioner boasted about giving the panients milk ewai-y iunternoon and claimed credit for this innovation.\ Meyer stated. I insti- tuted that pi-actnice about Icmr years ago and the records will bear out the {rum oi‘ this stntemrnt I never ~re- garded it as izmyvt-lung exceptional and it was considered as evevzydny routine. TEXT OF‘ I’l_(f)]-‘OS!-ED .«\.\Hu‘.’\'DX\H-l.\\[‘ I I\'L'.\Il5l'Il€. UNI‘) C om right. 1931. by Hoyle. J r. ARTICLE No. 1 Section 1.rIIo3ul\ed. That section (our [or article Mvu n1‘ lhn l‘UllbUtLlUUH be _nme-mlod tn rmnl u-= 1?:-llnus: vlt is ‘really remarkable that the exgerts still clisa -ova‘ CI Mddinf cfvcertaiz: hands, but such is the fact. ‘he following‘ ands have been sub‘- mitted to ‘leading exoerts and the failed ‘to a ree~on any oithem. It goel to show»tl1at there is still very mucli to learn a and Contract, even by the experts, before they can be certain that their present-day theories are correct. This very variety of opinion. however, helps the game and makes it the most interesting ever played. As long as the personal element enters into Auction as strongly as it now does, there is bound. to be this variety of opinion. ‘Here's hoping that it always continues. § -1. Laws shall be ma-lo lfor 1u4c(:r(u‘ln~ mg. by proper px'<m1‘~. tho cltlzens who shall be L-ullllml lu llw xlght or sul‘l‘rzu:e hereby eslnblislu-tl. un-I for the r(:{.zlslru- tlon nl‘ \'otcrs: M11--h l('_L'l.s[l’{lUOIl shnll lve (-ouml<-,u-<l at least ten (Iu)'.\l hv.~£‘m'(- L-zwh ('l(‘l'tInl1 .\'lLl'l1 1-egislxzlllun slmll not he n-. quhl-nl for 1-m n and \lllau.'u ulcctlnns e\- cc-pr b.\' ex1u'n-~»- 1nrmlsluu<ul‘ law. In vllil-S ,(lm.‘ \llla;;(-s lm\ln:: ll\'v.- Umusuml iu|m‘hl- tllnts or more, \'Utl’l'.'\' slmll ho n-;:l.-an-n.ll upon nc-x‘sonu.1 :11lplil'ati(»n only: but um.-r.~. lnot rc-sldim: ln S\.lK‘l\ (‘itlr=.< ur vlllugas sh?|l not be x_'L-quiretl to apply ln nersnn {fur remslrutlon at th\- llrsl meeting of the olllcwrs hnvlm: charge of the l(5L_:|Sll‘\' or \'Dt(‘l‘.‘l. The number of such lnlluhilunls '8h (ll-.to1‘nllnc'd ncl-orlliug to thn l:\t~ est crusus: nr 1-nunu~x-atlnu. f|'.l1(‘l‘l|l or stall-. shmvlng the ]lopulntl(m uf the city or \’lllm:;e, (‘V-'(\]\t that the fl-(lc-ml census shall be cuntrulllug unless such slate enumr-ration. il’ zmy. shall have ‘[1991] tnlmn nncl l'r|ul‘lIl'd two or xm-so yeuvs ufll-r the -return nt‘ lhn 1n-ecu-lln*.: l‘-clorzxl cc-nsus. § 2. Rt.-.v.nl\'u1. ’l‘hm s--tluma lrmr and mo 1:!‘ Ek.2‘U(‘ll“ tln-e-~ or um Ponslilutirm he I_llnl‘H1l( (1 In rend as fulluxw: § 4. leI\(‘npt ns lu-run nlln-rwlso m'n\-ML ed. tho fmllral census taken In the \<-.~r nln -tom hllnl‘.ll‘r(1 lhlrt,\' llllll each fall - -l cvnsus taken llocovuvllally thereafter shall he cmxtx-nlllng as to the number of lnlmhl- rims ln the slum ur any part lln-n-nl,‘ fur the nuz-poses ul‘ the - or lnombers uf nssumlnly nnd rezu1ju.~:lxm-nt r :- .'\lt»>rnllnn nt‘ snnulo and assembly dlsllilts next m-,<~ul-ring, in an far as such H'n~n.~ und lho tnbulatlon '.hQl'llIf uuxwnm-t ln uln- thz-. lnfonnntlnn ncncwsnry thm'1~lIur 'l‘l.c> 1»-.x.:i.~<l:lu:rc. by law, shall |H‘0\‘|(lC luv the mnklnl: and tnlmlutinn by smlu unthmI- tlvs cl’ an onumoruxlnn nl‘ lhu mllnhllanls of tho (-ntlro stnlc In lm uwll I'm- such nur- ’1I'S‘(‘§. lnslr-ad I-f :1 fml--1.11 1-A-,Il.-'-u<. If the tnklm: of 9. foxlcrul (‘(‘ll*ll*1 in um’ lonux y:~.n.r from tho yum‘ nlnvtt‘(‘ll llumlred Illirly be ominml or ll‘ Ilw 1':-dc-ml vmmun ’l,‘~EX OF «PROPOSED A-.\IE.\'D.\1'E.\I'.l‘ .\'U.\IU1'2‘I€ SIX Section 1. Resolved. ‘Flux: suctinn «twen- ty-suven of article three of the L-unszilu- tion be amended 1:) vezul as follows: Hand No. 1 one club or clubs. The; writer is of thevopinion that the hand as too stxfong ‘to pass and not stron ‘enough for a ! bid: so woulg bxd one club. -It is a vex‘-iy tricky hand but, if partner should bi one heamt, Zrhas a sun- -porting hand. That [act alone Is suf cient to’ eliminate ‘the ! bid. There may very well be a game in ‘hearts and not a ‘game in clubs. All in all, the writer pre us a one-club bid'on ‘this hand. .§ 27. The legislature shz1ii..l,»y gem-ral 1n\‘\'s. confer upon the LI(I:1i'd§I ul.' supervi- sors. or other govt-ruing cicvotive bottles. of the st~'v¢-rnl vuumh-s ui‘ ihr xintr such further [)O\XUX‘S oi’ 1(ll‘iI1 ie-szisizuinu and tul- ministuzition as the iwzisiztttiru mny. from time to limo. tll‘\‘lll €'\'[I\'dli-ill. in counties which now imw, or 1tt‘I‘(‘:lflL'l“ll(l\ 0. county zturliturs or ulhm‘ ilsvnl oilluvrs. nutliorizetl to audit hills. ti--. ounts. ('h1|l‘gt'S. oluiins or domamls against tho enmity, the legisla- ture may oont'9r .-an-vh 17-2\\'t~.l'S upon sui-h auditors. or ilst-ztl otiim-1's. as the ‘legisla- ture nmy. from time to tinw. doom expe- dient. in Him‘ counts‘ of \\'t:.~.ii:lu-stet‘ the legislature mu) ivy son:1r'\to cnnotmont 1:1‘ its part of tl 1‘:-rm oi‘ L*r»vornn1ont to be ntloptctl Dlll‘Z~ll1liII to .~'<-\tion twenty-six of this artirlt-. onni‘.~1~ u;-on unit-ers of the county to he oiovtovl hy the electors of the county or ztppnintocl by the lnonrd of s\::1r-r- visors or other 0-:tmt.\' nuthm-ltiu-s as thr legislature shall dirot‘. such 1m\\'crs and duties in rolittlon tn the asst-ssmc-nt for taxation or yxroixerty. wlu~thm' real or next soxmi, within the county HS the legislature may. from timr- to limo, clnuni oxpoéliotit. any provision of section two or ztrtlcle ton of this constitution in tho ooutrzuzv not- xvlthstniitling. Assossnwxits so ztutlinrizotl hay. in the (‘.8505 and to the (-,.\'tent direct- :-il by the lr-:,'islnturo. ho sitbstittttoil in place or nssessmonts horotornro mnde b.V local o or otlwr authorities on an)’ assessment rolls or other lists of taxable property for the purpose of taxation or assessment or for anv other purpose. in any tax distrirrz or nth:-r area or unit for tuxatlnn or assossnient within the county. This section shall not be deemed to con- fer or. the lnzisinture any power to an- ‘thorize vountv nfilonrs of \\‘estcht\ster county to (lntorvnino ilint real or horsonnl. within such nnuntv. is taxable. which property in 9.x-c-mot Jrnm taxation under any general or special law. A B Z \Since the Commissioner -15 now so ,:*.nxious to tell about giving milk to the patients ! wish he would. explain why he did not let mo discharge uvb mulrses who used to take the cream from the milk intmitlocl for the sick ‘people and use it, themselves. This was :2 despicable nct; yet the commissioner overruled every attempt I made to cor- rect the practice. \The commissaioner ‘invariably blocked every attexrjpt on my part to improve (‘auditions as the Erie County Home nncl it is disgusting to -listen to his hraggm sphechse in this campaign. Even r.iv.<1u9,i\ he has no‘: the ability to be .1 good commissioner he should. M’. least 'be truthful.\ Hearts — J, 9, ,7, 6, 2 Clubs -— A, 7. 4 Diamonds — K, I0, 8, 7 Spades ~ A Rubber game, no score. What should 2, as dealer, bid with the foregoing hand? CONTRACT BIDDING: G _._' At Contract, the hand should 5*‘ passed. V . The only uestion in this hand is: Shall the deziier bid one no trump or one heart? The no trump bid seems the better as it gives artner more accurate information. Witii this bid, partner will not be deceived but, if Z should bid one heart, there is a ‘very strong chance that the bid will deceive -partner and- probably result in a big loss. The only argument in favor of the heart bid is that it is a safer bid than no trump because, if Z's ace of clubs and spades are taken out of his hand, he may‘ not ‘be able to score one no trump. This is true but seems to be more than offset by the probable loss resulting from deceit of partner. AUCTION BIDDING Hand No.1 Hearts -—- 10, 6 4, Cl_ubs-- 7, S, 3 _ Dxamonds —— J, 8, 4, 3, 2 3 Spades —- 5, 3, 2 Meyer was In charge '0: the Home un- til he resigned :1 MW weeks aga, zvhen he charged the cammlssloner with in- hf management of the »clep.-'u't- ment. Commissioner Shmldt hns never Iepned to the hurges Meyer as now supporting supervisor Thonjs V. Kenn. xndependent. candidate. for the clxarxues post. Z TEXT OF‘ PROPOSED A.\l1'IND.\IEN'l‘ No score, fn-st game. Z dealt and bid one no trump and A passed. When! should Y bid with the foregoing hand! fnils to shmv tho Tllllllln r ul‘ nllons or in. tliuns‘ nut tax-‘ll. ll’ :1 fr-tlornl census. llltlllult zlvlnz tho re-ml:~l‘e lnformatlon M4 to the stnto at large. falls to glve the In- fnrnmllmt at in any <'i\‘ll or terrlmrlnl tllvluluns which Is reqnlrc-cl to he known for surh nurpnses. the legislature-. by law. shall Dl'n\I(lt‘ for such an enunn-ration M‘ the lnhnbltnnts of <-uch nurts nf the state only nee may be necessary. which shall stxpt-.r.-zulv In part the fedcrxtl cvnsns and be used In Pnllnr-(‘.Hnn therewith for snrh ptn-nn<c-s. The lc-;:islnttn'e. ‘py law. nmy r1u'o\‘llln In its (llh(‘l'('ll(Jll for an enumera- tlon by stnte nullmrltles of the lnhnhl- tnnts of the state. to be used for such purposes. In place of :1 tedernl ct-tnsus. when the rctum at :1 deoexmlnl fear-.rnl census ls delayed so that lt ls nnt nvull- ttblo at tho bcglnnllur of the rm.:ul2u~ stas- slrm or the leglslzunro In the s:‘:0n(l your Mt:-.r the year nlmt-en hundred lthlrtv or after any tenth ye’-r therefrom, or if nn axmortlutnnont of members of nssc-tnhlv ‘and r¢~ml_lnstnn-nt or a'I,«-r:1tlon of senate‘ dlstrlcts is not made nt ur bnfnre such a lesslon. At the rn‘;n'.'zr sovslon In the ymtr nineteen hun(lre(1_ thlttv-tw.o. and at tho regular scssmn ztt\(-.t' the yenr nlno- teen hundred forty nml nftc-r each tenth year therefrom the senate dlstrlcts slmll be rendjnstetl or altered. but H‘. In nny decatle. couutlnl: truth and lm-ludlm: that whloh begins wlth the your nlnc-teen hun- dred t‘hlrt,v-one. such a rt-ndjustnn-nt nr alteration Is not mztdo at the tlme above prnsorlbml. it shall be made at It subse- quunt sesslon orcurrlng not later than the- slxth year of such (lD(.‘lllle, mcanlm: not lntt-r thnn nlnett.-on hundred tlxlrly-slwz. nlm-tr-en hundred forty-slx. nlnotecm lum- dretl \ and so on; pmvlded, hn\\-- ever. that If such dlstrlcts shall have been rezullustetl or altered by law ln L-llln-I‘ of the years nineteen hundred thlrty nr nlnc... teen hundred thirty-one. they xhnll re- maln unultered untll the regular ses- alon after the )'\\.ll.l‘ nlneter.-n humlrotl forty. Such dlstricts shall be so rczuljnstv;-:1 or nlteretl that each senntu (llstrlct ahnll contnln as nearly as may be nn equal nnntluer of lnllnbltttxlts. oxclntllng nllcns, nnd be In as compzwt form as nractlcablo. nnd shall renntin nnnltered untll the llrsl _\'ent' of the next donzulo as above detlnc-cl. and shnll at all tlmes conslst of con- thzunus tcerrltory. nnd no county shall he nllxldad ln tho fm'mntk\n of u senate dis- trict c-xL‘t~.nt to make two or more senntv dlstrlot.-1 wholly ln bur-h county. No tonn. an-I nn hlnvk In 11 cltv lnclosed by strer“.s ur public ways. shztll be (llvlded In tho fm-nrulnn of S('n£\lI) districts: nor shall am\ district cu-nlnln a greater excess In pnpulntmn ovor an ndjolnlng district In the sa.nl(' county. than the nnpnlntnn of n tn..u or M -‘.l( thm-oin ndjolnlng such ms-' trlvt c‘r~nntlos. tmvns or blocks which. from tlnlr In--atiun. may be lncludctl in oltl II‘ M two xII~trl:-ts. shall be so nlaootl as In mxkr‘ sud (llSll‘l(‘lS most nearly oqnn ln numln=r nt lnlntlntnnts, exclutllntz Sootiml 1. Rosolxwsd Thnf .==M‘Vinn sevmi of ulr1i«‘14- (hum of the (‘nnsIHu‘lDn bu nn‘xm\<ln.1 to road as fnllnws‘ .\'UMPl:7l AUCTION BIDDING § 1‘. A mombr-r of tho Xegislnturo may receive any r'l\'iI appointment within this state. from tho xzovernm-. the gn\'e1‘n0x‘ and sonntn. or from tho lozrlslatnre. or from nnv vlty gn\'nrnnu\.nf. durlm: the time for which he shall hnvn boon nlectcd‘. and upon his n.<‘w-nlmIx'c- thereof. his seat shall be d£\en1ed ‘snczxtod. There are two possible bids with thin hand. either a. pass or a txvo-dinnionrl bid. in the writer's opinion, a take-oul with a minor suit “bust\ is not justi- fiable. There are many hands that warrant 21 take-out of a no trump bid by partner with a minor suit —-such as a two-suiter or a minor holding strong enough to indicate :1 chance [01 game — but no hand justiiics, a minor take-out because of weakness. Tl‘..- minor suit tnlce-out is not of the same type as the take-out with spades or hearts. In the latter case, there i) always a chance for game: but, with .1 sakness take-out in clubs or dia- monds, there is practically riever a chance for game. With a hand of this type, it always is better to pass and hope that your partner will lose as little as possible. CONTRACT BIDDING In Contract, where game must be contracted for. it is always better to bid the suit, rather than no trump, in doubtful hands. One heart is, there- fore, thc proper bid. Blllll PIILITIBAI. TARIFF PIJLIBY SEIDS ll.S. FIRMS IBRIMB '1‘EX'I‘ o1=*_ _I_’_l§(_)_[’9§I§B_i\A@)NDMEN’l‘ NPMBEI3. '1‘Hf:I-IE FORM 0 I‘P.1TS10\' 1-‘ RPSED Section 1. Rosnlvmi. That nrtinio soven of the cnnstitutlnu be mnentloti by ilddilli-Z at the end thereof :1 new sovtinn. to be aectmn si\'teen. to reml as t‘ollows: § 16. The le5:islntu_r(- in each of the nioven cult-nclzxr years nnmctlizxtely follow- ‘!!!-! UK‘ -‘ldnntinn ut’ this amendment shall appropriate out of am’ funds in the trens~ nrv not otherwise appropriated moneys for tin-. in-quisiliou by the state of land. on‘- ‘miv the Adirondack and (lntskill xmrks. 115 now tlxotl bv law. best suited for rofores- ‘Minn. for the rofm-esting of tho same and the protection and mnnnzzement of forests tllervnnz for tho nrqulsition «of innd fnr forest tree nurseries. and {or the estim- ii.-almwnt nnd Innixitnnnncc of such nur- series. such amsronriatinns to begin in the first ,\'o:u' with the sum nt‘ one million (ini- lars ($l.00O.(ih0i and |ncr4>nsin*_.: nnnunlly hy the gum nt‘ two hundred thousand dol- lars ($200 000) to and incluriinr; the sixth year and in each or the five years immo- (lintoiy foilmvintz. :1 sum equal to that M!- proprintml for tho sixth w.-nr. .\ii- such appropriutloxw to ho, €i\'Zl1]{1bi(‘. until ox- nentiz-rl. A law enacted pursuant to this sectinn shall take effect without submis- sion tn tlm people. The lmuls m‘ the state. now mvned or horexttter ncqulred. constituting the forest nrosr,-rvo as now fixed by law. shall be (or- uvor kept as wild forest innds. They shnll not be lczxsrtl. sold or exclmntreti, or he taken by m\_v corporation, public or pri- vate. nor shall the timber thereonbe sold, removed or (1I,'stt‘0_\'c(L Nothintt contxtinett in this section nor in the prohibition: of section seven of this article shall prevent the atnte trom cutting. selling or removing the trees. timbor. forest products amt other materi-xis on any lands hereafter acquired with the moneys hart-in authorized within the forest preserve counties but outside of the Atliromlnck and Catskill park: as now nxcd or hereafter extended by law. .A.\IE2\'DME.\\l‘ .\'I'.\Im—m oxm Uac of Iv‘c¢lcraI (Vmmm. I-‘ormalian. of Senate and Assrmblu Districts Hand No. 2 Shall the prnunsod amendment to see. tlon (our of m-H4-le two and sections four and nf articie lhrep of the constitu- tion pl-o\'h'lln;: for tho use of the federal decennial vensus if available and udenunto Instead of h:\\'h\g A state census. am) for the fnrmntlnn or sonata and assembly (Ils- tricts. be zmm\o\'od? This Country Now Payin The Price of Republican Folly, Declares Congressman Jan. M. Mead. A B Z Hcarts— K, Q, 10, 0, 7 Clubs — none Diamonds —— 7. Z Spades— Q, J, 10, 8, 4, 3 FORM OF‘ SI’!-‘..\IISSI(‘IN OI-‘ PROPOSED AME.\‘D.\lEN'l.‘ N1'.\IDER ’1‘\V0 Since the passage or the last tariff 87 of Americans leading industries have decided to leave ous shores and to set. up going factories -in other lands The Aluminum company of America controlled to‘ a. large extem; by Andrew Mellon. secretary o! the Treasury in the present administratoin. has rec- cnciy decided that it will be one cf the 600 American industries to locate branchs in Canada in order to produce its vinres insid eot the tariff wall which Canada enacted to square matters with the United States. with 600 American companies now located in Canada. 87 0! them since the passage of the X~Iawlcy- Smooth law what. will .be the argument or the capitalists or me manufacturers when it comes to raising our tariff N.) score, rubber game. What should 2. as dealer, bid with the foregoing 1-and? Legfslrztors Receiving (‘iril Appointment: Slum the proposed nmendment to sec- tion seven of nrt|<'!r- tlu-on at the <‘onsll~ tution enabllnu mem1\t-rs of the leglslnmre to n=cu=lve clvll aopnhmnonls. the nccenv tunes of which shall mcnte their seats. be zusprovocl? AUCTION BIDDING CONTRACT BIDDING: In Contract. there is no argument; The hand must be passed. There are three possibilities in this hand. 2 may bid one spade, one heart or pass. The writer is of the opinion that one spade is the best call. The hand is too strong to pass and the spade bid is preferable to the heart bid as the former suit is much the stronger and the one that should be the trump. M3 Hand No. 5 FORM VIII‘ SI'BMlSSIO.\' OI-‘ PROPOSED AME.\'D.\H-2.\\1‘ NL'.\lBER THREE Purchase and Rvfnrcstation al Lands Shall the prn)m.s'etl nmontlment to ar- ticle seven of the constitution directing the legislature to nppronrinte in increasing annual amounts. starting with one million dollars in nineteen hundred thirty-two and tncrunslns: zunnually by the sum of two hundred thuilsnnd dollars in l.'i\(‘lI of the next five years and for each of the live years hmnedlately following the sixth year a sum equal to that XlDlll‘DI)l'lZti.e(l for the sixth year, for the purcliaso and re- forestation at lands outtitic of Adiron- dack and Catskill Parks and for the es- tnbllshrnent or forest tree nurseries. with power in the state to cut and sell the trees. timber. ‘forest protlm-is nnd other materials thereon. he apprm-ed? Hearts— A, K, 4 Clubs-—K, 10. 8, S, 2 Diamonds -— K, Q, 10, 4 Spades -—— Q No score, rubkger game. What should 5 :33) dealer, bu] with the foregoing an . , CONTRACT BIDDING . At Contract there two choices, enther a three spade bid or a. pass. The latter seems preferable. l-land No. 3 again. We are now paying the price, says Congressman James Mead, 101- a blind pal-itlcal tariff policy which greatly re~ stricts our foreign export, trace and in- creases costs on products which the American people must buy at home. The Fords. Meilons, M-rcormicks and other leading xnahuincturevs can afford to move abroad and establish their in- dust-ry behind the tarirr walls or other countries leaving the small American. manufacturer ‘and working man at home to pay the price oi a. false policy which by its protection enriched in law w’hil‘e lrrr many. What we need Is an honut, scienti- iic revision or the term, as well as. a customs treaty with adjacent nations -forgetting the special. interests who leave the nations forgetting, the special interests who leave the United States wlm the prollts look brighter else’- w-here. : Y : :A B: : Z : AUCTION BIDDING The dealer may bid either one no trump or one club. Nowadays good players refuse to bid over one no trump if their have the lead and_an established suit. ‘or that reason, with a singleton or a void suit, it always is better to bid a suit than no trum ln this hand the singleton spade. ma en the bid of one club a better bid than one no trump. '1‘l'}X'1‘ Ob‘ PROPOSED .-\}\IENDhIE.\'T Nl'.\IBER FOUR FORM. OF SUBMISSION OF‘ PROPOSED A.\IF).\'D.\IE.\\l‘ .\’[‘MBER POUR g1°a§\_g2J'17’x%s 1 5 4 2 Dignfonds;-'A ' ’ ' ' -' ‘Spades -- A No score. first game. What should 2, as dealer, bid wit the foregoing hand.’ AUCTION BIDDING: \‘hcre are three possibie courses of : in this hand: Z may pan, bid Sn:-lhm 1. Resolved. That section one uf article 5:12: of the constitution be amend- udlo road as follows: .h‘rcctx'ng Another Judicial District § 1. The supreme court is continued with general Jurisdiction in ixuv nut] equity. subject to such apneiiate jurisdic- tion nf the cc-urttot anpen s as nuw is or hereafter may be prescribed by law not inron-ziutent with this article. The existing Jndiclnl districts or the state are continued untii changed as hr~rciIu1!ter pro\'id_ed. The supreme court shall consist of the Justices now in (mice mu] their successors, together with such uthiitiunni Justices as may be 'uiti\orized by law. The successors 0! said justices shall no chosen by the eiectors of their respoc-tlve judicial districts. The it-gisinture may alter the judicial districts nnco utter every todcrzri census or state enumoration. each district being bounded by cnumy lines. and thereupon re-appoh tion the justices to he thereniter elected in the districts so nit:-.rozi. The ieszisintilre mny {rum Iii-u~ tn time increase the num- hor of justices in any Judicial district. ex- rept the number m’ justices in any Liistrict shall not ho inoronsod to exceed one justice for each sixty thnusand. or fraction over thirty’-tivu thntismiri. of the vonuintion thereot us shown by the iast federal cen- sus or state t=.numorz\tion. The iogisiaturo may erect out n! the sh:-omi judicial dis- trict us now 4-ousiltuted. nnnther judicial district and apportion the Justices in 0(- iico bc-t\\'r*on the districts. and provide tor the nit-(\inn of miditionni justioos in the new tiistrk-t nnt t-xnc-oriins: tho iimit here- in Drovldt-(1. Anv justice n! the supreme court. ox:-opt Y“| mhorivise prnvitimi in this nrttcic. i\I'iV porfnrm tho duties of his nmrc nr hnhi court In any county. 'I‘i-EXT Oi-‘ i'i.’t’)i’OSi\.i) :\.\iE.\'D.\!E‘.\\i‘ Ni’.\ii‘.Ei: I-‘i\'E Shall the proposed zum:-miment to sec- tion one of articie six of the constitution permitting the iegzisinture to erect another judicial district out of the second jutlicini district. apportion the justices in (mice be- tween the two districts, and pmvide for the election of miditinnai justices In the‘ new district not exceeding the limit pro- vided for in the present constitution, he approve-(i7 Mlcns. Nu on-\nn:~' shu‘l hnvo four or more son- unk-as It slmll hme zv. full ratio for envh .su-nmnr. .\n cuunty shml hzwe mun- tlu n um.--lhlr(l of all (hr semxlors. nnd nu um « nlunlos or In.» N‘l‘l’Il0l‘,\’ unrcot as now nu;nnXzvd. \\hl::h are zuljnhxinn emin- uos. or which nrv snpnmtod omy by pllbllr wzuors. shall have more than one-hm! of all the senators. The rnuo for apportioning senators shnll n]\\'n_vs be obmmed by dlvldlng me num- ber of Inhabitants. excludlng aliens, In ' and the senate shall nlwuyu ho com- posed 0! tLtt.v members. except that It mn- ommty h.1\‘im; three or more .3-i9i\{|lox‘s nl the time of am’ xmportlonxnent slmll be entlnad on such ratio to an arfdllinnnl aenntnr or senators. such nddltlnnnl sena- \tor nr senixlnrs shall be given In such c‘o\lnty In addition no the senators. am) the whole number of senators shnll CONTRACT BIDDING: In C ontract, there is no argument. Th-: - -npcr bid in one club. I-‘OHM HF‘ SI‘l-‘..\1lSb‘1(\I.\' OF‘ PROPGSED .~\.\!ENDME.\\l‘ .\'U.\IBI'JR FIVE MEAD OPPOSES CLOSING BIG TREE CROSSING Pueblo Hafapy Hunting C'haugln.y Name of State Departzncne of C‘harilli‘s and State Board of Clmriiies Shall the proposed amendment to sec- tion two of article five and sections eleven. tourtoen nnd fifteen of article eight ot the gonglltlxtion élmnglm: the names at the state denartiné of chiirltléu and the state board of clmrliies in state dc-mu‘;- men! of social welfare and state board of soclnl welfare resnecii\'ely. and eliminat- ing reference to the state commission in lunacy. be approved? Ground for Husbands WV I Han. Hxuz-Ice C. Burrett, New York State Public Sc.-rvxoe Comm Albany, New York. Puehln, Colo.-—\Vnnt :1 husband. good, hm! or Indifferent. girls? Come to l'uolnlo. It has the second largest surplus at single men 02 any t9\_\f_l) lg; Colorado. It's burgnlu any for hus- band hunters here—nnd open season. '1‘hm-e even are u goodly number at widower; tor the older glrla to cut their nets. Statistics reveal 476 (ll- vorced men among Pueblo’: lnhabl- tnnts zmd 457 divorced women. There are 950 wldowcrs. My dear Commissioner: I desire 110 enter my protest against. the closing at -the Big Tree road over the Erie Railroad tracks and also to object to the construction out am: pro- posed pedestrian underpass. It was im- possible ror fne to be present at. me hoaring which was held on Friday, Oct. 2, last. and theretoxe I am taking this means of advising your Honorable Com- missioner ot nqy Mtituda in tine mut~ ter. be increased in that extent. The xennto districts. including the pros- em. ones, as existing ixnmn-uliauciy inororc tho e.xmctmcnt of n lluv romijm-slim: or niic-ring the aennle distric-is. simii con- tinue to be the senate districts ot iiw mane l_lll|il the exnlraiions of the terms of lhn senators then in oilir-e. except for mo nur- pn.-le at am election of senators for full terms beginning It such exnirnlions. and for the formation of assembly districts. I 5. The members of the assembly shnll be cho by mingle districts and Him)! iw n.‘>poriiono:d by the legislature at each reg- 'u nr session at \\-hich the sennie districts nro rcndjuatcd or niu-rod. and by the same lxuv, among the several counties of the suite. as nearly as may be according to tile number of their respective inhabitants. exviudinp; aliens. Every county heretofore uslabliuhcd nnd nepn.rntei.v organized. ex- ‘cept the county of Hamilton. shnii always be entitled to one member of assembly. and no county shall ilereafter be erected unless its population shall entitle it to u gnemlu-r. The vouniy nf Hamilton shall elect with the county of Fulton. until the mopulniion of the county of Hamilton slmii. _4\cen3'ding to the ratio. entitlo it tn :1 -member. But the legislature may abolish mm said county of Hamilton and IHBPY Stile territnry thereof In some other counw or counties. The quotient obmined bv dividing the whole number at inhabitants of the Leiaio. ‘excluding alien.-4. by the number of mem~ born of assembly. shnll ho the ratio fnr FORM OF SUBMISSION OF PROPOSED AMENDMENT NUMBER SIX WBEN SPEAKER TELLS OF ELECTION Aaacaanwne o/ Property in Wcatchegtcr Cozmly Shall the proposed amendment to sec- tion twenty-seven of xu-Hole three of tho constltutlon aulhurlv. nu the lol to confer upon omcers of the cnumy of West- chesler elected or zumoinlcd as the (emis- lature shan direct. pnwers as In tho nssessmnnt of properly us decnmd exp:-— dlenl. any such assessment to be subs“- tuted It the mzlslmure dh'e<-ts In plllce of nascssmenls hercvtnforc made on may asst-ssmc-nt roll or next at 1u.\‘g\blo pmportr In nny mxlm: (H.-xtrh-1. man or unit. excel)! that power cannot be grzultcd to tax prop- orty exempt by general or special law. be approved’! Knowledge Essential to All Votern.—-Walter Schmieding To Talk On Radio. Only True Sportsmen or Perjured Liars to Hull‘ Highway traffic is on the increase in this aectiian while the traffic on this ‘branch of the Erie is decreasing. Bu!- falo is rapidly growing out in mu (il- rection 0! Hamburg and instead 01 fewer hinhways we will require many more as the years go by. The propoaed umderpaaa would be all right in a thickly populated locality where weather condlvions were always favorable but at Big Tree such a proposal is out of the question. I also desire to congratulate you. Commissioner, for: Giving the people an opportunity of propeily presenting their case :0: in the past this right has been denied them. Sect!-In L 1::-s':nh'c-«l. That section mu --I urthlo -‘t the u».-mtllutlnn be amend- ed to rend ns follows: \The Mechanics 02 Election\ is the pamnem. subject. or the address by Walter F .Schmlc.-ding. Erie Counvcy oom- mxssloner of eiectlcms, to be presented by Station WBEN on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 7 1). m. Wushlngton.~—1letore hunters cnl procure a llconse to shoot. deer In Mlchlgrm {ms {all they must go before a notary and swear they have not violated a deer law of the state In the past three years nor shot 1 person while hunting during the past the years, says a bulletin 01 the Ameri- cun Game nssoclntlon. Thln requlrr monk was adopted by the 1931 le¢lalI- mm to make the sport safer. I 2. There shall be the tollowxng civil depnrhnents In the state government: First. executive: second, audit and control. third. mxatlon and fourth. law’. mm. state: sixth, nubile works; seventh. architecture‘. eighth, conservation; ninth. ngrlculture and markets: tenth. labor; eleventh, education: twemh, health: thir- teenth. hnmtal hygiene; fourteenth. Ioclal weltmc; correction: sixteenth, public service.‘ seventeenth. banking; eighteenth. Snsurnm-9: nlnetoenth. clvn \ t\\ antic-th. mmtary and naval at- a rs. Appropriate to th c-present time, with elections In the omng. Mr. Schmled- mg‘: talk will deal with the subject from who pays the bills. to the quali- ! u! voters. The comxn will explain what happens in the emer- gency or A breakdown 0! an electric machine. how the returns are tabulated and the vnulous laws governing the holding or an election. Mr. Schmledlng is one 0! 9. series 01 speakers who are presented by WHEN each week In discussions on the work- ings 0! me county governing board. DIRECTOR NEVER HEARD OWN ORCHESTRA ON AIR ljt \ v . \c.v'_ B. A. Rolfe. director of the Lucky Strike Dance orchestra. 15 a man unique among millions. for he L; probably the only racuo listener In the country who haa never heard the Lucky strike cr- chestra. on the radio. 5 . Re.-sulwd. That smtions eleven. Iuuru-4~.n and Mu-on or article right of the lcons \ be amended tu' road as 101- ows: SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LACKAWANNA NEWS ‘p?rIonm¢-nt. which smm h ads as fol ow.-: One member of asxsnmbly shall be 1 11. The irgisinture shall provide for a. state lmzsrd of social \v.oi{rLrr-. which shall visit and inspect ull institutions. whether state. county. municipal. incorporated or not lnt'nr]mrato,d, which me at [I <-hnrlta-‘ ble. oil-on ns7~'n.xry, r-urn-rtinnnl or rM‘nrm'1- tory r-lmm--tear. s-Vcemlng state institu- tions for the education and support of the blind and thn don! and dumb. um! excom- Ing also such institutinns as are lueroby mmle subjr-at tn the vlslmlinn and insxppru non of eitimr -.-f the authorities heroin- MN-r mention:-xi. hut inviuding all reforma- (uric? for jun nu. s The homi M the do- nz1rtvn¢=ntn1'xnrutn1 h\'i-Zl(’llf*Sh'1ll visit and lnsxu-ct all lnsmuxmns. vithor pulullc or private, usod for tho care and lrentnucnl of the insane. eplloctics. idiots. feeble- mindod nr me1il‘l dofoctl\'os. There shall be a state enmmisslon or correction. oi which the hear] or the department of cor- rection shall he the chairman. which shall visit nml inspect all institutions used for the devontinn uf srnm nrlulis nhurzotl with or cnnvlc-led of rrlme, or detained II wit- nesses or dobtors. Thxs unusual fact. was disclosed rec- ently In a. conference of executives re- sponsible for the presertatlon of ‘he Lucky smk prograzmz. Throughout. more than three years In which tzh‘s program has been on the air. Rolle has maintained an unbroken recrn-cl or con- tinuous. attendance. Naturally. being an the studio durmg’ the actual broad- casts It would have been a physical im- possibility for him to have heard the Lucky Strike omhaxstra unless he turn- ed over the baton to a substitute. PHONE ABBOTT 0839 RATES VERY REASONABLE -apnurttona-! in ew-ry county. lncludlnz !-‘ultnh and Hanllltnn as‘: one ommty. <'nn- talr-mk lass than the ratio and om--hnlr ow-r. Txxo momlwrs shall he mmm't!'Ineri to even: other c-numv. The rmnalnim: ARTHUR GEORGE REEKS CO. omht-r:s I’ n~sonl'-Iv shall he appor- tinned In the counting htuhu: more than htn mil--s nr-t-nnllntr In tho number of In. New York and United States Licensed PRO!’-‘ESSl0.\I.\l. I-)NGl.\Il-IERS and LAND SUIIVEYOIS Aemnnutlcu! Engineers and Aviation Transport Pnots Open for private prxwtk-e business hours 8 n. m. to 5 p. m. Plans and Specification at 4 per cent Inspection and Supervision at 4 per cent. Englnéer Services Architectural. cnn, Eleet Mtrlmnlcnl. Structural, Aeronautical Sub Divisions Mapping at I15 an Acre. Lana surveys Single not .0!!! Aerial Surveys and Aerial Photography 0100, an Hour, Per Sq. Illa thahltrxluls. c-xcludlm: nllrfnu. .\lemhn.rs an- yuortinnz-d rm rr=mn‘nvIor-x shall he appor- :lnnod_m iho rnurdlzw Ivulnl: thn hlzhest )‘l‘!)'IaHid.~v3 aDi\c‘ll\'nI.V. Nu r-unnh 5-ha“ have more members of nssnmhlv than n county having: :1. greater number of Inhabitants. excluding nllc-nsx. The assembly mstrlcts. Inohullm: the present ones. as existing lmlncdlmoly be- fore the enactment of :1 law making an apportionment of memhr-.rs of assemhh among the counties. sahnll c-rmtlnue to he the assembly cllstrlcm or the state until tho expiration of the terms of members 5.“ _; . #5 =6‘ 4. 1 ‘\5 ‘E’- \“.' On the other hand. practically every one of the 50 odd members of the '3!‘- chestrn. has, at one time or other. been absent man at least. zone prog-ram and. as a result, had. an opportunity to listen-in. General Oulces :0 WEST SENECA LUMBER CO. Inc., LACKAWANNA, N. Y. Peisonal Interviews Private olnce It 472 1-I:Au’1. srnlzm nunuo. N. 1*. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LACKAWANNA NIWS 2‘ I‘ LIQUID OR TABLETS Relieves n Headache or Nennm: II II minutes, check! 0 Cold the first day. IIII cnech Malaria Ii! three duyl. 666 Salve for Baby’: Colt!

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