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15l‘_e.yfrs. *1.-scL|rM.rI-.n.Ia,-.....=_N-.\1i-.; T1u:r9~. Oct-L22. 19.3 ___.__:—_u - 3'57’! :noAao1zcAn Assam 2 :mm.L:VuAN%s or‘ cAnns1 icmE%s7 uses mgmo M ;[~ 1» :wiAn on 'C‘R|\ME’l% \Want to Laugh ? sma . . . Rowe Bnosiers Active For Judge; COLLEG FLAPPEB ‘Police Broadcasting S.tations I lng‘e.!.ii6uo.Devic>e: ‘Solves Dis..- agreeablg, ‘Problem. Prove ‘Effective. Dr. Wm. H. ‘Mihl Outlines? Duties of That High Office and \Says Rowe. Logical Can-.3 didate. C11ic§ago.———\'Fhe hliddte West is soon. to. see a one-eyed -robtzt that can reztd and ussort mllzliuns 0fu(n‘cl1llQ.l‘;V prix_\12ed cards at 9. ‘hi,-.1h, rate of ‘speed. The latest scienti tool for use in, ac- counting depxu-tments of‘ elen-me ‘light compun_l_es, banks, [‘11i‘lI,‘mlL1S. ‘hotels, telephone o and ut‘her- ‘large or- g_n-nlzutlnns for clzlsslfivntloxn M bills. checks. tickets and ot-l_2er records, was announced by B‘. '-1‘., \\'hitring. north- west distrxct manager of.’ the Westing- hmlse Elect1'ic- and, .\1an11t‘neturl,ng cuxnpa-ny. \,Y:1shii1gtoxi.——A rapidly increasing -use or -radio, -in the. mitioxi-sv_i'de battle iaguinst crime and: mt-i<etee1‘ing is shown by irecurds of the rzldio, com: mission. These disclose tgha-t in ttiiegi short space of three yezurs ~t'\\rentyv 'iai:ge cities mid several snmi~1_er ones, ‘have installed Special!.p01i;(‘e‘bl'0£\(1QaSt- ing stations mid «equipped [)8.£i'0imei\ on duty \viti1:z1pparat~1is enabling, them to receive orders“ from ‘headquarters within, 21 fjew 'IIi,0Iiit‘iitS'._ The proved’ value of the mdio in fzxcilitatiug ijnpid t-Lunn1_unicatiou, and in vmuny -cases assisting in. the capture of murderers and other: criminals. whole ucthfities cost the -nation hun- dreds. of millions of 41ullal's, uuuuaiiy. ‘has pl‘0mpte(l_ thirty mlditional cities to make prepzu-ation -for’ joining in the radio war against ‘crime. Of this ‘iat- ter group. t\\'ent_v-two iioki construc- tion permits for -the «estahlishnient of radio. stations, and coninmnication sys- tems. PROCEEDS TO BE USED V1-‘on chrisimas sham! fund CATHOLIC ‘DAUGHTERS The nfxzltcld cluuca or 9. County‘ (bun Judge and mo conunendab1e_ manner In wmch they have Ibeen per-3 ‘formed by Coumy Judge George H.‘. Rowe wexe oublmed by Dr. w M, Wehl. chm1'xx1u1x or the Rowe Campaign ooxmnnttce, m an uddmss to severzu' hundnccl members. or the Rowe Booster. club at. Repubucan hoadqunrwrs. Dr.‘ Mehl. who. rs also 1m-s1<1em or she Boosters club. declm:e(l that the club is‘ mpldly approachmg a membership. 0:‘ 10.000,’ having 0. large ztopresentatlon In £7\'w=ry seoulon of the city and county. OF AMERICA _ Directed by Universal Producing \Co Biggest Event Ever Staged In Lacknwannn .:a 13-.:{—;= 7 H »-is»;~;!- 1, ~\: ..\,;.~, ' .\ s 2»; - r.\ '- «-:-n PROM|NENT ‘MC%K~‘AWA%NNl\ JPEOPUE I3 CHARICTERLS ‘ Don’t Miss It ’! :~-: Screams of ‘Laughter! 5 ;; ;;.;,_ .. x:.‘§§:‘ ‘ De.vo1o1_)ed and designed w Doug—- 121.5 A. Young. an engineer-of the West- ing,ho.u,se organization). this ingenioiis niachine reads and places-cards ‘in any of the 100 comparmionts of the «im- chine where they belong, w,‘u:ho,ut ‘hu- man hand ‘touchmg them. The ma-. chine opermeal -by a single \electric eye\ or .phot'o.-electric»‘-tube. ‘PBIDIIIQS one of it man playing soii,mii~e,_ and resembles in appeal-mice xx miniature‘ railroad switching terminal with the cam} being ‘routed ioxter» its. proper‘ track, “The Rowe. Booster c1,ub,\- he said.' \has struck fl popular chord and every day new x1§~mbers are enlist.Lng- in the muse. I cum deeply gmtified. to have hhe honor of leading the host or friends‘ and admirers of Jmlgve Rowe in his campaign for 1-e-election. The high re» gard in which Judge Rowe is held is‘ lndioateci by the huge exmrolilment in. the‘ bdosbers club and is 1u<‘uicativ,e of the‘ couni;y—.wide mberest in his re-.eleci7ion.\ “Judge Rowe. has by personal inspe:-. Mom,\ said Mr. Mam. “fami11a.r1zed him- self with the ‘conditions in an prisons of the State of New York to which men are committed by ‘the court. In dlspos-. mg of y‘o\ut.hiw.x1 offenders he has had. in mind. than they should not, it it can be prevented. be thrown in contact xvith older criminals. He has requestecf the sheriff of Erie County and the keeper of the penitentiary to separate boys who ave charged with or convicted of crime and keep them apart from: other crim~. Imus. f‘.- 1' ' ’,' ._x 45 ,gr‘_*. SPEAKING ‘CAST Ann -Harding ., Mame Dressler Hula Hula Gm Bride of 1930. . -BRYAN CHAS. NOEL. Noel-stmusser store I-' SULLIVAN, Ausvm Candy Co. CLARENCE AUSTIN, Austin Candy Co. Jerry Watson Prof. Gattdls '1‘-he Big Butter Egg Man . .. George (Jerry's best. frlexld) . . . Mlmk (the Iocltbull tramer) . . . . Mary (the sorority pres1(lex1|;) . Jean (Jerry's sweetheart» . .. Dr. Seamore (preswiem of college) Mx~s.Seumore Dean Howard Nellie (a. freshman) . . . . . . .. JE‘ooLbnl1 Coach B111 (a. freshman) Brick (another freshman) . . . . .. Cheer Leader Glee Club Preslclem. . . . . .. . . . . .. RAY JENKINS ARTHUR GLBBONS J.o,E KEATING .. TOM MERRICK fl . . . . . JAMES CARROL MRS. W'M. MCDONALD MARGARET WNULTY . . DR. NELSON TVVISI‘ KATHARINE, BONNER ELEANOR STAWSKY . NORA MCLAUGHLIN JERRY REAP . . . . JACK KEATING . .'. . . . JOHN HAYDEN ROY FENNIE . . . JOE MCLAUGHLIN GLEE CLUB JOE Mel.-XUGHLIN, Dgrector and Leader Eight :Espgcial >Chan.ne,l.s., Finally‘ reallzliig the importance of drafting the male for service in the crime war. the ~rad_i,o commission has set aside eight channels especially for pollce work. The bands are all with_~ in a few meters, of each‘ other and llle, below normal broadcasting ch_u_n_n‘els. In some quarters it ls predicted that ul,tlmu,tely so many cities will utilize the radio for police work that it will be pusslble to. evolve :_1 nation,-.wldeV network for the broadcasting of police alarms. A John Walsh John I-Inssey Owen McLaughlin John Tarqulmq Oiem ‘%.m,\vs1<y' Gene Kzuxey Dick Walsh Leo Tarqulmo Francis O‘Rcurke Pete Snuth Joe Ga.1uga.n Joe Brady Nick Kaney Joseph 0‘Mara Joseph Mc Joe Cudahy Disagreeable Problem solved This mechanical device was devel- oped upon the request of it large cor- poration to solve a (il problem. This like many ‘others. hill cus- tomers monthly. and stubs are re- turned with remittances.‘ ’i‘housn_n_ds of these stubs returned each till)’ up- set the organization us it is almost impossible to keep help, on the tedious and monotonous grind of sorting and tiling remittance stubs. The one-eyell electrical machine was developed. Operation of the newest robot is so simple that it requires the services of only one person., When the niunes and utitiresses. are stenciled on the bills. :1, number is printed also. This number guides the Sorters in classify- ing the stub when returned. With the new sorting machine, this same principle is carried out. except :1 sim- ple printed code is suhstitutecl for the numbers. By this system of code, it is possible to get more-.t.ha_n 100.000,000 combinations of numbers on D. card 11/3 inches wide by 3%, inches long, and still have enough. room for cus- tomer's name and address. Electric Eye Used. Edward Mzcaxm Bill Han-ltyv Francis McNu1ty James Gauigan T FLAPPER CHORUS THE CHORUS GIRLS Knthleext I-‘enme, Helen Bergen: mug of The Flappers JAMES TOBIN. Ti1_e success ztchievexl by police in Chicago and Detroit was inrgeiy re- sponsible for the rapidly gx-owing pop- uiarity or police broadcasting systems. As far back as 1928, Detroit Inaugu- rated its iirst broadcasting system. one of the first big ones in the country. To date, Detroit o credit more than S00 arrests solely to the speed with which rmlio. facilitated broadcasb ing criminal reports to otticers stu- tloued throughout the city and outly- ing districts. Sorority President DR. LYNCH, 'Deutl_:-1: Peaches Browning ED REAP. Beth. Steel Corp. Tlllle The Tollezr BILL BRADY. N. Y. Central Ry. Baby Face . . . . .. . . . .. GEORGE KUNZ. Gents I-‘umlshmgs G-lorla Swanson . , . .. . . . . . Is‘DCrA.R FENNIE. Bison. on corp. Campus Flu-t. .. . . . .. CYRIL DAHIY, At;lant., Lumber Corp. Studlctus Curl DENNIS KANE, Prlnolpal Lack. School Cxokl Dlgger .. ED. BUND, Mgr. Dann‘ny~Fo.xon Store Eartl Hearted Hannah . . .. FRANK COVEIY. Tallor Clluglug Vlue . .. ‘A . .. NICK HEGEDUS. Insumnce Ag,-en‘. Ixmclc-em. Freshman AL. ZAHORSKY. H. L Peters. Agent Clara Bow VINCENT HARLEY. Mellody Drug store Conceited Jumor . . . TOM BODKIN'._ Edltor Lack. N’~aws 'I‘:'ach<-r‘.s Pet LOUIS SCI-IULEFAND. Gems I-‘urnlsh gs Beauty Winner DICK BRADY. Englneer. Ell: Club Glrl Wlth The Million Dollar Legs .. JOHN A. TOOMEY. Al.h1(‘llC Glrl JOHN J. KILCOYNE, Assessors Clerk Spmster school Teacher .. GUS KOVACH’. College student Sz\llr.r's S\veetl1earr. JAMES DUNNET. College student Powerful Knmuka .. CARL KOLLMAR. Danu.h.y-Faxon. St. Perreot 56 JOHN F‘, ASZKLER. Rausln-skl Furniture Vamp of Lnckawnnus . . JOSEPH KOVACH, College Student Cleopnma THOMAS M‘cDONALD, Flre Chief Marjorie Cowley Jane Judge Mauglon, Mccmvem Noreen Hm-tnet Marian Monaghan Gertrude Ruddy Mary Fianizlgan Dora Mae Walker The County court has jlurisd,-iction or the person and property of incompe- bents. During the time that Judge Ha-we has been on rthe. bench he has disposed of hundreds oi petitions for the commitment 0: persons who were alleged to be incompetent. These pet!- tions are determined -by the a.f1ida.vit.s_- of relative; and doctors. The incompe- tent is not before the couxt. and is not able to speak for himseix. and then-Aurore, petitions require careful scrutiny. The met that Judge Rowe has dime this. work emiciently and without delay is or great importance to the relatives 02 the incompetents, the community in which they live. and the‘ inccmpetent them- selves. Helen Dcnowlck Marlon. Carroll Allce Tlghe Kathleen Burke Berna.rd'.x}_e_ Healey Mary O‘DonnelI1 Mary Flah_ert;y Lorraine Wane Julia. 0‘Mar9. Beatrice Lasner Helen Mc Dorothy Demmlng Eileen McBride Katherine Paddcn Ruth . Sch-wmjtzott Domthy Hantlty Mary Kilcoync The and 1: Chicago's ms: experlments, initiated by WGN. a_ newspaper station. were so s\1ccessfu_1 that that clty now has three stations. a piss} places the L Gertrude Semen Lucy Mnmmg Margaret Scahm Harriet Keough Emily Skourowskl SPECIAL MUSIC NUMBERS Cltles now covered by police rmllo stations are I‘asndena. Culit.. Wash- ington, Chicago. Loulsvllle, Detrolt, Minneapolis, Cleveland. Toledo. Ro- chester. Omaha,‘ Kansas City, Knn.. San Francisco. Pittsburgh, Atlanta, In- dlnnapolls, Memphis, St. Louls. Pas- salc. N. J.. Dallas. '1‘e.\'zls. .\Iiaml, Fln.. Flint, Mlch.,, Clnclmmtl, West Rend- lng. Pa.. Phllndelpllia. and Bu Used In Many CHI». “colleglate Chox:us' \Out In The New M1own Hay\ “I Lovgw You So Much.” . . .. \Me and the Man in the Moon\ ‘Who‘s That Pretty Baby\ . “Say It Again\ .\., MISS ROSE AVERY. Pianist . . . Girls Chorus . . Girls Chorus Nel-ue and Brxck . . . Girls Chorus Flapper Chorus . ., . . Ensemble Cards are placed in the feedlng re~ ceptacle and 11 weight is placed on_ top of the cards exerting pressure on the bottom card. Thls lower card is then picked up by a devlce covered by‘ llve rubber. which operates effec- tlvely even with badly mutllated cards, and pushes lt forward under the gaze of the “electric e_ve\' which ls focused on a spot over \\:hlv:h the card must pass and thus the coded number is read before routlng the card to lts proper place. The \electric eye\ in- stantly reads the card and lmmcdl» ately operates relays which cause a mechanical hand to respdml. ready to take the classi card to its proper place in any of the 100 counpartmcnts in the machine. The County court. has jurlsdjotlon ‘ox adoption prqceedtngs In each case where an application has bca>,n,nxpdc« to Judge Rowe tor the adoption or an in- tant the Judge has exexclsed the tits- mabion which the law gives hvixn and has reqmrcd a very thorough investigation by the probation department In‘ a so- cial we.-Hare oxgantza Bathing Beauty AL HAGGERTY Com F;-<1 Co-ed Dancing Curl FRANCIS BURKE. Mgr. Elickinger Store FRANCIS MULROY Norma Shearer . . . . . . . . . . . . DR. AUGUST 'I‘WIS'I‘. Dentist Giggles GEORGE DOSTER. Luck. Nat’! Bank J1gg's Maggie FRANK L. LOHR. American Bank Mum Green .. ALPHONSE L. PULKOWSKL Amerxcan Bk. Mnmn's Darling . ‘ .. JOS. STRAUSSEIR. Nbeal-Strau.§e:' St. St Louis Sally FRANK KOENIG. Noel-Strausser Store SPECIAL BABY PAGEANT \TAKE ME BACK TO BABYLAND\ Featuring 400 Children, Ages 5-9 Miss Lnlllan Dempsey. Speclalv Dramatic Reader (me or the most c.-.\'tensi\'e police radio instnllutlons is that inaugurated by the state police of Michigan last \\_\mt<-r. After a strenuous a 5.000-watt tmnsxnltter was opened at Lnnslng last l\’o\'ember. All state‘ troopers‘ lxezulquzwters and cars were! equipped with apparatus and a signal-x lng system was set In operation. Wild Life 1: Driven HIGH SIBHDIII. AUDITDHIIIM WEBHESBAY and THURSDAY Kid Matinee Oct. 27, 4 p. m. October 28-29 \f. :_u If » . .~e '.\'r ‘r ,_-(,7 \3 All Seals Reserved—-Pu-son’: Drug Co., Tuesday, Wednesday, Thuraday, October 27, 38, 29, 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. Show Start: 8:30 P. M. Admission, 50c, Children’: section 25¢. No Extra Charge For Reserving Seats ' Woman. Runs 2 Homes; Hubbies Unsuspicious Into Open by Drought Bakersville. Calif.-—A shortage of grubs and other succulent dainties to be found under bo\vl<1ors and logs. plus general poor mountain foraging. has caused bears to invade the \o\\'\:m(ls. stockmen from the Kernvine distrlct complain. Worcester. .\lass.—-For more than two months Mrs. Elsie Luvigne. torty. mgxnnsged two homes without arousing the suspicions of either of her “hus- bands.“ FIRST ANNUAL After twenty years as the wife of Henry L9.\'igne the woman. mother of n nine-.tce11-your-old <lm1:.;htor. secretly mzu-rivd James L. Tully, cable ‘repair- man. last June. BARB PAHIY and IIANCE The cnttlemen say the hours have raided nmny pigpons and a number of unoccupied summer cabins. From Wasco. 25 miles northeast, come reports that coyotes lmve become so bold as to remain in the open in the daytime and on several occasions have t!‘l_0ll to fratcmize with dogs. Several covcys or quail have forsak- en the mountains for lhc outlying dis- tricts of Ilakerfleld. residents have re~. ported. and at Wasco a corcy ot Jap- anese pheasants has taken possession of 1x eucalyptus grove. where food and water is plentlful. E3 She then told her two mates that she was taking up prm-ticul mu'sing. ant] thus was able to (]i\'i(10 her time bet\\'m~n her (“(3 homes. Om: (lily her real h'u:‘<bmul lost his job us :\ rxu-punter null, for the first time. became curious over his wi1‘e‘s work as It nurse. His investigation revealed Mrs. L:1\‘igne'S double life and resulted in her arrest on :1 big- amy elm:-go. Pennsylvania Towns Under Auspices of the Acadian, Fishermen Put Curfew on Radio Shy Close to Shore 4th Ward Democratic Boosters Club Shumokin. I’n.——-Couuciimnnic ordi- nance set 11 p. m. as the curfew hour fo nil Itadio sets within Shnmokin borough. At that hour all sets must ha turned down so‘ that they cannot be heard outside the house and all window.< must be closed when the radio is playing. Siuunokin was not alone in seeking to place rgstrictions on riullos playing lute at night. At \Vilkes-Ilnrre police nnnounced that they would respond promptly to any complaint against excessively loud radios and would direct set owners to cut down the volume immediately. ‘ Mnrgaretsviile, N. S.——-Many Acadi- iin ! never go further to sea thun the bench. They let the tradi- tionniiy powerful titles of the Bay of Fundy do their fishing for them. The southwest coast of Nova Scotla in this vicinity ’1 lined with weir-s—— staked oft nrens Fined with nets. High tide sweeps 11 wide variety of deep- sea fish into these hugs “t1'ups.\ When the tide goes out hundreds or the two left stranded In very shallow wu- ter und can be landed with small nets. To be allotted an arm for establish-, ment of n weir :1 Nova Seotlun has only to apply to the government. At Memorial Hall MONDAY EVENING 30 Miles to New Site Engineer Drowns Ship’: Pet Cat; Lands in Jail Borwlck. Pn.-—I\'o.ighbors or G, A, Hllleyp farmer at Rm-«-n (‘l‘('0k_ nzgisr. ed mm in moxrlng a burn 30 mllvs to a new‘ location. Long Beach, Cam. —Appon1lng through the authorities of Loulslzum and the (‘nlifornla attorney geno.ra1's omce. members of the crew of the on tanker Gem‘-ge Kellogg caused the ar- rest of their chief engineer, John Ahern, for throwing the shlp‘s mascot. a pet cut. overboard on the recent voyage of the tanker through the Pan- ama canal. OCTOBER 28 IIIlley's own barn was (1ostro;\'4-cl by I-Ie purchased 11‘ burn on [hp Greasy farm at Mi 30 miles away. Eighteen of his m=.l‘.'hho1-~: joined him in dismantling thu (‘t'm1s_v burn, t.rnnspur.un,-1: it to the l‘IiI)e_\' farm nnd <re~er(-ctinxg It. Seven trucks \\'ere used in trams- pomng the stmc(\n-e. Mobile, A1a.—J. \V, Marcus recently surrendmml his pocketbook, contain- ing $10.85, to a -negro holdup man. and after the thief had pocketed his gun began arguing with him. The result- hc got the pocketbook back and {right- ened the negro off. Argument Saved $10.85 Hnwniians Good Pupil: Tomahmvk. \Vis.-—Huwa1lnn children ure\better~pup1ls than Americans, Miss Alva l reported when she ur- rlvcd for a vacation at her home here after teaching for me years there.

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