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hckawnimb :N..ew-. Back. N. Y.-. f-’l'h.u.I_rs-. 91:3» .1115. 19.1‘ Coffee Is Called Valuable for Athletes . % ‘ J By Thirty Célilege Coaches and Trainers A Hawaiian Legend ERE is a pretty tale from Hawaii, ianied for its “1cis,\ _, its outdoor life and its ‘legends. This particuJar~ legend is quoted from Wil-< liam Hyde Rice’: book on this sub- ject and comes from the island of Kauai. It is called: to Maui and Hawaii to consult the kahuna (astrologer, sorcerer, di- viner) in regard to the girl's name. Alas, none could help him! - In despair he returned to Wairnca and called on his old grandmother who inquired the reason for his great sadness. The prince replied: “I love the Rainbow Princess who lives in the waterfall. She only ‘laughs at me and tells me that when I call -her by name she will be my wife. I have consulted all the kahuna and none can tell me her name.” Ambrosia Salad: Halve four large seedless oranges, and remove pulp. Dice one banana, and cut up four preserved Toss together with one and one—half cups diced sliced Hawaiian ‘pineapple (or two 8-ounce cans of pineapple tidbits), drain well and chill. Mix with mayonnaise with whipped cream, and fill orange skins with mixture. Pile more dressing on top and sprinkle with coconut. Serves eight. The Rainbow Princego In the inset: Russell S. (“Rus!y\) Callow. crew coach of the Universi‘ opinion: on co from promlnan: coachesrof football, bake‘ T HIRTY-THREE athletic coaches have replied to the questionnaire distributed by Russell S. Caiiow, rowing coach 0! the University of Pennsylvania. in an investigation of modern training diets as compared to the beetsleak- and-potato training menu of ten years ago. The replies show a re- markable change and the complete abolition of taboos against many articles at food. ty of Penmylvania. who obtainaati tball, track and rowing. A family of Hawaiian: were mov- ing into the vallur of Nualolo, on the Napali coast. To reach the valley it was neces,sary to climb up a swing- ing ladder which hung over the cli One man was carrying a -baby girl, and as he swung on to the swaying. ladder he dropped the child. The ‘ parents, in agony, watched their baby vfalling, but were overjoyed to see ilhe (supernatural being. spirit) =af the rainbow catch her up ‘before she struck the water, and carry her , us the rainbow over the mountains town to Waimca valley. In this val- ley the Alma placed her in a small I cave beneath a waterfall. There she ' lived. watched by the Akua, who al- ways sent the rainbow to care for her. There she grew. at length, into beautiful womanhood, and every day she sat in the sunshine on the rocks above the cave with a rainbow above her head. upon the nerves. Three of the coaches stated that they served cof- tee to athletes but did not know or any speci advantage. Eleven of the coaches replied that they had found co valuable particularly ln rellevlng fatigue alter competi- tlan. University, found coffee e.<rmr-Sally valuable to competitors in -3 ‘.1 events. Many coaches an:u‘t\v1 that coffee was extremely nw.e:.'i 1.» athletes because of its nae:-tr: :-T feet, among them being vhtme-. Whitealde, rowing‘ cr>::.o‘- L1‘ Har- vard University. who rd-2‘ “'.7o 9 is a psychological far tor i' ks-e9Ix.': the training grind frnz. bnc Lain‘; too tiresome.\ With these words the grandmother cheered the heart of the sol-rowing prince: “If you had come to me I could have ‘told you her name. Go to the waterfall. When the princess laughs at you. call her U-a, which means rain.\ . Salads from the Sn Pineapple combines extremely well\ with Here are two salads in which it is wedded to different den- izens of the deep. Pineapple Tuna Salad: Flake two- 7-ounce cans of tuna Marinate one-half cup diced cucumber and one green pepper cut in pieces in French dressing. Toss lightly with one cup (3 slices) of diced sliced Hawaiian pineapple. Add two tablespoons -chopped sweet pickle to one~hali cup mayonnaise, ind fold in. Serve in lettuce. and pass more of the pickles and mayonnaise. Serves eight. East Indian Shrimp Salad: Peel eight uniform tomatoes. scoop out centers, dust with salt inside. and chill. Drain one 8-ounce can (one cup) of crushed pineapple and mix with one cup shredded cabbage, then moisten with mayonnaise which has been well seasoned with curry pow- der. Fill tomatoes with this. Hook four canned or fresh cooked shrimps over the edge of each tonmlo cup, and’~'pile itlittle more curry dress.» 5 in the center. Serves eight. The prince Iustened to the water- fall and when he called “U~a” the beautiful maiden went to him. They were married and lived together many happy yen. Perhaps the most signi tact brought out by the questionnaire was the number of coaches who serve (miles to athleteq between periods or contests. Included among these are such well known football mentors as Glenn (“Pop\) Warner of Leland Stanford University: Charles W. Bachmau of the Univer- sity of Florida; Hugo Bezdek of Pennsylvania. State College, and Paul J. Schissler of Oregon State College. Mr. Schissler cited an inci- dent in Oregon's game against New York University in New York in 1929 when “thirteen members of my football team were running tem- peratures with influenza. Strong. black coffee ht-.\\'.‘-an halves stimu- lated them to such an extent that they were able to the game in good shape \ Harry A. Stuhldreher, football coach otvillanovo College nnd quar- terback of the famous \I-‘our Horse- men ot Notre Dame.\ made this general statement regarding the training of athletes: \Personally. I believe growing boys should have A certain amount of coffee daily. I am in favor of serving it.\ Tom Keane. track coach of Syracuse Studies Training !\.~L'm\da The questionnaire dealt speci cally with the place given to coffee in the training menu. The coaches were asked to give their opinions as to its value in the diet. its value in increasing muscular and mental oiilniency. and its value in relieving fatigue. Exactly thirty of the thir- ty-threo coaches replied that coifee was sen-ed to athletes under their supervision. thus demonstrating the extent :0 which a beverage once look»;-Ll upon with deep suspicion in the aznietic world has triumphed over prejudice. “Rusty\ C-allow has n '2 3 a .;m:ia‘ study or diet in c:..u:;:ctu..1 ~.\iz.~. athletics. and is now '.‘)I‘ E.-uni, rv investigation into ch-u -1,v,e~1 1:. *;.~‘.. ing methods and the .~:.:\a --~ them. Caiiow esmbiisi-9 i. ‘s 7‘; '~ : ->» There is no Princess at the end of the rainbow now in Hawaii. but there is a pot of gold in the shape of the vast quantity of luscious pine- apples which are now raised and canned ‘in those happy islands. This industry is modern. The beginning of its great success dates back only thirty years, so there are no legends about pineapples, but this succulent fruit makes up for that part by the truth that many delectable dishes can be made with it. Here are a few pineapple recipes which rival in taste the charm of the exotic folk tales of Hawaii. The Pot of Gold as a rowing coach at the l'm~.-e*~v~\-- of Washington. (‘rews ‘.~ai'u.' H him have set up a \\\un«\1': .4, vs at Poughkeepsle regatta ma 2- beaten by the crews of any rt‘... ~. siv 1 Then it happened that a prince I from Waimca fell deeply in love with 1 the beautiful Rainbow Princess, is _ she was called. But his e were all in vain, for with a merry laugh ; she would dive into the water and 1 call to him: “When you call me by name, I. will come to you.\ ing coach. The results of his questionr.-itvs are in accord with the most ie<~e.~. findings of scientists regarding vl o properties of coffee. in psyclio 'J§\ exxiorlments. Dr. Donald A. Lair- ol' Colgate University. has (‘wron- strated tho tonic e oi‘ coffm \run the human nerves, and Dr. Sm-‘-iei C. Prescott, head of the Depa- tr ' Ylt of Biology and Public Hez.‘-I‘: 0' Massachusetts Institute of .ech- nology. has proved that con‘ e in the property oh-e1ievin.t*: fatigue ~ n : of stimulating mental and 11‘ .:cu\\\' action. ‘ ' Ar 1§Zst',‘1:I-'<J'\y1'x1‘I: sik with long- ing for the prmccss. he journeyed No Harmful Enact: A large majority of the replies awed that the amount of coffee drunk by each auxle-ta was left en- tirely to the iu«']lvh‘.uzsl. Twenty- novexa rt {he (‘Oil-':h~.‘% gave what they onnsl-It-red an de bene verlv-Hi by «mom from coffee. Among those wen better muscular ¢0oI’d1'.'a9Ion. quicker and more ac- cunzo ::L<MA'. ruponses and‘ a bet- ter I9‘:-Ix P.-«mun of the tonic effect Paris Gendarme Urges Caution .. ' - ,» in Both Walking and Driving New Tastes and Tangs Lanny Ross Would Give Up Radio Stardom for file Law work before the microphone a means of making money to pay (or h‘is law courses. Since his gradu- utiuu.fI'0n1 Yale in. 1923 he has been studying at Columbia Unl-V \'orsit,\'. and within :1 short time this young man wimsu mull al- ruzuly ls tunung the lowest in the N. ii. C. studio: lluuos to be a full- lledged barrister. Wlwtiwr l.unn_\' Ross will give up his radio wurli not even he, ner- lll\D:-1, knows it is just another decision in l\ ('ureo.r which offered S(.‘\'(.‘i' paths. He wus :1 star truck performer at Ylii(‘~*ll¢' was A. A. U. 1-luunpluu in the 300-,vtu'(i in- lluur rm-1* for two :-ours———{\ud he might hu\'r- hC!\‘Ulli9 u com-h or the du'uctor ut‘ wuw uthix-tic club He is _Ii skillful painter. and he might have elm-to<i to (it‘\'('.i0D this tul—- mil. But he Inherited ll splendid \'olc(- from his iinrents. who were vmuteville per-formers. no event- ually he found himself on the air -—nlthough he was already work- ing to\\'m'(Is the law. , Before General Food: Corpora- tion, maker or Hellmnnn‘s Mayon- naise. signed him up for the pres- ent series of mid-day programs, he song as the Troulmdour ol the Moon on Saturday nights, so late that most ‘people had gone to bed, hut not so into but that thousands or listeners heard ‘him. became Lnnny Ross fans, and began to make a habit of staying up. His present program is modeled on the pattern of his earlier ‘one: he sings giiunorous. romantic songs in what muny at‘ his: listen- ers have called his “u \ion God- given voice.\ . The idea of love son. ,. in mid- dny—~or mien ‘earlier in the West ——i:~'. (1 new one in radio, and one wliicll tho ‘n\inke'rs of Hellm_aum's lilnyoinmlso lzavo found is ex- tremely nopulu‘ with the women listeners. HE typical tastes of many E fuods are good all by them- ” selves. but there are others _:I;:,,; which rcquil-e help inorder to appeal to the palate. A :.fnn't or drink may be too sweet and require a tinge of tartncss in order to make an appetizing blend. For- tunately, the American housewife has at her command an incredible number of cans of Hawaiian pine- applc, The uurnbcr has grown stead- 'ily, year after year, notlbecame the .produccr wanted (0 sell more pine- apple. but because the American ‘housewife’: family demands variety. ‘and she has discovered that she can get it by combining pineapple with many dishes. But the total result has been a great reduction in price. Just a Little Tartness syrup. Quarter marnschinu tlucrries from a small bottle and mm wnh the pineapple. Place in sherbet glasses. Wlnp one pint uf crumn. stir in two tablespoons of pnxxcztpple syrup and one of chcrx'_v syrup and four falvlvspoons of gruunul nut- rncats. Add powdered sugar to taste if desired. Place the cream over the pineapple, and place in refrigerator :1 couple of hours before serving. so that it‘ will be very cold. Top with a mnraschino cherry just before serving. Iu,\-nnlklnu In unlnwliil In lfnrls: |N‘(ll‘ セ ל an mall nu nmim-Mn. lnllll olwx trnitlr uiunaln. every slmition will correct use-ll. The ‘Silverinwn Safety latl which is-Dleil motorists» In this mnntixv to drive with premuitinn is atiulyim: traffic control in Paris It has been advised that Paris has learned the lesson of what ‘it 4-sills imlsstrinn control. that i8,.. pedan- trinnn must remain on the vurli when nmiorlsis have the right at why und motorists must not cut on‘ the line of march of pedestrians by coming «remit! the corner when the man who walks has the right -of way. American motorists by the thou-' snnds are enrolling in the Silver-‘ town Safety League daily They sign a pledge to drive caretnli_i' and receive’ attractive radiator emblems for their cars. Emblems may he obtained trom any Goad- rich dealer. ‘_. _ IF‘ you were a young mnu—- Aud were a radio stur- And sang to millions of women every day-,——r‘ And received lumdnads of let- ters telling you how good you. were-— , -- 1‘-he» l)nsIe2xt spot In the world In In Paris. not In New York More \'§‘I)l1_‘lea‘n§1Rs the Pjnce do vvopm In PI|I'l~4 between the hours of ‘l n In and 7 p. m. lhanut any othor .~m'oaI lnlersecllon In the world. And had every prospect of your name becoming as well known as that of the Pnesi(lent—- Cantaloupe Cup ‘ Mmnr vehicular tra la heavy. ‘\'H',\' heavy. on the boulevards 0.! l\ur.| but the skill of the average J-‘rwwh motorist, espoclally the Iuxlc-uh drlvor. ls pr-overblnl. The mnmher or motor vehicular accl- Hlems on thu streets and hlgllwrgya lnr l~‘r_ance is largo but companed fivlth the number or ziutomohlles, 'tru_c.ka and hussos in use It Is not jsm1n'l:4lng. Canlalouf-c Cur: Cut four cama- loupes in halves, scalloping the mm, remove the seeds‘ and fill the halvev; with the following fruit mixture: two cups orange‘ quarters. ‘two cups cherricg, two cups crushed 1\lHC‘Zl[|Di\ one .cup sliced peaclies. um: v.\lp grapefruit. one cup xvalnuts. Serve with whipped cream or the full I“- ing dressing‘. Mix one—fourtl1 cup pine.1',-x\‘- syrup, one-fourth cup 1:-mun <- and one-fourth cup sugar. I‘ut ~~n - :1 double ‘boiler and \v!u-.n n.1\m:- ‘boils. adrl two be-men once. starvw: constantly. When thick‘, ‘aka ml llw. cool and fold in a cup 0: whipped cream. Would you oven be tempted ‘to give it all up’! In me old days most people had in §a‘ukex-lng to go on the stage. No vadnys most everyone wants‘ to be a ,rndlo performer. But Lanny Ross. who, as the Hellmnnu. 'l‘noubnt§\ur, slugs every day over we WE -F‘ clmln, plnns to become a lawyer, The ordinary fruit cncktaii. for ;inst:mce. may be deliciously chilled, :but a wee bit if it contains ab- zsolutely no tart fruit. One way to :pep it up is by means of pineapple- 'cithor the crushed. the pineapple tidbits which are small pieces of just the right’ size to eat without cutting, or the sliced. A nbros-in: \Drain a small can of crus pineapple and reservq the i The apparently gndmurom man- ,ner in which the French gendnrmo ltlhvevts trams: In Purlsn-l\vaya In- Jlerc-sts the American visitor He :nover guts excited over U-n |s‘Im\'|a um] uvguea to hlmse that Singing to'hIm is a hobby, and l'..I.....WANNA PUBJQ L.’.....L'.4

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