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%g Ra 3- 1'“-J.‘-2 is-I-‘—\’s:;.’ e«4'—'. f.:\“'3.vI“ 3}‘ I )4 .10} . .4 . v... .£:J;v‘£,{I L6\ $- ’r‘-3* 1‘«‘-\.57\ ;i5.“-T.. I’; 4;“ -’ . ~..\!.\ a “W. ~.~,~,..~.v LACK AW AN NA PU B\.-IE U BR:~\R~‘f 5 o\.\ Y: i ‘ g V I. I _ , ‘V V‘ I . , . ‘Xexvs In General 1 -, V \ ‘ » \ ‘ ‘ 7 ‘ ; . , ' Social and Sport‘ 0!‘ ~* ¢ _ ; _ . . +_ : ; ‘ T ' ” ‘- ' 3 Lackaivsinna “\“1i£uv”'York % ‘ 4 M . .3 A » .__.._..—__......_....—... - VOL. 18. — No. 31 .Lgckawannn News, Lachnwanna, N. Y., Thurs., Oct. 8, 1931 PRICE Sc—$2.Q0 PER YEAR S. swamps i By 46-to-0 Score As New Stadium ls élledicated With ceremony MILKS EXEPLA‘-INS l|l}:K BF ‘BEIL B at I} OFFERS SUBBESTIDIS CITY WINS DIEHL ACTION APPEAL Paid Secretary Permanent In Office, I: Need Here Says Local Writer to This ‘News- piper. ABLE VDEFENSE WORKEO UP BY CORPORATION COUN. SEL WEI~»NSTEI'N, OVERTURNS ERIE COUNTY DE- CISION FOR DISPOSAL PLANT PLANS. Victory for the City 01 Lackawanua. so ably dc-tended by Corporation Cour.- sel Rudolph S. Vvemsteln, over Coumy Engmeer George C. Diem of Butraxo, was announced In a telegram to the Lackav.\'anna News from Rochester, N. Y. on Wednesday evemng, over the West- ern Union. Why Lackawanna has never had a real Chamber ct Commerce. is the sub- ject of a letter to this newspaper. Hoep Plans Activn 6.0.P. campaign In Elect MAYOR MALONE, COUNCIL. OTHER ‘OFFICIAIS ‘PORTIFI-= PATE ‘IN DEDICATION; DRUM CORPS, PARADE AND‘ FIELD INSPECTION VIEWED BY MAMMOTH CROWD OF ABOUT 5000. ‘HIGH SCHOOL GRIDDDERS RE- SUME MARCH I-‘OR W.‘N. R. CHAMPIONSHIP I-ION-1 ORS, GOAL UNCROSSED. Friday and Saturday V Registration Ilays The Laokswanna Chamber of Com- merce was organized ni I914. John Wiqimer. then mayor. called the business men together in the City hall and they organized the lackawanna Chamber 01 Commerce. L G. Ienham was president and George Buck secre- tary. The chamber wee supported by the Democrats becnuse George Buck was paid by the city as secretary to the nbyor, therefore to business men did not support the chamber and they re- garded it as ex political organization. In 1922 the chamber was reorganlaéd with Charles Herr president and N. C, Milka secmtaxe. The chamber put over Bethlehem Park. Three hundred and {my new homes were built. This, or course, made a surplus of houses in Lackawanna. Mr. mesa became secretary the tollorwirgg year. The advice was that the appellate :1- vlslon of the supreme court sitting ‘there that day had de found In the Clty or Lnckawanna which was ap- pealmg Irom an Erie County supreme court. verdict that gave County En- gineer George Diem victory -In -the mat ‘phase or ms lmgataon to cunecz :\p—- prcmlnlxtely 815.000 :75 engineers‘ fees (or preparing plans. and speculcumons for a proposed sewer disposal plant which was never carried out to con- .struction. New Campaign Chairman and Executive Head of the City , _§ Committee to Devote Much j Time to Election Preparn tion. Great Local Interest In Mnyor- dlty Elaction Expected To ‘Lend Heavy Registration Here. Lackawanna\s gregat high school football team, this year giving every indication of even surpassing some of the glorious‘ gridiron combinations of the past here, fully— demonstrated its full possibilities to an overflow attendance of more than 5000 men, women and -children spectators, in the dedication of Lackawanna Municipal Stadium last Saturday. Lackawanna swamped the ‘ Burgard Vocational school of Buffalo under a tremendous and irrestible push that rolled up a record of 46 points to the opposition’s nothing. Rcglstrgtloxx tor the 1931 {an election in New York State Is as follows: Frederlck Hciepmxger, at Lackswanns. pruent ooumy official. tonne; super- nsor 01 this my, is new campaign chm‘ man or the local Republican City or- § Civiea and villages ‘of 5000 or more inhabitants, except New York City per- sonal registration Oct 9. 10. 16 no a.. m. to 10 p. m. and Oct. 1'1’, '1 a. m. to 10 p. m. \ outside ol cities and villages of 5000 or more inhabitants nbn-perraonlzl re- gistration Oct, 10. 7 a. m. to 10 p. «m. and Och. 17. 1 ‘p. tn. to 10» p. m. During the past rew wars, in net. ever since I have been an ottioer 0! 'the State commmee. I have stnued the importance 0! the work of regis- tration, and I nrrj again calling me matter to your attention. Last year the inspeotars at election. in co-operamioh with the district equi- mittees. in practically every district in the state. dropped tram the register the names or all persons who had been car- ried over—-who were no longer residents 0! the district, or who had died. That. work must b epertormed again this ml 10!‘ without doubt during the push your more have moved from the different districts. and others have pgseed iwny EQUAL BIVISIIIII BF TAXIATIIJI IIEBESSABY SAYS BHIIBBESSMAII ‘Taxpayers at the tame. were most pro- nounced agadnst. the plant project on the ground that it was we costly an undertaking (or the cxty .120 xfndertuke. ggxnlzatioxf and also succeds I-‘ormgt Mayor Walter J. Lohr as general execu- tive chairman. Mr. Lohr having :9- Meanwhile the county engineer had prepared the plans and speciticacicns ms litigation claim was that he had been engaged’ to do Mus work and was entitled to the money. The derense was that 1'1 such order actually had been issued it was was done on assump- tion. was premature. unnecessary. nad obllgaticm or the city, 1! any, eiiminan ed by the final voice or the people in opposing the project. Council action in me Diem case pre- sents an mttexvstmg study. The County Engineer was retained by the cuy March 14. 1927. Action was approved by the city council ten days later, March 24. 1927. signed because he is candidate for an- other term as mayor on the Republican It was a glorious any, a glorious game. and a. fitting climax to the outstanding athletic feature of the season mare. declica-tion 0: a. public stadium. The poucy or the chamber was to keep out or politics. Mend Declares Citizen of Great Wealth Receive: More Protection. For J u e t. Righteous Taxation! In 1929, the chnmber was again re- organized with '1‘. mass president and W. J. Breen, secrets:-y. Many commit- tees were set up. but the taxpayers committee. was the ‘only one that tune- cloned. ticket Chairman Eoepnnger promises to A1’-‘ range his county duties so as to be able to devote much personal attention to the Lackawanna campaign. One 0: the chief objections 0! the Indeed at one time in the one-aided toutbaii contest Conch D61 Fisher was using second and third team men to give them the experience of actual oom- bwt. pulling the regulars Irom the game noun. utter a couple or touchdowns in the first period indicated Lackwwannra real superiority. Burgnrd could go nowhere against that staunch Bteei City forward wall. and didn‘t tally more than a couple of first downs in the entire {our periods. Football experts abuut the county ‘tar two weeks now have been predicting that the Lackawanna outfit. shaped up as about the nittiest, it not the single outstanding team or the whole district- ot western New York. Day For Substitutes with a. tremendous de racing the National Treasury Congress will be exiled upon. to rind new sources 01 mvenu or to increase (Levies on existing taxes, says Gongnssmtm James A3. Mead. Many new form‘: and methods have been suggested by experts in and out or Qpubiic office including drastic economy in Federal expenditures. a Na- van holiday at live year: duration. re- vision 0! the Volstead Act permitting beer, :\ sales tax, broadenving the base or income tax collections. higher ‘sur- rtaxca. increasing inheritaice tnxoi, gift taxes at: numemus other proposais. ' or all the suggestions to far ad- vanced I favor higher surtaxes with an increase in inheritance and gift levies as the moss Just and feasible tax ‘that’ may -be imposed by the, government at this time. Economy that adds to the unemployed will be bl no help at this time. a live yegr Niwaliioiiday if agreed’ to by the leading maritime powers will proce helpful. 11 sales tax will only lur- thcr burden the poor and spreading the income tax to increase the nnm-‘bar 0!’ taxpayers will hit those who can in m it at this time. ' The chamber. took ‘sides in politics. and has been identi as the Demo- cmtic party by many. Mr. Bree-n quit as secretary. Mr. Sweeney was put in his place but could not do the secretarial work on account his going to school. In 1930. through the activities 01 the vice president. Mr. Sylvester, me Bu.‘- fnio Tank 00. and the Monarch Steel Products 00. came to town. Republican City orgamzat-Ion. here is to Keep a large wtorce 0! women worker: busy ceiling on people in the vaxtoui Following the retention 0! the En- gineer the peopie or the Fourth Ward were given a hearing on the proposed construuuon or the sewer and voted Eirl Horse Rider Recovers At 0.l.V. There is ample time for party workers to check with the tnspeclcrs at election the name at overy person appearing on me xeglster. (Continued on Page 8) (Gontluucas on Page 3) PLAN NOW FOR SCOUT CAMP FOR LOCAL LADS; WINTER PROGRAM TOO Sylvester Replies on charter Dispute Mia: Beulah Newton, Fair Chiefs Daughter, Banged Up When Stud Rum Polo It Fair Grounds. Saturday's game. with «it: one-sided score. tonowlng the deieafcn oi North Tonawanda In the opening tut, sells this opinion is well tounded. Wlll Illllll BARB PARIY L. H. 8. Quick To score Camp Ti-Wa-Ya~Ee of the Erie County Boy Scouts will next season open on July 11 and close on Aug. 20. according vo announcement by Chair- man Harold, -B. Bro:-chins or the Camp- ing committee at the meeting of the executive comnqinin.-e oi the council with President Rwrzzonci G. He-im in the Buffalo Athletic club inst Frivlay noon. Oct. 2. Our Lady or Victory bcspltal report: 13135 Beulah Newton. wen know.‘-n Kuuv burg young lady and daughter ox Sec- retary Jacob Newton or the Erie County Paxr sottlety. as recoxex-ed from the bad effects or a. tall :1-om her horse two weeks ag: Luckxwanna. High scored three touch- downs in ma (mu period on wine as many plays of. the tough old lrrestlble brand. Saya If Officials Harassed By Organizations It Doe: Not Mean Chamber of Com- A card party will bg _‘hq&gl Wednu4l§y_ evcmng, Oct. 14. at Our Lady 0: Victory’ Infant Hvme. Mrs. William Osborne wm act. as hootesa assisted by the (ol- lowing: 1 ..- , »} The whole Blue and Grey line moved like In tmemendous gleam miler just crashing the opposmon asunder. Two touchdowns -were cndlted to Korach. two lasso to Marcy. and the rest rot the honors were evenly divided throughout the team. The chamber oi Cor ! in 2: rec- ent article opposing a (our year term for mayo: and council. ran contrary :0 the News or John J. suluvan, local :-mtorxmy and chairman at the Mayo:-‘s Charter Revision committee. Mr. Sul- llvnn states that Mr. Sylveste-r‘s atti- tude Ls one or distrust in regard to the callbre or men elected to public omce m L:1ck:I.wz\nna.. It. is unlorcunate that Mr. Suulvan should have inadvertently read in the Chamb»':r‘s starlzement, L1- smuamons the article in no wise con- tained. Rather, the charge or dlstruct. might be levelled at the charter chair- m:m_ mtnsnumh as thc. «my reason he gives to support his contention for 21 (our year term is that it would induce new groups to seek pol!-ticnl mvor—- groups that now shun the scrutmv or ‘the public‘: renscxnubie ‘s1xp.ex‘\‘1slon under the two War plan. The young wumnn was a party 02 riders at the {air grounds a. few weeks ago. Her sslrntp broke. and the horse. a little trlghtoned, pluxxged against a pole the 1-:der being considerably unnged, up before the horse was qulted. Miss Newton was badly ‘cut up about the race and head. Ian» was rushed to the Lackawzuma. hospltai for medical service. “Taxatibn.\ sail Congressman Mead. “!:o be just. and righteous must be fan-Xu distributed so that the -burdens of gov- ernment tall most severly where the greatest benefits and protection are re- ceived. The citizen who possesaee great wealth receives greater protctlon than ‘the poor and should give more to the govemmant In return. Taxation which bears ckxwu heaviest who're wealth is concentratcd wm ad! ‘the country and neip the masses without’ unduly Injur- lng the taxpayer errected.“ Margx\reI§ Coon, Mrs. J. C. Daley. Mrs. C. Devets. Miss Mary Mtraovern. Mrs. W. Dowd, Mrs.‘M.argarc-t Quinn. Miss Mary Kaney, Miss Agnes Hugger-ty, Miss Helen Quurlch, Miss Margaret Shea. Mrs. Nora Dillon. Mrs. Robert Reap. Mrs. H. Cooke. Mrs. Keatmg. Mrs. Mc- Glrmls, Mrs. Tlghe. Miss Mary Bonner, Mass Catherine Hayden, Miss Mary Reap Mrs. A. Delaney. Mrs. S. Sweeney, Mrs. W. Davis. Mrs. M. J. Delaney. Mrs. Nor- man Smith, Ann Murphy, Mrs. Tar- qulno, Miss Mary Mnlcme. Mrs. Cather- ine Joyce. Miss Catlxenlne Burke. Miss Mn-y Connolly, Mrs Mcmnty, Mrs. X-‘ox-cc. Mrs. William Daley. Mrs. O'Toole. There will be beaumul prizes given ‘to wlnners and retreshmeme -will be served. Happy scouts and understanding co- operation by thelr parents and scanner: in indicated by the fact. that only two Scouts left '1‘!-Wa-Ya-Eo durlng the entxre past summer borore the comple- tion of the period for which they were registered, and members of their exe- cutive committee rqxort scout Lxonps and cmzens of their cc-mmunimes to be extremely grati with me succrcss or the camping program of the Council during the past summer. iiungatian Parish Big Benefit Oct. 25 Vaccination clinic Schedule Here Prominent Men and Women of Parish on Arrangement ‘~ Committee For Elaborate Entertainment. Members or the Executive commlttce present mt. this meetmg at which plans were made for the fan and winter pro- gram of the counczl ware: President. Rayxnond G. Helm, Commissioner 0. 1!. Cottun. V1cePres1de_mt: E. D. King and Hans Schmidt jr.. H. i’). Rice. Harold B Brookms. 1'-‘mncls B Frazw. Dr. J. A!- bert Hubble, Lloyd \V. Josselyn and CAUTION ABOUT MAIL RATES INTO CANADA. Dr. Culkowski, Health Officer, to Direct Series of Clinics In Local Schools. Plans have been worked out for the ‘big benefit entertainment nad social of the Hung1u~1n.n R. ‘C. church at Hun- garian hall, on Sunday evening. Oct. 25, starting at 8 p. m. Postage rates {or -mall nutter 130-0311- ada from this county have been an- nounced by the, Lickmvan-rm branch postomco as three cents for each ounce or fraction thereon. Mr Sullivan ‘states one: the Charter Revision body held open meetings. This statenjent should be modified. It held one open meeting and the Chamber of Commerce was represented . at this meeting. I’; 5; I ._§ Postcards will now be carried for two cents. The mllowmg schedule of vaccination c-mucs will be held ‘in the {allowing schools at 10 a. m. Oct. 9-4». Mxclmers school. out. 18—St. Barbara's school. Dot. 14—sz. school. Oct. 1.'~’r~—Be':hlehum Park school. Oct. 16-—washmgton school. Oct. 19-Idncoln school. Oct. 1.'0‘—Franklm schaol Prominent men and women of the parish are on the executive oolrmnltbee. Dancing will be one of the main fea- tures oi the program «but there will be many otzher interesting events {or any who do not cure to dance. The local postal om:-lals also can attention to the (act, that delay is of- ten encountered In Canadian points mail by insuf postage and is held and addresses notified in event or the letter not being‘ returned to the sender. N. Y. STATE LIBRARY CONFERENCE PROVES BIG AID TO LACKAWANNA AND OTHER LIBRARY ADMINISTRATIONS FOR YEAR'S ENDEAVOR Further. the Charter committee bo- gan its dellberutimxs early In 1930. Its {Endings and recanmzssndatlons were completed by the and or May, utter which Lime the Charter chnlrrmm was to have submntted the changes, innar- pomted In a trial charter. to the Re- (Contmucd on Page 3) The 41st annual conference was held ut Lake ‘Black! with an uttcndnnce or about 350 Ilbrarlaxls. Mxss Jasmine Hm-dlebcn. Miss Grace Bell. or ‘hackmvzmna Publfc library and Mrs. William Whenlen. president or the board of trustees attended an the ses- sidns and brought tack many vwllmble ideas. 0! Many Counmes.\ presented by Dorothy Gmaon. ‘rm-s(lz|_\', Sept. 22 1 Mormng—-\'I‘he Extension of Library Scxence to Inst.1tut1c:ns.\ “Books Br-Rum! Bars.\ \CooperM.1ve Book Service to the wards of the state.\ MANY SIDE WITH CHARTER REVISION BOARD I IN FOUR-YEAR TERM» FOR PUBLIC OI-‘F ICE, BUT OFFICIALS PREFER TO LET TAXPAYERS DECIDE charge A. S. Culkowakx health officer is in A1tornoon—Gst.1>lng non-rlcclon xcml: Recepbzon at the home at Dr. Melvll Dewey and wife. That a great local argument has de- voioped. over the published report. that the local Chamber 01 Commerce: frowns on the City Charter board's aim to in- stall local n1.=.yoi-s (or tour-war periods is shown by the many Iieading taxpayers lining up definitely on ‘one side or the other. “low might be then attained, but not until now do we hear in: mthe cham- ber. 9 one of the subjects discussed was “Doe: your llrary need the Interior decorator.\ and they were happy to re--. port that our mbrnrs had just been decomted and was 5 lovely place. The talks on -what was being done to put: \books behind -bars.\ gave the nudi- once an insight Into prison me and What is being done to raise the moral standard: or prisoners. MEN WAN! WORK--llemoctats Get It For Illem Eveuu1g—A<ldress 0! Welcome: greet- ings from the Anxerlcrm Library asso- ciation. the presldemfs addrasa. \\‘edIIes«ln_\-, Sept. 23 “The members or this commission pmlmbly were too optimistic in think- ing thact the city 01’ Lnckawuma mig‘11‘: become progressive enough to nzwe some problem or problems that would require the planning and eirort oi’ men in office for more than the zyhort term or two years. \Mcn'¢‘bors at this commission.\ Mr. Sullivan ‘continued. \were or the opin-_ ion than men elected to omce should be given 9. term long enough ‘to lxxmilinqipe themselves Wlhh the duties of their re- spective orficoa and that the city have the benoiit oi their experience which is not possibl under the two-yem~ plan. Mommg—“The b1bx'm‘y's Part in Adult, Education.\ Adul.t Education and the Library ‘Sca!t.“ \The Library and the Adult Render.\ \Preparing the Pub- llc Library for Adult. Education.\ Men want work, not charity, said a rambling editorial last week, and it paved the way for Commissioner of Public. Works Barney McDonnell to point out that exactly what men of Lackawanna are getting, IS WORK! Instead of a mere handful of workmen, say about 60 or 70, there are now on the payroll of the public works depart- ment of Lackawannal 370 men. Many charter change advocates openly take zissue with the statement 01 Cham- ber Vice President H. H. Sylvester: which opposed the lour-your iterni ‘on the grounds that power of the electorate would be diminished. Sabra. Vought. director of libraries. United States omce of education told at the national program! bedng arranged Iior boys and girls. There was a spe- cial luncheon and round-table meeting for the trustees. Mrs. Wheaien amid one or the problems .0! her board ‘was trying to make one doiiar do the work or two in order to have the necessary rexeresuoe books for the school children ‘and technical’ books 101' the steel work- ers. these being very expensive. out into the buck fund so no as much notion. could be bought (or the older readers as they would like. But the mayor and council had givbn sp H)- operntion. and npproprimbed funds as generously as possible to the library support. Am.-rnoon—\Whm; Perdqdlcwls Shim we Bmd?“ Present, city omcmm have had mm to any on the subject. the stnbement be. mg that the Charter commission. under Chairman .1. J. Sullivan was appointed to. make improvements ‘1u.t1\e city gov- ernment, has worked rfor mare -than n year on suggestions for changes, and It is up to the people to decide, not the omclals. Juut what charter improve- nlents are wanted. Evenmg—-“’I‘rends cf mbrnry Training in Amcrlca.\ Mornmg——\Ch1ldhood mm Youth in the Library.\ “Researc studies in the -Reading Interests“ and “Reading Kab- -its of Boys and Girls.\ “ and Girls Book -Choices.“ “Library service hr Boys and Girls.\ A!temoon—“Does Your Lxbrary Need the Interior Decorator?\ 'l‘IuIrsdn_\'. Sept. 24 They want work? Sure they do,—AND ARE GET- TING IF-—-—THAN KS TO THE EFFICIENCY OF THE PRES- ENT CITY ADMINISTRATION AND ITS EQUALLY EFFI- CIENT BUREAU OF PUBLIC WORKS. \Likewise. we came to the conclusion. them. If the terms was made «our years. the Incumbents would be less subject to political ptressue and that a tour-year term might attract citizens who would not enter a poutloal struggle for a. t.w'o- yenr period. \Most men -holding polxtlcal omco en- denvor to give -the best that is in them In the conduct of city Mfalrs and It must be ‘conceded that It ds much more dimculf: to conduct <1. public omcc than It Is 120 =cond\:cc private a “Very often public officials we hang assed by self-constituted bculee puma-' ing under Imposing titles, that are in no way accountable to the electorate. but demand various concession: that cannot be met,\ he concluded. Evenmg—\'0renh1ve Aspects of Story 'I‘a1.Hng.\ Many local taxpayers side with Chair- man Sullivan or the Charter Rovlslon vommissldn, who put tl1'e‘bom‘d'a side‘ of the argument squarely up to the people when he ‘declared: \It is difficult to reconcile -the nactjaon of the chamber. knowing that two ‘of ma ms,-mbevra. one o: them Talmadske mass, pmsident or the chamber, served on the Charter Revision waunlsalon. This commission conducted open meet- ings and luwgguon to attend was ex- tended to tho general public that -its side With Sulllvnn These men are not idle, they are not being paid for do- ing nothing, they are not “on vacation\ and drawing salar- ies,~—they are daily employed in useful occupation for the benefit of the whole city! , Mox-nlng—Genem1 session. “Books.\ \Book Publ1s'a_hiug.\ “How Shall We An- swer the Salt Appointed Oqnsm\x‘\. \Book Selection Problen in Smaller Libraries,\ \Remrence Books. Bound Tame.\ The program was carried out as fol- lows: Montlny, Sept. 21 Mornlng|—.“Mulcln¢ Your Communuy Appreciate the Library.\ A!teruoon—In!orma1 dlsouqaion on ,cutalog1'ng round-table on pcnnomxl prab lama. ‘ > A1't.crnocm—-\Special Mee for lab- mry 'I‘rus’coee.\ «Competent departmental hdad direction finds work for them to do. Not in the last 20 years have we had so well managed a department of public works as we have in Lacknq wanna this minute. Evenlng'—\Booka and 1110 Folk Who Make Them.\ Saturday, Sept. 26 General sceslon-Business xmoung. Evening;-Clenenl session. \Folk Songs I‘-

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