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..._... ..,..--,...,-;_,;a -;.. —.¢ 4;, -.L;..u._ «ages ;.'.. . . la Q ._ a _ WXAWWANNA PUBLIC Lsarmar I I .v I H ‘ ..-, ‘-1 \ ’ L&;.ea,e:<Avtm5.mmf, l_H;R.A3\ f % % %s A TIT L ACKWANNA NE |,.\.._~.\ I ‘1h:»z$: zfielfgf ‘. h‘ ‘ ‘ h ‘ V $ / 'Cw 1.1 .3 ~ a.~~:;‘ ‘ J. Lackawanna News, Lqckawanng, N. Y., \I‘hura. Sept. 17, 1931. PRICE 5c——$2.00 PER YEAR CANDIATES WIN PRIMAR I [8 Mayor Malone ‘illemocratic Choice; lohr Defeats councilman Griffiths;% % Some Warm Battles Both Sides ’I‘llA.\‘IiS V0’l'l_-XRS Lackawanna’s Leading William H. xg.1c_Dona1cl, sucoessml candidate In -the Dembcmmc Pr!-. mary right to: Supervisog wishes to tm.ul;_ the voters for tlmlxj support, 4,1; the past elecmon... Candidates for Office of Mayor ms. Whealen on Extensive Tour MAYOR'S consanvm-Iva naconn, A-ID T0 cuA»a1'w..% » Acuumm AMENDMENT 1-‘on ABOLISHING my-:1; auncars cmmnzs HIM FAR WITH AI-'~nuA1.‘!-'..n% MEMBERS on HIS PARTY.—McDONALD ALSO wms ....ALL FAC.'l.‘l,0NS NOW POINT T0 GREATEST Loc-ALA POLITICAL CAMPAIGN. Benefit Dinner and card Party Stopped. at Coolidxc “Summer- White House,” Visits. World Fair Site, Other Piacea. Mrs. W'l1l'1&!n H. Whoaien rctuttned this week an, extensive visit to the ‘Black Hills. 0'! South, Daisorta Ibaaciweod. S. Dakota,’ was her home nor several years and she was one or the lolxnriers of the public ilhrary there. In compliment to Mrs. Wheaien. -the ti-us-. tees ox’ Lackmvutxna Pubiicr i.i.bt-amy sent a. book as gilt to the library in Dead- wqorl and Mrs. wheaien brought back with her A book ciescrihzng tahq caxfiy days in that mnxous country. she was entertained at, several partdes given by many or her friends. Among them Mrs. Walter R. Ashe who will be remembered as 11 resident or Biasdeil where Dr. Ashe was a promin- ent physician. Duijing her si.ny_1n the Black mus section. she spent several days at the State Game lodge. the “Summer White House\ which had been the residence of ex,-president and Mrs. Calvin Cool- idge. wok the baths at. Hot Spzviifigs whetge there is the largest indoor swim-. mmg pool 1!} the world, visited Sylvan inke summer i:e5o1't and then continued her journey to Yellowstone Park and on her return stopped at St. Paul and Prairie an Chien. Wisconsin. where sev- eral cousins tram New York State had gone tor a ftunily reunion. At Chicago. 31:3. whoaien visited the site of the World's fair for 1933 \vh¢.-re seven! or the buildings are already com- pietecl in Grant Park. a beautimi awe on the shore of Lake Michigan. She also uisited; Cleveland and witnexsseel some or the stunts which were ‘t__5ive_n' gxuuxjing '.‘a\zlatoin\ week Mrs. L. M. Cnrzkm. pl‘es1.de11:t or our Ibagiy» of Victory Md siiraiety; at Lacta- V.\'5:I,I.1rra. wishes to announce that on Tuesday. Sept. 22 9. hemflt E11311!-l.>X' will be ‘held at Our Lady ox Victory Inlfanv home promcply at l? o'clock. Caxdag will be played. at 2 o'clock on the roof] garden at our lady of Victory hqspltgil. which will be. -beautifully deooramecl for the occasion. 11 the wéatlrer be dis- agreeable cards will he played in rile auciitorlum of tile ‘Iy“.1x-se'.'s New llome. Mrs. Wulllam Awald. chairman or the dinner. anti Mrs. Charles Webgxj and Mrs. William Sullivan.’ ohaimlxuj. or the cards will be assisted by Mrs. John J. Brawn. Mrs. .Marbln Bums, Mrs. Julia Carroll. Mrs. Mlilllam Cook, Mrs. Mary Ann Carroll. ‘Mrs. Anna. Corcogan. liars. Timotlfly Coug-hlin. Mrs. John Cmstn, Thomas Errlpjton. Mrs. Walter Dowel. Mrs. J. (Jamey, M23. Pa.].rl,clg Hurley, Mrs. Eclward K_ennedv. Mrs. Carol Larson, Mlns. 1. .1. Kick, B. Kezwlug, Mrs. Jeremiah Mccarhhy. Mrs. Edwin P. Mccarmick, Mrs. M. Mc- Giness. Mrs. Tfhonxaa Mcllose. Mrs. Mary Mc Mrs. John Mulqueen. Mrs. Mary Maroney. Mrs. Charles A. Rose. Mrs. Patrick Ruddy. Mrs. John Sullivan, Mrs. Norman Smith. Mrs. An- drew Switzexj. Mrs. August Twist. M16. Oliver Twist and Mrs. Joseph waldraft. and Mrs. Robert Reap. Socialists Also Name Complete ‘Ticket Democrats of the city 0: Imcxawanna on Tuesday ‘of t,h~1_s week nolxxlnated Mayor Edward’ '1; Malone as c'Bn_(1!glx\tB 1'01} mayor to suweed win‘;-elf. Mayor l\Ia1o'n_e polled 1113, Democratic ‘v_0tes_ and whom 1_0'.\ _Socr1al1_.st votes. I-3orr.\arr Mayor Walter: J._ Lo‘.h2:. for several months the dlrec ! head oi_ the Republlczm my comn_n-ittee,’ dexeatea‘ 0c1\xno1_1man John Gr1(1‘3th' for the n,om_-. matxon or the party as candidate for the mayor's ounce. ' S\{pe1'\i!so£ Wmigxn H. McDonald wax; also ncumnatecl as candidate to succeed hdmsel Judge John. J, Mozvm/ghan was named by the Democrats \y\1th<>.1_1t_ opposition as caxxdtdate to succeed hupselr. Mf.ayc<r— Malone eas1.1.Y aeteabegt Can- didate Emncxs 3. Joyce and Candidate John Wudmer. £o1'x_nex' mayoxj. by a vote aubsvunhlal enough =10 indicate\ genexyal ‘pan’-ty samsfachloxx 1}; ms wen—,c_heservec\ nomlnaulau. City Trezgsuyer Paul J. Tmrmkm was nommated by the Democmts as candl- date to succeed himself He also took me sqclnust ryomnxqtlon. Six, contests for nine ngnunujaigm characterized the Democraxiq‘pvim:ai~!ce, me only three nominations in that party without contests being those fox: city court. judge. city treasurer.‘ and °°1¥.n0 first ‘imtd-. V Suj)é1\\11sc$r McDonald was prlmaxy victor over 13e«rn_arcl J.‘ M_cA1eese. Mayor Malone 33.11:) Democra,b1o candl- dates captured ail 1t_npox_'-t_an_1: places, on the socmlst ucxet gm new so-must, members having their votes challenged. however. Five contests for mine nouxinauons teaturegt the Repubucan primaries. the nanyinatxons without contests be-. mg for supervisor. city judgw unit watt! and lfourth wax,-d counollmen. MAYOR EDWARD T. MALONE Republicans nurnxnated Robert M. Awry fox: supervisor. and John R. P11-. ‘lion for city court. jxtqge. The Socialist pgarty entered 9. com,-. }§1_et_¢ 1:l_<;l;;et, in the tan caxnpalgn with gmqh they l19:c1.hatt1:as to hot): I>_emos’:rn.t_s'a\x:d'1.\0x_>inlzIIi:’s'!I.-B. the 5,601,31- ma h_a\!|.I1€_ a. tow cnnxesys in their ygyinxnry. Reservation mtiy be made dlyect through Mrs. Wlluam Awaxq. general chairman. Abbott. 0235-J or Mrs. Charles .W¢\1ex. F.‘I.1.l!nox:¢. 014$ or Mm. Wlmam Sullgvan. F \ 2434-la.“ ' Eight contests marked the 5Qca.1l1st.°.' selections. of candlda bompnto -tiok_Qh_..;1ol—4hl'eo~hQL par: ties now Inna. gas the ream. 6! the pglnxarlas. Qa tbudws: IIARRELLA FREE RN VERRIGT. RF JURY Ill SUPREME BRIJRT Semi-Pro locals Iie Easter Brands, Defeat Hengerers REPUBLICAN DEMOCRAT BCCIAIJST SUPERVISOR Robert. M, Avery-11 Wm‘. H. McDon.a.1A1. MAYOR Walter J. Lam-13 Edward '1‘. Malone-14. Edward '1‘. Malena. Conv1nc.1_ng the jury that he mistook his half brother for a. burg1ax_' and 'shot him, Peter Mzxrcnlla. 54 years of age, of Virglnm avenue. was acquitted by x\ jury in Supreme court before Justice James E. Norton last week. Steel City Team Springs Big Supreme By Even-up Game wan. Buuffalo Club After; Victory in First Game. John R. P1111011,-14,. John J. Monnghan—-16 CXTY JUDGE John J. !\/lonaghgn. CITY TREASURER John Dxrozdows-\;_1-—-1,5 Paul J. '1bn_mka—1f? Paul J. Tomuca. Mrs Mary Marcella was one or the witnesses and told how her hu4b:\ncl. calling on the other man 111 his uttle home. had been ghot. Lacka_wm1_nn S<_:m,1-.pro Baseball club csume from behind to a rengarkuble even-up battle. with the Easter Brands of Buf at B15011 Stdlum Sunday. ASSESSOR Anthony Faz1oo.no—17. W1l_llaaxn Shet Joe. !'».ic‘L£uigh1l,fu—-20. Michael McGu1re—l8 Joseph Mnano. Michael McGuire HE??? 3.0311!- \My husband and I and our four chudren had come 10 visit pate.\ the xx’-ldow vestlrjed. “W0 wnlteq outside In the car \v»hJ.le my husband went. 11,1. 1 lumrd him can ‘Pete’ three-tln‘.(es. Then I heard 9. shot. and my husband canto ruxmlng out of the house and fell down.\- Thomas W._ Fo1ey—19 Jbseph Mi1a Although the Brands secured a two run lead over the I..ackt1\\‘anmIs In their half of the sink lnxxmg. fhé Steel Clty boys tied the score at four an in their half or the eighth on an error after two men were out. Throat fast double plays pulled the L~.u:ka\vannas out or sevecal an-gm. pinches at critical momenta. Al- though the I-Iongerexjs tgok an ez_u‘l_y 4_ to 1 lend over the Luck};-wannas, they lost the mrst gmne 01 3 double bill. The were was 13 to 5 Meyers poled xx homer with two on. in adclltlon to (10- mg a rescue not on the pitching mound. CoUNGI_nMA'N;V 1ST WARD John Cswaykus-—2_2. Edward Donow1Gk—22 Daniel Tumbuk Roy R. Gllson. chief of the Ponce (le- pamnxexxt, told of anjestlng me defend- ant. John Aszklex~—_23_ COUNCIEMAN. 21? ‘YARD John J. J0y1W—24. John J. Joygt \He said. '-yos. I‘ killed mm. Peoplo had been stealing njy rab_b1ts. I (ml mot know who he was when he cmne m so I show h1m'.\ Guson testified COUNCILMAN. 3D WARD Carl G. Kn111er—22, ladtslaps W, Pa_ryz—22 Earl Hodgen. Hrs! «Janna Hoxxgervrs 0 1 210 0 0 1 0- 5 Lucknwunnn 0 1 0 5 3 0 3 1 ‘-13 B:wLurms——Jx\c|uou. Joyce. Hochmuth and Ftscllen‘ tor llengerc-rs: Ln Presm. Meyerrs and Weuzei for Lxtcknwnnxuxs. COUNCILMAN’. 4TH WAR‘) I‘h_O1,“i3S J. Wxu-zjen-22. Gllson identified two shatgxlns and an empty shell found In the Murcem shack. Samuel wnsson—2a. Thomas .1. Warren Assistant District Attorney John J Kane, had previously hold the jury thm. while vhem were no eye-\\m,11esscs he. would prove by the tyesvlmony ‘of .1 (le- puty sherllt that Marcello. conic.-ssou the shooting. PUBLIC OPINION ENDORSES MAYOR MALONE’S STAND AGAINST\ FAKE BUDGET AND ADOPTION OF REAL BUDGET EACH YEAR BEFORE. ELECTION S-cemul (hunt, LAOKAWANNA FORMER MAYOR WALTER J. LOHR AB.R‘H_POA 3 1 2 3 3 Marcella. it is alleged had been lend.- lng money to his half brothex'. who came to the shack and dexnxmcxetl more, Mnrcelm was lying on 9. bed with n shot.- qun netu-by, when he refused the loan. he S1,!-l(!.. 1115 halt-.broLh,er vLunn~;.ngc-d thnougn a trunk and then began search- ing clothing. Marcella snot mm The wouncled m.-an stag;-ercd outside \_vhg-1:9 his wife and children were \mmng for mm. ‘H edled without making xx. «twe- ment. L2\Pr;-sun It 0 1 0 0 Pnsko lb .. 0 0 7 1 Wenm) c ..4 13 3 0 'Bnls‘e ss ....4 1 1 3 3 Hanky ab . 2 0 0 2 1 Meyers p 0 0 0 1 Public qplin_1on as expressed at the public hearing in ohe mnyor‘s ouice on the proposed charter amendment to do away with fake budgets. as advocated by Mayor Malqno in his efforts for Fair Play, establishes beyond dispuuzte that the majority 01 taxpayers appreciate ~a_m honest budget, so fixed by law that it can not; be designed 1:0 tool the people before election. and than tool the people after eieotloh when the “gn,ng\ meets behind closed doors ‘to alter and add to the budget with items forgot- ten when they were looléing for votes. Norw it is determined what (who coun- oil will adopt: not. later than Oct. 15 the budget for the year 1932. Approprigtlmis ftf ml: the re- spective depmrtmenizs 40: city govern,- ment on that date will remain im- ohamed, Whether ‘the present; ndmim istrailon continues in ofilce or whether at is replaced by 1; new Council there can be no possible change in the but!- get after election day. Approval of this action. recommend- ed to the common council by Corpora- tion Counsel Rudolph S, weinstein prior to council action on the Ohavtor Re- vision. conunission reconnrnarxdetions. hag been voiced by the Lwckawenm Chamber of Commerce. whnlch also wan or the oplnlon that nation taken attir- mntxvely on this recoxxlmcndqtdon would lend tmvard t_1ornml_cy or government following each elective year l.‘!.1’0her than It squeezmg oz uccotgnta to meet the in- adequate provisions of A pared budget. Incflcablons were that. when the 11ng_1 budget hn_d been completed, discussetl and gdopte the tax rate for the city -would not exceed to any great extent $20 per} $1000 valus,t1c;'n wzth the proba- muty that it wsu amp to no or lower. _It was indicated that only one ‘depart nient oufelty g9verm_nent would xjecelve increase in budget appropriation this yenm and that department’ 13 the Do- pnrtment of Charities which has dds- pousexl clmrlty throughout the year In all instances which \vzm_-nnted the at- tention of the city and which. as :1 re» sun was forced to exceed_ budget allot- ment. To grant this department ade~ quuute leeway during the coming year the blldget uppmprlatl_on in an proba- bility will be further more-used. other clepnmnents. it was dndlozmted. \voulq be reduced whereever possllgle at that, with th addmonnl npproprlmslon for the department 0: 0l;x_11'lt1ca the tax rate still may he eitoctiwly loweroch JUDGE HARRIS IN SUPREME COURT RULES MOST OF NEW SOCIALISTS -0. K., THROWS OUT A FEW; BALANCE OF POWER CLAIMED, Kaczka 2b 0 0 -1 3 Mom). rt 1 1 3 1 Pnsmk lvb .. 0 0 .2 O Ruling by Justic Samuel Hm-1'15 in Erie County Supmme court. clenyxlug Mo petition or the Soolalsts crgamzaton rot oustxxg or_ about 90 new members who joned the party In Lnc}m\'.‘nnm\. though approx,-mg the ouster of u luwlted few and preventng those limited few from pmrtlcipatlxx In present party actxvzclee. was the biggest; local polltcnj news of the week, ahould be prevented fromtaklngpsujt In the pmmary. - Tatals .. ‘.,.35 4 827:5 EASTER ‘BRANDS AB.R.H.P0..A Llpp If 5 1 1 4 O Mam: lb 0 3 9 D The Socialist officers axe of the opin- ion the party holds its balance of power, in the local city elections this fan. K complete Socialist ticket was put up for the primary. ’ or she toimi number involved. 72 arq eligible and these 19 are ineligible. Andrew J. Foioy. 10 Len place; Stephen St-ipsmcich, 168 Wilson street: Joseph Ourrenn. 55 Park xwonue, Stephen Ko- icnnc. 163 Wilson street: Steve Tocioroti‘. 407 Gates avenue; Din O. G-ogjovioli 415 Gates aventie; Joseph Buczak, 410 Holland nveniie; Anna Baien. 443 Wilkes barre street; Margaret Butler, 4633 Vic-. tony-twen_\1e: John P. I-igley. 25 Mapli street; Michael Moran. 451 Victory ave- nue; Mary Moran, 461 Victoijy iwenue: Josephine Pyz. 491 Ingiiarni avenue? Steve Nuperinc. 436 Hulianci ijivonu:-r Agnes skitch. 330 Simon avenue; Ed,- ward. Stcdnmetz, 133 Kirby: Ohuiel Tim’ iin, {I4 Vincent avenue. lL\'l\l‘l.l~} Dl'1(‘L.\Rl)D A DRAW’ F‘1‘l% 3b 0 2 2 5 R1tze11rI........‘.......5 01 10 Llp'skl 01‘ 0 1 10 Variety continues to be the spur: of life. accordlng to a. recent. announce- ment of the results of a; “battle of benxpos\ that has been \va-Sing for over tnme mzmths between two popuizu: mcllq ‘dance omhcstms: the one mun,‘- mg fast and uh other slow (lance rhytmtils. The radio fans were nskocl to be the judges in -the -battle whlcn. was staged between the reguular Lucky Strllge Dance orchestra and the Luv.~ky Stxuke Summer Party orchestra in nu orjomb to settle the qoncxycrversy over- W111“? t la uhe most, populmj. A babulwtlon or the tho,usnn_ds of votes reoeivetl Ijovealed a, draw. clear1_v'sho\v- mg that vnrlety la ‘the: only musical dish that will satalsty a wlclely va,r1_e4.jl tmte. Lnckmvannn Socgxiisti party oiiicmis under the leadership of Robert; Hoffman Went intro Supramo court‘. to show cguse why the new n1embvrs.—c1mrgea with having xxffiiinted with the orgzxnlzation. so as to secure Socialist. party endm'se- maxxt sof other ‘political cnnc_iida.:es,—- should not be dmqualifiod and prevent- ed from participating in the primary or the socialist’. party this week. Sul‘ski 2b 0 2 5 1 Nichols ss ..._..4 12 2 8 Henney p 1 1 0 0 Blake l 0 0 0 0 Lnckjuvzpxxnn 1000 1002 0-4 Easter Brands 0 O 1 0 0 3 000—1 40 416 $17 13 The court. first held htat tfie new members should not. partlcxpnqe In So- cialist party Activities; ‘but in mother and later court hearing the court held tht_1,t- but a very tew or the mom-bars -L0(‘.\l. GIRL IN NEW YORK Miss Mary P. Reap was In New York dumxg the week and and shopped at the Hotel, Taft. .4-\J.*~‘}.\1 0 [18 M. ‘N N¥r‘M¥U‘U'I /‘~, 12:‘ _\ xi

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