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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, September 03, 1931, Image 3

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1.s.:';.-.*..~' ‘S:\‘;6,;_5Y9':’?\‘?9I?f ň W_ “ % s.é:£1‘s«:~\ W81 M‘? L!%3:%.=x§§K’ I-.:.u:k.u.wnnm No ch. Y.-.. ‘Hunts-. Squat. 3. -1.83-1 HQLLANQ INSTITUTE OF THERMO_L_0GYv PRESENT-DAY MAN IN INDBUR ANIMAL is by mews of old z_~1t,gl,e heating syjl-. items. And all or the factors tint‘ make tor~i.iet.:iti.i.t\1i. existence are mist. lng—~.~.theSe may be summed up 11!. I.1\.0.<l;‘ \9-V19 temperatures: adequate 11,101.-‘lU]!'° 11.1. air: air motion to, assure proper. ventilation: and clean 2.i.ir._ The result, is. that i.Iod.i_i.;' resistance to disease is ‘broken ‘down. and eplde11.1iC3 0! coidi, \ br.mi.c~h.i.ti.s. pneumonia and other aexwious diseases sweep the land! conga Jug 8. Winter mortality 30, per cent, gm-eutex: than that or summer. However. illentlng and ventllgtlpg science has come to the rescue or homo shutilps, by the perfection, of heating systems itha_t_ make possible hegl_tl_\ju_1 indoor Ming conditions; In addition to supplying heat, modern ‘Wll_l'!_ll-Ill} ‘heating systelns now perform otlgqn vital functions essential to healthful it_uioor- air, which are trnposslble wxth old style heating systems, They sup: ply the moisture necessary to oftsét the lack of moisture in wimer till‘: tin’-.\' irlmuge the air In each room t_:>-om four to six times per hour. thus assur- ing gt constant supply of treslxeqed air; um‘! I_);.' utleqtlutely !1um1di£yln_g the any nugke pussible the eujoyuxeut of gen- ujno nlxgsical Coinifurc at mode;-ate ti-nu-er{1t_uresv—t11_1d help to. keep down dust. Heating and Ventilating Scii-. encc, Help Him Make Beat‘ of Modern Conditions. FRANKLIN SOFTBALL TEAM AI_‘!'4I,{A().,\'i-.\i,.\'i‘E1._\f 90 per cent -of 3 each. d.u.\\s ‘.3 homjs is spent in, doors by the uxeruge persux_i.'gu-cux;1i- mg to the Hu11tll|_(l Institute of 'i.‘1\ex:- molugy of Iiuiiannl. Mich, Ami (iuxjiug the winu-1' season. this percentage may he 111creu_se1i as \,\,'eutiu=x_‘ cundjuuns age uuinviting or make it iumossiiiie to do many of the things mu; will Hike one out-.o,f-doors during \V:u=iii. \\'euIiu*z*. ;\I,\z\i_\'7.ing the use mmiu of mu-h2~1 hours by ti_1_c- u_\=(-rage nm_n, the in. ltitute timis mu! 5 hours arv spam in sleep: R Iinurs uzje ci2uiiwLl_ up xigainat the xluiiy (|_(‘<.'\lIla|[i(ii1, The !f\'.'sI of the time is USN] as fuliuws: 1.0 iiuurs fur mt-uis‘; hours fur If¢::uiing_ Vlsiiiiig, \mu\1es_f' ur wine ullwr» forxn uf l'€n're- gtion; 1 hour for iiisidu \\«-rk slirh as odd ]uh3 in the humx‘. I‘-u_! ‘..~'.i in-urs remain. unll «luring sumnu-r tin-qe. xuje spent in, um gnrulvn, on the 1a\\'n, tinkering Will) the i1_li_t0inol»iie. or in some nniur funn of djw1~siun ur wax’-k_ it is um l'UH.~7l'ii5US of in-.lllh nu- IHUYIIIUS [hilt UH‘ Slluibiil lif\.'- uf [u|[n_\‘ ii in large de;;i's-u xx-s1»:-nsilnie fur many of the [\h,\SU‘i\i 1_ii:a uf mnnklmi. .«\ml. oapeciz\,i*L\' so aim‘-mg the \\n_nu:: lwaiiug Ieasuu wiwn \\e. iiw in 111::-iilumi iur C0njJlUOXlS. 'iflu- in-urs an» tiwu sxn,--ut in air» (but is l|!‘U\\‘iuH_\ In-;I(\'-l_ nu-1 in most iiIIII'I(\\' and 1-Luw-ii «-1‘ \\--ri. this i . . . MEMRIAL HALL THURS[)AY -Honing Systgm The only sure ‘my to enjoy com- fortable ‘home-ht-ntlng du_rl_pg winter. s-_;.‘\,s the.I1olluuv.l Institute of Ther;n_ol; ugy nf l,luHund. ._\1lch.. is to have the healing systc-In ius‘1.uHL-cl by men 51-ullvd ul Hm s--Jam-e ut’ xlulnestlg In;-.,|.u='. “Inn 1.13:.“ |._v\v In fit a syy u-nu u-. .1 In-HM‘. Huh Il~~ nrlng correct siju um] unll--rm [I dlslX‘1_bU_U0D-V SEPIEMBEB I0 ;s, {7‘*‘ T . Electrié Clocks Have Novél Design H INVEST in an Electric Refrzgerator l|]|]K T HIIME MH HIH SKIN. HMH IHS l1l0iS[lll'i_! than cold nir. The institute claims tight xlir nt 3 temperature of 70 degrees hns sixteen times greater Cl‘ pneity for moisture than air at zero. The luck of tnolstnre in the home air has heen recognized for years. and ninny home owners httre tried to over- come it by means of wet”! pens and other enntri\':1n<~os, but most 0: the tie- vices in use tio not have nu erhpnrnting cnpnelty for supplying the required nmistnre. This in best evi- denced by the fact t_hnt in a home not or six rooms at least eight gallons of water shoul_(_i_ be emporated daily during the \\,'lnt_er season to offset th uiolature deilclency, However. the problem has been simply and econotn-, icnlly solved in wnrtn n_lr heating sys- tems or the vapor u_i_r type.» Built into these s,\'stex_nI is _n speciniiy delizned h,u_m1dliler which receives its wntet} snppl:,' direct from the house main. This hiitnitiliier has capacity rot; in; jecting into the Home air the water vnnnr from 3 to 25 gallon: or water dnliy, nc-cunllm; to weather condj-,' (ions. it sin-[tiles suilicienc moisture to conserve. ht.-nigh and to protect the skin :_1_1ul_ hnir l.\.8t\lnst drying out, It also keeps the memhrnnes of the res- Dl|‘ilt0l'-5' organs in it sound. healthy cuntiitinn. thus enabling them to per-_ form their nnturni fttnctions, one of which, is rt-slstittg disease infection. A m-ted m1t‘hurit,\' on air condition-. ing, Dr. Thomns llnbhnxtti. phat presi-. (lent ot the .-\mul'lt‘1lh .\letllcal Associn. lion. chnrneterizc-s Annex-Ienn homes as \hulhouses.\ Dr. “urns young .\[l.-=9 .\_moricn that her hruuty. :13 well as -her insnitii. in muiul .:nr--:1 by the tnennce oi‘ over-l\ez_t,tin1.' (ind un- der llnniitllfylng. llr. Illihhmni states: Find Qverheated Stagnnnt Air Arch-Enemy of Henlth at It ll of Beauty. HAVE you loan the new electric - alajfni clocks with iiiunxigiisted dials? They are Just, out, and they gm simply gorgeous iooixlnz-. The degilnera ixavg hi. last in-ok_en_ a_wny from. the old, standard alarm clock type and have produced I. Mme-. keeper that add! I really charmlns touch to any beciroom. These ¢i_ock_n have cases of satiny s.Ilven alloy that will not. tarnish. The iiniaii reilecta the coi_or~ 8Chel_iJ_8 ot the room in which it is placed. and the jet iniack base im_pm\.s a trash note of qistlixctivexless. in de- sign they are qu_it_e modm-n,. yet the)’ \_V|,ll’harmoni7.a with {my atyie oi (iecomtioxi. And. ‘Desi oi gm. they are unu-.h, more in,¢-xpenisi than’ eiocujic nlz1_rn1 clocks have even; been before. \Voman are not snmposml to be interested in the 7_n6C11£_li_ll('B.i_ tel.\.t.- uroa 01,‘ h_ou:whuld x_uxp)mn,ces, but an alarm clock is annwthiug quite (iiifarent. for. mom timu any oiiner clock in the house. it must be accurate and (1epexx<ial\1s. ’1‘ixe new silver zilnvm is opemicsd by a i_!t\H-£l(§ll'U,lig‘ motor which can never stop 0|‘ be lluxc-curate unless the electric ‘current quits altogether‘. The clock is merely piuggud into the most, colnvexxleut light adcli set for the correct time end it goal qllemly to work, It never lung to be clegned ox: »ol_led or regulated. The qlal-t_1_1_ is a pI8a§g_gt_«.V0iCed hell that will ring at exactly the right time for twenty xmnutes unless it is shut ol'[—-and, twenty minutes should be long enough to arouse the moat deter-«’m_lnved sleeper. 'l‘hl_:1 clock has another feature t!,N.=\i. is worthy of praise. The dial ls lllu_nll,n:_-._[e(l by :1 small concealed electrlc lump controlled by a knob in the back. The llzllt can be dim- med so that the (llal ntlnxemls are bmjoly vlsllxle or» lncmemaecl untll it is almost brlghc exxough to rozld by. So, in zlddlllnvg to being an elllcleut, ulmfm clock. lt is also in smart look_-. lug hlaht lmnp. . Another lllteregtlng new develop. ment In electric »(‘10t'KS la is 11lalm- gzguy l_um_bmlr mantel model with \Voatmlnsu:l'» clumoa at u price wlnjch ls n;xtmul-1lxln,gl_v low consi- alerlng its nxeulumlvul excellence gxncl the qlmllty nf the Calumet worlg, This n1ogl_el‘hg1,s n_ \vl<ltlx at elgllteen inches and :1 beautiful sllvered_ djal ajul dm-orzuod llanda. Bnllentlg the face i} hantlsomn g-urving Sets on its simple :4wc.x-ping llnes. Thll tlm and its chimes are also operated by :1 self-=.sc_t_1.rtlng_ motor.-.. BE.5U1‘¥ flili(l_tl1n8!lKlAlL\' is 1; retice- ,. tion of uni contingent upon good tgoaith, Natural beauty cannot be con- lorvod nor enhanced if henitlirui Liv-. ll; conditibns are not provided. it is dating the winter season that our hdiel experience the greatest dtt tn ‘maintaining their natural clmrlns and iionnt:-', according to the Irloiluud lnltitute or Tifherxuoiogy or Ilotinnd. l(ieh.. anti. says the I_nstitute, this is due to the fact that in gplle of the high ellicteticy of old style iteming qntelna. they are the iuu_tm(1II\,to (‘misc- ot (_‘Oi‘|(HHDliS timt are dc-.vz\stnttm,' to beant,v anti health. it is the con- |_\o_ns\_n-: of tlxottsnntis of st-ientists that the (i_i_'—_V,_ o\'ex'~i\N1lo(i. stagnant nir tn tw. fo\in(1 in most homes and in nlnvus of wort; not only ('.ill1.‘l€‘.:i iii ha-uith, the Arch-miemy ot‘ tmmxly. but It Man :1? facts; the skin and the hint}. 'ifht_= M»:- coo«Ivei\v (ivy nir cuusos tho skin to become hm-sh und «Izzy unti to 1051- its natttrni n,ttracli\mmss and ('(vlut'. The hair. too, is sarintxsiy (m‘m~tmi; fur the (iny ulr causes it to become (ir_\»_ hrittle and lifeless, START sa_vi_ng;thc 10 cents out of cvcry food dol—_ lar you now waste on spoiled food, An electric re- frigcrator will do it, Only 510 down buys any domes- tic refrigerator in. our store! Monthly payments as'_lpw as $10, 200, New models earry 3-year guaranfee. Cold control for speedy frcczina-, Rubber tray for‘ quick; tclease of cubes. A model‘ as low as $210 cash. 35.35 YOUR. .I'1l.«l’-.C'I\|U.CA.l- AEPLIANCE MERCHANT BUFFALO GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. _ ' IWIHWIINIIHIll ৮flllll ! fl ਇ৭৭ণ৭৭৮fllllhl lll ל ਇ৭৭৭৭৭৭৭৭৭৭৭৮fllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Hemlng und Ventllullng sc-h-nee. however. has come to the _rosv1u- 01‘ beauty seekers. and so rm-— m: the home 1: conceruml. tln'-lfo nu luugvr is occasion to worry about the dmully effects of dry uh: upon female pulcl1ri_- tude. Most Amt-r‘I(:un homes nre mow heajed the old style way. that is, with old style turnuce.s and r:ullu_tm'- sys- tems, The-so systmns lmve um favultt-y of genqrntlng all the hunt that isinecu unr-_y, but that is 011,. The result is that with t\x0(\ssl\'e heat- there is :1 de- cides} moisture cle l)c~.cu\I,se warm zglr has greater capacity for NIAGARA HUDSON. WIIY PAY RENT ALL YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU .cAN owN A BEAUTIFUL HOME. FOR $500 DOWN AND BALANCE LIKE. RENT PRICE $0.000, BRAND NEW MODERN HOME oN FRANKLIN‘ smuzr IS. A REAL BARGAIN-3 FOR ‘INFORMATION C-ALI. KLEIN - HEGEDUS CO. «7 mac: ROAD ABBO‘l’l‘=000I \The comnlt=,\'Inn is thc‘m>‘.u'n'- lIule.\' of good bloml and nnrmnl skin clvm-_ ltxllon. It In I\0lUl_'l0llS l_luu In .\Iuurico._ tho ngxmx-:11 1.n.dex or com; ts fmltnu: anal the cosmetic 1udo\' is vuxwvsgnuxu!-. ingly high. Tho skin. like the linings 01' the resplrmol-_‘v tract. and Hkt‘W~ISG‘ tho hull‘, are drunngetl by hot. dry ulr. ant! bvconw more lluble tn (‘hrunI(' dis. eases,\ N0\EN1\. To “B }'.'1\” 4'1‘ opened at St. Manon‘: church, 41 91*, JOHNS ,\muoN's CIIUIICII mm, sggeg, gurmgy, Aug‘. 30. serv- xn ptoparamog‘ Liar least at the ‘ow Wm‘ be om\? °V°~nmg ‘” 8 °'°‘»°°\\ \NM-1v‘!ty.\ o: my me-nos: Viraln, um. “°‘—’* \\\’°' L°\“\—°' °““““'-\' °' “4= Sept. a a mvem. under an’ ems. 6:. 3' “* “\“ ‘‘‘°“‘“‘- °‘’'’’ °‘\»\'-“ “‘\“‘¢ «our may or. D0!lV¢‘l'§.!\0a.\ mu, no. “‘° “°’°\“‘ 1 ..‘ 3 E E M_odprn .\\-gn-tu gut hmulng ll,VISt€‘-lll xnuy well lw looked upon nut only as health gu_n,r¢1l_nn_s‘ but as cnr,\,sor~verI ot_ tjelulnlne beauty, . BEAUTY PRESERVED BY MODERN HOME AIR CONDITIONING \ ,:’v'*;\>'$’§\ », ‘‘>*:’''‘3*§£ 7,» .3 sfAQjIy£ A9541/rlrt/z__.2. '/9\.’ ” \!'d\\\“h1t a. H ad.wmi. ’ 5:‘ :st3?£¢.a{‘iw°”_’m‘Li« ai:|f“r¢!Ii!2iI!6it!\nu;ar_:r7.‘\‘f\ .,\- V4 . .31. ¢lYl’t¢}I.t|I3.§,I\[!\t.:\ My-, ‘:3 R ' Q > . ‘V V‘ T‘ I 1 . . z‘34,v’:c‘/’¢!;'$;'r3$2“;fD[2e”a]/’{7/f7iC;‘.ol‘_v:“.: ,6, ’ ///~,}(>ecps respiralor z_‘1':suc: Jmgaarca/or 'l\1£..'~i‘rll - ’_'_ -‘Vina/1/It/~r¢/'/octtél/ngoodcvlar ‘i:f»7i,5’?«?a:‘:£:§:;:‘é,;’§MaJg;a_J MM *£‘e°’z:,::,€:‘u':’b::;*””'°~’O ADEQUATE MOISTURE IN HOME: AIR PROTECT 8 NATURAL. BEAUTY -« HOLLAND INSTITUTE OF TNERMOLOGV‘

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