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. .. .-.. wr- r\A~'f:'§«-\=a'- x r:\'9Ii3‘<‘?£-‘.;.‘~ ,'-..v».m1 '~ $3 -7 r\ ., ','.'il'.—’é':él\ _»¢—:.-- —. A». -‘ ‘-5.1. .w,. 4 I, R -..~_~,= .~._ ~ . .. .9. 1'3,‘ ‘r‘\;“«; :rs».‘.iVR3,_E $4: V ' '*»”«~ .» ‘v:§.:‘4:..:5:~.§'3:§-$4,-.=.... ~ v c,..».-.,\‘,: ;, ,,-,, ;«:;.'-:4.~ ..x .. qr“ ~;vgr-:«.;\x~;5‘;.s I».-_e-km C _N'.:Y:. A.u¢.. 14.7%.. 1,123.1 in they vceuxer a crescent ‘of earth vabput -811 inches high cm-wed‘ mroun«l_ 1 me bull: of, §t,1‘ck,s,sp, arranged that as. the ashes. tell they; toztmed. a, second crescent within the omei-; A, man, squatted. t,ex:1dlng_~th1_s- watchfuux,‘ ubsotbedly. In the; center: of the Clfcsfr cent. u(_>0.ix a, little star of sage twigs. lay’ the mescal. symbol or -the rite._ Encing them was, the, chief-,, old Stump, Horn,» In the place of honor. the ‘em-, Moms, of office. In his ha.nds——th,e rat- tle. the, wnnd._, the tan. or eagle aplumes. All, about the tepee cttouchecl or lay blanketed motxonles Bz,ultes.. Some. sat with heelds‘ bowed, others gazed upon the central, mes:-a4l but-. ton. Ail had, beet: entinggthe ‘mepcgl on dvrinis-Ing~ on brew, in which it hit!’ steeped. Now zV1u<i_Athex_: a ! would slowly! draw» the, blanket o¥.er— his r_i1.ea_d, and sink, back‘ to receiver the vision_;, And the song, went on‘. the shnking; of the gourd. rattle. the beat-beat of the. buckskin drum._ the am-_ or the room, was stifling; the zoqm 1tseltscr'upuio.us.-. ix’ clean. At, inter»-ails; around the wall, and: almost level. with, the dirt wege apextures perhaps sixteen inches. square., A Kittie viood_e1_z_ doom w,as.-sh.ut- upon‘ most or these. Near» ea_ch_ lay \ more spent eaten ‘than the; other inert b,od,1es., As Sa_b:a and S01 stood. blinking, ‘the: ‘teamed, the use 0!,‘ these. openingp._ E01: suddenly; nausea overcame one of the vInd,in_n,s. crouched In‘ the semicircle. i1eaI.'- the. name, The man crawled, mittiy» to, one of the little do.ors., opened it._ thrust his‘ head and shoulders. out into. the night air.’ relieved hi: b,od;- of the drug’: o.ve1:cioae., :9:-ted. l.l.b8_lll’.dl:_~ with, her erzoztt not to cry-. ‘But. when ‘he. wqulq hayo, patted lger; grinned and tcemtiling ‘hand his, -own._ in, a .gestux_-e. ot com“.‘,or'tjng_.—, she‘ dnug-pg. ms. hand to. her lips; and kissed, it. The sound‘ or‘ the tm.rses\'h.0ofs. died Eawtaz on the. still mprllingv any She Jooked down at; Gina, She -t.h.o.ug;ht.,. '1; wild: ‘cake a bath.‘ and, then. I‘ will ham, Jsome, co too, Yancey‘ has, go,n,o, ‘ag‘aiI,I.-. Hus lett mg. I =l(.I,I.0W,~ thgt. 11101;, do I. know, in; “Cells. nothing; ‘more cat; happen to, me now.._ I hue. !1a;d. It :1,l.l.> and I have-=horn,e IL, Noth- ing note, can, happen, to. tag noJv.., N’ew- =Canadi'an L_i.ner» Linkedi to.Sl.1.o1.'e: ‘By Powerful 'Teleph.one: E “E.Ii.:pr.e.u.. of’ Britain.” :R.e.cent1y l'..a.II.I'a<:’,la.e¢!. His Flcilitiea. ‘for Constant: Voice. Contacts. Hiere. Even Duxinc, Wb Q, 59 Pass Teacher g Exams conducted Here on July 6 !‘or~ xeara Oklahoma bad. ‘tensed for statehood as,‘ a_ b_r‘ld,o. Awaits the, dam: ot— h_ez: wedding d,a,_y». At last., \B.ehpld_ the. btlc1eg:oom_!v\' said I‘ pateztnal. gov‘-. ,_rn1n,ent., l_mnd,i,ng her over to. the. Union. ‘»‘H'e1:e Is A star» to: y_‘.Qur, totes. head, Meet the -f.mni_l;»t<._\ Then.‘ at the. very alt_u’:._ the, words, spok,eu., the_ me! -sealed._ the bride had tuned to, en,cou|_1ter: a atran-. x4er—-an. unexpected guest. daz.z.l1n;:.. 'breat1_1‘~t,a,k_lng;‘ embodying; all her wild-. est girlish dreaxnjs, “Brideg_room,—b-—l!;\ yelled Oklaho- _x_na, hm.-ling t_1e1-self,-tnto,th,e su_-:;uzer~'s, ‘arms. ‘-‘\Y'hat’s family to, me! Go, away !_ Don,’t_ bother me.‘ I'm‘ busy.\ The nnmg 0! the gorgeous st,:;a>nge:_-~ was 011. ' 'l_‘h.e; w_orl,d<'sV lguxtgest telpk I?h°1.I°~ °X°ha \ ahead. the \‘-Em.-A press. at; Bx:ItaIn.,\ new Canadian Pa-» cit.1e. 1..i.ne1_'v recently \l.aun.ch.ed.~ha ‘been linked wun ‘Que -Bell; System thxouzll ship,-to-a11oz;e s_e::v,»i_ce., and- tel,epho,n_e users l:_l.\r<).1ggho,ut t!xI_s. coun: Elf)? and in many,» othgr lands. can now, com_m.unicate with passengers. aboard the.sl_1lx_), ;a1.a_ny point In the, course or its jpumeys, ‘n‘cz:oas.,t,h,eA ocgeau. l.n.ax.:gurati;on, 0!: the new sex~.vt»1<':e- o.c- curred X1; the course of the. ship's first j9um,e3_1; (tom Quebec to. S9u_thampzon.. t.ol‘l.ow:i.n& the u_x.ai.d.eI.1; voyage. htom» Southampton. to.the Cauad‘i_a.n poztt, An. lmportant.pre1i.m1Dar)§ test was. made. however.‘ during the westward Jour-. n,ey,, when President D. W‘. B,eatt_y,__ at tho, Canadian Paci Ra_il,w:ay.. aboard: dmt 0c.e,an or_- amen. -the -mom. cam. 899. it is, e_xpe_cted._~th:t AI”Io.r.L~. can teleph.on.o,.- usage, can keep -in con-. s,tant« touch with the 2111,» 'l?hu.¢,d.1.o gpmmtga is or thmahozlr .lV.A!O.'..' tyne. cgesiggei to): quick, ‘adjuatmegt, to. -tho‘ wave lengths best. suited tor: neop- tion ot‘ te,1eph.on,e ‘messa nun: on- ttculaxr -position: in me. coung, 9!; A. cxrulse. THE STORY Sabre onli turned her eyes. 3.W.8['., searching. searching, ,'I‘hen_ she. saw- vrhere the boy hm under his gay striped blanket His, race was cov- ered‘ but she knew, She knew well, how_- the slim body curled in its ‘blim- kets. ‘how it lay at night. a,sIeeyS. This. was. a different, sleep, but she. kn.ew.., They went to. him, picking; -thell? way, o.verv the crouching; with, the trancelike gaze; the recumbent forms that lay. so still. she turned back the blanket. His, face was smil- ing. pea,cefu_l'.. l_ov,ely.. She thou,-;ht.4 ‘‘-This is the way: I‘ should, look; at him it‘ he were dead.“ Then. “He is. dead_.'’' The boy in; breath1J_1g;quletiy-., All about the noon; was an atmosphere or reverie. of swooning bliss, It the Inclinns, looked at all at Sabra.‘ at the Jew; at their» emvrts, to rouse the boy.‘ it was with the eyes oi‘ sleep.-walkers. Their lips. were g,en,tly smiling, Sometimes they s,W3)f£‘d a little. The sacred leaped orange and scarlet and gold. Old Stump. Horn wielded hls, eagle feather: fun.‘ back and forth, back and forth The quaxtering cadences of the Meson! song, rose and fell to the. ac- compan.men,t of the gourd rattle. and the uucensiug drum. The white man and \,\roman.‘ frail both._ tugged and strained at the inert of the boy; '-‘0h,_ God!\»whimpe1:ed_ Sabra, ‘-‘He's so, hea\t.\‘.. Wluxt shall we do.??‘ They bent again. tugged with all their strength. lifted but could not carry him. CHAPTER X.——1t, was 1339., Ya_.nce¥’ Crnjvst, just returned from the newly opened Indian territory where he. had: n.x'u,c_ipued i_n‘t)_1o. Bun o.v,o;'- the bog- lor, «II descx:lblna*- this adventure to 3 lug. lamlly gathering oz; the Veuables. Thg Venggbles, ruined by the Civll war. had left Mississippi and -etueq kn Wichita. Kan. Five years be \'-z_1n- ooy C_x'a.vat had xgpaaxed tn, Wlchltm and won‘ as 12:: bx do sixteen-your-old Sabra; Venablo. Gossip said at Yancey Cx'_n_vn.t that more. was Indian blood In Min. He is a clever crimlxml ‘lawyelf and edltox'_ot the Wlchtta Wigwam. A born orator. he combines, noxne_t_hmg« of the charlatan. much of the nctor and A dash of the tazxntic. when the Run started, Yancey had raced his pony- nzalnst the thoxtoughbzjed mount of a ‘girl. When her horse fen nnd broke _oth torelexs. he‘ stopped to shout -the czjivpled animal. The 311'! leaned, on hll, mus K to‘ the ‘quarter no-. (Ion and got the land by right of claim. Yancey announces he La, ¢_olnr_ back to. thg Oklahoma country ‘to, sin}! A newspaper In one of the new ‘to.wn,s. Iukn:a.,' defying: her mothsr. says she. will go. too, ‘Supt. William J,.. Bteen An- nounce: Complete List of,‘ Succeuful Young Men and Women for Laclnwanna, ‘ Positions. Special 2,-o,oms.const;:1:¢tQ¢,l oxgluglvo: ly to {1ou_se, the, radio. :e':ph_onq, Quip,-. men; on. the, shin are. ‘locza-Ate/cl; on. the. top or \spor.ts..\' ‘¢,1ec_|r» the. ro<:,.oLv.lu mom; being; Just. forward’ at the c.6.i_I.t9r. funnel, and the sending; room, at -010, after !,u.n.n.e,l.. Sepatats. a.n.ten.n.8.9, 1130. used rm: receiying and aendlllls, ‘thus, peru_1jtK,tA1ng two,-way converoa,t_Ion._ dd! 19!’ Wnmnn J,. Bzjeen, superintendent of the Lnckawmxzjn. pL:h11c_ schools an,-. nounped Tuasdw '1:m.1; the follqwmg are the names or the cu.mli,cw.ces, whp, pr-_:.sse<l the teachers examtmm-tons July 6 1!) 313,9 Lack,uxs;a.n:na High school Elemantary (nudes, hen! mow: G9 '> In at the. on, Nothing else I!.N.1l:t,e_red,_ Okla-.. -homa, the dl.‘-¥.. the Wlu,d.-$wept~._ the. burning. was, a sea or~hl,d_den, ol_l. The red prairies. prlcked. ran. black and slimy, with it._ The work or years. was. .u_Dd0I_le in, a day, The. sunbonuets ‘sh:-ah_k_ back.‘ aghast. Compared_ to, that which now: took ‘place the early days. folloxuixgg the Run, to '89'w.ere ldylllc. They» swarmed. on Oklahoma “trom_ every state In the U!.!lon,., The plalns became black with llttzle eager deis'lng The sanguine roads. were choked with, every sort o,t_‘v:ehicle. v.0a.ce more tent and shanty -towns sprang up Where the day before had been only open prairie staring up at a blazing sk-yv. Again, the galnblI_ng_ tent. the slx-shooter, the roaring saloon. the dance hall. the harlot, 51.61.! tought. stole._ ki,lled., died tor a piece of ground beneath whose. arid surface lay who knew what wea1,th_o1\ fluld, rl_clm,ess., Every barren sun- baked farm was a potential fortune: every ditch and draw and (lrled-up creel; bed mlgllt conceal llqulq treas-, ure._ The Wildcat Ci,marron—Crook Nose——Cartwrigh_t—. _Wah_oo——Bear Creek,-—.th,ese became ;maglc names :. these were the Seven ‘Cities of Ci,bola._ rlch beyond Corona-,. do‘s wiltlest dream, Millions of bar-, rels 0: oil burst through the, sand and ‘shale and clay and drenched the parched earth. Drlll. pump. blast. Z\'ltroglyceriu. Here she comes. A_ roar. Oklahoma went stark raving mad. Cognected with-\ms qqui In the shipfsv t,eleph.one, ex'chan;9._ com-. Mary» E; Newton. 1181 road. ‘Lackawunna. Eleanor Maeden. 341 Woods-1:12. But-, falo. in 3, ~ Mnrgam: R. O'Mau, 1010 Ridge road. Lackawsmxga. CHAPTER 1I—They make the Sour- noy. In, two t‘I)V0l‘\Ll w.u,'ons. Isaiah.’ I, little negro ae:-van: of thq \_ren9._bles. 1; round when they make camp tho, hrs: night. hI_.l-len In :2. you o_f cRrpet., The travelers the damkyt youngster Almost invaluable in his care and ‘pro- tecuon oz (‘lx}u1l‘r0l\, the four-.ve'-1.r-old sun or they Cmvats. Grace E. Cm.x_\e, 4'1 81:. Sbepnenfs place ‘Bu ! John H. Engenbroa. 225 S!.eVuzs0n_ vtneet. Bu We the - Mary Couhmn, 68 Stqway street. B.uI_- falo. ‘ CEIAPTER, lII—At Osage Yancey im- mediately begins tjymg to h,-am who. had murderer] 9. man named_ Pogler. who had been shot after tho ed!- tlon of ms Dagvel‘. czltlml :h_e N;-xv Day.’ Appeared in (sage. Ho had been too, ‘truthful In calling attonuon‘ to condl-. llonn In the territory Px~epu.ra.tlm\s, fol: (ha publiczulun of Yam-ey's paper. the Oklahoma. \V'Ig\\':1m, are about com_- pleted. Isaiah beoc-mes a, member of 0, 0 Cravat huusehold. Anna M. Kane. 69 Caxyle street. Bur-, £510. Mark P. Stumpf. 435, Park avenue Buffalo. . Jeanette Cuuhng. 898 fume road. '...\rt-. k*a.w-.mn.:.. Raffne A De.'snge.L1». 3812 East. Eagle screet, Buifalo C4them»n-9 Owens 122 Lockwood ave- nus. Butfnlo. QCIIAFFER I\'—-Yancey (s asked to. conduct church <eT\'ut-‘- on Su.ud.\y and Arkansas (hat I‘.-ntrh ‘I:.:.ns\ his gum- bllnz tent. uh!-h rs guwked. the nav- olty ‘of :1,,chur- n senluu and 3. sernmn by Yancey L'!‘.1.s...\L_ being impossible to resist. Fiarmce Tucker. 33 Stevenson, street Bu(1‘_.a1-o. “We. must drag him.\ Sol said. at last. Beasze Pleakow, 18‘ C-oultung street Buffalo. 'l‘he_\t took an arm, each. So. drug- gin__x:., tugging. past those rapt still forms. past those, maxed smiling faces.‘ they stm:gl.e<1 with him to the door; The 1!tt_le heads of sweat stood am on her forclload. on her lip. She breathed 1u_ choking gasps. Her eyes were wide and stun-lw._: and dreadful In their de- terminzuhm. The rattle. The. drum, heat. The high, eerie song notes, wordless. Lo1‘«'.~bta B. [Nama.m.. 271 —Chom;e surge: Bunlalo. (‘H.\P’I‘F‘.P. \’—Be1’nre he starts his sermon. Ynn--z-v announc-2s he has learned whu‘ killed Jack Peglcr. He atoops just in mm: to e-cane a bullet by Lon Ywxntm sun slouplng, Yancey Shupti .u.-I k-us Younus. then 8Y\ll(\lU'|l‘r.S that ‘inn.-ms had shot Peg- ler In the back Among the [Me ur- rlvals at the tent :4er\Ir9s is 3 mund- some ynung \'\'nII'\{\n. known as Ulxle Lee. whom'Y:mI-ev recognizes as the glrl who [F101-i“l1 him out of his quar- tor socunn. \\’xJh her are six hluhly rougetl girls. ulmm she has brought with her to 05.130. Jane E Kmgn 105. Rosary avenue Lztckmvanusx Pearl W1tt,m..x:x. 3G1 Rmdge road. Lat- knwzuma. Helen Ryszkw. 1211 hlcKLu1ey pm‘kwa_\' Lackawtnnna. Canadlan, Paci Railway 8., S, Empress oi Britain. latqsj: to, have. ship-to-shore, telephone service, Abo.ve:; A passengerv makes, a call_fro_m, his stateroom, aboard, a, trans- Leo Joseph Forum-y. '1'l_ M:m11.ob.1 street. Buff-'.-\.l:o. Atlantic linér Jeanette Bong;o\'a1m1, 320, West ave- 1.u.§. Bu The him-k-ness of the outer air: past the two, to,\'.'orlng motlonloss blanketed ut the door-._ Drugglng him along the earth, through the trampled weeds. Sabra Cravnt went oil. mad, with the rest of; them. Just outside the town ‘.o!_ Osage, for miles a_L-o,u,nd._ they were drilling. There was that piece -of farm land she had bought years ago. when Yancey first showed signs, ‘or restlessness. She had thought her- 'seit shrewd to have picked up this ‘fertile little oasis in the..midst of the bare unlovely plain. She was proud of her hit of farm. land with, its plump, yield of alfalfa. corn. potatoes. and garden truck. She knew now why it lnaa been so proli By a whim. of nature rich black oil lay under all that ‘,-surrounding land. rendering it barren through, its hidden l_~lch.es. No. taint of cori:oding oil ran beneath tlmt tract ‘oi’ Cram: farm land. and because or ‘this it lay there now, so. green. so. ‘lush. with its beans. its squash. its ridiculous onions. taunting her. (lcrid,-. ing her. like aunirage in the desert. lQueerly enough. the had no better iiuelr» with her share in,-an oil lease for whlch she had paid a, substantial sum —much more than she could afford to lose. Machinery. crew. days of d_r.ill_- ‘ing. weeks of drilling. sand. shale. salt. The well had come up dr_v,—~u duster. That which happened to Sabra nap: pened to thousands. The stuff was elusive. tantllizing. Here might be a gusher vomiting millions, Fifty‘ feet vawny not so much as a spot or grease could. be forced to the nurtnce, For-, tune seemed to take a delight in, choose in; strange victims for her pranks, Err \\’issler., the gawk who delivered the milk to Szxbrn's door-each morning. ‘found himself owner of u gusher whose outpourings yielded him seven thou- sand dollars, a day, He could not grasp it. \\V‘h_\:. Ervvl” Sabra exclaimed, when he arrived at her kitchen door as usual. smelling of the barnyard. \Seven thousand dollars a day! What in the world are you going to do with it I\ the ship at sea. conversecl with Lord Bessboxough. Governor General 0: Canada. then In Quebec. Although the new liner- will oper- ate between Quebec and Southampton during’ the period lfrom April to, De- cemben each year, and will be engaged in‘roun(l-the-world cruises during the remaining period. the long distance telephone office in New York (‘ity is the \central\ through which all calls to,p.n;1_ it-om the ship and telephones in North and South America and Cuba pass. Similarly. London serves as the switching point for calls trade to and from subscribers all over Europe. The \Empress oi Britain\ thus utilizes the established ship,-to-shore facilities being used by other transatlantic liners, the Leviathan. Homeric, Olym- pic. Majestic and Pelgenland. The new ocean-going craft, how- ever. is the first liner whose radio- telephone equipment was planned he- tore the ship. itself was built; .co.ns,e~ quentiy it is pronounced by electrical engineers to, be Well nigh perfect in this respect. So powertul is the transocean radio telephone equipment 01 the ship, the engineers declare. the \Empress u: Britain\ is capable or making instant amt direct contact with any country having tacilities for receiving its calls. Thus when Britain’: new pride 0! the seas is, plying the waters or the In- parable’ in size to the local and long distance service facilities, or a city 0!- several thousand people. There being, telephone facilities. in each room. no, one has to be called tron; his qzbin, to a particular section or the ship in order to answer a call from some dis-. tant country. it a_ person happens to be on deck when a call is made to, him. there are sound-pi-oot and specially‘ ventilated booths located at strategic points about the ship, where he may receive it. The ship's system includes telephones located in the quarters of, more than one hundred or her o on various decks. Mj1(1'red. M Nagxe. 76 Euson. stnzetz. B.ut‘ra)o (‘ammo Freedxxuzt, 63 R1ck_ert- snrect BurL‘.u1o. _ n.‘<\“ (‘IIAPTER Vl—-Sa;br:1's second ch nn.Ine<l Donna. N about three Years om when she returns [0 \\'lchl,tn [or her first vistl. She nnds sha has grown uxvnr from famlv and relatives and is glad to get back to Osage. Syivla Marion. 1 Range road. Lackru \vnmx.x \We can't lift him, into. the. buggy. \\,'e onn‘t—“ She ran back to. the two. at the door. She clasped her hands Iu,\l‘nro the one culled Joe Yellow Eyes. She lifted her white. ugonizetl face to him, \Help me. Help me.\ She made a futile gesture of lifting. \\l~IAP'l‘.F?R \'1I—Y1n<~ey frustrates A hunk rohberv In 1-wage. killlnzr the “.!{Id\ and anuther d»_=<apermlu., and be- cuuuxug u. hem .1 the terrxtury. Sabrzfs enerzv an-1 \n'u mm win woman read- ers (or the paper Yeznvey. ajxvays, eager for :u1\'entnre. urg--s Sabra: to join him In the r.--I-I mg I‘ m\ at the oxr--ning of the (‘he-.rnkne vrnp. She refuses. He lean.-s her. and as gone years. Helen Hunley. 18 Meadcsw Lane. Lac- kaxvanm-. lllstury I-I;-Len E Ry-.m.. 2 bunt-11 Park. Lnck.\,- \V&1H1IL Esther Johnson, 392 Cmnbezlaztcl M16‘ m19__ Bufizulo. The Indian looked at her a moment with :1 dead. unseolug gaze. Flecks of gold and ,vello.w (Ian:-ed. reflected in tho hlu,--k poms of his eyes. and mod chore. Lolsur-eLv. wordless. he walked_ over to where the. boy lay». picked hlm up Xiglmy in his great arms as though he were a sack of meal. swung him into the buggy seat. He turned. then. and went back to his place at the door. D~lorcs R. Dohmuut. 33 Ripley place Buffalo. ' v (‘H.\I-\'I‘Iv‘.R VHI—Dlxi9 Lee becomes A town msuvuunn, The wlves and in--[hers of u.~.u_;e are iudlgmuxt. Yan- cey :5 heard at only through rumors. Sal-rn 1-undu-~tmg the paper success- fully An (nsngo. Indmn girl. Arlta. be- cmnvs ‘the nmxher of a son. Isaiah is the talker Am--ht: the Usage Indians xmscomluct ur nmrriauo. with a negro. is a (\I1-It'll nrtenae. leakah and Arita. wuh the. rml-l. are knlnuped and tor- tuxcd tu slcaxh. Harry Doughemy. -to Parkvlew nvemxc Lzxckmwlnna Clare 0 Lmvlet. 90 Crescent avemxue Buffalo. In addition to these telephone facil- lties,,tl1e ship, also has its own radio. broadcasting station which both sends and receives radio broadcasts. (tom various land stations,’ Powex-t_nl am.- pli are able to stepup‘ signals xte- ceived on the 21-tuba set which is concealed In the alter tunnel and send then: to twelve. loud snealsem embod- ied ln the decorative scheme or the public rooms and decks. 021111: the ‘ 1-ltiv out tegem Catherine A‘ B1.u*n.i_ 15 Teresa place Bxurtalo. Dorothy Joynt. 1463 south Park Lackzxw-anua. ‘W31 13%! ll‘~ 1' Tm/mas Memck. 1449 South Park Lacknwuxsnn. 'l‘h<\v dro.\'e back to the town of Osage. (‘Inn's body leaned heavily, sln_cl<l,v against hers: his head lay in her hip. like it little boy's. One ach- ing arm she held ! about him to keep him from slipping to the oi‘ the huggry. so. that finally it ceased to ache and became numb. The down came. and then the sunrise over the prairie. its red meeting the red of the Oklahoma earth. so that they d1_-o.v.e through 2: tlery furnace. Shehatl been quiet enough until now, with in kind of stony quiet. She bezan to sob: a curious dry racking sound,‘ like :1 lilccough, “l\'o.w. now.\ said Sol Leary, and made a little eomfoijling noise be tween tongue and teeth. “So bad it, isn't. What did the boy do. he went out to. see. the sights on the reserva- tion and try what it was like to eat this done. stul‘l‘—:this peyote. Say. when l was :1 boy I did lots \\'orse.“’ She did not seem to pay much heed to this. but it must have penetrated. her numbed brain ‘at Inst. for present- ly she stopped the painful sobbing and looked down at his lovely smiling face in her lap. the long lashes. like a ;:h~l‘.<. resting so f1-agllely on the olive’ cheek. (\HAP’I‘El_t I.\'—’I‘he war; with Spam b-agxns. \'uu<-ey returns to Osage’ In 2: Rough Rider uniform. Sabra. despite his de:~vrtlv'n. “'91:-nmes him. He haw been'in Alaska. he says. The zood women or Osage. IN! by Sabra. com- luno to rid tho town of Dixie Lee. Her trial M n. Noe mnngez.'., estate:-,,u|> on. the‘day Yancey «-oxnes back He defends her and she is acquitted.» Yancey leaves to join his regiment. Dorothy Jordan Denzel. 1350 Ridge rcml. Lzu.‘kn.wa._x1n.. Robert. M. Burns, 621 Eagle street. Dunkirk. The new Canadian greyhound ls the largest and fastest lln_er plying be- tween any two British ports. It has an express, speed ouhlrty miles un, hour. is 7.58 leer; long, ninety-seven feet wide and 168 leet from water line to’ tunnel tow. and 208 feet tyomn water line to telephone antennae yard.-arms on the masts. E11 l-‘relueh ._IulIa1L Volssmm. 411 Summer street Buffalo. English CH.»\P'1‘ER X-—Yancev returns from the xvxu‘ broken in health. but still a. popular Idol. The ncwemnpcr prosper: as the tnwn “settles down.\ An Osage, Indxan girl. Ruby Big Elk. Is Sabra‘: house aex~\'n~l Nixnnrrnu. the (‘z-swat‘: first born In vu--I.-u-n sears old. xuvuc-a.rs. {lo Sabrals horrur. to be interested in er. 1\_‘ my E Duggan. 25 Mt. Vemon place Buffalo. Lydia M, Budzmk, '17 Tyles street. East, Aurora Clara Marqunrdt, 2396 Seneca street ‘Buffalo. Gladys A. Keller. 241, Highgate swe- nue. Buffalo CHAPTER I\'I—-Tvhc girl. Donna. at Ls sent to a. l\'ew York “ lshlng\ schnul, Subr; becomes the town’: sncletv leader. Clmarron ac- companies Rum’ B 2 Elk to an Indian ceremony. dean» 9») his mother's reman- alrances. Yann-\, the wnndc-rlust upon him. again leweq Usage. Tlml nluht Sabra. alarmed at (\mmrron's absent-A. seeks and nnd-1 him at the lnqllgm ct-re. momal. hzwmk mu-ally taken part in it. She brings mm homo. Kathleen. B. Irhrrlfs. 243 Summit ave- nue Buffalo. Oath-:~‘ruxc C I\‘I‘M.l.x<.l1. Mo Seneca ‘n‘.rect._ Buf Axncuwla M Sc-reo. 329 Fargo avenue. Burhlo. Mm-y 1vI:u'5.:1n~: Cm._ley. 15 Me:.x|c~n avenue’-. Bunub, 1\‘[m:gm'ot, Haroney. 484 Ridge road. Lnc1~:n\vauna 1\1m-1e Debucm. 87 W. Bn1,co‘m street. Buffalo lar- nu ma: WI! CHAPTER XII—~The “oil boom\ con- vulsgas Oklnhunm. Dumm. u1tm-sophjs- tlcau-d. com:-5 home. dnuwmmed. she tells her astonl-shed muther. to marry “the rlchest man, in the state.\ Yancey returns. aroused by the news thnt 011 has been 2m‘u‘ck on the Indium reser- vallon. and tlotormlxxed to defend their rights. In the newspaper. though he uuxtngonizos ,pub!1n .«.aenr.Imeu£. Cunar- ro-n‘s npan fxlemllluwss with‘th_e 1n- dlnns aura Danna to 1I1(1i Thomas J M_I.:I~1@h. 42. Aldrich sweet. Buffalo. Ex§v‘s putty teattfres and all his loose-hung frame seemed to stiffen with the extort or his new and momen- tous resolve. “—\\'el1,.‘ I tell you. Mis‘ Crnvat. I; made up my mind I_ ui_n_‘-t going to make no. more Sunday de-. llvéx:-y myself. I'm mgoing to hire Pete Lynch's boy to take the milk route Sundays.\ Ethel zqlte. 513 Iwtlge road, L°.c1m- \vz\m1a. M11x.‘£;m‘et Joyce. 32 Lee place. Lackey- wanzm. \lie \van,ted to go. 1 wouldn't let him. Is it too late. Sol?“ \Go? Go \v1\iere'.\‘ \The Colorado school 9: mines. Geology.“ CYIAPTER XIII—B:IZ Elk, Osage In- dian chief. zmd his \\'li‘o. formally noti- fy tho Cnwats oi’ the marriage that morning of their daughter. Ruby. to Cl- xnarron. Tho monstruus announcement liuzgoru Snbu, though Yancey is un- movod. With her husband. Sabra a.t- tendn the wedding festivities, though uh. feel: that. for her. lit; is over. ‘.l‘rucy Wynn. former (ruck driver. it cuiiy the richest man in Oklahoma. Divorcing his wife. he manic; Dorms. Ber ambition is fuitiiiod, For yearn. uxuin. Sabra h,ea.ra nothing (rem Yun- ooy, whé had disappeared soon after Ciniux-ron‘s marriage. Sabra is elected congresswoman. ‘.“~\d Dol_\m_t a.n_d_ hex- mm and. and Cimaj'r0n's Indian wife, Qioctriftv Wnshinrton with their din-. play or wegith, Emu, M. O..‘Hum. 10 Crescent place Lackatvanna. II. S. Science Raynxond Burke. IL Rudolph stréet. Lsxclmxvanna. ' John Mc(‘um. 113 Date street. Lac}:- \var_m»a. Every one l_n Osage knew the story of Fred Sloat's wife when the news was bl,-ought to hex: that weeks or clrllliug on the sterile .lltLle Sloat farm had brought up vs gu_sh_er., They had come runpiqg to her across the trampled with the news. She llzxd stood there on the ‘back porch ot the shubby farmhouse. lg bony drudge. u1_11o,v(;[y as the house itself. “1\1lllionsl\ they shouted at her, “Millions and millions! What are you golgg to cln?“ . “Too late! That kld there! Don”: talk foolish, Sc-ptexxnbx.-r. This is the time. to go. It just starts. Sure he’ll go.\ They drove through the yard. over Sabra‘3 carefully tended mass. of which she was so pruud, right to the edge of the porch steps, and so. drag- ging again amt pu11ing.; they got him in, undressed him; she \vnshed_ ms“ dust-smc-:u-ed face. 5 \[atl|_«-xwztlcq Alice Kleln, 703 mnkuood avenue. Buf- tam. Eleanor Carrel}. 1192 Ridge road. Laoka\vauna.. John l\1cGo\v:m. 933 La£n)'e17te avenue, Buffalo. Mary -Poppalardo, 757 Seventh street,“ Bttffalo CHAPTER x1V—‘.Vlth a confroh party. and aQm_e landing of op. uuuorn. Sabra is making a tour at in. vontluuon inn) c.ond.mons In the 0):):- hqnt on distrlcts. At the town It lowhazl she finds Yanrey. outcan um lulu. yin!-1. a hero. with ma last man'- nmconl gesture of an empire builder. the mud or the on fields. but an. In um: to be rec :04 by him, and alone hll oyor > nun an 1-». 1 Industrial Arts ‘‘Well.‘' said So) L('\'_V. ‘—‘I guess I go and open the. store and then have :1 good cup of coifm.\ She put out hor hand. I101} lower lip was oauszht between her teeth. Iharp and tight. Her face was dis- John Shea. 110 Geary street. Buffalo‘ Lester Burke. 11 Rlldolph street. Lac- kzuvanna. “Pl Ian ‘.1? '11.‘: W‘!- (Continued Next Week) Mildred L. Kennedy. 9 Bond street Bulzalo. Nicholas Milano, 584 Ingham. avenue. I_aagk:1wanna. S,U_BS,CRlBE FOR LACKAWANNA NEWS V I C,I‘IT|«aI\|'O:n. 7 3v EDNA FERBER , . D ’ ‘ copyright by, Ian rorhlnl

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