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mtg} < ‘V v , :\;2£:%£' 1'2\‘ .72’ 1‘ -6;.’ -1’; -H‘? -‘,‘r;,.:y,:L..~,j~ C] '52?\ { « rv' . . ‘ —, .v I.‘ -~..».-\»‘ - -. '. ..': 5';*» cm v!«.;A;.-;', -_ #3.. 'x_:; » -' ;.:—{. “t¥j.é:»‘-»= -- . z a\'\§§\9\%3i3~!? 32181n«;§% VN%?iMr11rf KHVHHH, 9118M’ VNLNVMVNQW / /4 3“t. ¥:7f’\‘ %Administration Concenltrates On Charity! :-,«-' \ ‘5',’::\- :. .'‘.i':»L‘- -‘ *5 '.~’~=-»Y~i.< r\.¢’«.-n L ACKAWANNA NEWS N01. 16 — NO. 23 Lnckawainni Lacki N. Y., Thursday Aug; 13, 1931 FRICE 5c—-$2.00 PER YEAR mmlvg mm: ; M 1.435103%: nuns v ux, unis: $20.24; RELIEF ruun me nuts nor sum%n;Ini%n:A1 ecunom “W “W5 “°\N°'|e: rnurlm am Sll sxmnen % ‘ m nuxmc nnmm mum 19 ~ sncuusrsz «um mun ‘cums rouci-: AND FIRE PROTECTION nowu to max, aorrou, ENTIRE rluzsml;-r IADMINISTRATIQH. wrrn PROBLEMSVOF ax-:sr_;aov::;cNn-533:1: AT vamr LOWEST cosr. 1-‘on . THOUGH nouca, rnnnsaun ALL omen LOCAL DE- ‘ PA.._l§[‘MENTS\=0F cmr GOVERNMENT ARI.-‘. CUT TO vamf mmzorvs 0RD£R—“Al.‘l. AID ’*to.»cg_uuurY\—RI-:ucIoUsLY onmnan m BUDGET rnunanxrnou. ‘ - SECRETARY HOFFMAN SA JOIN SOCIALIST RANK TOWARD -NOMINATJO DEMOCRAT, AS SOCIAL 5 saw VOTERS mu) ‘to so AS To THROW rowan or wunron MALONE, srs PARTY CHOICE! The -tentiuve budge‘: mt Oh; cm: or, .Lu;k1wnn:is. arrived at only after \mass carom! cqnaideratldn by the ouinman oolimcl oammnteo as‘ may (or appronl and gdopuon by tho council. \Tho Mnhtlva budget lhowl a toss]. Bwomment esuunud expoun- ol 088.900. 3 total cost at pxjonctwn or ‘person; and property '0! 0320.799, total.‘ baring, deponmént is 05170 and public works 35300. The mayors‘ ottloc draws but 15700. council 07650. city tr'euumen\-'1 wince 067190, city clerk's 0191400‘ 01700.‘ bonrq at assessors M950: law deput- lnent Q3950 u'ul_ civil ‘service comml:-‘ 01300. Another political bombshell was ex- ploded in the Lackawanna poimcal campaign this week when regular om- oer: of the hwkawaxma Socialist yarty moved to nhrow out of the organization more than 1'5, enrolled members on the grounds that they wen: tnudently en- rolled so as to swing the balance or power in aoclalisnc ranks to Mayor Ed~ ward T. “none. Denlocxatic candidate. “Without the Socxanst vote Info: In- k-ne would not have been elected». --we know mm: the new vents and newly natilmnud cxtfuns am being‘ 5.1396. by the Lackawanm Dani.-nu-3 crgamzzmon to enroll as sochlgta bo- tore Aug. 15. Elm day or filing. we can matltuze proceedings later to csncel any such en:-ollments. and. in the event that socialist petitions dallanstlnz any Dunocnttzlc canmci-ates In men: ‘they will -be protested 1mmc'd_1ate'ly. It necessary court pioceedmgs will be hu- gun. No prime document In the city oi Lackawanna since an incorpora- tion. has-come nun any ox mo vfarlous niumoapal adnumstrardonn than '13:: 8108-'0}.-An Md To charlty.—-d~_..\ahe present Democr-Mic a.t:nn_lstne.t1cm. at of this com:-mmlty. All Aid ‘Do chsrlty.—»And Eat a\..t1me when as a severe-and distressing vin- ter sppmnches there 15 .every kw to suspect that great charitable deeds Infant be amend with consistent Q larlty It suffering have is to be continued to a. ~’~. _‘ ’ I’:l! Budget In preparing the most eosn _ul budget or many yen: the Edward T. admlnutrahon puma: av‘ mumclpsl department -to me very bone nxcmvr CHARITY. - ' when winter casts its manta} white about the city within a Iew monthsl when cold wmthor clxdvos iompi lchildnh inside. angels '0! mercy Iran the city‘ at lachwarxha will cans ’ visions, medicine, me! and dathun Into the homes or unxortunate and,’ oyed. something to eat, to ‘wear as shelter tor dencate frames ot- dalnn-n. and fuel to.keep the chin {tom their [ and walls, will be given steadily to all needy pillona. « A11 AM To charity is the order of Mayor Edward T. Malone. All Am To Charity .vm.s the answer than other members or the adm.m1s- ntratlon, and then as.qu!cl:Lv ‘endqdgsed by the Democra.*.2:: city coznmittaee. All ‘officials Cooperate _ -Pong: and ‘me rgotcctlon Nhfuiuuy the depu-taunt re- quire; I good -nun tor nntnounncc. 0100.360. -which includes an aihriea. Vequlpment. vtnauracnn. call ‘mg and men): for prisoners. The mm departmcnt nnlntonanse. salaries and equipment (corms emu nivre than the police. can tire protwvlon cost bung 8113.160. bnndmas. Ingpgctlou and repairs about 85100. I The health departnxent .salar1e_s_$8350. ‘conservation and xhqpectlbn M0300: GK- auxlnltplqni and chmcs M300. The _1n'u‘I'mu alf sewers and sweet. oluuing cost $12,574. Guabnge collecidon. taunts. drivers equipment and repairs motels 031,771.‘ the any mclxwration plant. 011.105. the sewage disposal -plans 024.62! and storm sewer pumpmg station Q5575. or the highway estimarhes. streets. and bridges, tractor operation. lighting. 01!. labor and mecliumcs will cost 3184,- 9M.25. ' oonsern1non‘o: ‘mum 333.150. uutaa uomaud. ptdno of clegnnncn. 091.- 917. ‘highway ‘depurujmfnt exacnugs of 0_l_D2.'(M: xéoreailon dopénmpht. W300. contlnaoncy funds, jvaxmem, and attlgmonu. and tax. rotunda in a total at 020.500; total charms‘: and correc- t 0!‘ 327.000: toll: oduotta-kin ex- poqles 012.000: mm prmcl¥d on b¢'_>nd -xc ! \ any as muxndpd indebt- odnen» g'n.274:n: with total munlcxpgl dept at uaomug. In response to secretary Robert Bat.’- man’s demanu, Chalrmnz} Charles Roth appointed a. committee of Mr Gues- mger and George A. Neeb or Lackawam mi and Harold R. Ram, of Bu to challenge the ‘ID vsters In accordgnwe wlttittrge pravlsnous ot the state election ‘laws. Notices oi the nczmng have been sent. the alleged tnmdulent Soclzuis--. “For many years the Socialist vote In Lackawnmm has constituted me delin- ‘ite bznhmce or power.\ Chalnmm Roth asserted Tuesday. The Socialist chmmmn added that 11: 1920 unknown -to the county organiza- tion Mayor Meal-one and other Lacks- xmnn-A Democrats prevailed upon a number of ,new voters to enroll us So- cialist. and charges that me new rogu- trants voted for. and noxrunated the Democratic candidates for an omce-s ex- cep: ans. ,4 Letter to Cabana \Among those whose enrollment II will seek to cancel are ms xlizabonh Mnlone. said to be a slstar o_t 2/Saab: Malone. ueut. John Healy and aural- man Bernard Moran at the Pgnce de- partment. a man reported to be I. nephew or Judge John J Monaghan and tum: brothers-in-law or the commis- sloner or! public works. 9, Mayor Malone Appointee.\ The be:ita_tlw~ budget pusviqu tor the sun or $127,485.40 to he uehd by to» aucm; because or thp total a.mo‘un\: oi‘ anticipated appropriation! 0‘: ‘I812,-35,19 the sum of 885.000 in uyimntcd mien- In is dgducted. leaving the sum or a727,435:ao. ‘ Total \valuation of all assessed. prop- tgrty, both nrivata and corporations. in- ciudiiic public utilities, in‘ 35,948,580. This wm bring a tax rave of 020.24 per $1000 or assented valuntina. the budget show. _ or the general government expenses or $88,283. pmmium on workmen‘: compensation and the retixement fund plus court coat c: annual audit. total‘ 117.600. Munidpnl building maintenance, ‘is Ikht dtwm to the bottom at $15,730. City court; costs Are mu.-d at 07900 and the cost 0: oiecuions is 02460. Engin- ‘-‘. § 1‘. Coopemting in this movdrnent. thaugh they are not members )1 the co\mcii,'are Judge John J. iwxnughan. Corpomctor. Couvsei Rudolph Wain.- stein, Oity Treasurer Paul J. 'I‘o!lj'l3ka. City Clerk James Redmond. As’essur': Clerk John J. Kiicbyne. and Pmruc Woris Corijnissionor Barnpy Mcbomzu. Marvelous achievement in relic! oi acute privation and Ram mstress was achieved last winter through. th_§- really intelligent direction at this same adminismition Even greater stress will be laid on charity work this coming winter. through preparations now -being made. Oonznecting ‘idle men with jgbs. temporary or otherwise. to give‘?/hem Dome eamxug pcwer where possible. is also the dbjecciva 5: th_(: mayprs forces. Such great good has beep accoimpllsiied in. this respect in the Am: 1:: months or more that it vmuic take C0l\lI!i.'l3 to adequately men it. A?‘ an tor Relief \ Every :\cute case or sum-ring from. lack or‘ funds. ance reported to hire mayor's citice, is relayed by the mayor, in person. or Secretary Pat uc to the Department or Chariuies. and Mrs. Gallagher has withsaut or‘: ex- ception, investlgmui just as soon as possible and. applied quick reliex. for crrwrgcncy tenet it is an established {act that the mayor. the judge. the corporation counsel. the city 't:ea.uru, the city clerk and other members at the piwent ndriimstration iremieritly \dug down“ into their own personal :unc_Is,.—r\at_.cit_v Iunds. rrrgipd, *9‘-$29, tide gsoqu mrrm: .<?_Y¢i', *0 iv-15¢. Piin ~or»nux¢ermmir:muv-.jV _l rwusgsemwmmpsrmrmrm ! or cimnties. A letter to Oln-er Cabtum. ]l'.. Demo- cratic leader, by socsa-list Ghalrnnn Roth protescmg the alleged amnxpb of the Lackawnnm Damccmcs to obtain, nomination of a Democratic ticket un- der the Socmllst emblpm brqug-nz a reply that he woL:.d (2. cu‘ -the alma- .t.lon wxth those more rz‘ -‘with pro- cat“ undo: the .5 4- _ {faction laws. ‘cg. gi’ few. snow and ice remwal cost 05500 buildings cost $2000. outdoor poor tenet‘ will cost $20,000. veterans Mlle! is listed at 02000. “Only 24 vr/res sepa:-awed Walter J.‘ Long, Republscam. and Mayor Malone at; the elecalon.\ Chairman Rom sa1d.v By '31 Vote Members 0! the Lackawamn City ad- ministration expressed belief Monday that this new tentauvo budget was right down to rock ‘bottom amq that law changes wbuld be necoasary before adoption. o.1.v.~1 run mm mm: Iry-Its To Meet lohr Inc Team s-,..~ .~;~«~=—~.‘—‘1_;..». .,-,4 _ [In For Ilrleans fair soscis 0‘.\°3-Cell.-.3.1.\,.5'.~l:59. .- .. - 1'» ++_-:ruaev|n«‘og«5|%uaIouna¥1€ouu: Special Series of Three. Game: to,Bgnefit lnfnnt Home Next \ '‘ wédlléldiy. ‘ ‘ / \ ' The Rev. Herman 3. German. assist- ant superintendent of our lady og Vic- Wcory msunmons, Lackawnnxn. and ¢\' .s-V *0.’ Oscar Strauss, that Xnmmu Vxenneie composer. will ve tememyered when several or his -zonlposmons will -be the feature or the Palmolive program. to be huarcl wednesuuy eveumg, Angus: 12. beginning at 9:30 12. D. 8. '1‘.. (ram Sta- tion WRAP over a nationwide NBC net.- work. Selecnlons (mm the “Chocolate Soldier,” with Olive ‘Palmer, soprano. singing. and \My Hero\ proxnl Lope a highlight. “Women are the spice of Life\ will be one or the offerings by Paul Oliver, tra- ttured tenor, who wul also contribute “sy1vm\ and \Marla. My Own.\ Mr Ollver and M155 Palmer suggest some: thing in common in \Just Bétwoen Us Two.\ mm the Lalmcllve orchestra and soloists rounding but the program with suuh numbers as “Blue Streak.\ “It You C:m’t sing. Whistle.\ and the Re- velers contrlbutnng \Soldier on the Shelf.\ and “Bells 0! St. Mnr)'.' u ‘please- am: hour or entertainment is In proo- pech . . Many Sufferers Helped goneral chairman or the lawn fate to be held Wednesday afternoon and eve- ‘II-I085. DEEDS ARE MONUMENTS! A collection for the bene of Father Baker‘: Intanr. Home will be made oi’ the expected large crowds or local fans who will wilméss the rust game in d ‘three game series cg sonbail contests ‘between the cmck 'Iry—Its. local stzus or well known abimy. and the hour Ice team oi’ players generally accredited. with being: the only local outlit now reaay to ntatch up \\lth the bottlers,_ This gmne will be played on Wednes- day, Aug is in the new City stadium and 9. great contest XS certain. Loin-‘s Ice tum is scftb-all champion of its iemgue. The opening 1.11: is on the same day as the big Infant home picnic and donu- tion or the collection at the game for the Imam. Home is a worthy and sports manship thing to do. officers of the heme declare. Lnclmwnnnn Auto Race Ez- Interested in Big Sports Program. Even though many or those! acts ox kindness mere clo In secrecy. even. though lmle deeds cu! charity or personal nature passed slmust unnoticed in one uay's routine. aunt: -thoughtful recipient at this kindness is appremative and :,mtm-getting! In drawing up the new budget. a document at sound common sense with every e cancenn-.-Itecl on SAVING MONEY, nhe autahors of the mstrumem. (any reanaed that keen sacri muss be made so that ever gxmwr muni- cipal appliozulons tor charity could be made. All arrangements xmve teen complete: for the annual affxur The fete w:1l be mug. August 19 announced today that gtxven ‘nor the cement. or our Lady or vxctory Imam Honxc. Dinner vs-LU. be The second day Wednesday, August l9 0! the Orleans County Fntir In wvhlclx Lacxawanna ls lmercstcd wlll have as its race track features a congrcse or darndavils. this 45 an entirely new 19:1- ture for {Mrs In tmg part of the coun- try and talr pfxlclnls expect. what vhe othrlll show will attract one or the larg- est crowds of the week. many reel that Wednesday will be the big day of the (air tius year. eerved fruxn 12 to 2 p In. and from 5 Have you ‘sat in the court room and dbserved Judge Monaghan weighing testimony to decide guilt or innccense 0! some unlortunate defendant? Have you observed that C}'.‘RCUM_S'1‘ANCES played an influence -in the ultimate deci- sion? And do you appreciate that there are fewer appeals to decisions of our mun!o1pnl court, and certainly rower higher court revr.-raalg. vi verdict than in xmy other community of similar size in the State at New York? I-‘mun Neutral Viewpoint p. m. to 7.30 p tn. I-‘atner (aerlamu az.x.\.unoed that (2.: unoua conux.}.t.t.:-as \..I we Kmgnts of L‘ouunou:. mm take :1 mos: ucuve pun’: m nupmg to make L21 .1). uxjoyable 9.!- Lex-naun pun §.‘VI:ul1§,' to nu. who su- tend. This newspaper-‘s Man Abaul Town. owing no niiinnxc to any public of- ficinl. not particularly interested in any political candidate. caring nine who is elected, or why, senses tine impulses oi officials in an entirely impartial vein. Mrs. John Crosta. general chairman of. the wcmens au..'..ues will be as- sxszed by Mrs. John J. . l\\s. wulmm Awald. Mrs. Maxwell Brzggs. Mrs. Martm Bums. M155 Evelyn Cau- son. Mrs. i.{.ry Ann Carroll, Mrs. Rob- ert. Canuu. Mrs. John A. Oawley. Lks. John J. Cuwley. Mrs. wuuam Cook. mm Margaret. Cooh. Mrs. Ann». Go:-cozan. Mrs. 'I‘1.métL2‘.y P. Coughlm. Mrs. Charjes w. cum. Mxss Anna Crosta, Ms. Jos- epd De1tm:h_ Mrs. Ame Delaney, Mrs. H. W. Duran. Mrs. Martin Daugherty. Mrs. Edward J. Domxeny, ms. Walter Dowd. Mrs. John Duffy. Mrs. Nrcnolas J. Eagan. Mrs. Thomas Errmgwn, l\J.'s. Mary Foley. Mrs. John Gallagher. Mrs. Michael J. Guney, Mrs. Georg: Gasner. Mrs. Patrxck J. Grven. Mrs. '1‘. J Hang. ms. Rose Healy. Mrs. Henry Houle. Mrs. Michael Hughes. Mrs. Eu- ward Kennedy. Mrs. John Kennedy. “rs. Patrick Ker-rxgan_ Mrs. 1. J Kick. Mrs. Carl Larson. Mus Jeremiah Mc- C<u'r.hy. Mrs. Margaret McGmn.Ls. Mrs. 1\1‘.acn.‘.e1 Mcemre. Mrs. Thcmms W. Mc- Hose. Mrs. Mary .\Le.rox.ey, Ans. Cather- ine rVIe.1lody, M“s Joseph. ueyexs, Mrs. Catherme Moxxagixan. Heamn-g the program or dangerous thrillers will be a heaci—on comaion be- tween twn automobiles with the dare- devil drlwars riding up to the crash which ml! be dlxwepsly in lane towns sut- xuundlng Album halting tor young men ‘to man the machine with the under- standing they are to crash at 40 miles per hour and {tom these rids over 50 applications have been xv.-ceived some want-lug as high as $10,000. other as low as 656. If other admlntsmwlous in the last; twcmy years In Lackawannn pointed to construction achievement as their claim to re-election. then by the same: token the Maione administration may polm. to Charity and Economy. and or all human endeavor what is giéiswr than Ghirlfy? city Ireasurer . lakes Bids For I:ity Bond Sale ANOTIIIIR BALI. GAME F IRE AND POLICE AUTHORITIES HERE COOPERATE TO STOP BONF-IRES A DIRECT MENACE T0 CITY PROPERTY Ward Beam who is in charge or the thrill day card says he expects to pick the lucky ones on Friday a and that they will not necessarily -be the low priced applicants. as he wants men or the tram-less type. but at tzhe same time drivers who will not iosa their nerve at the last minute. to insure against disappolnlmexm. Beam says he will select two alternate drivers in case either or bath or the original develop‘ cold feet. Chanue D|I§lll’!.'S Married Men‘: Soft- ball club will meet McHugh‘s Single Men teanyon Wednesday. Aug. 19 at the new stadium. It was announced Tuesday Ponce and. me authorlcles or 1..u.:kn- wanna have united to stop wud bon- \ here. and from now on all bonfire ‘burning in the yards ‘In back of res!- dcnces in the city at lackawaxma must. cease. according to an order of Flre Chic! Thomas D. McDonnell. McDonald by Police Cme! Ray R 611- son, who has instructed ueutemnts on all Lnckavranna beats to make 11; their busmess to strictly emu)-oe the fire or- dlnances. Local Auth3:-itien to Dispoie of $52,000 Worth of Bond: on Friday, August 14. to an owners or cats valued at not more than $50 is :\‘tt.mct.ing many drivers from these parts who are entering their delnpldabed cars In the Iamous Van Campclasslc, no less than 12 starters in this event are promised. Among the chtet oflenders. it was an- nounced by cmer Iuxcnomzld. are the rcsxdents, ox‘ the Second and ‘mum wards of the cm’, pnmcularly in me Roland dlstaxct and In the vielmty or Kirby n\'enue., Clty 'I‘reasurer Paul Tomakg said Monday that plans have been completed to re-chive sealed proposals tor the pur- chase of Public Imprwement. bonds to the amount of 552.000, dated tram Aug. 1. thxs ye.u'. in $1000 denominauans. and $3000 reaching maturity each. year trom now um-:1 1943. and $4000 to ma- ture annually from then until 19-17. all bearing Interest of not to exceed five per cent. Bidder: are assured of the appruung opm-ion of the t1mmri.11 law firm of Olav. Dillon and Vandenvater. Nev Yczrk. Bon burning, the enter sxud. ~1s st direct violation of fire laws and consti- tutes a hnzxml which endangers the -lives and propertv of residents of :he entire community. The “(Eh Can Dezwby\ which -is open Several complaints or this viol.1:1cn. have been made to\ Fire headquarters. the cmaf stud. and ussxsmnce or the dc- partnmnt. 01 police -in checking the law violation was sought. Co-opemmon. or the Policc de-pu ! In uhe edxct was promised Chic-I Bonfircs In residential sections de- \'obecl almost entirely to tram» struc-‘ lures, is rm mvltntior. to disaster the (‘met contends. IL Is. In the best inter- osts of the property uvm.-rs and other 1'(~sideJ\ts or the cny that the request to :-orrnm from buzltung bonnres In the roar at property has been made HAMBURG TOWNSHIP OPPOSED TO ERIE MOTOR ‘CORPORATION FRANCHISE ON GROUND OF ‘PRESENT GOOD SERVICE Mrs. John l\';.uqueeu. Ans Wulmm. Osborne. .\:ndred Osborne, Mrs. Asa Reed. Mrs. Ruin Re.mz\n.. Mrs. wu- lmm Remmn, Mlsxs 1'.‘:;z.a.beth Relmmn. Mrs. Charles A. Rose. Mrs. Patrick Rud- dy. Mrs. Pacrxck Ro<..murd. L‘.-s. Joseph Schneider. Mrs. wxllaam Shaffer, Mrs. .\\urm.1u Smith. Mm. \\'1).l1uxn .1‘ Stan'- '.c/n. Mrs \V11u.nn sullxvzm. Mrs. An- drew s\vit,ze-.r. Mrs Patrick Tzxlty. M13. Patnck Tnghe. Mrs. August F. Twzat. Mr: Inseph Waldr\:{f. .\!['s. Charles \\‘eber and Mrs. Thomas \varren. §« A \ or Hnnxburg appear in any- thing but an harmonious relmzionship judging from the csme presented at. the public service hearing at the Erie Motor corporation trarrchise, when one faction favored and another opposed the peti- tion bevlhg granted. the hearing similar to -that presented by the tcrwn, opposing the commission's proposed granting of the rmncnise Lo lire I:\‘io\\Coui1ty operators. The village atxthoritzios. however. (Lid not wish to sbind in the ~pa‘i.h of icnmased transpor- uwion facilities here, and aloered their petition to iigsiso mqrely that the bus éoinpnny should be ordered to estab- lish ti terminal in ‘Hie village and not opemte buses on many local streets. The pertmion of the Erie Odunty Motor Coach nines. Inc.. was apposed by the Hamburg Rziilway company. represented at the hearing by William G. Allen. and by rtbe International Razilxvay company. The Eric Railroaci also objected. Each proposzhl should be accompanied by n cc-.1-mzmcd check for $1000. to men- cate good 't;uu1. The bxds wall be opened on Friday. August M at the cxty ‘treasux-er's omce in (may hall. Health Sho ' Be Fair Feature are-d posters. lea stories. plays and games \-.111 be shown. The assoclutlon as usual will hm.-a its exhlbxt. m a. largo tent ~w1tl1 sulflcxent =pace_ancl clzmrz for the xveary or inc to rest in comfctrl. Attractions for youngsters will Include weighing nnd measuring so that thry may know how‘ much they have grown during smmner mention. The ussocmtion nurses wlll be In attendance. ~ The exhlblt. will have :7. live stock tea- mro a1so—-8. family or xwlme rats loaned by the Dmrymexfs League to Illustrate the nutrlt.lon values of certain. foods. Neecllea to say. the fortunate mt who rlms a. diet of ‘milk will quite over- shadow his more unlucky brother who has been raised on coffee or tea. sevemx préposals are expected Hamburg vcxlcect practically the only civic opposition. to granting a bus mm- chlse to the Erie Countfy Motor Coach nines. 1uc., at the hem-mg yesterday he- ron‘: the Public Service commission at Buffalo. ._ 33. € White Rats of Dairyn-men’: League to Show Value of Foot]. Plays and Games to Awaken Interest in Cam- paign for Better Health. COMPLETE SOCIALIST TICKET NAMED _l-‘OR LACKAWANNA, HEADED BY EX-MAYOR JOHN H. GIBBONS, CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR The Hamburg Towx. Board some time ago granted a fmnclrlse for ope1‘x\tln.g buses m Clark street. Mcxlnley park- way and Abbott road to the I-In-mburg Rmllwav company. whltfh concern now operates buses to Bu over Lake Shore road and S_out.h Park avenue. and rejected the nppllcatlon of yesterday's petitioners. Opposltslon of the town was on the score that 1-Inmburg. bofm hswn and village, already was served adequately by the Hamburg Railway. The Hamburg Village board lam: Pil- day was asked to forward 9. petmon to Robert. A. Holfmzsu. secretary 2}‘ the Lackmvanna Socmlzst. party amzounc-ta Tuesday that the Socuallst rparty has designated :1 complete ticket ‘in tracks- wanna. John H Gibbons. fornwr mayor. is the candiclnta for rnayax-. Gib- bons was elected In 1919 defeating John A. Toomey runxxlhg an the D6111-tcrntir and Republican tick:-ts. He served for two years. Oms Sage. Joseph Nnwak and Joseph M Fusco; co\mc.lmex.. first wax-‘d.’ Dun,- :-1 Turbuk. second \v:u'ct. Casu11er K0- However aclviocates'of the Erie Coun- ty ¢>om':ern'=x pctit-Jon wen: greatly In the nmjorlcy ‘at the hearing. Represen- tatives from East Aumra, Orchnrcl Park. West semen and Buffalo urged that. the bus company be permitted to oper- ate over the routes specified. Much con wt\s- expwzssed after the njcctlng that the commission woum grant. the company a corufioate of pub- llc convenience and neoe‘aa1f.y. and on- dér that francmse. be given. Somcthlng new m exmblts. :1 “health shop.\ will \be presented at‘. the Erie County Fair In Hamburg September 1 by the Buffalo Tuberculosis association ‘Latest samples of health products. structioxi -in the ‘schools. will be dis- pnmctunrly mhoso used for health in- plnyed in mm association-‘s shop exh1bL!.‘ for review by school tnmtees. washers and by parents. The latest. devices for arousing the -mt.eres_t» at chudnen in health habits. including brzmmuy col- lodzrej. umrd \v.u‘d. E.u'1 He-dgen; fourth. P:-tmons deslmatlng candmntes of either the Duuurratzc or Republiczm parties to run .21 the S(-cmlxst primaries will be protested Pm:-eeumgs will be znstltutc-ct to cancel the curollxmerh‘: of any enroned Soclallst signing such petitions, pursuant to sub-division 2 of Section 332 of the New York State Elec- tlpn law. - ward, Walter Blosvckcr A§ soon as school opefis the ascent- non wtll be pltifpared to resume its pro- gram or lzuborculin testing and chest 1-x:\m;u1m.lons of cmldren which proved so successml -in Hamburg. Blnsdell and orchard Park last spring. X-ray ex- aminations are provided at its dispen- sary at 708 nmcott street. Bumno. other candiclmtes are. for superwsor. Jacob F‘. I-‘rieslngzer: {or member of as- sembly. 8th district, Howard E. Rath- bun; city treasurer. George A Neeb: city judge. Sczmley Clumell: assessors. ,\‘_=_‘-.; .1. ;;: ‘ ':.N',« ‘:3; 3» ‘§\~J:“‘ .. r \ ~.\‘\ . »iV r ~ ~§ 2 .,:e +«T“':'»’~‘*:‘¥vTr’ -: = V . 1,1,; , ,,,

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