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\ \ \ix '3‘. .1“ J,” um‘ w ‘ ».2.,x:.~ .r:’.:9‘,~‘ .~::.1§«.-X,.H:;»:* -:4 :~-~;«w iqjew: 513:. g\«.?.;*;- .4 .«. 5\“\£~*2“I*.«\.\~‘:.’*\~‘\ \... :,.‘S‘‘ :, =‘..~;~'\'. ‘ ~~ ~;;»,*§ \ «xx x. 3. 5-‘‘w'“\:..‘;‘‘} ‘ U I\ I ‘ .k 'J\ -» 4;.,'¢\/b\31 ‘ ..‘_; re:z::-§:.:~:- '.‘.f~'s. ., 37“'~” .'.\‘i L§‘<*:§% ,._'! ~. 7-::§;'_*‘.,-;« ‘ ‘-no\ ‘;\.‘_‘-.15‘ al-ichw.a;n!In_:N¢_m. .5:-‘|tiwa._t-‘M. ‘N. Y_«. -'AlII1y_.’1~93_§' ,;Wr..‘_.,V‘,,‘ ;‘ Mg, } . N50 -NOTICE ‘Io ‘clmnuolts ‘gmmmlstratw. 011100‘ at ‘P. '9. VAj._qdreafg, ‘1028‘R1dg‘e, Road, !sa_ck‘a.-wanna. N; V. July 1610 am. 1}- ML %NA E\¥;E\ ‘:I.‘lNDY’S 'EXPl.’0‘|TSv {PURSUANT to an order 01.3011. mmq ‘B. HART. Surrogate 0; Erie Idoun ‘:11’ [persons <ha.\’vm,g clainxs‘ ageylxiszv Agnes‘ ‘M. Bowen late or thé City of Lnckawniinis, deceased-, are hereby required, to .e25h1b1t t-he tame with vouchers mhereof to tho’ ungm-signed Aqyninisirator with wm an-fl maxed ot 1:he.Estnt<e'ot -stud deceased at the 01210: or Rudolph ‘S. Welnstem, «M7 Ridge Road, Laokawanna. N. Y.. on orv before the sum day 0: July. 1931. Dated Febnxury 10, 1931. ABIQAM 1.. W111... Adxnmitcntor with wm annexed. _7.f ,i,‘7.:‘-A S5\.*37“-23.\ §;:h.’- V1’ ‘ .,.1. > Published out-y Wiek at Lachwnnln, N. Y. BY ELECTRIDGE PRESS, Inc. Business Office, 411 Electric. Avenue The axxnua meeting‘ 0: Unmn Free _'scnoo1; bjsmcc N0. 6, Ext um City oi lackuwanm, New York wxll‘ be held at ‘Béhool Hkiuse No.1‘ (mg); ’s,cnoo1«; on Image Rcad, August 4. 1931, between me hours '0! 3 and 9 p. m. for the pur- pose a! taking n,ct.1on ‘on the school bud» ‘get .{or the school year beginnllng July 1. 1931. vxmd ending June 30. 1932, and any oghaer «business that may come before -the xnceung. JOHN J. -MONAGHAN. None: 130 ‘ckan1\'r’oE.s~ :\_. ‘ World Follows Plans for Trip to Orient. PURSUANT to an ‘ardégi 01 Ron. xI,£_>l1I,8 3. mm. Isufmgate oz;.»?r1e Gounty, ur .per:Ql'u having‘ ciaimi; =nga.‘Ins’t ianslo ‘Nemet late 0! ~the_ Qt Lackgwthnt deceased, are hereby miutrea -wumbzc me same xx-uh vouéhers thereo! tq John Puuon. the gttdmey lo: [the unugrglgnqg executor oi the Wm ‘or the said‘ deoeuan at 1028 Ridge Road. lackawanm, ‘N. Y.. on 9: «beiore the 25th day ‘of Auguot 193:. , _ Dated I-'ebruary' 10. 1931. Telephone: Abbott 1181. J. J. BARBER, Jr., Business Manager THOMAS O. BODKIN, Editor _ \‘l‘ushlngt.on.—Wliere -Llmlbergli goes the wux'hl’s lmuglnntluu foliows~——un uxiuui of Ame-rlcuu ._luuz'nullani——h1m r£-celvo(l- new oonlii-xmition incidental to unnoum-«sun-ht of the u\'lmor‘s plan for in flight in ilmmn mid Cliixiii. (Iver -fuur _\'(.“.1l's huw elapsed since Llndlwrnh “lI()p1w\l tiff\ from [looser volt field for the first successful non- stop flight to T}'m‘ls. The tn-xnendous int:-rest that gitztmulezl his tI:uns-Atlun- tkl flight ‘fins persisted during succes- sive years, owing -to ll well timed se- ries 61' aerial accuxupllsluuents. These have ‘belied ‘any, ‘possibility that the first -miuscendemnl exploit was mere- ly the result ‘of luck. His Good will ‘trip. Official Paper of the City of Lackawannl no only newspaper published in the City of Lackawanna, N. Y. Into:-ed as second class matter at the -post office at Bu!fa'lo,N.Y. - - - $2.00 Per Year Clark 110 the B021!!! 01 Educzmon RUDOLPH S. w:;Ns'n:m, Attorney lot btau, «'1 mass mun. 1.-ackgwjnna. N. Y. Nb. )2 to Aug. 13 mcuonag nmemnus, Executor. JOHN R.1>1LuoN. Attorney to: up Executor; 1028 Ridge Road, ~Lnckawann|. Nev: York. reb. 12 to Aug. 13 Subscription, PXNANCIAL STATEMENT 193,0-1931 Advertising rates su:bm1'tt.ed on application RECEIPTS NOT ICE 1'0 CIREDITOBS PURSUANT to an order 0! Hon. LOUIS B. HART, Surmgaate o1 E>de\Count.y an ‘persons having chums against 1-‘mm: Plotznowskx also imoxvn as Franclszek Plotmowshi and Frank Pltrouski late or Olt-y of Iackawanna deceased. ‘are here- by required to exhibit the same with vouchers thereof to the undersigned Ad- ministrator of the Estate of Stud deceas- ed at the qf of John R. Pmion, 1028 Ridge Road, Lackawanna, N. Y.. on 01; before the 1st day of February, 1931:. ‘Dated July, 1931. Sylvester P£ot.x'o'ws!:1‘. Administrator. JOHN R. PILLION, Attorney for the NOTICE '.I'0 *CllED1'i0RS Luchwanna ‘News, Lnclmwamna, N. Y., Thursday July 23, 1931 ‘Balance on hsmd August 1 818.595 97 PURSUANT to an order of Hon. ‘LOUIE B. HART Surrogate 6: =Er1e~County.. all persons paving claims aga-inst ANTON BARICEVIC late at the City at uckas wanna deceased awe hereby required to cxhlult the same with vouchers thereof to the .under’signed Executor of the wm or said ‘deceased at 1000 D. S. Morgan B1dg.. Buuaio, N. Y. ‘on ‘or betdre ma 22nd day of September, 1931. Dated March 10. 1981. Bank Tax 1930 m Academic School Money . ..l6\l.‘569.03 =scn.oo1 Tax 1930-1931 .. . ..345.e41.12 I Interest on ‘Deposits . Mrxsceliamous Revenue 591.85 293.59 In four years since he startled the world {he has been the object of at- tempted‘ ('.\’p1(vitzlliuI1 in every .de- spite which he sun is best identi for his ~<-omributious to aviation. 534,701.56 REAL ‘HEALTH CENTER ‘PROPOSED I-‘OR CITY inxmxnxwvans After his return to the United States in 1927 he soon iemburléed 9n a nu- tion—\\'i<l¢- tour. under amspices of the Gllgge-nht-inl foundation, which annex! to build up pnpulur interest in 1u'lu- ytion——in n \\'m'd. to In-.11» mulu-. the pub- lic “air minded.\ Thls eventful and safe tour was estinmted of great: im- pom1m'(- us an em-ollmge-unent to com- lnou-,i-.x1 aviul‘iun. JOHN J. SULLIVAN, Attorney tor Executor. Office; and P. 0. _Address. 1000 D. S. Morgan Bldg.. Bufmlé. N. Y. March 12 to Sept. 1? MERI BARICEVIC. Executor. No finer and generally agreeable solution of the Health department's problem of how to acquire more badly needed Aof~ fice space has been ‘hdard in all ‘the discussions that the origin- al thouguht of some of our leading tax~payex_'s this week p‘er~ taining to acquisition of Memorial Field in Ridge Road as a Health Center for Lackawanna. -Business Administration and Supe1_'1ntendcnt.'s Off-we ..‘.$15.5S0.S3 Amerlcnnlzauion . .. .. . . . . . . . . . 4.o~n.s3 ‘Operation 01!‘ School Plant . ....50.02'7.05 Maintenance of Schoo Plant. .. .4 906 12 Auxiliary Agencies Fixed Charges. ,.. .9.U37,0\’ H.965 18 His In-xr gzrout effort. semidlp1oxnat- 1c in ¢:h:u'au'lt-r. was 11 “guutl will trip” to _M0xh:o and countries in the Carib- bean x'(-giun. ’l‘his is a marvelous thought, ‘a constructive one, and cer- tainly a solution of a difficult problem. Everyone knows the quarters in Lackawanna City Hall are «altogether too sfall to accommodate the_ rapidly expanding work program so efficiently conducted uryier the ?administra- tion of Health ‘Officer Dr. Anthony S. Culkowski. But how to enlarge on those quarters in the Cit Hall has ever been a problem. ' Debt Service 87.5 -12.75 495.037.-1'7 I.im1hL-x';;h's next important contri- bution tn the pm;:ress of aviation was as consultant el12ix1eer in the projec- tion of transvunliuemzu joint air and main) service. which was inaugurated successfully. Balance on hand July 1, 1931. .39.664 00 TENTATIVE BUDGET 1931-1932 The real fact of the matter is there is no available room in the City building, and if the health department is to «expand the health qulxrters must ‘be movd elsewhere. Now the ithought is advanced that Memorial Field, really too small for athletic enterprises, can be adopted by the city as a Health Center and a Health building erected there at very small additional cost to what would be necessary to refit some other building. . ‘School Elections and Literacy In 1929 Lindbergh piloted the inaug- urntiun of an air line down the Au- tilles to Pnrzunaribo. Dutch -Guiana, on the north coast of South America. Attorney Secretary Truant Officers ................5.500.00 Supt. Omoe. Supt. Salary. Clerk's salary ....7.000.00 Clerks to mncipax ..'...........5.soc.oo Supt. Ot Expense Telephone Printing Teacher's Salaries .. . . . .. . .. Janitors Salaries School Mechanic e.-.gHe1,per . .. Text Books other Supplies Used In Instructxqn Commencement Exercises and $125.00 In the next _\'en.r Lindbergh had :| new thrill In store for the country, a font which he shared with his wife, Mrs. Ann Morrow Lindbergh. soon to participate in his fortunes on «the tar eastern night. With spacidus lawns for children under observation, and good size] clinical quarters Lackawanna’s great neet would be filled. 200.30 500.00 The couple left Los Angeles in the morning. stopped at \Vlchitn_. !\'an.. in the afternoon for refueling, and the same night tun-tied into Roosevelt N. Y.. for a new transcontinental record. The flight or nbout‘2,700 miles was made in 14 hours 45 minutes and 20 seconds. at an average of 180 miles per hour. heating the previous record of Capt. Frank M. Hawks by 2 hours 52 minutes and 44 seconds. The Llndberghs‘ transcontinental night was made at high altitude, from 10,000 to 15,000 feet. and for the ans nounccd purpose. “to test the theory that‘uirplune speed and e are to he sought above storm areas, in rare atmosphere.\ This achievement kept the Llnd~ hex-ghs at the peak of national esteem. from a technical as well as popular standpoint. it proved to aviation gm- thoritles that Lindbergh was not in- clined to \stand still\ in his profes- sion, ‘hut disposed to press onward for new successes which would be of prac- tical value to nvlation. Avlntion experts now are convinced that Limiherglvs for eastern (light aims at speci technical results of which the puhllc has not yet heen fully apprised. The therefore, will command the attention of technicians as well as of the masses in many coun- tries who find in \Llnd_v‘s exploits\ a serial story of never fading interest. Set Coast-to-Coat! MI rk With new South Park siadium now 9. [act the big athletic events would be staged there in \future and Memorial field, ad- joining the street need not be used for atheltic contests any more. 302,000.00 . 28232.00 LE(-Lil. N0] ICE Dated 1-Vebruary 16. 193:. ANDREW WOJCIK. Executor. JOHN J. Sum.-IVAN. Attorney, 1000 D. S. Morgan Bldg., Buffalo. N. Y. Feb. 28 90 Aug. 27 5.500130 S'l‘ATI: OF NEW YORK. COUNTY COURT, ERXE COUNTY. Exhibits Amc-ricamzat-ion ...............-£000.00 Bond Issue No.1..............«1,-107.50 Bond Issue No. 2 .............45.085.00 Bond Isue No. 3 .............76.5'I6.5-’) Fuel .........................11.6oo.oo Water Light and Power ...............4.00000 lliealth Service Laclmrwamm Nauonal Bank, plmmxuf vu. Mike Kolenko and Francis Kolenko. his wife, Kamet Hasam, Altamom Com~ wen; A. Victor 6.; Co., Becker Roo Company, Heating 8.: Plumbing Finance Carporatdon. ueteudams. In puxsunnce and by virtue 0! xx Judgment of x‘onec).os\u'e and sale duly granted by this Court and entered in the Exue County Clerk's ox on the 25th day or June min. l. the urmler- aigmed Referee, duly appointed In .th~'1s action 101- such purpose, Will] expose Iur tale and sell at Public Auctson to the highest bidder the-reror. an the westerly vestnbule oi the Erie County Hall. In the City or Bullulo. Erie County, New York. on the Ll-}G.\L NOTICE STATE OF NEW YORK, COUNTY COURT. ERIE COUNTY. JOSEPH ROSAR. Plaintiff, vs. \V'Il.u- LIAM A. ROSAR am JOSEPHINE RO~ SAR, ms wife: FRED A. ROSAR and BESSIE ROSAR. his wue; MARIE R0- SAR.-. MATILDA ROSAR: CA'I“HERINE WEISS. ANNA L. ROSAR, wire of Joseph C. Rosa:-; LOUIS A. ROSAR and ELIZA- BETH ROSAR KLINE, his wife, an 211., Defendants. Health Expense ..................4oo.oo LlbraryBooks Apparatus Repairs of Bulldmg ............l,500.00 Repair: or Heqt. Light. Plumb. Equip. ......................1,5oooo Furniture Part-time Equipment ............2oo.oo Mmu:v.1'rmmng ...............'.6oo.oo BY VIRTUE of a judgment. of Part!- gblon and Sale in the above entitled ac- tion, rramea by this Court: and omercxl m the Erie County Clerk‘: Omce-on the 29m any of June 1931 I, the undersigned Referee, duly appointed in this action {or such purpose. wm expose 101' sale and sell at pubnc auction. to the high- est bidder therctor. in the westerly ves- tlbule of the Count,;»' Hall in the City of Buffalo, Count-v of Erie and State of New York. on the (1-1TH DAY OF‘ AUGUST. 1931! at ten o'clock in the Iorenoon. (Day- ldght Saving Time). ‘of that. day, the real estate and mortgaged premises di- reéted in and by said judgment to be, sold and in said judgnxem. described as follows: ALL THAT TRAC1‘ OR PARCEL OF BAND. situate in the, City Q1 l_n_m1:a- wanna. County 01 Erie and sum: of New York. being known as part 01' Lat Na. 53. Township 10. Rtmgé 8 0! mt- Bumuo Creek Reservation. and further distinguished as subdivision lot. No. 46 on Pint Homeland, filed in Erie County Clerk's oifsce under Cover No. 905. and being a parcel of mud thdrty-Iour and 186-100 (34.86) feet front by one mm- dxed eievemi and 80-100 (111.80) tee: deep on the north line. by thirty-three (33) xeet rear. imci one hundred twenty- ihree and 14-100 (123.14) feet» deep on the south iine. situate on steeimmxinn avenue at the soutlieastorly corner or Gienwood avenge and Steeinwxmna twe- nue. Taxes Jnmt.m\s supplies and 13100.00 Expenses ....................2.5oooo Audit ...........................200.0o Upkeep of Gmumls. Emergency ....................1o.ooo.oo Athletlca ......................l.000.00 Iimsufixnce Gymnasium Equipment . .......x.ooou:> Ackerman’s. Umbrella Still Loyal in 52nd Year um 11 o'clock (l)ny1.ght saving '1‘i‘ms.-I In the Iorenoon of that day. the real es- tnte and premises descrlbed in the said Judgment to be sold and therein des- cribed as follows: ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND. situate «In the City 01 Lacxawam nu, Coiuxity or Erie’. and State or New York. belng part or lot No 27, Township 10, Range 8 Buffalo Creek Indian Racer- vntlon, and more particularly described as follows: ‘Ath DAY 0!“ AUGUST. 1931 . . . A‘ story of the romance and adventure incident to the settling of Oklahoma, written as only Edna. Ferber Pinin N. J.—An ancient and widely traveled umbrelin. the prop- erty ot Representative Ernest It. Ack- ermnn, of 506 West Eighth street, re- centiy began its 'ii'ft.v-second year of service. The umbrella was bought in Liverpool. coincidental with another one purchased by Dr. George E. Vin- cent. former president of the Rocke- feller foundation. Dr. Vincent dis- cnrdeti his years ugo. but Mr. Acker- mnn’a has traveled 750.000 miles with him. over every continent. Mr. Acker- mnu says that when the umbrella he- glns to show signs of. wear he will do- mite it to the Piuiniieid public library. 3544.526 00 Less State Money 163.000.00 Amount to he raised by tax . .&381.528.00 July 16 23 30 BEGINNING at a palm an the westerly mm of Cotton Avenue. {our hundred elqh-ty (480) northerly from the palm. or lntetsecuou of the westerly line of Canon Avenue and the northerly Hue of St Johns Place: thence running in u westerly cm-ecmon at right angles with Comm Avenue. 1; dlsnumce or one hund- red. sixty w) feet to the westerly line or Great . Number 2'7: thence run- mug in n northerly olrc-ctdou along the wesuerly line of Great Lot Nuxnber 27 tiny (50) feet: thence runnmz in nu easterly direction at right angles to Col- ton Avenue, one hundmd sixty (mo) met to the westerly line of Colton. Avenucr thence xuxmlng in a southerly dlmcmon along the westerly line or ‘colton Ave- nue, fifty (50) met to the ‘point 0! ‘be- ginning. being subdivision lots 39 and -10 Block \N”. Colton Tract. LEGAI. NOTICE STATE OF NEW YORK. SUPREME COURT. ERIE COUNTY. . . . A story of _ red-blooded Americans for red-blooded FANNIE SA-RULLO, Plaintiff, against SAM SARULID. Delendnnt. SUMMONS ACTION FOR THE ANNULMENT OF‘ COATSWORTH $5 DIEBOLD, Attorneys Ior Plnmtlfr. Omce and P O. mldross. 438 Mum street. Buffalo. N‘ Y. EDWARD L. JUNO. Americans. Rttoree. June 2 9 16 23 30 Aug 6 13 MARRIAGE Damage Suit Against City Lasts for 18 Years TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDAN1‘. YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to answer the conxplnmt in this action. and in senve 2': copy of your answer. or. It the complaint is nut served with this sum- mons. to serve notice of appearance on the plnlnmfs attorney within twenty days after the service 0! this Sumimons. exclusive or: the any 0! service. In case 01 your Imllure to appear or answer judg- ment mu be taken ugnlnst you by de- fault tor the rellet demanded In the \f-\.::’:\'j . . . A story you will want to read, one you should read, and one you will enjoy. NOTICE TO CR!-EDITORS (‘.lnclnnntl.-Mrs. Elizuhcth Goh~ mnnn sued the town or St. Bernard. near here, for (lmnngcs In connection with a street improvement In 1913. Three judgments in her favor have been returned In the 18 years since, but she never has collected a cent be- cause of appeals. The latest judg- ment in her favor was for ‘$3,030, but Mrs. Gohnmnn cannot recall‘ the amount sought In ‘the original suit. PURSUANT to an order of Ron. LOUIS B. HART. Surrogate of Erie County an persons having claims against JER-EMIAH SHEA mte of the City 0! Inckawanna, deceased. are hereby xe- qulred to exhibit the safme with vouch- ers thereof to the undersigned Execu- tors of the wm or 501:! deceased at 1000 D. 8. Mm-gun Bldg.. Bu N. Y., on of Jefore the 14th day or November, 1931 llated April 80. R031. JOHN J. SHEA, JAMES. L. SHEA, Iixecutors. L To I :c printed ac:-ialLly ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF‘ LAND. sltunm In the Olty 0! Lackawan- na, County ox Erie and State or New York. helng par: of Great Lot No. 27. Towxlshlp 10, Range 8, B. C. I. R.. and more partleulmly clescrlbed as follows‘: BEGINNING at a polnt in the west. line or Vllcoox-y Avenue at a distance of , hundred twen-ty-three and eighty 'h-undreclths (123110) Keen north of the north line of Crescent Place; -fumung ‘thence northerly along said west line of Vvlorory Avenue. \ (38) feet; thence at right angles westerly, ‘one hum‘ dred th-lrty-one (131) met; thence‘ at rlghtgxnglea easterly. one «hundred thlrcy‘ one (.131) feet to the place oi begln- ning. . DATED: June 29. 1931. HENRY C. LAPP. Rcfoxur. complaint. '1‘:-ml to be held ‘in the County 0! Erxe Dated, September 9th. 1930. MATTHEW W. BENNETT. Attorney for Plaintlff, Omce an Post-Ot Address. 782-784 Elucott Squaxe. Buffalo, N. Y. To JOHN J. SULLIVAN. Attorney for Executors. 1000 D. S. Morgan. Bldg, Buffalo, N. Y. May 1' to Nov. 6 Prisoner: Construct LACKAWANNA NEWS Creighton. Nel).—-K-nox coun- ty‘s new courthouse_ will be built by prisoners of the county jail. =.0liver Presser, brick ma- ker. has been hired by the coun- ty to boss <the prisoners in mak- ing the bricks which will -be used in the vnew4c-ounty building. The present jail population ls two men\. Presser says he needs two more for an e force. County Courthouse NOTICE TO CREDITOBS SAM SARULLO. Defendant. Is N ow Runing On PURSUANT to an -order 0! Hon. LOUIS B. HART, surrogate of Erie- County all persons having chums against 1.UDW!K PYZ «late 01 the City of Inckzu wanna deceased. are hereby required to exhibit thé same with vouchers theme! to the undersigned Executor M the W111‘ or sand accessed at 1000 D. S. Morgan nl§lg., Builnlo, N‘ Y.. on at belbre the 29th any or August, 1981. The‘ foregoing Summons is -served up- on you by publication, pursuant to an Order or the Hon. Geo. A. Lark1n_ Jus- «ttlce of the Supreme Court. dated July 7. 1031. um! mad with the Complaint in the o1 -theclerk‘ of the County of Erie, M. Buffalo, New‘ York. 5': F I ft ~ \ .;.‘K‘, JOHN J.’ SULLIVAN. Amomey 19; *I?ladnidtr; omce & P. .0. Address. 1000 D .8. Morgan 3!dg.. Buffalo, N. Y. MA'I\I'HEW W. BENNETIT. Attorney (or mmnmx, O & was-omo. Address. 'I82~’I mllcott squaré. Buffalo. N. Y. July 10 as so Aug. e an no )0-000000000000 June 2 9 16 2330 Aug 8 13 1*‘ ‘,~».\r 3 ;._V . ' ‘ -:(*\‘:‘:“\. .4 ‘-. ‘~_.‘:,,; .3 2 _w-3» . 1', 37’. ,.r V_,V. LE7: ':\lY V . J ’ -

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