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‘.~:.~: . A J’ % 1 «.,v V...“ ’ .-, .-,“.~..°..\J.».'..\’4’?C‘» _ X‘ , f.\;,; . .31, 4x;fy’5’;:,\ ,~ ’ rr.=r!:ur-,~'.“’ 6 , V ? N521’ »/:;;‘,»£'‘ 4;,;'' , .I rm, v gzlfyzjyivji’ ' ié3,$1.‘jf“§’f‘;»',7\ : . ' v /,5,/,. 'v'.:\.f:'*‘*i?g.~‘.5;~¢\-“ ' <“?~:v .5:'I',‘. i‘I2?‘.%:~,n I *».f*“.t,va‘«,A$‘:1?~‘ W4, .... <3 U. 3»: ?.3“7'§,?”' \ =v, é«....;;~,-;,, J;{;;.§§\ -,__w- 6.‘ .~». < rs: -. M 5\. ::..«sz.-5?;‘5:*:I ‘m.~‘,'»‘?:s1.~.. -,-*::*%-7-4*; -. .:'—._l‘_x,::'?\ . .f..,.;if-gag.‘ .~.«;.=;;::~._~'»‘.7., 1a_¢<:kaw§mn.a,=New9a I-§kqw§.nnn..L N}. X.-.- T1h9F9.d§Ya 9,, 19311.. M1181 iiinosesnous gumnn _ I8 rnnncs. FIGURES“ snow ‘LEGAL None}: \.0; Cpltpnr A_v¢_1’§_ue, ant; the fn sin; *6! 45!. Jam-.5 Plice; theizlcé running -117, a.» in I‘. ‘WITGHBHAFT 'PER8|STS M b PARTS 30F RURAL IMEHIGR; .S‘TA'I‘.E,‘<?>_F NEW _ xoruc, comm? _w.eé-.t,e_a'y uuecumn at rilzht angler; Mm cfouzvr‘. Em:-1 ‘COUNTY. _ ‘ivcoxton Avénue; a‘. distémée of one tmixcxa '-JOSEPH’ ROSLAR. P1i\_!n§::z.‘, \f§. v\,vn;-- sixty (mo) teat; tovt_l_1e iIre)5tez‘1y.1m“e. 'I:’I'AM? A3. ROSA.R J9SE_PX_1INE’<R0¢ o1r’Gieat Lbt‘ It1umb.e;: 27; thencb rim‘- SAR. ms wire: 1’-‘E31233 A» 305,35} Em 11mg 121 a nontherly tiirtegmuxji along my BESSIE ROSAR. ms wife: MARIE} -39- wqsnerly -l.1,r‘w or Great 1w;;1N\_ui1_bgn 21 _s.-an: .MAr‘x\u nosm; cAm2_:R1NE ‘(5o_)-me; meme 1;; gm» WEISS‘; ANNA -L. R0853. mm or Joseph eaaser1y.d1mcmon at right angles vtq. c;o1-. 0- Rqsar: LOUIS A. ROSAR aim E1«.IZA- ton A\'e1xt.ie,mne~m1nd1\ed‘_s!:(ty '(160)_ last BETH ROSAE, KLLINE. his V.Vlte.. ‘er: 51-. to -the. westerly ixnoé oz Gamay\. Avemle; Deteimams. .t{hbnée mxmlné m .amuuner1y4a1:\ec.;:1cn BY vnvrvn oz ‘:1 judgmexrt. or Bo.rZb1~ a!1cmz,th_s_e wesV:erl.;' ‘line. 6! Coltoxx M9- hlon s.nd.Sa.1e m the ixbovo ennmea :_\c- nvue-. wry (go) xe_e_t pa psnhzt 01' hr non, named by this Count and'ex'1rte:e<l ginning. 553148. 8\lb'd!l}N35J0 1035 3,9 and 4,0 111 the Erie. County Clerk’: Omcc on the 31093. '‘N'‘- 00130“ Tm?‘- 29t;h day at June 1931 1, me undexzsizmea M-59: § Reterep. duly appdlntecl in this notion‘ ALL THAT -on PARCEL or ~ .1: be an n ‘ g£§\~ ., _‘ . , ‘est -bidder «there-(or. in the_ westerly vcs- m' kc°:;1\’¥‘°£ Ema. ‘go N3‘ tlbule or the County Hall In me City .,’1‘_°' ' “.30 pg“, '3 ii 6 . R ‘am’ at Butmlo, caunt-v or Enie-and‘ State or ',°‘\“\’P .1 ‘ “'3 \« ' ' \ '* _ — , New Yo,\ on m mo_r¢ particularly nescrlbed as tolkws. * ° 1 nnommna at a point an we west mu DAY 05' AUGUST. 1931 - me 0, ‘glmw Avenue M ,. ¢,,u,,c,_. of Wm '11 wclock (l)ayligm saving 'm»me- an one hundred twenztivr-tlnté and ughty the f_oreno'cn- -or that (lay. the real gs‘: zgundmagns (123.80) steep. noun .0!\ the tate and premises -deacnxbed ‘1n\t.he said 110;-:1; une or crescent «mace: running Judgment to be sold and therein ‘de.s- {thence ._nm:ther1y along 3b,\!d west Imp or Crlbed as follows: _ Vilétory Ave thlfw-threcja ($3) jeétg «Published. 707“? Inch ‘Qt ‘Laehwnhnn. (N. Y. BY THE ELECTR—IIe)G:E PRESS, ‘hie. Business Office, 411 Electric Avenue Pennsylvania Dutch Cling to Belle‘? in Magic Power: of “Hex\ Ductoii. Dr. Julius Klein sAss_omblea‘ Data Ra vaaling Ramarkable Progreat. in ‘Past ‘Faw Years’. \‘~:;':\<1\‘f‘5_'».‘ xi: \ .i:1r§?f ?-'\~=-‘..'r'-.§a x 's'_»‘._’n: '_\r ‘ \ ‘N 2'.’ i m.'.4 ‘-3: >1 ;‘:v:.~;- Telephone: Abbott .1181. J. J. BARBER, .Ir., Business Manager THOMAS C. -HODKIN, Editor §':?I{‘\“§': ~ §‘~i§\::‘\T‘\*f‘ L;-:':‘:., K. .6 ; ~ &;:‘.\\» ¥_‘;<»H ' my :>,~x ‘ New Y0hk.—Most persons hellexre that wlu-hcmft and Ignorant super- stluoir lmve xnxssed‘ from Axuerk-an life. yo: in many tlistricts nxedlevul beliefs .ln voodoo and ~\\‘ltchery:pers1sr. In some sections of [’e1xns_vl,\'unln,,tor‘ e.\'1unple. spells east by po\v~\\'o\\' men are relied upon ‘by ‘simple ton: to cure »x-heu_mutism, 4l'ulll11g ms ond oth- er ailments. um-o1'<.ling.; to ‘Detective Ralph W. Keech. of the York (l’zt.) police denzlrtmeut. who in an article in the “The muster ’Dete<-live\ Mag- azine, exposes the wo‘rkiu;.:s of ‘the “hex” doctor. (“Hex” is German for witch.) New Y‘or,l:.—-1-‘mm-e is today the must prosperous xiatlou in the world, ac(-onling; tu. usseixxbled by Dr, Julius, Klein, assistant 'sec).‘et:u',v of connnerce. 4-,) .x.»_ \\ ~‘;>r Official Paper of the City of Lackawannn “In a world -harassed ‘by depression mu! economic an.\\io.-t_\'. l«‘nmce's well- -beiug is couspivuunsl_\‘ impressive,\ lrumor Kleixx \\-rites in (‘oniefs Week; ly. \.\leusured by almost every ‘index. she has stnud forth In the past few _\'e:u's as the most 1n.'oSperous or na- lions. [In only newspaper published in the City of Lackawan nu, N. Y. Ilhred as second class matter at the post office at Bulfalo.N.Y. Subscription, - - - $2.00 Per Year Op‘! Advertising rates submitted on application .3 “Until recently her uuemplo_v1uen_tv has been mm.-tit-ally nil. whereas the Jobless armies In :~ca, -England, Get-nmny mud Italy. -totaled this \\'iu'- ter at their peak some 1-1,000,000 oi- more. Her per-cztpltu gold ‘holdings at this writing are about $67. as against $42 for Switzerland. $39 _:for Argemizm. $34 for the l‘x1ito.d States. with Engiatnd, Germany and <ItaL\' stra-gg_ling far behind, In Iron and‘ ‘steel exports. that -great ‘staple ‘indi- cator of .pu\\'e1- in \\'oi'hl mule. she has «in the past _\'mgrs stood at the head of the e.\'po1'lin,~; ‘nations. “In te1(‘;;l'u[v|\ wire 111il(-'.:_:o,.l1ex‘ peo~ ple are now better e(111i1nped than any in 1'Jllt'up0, with a .per-capital xi\'c1'~ uge ne:u‘l_\‘ three times that of Ger- many or Ilnly and 70 per cent -,:‘1'ent- er than that of 1-Iughuld. Her roads in pi-oportiun tn popuhztiun are like- wise far and auvuy the most zuloqmue on the globe; hx-r Lmprovetl road mile- age per 10.000 of population is '99. \\'ho1'eas that of the l'u‘xteu States is 51, Englzuul S9. Gemuany 34, and Italy 28.\ - ‘Lgckawhnna News, Lackawanna, N. Y'., Thuyudny, July 9, 11931 ‘Three years ago an old man was found murdered in his home in She\§‘s!- bury, it smnll town R few miles out- slde or York, relates Detective‘ Keeeh. Oll had been poured over him and ap- parently an attempt was nmiule to con- ceul the crime by burning up the house. Although the body was lion‘!- bly burned. the house, because of lack of druft. did not burn down. In- \'estig‘nt1on' by Mr. ‘Keech diselosetl the met that three young men hall visited the old man on the night of the erhue. '.l‘he_\j \\’l‘.‘i\‘ arrested and their story of the extensive belief of many per- sons in the communlty in the \\'ltt-hery powers of the old man rocked the state. ‘It developed that the widow of a farmer had declared that she had been bewltchetl by the old mun, and the boys went to secure :1 book called “(The Seveutlr Book of Moses.\ the possessor of which could cast magic spells. The old mun r‘et'used to give up the book and he was murdered tfor his refusal. {:14 [.\=‘.'.\.“‘f‘ ',!'?f~u-,: _\-AP { ‘ ALILTHAT TRACT OR PARCEL -OF‘ LAND, situate gm the, City cf Incknwané na, Cmmcy of Erie mid state 0'! New York. being part__o! Lot No 27, Township 1,o,_ Range 8 Burtalo Créek mdlaix Regar- vnblonz and mxn-0‘ particularly 'descrtbéd ‘as follows: _ BEGINNING at »n point on the westerly rind of Cotton Avenue, tour hundred olqh-ty (480) nbmxerly from the thence at angles we£steriy,. one bun‘ dyed th-lxxby-one 1-131) 1690: théncé It right angles etssteifly. one hundred, gnu-py one (131) feet :0 the place or -beglris nmg. _ > I _. -' mama: June 29, 1931, ‘HENRY C. LAPP. Release. ‘Joan’ (1. SULLIVAN. Attomey 10: Pla'1n\'.\ft. Office ix‘. P. 0. Addrass. ‘1000 D .s. Morgan Bldg. Buttalo. 3'. N §~:~>~ ~“‘:sx\ ‘J ~ V W .k\ W‘E ‘LEAD IN ELECTION CAMPAIGN ‘NEWS One Buffalo newspaper Sund'ay'professed to the discovery that Mayor Edward T. Malone and Former Mayor Walter J. Lohr will be the leaders of their respective Democrat and Re- Eubllcan parti_es in -this city for the mayoralty offfice in Novem- er. pomc of Intersection or the westerly line Juné2 9 16 23 an Aug 5 23 The Sunday paper forgot or didn’t know that Councilman} Juhn Griffiths will have very much -to say «on who opposes Mayor Malone at the next election. Wonder how councilmaxfs; many friends and supporters felt on reading the Sunday story. As a matter‘ of fact, relying on this community newspaper\ for authentic -political and other information, strictly confined. to their own local circles. . We thiwe told many times that there would be at least five or six candidates in the field. for ‘the mayoralty oiifice, sev- eral to be retired at -the primaries in September. But until then no newspaper, here or elsewhere, can with any degree of safety come out and say that Malone and Lohr will head their respective tickets. :.-. ‘The murder and the subsequent trial- of the three perpetrators of the crime. ‘who were found guilty, opened up an astounding ‘story of the widespread belief in \\'itchcrai't which has \pre- vailed in three Pennsylranla Dutch counties, York. Lancaster and Berks for many years. “It is I_\ survival of medic-\‘nl German magic. brought orig- inally from Holland and Germany by pioneers.\ writes Detective Keech. \It is related -to the vast store at such superstition amassed in every 'lxmd—- from‘ the weird ‘voodoo’ rites of Africa and -Haiti to the ‘medicine man‘ of the American Indian and the magic works or the Hindu fakirs.\ llers is the second greatest colonial empire on the glube and it is worth noting that practically all ‘of it has been m-qnired since her tdebau-le in 1871., The vilni significance of that empire as an element in her present- day economic pre-eminence is all too. frequently overlooked: indeed, her colonial commerce is the most ‘im- portant single motor in her external mule, ontrunking that of my other geographic entity both as in market and us a source of supply tor the mother country. To make such a stiatement is not telling news, but rather making predictions, and news is what readers expect from a newspaper. , « ~,. gjgpl \ Noricr: ‘I0 cnsnrrons Cover No. 951, [is distinguished as sub- dlvislon lot: number one hundred and six (106). LED -1. HAGERTY, Rgteree. JOHN J. SULLIVAN. Attorney for Plainti Omce and P. 0. Address, 1000 D. S. Morgan Bldg. Bu N. Y. June 4'11 18 25 July 2 9 16 PURSUANT to an Urder of Hon. LOUIS B. HART. surrogate of Erie Councy, nil- ponom having claims against Lnszio tfemet late at the City of Imckawanxia deceased. are hereby required tr: exhibit the same with vouchers thereof to John Pinion. the athorney for the undersigned executor oi’ the Win oi’ the said deceased at 1023 Ridge Road. Lacimwtmxia. N. Y.. on or -before the 25th day of August 1931. New Data Discovered in Ancient City of Ur NOTICE TO CIIEXII}-ORS “The belief in the power of pow- wow to cure illness or to. drive otf had luck still persists in this section of Pennsylvania,\ continues Mr. Keeeli. “For two centuries children‘ have Slll\‘(‘l'(‘(I‘ around tireplares at night. as they listened to the tales of living magic told by their elders. From the outskirts of York far back into the hills. old women still mutter strange prayers as‘they glnfxée over‘ their left shoulders. vBaI:on. they. claim, is e in caring warts,‘ when the right spell is said by u ‘pow-wow man to whom the pra_ver has been handed down. Objects can be found by second-sight and the ‘Seventh Book of \Ioses‘—n volume of quaint lncautations still to be found in many an attic of the l‘enns,\'l\'anla D.uteh. A Jumble of old prayers. signs and other magic formulas. prohalily introduced in the Thirteenth century, still goes the rounds in the country sections.\ Phila(leiphiu.—Historlcnlly important tablets. one of which provides the tlrst evid‘ence that the ancient cty of Ur of Clmi(loe3_ wus inhabited as late as 32.4 B. C. in the reign of Alexander the Great. have been uneiirthed by the Joint nreheologleal expedition of the L‘hiversity of l‘enns_vlvunia museum and the British museuin. Announcement of the discovery of the tablets was mnde by Horace‘ H. l-‘. Jayne, director 0! the university museum. following receipt of :1 report describing the find from the expedi- tion. . “During the last few months we have been ext.-nvnting the residential section oi’ the town belonging to the tpntrjnrehnl age, from 2000 to 1900 B. C.,\ 0. Leonard Woolley. iield director of the e.\'pedition. snid in his report. \Above the -residential quarter we have encountered only a. few disjoint- ed (rngments of wnllsof :1 later (lute. At the lower level \ve'.found mud brick buildings lying some ten feet above the level of the well-preserved houses of the Abrniuunic period and sepa- rated from them by n stratum cou~ mining burnt brick walls of about 1400 B. G. . “inscribed tablets found in the ruins aitorded nceétrnte doting evidence. _'1‘he houses ere oecupietlg one tnblet showed, down to the twelfth vein‘ of Ale‘\‘nnder the (‘-rent. This is the ilrst real evidence we have that proves that Dr survived down to the Greek ago... PURSUANT to an order of Hon. LOUIS B. HART Surrogate 01 Erie County.. all persons having claims against ANTON BARICEVIC mu G1‘ the City or Lacks-« wanna deceased, are hereby xjequlred to exhibit the same with vouchers thereof to the undersigned Executor of the wm of saw! deceased at 1000 D. 5. Moxgan B1dg., Bu N. Y. on or before the 22nd day or September,‘ 1931. Dated March 10. 1931. MERI BARICEVIC. lrxecutor. Dated I-'ebrutu'y 10. 1931. IHCHOLAS HEGEDUS. Executor. JOHN R. PILLION, Attorney for the Executor, 1038 Ridge Road, Lackawanna. New York. Feb. 12 to Aug. 13 NOTICE TO CIIEDITORS PURSUANT to an order 0! Hon. LOUIS B. HART. surrogate of Erie County nll persons having chums against JEREMIAH SHEA late of the City C! Lackaxvnnnn. deceased. are hereby xe- qulred to exhlblt the same with vouch- ers thereo: to the umlerslg-ned Execu- tors or -the W111 or said deceased at 1009 D. 3. Murtgnn B1dg., Buffalo. N. Y., on or wrote the um <lu‘y of November. 1931 Dated Ap'r1l 30. 1931. ' ' JOHN J. SHEA. JAMES L. SHEA. Executors. JOHN J. SULLIVAN. Attorney for Executor. Olrice and P. 0. Address. 1000 D. S. Morgan B1dg.. Burralo, N. Y. March 12 to Sept. X’! NOTICE TO CREDITORS PURSUIXNT to an order of Hon. LOUIS B. HART. Surrogate or mp count)‘ all persons having claims against LUDWIK PYZ late of the City of Lacke- wnuna deceased.‘ are‘ hereby teizulrea to exhibit the same with vouchers memo! to the undersigned Executor of the wm of said deceased at 1000 D. S. Morgan B!dg.. Buffalo, N. 'Y.. on or belore the 29th day of August. 1931. - \ ~~ I Conrigkbgtduunxic R . . . A stot-$1 of the romance ' and adventure incident to the settling of Oklahoma, h written as bnly Edna Ferbet _ can write.\ ' JOHN J SULLIVAN. Attorney for’ Exemtors. 1000 D. S. Morgan Bldg.. Bu N. Y. May. '1 to Nov. 6 Train_of Gay Colors ' Takes British to Work N0'l‘l(‘«lr} 'l'0 CREDITOIRS Dated February 16. 1931. ANDREW WOJCIK, Executor. JOHN J. SUIJI.-IVAN; Mtomey. 1000 D. S. Morgan BXdg.. Buffalo. N. 1'. Feb. 26 to Aug. 27 I.nndon.——-Toot. toot——ck-nr the track for the “Spat-truxn Special.\ the train designed to keep comumtors In good humor‘ In the in'm‘I1l’n§ (1 tfo thé suburbs to the city. PURSLYANT to an crack‘ of Hon. DQUIQ B. HART. surrogate oi Erie County. all persons having claims against Agnes M. Bowen mic or the City or backiuvanzm tieceused. are hereby required to exhibit the same with vouchers thereof to the undersigned Administrator with wili an- nexed oi the Estate of said deceased at the office of Rudolph S. -Weinstein. 447 Ridge Roa:i,.Luck.1wanna. N. Y.. on or betoro the 30th day oi’ July. 1931. Rull\\'ny c:u'rl;xges In color schemes to suit over_\' mood are the latest thing here. Chlc little stenogmphers may choose a carriage ln rose-bud pink, dlgnilled stock brokers in our- rlago ii) sedate butt and gx'u_\'. nml boys on their .way to school (1 car—- rlnge in deep blue. Every morning the “Spectrum Spe v(-inl\ like a rainbow out of 1-Imupstend. Ii suburb, bound for Char- lng (Tross, the heart of the metropo- lis. It has six coaches In colors rang- ing from violet to crimson and ls guar- nxlteecl to meet the vngu’ries of the most variable tenmen-ament. Rnll\\'n,\' o drew the Idea for the “Spo.ctl'1nn Special“ from nn old |n'ln(!ln|o of ps_\~chology. Scienilsts long; have lmorvn that ll mun-‘s mood throughout the any may be (letermlned by the color of the room ln whleh he nxvnkens. LEG .\l. .\'0 HCE STATE OF‘ NEW YORK. CO'L'N\I'Y COURT, ERIE COUNTY. Vet In Awarded Twice for-Same Heroic Deed Lnckawanna National Bank. plaintiff. vs. Mike Koienko and Francis Kolenko, his wife. Hamel; llnsom, Aimmoni. Com- weil. A. Victor 3.: C0,, Becker Rooting: Company, Heating &: Plumbing Finance Cox'pora'o1on. deteminnts. In pursuance and by virtue of a judgment or Ioreciosure and sale duly granted by this Court and entered in ~the Erie County clerk's omce on the 25th any oi’ June 1931. I. the under- signed Referee. ciuiy appointed in nus ncvlon ior suun purpose, will expose tur sale and sell at Public Auction to the highest bicicier therelor. 2111 the westerly vestlibuie of the Erie County Hall. in the City or Bu Erie county, New York. on the Plttsbux-gh.~—The same heroic deed double duty for James Lnver_v, Erie. earning mm a <ll§tlng11isl1e(l serv- ice cross and, more recently, an auto- mobile. Dated February 10. 1931. ABRAM L. WEIL. Administrator with wax annexed. q . . . A story of red-blooded - Americans for red-blooded Americans. - RUDOLPH S. WEINSTEIN. AWOHIOI tor Eltue, 441 Ridge Road. Lacknwumu, N. Y. Feb. 12 to Aug. 13 V Lnvery sawed many lives in skirmish «while serving with the American ‘troops on the Mexicmi border. He made repehted trips to the. scene of the attnck and carried off the wound ed -in an automobile. lie was cited for his bravery. . In a national essay contest Lnvery described his experience in which the performance of the cm-, despite the {net it was riddled with bullets. was given credit for bringing the men to safety. The -entry ,wus adjudged the best in thousands submitted from all -parts of the United States and Lnvery Was awarded first prlze—a new auto- mobile. . I.l~I(l.\l. N(Yl‘lCl*} STATE OF ‘NEW YORK. COUNTY COURT, ERIE COUNTY. LOUIS DUDA. Plzunmr. vs. ANDREW BUTRYN nnd MARY BUTRYN. his wife: ADELA CIRABOWSKI: ANDREW BED- NARZ: JOHN S‘U'rHERLAND; et a1., Dc- fendnnts. . . . A story ypu will want to read, one you should read, and -one you will enjoy. ‘- (MTH DAY OF AUGUST. 1931) M. ten o'clock In the Iorenoon. (Day- Hght Saving Time), or that day. the real estate and mortgaged premises (ll- Iectgd In and by said judgxnenb to be sold and in said Judgng:-110 described as follows\: ADL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND, situate in 12119 City or La(-.l:a- ‘wanna. County of Eric and State of New York. bamg known‘ as part. of Let No. 33, Township 10’, Range -8 or tn! ‘ Creek Reservation, and further niselngmshed as subdivision lot. No. 46 on Plat, Homeland. filed in -E county Clerk‘: otrioe under Cover No. -995. and being cg parcel. or land thirty-Imzr and 86-100 (84.88) Lfeet front‘. -by one hun- dred eleven and 80-100 (I-11,80) tees deep on the north line. by thirty-three (33) teat max-. and one h\mdred- twenty- thteé 14-100 (123.14) feet. deep oh the south ‘line. situate on Steelawanna avenue at the southeast»-_ly col’-net at Glenwood avenue and Steeiawnnna ave- nue. .Unfortunntel}' the \S[)§‘(‘tl‘iiiJ\ Spe- chil“ is only an experiment to deter- mine which color sui_t.s- most or the people most of the time. A your hence the most popular color will be applied to all the cars on the line. In pursuance nnd by virtue of a judg- ' meat or toreclosm-e and sale duly grunt- ed by thls Court ~nm1 entered in the Erie County Clerk's Office on the 2nd any of June. 1931. I. the undersigned 1KeIL‘X‘L“.‘. duly appointed in this ncuan {or such purpose, will exposb for sale and seli at Public Auchlon to the [highest b therefor. In the westerly vestibule of tug Erie County Hall In the City of Buffalo. Erie County. New york, on the \ rm: DAY or JULY, 1931 , _ «To; be ‘printed serially in Many Dangers Ltirk in Home, New Survey Shows New Precious Metals ‘Mine Beliéved «Found . J. '9 ~.:»,,. 1 if; . Hartford. Conn.—-The dangers of re- 'maining at home are descrnwu in An statistical report of the 'l'rm'eIe-rs‘ ‘In surnuce ‘company on personal at-(-L (lents. ‘ Okemqnh, 0k1a.~G‘old and silver, be- lieved to be in paying qugmtities, have, been discovered near here._ The gold‘ hem-ing quartz is deposited about 23 feet under the surface. Traces of; pintinum and iron also were folind in the ore. Laboratory tests are to be made to determine ndvisilbiiity of, mining the metals. LACKAWANNA NEWS at 11 o'clock (Daylight Saving Time) hi the iorenodn 01 that tiny the real es- tate and mortgaged premises dh*ect.e<l in and by. and judgment to be sold In said -Judgment described is tollowa: ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF‘ LAND, situate In the city of Lacka.wan- nu, County of Erie and state or New The statistics show more than 4-! per cent of the adults injured in mm: accidents in 1930 were victims of falls. 21 per cent were .cut and 6 pm‘ 1-out sulfered bums. The fnmiiiur “I \\~ulk'(--I into «a door in the dark“ 1: nmm than just an 1:111)! for a black eye. fa!‘ thr- survey shows 7 pm‘ cent were hurt in such collisions. ' Is Now Runing On { 4:“ . » . York. which, on certain subdmsicn map I)! port 0! Lot 28, .'1‘ownsh1p 10 and hang. 9 at me Bumlo Creek mama-. lion D9-c‘,&ll0d...InAd¢ tor Daniel I. Know!- ton by 8. R. cundall, lult\e«.1nd med in I16 ovum: cu-rs Omen under Romé.-.—-='1‘he new. law just promul- gated by the Italian ('ubinel_ enables Italy to conscrlpt men in -tho colonies intovthe mlIm‘1r,v 's(=.r‘\*-Ice. just us '-though they were living In Italy; 3; \ COATSWOETH 8:. DIEBOLD, Attorneys for Pluntltl, omce and ‘P. 0. address. 138 Main atnet, Buffalo. N. Y.‘ EDWARD L. JUNO. A Réfono. ' Juxuaoxoiasso/m;..e 13 Figures for years show 012%-liflin at an accident victims have been In- jured at home. _ U-\f.KAW=ANNA mus marina? 5 . . Tire f‘,.} .v .\\1*‘:,-g.'iv'~ . .«_ .- r., 3.“-‘<' ‘K’ VJ\ V ,«.»=',‘ \ e ,4. : \*\‘‘g\ N»; \ G .2... Int; ENE. .,.

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