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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, June 18, 1931, Image 7

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. .==:‘:~,*.?’.=‘.«,'-*, .. _. ._._.-..v..._..,.»..4...-,-e-war-\-.~+sC»-. 7- :“\5‘n\:‘.'(-'“T—’f‘§5‘. .’:,v:“!,‘\fA ' 1 . -. '¢-.9.‘ am: L2.-V‘. A\““. \\~ \~:\:; ‘tug <~13-‘~ ~‘x‘ §;~;:-'. =.:*‘L‘= '- k ,~;‘{:»\.‘ *~ mm '«\x2m~‘‘. ‘\ ’v ‘-3’: \ ‘. .New.s. ‘hckawam.-‘r. N». ‘.Y-:. T1.iI.Ir9-.-.Ji.Ine.«. 1‘§. _1 931 W f~:‘.’/ ??' z of Stage .and Sheas .H =ipromeV SEBHEIS ‘BF NEW %BRlT:|8H‘ “ _ WAHSHIPS ARE i-REVEALED: 2 -‘£3 1%;-:~i‘ -t :._ ~>,':1, w‘-\Ml \The Maltese Falcon. mystery melo- -dramn. :s1:a1‘mng Bebe Daniels in the _‘mc.'st daring role of her caieer, will be shown Ext‘ Sheaxs‘ Happodvame scamng Saturday. Bupportmg the beauclxttl Star. ‘are Ricardo Osrtré. Dudley D1ggs_. Um. ‘IV.’-‘rkcl. Robe:-t Elliott, Thelma Todd. (‘it- to -Mnugb:n,'0sc'm- Apt‘e1_ J.‘Farre11r, Mac- Dom-Jd. Du-.g\ht Frye. Warlfoer Long and Agosunu Box-gate. An 'm1.erest,-mg -sur-V mundlng p 0! talknng and singing novelties also will be presented. I Larger Torpeclo Tubeo an Innovation in Battleships Nehion and Rodney. Lomlc-n.~-l’5c:ntu:-A-s of the battleship: Nvlmm ur '1 Itmlm-._\'. mm-h. have mm,- vrtn been one uf the xuu'y‘s~nm5t Jeal- onnly uunrdod svcra-ts.‘ .hu\1_- rot-outly lwun rovoeulo-d. :. ‘'v!;%*,L7....- Euvh of tlu-xv slllpz‘ has two tubes for clluulnurglxng L'Hn<-h tmwne.-«Ines. the lnrgouz In l‘Xl_!!l('II('@. IN:-.\'«‘vrId tlwli‘ di- mm-ter ‘M1.-urtlvulursx uf tlu--‘v L: gunilc “(In t-:‘u1~lu= dlwvlu.-s«-«I. but It may be mkc-n for grunt:-«.1 (hut In run-ge and explosiw nowc-r nu-3: nre quite unique. lh'nnln‘s «-urllost, t()rp(-(loos were of 15-Inch diunu-1.:-r with small e~\'nlosI\fe charge. Tliu-y wore nu; only limited to range nnd speed but \v(-re decided- ly orruuc. mu] almost as mlnhgm-nus to friend us me. Later the dlmnetor was incrnnsml m IR Inches. und gun- cotton -t,ur[-¢-duos of this size were larm-1_\ used by l\.r'.L|:»h sul-marines during Hm war. The Maltese ‘Falcon was adapted to Lhe screen from Dashlell Hanunews bea_t- semng thriller. Bebe Dn.ne.l~: appears as the anqnzmg M1-ss Wonadenly. an alluring adventuress who uses all‘ the wnee known ‘on are-rnimty m order to’ win over the various men who are trying ho out whomer ‘she Ia, or is not, the ‘head or me most l_)a£!1lng~c!'lme nines’ ‘known to the police. It is sand the clever star is able to keep ‘her audlezxc mysut-led as to her real persqnanty to the Iast ‘lade- outot the films. x\3_\«\ ‘Ricardo porti*ays the mtm in mt-2sp1on accomplxshlng the dmicult !eat of max; mg 9. detective m_<edr., and transforming the txnsympnthétxc role into ‘a. tclroeiul and b.=11ev~;u.b1e one. Dudly Ddggs. iam- ous tor ms work in many xheatre Guild pa-.rrox-mn_nc:~. ls\ ofteccjve as Gutman, as master -mlntl , Robert Elliott is ‘agalzr a .6:-tect1\-e but with a tlitfeiehce. Una Merkel rem-.=mbc1'd for hr porziayal 0! Ann Rut.1°dqe In Abmham Ulncoln. and Th-\ma '1‘c':1d are the omv women in ‘the cast. besides Muss Daniels. 'l'|u-_\' wu-re nut vnnirely reilalule and many :1 Pa-it!-<1: submarlne captain. nftvr xn::ne-uxerlng for hours to get u shut m. 21 (}e-rmnn \\‘m'ship, had the n:ortlf‘u':.th.n at seeing his carefully nixnod torm--Ins run wild. When hits xvorv souxm-«I nn mg Gm-mun wssels. P4-ix‘ rnbust ulule-1'\\‘uL‘er prun-ctlon ;:(-nt-rally snwd them from nu-1-ml in- Jury. Bebe Dmsels and Ricardo Corcez In ‘a scene Iirom the mystery ararrm, \ Maltese Falcon.\ which will -be shown at Shezfs Hxppodrome bcg;nzung Satmdn Dog .HoIdi.-ng Most Appeal for You _ Is One to Choose Up-to-the-Minute ln tho at Jmlnml British (l0St!'0_H-r\‘ lire-cl 21. Inch wry---aloou. some or \\l:’«-h gut lu-me with sp1-ct:x('- ulnr r(-stilts. 'l'hc- lozllllx-~‘h1p I’«.unmeI‘n, hlt XlbI‘('ilS.( of the magnzixms. went up In one m-uwn-lnus exnlnsloh. ’l‘owanl llw e-n-l I-f the war the Ger- mans prmlu ml u ‘.2’tT1m-lh torpedo for the spa-«Lax! purx-u<.¢- of nrmlng an “iron «l:\vl>~«.-n“ of 1'.‘ big destroyers. 'l\h0s(-'\\'«-re. to have formed the spear- houd u! the high sou fleefs llght forces in -'.!:s- \;orth sen battle for which tho Germans were preparing all thromzln the summer of 1918. But the building of these superdestroyers was delayed. and the projected action did not come off; the new torpedo was never toslotl. Gem-v1eve_Tobln. Jcihn Boles and Lois uson in a scene: now me sennnomd = ,‘Seed\ wmon will be pzvesemecl at Shears Bu beguuxmg F‘m‘-dmy. On the stage will be an all-star bill of R_Ko vnudedllle SKIES. Prepared E rgecially for T/::.'s I\'c*:vgDa;=cr Shea's Century V\'hnt ix‘ the host Inn-ed of (lugs? Tlnis is lhv qm-.~,l1mn Inns: f1'0queml,\' ask:-d n! the (‘hug-1n-I l \ I~‘uundn- tiuu. Hm-l.fuu1_ lllinuis. )n\'u2'inbIy the u_)IS\\vl'l‘ is this: ‘l‘lmt [arm-d of dog is best \\9x‘.uh :l[1pea1l:s'tu you the most. By all xmmns. v1r_\' nnd got u purebred 1mInm!. l-u'uuM' the clmm-es are that you \\.‘ll :01 udded pleasure out or owuin1.- It. The 1me§t. plomre sensmalon Bach-elor Aparunenm wlth Irene Dunn and Lowell Bhemmn opens at ‘She:-.s Ceuuuy Thurs- day. To be pursued by one womna Is. according to certain gentlemen oi ex- pat1e~nce,qulte a heavenly attalnmem. To be hounded by two nbeautales ls a Sul- tana percagaulve. Bug when four lurmer and very tall‘ Follies damsel: chase a man, -Elle xlalgm ox something or other has been reached. ‘ In st-In-tun: ‘a home dog. people \1suu1L\< [null fur a 1-mmmnion. u play- _nmu- for the little folks or n guard. Below are listed same of the general clmr:u-IeI.'lsti(~s and ton_1perunwnts of some of the more popular breeds of dogs as \\'(IX\Ff'Il out by the Founda- tion for Hm L'UIlHlIl('0 of those seeking Inmxlrtim 1\li\'u‘l.‘. B()S'1‘(IN '1']-Iltltll-2lt—Good‘ pl‘uj'- H0511 1101.’. All-round f:l\‘briN3. Lively. stylish, smart nud obedient. Short- (-outed. l~‘.L‘Ll. '1-I:lum<2P.—'l‘h<- .\\'hIu- (‘he-\'~ nlier. l§t‘u\e ma :1 liuu. \\'ill pruuwt tn the death. Nuturztl \\'uu-hung‘: Will 'Far from being mncvllul. this exuct éltuatvlom faces Lowell Sherman In Bach- elor Apartment; and the sltuatdons are heralded as seneammgly runny. The plvture which tenures Sherman ‘under his own dlrecuo. cnocems the amclraus adventures o! n man-about ‘town who is loved by roux woman. The situation becomes extremely serious and exnbnrraulng when this playboy decidas to discard those om lovers 2;! favor of an lxmbcent girl who think» men are chased only by bill coueotors and tmnl-cabs.. Irene Dmm, who made we a lasting lmpnssdon in Ciman-on is cast as (me 0! the Follies beauties. Since the war new t,,\'r\es of torpedo have bven emlx-ed both in Britain and in «,-Ihor countries. but as far as is known the British navy is the only one in pnSSt=§S n ‘J4-inc-h “ As srnmlvr tun-rum-s ur(- new priced at $15.01!! :u.ie-cu. the -mat‘ of these huge and x-mu;-linuted weapons must be xtn;:g<~rin;:. Russian Ship Make: New Wireless Record 1‘.hns<-(-\\'.——.\ 1.:-xv .v:t,..\'unm-uf In the mm of 1- hj.'—-li~!un- 6' ran I'- m-mmuni- uuliuus has I-we-n :‘u.r--xx. -0'! ‘-'-- .1f,h-1‘ the re-zuru wt\ :11» ~'.r..u..‘~I ;. .\Hu_\ai'\ from 2: ll? Ina-'.Il‘~“ c-ru ~e-. Aulcle mm the fcatmre a. wine pr,»- gmn a! ‘novelty films has been booked. Humbert Macmhan will reside at the organ SY\ea's Bailey ” HZI-lib v; |' 1:-'nx‘ V-,-R“ '. Z-..~\ It .:\:1; to nu..x.I...n lllIiIlik‘|f'.\;t'-J em runh~:L- liun '\\iLh .\l- <- u\\* \\I.\(- :r.:‘~in;_: In the Ru} s«-:1. the .\l~ IE:-rr.u.a‘-: n. Hm In- dlnn uutaln. thv .'\l|n: 'Z‘r ;u.d 7‘u- \ntic. Tarnzlshed Lady. daring drama. st/,\n-lng 'I\a.llulah Bankheud and Clive Brook, will be prevsénued at Shea'svBoJley Thursday and Friday evenings. It as Miss Bank- head’; msc. venture on the screen utter in succeedu! stage came:-. on the sur- romtdlng program will be Jack Benny In (‘tab Waiting and Shem Bailey Bound News. Nelson Selby will be heard In an organ recital. - This I< .~.|u~p:‘-‘w-I in z-»- =1»: hr»! time that shur1-\\nu- .,m-‘xznxm-~:uiun hm I-(-on nmiunalnml “uh we n-uiul.:ud at distnnu-5 H-at rV re-Nu d .‘~.'«o(J kiln- motors. Ne1xrl.\ n hm:-lrui tluusuxul R-19- Krnnl-ir xv:-r!< \\r-re 6-\‘\lx:'HI;:vIl be- lwm-n the M.|'.u_\.lH an-I ~.\Iusc-m\ -luring Hm crmm-. Gloria S\\'ans-on». star of \lndlscxet.-t\ whack w.’1x»be presenuu at Sheers Seneca Sunday and Irnday. V‘ Dude ‘Ranch, a burlesque on tho wild and wool)’ west. stan-ing Jack Oskie, Mitzi Green, Stuart Erwin. Eugene Pail- ette and June Coliyer. will be the mature Baturday. continuous 22 to 1-1 ociock. Ad- ded isnbjécts will be smith and Dale in S. 8. iuaituvia and Id Climb the Highest Mountain! no-men SOIIJ,’ noveity. Extra at the ch1‘iqrcn'e matinee win he The Mys- terious D.. Pu Manchu. and the sixth episode 0! Heroes 01' the Flames with Tin. Mocoy. As I! l't€<.AlI u! 11- <. r.\]-v:v'i1m-1.: tea.-n X-unis x-T I! v .\\-_-\'ur;:!l<-t. the Suv- lot nu-rm.-um umrins-, wlll now be (‘ql1|[~p(!(l um. :hurt “me rmiin impar- mus cu:-i 221.; the-an tn IL.UIx!_1IiI) unin- N»‘l‘l‘1l[v!('ll 4'--nunuui..xt‘:¢n “ml the Smie-I (.uv!l.1l. l%«»:um- of ink su. u-ssful radio cmnuull-u:1!Er-u ‘.1-at S--xx--:‘;:\r-t was en- ublod tu vnmsmt unuh nu-re I‘-11~hnss Hum it hml (Wino:-red. esp?-‘-i:xIl_\' while lhv Milmpun was In the tropics. Monday with mat-Ineo stuxday at 2 oclock wnn Wallace Beery. hero of The mg Hcuse ud Min and Bill. newts Sfbne‘ John Mack Bmwn. Jean Harlow and rjorle mxmbenu’ heading a. brilliant cast, the phctum unloads‘ an astounding tale based on actuxslltlcs of modem Am- erican any life. An Interesting surround mg pmgram also will ‘be [mesg'emcd. Whore Elu can You Got II Much Fun, companionlhip, Devotion and Loyalty as From a Dog? Joan Bennett. is stxuwed in Doctors Wines, romantic drama ivhlch will be presumed ata Sheers Seneca Thursday and 1'-‘many. Cast. oppcslto the star. in the leading role. is Warner Baxter. Oth- ers In the cast dnclude Victor Varoond. Helene Millard and Pzml Porcasx. Addkxl 'shm‘L subjects mu an organ recital by Bob Demmlng will round out the pro- g’ram. stuml al-use 4-1' mvm-I°‘s child, but “trmnps l.¢»\\-:m~.\ (‘H<I\\-' t‘|lU\\-'~(‘hin:-se In uriglu. Uri¢.~n!n|»nIm1u1!. .~\!r-uf. distlmtiu-. r-s. sorve-al, \\'umIL-rful mul. (Irv.-at f:l\'uri’(- In big \lawn curs.“ l_‘I)l.l‘.HvZ—I7I:I!n!s4-lmé uld fmuriu: l)e\'uted. luvuhlo n-mnpnmun. -gum] guard. nnd \.\0rker. |*2usil_\' Irnim-xl Hutlmr st-nsiihe. ( \PF..‘§ FOR I’:\RT\' I-‘ROCKS Paris ha: r(.‘(‘!\Vi)) :1-cirlcd that it‘: snmrt to look ‘br(\.ul-s’1-‘uldcred. Hence thc »m‘d\I: in -vi frock‘ “nth yukcs or mllurs or «.11-clcts‘ that give the shouldrrs .1 thrilling mihtary width—- :_1ncmL-d by it <Iin3__ n;;.rrr-w hip-Iinc ()1 cuursc this snldicrly in 19 cu-nsidurahly softened fur an after- Hnun {ruck such as mndcl E3-$09- hut the capclet thnngh infmitc-ly {cm- iuim‘, duos add thr !1(\\\‘ bmnd look I‘ .1! is an c!:§t. T?-.cn it .'xhzmtlvms ‘torn.-~' n'im:‘Nc< tn xiv in (mix-rixxg how uhich is <(- rharming you mm! luv xx-r_\ sffom: mixided to resist this mudcl The Scent Dix. ‘sensational dam; of Alnencim any’ and the under- world. wll1‘he.the attraction Sunday and Sheas Buffalo Mr. Lemon 0! Oiange. comedy drama, lmtizring El Brendei. famous Swedish charactler comedian and 1'-‘mi Don-say. petite French comedienne, will be the the feature Saturday. continuous 2 to 1! ciclock. In“ the picture‘ E1 Brenzlai p!ays R dual role, as and und*:rwox'ld chieftnin and as ii hawmlcss salesman in a toy toy store. other subjsc\s 150 will be shown. Extra fiims will be presented at the chilcirrxrs matinee. Boys Hunting for Gold - Shea’s Buffalo Seed. adapted from the best selling’ novel. by Olrarlcn G. Norris is tho talking» screen. an dncoiaimed as one or the best pictures 01 the year. will be presntd nt ShB'B Buffalo bginning Friday. Ending the cast are John Boles, Genevieve To- liin and Lois Wilson. On the stage will be the Pnblix Revue, Contrasts, smrring Evelyn Hoey, musical comedy star. Bead is John Bole’: first dramatic mle. the first production also since im- ndvent or the talking picture .i‘n which he does not sing. Opposite Boles is Gen- evieve Tabin. who recently came to the acroen front the stage, and scrod an im- mdinio sucwae in other Universal pro- ductions, including Free Love. Still. an-v other featured player «is Lois Wilson. one 9! the screens most popular performers. Her work in Set! as th wit anti.-irt . Her work in Seed‘ as mm wife and moth- er. won her a long term -contract with Universal. SI’.-\Nll<2l.—\\‘nm1¢-rful dun: for rlxilr dren. \'(-r.\‘ quh-1, nuzemnlnu-rm] um! ull‘ectluu:uu-. Sl‘I'l\l‘l~2l{~Adn11r:xl-Io dc-L’. !l.m:l suule skllu cnul. .\a-llu-. mu-ll\;;u-nl with \\h¢-.(-ailing \\:|_\S. .-\--ts‘ the \\'|‘” bred zzvntlmmm. Bl}.-\(:LI«} Il0l'.\'h~—.\lu)<os frh-mlé mslI_\-_ l:2u;:n-,-‘.ng. um.-rr_\. r-.-xnpunlun uhle uurkmzm xxlnmu grout:-st inter est is to mm gmuu. Find Indian Cemetery Mum. M-h —Lurr-' of p.--=.!-le‘- hid- dr-n gulul 1111-ggc-l’< \.u’urd ut S-10000, mu;-lml \\ H; Um ¢\.1'iu>‘i!_\‘ ur ihrina sI.\'tomn.\'r:n'~¢-hl l...3~'_ lei-41 tn tho dIs~ m\'or,\' uf nn lml.:xn 1-nrinl ground here. \\-nth the run?! Ihut ex--nations‘ nro h\>in;: um-I11-,‘n'-ml mis s1_---'1;-5: un [ht- hlll\‘IcI|' mic-:1 wilh mm ‘In Mums and f(‘H\,F. Beginning Prldtsy A Ohnlle-nae to Women in Love! Iixcella Pattern No. 3409. Sizes 14 to 42. 25 cents JOHN BOLES. GENEVIEVE TOBIN. Lois WILGON P!-up—On the stage! \CON'l'lIA§’l‘S\ nmrrtng Evelyn Hocy WILYE STAHL and Orchestra lndl: .-rest Gloria 8wanson‘s lamest \e- halcie.m which she «is supported by Ben Lyon, Barbara Kent rmd MOIll‘('I(' Owaley will be prcsontwi Sunday and Mondnv. wlch mlntlme Sunday mu 2 oclock In at the scar combines kecn melodrama with th_e delicrmful -Ioolery in which she ex- cells. Au inusrosting surrounding pra- gram also will be prementecl Yc/um sinners. featuring Tlyom-\s Mcimlmi D0l'OtIl)' Jordan and Hardin Al- bright. will be presented next. Tuescly and Wodmceciny evenings. Added novel- ties also will ix‘ shown. 'l‘lu» _\r|)’l'\‘ \u_-ru ink;-In--X l \ Hm mic.‘- nmi (hr: r u! 211- um: I-: \ ' Hm-:1 Suki. (I00 In ;:--:-I --u their xv «.--n from tlm (‘al1hu:ui.n :.'~3«! ‘H 1w: '« mum in‘ l:'u-lu-d I'.:- Inn of :~r-~~x-:.~.Iul'.~. Mlllnaz tn-u. \\'lx!l¢- um mm emu, Im’1\|ng shr- m'-xm:r«: In 1. ml. ‘H-I: I-,;.;--mi nus lwull tom fur dc.-uni:-s. \\ H. 0- - ,w|v-IIM oxpv. dim-us lutcu u mllc:-,\ m:-.u- h-\l‘¢_‘. Wlu-I: tho _\uI|tLa. .u'..3e-E \\.v.h .i:[‘n‘uh«s and n Ru‘:-\\' nlrlur. u7I.x-lmd the suit (:nrLh on tho ‘.:.:lu*.~\ um--ll ut the vul- ley. th(<_\ -I-4.-.-\:~1-ml hunmn bones. u skull or run and =:-u-ml st-:1 shells. bends and 1-I‘llm'_\‘. The hays found :I..~t (lu‘- houses and “Indian jt-\\'<-lr_\\ wc-re so {mule mm they (‘l'1un!-l(':l in dusr \\he=n touched, They Pept-x't€‘.d their to A. T. Hill. uuruu-r of ur-;-1m<»iu;:_v at :1 Hust- ings (Nvb) musexnn. FUN '!‘l]-l{I:Il-2l:- lllgh st:-u.-uz, quh,-k gunu.-_\. Inn-.\unl. |l‘l‘t‘[II‘(‘.\‘s|l-I0, In-uu Llvus fur the spur! of li\lng huts of [mp \\l'h I--ls. of cmnumn S(‘ll§(.‘. A 1.2001! b\u'glur ulnrm. s(‘('\'l\l‘ll-I-—~l‘\c-(Is Iu-I sn_\- much hul thinks 11 Int. u ('.mn_\' pl\|lusn]Il|('r |.|kes_ In sum Mtlnin the family ch-cla- llutlu-r lust um! s)1omrl*<l1 ln strangu- plnc-es‘. L\tt,I:x1«1.< In his nwn uffalrs Inn not 1ITI‘ulxl to tn:-klo. nny (‘M11110 than «posters Mm. ' Shea’s Century ~~;..'. § ‘J 0'mon and Laugh mm: at Hurts! A R-lot, of Roma! Charles G. Norris‘ novel from which’ the screen play was adapted. has tgrouaed much discussicm snice its publication. In the story. John Boles is seen as a writer wh ohas been unable to deyeiop his ml-‘ mu because of the necessity on’ expend-E mg all ma efforts towards slgppmting his mmiyi of children. Lois W-iiscm‘ plays tn apart of ‘his, wife and a natural mocha rtype. Genevieve Tobin is the‘ sweetheart cl! Bore‘: youngr days, when appearance on -the scene brings. into be: ing tin» cntrnoi trixnfgie and all tho ari- ous problems vihni: msuit mvm such a situation. The con between‘ the two women for the man is ‘portrayed in A succesgion of dmznntic ccnciirnenccs ifvciyn Hoey. the delightful little star of Frank Ccrmbin‘s Pubiix stage vevue Cona- iiruote won fume in the musical Acomyecly or inst season. may Million Frenchmen. Others in the cast will be Raye, Elli; L«Ruo. dancing trio: Grace 4; M'ar'i‘o ,Ei~ me, comodienncs: Wells. Mordecai and Taylor. sensational dancers and the Son-‘ ford-Mort/in 01$. Girl Banker Studies Foreignfinancelhroad ILITZI GREEN. JACKIE BEARD rmd GlGl{.\l.\\' SI!1~‘.l'll1‘IRl)—-A truc- gunrd. with (-mu'u;.;u to cnrI'.\' thrnu1.‘.lI his Iuustc-r‘s cmmmlnds. llnmlsmno. in telligont. snort. 1-)j\1c¢-llont \\'ork-dug, euslly Iraim.-d gunrdinn. PII1l_{l.‘\'(iESl£-——'1‘in_\', but :1 Hon In courage. l~Ix1x'u:1wly ntfoctlunule an-I compunlormble. l-‘nvorlte with women ZASU PITTS HERB MacA}!AN at organ Added scr\oen' hatuxu To acunllnt he-‘reel! with banking meth- ods abroad. Miss Antoinette ‘Meldc, pop- ulr superintendent of the Foreign De- prtmjmmt of the Amerlcn IBM: or Luckn- inralanq. depnnted Monday night, accom- panied by her mother, Mn‘. Grugvr Mek- ic. for visits to London. Paris. South- hamptxin and other banking centers 0! old warm tm1e.. Their dos-rdnatlon Is Zagreb. dugo- sltwla and-they will be gxme for three months. ‘Sl1e.a’s Hippodrome The mlknus are gomg to school. Rob- ert Edesoh. veteran of stage and screen. has‘ locum In Movletono City as dlcuon tenclu-J‘. dialog tllrector. dialog c0_nstx'u(>- tor and actor‘ England’: Oldest Woman, 105, Dies; 106 Kin Left Beginning Saturday Thrlllmg Mystery Drnxrn! \The MALTEBE FALCON\ Londun.—-Be-'lle\'ed to be England‘: oldest woman, .\Irs. l Husler of South I'rinu'o.=e Hill. C‘hulmst‘ord. has just, died. “rs. Hasler was one hundred and and at one hundred, and two h(‘<‘xum‘- the nation's youngest I She had her hair bobbed at that age. She Is Sl1I‘\‘i\'N1 by eight‘ children. thIrt_v~1i\'e gruudc.-l.i|d.ren, ty-nine g1'em-grandcllildren and four- greabgroatgrzmdchlldron-—a tofal of’ IN. u. s. BOY-DOG c'oN'1'£s1 “East Lynne“ will be given Joseph U1-ban's artlsltc settings as a modem contrast; to the “Opem House\ scenery of other days. The sum or $‘.’:‘»0.00 In cash and fame by tmvlng llu~i1~‘likenesses reproduced in oil on canvas is being otfered by the Ulmppcl Kennel Foundation, Rockford. 111.. In its contest to find America's typ- ical boy and dog. The contest closes September 15m. BEBE “D:\Nll-ZLS RICARDO CORTEZ. ‘UNA Ml’-JRKEL A number 0! bank emplays and other mend: .0! was Maluo were on hand to wish hot boa voyage. These must be as shortage of talent; when the movies are compelled. to mour- reot \Dim-aeld\ and \Abnmm Lincoln\ in star in wuss. 'L ~ Pmm Palace Thetitnl-, N. Y Plum--RKO Vauukavnle Bill A v__..‘_ , V.--‘ vy*\‘!l—\ \\~ “ .''_'a'. . _...a. ...- fore you order S A L E BILLS

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