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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, June 18, 1931, Image 6

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it /: ‘ 3 .~‘~,q~.\~.‘;..\ ‘§.w;‘* i¢«*:‘_~*j< ,\{f$“§;1‘gi2*‘I\. \\~1‘.‘« ‘«~““‘v“ 3‘ 1;‘. g Lackawinng-13:128. 1!-. 31.‘ '.l?l'n.-.rAa-. J1-ne.-. I98. 193!» ~’«iTr? !DETEGT%|V:E Ms cums ms Show him he ‘had too muvtu-m1 in luxml.-uft’.~z. \I perxuiued him to se.-m-2; mo thor- oughl'_v for uuythlnsz ‘I might be carry- ing >tu pick the luck. um! um fine -lxwkuul tlw (-u, uu mu mm my lmnds. lwhinnl my lnwk‘. He it-It n1eu:lunu In a (‘ml for n fiow minun=s and when In! xrvlnrne-I 1 lnuulvul‘ Mm his unlocked c-Lin‘:-1. Uses Well-Known ‘Nick. :.- -' :'.‘[~.-.4z. ‘,1-~s;r. nu, -;*g:{;r‘ 2. ,. ‘__.~=‘ ,4, Ccllection of Souvenirs of ‘ Noted’ Crimes M'o3tLCom- a, piete in World. \Lin-\'x-1' Iuh! mm huw '1 esvul-ml. but I mm‘:-)_y uI;lm-.1 u-m of the .~:in1pl(>~'.t. In-flu uw-I |I_y crlmlnuls. l=eI'nre I xlxm-l lhnr -1...-I’ nf ]!«>H1‘-3 I 2lI»IllI'l|\‘\X_ u .~x:x.|Il pl.---u uf hum wire to the In- slup nf my hunt with mlluwlvn u_\,p«*. .\l1lmm.-,h Lu se;.u'«hul mus t'lnn'nu-.;lny he n---:4‘-r fnvm-I II. if$s+;:” 7 Kunsux <'::_\'.- In .x w. I-.--~1'.~mI .~.'l.~ Elm-n In h|I.‘u1'.:lI.|l ls 3:-..u'~ ug. - m ‘align-n-ll (‘him-Iw um‘ -- 1hn>\v .| l.mI'u ,2l! all .\luvl'u\.xh ‘~..|H« 2 .\l-\.‘lu A. (illl. ‘(mm I\'\-nxin_.:r--I1 .n‘-: v nuw .n n.u'.mn- all) l.n-mu -run In--I--.:.~t, \\.Is the smil- QOI‘ Innrlwul fur ‘I--.112 “By sh-1-pilnzr L1n'm1,g11 my slnl ul‘lll.~x und‘ g.-mu-,» vhe-lmn<Ic11iYs ‘In fx'nnl,. of mu. 1 was ubhx to remove my slmu n‘n.’I ramk. uhmlu the piece of wlrn mul uufustun the lock. when «no lzuows _!u.~xL how in do it the un- im'klll'.;. pt’ almost uny lmmlculf with «I aim!“ phu-u of wine can be done quiulxly uht._| o.1.»:Il_v.\ Mn s'n.\v Ilw lmlml h‘..|-10 1;-nlsml In Hm II-iu.IIu.1n'~ lmx I I~In- fvll FMS .t‘um-. im-1 cnnm, fur --- .-~ S\'l(l|)ll| xnI~r~) ,\\|u-u they 1!.1‘xh xI«..:' lung l:ni\'\!.~‘. r Hill wus. nu! Iv r-1‘---! (0 -Ho ut ; lmnd of Hunt 1* u-~-- n<‘~:-uiluul.. . As the knife \v.::~ «lnnn lmvk I'm‘ tlm I'h1_'u\v. x‘. ampu -Ln nf .\‘uil-xr (Hll ,dru-\\' M: .-or\in- r.-\--In-r .mu'! ill-)1. Hm ‘couliu thruu~.:h'l1u- I.--.1-I lh‘ drn-mu-.I 'tn the llnmr lit‘-alvss u< M4 hlmlu sum) 'thrmu.:h the nlr mm h:u‘\-ly grazed Gill's hem]. GIVEN AY WARD PULITICAL (illl onn lulk tfnr hunts 01', interest- ing \‘Y[I0l'it¥lI\'§‘S he has. had as red- erul agent. «lut.uul‘i\e. xuul pullcelmln. Ho 13 2|‘llm_{er»p1'lx\t expert as \\’\*H as an mxtlxorlly on locks and sluwkles and he has uldod uuuxy nullw depart- nwuls In capturing: crimlnnis by tho finger-pr‘|nt lll(‘thI)lI. Starts. a Collection Gill rpivk.-.1 un thu knife mu! mu-rim! it with mm M ho nnd his shlpuuue non hack to 'rhnIr ship. It stun-tcul Gill on his hdlvl-,v of ('nll0«‘llI\g soouvcrulrs ,0! \-lulnut ulvulh um} urlmo. In 15 ymrs uf pnH«a~ wnrk‘ whh‘): has ful- lnwod his rulrlreluoxlt (ruin the navy. he has um-xirml an o\'i.sx’nsive canoe,- ‘tlon. BE HELD AT Proud of Collsction. GUI is pm‘tix't1lurl_v proud of his Iin usuui vlslleution. uud he shows it wiil- ! ingly to visitors who lire interested. He knows the history of each object I in -his xuusmum. I-inch piece has 3! long and mscimuim: story, '1‘hrills] and sluuidurs are xvmppmi urouud numy of those greu-smue relics. is one piece in his collection which hns real beuuL_\'. ii0\\'0\'k‘i_‘. It is u .38 vniilmr Colt’: uutuxnutic pistol of polished blue steel. which \va_s made ' especially for him, pi-inuurlly rnr ox- \ hlbition ymrnuses. it has in mutt-lied tnother-oi‘.—poari handle studded with unietlnysts mid eIIl0l‘ll1\1S am! all the nIelni'sIi1'i3uocs are vuwresi with emb- orate huud engrtwing, Gill zu‘-mvs it‘ would be gxlmost .n plmmiro «to be shot by such it heuutlrul gun. Kit’ 8 H All A mum In (“.I||‘s n-sldmxm Just. south 0!‘ Swopo park has horn set aside for ms strungo rnllt‘-vlinll. It Is an umsoum of nnusuul ixm-re-~i=. (\<1\v-vhllly for -the aiudaut of v1‘i1nlt1nlngy. From-all parts of 1110 on'.mt..:‘,\' !u\\' .>ururv:!n10nt 011!’ clnls nml voile-.-lm-s us’ l'l‘h“0 snu'\-c-.n|rs couu-«Lu I(nn'~ns (‘lty to see (':HI's col- leotlun. It has boon exlxilrlu-rl at tho (-on\'on- tlon of peace nmmu-S‘ nnsm-iaulons In many states. ‘Effn1'I,.< now nro holng made ‘to imluro .\!r. Hill in show his vnnet-Ilon at the \\'nI‘lv1's fulr to he held In (‘his-ago In 1!I:§.'§. Plenty of Variety. 3*.‘ SATURDAY EVENING Game Is on “Starvation Ration” of Funds, Claim 'I.‘ho !\t)(\S(‘S \\'hi-.'l1 Imw hung I‘nmuu.~I orlnlluuls. the l‘(~\'uI\‘m'~; vnrrimi by such notorlrms '.run:1wn us Jmsv Jaunos. Cole Ymm::or, [loury .\‘tm‘r mu! Sum (‘urn pi1'!lll‘('éS of \-lrt.1mlL\' ¢-w-r_v gnu; killing and nzillnnnlly puzl-ii:-:7.‘-..| «\rInu-. nmme-urns nl‘ tho Pu!‘-‘4‘l‘s‘ nl‘ IHILV Hu- ‘Kld nn-I nthm-c-z’u1'l_v i1u_\ hxul men are inclunlmj in hlx‘ grim nnal fne-=ixml.iu2 cnnm-xlmn. Wush(ugLuu.—\An u\'c-rage of only :1 half :1 cent an new is helng spent an- mmlly In .\nxorh*n In pruvlde hunting and lishin-.;-lu spite of the sL.u'tllng muls lhut hunters um! anglers have ilI«.‘ro:x.~‘.v:l -100 per cent in the past dov- iuh-. [hut tlmy are spemlhxg $050.00\).~ 000:1 yvur to take ,.:ume and and that their sports hrlu-._: more money into nuxuy mules than dues any other single lmh|slr,v,\ 5|-th {:oi'don. presh dent of, the ;\mcrl.:;m Gxune nssneiw lion. wriws 1n thu ('lllTl'\‘.llt issue of .’\mL_‘l‘i(‘l\1l [mum .\Ll:_::uSh\8. Mr. Gnrdnn dm:l:u'os that me best rmuucod stuto ls spundln,-: uuly cents an xu-re 3,-eu1'!_\'. while thu poor~ est stnte is devotlnr.: to and game only om--smemie-rln of It cunt an acre. I p -, , ' ‘u — v -A ~ ~ . 'l‘h(\ Inner hnpurlnnt nlnpxu-mu,‘nl in Gulls mum-un\ 1: n mile:-Hun or hund- r.\1l'£<, Iv: lrnns. SIl‘uH' 1m-lusts and am- nr Ilt-vicva fun‘ :~'lmz~l;lln2 n,1-Isumc-.r.~*.. Gm «I.xim< umt his oollm-Hon is the‘ most c-nnxphxtu In tho world. GUI is the [n\'(‘lIlm‘ of srrvnrnl «lif- ft-ront t_\'nos m‘ 1mm1<°n u.~:0d by no- ilco dnpurnnmns and chm-ln‘s through- nu the Fnllud status. I-‘nr num_y years he was :1 uxanxnfm-.1111-m‘ of xmllvo equip- nwrgt. \All the nnnuui cxpcmlitnre in this llchl, hnih stale and fa-(ieriil. amounts to just $12,000,000. :1 stnrvntinu rutlon on which the wild life of this 1-oumry. especially as to gvunc birds. iisli and waterfowl. has fuiimi tn hold its own ngninst industries n])t‘l‘l\IE.‘(1 along snumler bu.~iim.-as lines.“ He claims that |Iiil£‘;~l.-!’i1\'i.' times this muonni can. he obtained in sun)» mun- ucr mune will surely lose out in the struggle. and with it sports which give hculthfui recreation In :1 large pcrcenb mg; of Llncgpeople and directly or indi- rectly bene every pN‘S0ll in the country. DANCING 9 to ? Aithuugh Inn has m:u!»\ und uutc-ntod‘ Various t,\';u\< of slI.u'kIu\:. Gill has sym- rlullzml in the mnmlfnc-ture of Immi- 1-.u!Ts. Tlmt *;-f=<'ll||i'I:ll!ul\ stnrtml him to mllm-tiI~: luna1:.'uf‘I‘<. More than 100 pairs nnx lnvlu-Ivrl in his 1-ollmetion. Blue Jacket Orchestra TICKETS LADIES 35c -— GENTS 50c Has \0 regan Boot.\ Our of Hm nu-n-uI'os 0? [ho L\nllI.'(‘- mm is half -1!’ un nl-I wrnu«.:lIllrmI hunt]:-u nnuin In I-Eng.-'lnm!jn u‘»\.!{| the yam\ the .\Iu.Hln\vm' Luuh-Ll at Plym- outh Rm-.k. The m.ln-r hull‘ M‘ that nnch-nt rnllv now Is in the Guild hull musv-um in L--n-Inn. LEGAL NOTICE Erie County, New York, on ‘tha STATE 05‘ NEW YORK. COUNTY COURT. ERIE COUNTY‘. 17th DAY 01-’ JULY, 1081 ‘Dog anya\ need me no more danger- ous’ for Buster, Prince or Sport than any other days, states the Chappel Kennel Foundation, Rockford. Illinois. in discussing the care of the dog in hot weather. ESSENTIALS FOR DOG'S Hill (llsn n\‘.u.< u 1-air uf honvy hund- 1‘u1‘fs usml in llw nlvl Lhu-Inn ('(ll||lLV jail In ']‘\'Vl|S wlu-n I.‘.ill.\' the Kid was con tlmrn in 1871!. An ulc|- \Orc- gon hoot.“ u 1!:-('lIH.ll‘ typo M‘ log Iron. made. In 1576. Is uuurlxer ft-uturo of MS 1-xhlhlt. Man ‘Divorced 14!}: Time Tells How to Win Wife at 11 o'clock (Daylight savlng Time) in the forenotm 0! that day the real 03- tate and mortgaged premises dtmctcd In and by said judgment to be sold In said judgment desorlbw as follows: ALL THAT 'm‘Acr OR PARJCEL 0!‘ LAND, situate in nu City of !.ach.wan- na. County oi Erie and state 0! New York. which, on certain subdivision map of part of not 28. Township 10 and Rangc, B of the Buffalo Creek Reset“- ulon so-cauod, nude for Dune! I. Know!- ton by R. N‘. cundnll. lnglmer. ma med in 8119 county Clerk‘: Oltloo under Cover No. 95!, I9 dimnzubhnd as sub- dlvlslon 1am number One hundred and sis: (106). a LED .1. HAOIIRTY. Ron.-tee. COUNTY OF ERIE, Plu Va. Al- bert Whlttlngwn. at al. Detendamu. El l'usn. ’l‘exus.—Bruce Steele. El Paso plumber. was con than; despite the fact that he has been dl-' vorced 14 thues. he not only can wlul another wire quickly. but he can \wln her for keeps\ I! he wants to. I “Women who love me keep on lov- ing mo,\ declared the plumber utter Funnlo K. Szeéie mm been gmhtedher I third divorce from him on grounds that he “went around with other wom-f en. Including some 0! his former wlvos.\ ( In pursuance and by vxrtrue or 2. Judg- ment at turoclosui-e and sale duly grant- ed by this Court and ensued in the Erie County clerk’; Omco on mg with day or Mby. 1931, I. tho undersigned Referee. duly appolnmd in ems acbion tar suc purpcue, will expose for sale and sell at Public Auction to the high- est bidder. theretor. an the westerly ven- ubule or the Erie ‘county I-13.11, in the Duty 01 autmo. me County. New 11%. on the The dog faces summer weather un- der two handicaps unknown to main. He has his natural coat. and persplres from limited ‘areas of hirbody. the tongue, nose and the pads of the teet. Aged dogs feel the eflects of heat much more than young dogs. and sick dogs more than dogs in good condition. But much of the distrees of dogs may be eliminated it their owners would give a little extra thought and atten- tion to quarters. exercise and diet. some of the best practices designed to reduce the atrain on dogs In warm days and prevent overheating. prostra- tion and other summer ailment: have been summed up by Dr. Edwin Regi- nald‘ Blnmey. '.l‘he_outdoor kennel should he ehei- tered from themidday sun as much as possible. A better way is to keep the dog quiet and in a cool place during the heat of the day. A tiled tloor or cellar iloor is excellent. The room should be darkened, and care taken to see that an abundnneevot air is provided. Quarters torrsieeplng should have large windows, end the bedding reduced to in minimum. The ideal dog bed for summer is _s raised trnme covered with canvas. This enables the air to circulate freely benenth the body, and the animal is much cooler than it he were sleeping on a solid bed. ' Lou irons used on the lnlltloaltip. Mnlne. an old hnndniauie Iron prison lock used on the Leverott street Jail in Boston for more than 100 years, thumb screws. lmntl mitts nnd (men of slinoklezi obsolete for generations are included in the collectlon.— Gill's grim collection ropronontn the expenditure oi‘. thmisnuds of dollars and more than n llecaulo of travel and resenrcll. The mom-lmgv value in dif- tlcult to estlnmte. he explained, for many of the plot-es could never be replaced. For more than five years (ml was 1 Iupocinl agent for tho Unllod Sutton Department of Labor. investigating; the nctlvllies of I. W. \V.'s and Com- munists. Ho traveled widely through- out the country nnd mndo irrieluls of peace ottloers In scores of cities. He holds pollce commissions in hundreds or counties throughout the Middle West. 110 lsrn memlmr of the Peace Officers‘ association of Missouri, Kan- sul. and Oklnhomn. and of the Inter- Iultlonnl Asaoninllon for identification. A Simple Trick. Mrs. Steele told the judge that the limit time she married the hnndsome' plumber silo cllvoroed him because he‘ “run uronnd\ with ti previous wite._ Then, she mid. ho renmrried the pre- vious wife. divorced her. remarried Funny, divorced her and then remar- ried her again. -Funny who not the only “repeater” among the 11 women he has nmrried. Steele disclosed. Another wire di- vorced him once. he said. then re- married him and inter divorced iilm uguin. “it isn't because they quit loving me. though.\ shid Steele. “The only reason they get divorced is Jealousy.\ \Women are easy for me to win. he- copse -of it way 1- imve with them. The secret is to ilnd their weuktiess. then play up to it.\ ‘Ind DAY OF‘ JULY. 1931 at 10.30 ociock in the foreman (Daylight saving Time) at that day. mg in! auto and premises direcbad in uid by and «judgment to be sold and ‘in aid judg- ment described as toliowa: - ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL, 0!‘ LAND albuato ‘in the Town 0! Hamburg. village or Biaadcll. Oounty 0! Erie sud State or New York, being pm or Lot Number two (2). Township ten (10). Range eight (8) at the Bu Oteek Reservation and turcherr distinguished as Subdivision Lot Number seven hund- red eighty (780), as shown on map med in the Erie County Clerk's omce under ‘cover number 383, Jam; J. SUELNAN. Attorney for Plaintiff, Oltloa and P. 0. Address. 1000‘ D. S. Morgan BIdg.. Bu N. Y. Juno 4 11 no 25 July 2 9 10« J fed during ‘the cooler months. hut in somewhat smaller quantities. A doflt‘ natural food is meat. whether it be the, tiniest toy dog or the largest hound. Meat and protein are not \heating\ to the blood. and a substantial portion ; oil a prepared meat food in the evening; nnd some biscuits in the morning will, keep the dog well ‘satis Occasion- nlly weevil will get into biscuits made! or the nnest ingredients. They are not ' harmful to the dog. but may be killed ' by putting’ the biscuits into the oven ' for ll few minutes or immersing them\ in hollim; water. The uddltlon of fresh vegetables oecaiionnlly helps to mnininin physical condition but starch in any form is to he avoided. Encoura- nge the dog to drink plenty oi! water by adding a little ‘salt to each meal. Attention to diet will help to do away with g»er;mlic eczema and other sum- mer .-xl.'n_ complaints, ‘ Ilulmlumn VI ' « loiul Fadll \ 1 Us ‘lo Guar- ‘_ Our Work \ _ M--3 -alil '‘.'1 li no ans): I £:uu:$HLp~hbh *7 ‘in; can cyaolohuu. : I is ol the lalghut ~ and on umgu ué“ it your imtnnl Jib V are Ippiciully pro my out Iolloihudn. nouheulo, auto- ion. bookluu. unvo- rda. cireulsii. and III’ john. Come In nu-hut time you - oomjthing In priming lino. J llli CHARLES ULRICH. Referee. M. EDWIN MERWIN. Attorney for Plulnmt. office and P. 0. Address. 1082 White Bulldvlng. Buffalo. N’ .1‘. May 21, 28 June 4 11 10 26 “Y? ‘ ‘, gigrvi: In his study or lmn«ic.uii‘s anti‘ de- velopment of slmoicit-~4 rmm which es- cape is impossible. Gill -has lenrned all the tricks of escape uriisis. With n. small piece of wire. such ns n stick ‘pin or :1 paper clip, he Ls nhle to os« capo from virtually all types or ‘ahackles. lie has domonsxtrnted vari- ous methods of escape to thousands of police o to show them. how to !or£8tall~ escape of clever prisoners. “It la colnpnrnth-eiy easy for .-1 dex- tqrous prisoner to escape from the type of hu_n(lc-.un’s usually curried by poilce and sheriffs,\ he said. |\3!any -pence omcers have lost ,t.heh‘ lives because tlnéxv do not know how to 'keep~dangex-o'us c-riuiinnla shackled. “A few months ngn the chief of po- ‘llco org Kansas town told me he had ‘hair of hundcll from which no one mould ‘escape. I called his bet just to Parachute Jumping ‘Pays His Tuition LEGAL NOTICE Both dog and kennel should be washed occnsloxmlly. Use of a small amount or disinfectant will tend to keep away mes and other insect pests which cause so much trouble during the summer. STATE OF‘ NEW YORK. COUNTY COURT, ERIE COUNTY. LOUIS DUDA. Plnintnlt. vs. ANDREW BUTRYN and MARY BUTRYN. his mm: ADELA .GaABowsKI:, ANDREW BED-, NARZ: JOHN SUTHERLAND; et «L, De- Iendzmta. In pursuance nnd by virtue of a judg- ment of toreclosuremmd sale duly gamut- ed by thig Court. and entered In the Erie couimy Clerk's omco on the 2nd. any of ‘June, 1931. I. tho undersigned Referee, duly appointed In this action 101- such purpose. will expose for sale and sell at Public Aucblon to the highest bidder the:-elor. In the westerly vesctbulo ot the me county Hall In thecxty qr Euttaxo, ‘ :34. V, .35? ‘J Hopklnsvllle, I\’y.-—l'urnchuu- jumping on Sunduys and hull dnys to thrill crowds hus on-rm-d t enough money for Hugh Thum usson. sixteen. to pay his wny through school. He s11ys.he hnzi num-l_v sun-cl enough for a course at tho Uul-‘ varsity of Southern Cullfornlu. lie is sold to he the youngest professloxxul nu.ru('hute jumper in the country. _, Exercise shoulAd:be cut down to a minimum or entirely stopped. It the dog is to ‘be ‘walked or run. It should be ‘done In the cool ot the ‘early morn- lng or evening. It the dog ls broken to go on the street. It should be tak- en out only long enough to attend to It’: needs. In m..n_v so-calledmases of overheat- ‘lng. wm rs: may really be the‘cau‘sa of tho m-\lulu. These should be removed by an appropriate medlclne under -the guldnmurof :\ vete Contrary -to populnr helief. vmbles actually is mom prevalent In winter than in, summer. '. . ,9“. §@,§{'a.,“L L1. :H fi?‘1r ' gs . ~75‘. _2'u..‘«1_.V_ 9 w.\\\:l- . -1 . ' é:.;<f . 5 ‘~:_.;;, ‘<_; . ' »_:‘k,.-‘ H.’ .. - ‘ -mm _ _ J‘ Food during the summer would be of the same well-balanced nature as

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