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..-'-,7- ?‘\.\'.f9.-.«‘ 5 £3 ' i‘;3:!7:‘ 1% .~, .'u./«'. ‘C \:1 '1, JI-nc‘~ .e_¢w-us.-. Y.-.. Thurs... June--. 1'8. 19.31 ‘:“§‘,\ 2?‘ Hawaii Chose the Most lendid Fruit HE first pineapples grown in Hawaii were not the splen-: , did variety of Smboth Cay- x'; * 2: enne which is »the basis oi‘tl‘|‘e‘ ‘ Hawaiian canning industry ‘today. The Smooth Cayenne is a: ' splendid pineapple, which grows uni-; ' form and vigorous, and which, when ; ripened in the ‘sunshine, has a gen- : dons quota of fruit sugar. ' Back in 1886. when there was no‘ pineapple industryiat all. the pioneer, ' Captain John Kidwell began to grow ' pineapples to ship fresh to the main» ;land, but he found that the fruit 1 that ‘grew in Hawaii was of poor 1 quality. So he sent to other places‘ hfor their best pineapples and discov- - ered the Smooth Cayenne. This « variety is the basis of today's pine- gapple industry which had its in- : eeption about thirty years ago, and : it has grown so spectacularly since’ - that ‘time that it is now producing upineapples in such ‘quantities that .'-they may ‘be placed on every table ' at a price which makes than an ; economical food. . Kidwell's idea. however, of estab- ; lashing a business of shipping fresh pineapples to the mainland, died a I speedy death. since a pineapple to have its full quota of fruit sugar , must ripen in the sunshine, and pine , apples to be_ sent to the mainland 1 had to Be picked green, and ripen. 4 in the dark holds of vessels. which I robbed this fruit of much of its dis- ; tinctive and delicious taste. For pineapple picked green anywhere fails to develop the same sugar con- tan and hence the and swcctheu of pineapple allowed to come to full maturity on the plant. fourths cu]: drained pineapple, and cook again ‘until thick. Cool and put between layers of cake. To make the icing, mix together three tablespoons pineapple syrup, two and one-fourth cups confec- tioner’s sugar and two tablespoons lmtter, and stir smootlk Cover top .and sides of cake and decorate In desired with nuts and dates. A Problem Solvod‘ But there was a solution, and it‘ came soon. First one and ‘later several companies took to canning; pineapple because that proved to be the only way at ‘getting the sun- Iripencd fruit to market, with healthful vitamins and its full quota of fruit ‘sugar. The first shipments’ were small, but the fruit was soon- canned in increasing quantities be- cause the public took to it from the first. The more they ate, the more they wanted, and the value of the‘ \industry_has grown from a nominal sum at that time to an annual total of about forty million dollars. Virginia Beach. Vn.: A recent. gur- vey made by executives at Southern Fxaewnter. Vtrglma. when are gam- ered oocxally prominent people Xrqm every part. of the United states. Jamestown Island And Yorktown. Revolutionary battle mansion. clmrchea. schools remain almost no they were l50 yesrs ago. John D. Rockereller. Jr.. Is now restormg an entire clty or wllllamaburg to lu,u- pect In colonlnl tlineo. For those interested in sports and social ntlvmes there ll‘ 3 D.-ullsnt whlrl of events amid the beouuzul natural surroundings of Vlrglnla Beach. where more ls I real whlus sand beach that runs tor zmles. tree from rocks and stones. low lying arm straight, and with sunsrune Society wheels down its broad prom- enade. An attrnctlve beach club. reminiscent ox Denuvllle. run in com nc-ctlon with the Cavalier Hotel. Adorn: the bench. Bathing. ooatlng. flshlng um horseback riding are xavorue sports. Two splenclld 18-hole golf courses stretch out lo I magni cent setting of pine woods. blossom- mg dogwoods and salt water lagoon; A rldlng academy and hum club. hard clay tennis courts. I snooung grounds and club house overlooluu: Llnknnven Boy. known all over £110 world {or Its succulent oysters the majestic Cavaller Hotel and nules ox broad whm:-sanded beach make an unreslstable appeal to Z1-Oll ~ .1: vnc resorts covering A six months’ period There is much to do and see in this magni land. Vivid recollections of the mivenmres 0! cnptsin John Smith me the loveiy Indian rmiden; Pocahontas nu one's mind on vlsitingt the romantic sites or their courtship. Approaching Nortoik the liner movee through the quiet waters of Hampton Roads. the scene during the cm: Wu or the famous engagement between the \Monitor\ and the \Men'imuc.\ and posses close to the naval operat- ing base; which covers Ill urea 01 1.000 acres and contains accommodations for 90.000 niiors. It is the station {or the Atlantic the great snipe of which will oiten be seen by unvei- era on the Old Dominion Line mun- ers. hcing the waters of Hampton Roads in the magni New Chun- beriin Hate: st Old Point comma and nearby Fortress Monroe. the lug- cet coastal ueience on the Atlantic shown an interesting chnnge In the mode or American travel. The motor: or economy. greater safety. and In- creased convenience and pleasure are uhown to cause tourists to seek travel by sea. The total cost or the average motor mp, including lood. accommo- dntiom. gasoline. repair. and inci- dentnls in (mm 15% to 20% grenur than that o! atearnahip travel. Virginia Beach. noted as one or the (oremost Southern -resort: and whose citizens aided -in the uurvcy. in outer- iug to in unprecedented number or vncnlonlsti this oeaaon. largo num- ber: of whom are enjoying the cool sea Journey to Old Virginia. The cele- brated Old Dominion Line. operating ocean liner: every week-day lrom New York to Norioik. Vin. whence iamoua Virginia Beach is easily reached. this year among ita many attraction: ailers oeveml all-expense tours or Virginia designed to in every pocketbook. For a modest outlay one is able to spend many fl9“.lgl‘.’.I\ll‘ hours aboud a pala- tial etrmne: with every conceivable torm or -main) entertainment and also visit the tins.-at hoszelrieu in beautiful Chocolate Pineapple Slices: Melt four squares of chocolate in a double boiler. add one-third cup of peanut butter and stir until well blended. Add three-fourths cup of co'nfectioner': sugar and three- fourths cup of evaporated milk end cook until thick. «Drain eight slices of Hawaiian pineapple and dip each one in the chocolate until well coated. Place one slice on each small serving plate, sprinkle with chopped salted peanuts. and place a marshmallow in the center. It couldn't have done that without‘ a delicious tropical fruit. um-rip end, and a scienti method of getting it to market. And here is I good one for 1 ‘party ‘breakfast. Pineapple French Toast: Boil the content: of one '8-ounce can pineapple tidbits, one-fourth cup of orange -juice and one-fourth cup sugar mixed with two teaspoons for several minutes. Beat one egg slightly, and add one-hall cup milk and one-eighth hupoon salt. Cut four thick slices of breed in one- -inch squares, dip in the milk and G88’. and sautélon both sides in 3.4 small amount of butter in I skillet.’ When ~well browned, arrange on small serving plates and ‘pour over the pineapple sauce. Serve hot. ‘Phil will eerve'fo_ur people. ‘ Some Pineapple Recipe: Hmmiian Layer Cake: Cream one cup butter with one cup corv- fectioner's sugar, and add two and one-fourth cups and three and one-half teaspoon: bakin; pow-' der, sifted’ together; fold in the stif beaten whites of eight eggs and ‘bake in layers in a slow oven, 335‘, for 29 to 25 minutes. For the beat six egg yolks, three- fourths cup sugar and three-fourths cup butter\ in top of a doxible boiler until-thick and creamy. Chop three- fourths cup of nuts and add with ‘three-fourths cup of dates and three- -._. - _ ‘ , On Cape Henry. near Virginia Beach. is the oidut llgm home in America It marks the spot when captain Smith \ we: {act on America. Presi- dent Boover and other notable: visited here April 26. n. the annual celebrm non Other inscimulng historical momunenu are seen in williamaburs. I.--. v 2:! THE EASTERN T OWNSHIPS OF QUEBEC. THE RESORT COUNTRY} QUEBEC’S LI4UREN11IAN NA Tl0NAL' ’ \W A. PARK RESPLENDANT3 SPECTACLE TOURISTS ‘ENJOY NATURES BOUNTY IN ONE 08 CONTINENTS BEAUTIFUL SPOTS (2 ‘NR ‘ Iv ;. .,v , v:‘; ~ .,* . ' V come to taste the keen pleasures it affords in scenery of surpassing beauty in which mountain and lake vie with one another for supmmecy of appeal, in the tonic bene of its balsam-laden air, in the charm and diversity of attrac- tions of its altogether wonderful lake shore resorts. in the unique‘ experience ‘of contact with 3 society that is distinctly “two~ nationality” in .charz\ctez- and yet exhibits the most striking example of the true bonne-entente. SHE/va'nox£ Coua/rné Cu/5. rap /rs‘ txcsuewr 04.!‘ Co I/£05-PO0A'£, Rd. WEI 4 Awawv pat. populated by their sturdy descend- ants, theatmosphere remains per- =h:\ps as purely English in its general aspect as that of any ‘other section of the continent. The houses re the Englishman's penchant for making his home his castle. and there is just the most refreshing touch of landscape gardening in the aspect of field culture. The tourists illusions -of travelling through 8 corner of the Old Land is further enhnnced_by the sight of English cattle grazing placidly on verdant uplands slopes, and still further by the beautiful copsos that have been left here and there tn add the-1r beauty to the landscape. A_ ;z/144: M t/:1-‘V25; /N 7'/{E 0/sm .d7.'A«.=A7//E, my 1 A REAL AZEJ‘ oer J”£C7‘/OM /7/mo J't‘£WE //v 5 12/sr/2/c'_r_qf A/on/r_.uz/,9/£;z, 23.4 But the French-Canadinn's \(1.l' vo:-ht isybccoming ever more marl‘-_ ed by the appearance of more pro- tentious religious edi closu- knit rural communities, and an easy brand of hospitality to n :- tors. The Provincial ’l‘nuri.~t Bu.- cau will furnieh dctailcul inform..- tion gratis to those plz1nning“!.rnw. It is difficult to conceive 21 nmw delightful vacation than one 1-cnt at any of the exquisite Tm -oxt'= my the Eastern Townships 01 Quehec.$ High up sct‘in the Province of §uobec_ ‘ice the Luurentian ation:\l\Pnrk 9. resplendzint re- treat for ‘jaded nerves. Oldest of mountains, the Laur- entides, massive, solid, hard, ‘these is more grandeur than sample- beauty in their aspect. Hills and valleys of superb sculpture, in-‘, numerabie beautiful ‘lakes and limpidl streams, and exposed granites and gneisses of gorgeous coloring are the region's rich legacy tom the greatest of all ice- sheets, the Laurentides Glacier.‘ And sunsets, a magical play of light and slfadow over wide ex- panse of forest covered hill and ‘dale; n spectacie worth going far to see, and, once seen, never toibe forgotten. Its area of ti seven hundred sm \ miles covers :1 tcrxfitory in w ich nature has been particular- ly lavish with her favorsiof rivers and lakes, mountains and forest nbounding in and game. A territory through which -modem macademized roads con- trast strangeiy; the Province of Quebec contribution, making this fgiryland accessible to tourists and sportsmen. Originally settled by United‘ Empire Iroyalists. intensolv pat- riotic sou s wl1o.cx-ossod the lmrdcr from the United States during and immediately after the War of Independence, and still largely ‘ ‘.7 E

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