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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, June 18, 1931, Image 4

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>=».-3:: ‘33.v‘~;;'jj *‘t:I~.~: ..‘ #- gig‘ '- T I V; ‘.1 I !=I:|§l!!|[l,!IlI!‘§8.N_¢V_V!s.'le-!¢k.|“ll,I‘!|||.‘.|s Na Y’-.-'l‘.'-Tl-T\:ILr.s-“-.~»g‘l‘\II‘I.e.--.. 13. 1.9. LEGAL‘ NOTICE s IX '1' n NIIAL COUNTY ciotmu‘, 013 mm \com‘~1,'rY.: John sattléx‘, P.~amt1&X. against‘ Clarence 'D.m;ebrock ‘and Florence vDam;- .br'c.i!k. ‘ms wife. Myvon \Elsa. Carl l;‘.; Wlesner and Irene Wleguer! his wiie. De-I fendanns. Action No; 5. Pursuant to a zjudgment or xoreclbs and sale. granted June 2, X931, gum eh-; utered ht Erie County ,Clerk’s Of 1; me undersxgned ‘w1n.se~1! at public‘ aux.-j. won ‘an the westerly _ vestbbxxle. Eric; County Ha11.. augm.1o_ N. ‘Y, on , *s , JUL? 18, 1931. at 11 a. In-. the mlic-wing deséribed\ reni eatme. ‘K All that tract or -parcel .0!‘ land. s'|tu-3 znte in imp Town of Amherst, County 6! - Erie and State 9! New York, being «purtig 0! int Nov. 17. Township -12, ‘Range '7. of; .the Holland‘ Land .Co:upany's sui-vey mid‘; according to a map tiled in Erie County; Clerk's Oificg under Cover No. 1495 is: ‘known and distinguished ‘as the westerly‘ three 18)‘ lee! of subdivision 19?. Na. 1-11;‘ and the easterly thirty-six (38) teet bi subdivision int No. 140, fusing situate on the southerly [side 01 Longmeadow Rc'ad_ and together being thirty-nine. (39) reef: from and year by one ‘hundred twenty-, five (125) met: in depth; commencing two hundred tour (204) {Let easterly: tram the intersection of the (southerly line or Lo ! Road 'with inc: easte line 01 ‘Ivyhurst Road ‘according, ,to said map. I; vi 3:‘. H Under Auspices dollar -a dollar? at the Bung? Baron: ‘you’ buy my house: E paint ‘or let any Acontnct,‘ palm long enough to get actual I oi’: the year in and‘]:yenr'i out «economy of NEW RA] House Point as compared‘ to I “ordinary” house paint; 0!] »course,y’ou nmynve 50c to ‘(Sc ' porgallovt on ordinary‘paint.,But I u on get short covering qua‘litya' (’o‘u use 50% more go ona.You., get 40% .tbor:er.Ig'fe. In years? you paint twin with ot-dine’:-y house paint to once with Acute; Qmlity NEW ‘ERA. In other, words, by zp a few cents- tnote ‘per 3: on for this up»-: quality point, you save by :54 335‘ and ? Ibo yur. Ask us for the; e ofwhntlthis NEW’ BRAeconotnywiIl meun onyur botm. Do this before you spend: ulckelforhousepaintofunyidnd. ANTHONY J. CZOSNYKA lLac%kJawan Pol ice Department Also all that tract or parcel of land.? situate in the Town ‘,0: Amherst. Caunty} of Ede and State 0!’, New York, helng} part or lot No. 1'7. Township 12, Range; 7 or the Holland Land Company's su'r-.1 vey. bounded and -:le=,crlbe¢l as xollows. Commenc-ing at a point in the south« erly line or salt! subdivision lot No. 140. according to map ruled in Erle Qounw; C_ler}:‘s Office xmdar ‘Cover ‘No. -1495, said; pblnt being tour (4) feet easterly ‘tram’ the southwest corner of said subdivision; lot No.‘ 140: thence southerly at right ‘angles to the southerly line of said ‘aub- dlvlslon lot No. 140. 66333 It. to the northerly line or Ivyhux-st Road ‘as shown on a map filled in E119 County Clerk’: ‘omce under Cover No. 1495: thence easterly along said northerly line at Ivyhurst Road. 39 to a point. In a line drawn southerly at right angles from a palm in the southerly line or s’-ubdlvlelon lot No. 141 according to said map tiled under cover No. 1495. eald point being the aouthonsterly eoafner or the premises first above descrlbed: thence northerly along said right angles line 86.333 Ieet to the southerly line of said s-ubdrlvlslon lot No. 141:‘ thence we;-_ terly along the southerly lines 0! -Lard subdlvlaion mu Nos. 140 and 141 thirty- (39) met to the point org beginning.‘ Buffalo, N. Y.. June 2. 1931. BYRON E. 1-ETSON. Reieree. Serbian Church Grounds 14 CHURCH STREET 1516 Electric Ave. Lackawanna, N. Y. \ CM; QUA Z. V ‘J HOUSE PAINT costs Lass PU! J08 um um MARC W. CONISTOOK. Attorney !or Plaintiff. Office and P. _O. Addreu, so Erie Street, Bu N. Y. June 4 11 ll 25 July 3 9 N0'l'l(‘l1 OF PUBLIC HEARING WW1] Taxpayers and all other pnrueo mum'- eowd will be heard at 0. public meeting to be held July 6. 1931 at eight o'clock In the ccrunoll chambers at which time a £131] dlocusslon 01 the needs and bene- 0! pavdng Mills 82;. from Steelawanna Ave. to Watson Ave. and all pames m~ texested will have the apportunlty of prmentlng his or her views in mvor of or in opposlulon to the proposed im- provement. The Mayor and mlembers of the Com- mon Catmcil at the Cltyot Iauckawmna. will be present and thg meeting will be called promptly at alght o'clock. Police vs. Serbians : V ED I am; J. REDOND. (my cum: ‘ June 13 ~ THE best advertisement for Fin Insurance is when folks themselves \slzaut itfrann tbe bousuops ”-— but then, it Hay be too late! _, TICKETS 50c GATE PRIZE NOW is the time! You can ulynys depend upon Fire lnsunnce written by the Automobile Insurance Com- pany of Hartford. Conn. Fifty-three Countries Will Be Represented in Fraternal Mellting Pot at Woodmen Circle Convention, Buffalo, N. Y._ KLEIN-HEGEDU3 CO. “INSURANCE wma SERVICE\ 447 RIDGE ROAD LACKAVVANNA. N. Y. classified Ads AIJBOTT 0001 Wm BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE—--Fine building lot: fronting on South Park Ave. Hamilton AAve., Stearns Ave. and the Martin road; no in- terest; prices reasonable. In quire of Michael Kinney. 1684 South Park ave. Phone Abbot1 U687-W. one Abbott 4597 Rooting M. EDW. STALTER LONG LII-‘E Gutters and conductor Pipe lleatlng I-‘urnnce ‘Repairing 435 EIDEN AVEL, near Abbott load {M ; 2>‘’'~''.~«1 1;’ .2 FOR RENT——Dowmng and Julius Bt:3., Modern upper. 030.00. Abbott 5605-W or Cleve. 1015 11 ESTABLISHED llll ‘EYES EXAMINEIL. av APPOINTMENT DR. WILLIAM J. COOK OPTOMETRIST 5: 3 Hi Hours: 9 A. M. lo I P. M., except -Bun LIQUID OR TABLETS V Believe: I llendncnes or Neumlgia -In 80 minutes, chicks a Cold thé first day,.un¢} checks Malaria In three days. cloud Slturdayn at 12 Noon Phone, Washington 5135 (only one otucé) 148 BROADWAY Nu: ‘Ilhhlgnn Ava. Iuffalo. N. Y 666 Salvo for Baby’: Cold‘ Subscribe For The Lackawanna News \\'f'sunsc1un: ion ‘mu I.-ACKAYIANUA E325 .1? ' 3}?-,2: ifv’ .- P5 ~ ,_. . -. .7-,. M 7, ‘-‘.. *6 ’:,‘,;I-::?:t:‘§:: “ L54 xv}\ ~ W31 $5 _ I F you want . what you want when you want it-in the printing line-— WE HAVE IT! CHARLES HERR SONS COAL, COKE. “SOFT COAL ICU nil IUILDIIIS SUPPLIES . . Ot 1240 lo. Park. Abbott 1942-]

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