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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, June 04, 1931, Image 8

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1.‘ ,4 .~:.-my-9 ._. -, ., ..,_ .‘N_‘,‘ ,,V'__‘ ‘_,_ V... »...,...,;=»-,'.-...r..,..-..-.-soc.-_«.—a.-'-. no-g\.«r~<£.‘n_‘*'*\U4 -4-.~‘-wr.--\v-'-~\‘-,-j -—.,.-,;--an:-o no .15?‘ 4\’ Wu; ‘ ‘s ~. It 3 r .3‘.-.~.. ,,...—... _ _.l .‘ ,a§:¢.’.«: . gl y.;,—§: ;-2:1. ; “'1' ' \ ~La.s=kawanna. News. '1-:A.c,?|.:.ai~.van,-3:23.. N-. Y.-. Til7h.In';a_-. June. '4. 193.1 7.—- ’-:2; ’ fv.‘-,a»,,’. :r.w.«'_‘!’“' 5. » *=‘:‘:;:1n-~:?-.. (Contmued From Last; Week.-) found hezsalf »a1\i'1wLng ui Wichita. with ‘ha stelevgrapn key smnm. t.J.gj).L mat:-. ‘. Sln.\V'[V. sh-.wLv. the Me of the com- munity, in rthe b(=ginnin: so wild, so uru'eluted in its 1)aI}ts,ybpgun to \\‘m\vc= In and out. warp and \\_'-ml’. in make \a putte‘I.'~h,._ It was at Hraf mint. :Nuxs-st umliu-oi-nilzle. Paul. {AIM-s‘n1xtl_§* Hm. e_vo_ vonld trsiceim-re u ‘m- t.ht‘r+- 21 ‘here a mum’. there a ‘l‘h,e shut- _ llemvom hm-k. fm'w:1nI.'huck. fnr\v'.ml ‘ “lt‘s z1lmns,l' time fur Um .1:-w.\ uS.1h,r.\ \v-mid, .-z.x_». I-‘--~l\-.11; up frnm in-r 's9\\m::. \I need sunw numlwr forty» soxun-.'-xnachlne‘ nevnlls-:3 \ And .lheu_ perhupx mwl day, or the duy utter. ‘Vim. plu\-lug in the yurd‘. \\-nlllll seen fnmulnr iiuure.~br.\nt :\l_x_n0st duuble. p.:nnmelI_ke nnd grotesque. 'nguiu.~zt the wuswrzt sky. It was ‘Sol \Levy. the pmlnllor. the .\‘li Jew. ’ Suhru \vuul<,! fold up .lwx: wurk. hrush the thru-ads from near upxjung or» it her lmu-N xve-ro In the dun,-.:h she would hn.~:ri1,v m_uld and crimp her pie cru_s: all, as t-\,he rwuly fl)lf'1li\‘ visit. a, trunk t-ontnining the very Elothes with \\5ili(‘h she had_ departed from it almost four ._venrs earlier. Promixient mimng those was a ::reen,n'un's veiling with p_ln,l_< run-hin;.r_s. She had had ‘little 9I_10.il'.‘,i\ use for it in these past yr-ore. The ‘visit was not a success. The very things she hnd e\'p+-(‘ted to enjoy fell. aomelio.\v._ She llliiied the pill‘:-V, The mthilnrntlng -ixmge-rrviirity of the ”i{liljh_I),lifla life, 'l‘h,o te:u'n,p con- versation of her zxcirilmml friends seenwd in hirk Inn-,: and‘ ‘mennin-.:. Their existence wns, orderly. (‘ul,n,1. ne- cexileci, For ‘herself alnd the other wonion o,i’~0;-age‘ there was e\rery»tlilix:{ still to do. There my in city. a mum- try, a whole vast territory to be swept and »gni~niqlied by an army of su,nhon- »nets. Pzirzicioxically '*‘“0,ugll. she was trying -to implant in the red «clay of Osage the very forms and institutions that now hored her in Wichita. Yet it was. perlinps .a very human trait. It was illustrated literally by the fact that she wns._ on her return. more thrilled to (ind that the scrawny elm. no larger than a hnb,v‘s arm. which she had ‘planted outside the doorway in Osage. actually had found some -moisture for its thirsty roots. and was now feebly vernal, than ‘she -had been at sight of the cool glossy canopy of cedar. arbor vitae, sweet locust. up crepe myrtle that shaded the Knnstql garden. V Then the children. '«l‘l_1e visiting Venables insisted on calling Cixn by his full name-—~Cimarron. Sabra had heard it so, rarely since the day or his birth that she now realized. for the time. how foolish she had been to yield to Yancey's whim in the ‘ham- ing or the boy. Cimnrron. Spanish; wild. or unruly, The boy ‘had made such an vobstreperons, entrance into the world. and Yancey hnd shouted. in delight. “Look at him! See him kick with his feet; and strike out with his fists! He's a wild one. ueh, Cunar- ronl Pet-eno Gltnno.\ Izflshman who ‘hind rconie in mi-- torri- toxfy with, the railroad sex'ti_on_ are-xv whon ‘the knty. was being ‘built. Sn» t-hm ugvnt now, and §[1ulyim; Ll:I\\’ at mam. “Mr, l.,n-zuxv 1 Mr. -Leur_\,'!, um'u you ; seen Y‘am-e~_v?\' He ‘l_ouk~:-d up at hm‘ nhsexuly, I-is 'h,u_n<l still on me 1:.-\:,,A . Ih_t'n_ wiped his wet fnreluaml \\'hh. Mn -1 t'ore-2n'r11 prnte-<-Iml_ by the bl-1_--‘I; szxx.-on ~, -9.1:-x-u-1N.> “.\'in‘t you .hmn:-1'!\ ’; \‘.-\’o.“ \\_'h,i‘=pu.red Salim. with stiff‘ \lips that scented no ‘part of hvr. '~1‘lunn, ‘E In A mi-‘e rising to 2: §('l‘P.'ln!. \N01 ;‘ Sn! N0! \\'~haIt? [S2116 d(‘.u1\.\\ ‘: The l1'isl,1x1n:1x1muneuxaer to hm: the-n.‘ ‘ as she ('ruu(‘hN| at the \v.'iud_mv. “H11. f nu. nm'um \_';un'e_\\s all ‘rigm no uin‘t hurt tn 'sneu'k 0.1’. .l_usl u Hit-Ii in ' the :mn——2nnl Tl:-ft -arm at that.“ . div:-in-.:.. z_» ‘”-f3:\ “ |\-L»-‘§.A‘.'..~ ' .\<-f‘°‘.--'- . 1~\xn. EDNA =FERBER \ copyright by Edna Ferbenl WNU Servlco. “Oh. mv (‘:ml!\ “~Dnn't take on. You gain‘ »Lo faint or——?'-' Sn! ‘l.e\'~y had come «wet: an hum! grunt. In the noisome ‘bowels uf some dreadful ship. H13 hair was blue hlzmk and very thick. and his face wus white In spite of the burning south-. west sun. A blue}: stuhble at beard intensi this pallnr. He had deli- cate blue-velned hands nnd narrow arched feet. He belonged in crowded waves. \In populous places, in the color Ind glow and swift drunm of the “'1 been so husy, . . ., Y~nn_cey, co! the Kid, you know. .K;illed him. ”l‘he whole to\v~n‘s gone crazy. I‘-ltclied hut- tle right iihere on Pawliiisizn zlvextue in front of the bank. and hodies lu,vi,n‘ around like at battle l_‘vm_ sending ‘it out. I ain't rot much time, but I'll give you an idea. Seems Yancey was out hunting up in the hills lust !1‘hursdny-.\ “'_!‘hursdnyl_ But that's the day the paper comes out.\ “Well. the Wigwam ain't ‘been so regulzir since_yo.u been away.\ She allowed-that to miss without conimeniz. “Up in -the hills 0 stumbles on l),ocioi_- Valliunt. drunk. hilt not so drunk he don't recognize Yancey. Well. he tells Yancey. drunk as he is. that he's right in the cnmp where the Kid and his gang is hiding out. One of them was hurt bad in, that inst Santa Fe hold,-up at Clmnrron. Like to died. only they sent for doc. and he came and saved him. They got close to thirty thoue sand that trick. and it -kind 91‘ went to their heads. V'alli'ant overheard ‘them planning to ride in here to Osage. like today. nnil hold up the Citizens‘ l\'.t\-. tlonsl in hrond daylight like the Kid always does. They was already started. Well. Yancey oi‘! on, his horse to \,vm'n the town. nnd, knows he's got to detour or he‘il come on the gang and -they‘l_l smell I1 rat. ‘Well. say. he actually did meet ‘em. Came on ‘em. accidental. The Kid sees him and grins that wolf grin 01‘ his and sings out, ‘Yancey. you still month’ that paper oi‘ yourn down at Osage?‘ Yancey says. ‘Yes.’ ‘Well. say.‘ he says, ‘how much is it?‘ Ynncey says a dollar a year. The Kid reaches down and throws Yancey a shot sack with ten silver dollars in it. ‘Send me the paper for ten years.‘ he says. ‘Where to?’ Yancey asks him. Well. say.‘ the Kid laughs that wolf laugh of his again and he says, ‘I never thought of that. I'll have to leave you know inter.’ Well. Yancey. 'l_0(|klll_‘._‘{ as meek and nteaiy-moutlied as ll hnhy. he rliles his way. he's got a little book oi‘ poems in his hand and he's reading as he rides, or pretending to. but iirst chance he sees he cuts ucross the hills, puts his horse throuszh the gullies nnd into the draws and across the scrub nnks like he wns a circus horse or n cc-utipeilo or something. He gets into Osage. ulcad tired and his horse in a lather. ten minutes before the No, Tell me.\ 3' ?¢::*~ THE STORY , C_HA‘PTER. I.—It was 1889 Yam-oy Cnnat, just returned {rum the nu-wly opened Indian (8I‘vX‘l!ury uh;-no hv mid Wxnrtlclpated In the Run me-r thu bur- lder. ls descruung (hm .ulvan_tuI:e to a Jurge family gather-mg of the \'mm|>le.~:. «\1‘—ha Vanablea. ruined by the (‘uni wm Ihad left Mxsslssxppn and settled in Wichita. Kan. Five \-ears be-foro \'2\u- aey Cravat had am-warm! In Wichita and won as hls ~br-A-la slxtuoll-you!’-.old ‘Sabra Yenabla. Gossxp said of Yancey Cravat that there \\'.As Imlmn blow! in him, He Is a clever vrxminnl l{£\VY(3l' ‘and editor of tho \\‘I<-him \‘VRg\vzun. A born orator. he (.‘0n1bI1\£‘..\ somotmng of Hhe churlaun. much of the actor and E dash of the i'Ilni\_U(‘ When the Run started. ‘fan-‘e-y haul I‘.u'u(l his puny against the Ihurnmmhn-ul mount of a slrl. when her hurw fell and hrcvke ‘both fnrelegxz he smmml to shoot the [crlppled annual Tho girl leaped on has mustang‘. Sal]-marl tn tho quarter 300-. Mon and gni the land by right of chum. l'a.nc<-v annnunve-x he Isgnlng back to the Ukluhonm. c--unlry to star: la newspaper In one of Hm now t Sabra, defying hm‘ muther. says she !wlH so too. . .2 K‘-' ‘{ “\ :x ‘‘v._ bazaars. God knows how he had fuund his way to this vast wililerness. Perliaps in Chicago. or in Kansas City. 01- Omaha he had heard 0! this new country and the rush of thousands for lts laud. And he had bummed his way on foot. He had started to peddle with an ollclo‘th-covered puck nu his buck. Thrmigli the little hot western towns in summer. 'l‘hrough the bitter cold western towns in syiutei-. They turned dngs ‘on him. The chlldijeu crled. \Jew! Jew!\ He was only A boy. dlsguised with that stubhle of heard. He would enter the yard or a farmliouse or :1 dwelling, in a town such as Osage. A wary eye on the dog. Nice Fido. Nice doggie. Down. down! Pins. sewing machine needles. roll: oi‘ gingham and calico. and lust. craftily. his‘ Hamburg lace. He l)l'0.ll‘.§1\C' news. too. ¢. _. 5‘-*3;:~.‘¢ CHAPTER II--They make the inur- may in two cuverod \\u§-um. lsuluh. I little negro s-rvnnt nf the Vemxt-nos. is found win-n thev make cnnuq the nrst night. mi-len u: :1 roll ul‘ carpet. The travelers nnd thv darky yuung.~xter almost mvaluanle nu hm van-n'uml pro- tection of (‘xmarr-m,’ [hrs fuur-vs;-1r‘-0|-.I son of tha Cravats. Cimarron was almost eight now. If it is possible for .a hoy of eight to be romantic in aspect. Cirnarron Cravat was that‘... His head was not, large. like Yancey's. but long and line. like Sabra's—a Venable head, His eyes were Sahra's. too. dark and large, but they had the ardent look, of Yancey's gray ones. and he had i'aat§ey's ab- surdly long and curling lashes. like a beautiful girl's. His speech was strangely adult. This. perhaps. hecause of his close as~ sociation with his elders in those first formative years in Osage. His skin was bronzeti the color of his father-’s. He looked like a ,little patriclan Spaniard or perhaps (the Venables thought privately) part Indian. Then. too. there had been few children of’ his age in the rm-.-n‘s hezinning. Sa- bra had been. at tfirst. too suspicious of such as there were. lie would, probably. have seruneui a rather un- pleasant and prlgtzis-h little buy it’ his voice and manner had nut been on- dowed miraculously with all the charm and tnagnetism that his father pos- sessed in such tiisatrmin: degree. Even little Donna was not much 01‘ a success. The hahy was an eerie little ell’. as plain as the boy was handsome. She resemhleti her grand- mother. l-‘elice Venhhle. tvithout a trace 01' that reduuhtahle matron‘s t'or- tner beauty. All in all. Sabra found herself jn_vn,usl_v returning to the bar- ren hurnin: emmtry to which. four years earlier. she had gone in such dread and terror. She resented her lllnil|t‘i\i do-this. do-tlmt. She saw I-‘e-lire Von.-lhle now. no hunger as a power, an anthnrity in all matters of intpurtattee. but as a sallnw uld lady. who tnttere-ll an lien.-is that \\'ere too high and who. as she sat talkintt. pleated and unpleated with tretnuhnis “|’lL'I‘l‘S the many rulilos of her white (illl|i[_V wr:u-per. The matriarch had inst hm‘ I,l'Iv\\'ll. Salim was nmtriarvh now nf her own little lting,:tlum: and ' nlrea-l_v she was planning tn (wlvnd that realm lwynlhi and iN\}'4 its present routines into who knnws what vastness of rlmnesne. CHAPTER III-—A_I (Wan!-$9 Ynnve-_\v lm« ‘median-ly begins uymg to lourn whn lmd murdered a man named Peglor. who had been shot nfler the ‘nrst mil- tiou of his paper. vullvd the New Dav. mspaarad In Osage. Ho had been Irm U-utnful in crclllnu attention to condi- Vlrms In tho h=rrnur\ 1'1‘:-paratious for the x.~mlnn of \’a.m~oy's mirror, the \\'1g\vum. are about com- mleted lsnlnh htwcllnes D. muunbor of Us Cra.\.a.L household. 5 2 \j.: E \The bridge ls out below Gray Horse. . . . The Osages are having a powpow at Hominy. All night they kept me awake with their drums. those savages. . .- . The Kid and his gang held up the Santa Fe near Wetokn and got thirty- thousand dollars; but one of them will never hold up I train again. Shot in the head. Vet-dl~ gris Bob by name. would be :1 tenth- er in that sherit‘f’s cup. tn catch the Kid! . . . A country! My fore- fathers: should have lived to see me Item!\ ‘ CHAPTER I\’—'1'z\n<‘9,v ls nslsnd In conduct church ser\'u'('~ nn Sunday and .c\rkAnsas urn! Hotuh \lunns\ um guru- bllng lent. um.-‘h as packed. um unv- elly m‘ a rhur- h «Orv:-re and n. Svllnnll by Yancey LTld\(\l be-Inp; impostilblu to resist. Moat Modern Dairy in Western New York John Pentek, Prop. 213 FOWLER AVE. Lncknwanna, N. Y. Phone Abbott 1891-M “The Better Milk and Cream” Publxc ls invited to Inspect most moderx_x and up-to-d-ate milk plsant in the Guy of L:xck.uv.1nun. Gre-at expense has been involved m the addition or \Sealed from Mr\ equipment. Mull‘ in the Wright Izwernal Insulated Iunmoma curecc application mm: cooler 15 not exposed to xm‘ reooutzunlnation In any way. and A11 mm: m dairy is handled emit-ely enclosed, Equipment 1.: so arranged mat complete pressure sterilization is‘ pemuttea which insures w!~.olesomene~:s and safeguards the eternity of the product. (‘HAPTI-IR \'~—I‘.«-r.-yo he stunts his |\«\‘1rnI. \'uu.m' :u.-muxmvs hn Inn! ‘lam nun who lulled J.mk l\€‘KH.‘I‘. no utnnps just In tuna In c-‘=r*ru)o =\ ‘bullet . b5 I.nn \'-nun-= sum .slx-mpnug, \’.xnm=\' .uuI kills Yuun(is, th-n, ,mmnlI|mr-~‘- that \uuni:s' h.ul shot [Ng- lur tn the bank Am-.m; the lam ar- .rI\u\l,s at the tent sernvos Is a ham]- annns ,\uung unman \n1n\\'n us Dixie Ln‘--. “hum Lu:-«-\ 1--.--gnlzcu nu the gar! uhn trn-k»-d Inn: nut n! his quu« h-r -north-n. \\'ul.l\ he-r .\ro six \|iy.Inly' rnuxzml girls, ulmun <he has brought with her to Ualgt‘. His boniititui. civilized face. mobile as an .u:-tor's. was at once expressive of (iespuiv and bitter zxmixsenmut. His long siondor hands \v-ere spread in a gesture of \vnmieriny.: resignntinxi. He somolimes talknd to Dixie Lee, 'l‘iu\re existed between these two 21 stmmzo relation of unalerstunding and sumotliim: rosemblin-,: «respect. Out- custs. both of them. he because of his \‘H.\PTI-IR \'I~-SH-r1'° =-nnn<l -‘h-II. nmwul D-mnu, an .-«In»-:_t um-v umrx uld “him who I‘.-lIl|’l\~l Kn \\'ll'll|l{| fur he-r mat \I~ul Hlw na-is she hm: qmwn :\\\.1\ (‘mm Lmnlx And l'(\lmi\'cs .uI-I is g.l.x»1 to gut I-.x.k to Osage. “II.\P']‘I>'.R \‘1I——,\‘m.~m' frlisxtrntvrx I\ hunk r-xi-lwrv ‘n “-12”. klllimz Un- ‘l\nd\ um! .u.~iI.v r -I-«~p:-xmlcp. .uul hu- v.-mm1.: -: in-1.. .1 '14: I--IIIIOIV Salu I'm mu-rc_:\ and [I Vu '9 H \\In \\'mnm| unal- ur< fur Oh» yup.-r \ ‘nv --\. n1\\'z\\'~a mg:-I\ 1--r mlu-n'un-‘ nvx;- ~ .~|hr.x lo nun mm Ill \‘h»- ---1,. - : H H I‘ n|:~-mus: wt‘ :1.» who-r--I -- -'-':x- shv rofmww Ha Jvaxv--3 In-r. .u -l w L: -u-- live y(-211-: '4‘H\I‘TlIP \ UV 1' \\ L01‘ h-vmsm-‘I 3 0 vun n —.u ..1‘vr' Flw, u-Ivvw .|_n-I ]|\:.V[|q-la ..r .»..__.- up In--In-Imnl \vllI- V I‘ |~o --l -I ‘-v nu--u;.'In Illxu -us, ' ' . ]l]|Il su.‘ .~ Ir-l -n girl .\l'|lI, hu- ~“»~I vv' :\ mu lsuuh H . \|..- n~.\gs- In-I-.uns ‘ '- v ~~‘ \\|l|I 5 nm.:' -_ .n -. I»-nnh nml \lI|.'|_ ' .v-- kvlmlpod and tar- The Wright Grade A pasbeunzar has also been unstmlod. This is of All senmlesa stamless steel elec- tmcally welded «type of milk tank It Is beautifully tin- lshed in white parcemin. and has sbmmless steel bolt- less trim _ rwv ‘I\I“.-A “hit 1.: is A . .1. - .- \\'i|h (h-- -'v lulu] l— «I I vn \_1-Tr :: v\ u .\r with Synln . In naugn III .1 )2-..._..; , : rm .~«.nl'ur:~i._ -1.-e.-um; ‘In: -I ». -xr~-~ ham Ilu hm 1-men m .\x uh: In - :\ 4 The i_:<-ml \\ ~|lu~ u u‘, ... _ - l- -I I-\' .\‘:\hr:\. vuln- \. 1;: ,. The milk pusteurxzmg room is all white tiled. Visitors and education- al msmtulzlons aye welcom- eel to see how? char milk supply is safe guarded. 11 .(- 1.. x I ' wrI\| \‘u. 4, » “hp in \ I ‘nor ...x..! lmnes t. n <-I‘ li \..- [mo I-I-I ‘ -.1-r_ 1-«mu--I up an “ -~ ‘ -|. Mr .I_--I‘--lulu Hr '- I-1'1 \rd. Ymrny -m h g I-;;'|nn-~nl. She had muuxnt. at the last. tn 0v\‘~u%iun to inform hnr m-«ther and the min-n‘ \'-umblos that it was she who imnod \'a1ncoy's Ilnp \\-hire linen shirts. But she was nm :\ spiteful wnmnn. And she rvllm-to-1 that this ml-.;ht lw c<\ns'.l\n-d :14 a nritlcisnl of her hn=.lmnd. ,, \‘H\l‘Fl‘R X—\..'-.-x- ru-Iurn< frnm the \\.n !.:..|u~n nu L.-.z|th. hut gull‘ :1 pup 1| :1 y I -) nl.-< v v .- ~'- wlntl |I|u—.[u-I‘-s .14 Hw I \\n ''«.H!- H uh“ \n (|\ lnd\an girl !'.~:I-\' ' _- I“lI(, I»; .\'nlu'.1\1 hnuw s.-rx an! I m . v -- Ihu I‘v'I\'.\l“i In-u r. - .|.| .;-u-aura “A Smart Girl Like Vou. What Do You Want in Such a Business?\ rm‘:-,. sh-\ |_u-«-.11x‘<.e nf lmr mlling, \A smart girl likv you. what do you want in such x\ l.n1:nn-:-.‘~a'.\‘ “I've an! no mo, .\‘-vlly. (‘nu-I klluws why!\ \Yun r-..nu,- from u '.'um‘l fnnnly. You are yuun,; yc-t. you nu-9 snmrt. There are nun-.r ways.\ \\'»o up 4;? l trim! a mnple m‘ tlungq. ?\n\:. nix!\ In :1 ,\.-ur nr two .119 npmunl :1 llttle ~xlu|‘I| in 4)’-‘.:r.u>, It \m<. at m'<r.. on|y .1 \\'m\'h\n slmrk ----m:1imu'._: Iwn nr l.hr\u- l‘IHlL§h [mm [ill-UN‘ an uhlvh his \\'nro:; \\'\‘l‘(- ~xpl'l‘tUl. Ho mm Hm (own Jmsy. He was a {w1‘~'nn apart. Some- Ilmvs Lho c-n\\'lm‘\';: dmllml him; or the hnlnun ]m1n_':-rs; nnnl prnl‘v<<i--nnl bar] nu-u. Tluy lnnkvd unnn him as fair g.um\. 110 tlmugght ul’ tin-In .l\ ~.1\:1.;o~1. in .\'\l-nu‘: hun -r ' her. mu-r--an-.d In “But the Town I: Expgctlng Them.” «‘u\I\rx xl-~:»n ‘-M. nnnm at nfuwn H -'-I-ll! I-» . :\-‘—\\ Yurk ‘ I-zh:nL!\ °'hlu:I. .\‘.|.vn lm...nu-u the lun\u'-1 --us-H‘ la‘-|' I“<mumn u-- c*mmI.|rn-~s Illll-\‘ I‘: .: mi. In an [ml .1‘ oar.-mu(\ I]o<|'\\‘o in». n».-Nu-x'~x x'Mu'In. Rf!‘-Illnr-4 \un-.1-\. H - \\ nul:'rlu‘l Ilnnn ‘mm. unnln 1:-nu. «mu:-9 ‘rhn nu.-.ht Subrn, .|llln\0d an 1‘ umu..n‘~ .\|»\.~mr- aoelw II-II llu-I-4 In I ' vim lmltun v-zr--. ‘mom.1l. I-u.m_; .u-\I - I. ml:-n 1-ul lu it. She 1-L.ug’~)'hun I‘ n.-- Sn. -.:ln«llv. Mznrlv. Suhrn went lmck to the wilds she nnm-, ha-I \l(‘SDi8(‘d. Kid and his gang sweeps down hm’- husku avenue. their slx—shnnn-rs I)n1'k~ lug llke a rc-glmont was oumln uml makes a rush for the bunk. But the town is expm-ting them, Say! Blood 1'' Sabra wmu-d for no morn. She turned. Ami us she turned she saw coming down the mud in u. nloud of dust u grotesque ~u~.aye('ro\-:. all shanks and zeal; and rolling 1-ya-s‘. Biauk lsnluh. CHAPTER VII Before the Katy pulled ln at the Osage smllnn (the r.ulr-m-l actually had been evnnnlwl. trllu tn Dlxle Lee's prmllrllnn. from \\'.1lmn tn (Huge and lw_\on-l) Snhru's PM“; were sehrrhlng the glnrln-.: \\'n---‘on ;\lut.l‘«n‘m Ynncoy was not there. The slnrl: reclpnluleil wonden station snt lnllstm-in: in the sun. Ynnrey simply was not there. Nnt only that. the smlinu plnl,l‘m'1n usually grrn--ell hy :1 senre of vacunuq farm nnrl limp l.‘.':\LhGl‘f‘(1 to witness the ovltin: event at‘ the I\’m_v's daily t1l‘~I‘l\‘{H and departure, was lmre. Sill)l‘l1 fa-It slvk an-l w--ak. Sume- thlnz ~Wll‘4 lvlmng, She left her boxes nnd bnms and |'\:n‘z‘els on the platform, Ilulf am hnnr hefure their arrival ln Osnze she had entrmtc-d vthe rhlldreu to the euro of n 1'»-llmv pass-ehger while she had gune tn ghe \vu.<hrnom to put nn one M’ the new qlrnasee made‘ ln Wlulllta an-l lmullntl‘ the style cachet nf Kansas’ Olly. She had antlcipated the look ln ‘Yum-e._v‘s ::rn_v‘o.ves at sight of it. She had nhule the c-hllrlven, spot- less and threatened them with dire thlugs If they sullied thelr splendor before their father should see -them. And now ‘he was not there. with Donna ln her arms and Clm at her heels she peered ln at the Stile tlim window. Pat Leary was pent over (‘HAI\'l‘l’.ll \H—'H..- '.ul lmum\ .nn. \'\Jl.~---a nu'm -- 1 l,--- uv I ultrv minima- n('nI(>d_ nun-rvs M--mu -|.u-umm.-.x, .~Iu\ hills ht-r us!-n ~J.~I -m 'h»-:3 tn yum-.v “the rlnln-st nun I-n Ilm smlo“ \'.\nu-y -1~eturn~=. arv-um-«I In‘ H)? rs-\\-s Hun ml has tn.-on hllunk u-n Hus II-than r-~nor~ 'vnHnn, and :hru>rInIm=.] tn ch-f-‘-ml vholr rIghIg_ In line l'I'\\-|'.\l\Fl‘, Ih-nn;l_x ha esulngunlzos pal-:.> -\':I.um-4.1 I'.m:1r- I‘M1's u‘.;n fu-I.-L.v. .‘\\1'|| um Kn- dlgns aura Inonna 1-» md.'.:I1u[|on con 13:1: ‘the pro: aft: \.\'o‘m. Miss Suhm. he ain't hurt- not what yo‘ rlglxlly mll hurt. No. mu'am. .1:-9'1: nip in do arm. and he not It slum: in .11 Mark silk hnn:)'chie\‘. and looks right smu't huudsouno. They wouldn't Ir-t him alone nmvaxs. Ev'y- hndy in town they shn1;In' hi: hand cnze he shoot the shnt dnt kill de Kid. An’ you know what he do then. Miss .\‘z1h171\? He kneel tlmm an‘ ho <-r»y like a -baby. . . ., L8‘ me tote dis yere Travel the Lake and Land Route of the C8: B Lme to Cleveland points West and Southwest New Law Fares and Auto ‘Rates . . . . . Between BUFFALO and CLEVELAND, Way 15: to Nov. 15:, leaving, each way at 9'00 p. m., arriving 7.30 a. m. (E,S.T.) $4.50 one way $7.50 round trip Anus carmd. to June nth and after Ycpt. 1501. $5.00 an? Size car. Summer mun. only $6.50 and $7-50 ~0t«h CD]: 1.9 t\ CIIAPTI-IR x1I1_x=-L; It‘.I;. nsuqe In. dlan chl->1‘. and his u u», furmn!lv unti- fy the L‘I.1\:1ts nt ‘hr xuurrm-.:n,~ that morning ut the-Ar d.:~.4hH -1 Huhv. In C1, marron. The mu-nun n~. mxnnmo-vnr-nt ataggs-rs .\'!’\‘hl’2\. lhnuul: Linc:-_v 13 un- ‘moved, wnn he-r 1u1sl»x1ml.7S21bm_ nt- tends the wmldlng fes(I\'|tls\S. though she for-In that. far her. We I-x ovér. Tracy \\')'uH. rm-mu~ trurk mrlvor. is easily Hm rnhr--t man In nklnhomzx. Dlvorclng his wife.’ ho marries Donna, Her amlnm-m Is; ml For years, misdn. Snbm hears luvlhlng frnm van. ‘oey, who had dH.I.m\rnr(‘d snnn after -Cima.rmn's marr1m::- Sabra is olec-ted oongre=5s\vomnn. and homm and hm- husband. and Cinmrroxfs Indian wife. olectrify Waslnngton with v.1\c1_r dis- play of wealth. 3 CHAPTER XIV—-“'H.h n L~.nn[.'l‘ea- donal party. and some lending oil’ on-. craters. Subrn ls nmkxnx: a tour of in. vuugatlon Into cnmmlrms In the mug. ‘homa 011 districts. At the town of Bowlegs me \'axIrI‘)’. Ouhsuat and bum; dying. a hero. with the mat nug- rnl gesture of an olnialra bunder. III the mud of the M1 do, but she ‘h lg: tlmo to be recognized by him and ‘ axon ula eyel h htllvqnou and - _.1nnns.n-.n—u..,.. In the t.ln'm- and n hnlf _\'(‘1l's of her l'(‘n[§]NlL‘(‘ in ()»uL!u- .\':\‘.»ru |nl_-I yiuldm! 11211-dty an ‘I1l\“l It “as mun‘/'1n‘.‘;. It was lmroic. She h.u} set |u\r.x‘¢-If cer- tain stnmlnrds. and thnsv she had maintained in spitp of nlmust over- whelmimg opposition. Slm had hoon hred on tradition. If she had _vihlc1mI at all it was in minor matters and be- cause to do so wns expedient. Once only in those three years hm! she gone back to Wichita. At the prospcvt of the journey she had been In a fever Qt’ anticipation for days. She had taken with her Cim and Donna. She was so proud of them. so intent on out them with a tvandrohe sufficiently splendid to set 0!! thelr chm-ms. that she neglected the matter of her own costumlug and valise. Ah kin tote Miss Donna. too My. she sho' gm\ved!\ Between PORT ‘STANLEY, CANADA, and CLEVELAND, June 23th to Sept. 9th. Leave P-on Stanley at 4.30 p.m.; arrive Clevelmd 9: 30 p. m. Lv. there 11:59 p. m.; at‘. Ft. Stanlcy 6:00 a.m. $5.00 one way $5.00 round (sip Autos carried, $1.50 up The newspaper 011106. the print sgop, her parlor. her kitctleu, ‘her bedroom. were packed with men 1n boots. spurs. somhx-etfns: men In overalls; women with children. Mrs. Wyatt was there -—.the Philomatheans us one wonmn were therg; Di._VIe'Lee.nctua1l_y; every. one b,ut——~s1mster1y—-Louie Hefner. (Continued Next Week) Save miles and miles of congested 1-ondway and tmvcl cheaply. restfully and enjqyably by taking these luxurious steamer route}. Write us or ask Your local Tuckctor Tourist Agent for our new 32-page xlllulrurczl \‘.-wzxon Bunnlut, also Auto Map holder on rcgulqr gcrviqc. THE CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO TRANSIT CO. Foot of Em: Suect .‘. s_'. .‘. Bulfalo, N,Y, SUBSCRIBE FOR THE- M_|iL me flee copy of QGLB N“\'¢ Line‘: 1931 Vacnnun dd ‘Bookie: on All Expense A ‘\4’ Tours. also Mnp Foldu. .IP¢'.>= an pro: mac‘ LACKAWAN NA. NEWS I_.. '\ 0» 4 THE SEASON IS. ON fort . SH ‘ ONLY PUBLIC COURT IN WES’TE;RN NEW YORK M0rgan’s= iShell-‘Ter Inn OPEN DAY AND NIGHT 2200 South 'PfaI\k; Avenue at Arthur BLASDELL. N, Y.

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