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-»\*’ N ,.m:'!\\‘. \.*’ i;:¢~i¥£W «f\‘ Van-«a... .:-.-_r— r -nun...-..o-v9-* cu» v~;..~--‘wi-.>“w ~..,'-.. 5 ..u‘ -..x -3...--‘ v -‘ .:~ 4 3...»: § ckgwqnna Newg, ‘_an . AY., Tl]a_urn., June -4, 1,931 News of Stage and “Screen sbory of a dehctwe subject. As Buitalo ‘ulraady knows the com- punyasscmbled Ior uhe Raxnsay street Players is an excellent one. Lysle Tal- §\b'-c as the family _la.wyer has evex'y't.mng to mzuw ‘.'r...'n popular vm-h the Eman- ,e:er auuaerzces mu m zuldmon he is Inn exec-IL:-.t acwr. other rrnxnbera or the canxpany Hugn Banks. [babel ‘Jewell. L-n.\vn-me K.c.m:ng._ Edith Gxcshnm, Jos- eph Lu.\<r2-nc-o mm Margaret Ryan are H1 well u.-2'.’ ..“ul thmld c .r.:b1i:=h 1.nem—: \1\(s Iurmly mm the hearts of me But- “I.-lo people ‘nus 1.: n 1\‘ew Yor1:1pr.d\1c— Hon \\-:22: New Ymk players at movxe prices. , '\(!T‘lC€ ['0 ’l\XI‘&YE‘.RS EATON STREET PAVE LVPROYELIENT ‘Io Property Owner: to renew spacial s'~,e~sn.L n; (.11-lac;-1 p._n'u’L,g xmprcvements YOU WILL PIEASE TAKE‘. NOTICE, that pu::u.»r.: to Srcuox (‘mnu of the (my 01 La«CRa.\\’unnEl, ~m:‘- .~ .'.exeb3. g‘.\en 10 the owners of ,r.~r.per.‘, abxxt;-xn: upon Eaton Sweet mud all :.:l.er .z.':u:e»*.c-<2 persona that the r-.~¢:~s«'znen! roll on local lmpmveh menus for me pnvng of Eaton St. ls ccmplewd ant! :‘~ (,1: me at. the ofxxcr 0! the Cu‘; Clerk or the (‘my 01 L.\c'<.:- wanna and that the Common C-auncd will on me 15th my of June, 1931, at -X oclock ‘In ihe (‘V'é’XIll1£} r-rt-re-E-d ' |'.‘0“.- Ilrm snld assessment. \on am! ..l1 lm_s-r- ca-Jtml pmtues may upper bx-lure Lhe Common Cozmczl at mud meetmg. nnd npply to have su.d apet-:al e-~:~‘e=m‘.“I12 roll altered at can‘:-cteci as may be just After hezmng yll ouch app1(-2t;ou~. th( Commm. C0_'.1uc1l will proceed to make zuw ill‘.-:ral.ons and correctzans m ~am Sp.-(\<1 nssessmc-nt roll as ‘may be just and W111 the-n prccend, ‘to conflvm the sumo. and the said assessment stun thcreup‘-n become rmwl '-nd conclusne mpon all rpanlr-rs 4l‘.l(‘r?-jg.‘-F!‘ Shea’s Centaury Iron Man. wz-men by W. R. Burnett. uuzhur of Lmle Caesar, wlll be present- ed at She-as Century stcutmg Thursday. Handing the 03:1. ln the mac role, is Lew Ayn-3. ho scowx-e= 2'. luv. on All Ql.l°.‘£t on the Western From and Door- 'wuy w Hell. ‘others In the cxst are Jenn l-lu:-:o\v, beuuurul blonde of I-Icll‘s An- tzels and 'I‘n«,- Public Enemy and Robert Jxrrg trong. ~l-IQerb Macmmn a? the grand onian and -add L1'lna.l shot. sub« jects also will be presented. » Iron Man 15 sn.d to be :1 powerlul drumu. and one “hlch ml-.kes no conc=s~ slons m suitmt-ions or solutlans which ::.r¢- typlcnlly movie Strangely enougn nus storv .tnl:en from Burne’u.‘s lpopulnx‘ novcl IS the lzve story of IL mun. but no: :1 \'.'om'.-.n. Perhaps as such. n: has great rpptal to femmme nutllexlces, although n clouls with rights and fighters nnd rL.soun.u» \\'lt‘l) the thu of punches ln the wwwrecl nrem Tod ‘Bm\vn1ng_ one of ’.'olly\v.c-l's ‘best known directors. lvhu \w.-3 1-\spozwlble for most of Lon Chaney; ‘-\u\(‘CE»‘-La dlrectecl Iron Man. Frmxcls E:!w:-.x':l FLu'ngc.~l1. who received great C:'cd‘.I fer his work in p'epnrlng the ad- l-.xp'..\tl:n zul cllztlrgue cl‘ Little Gees=r. 59.2% wz'ut.«- the script uzzd dzxlcgue for tms story. Charles Rogers. -Fm’ Wray_ Cuve Brook nnd Jean Arthur in a scene from Lmvyors Secnat.\ wmch will be shown at Shea‘s Buffalo, biglullng Fnday JAMES J‘ REDMOND ' Cay Clerk Sheas Hippodrome Seaied proposals for supplies, as net forth below. will be received by the Board 0! Common Council of the; City of Lnckawzinna, until eight o'clock. June 15. 1931. and at which time all proposals ml! be publicly opened and re-ad. - LEGAL NOTICE Junc- -1-11 ‘\’lTl(IL TO T\\'l‘\\ERS Clam Bow and Regds Tot.-mey. \Vymu- Gibson and :Iul«1et.te Compton. arn’s1,u~.- rea -in Pamnxounvs pxctutzzatzun of w.1 Lu-d Mack's famous plny Kick In. \'vh1ch opens at Sm-«'5 I-ltpoclrome Sm.uz'c2;;y On the stage wm be :1 huge RKO \'5lL1(k.- ville ‘program, cl-xrecv. tmnl the Pahc: New York. I-lmb Stmub and his gum will ‘prtsem another now! Iu'r:mgem'.x. of populur iris. Flue .<Llpp'u~tlm: cast. us well as U.- tatoryk Kw}: ‘In. wns. svlc-cted with gx'e.:I cure to give Mrs Bow c-very pos.s‘.b:.» k..- vnntnae rm hm‘ first caxzunxrmc part 8*- trls Tcsnév, x'ecemly STCJI 1'1 Gs-r.r-n Bn.nc1'n£'. - Scnncuu Shtft-. has H19 lead ng mal mXr.n.s 2: pm‘: which. for the In-sz time on the talking screen. gave; him :1 chance t cmmch ms superb pe:'fm‘n1u1\(‘e in Alibi, his first sensntlunnl succe~:s Wynne Gibson‘ Leslie Femon. Donrltl Crisp and Paul H\u‘s=£ are also m. mu- cast. R1o‘ntu‘(l Wallace. \~:h:se xvurk wn‘: Ruth Clmtterton m The Rlght To I.-cw-. created a cmema sensation recemly. di- vected K In: PEARI STREFI P.-\‘.'F L\IPROVE.\.1'F{!\\I\ To Pr<»p¢-rtv O-1:16.-rs to revew special z~.s:c«.srn«n! on loom pn\'.r.z .xnpruvemen.€.~= YOU WILL PF FASE TAKE NOTICE To Iurmsh son 002:1 to the Garbage nnd Iucxnermor Plant. hccordlng to plans and specmcnuons on me 111 Conn- mlzsluuer of Pu?:l.< \\'.::-R: Oftnw mu pm-.<u.nV. in Sr-cum 75 of ttn No p1'opo'<aI.=. wm be considered un- less zicconipanim-I by 1! cm'tified check payable to the City Clerk of the City of Lmzkawanna. in an amount equal to ten nercent of the sum named in the said proposal. The Common Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids and waive all forma)itier. in the interests of the City, By order of the Common Council. as set forth in proceedings 0! meet- imz held in :-nd for City of Luck awanna on June 1. 1931 J. J. REDMOND. June 4-11 City Clerk Charter of the Cxvv of I.£a(‘k'*\\'aY‘.X‘.l xv-— t'.tr- .<. he:‘('~b\, sztu-.n \.. vb? (\'.I.'))Pl's of prv.-p(~r'v .x'ou:Lm.; 1.puL Pear! Siree‘. ..-re: an r-may 1n'r»rr»'.ea persor< ‘v.13-at 'shr- asses.-men' ml: on local improve- in\.ent'~‘ hr the pavxnsz of Pearl St. {K or 'npl“ic'(l and .9 on file at the OHICG :2‘ ch: Cm‘ Clerk nrf Iho City at‘ Luckn- ‘wanna and mm: the Common Counctl ‘xwll on the mm day or June, 1931, at 8 a'rI<-ck m tho e-vemng. proceed to con- mm mm sL=.~essment. You and all *.n€er- «Sled panzes may appear betcrn tbs‘ ‘Common Council at said meeting. and armlv to have said specxal assessnwnt ;m1l altered or rt.-rrc-cted as r\ v be lus‘ ! v Bow nml Regis 'I‘O0mDY in :1 so '9 H'1ppotLron|e begjnnmg Saturday me from “Kick In\ the dmmnnc smash at The Lafayette fnamred In s.=-ve—ral edlticns. of Exrl vCavz'rol1's Vanities. \vv ll net as muster 0’ cc-.t~monl9'< and present his \vh‘1x'l\vlml dancn offering. Miss Ollve is it nme:l' Ziegfeld dancing st-.r. Sh has been feu- tured in a number of Broadway musuwl comedy successes mclucung several edi- 110115 of Greenwich Vllluge Follies. CM- twin Jln-ks, Geroge White's Sczmcl:\‘—s, ‘Held Ev::rytMng.:md Queen ‘High 0?-‘I 'er:= In the mvne Include Deszo Retvr. The Galencs. and the Cluster Hale Dan- cing Glcnls. Wild Oscar will be seen at the console or the Great Lakes organ. B111 Boyd -m Buoxld Vxctory 15 now plnylng an the New Lafayette theatre. wan Rogers, wit, h\um..‘Jts and pha- osapher wm. be px-ess»nt.;r at Shezvs Sen- eca In ht: mute.-.t starring vehicle, A Conneutcw. Ynmeae. ’1‘hur.sduy to swan‘- dny, with mamlnee Saturday at 2 o'c'.oc<. Supporting Rcgers are Mtzuuen -0'Sum- van. Myrna Loy and others 0! p:-om1~ nence. Added films mm to Benny Ru- bin in a colortone revue, Crazy House and Sxlly scnazdnl$9ta!ker.Loon. Extxa at the S.umrda.y matinee \\-In be Light or Western stars and me fourth episode of Heroes of the Flames. thrmmg serum! with Tun McCoy. Gmce Cuxmrd and others. This is a brand-new Lreauuem of the war mzme It. hns a great Idea. syn) przthmcully handled in an unpretemh ous prod-uction that. by us very 51mph- cny, xmpresees. There is good eute1‘< tmnmc m. 101- every one and an excellent. pla for peace. without recourse to undue hroror. without. blsa. and xv-uh the nu: LEGAL NOTICE Mrr-r homme a‘! such noolicrmo“°. Ithn Common Council will proceed to make MW alwrateons and cormcttons an l<.-nd <r\n1.\11 aswwnmnx rm as mav ‘we tun: v.1‘! ‘hm nrnceed to confirm “hr .=-vmn and who cant! ezwesmem =h*!l f)~:\m1n-r- mwn-nu n--«I vnd conclusive upon all D$'l\'wr. .rtc'r*=*eIl 1 “mes J REDMOND 9JIln€~ -I-'1 Cm’ C‘n*K An all-star vmuls-vhle program. (1.1? L from the Palzfce Theatre. New York. wun bring some of 111? leading stars of Broadway's musical comedy stage. Herb St.r:nxvb ls arrmxgxng 3 navel ovenura or popular melodies Umvers;.1 Sound News. C-mhmn Mm-Nam-:~e mmotuxcgng, will mund out the bill. Sealed Proposals mt Supplleu lot Iorth below win he received by the Bond of Coxnmou Council or the CI!) of Lacknwanna. 11111:! B o‘clock. June 15. 1931. at xvhmh mine and place all proposals will be publicity opened and read. To Luna concrete szdex-.~e..lks on both -udes. vi Re-Lch Stree; accorctmg to plxma emu speclficutxom on ilk‘ m Commis- noner of Public \\'or1g=. Omce \ No proposm: wm be conamoren un. 'ess accompanied 0)‘ a duty berth-mi --heck payable to the City Clerk of he city of Lackawamm. such check in represent 10% of the sum named In the proposal. The C-nmmon Council reserves the right to waive all formnuties and us. ie-ct any ind all bids In the interns! or the city. Shea's Bailev ci Jimmie Gleason .whose hues and act- lug are a treat. Four Amono;m soldiers are leit in a A Co:.m-culcut ‘:1.-nkee. starring W1‘-1 loxvn to cover up who LX‘Od\l§ oi thou‘ u..;l gm.-. «gn.ng C. n\*y.n the main fox-c.s; so that the em-my win rm! be aware of any gap In tho lmes As two of them me;-1 dhttll 1’lusI;bucks tell the c'c-hibarnte nnd aCc:ti(‘n.'.:u.l mcars 1 Wh-lch thy enliatcd. The mm] m:‘u\'s 1‘.‘!stor)' is told when no .15 rmnncled of ma wife. kl pr:Jre.—s.rmz.I Ecru!-9 t-hrawer. as a bullet cups ms car. And one lennrs the hem‘: story when he can >.:d¢~ in the sold xemnolmng member or or ‘ih0 gamut. puny and begs mm to mail 22 letter for mm in ca«:- he is bump- on on and the ether (.~O‘m{S through. Hc-vever they both land m :1 G.=m,>n -hospmnl and the hero's me 1s saved by a blood tmllsfusion the blood doncr be- ing the Gu'ma.n gm ho had been en- gaged to before the pmjudlce of war separated them. The From. Page. cammy drarqn hit of the season, starring Ad:Jphe M-eujau. Mmty Bxiau and Pat. O?Br1:.m. wm be shown Sunday and Monday, with mau- nce Sunday at a2 o‘c1ock Added screen uoveltvies alsc will be p}-esented. :JL\'l's ncwzi “'1'. hum um and phi»- s .pha.r. czmcludes Fnday night: at Shex s 3 Hey The pcure is bnseE1 on M.~r'.: T\vulx1's' famcus novel of that name. He Is suppox-ted by M,.urec.-n O'SulIivan. \vmmn I-‘srnuvm. Myrru Loy and Frmk \(Hl(P l\(I '.'A.\'P\'i‘LR.\ Up~to-the-Minute GRAPE STREET PAVE IMPROVEB '1“ Proper'.'. 0'.\‘x.4.-r:—, to renew spccml ;-.=-~.t- .~'nu-Vt '.-I‘. 304 -1 p '-'‘«f..' .mp:'\.\‘en1er.:s VOL‘ \\!LL FLICKS!-. TAKE‘ NOTIUE, (‘at _rr.1xv.1.r:.: LI» sF(‘1A..'X‘. '75 0! the‘ Cnanrr L?! the C.t‘- 0! Lu‘!-:4 -v~\.~.a‘ no- I10? 15 hen-b\ 5-.\'u‘. 1. mi rvxn--rs of p!Up£‘!'lv\ n'bLut'.:n.', u_Lon (rape $.ree'. and 9.11 .t:.sr :x\en*~.!ed ptrsurus '..h;.: Pm zzssvssmt-~t rt 1: or lam! xmprovcn ments for the f‘1\'.X3I_£ (X Grape S‘. 1:, n(‘:111\l*l£‘d .-and .5 or. Me at the offics of me City Clerk of mo Orin‘ ox Lacxav vc‘-nnn and ‘km! the (‘rmmon f‘a\mc.I “\11 on the 15th (lax of June, mm at E3 c~'c1oc}: an the evenmg proceed xv. con- !'rm sm-:1 muessmem. you and an Inter- f“\€‘{1 parmes mav appea\ before the Common Counml at snid meeting and armlv to have smr! spemal as<essn*,=.-m 1-on nu!-sred or c<,r*e.czed \.5 nun‘ be Iust Pammoumrs nduptat on or Rupert Hughes serialized uov:-1, Latues Man with William Pawell. Kny F‘ranc's and Carole Lom,bz\rd, will be the feature ‘:‘u'us:la.)' and Wednesday evemnus. Others in the cost are Olive Tc-11 Gilbert. Emxy, Mar- fzin Bunion. John I-Io1‘::nd. Fra“k Atkin- son and Muud '1‘umer Gordon. '\bcrt~on. Added .n<:v'~lt:e: will lncludn F‘uv.zy Kn gm zn Crazy Comp*s t-lm-.5 9 d Runmvny Boys. scenic novelty. Be.m men]. surnn=; drama of the For- ¢l~m leglm, wxth Rn Fcrbes, Lam-9.11 Young and Irene mch, will be £=“01\‘) 5‘nturd:\,v. 2 to 11 o‘cIoc. co-:t.:nuous Ad 1' Int» w 11 be Ucyd Hhmilvoxx In Wcm By A Neck and Male Mn t.:\l):er~ ’ ~ n. Extra at the nmtmee will be Har- rx-_1 Llnyd‘ ‘In Welcome Du-nger and the fourth epimde or Hex-ors of the Flames. with '1’\1m Mécoy. Smpmnhs. Rab--rt M~ntgc'mery's star- rmg vehicle. in which -he is supp::r‘te:l by Dorothy Jordan will be shown Sun- day and Mond1y( with matinee Sunday at 2 o'clock. It is n corney romance. An. Interesting surmunclmg pmgrnm will an- ciude Marjorie Beebe and Harry Grib- ron in Dance Him M‘ I-go and Mbvio Memories novelty. Prepared Especially for Tb/.5 \ ‘A \ ‘\ \ N By order of the Common Counc -u set forth in proceeding or the non!- lng held in and for the City ot Lacks. wanmn on May X8. 1931. JAMES J. REDMOND. June 4-11 City Clerk June-.L Gaynor and Warner Baxter will appear together tor the first t«Lme m the scroqn viz-slon of Jenn webatez-'5 Xamclqs stage hit Daddy Long Legs, be- gdnnlxlg lmiday at the, Fox Great. Lakes. nglss Gaynor is cast in the role or Judv Abbott. the orphan wait and Warner Baxter wan be seen nln the tyle role. The cast includes Una Merkl. om: Ar- ldge. Claude Gllllngwater. Sr. .KM.hly~- Williams. Louise Cloasar Hale, Elizabeth Patterson. Kendall Mccombs. sheila Mxumoxs. Edwin Maxwell und Martha me Spaxks. On the stage will be at apeolln Great Lakes productnon brought to Butlxuo rmm‘ the Capital Theater in New Yong City which features Cheater Fnederlcks nnd Nina Oldvette in Let's Go Collegiate. Fredenlcks. :1 Gus Exlwoxds protege and A comedy. News, Novelty and Harry Pear] at ‘the orgnu complete the bl)! .\0'l‘l(‘l: T0 'l'.\Xl'.-\YER.\‘ Sheas Buffalo WASHINGTON S'I'HEE'I’ PAVE IA\!PR0\3E1\1ENT .Mmr hexmnvr all such apprcmons. the Common Comm: \\1‘.1 proceed to make nnv alteratops and ('orrectI'ns in card spemm qswsenzevxt r\1 as rmv he just and WIN thvn proceed to coufzrm ‘he swmo and the ~:u..d asscssmem. ahell thorwupon -became rm\-1! and conclusive uprn all p-.r‘..xes .r.ten\sx£-d LAMBS J REDMOND City‘ Clerk To Property Owners to X‘€\'lPW spa-txnl nsa .m(~m on local p:1\‘1ng .n~prLveme-ms YOL‘ WILL PL!-..-XSE TAKE NOTICE. 'h.u pursuant to section 75 at the Ch :1 r of the Ct‘: cf Lnckawnnnn. un- i‘<'- 1!‘ h're1‘v glvcn .10 the mvm.-1% of pr:pe’t\' nbuttmg upon \Vzs‘)m=,tou1 St. am an! |:\’.h£~‘x' ixlemstw persons. that the u.=s(s-mom rm: on local improve- nu‘ r 5 .'cr the pmzng ox Vvasmngmzx St N t‘ i‘}31\\P(l and 45 un 1.19 at the other r-I t‘1(' Cl'.~_V' Clerk M the Cny of Luckn- wuum and um: um Common Conn.-2: \v 11 on the 15m dnv of Jun:-, 1981, at 8 a 1.1.0}: ‘:21 the cvonmg. pmcaed to con- Hrm wand assessxizezil you and all mu-2 t‘-‘rd purnes mu’ nppvir before my (‘vxrnxwi <.‘o'u\c‘1 at “Id moetmg‘ and mph ta hnvr sax: ~pec.al asé-smn-‘nu ml! niza.-red or corrected as may be just AIL r hes\‘x'~g all such upplicxmonn my (‘ xmnon Comm) mil prover) lo xm-ku anv d1tDI‘z\L‘.nns and <‘urr2>GU.)ns m «-1 ~r~oc u‘ .\s‘~e-ssment n“.) us mm‘ 1)? lust and \\ 11 111-11 pr:-cred to confzrm Clive Brook's suave mroalulness. Rich- iird Ai-Jon's appealing youth, Fay Wrny's Iviveiiness. Jena Ax-1ihur’s mash earne=-t- noss and last, but not. least. Ciiari-_.= Rogers newly discovered dmmnt-ic abil- ity give to The lawyers secret, which begins at Sheias Bzuffaio Friday. all the :i‘.'iient needed $0 xmiisiutc this grippmg girsunii into living reality . On the stage. will be Lulu Mcconnéili. with Robert Iivmaii. Virginia. Mann. and Gmhimi Veisey. in the Pub‘*ix revue. Parlor Sports. wiivs Strihi will conduct. the strand orchestra in at overture nrrmge- mom: imd Hanrv ‘B. Mhmigh will offer tin oniginni songnioguie from the comoio or the gtniid organ. The Lawyer's Sécret is nn extraordi- nnrv drama. really three vital wiories with mm sweeping motivating force The basis of Parlor Sports. the puislit Boris Petr-of! pmduciiion is Lulu Mc- I.‘tmm'iis hiinrioiis bridge game not wiiioii has been in viuidz.-ville and on the *:L‘i'(’.(.‘ii Miss Mcconneii is s1ip1)0l‘w<i DV :1 COVTIDCLPIH cast of it-gitintito nci--u oi-s iiiciurling Robert Hymm, Virginia Mnmi ind Grnimm imd Vnis\i' Others] in the revue nrc Fluids. Smith nivi Fields. dnninrz cs-many tr 0. R.:_vnnn<l' Hniird_ sixnpiionist nnd the Dm-oi.hi~.ii Berke i'.iI‘15 Siwn's Burfnlo sing? bimii niso will be te in iii'~'- revue‘. Marlon Dxwies. cm of the screen's foremost comediennes is starred in The Bachelor Father. :1 cclmedy riot which will be presented Tuesday and wanes- ay evenings. Cast opposite the star, in the lending male role 15 Ralph Pm-beu xuuea rum’ will be silly Scandals, takerwon and Paramoimt Pictorial Review. Jun» 4-11 NQ'1‘!€‘.E 3% E5355!’ Cv1V.'EN I‘_m\ the undemgned ~.\~.u.1 sell at: pubho auct. on to the mgmst bxdtlcr zherelor .\()T I( F 8‘ K 1 ’-1 .- x “'73 ‘L . » ).',.‘ 1-—~1927 DODGE 1 1-2 TON '1'RL‘C-K. Motor No D-940554. S La! No A-8'7-£023 mvmd by J<.~.s.e Bum‘ at No 335 Ridge Road, Luckmvnnn.a_ N Y 9n the 22 clay or June, 1931. at 10 oclcck :1 m Shea’s Buffalo Beginning Psjidny ‘\l'lIl-3 l.A\\'Yl-:lI.‘s SECRET\ CLIVE BROOK CHARLES ROGYJRS RICHARD ARLEN FAY WRAY JEAN ARTHUR. P!us—-on the Stage LULU McCONNELL in the Pub!-Ix revue \PARLOR SPORTS\ WILYE STAHL and Orchestra HENRY B. MURTAGH at Organ It's A Wish Child by Lmvrencn E. Johnson will be at the Erluuger teatre to rone we'k commencmg Monday Jun: Street Players. It's :1 Wise Child under 8th the presentavon of The Ramsnv the direction of David Beiuscn ran tor over It your in New York ‘but has nev~r been pm~.ente;1 in Buffalo. awn.-ugh it was booked here many times. JOHN GL‘TO\VSKI JUJIE 4-ll Illllullmmlnum. mlnmnlillnllllllnuuaat, Exceplloncl Fadlfllca A1‘ Enable U: to Gucr- . _ anlee Our W ark T ‘7 m:urt:om.-.~ —.u...nmmll .;;ra-1:2 we \\ Thoihd h is and when’°l‘o ’|:I‘vo' ‘lg, lh.'l.l II when you mail and II. 7% WI have conlmclo: the hub“ '33 0| Illiulying nu! cunomcrl. _::_-1 Our work is of the highest ;: Sldiiy and our uervicn an 1}: ran at your inn-nl dib 5. ’ you}. We are especially pro :5: 5 Band to turn out leltclhudn, _. illhndu. not zheudn, mm —;-_= -. HIIIIIJDHCIO. bucHelo.cnvo- ' Iopu. curds, citculnn, And .- Iany othe: tuba. Come In and no gun ex! Iimg you and Iomelhing in the printing line. mlmlmllml ਇਇセਇセਇ | \‘ . A U. \‘ u‘. at R»: \\‘. \'- ~ :21\ .-\u IN‘ “N d us<es<nwnt eh U Ih('TL‘1l}‘ 3-x beer-re rm 1 rd co upm. 1:11 parucs xxxtcneswd It is n smnrn .-acrphishicnlted and rum}:- lng ‘comedy which tells the sirry at :1 young lady wll odellxuvabelty D. mmm young lady who d misrepre- sents hexrinornl status In order to «wold an unwelcome mnrrlage. It. is slclllrully handled un makes a clean humorous ‘ JAMES J REDMOND June -2-11 (“tr Clark Shea’s Century \0'l‘l(‘|E 'l() 'l.\\|'\\IilK'\‘ CI.:\RK STREET PAVE IMPROVE!\’,\N'l A new idol of the Scream! In the greatest mic 0! his career. LEW AYRES In “IRON MAN\ wmh JEAN HARLOW, ROBER1‘ ARMSTRONG The thrmlng story or ‘a champ whose hoad got too big for ma lmlol Atldod Screen Novelties HERB M:\oA}-IAN at organ To Pmpc-rt.,v Owners lc X‘f\'!s-\\' ,~pPc.\l nsevssxnuxt on lucul p:x\'.n; xnlprc-\-cmu-ms YOU WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE‘ that pursuum to Section '75 (.1 vw (‘lmrtm' of the (‘my ox‘ Lnckmvnnnn nu.- ucc ls lnoreby gzvrn no the mx-nnrs 4-I prcxperty abutting upon Clark sue:-1,. and all other lntor€=u-d pPrson:~ mm the nssossment rrzll on local Improve- moms for the paving of Clark St is camplocozl and ‘.15 on me at the ethos of the City Clerk of tlw Guy of Luckn- wnnnn and that the Common (‘ouncll will on me 15th (lav of June. 1931. M ‘I o't‘locl: ‘In the ovomng. prococd Lu mn- fmm sxkl‘ usscssxm-nt. vou am! all um:« (Med parties may upp£‘~.1\ b(‘.f0l‘f‘ the‘ Common Council at Sam ln(‘€'IJ!lL{. and npp'1}'tnhM'e said special nswosvn‘. .11! roll nlluocl or crzrrectml ns may be 1114' Aim‘ henrlm: all such upp11cm.mn< t.hn Common Councxl \\'l11 prnceocl to mxke mw Mt(‘l‘;1(’-l()1lS and correctlnns In sum spswlzsl assownn-ml ml] as nmv be just. nnd will then prnoeed to cnnflrm tho mum‘, nnd tlw sand as<n<smc-nt °.h.1ll thorellptm ‘bvcome final and conclusive upon all parties lxxtcrostecl .7Al\vIES J REDMOND June 4-11 Clty Clerk AN I.\.'l)ISl»‘li.\'.\‘.M3l.l:‘. T\'Pl' f:‘.\'cry \\nm.m tuctls at least nnc (][‘(.\«. uf thc \f--rvn.'xH.\ um-rm.tl\ I) no in hm‘ w:u‘tlr:-he 'thu_\ tln duty fur dimmers. for it-tn, fur uftu.-rnn-»n wetl- (tings, fur int'.urm::l «.-xcmng |I(‘t‘,d<illll< — and they -ll\\':l)s Int-L 1.'.'T{lL,k.fUl and feminine. This is in «m wt‘ the new printed crépcs that ham‘ at Int nf tvhitc ll] them. the uthcr culurs ht-ing green and brnwn. It has the cape that no am‘ will ahnndnn for f1ftl‘l\ntInn‘ um ltrivfcet nf pmulumc. and :1 skirt that I‘l‘.«'ll'h(‘S nhnmr In the zu\1Jr*< It's so simple yuu will l1:\\'c it made bct'nre you know it. and i<n't it eITccli\'e? Sleeves are .prnvidcd_ if you want them. Excclla Pattern No. 3438. Sizes 12 to 40. 25 Cents. Shea’s Hippodrome Beginning Sutuxduy l2!:mam1te Drama! mi: of 1031 “KICK IN\ CLARA BOW REGIS '1‘OOME'Y WYNNE GIBSON Plus RKO Stage B111. Heaclctl by SUBSCRIBE FOR THE JOE BESSER ‘in \Wild Cat Dugnn\ Added stage Attractions Liaai Arha, Bill ‘Boyd’ and James Gleason in n scene {ran the SRKO Pathe feature picture, ‘fBeyon(‘I Victory\ at the New Lamyett oThoMzo Beginning 'I‘mu'sday, Juno 4. LACKAWANNA NEWS “‘.

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