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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, April 23, 1931, Image 7

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'aVvi?~ke¢~2‘»¢,\~«.w‘- d It ~:«—~‘ ;gy.‘:g--.m*r—-.-. an aw»; ,‘._..;..\..,‘._‘ aaxumqv-«13‘~ 43:, --..._ 1 , ' ‘ . ,_ 4‘— ~. v..,. 'yx«>‘2v/r,~v4\ , N _ , _, . r_;.,..-~.»... <rr'< ._...._-...; ~Ic~.‘- -.-v}-\5 'r 349-‘ - ‘______,W, \1 ', _,,L_..,K,._.....,. .,.5,,.‘..4. . -r -r - l »;),35W ’ .__(‘_$:N' , , |_. ,1’ a Lgskamanm. 'N'9‘wT.sV.~ ~~» » \‘ .9..snp.g'a. .39: ‘L... Thsm... April 33. 1931., his mother bevmg without —€1va.!l, to s=.¢t—- ‘en Dad The cast, '0: ~Fat_hez}'s 1;: supezjn [ueén Jmmey ‘plays the: hero. Lewis Stone -png‘ whp has to be shown. Irene. «Rnqh, the mother xmd. J-anh ~Ho1_‘.),'-, ‘day. the wise Boctor who is Blllswzhum. ‘£129 bad boxzv I5 played by M_._ck_ey Ben.- nen. and, It-mgle Pcfxbegrt Dgugleigglge‘ is a s¢_.~ns:wlon, as vestibule. 13111‘; pa]. Othtrs 5.1 gvm n-«.,«.9- ..:«. n¢.«n-.-—r- '7-uvard‘ £313- vha Mam. mil. 'C*rO‘v'er 1.411§80I.¥:- A grmt, :un:uLu':uAx1g L111 of -<‘/Jmcley. novelty and z1}\z;1v;nl mms complepv the P1'9E1€|m- Idiyan. Owner are Queen, Queen and |Queen. speaxalty dancers: Tne -pom: ‘nine Rangexs, mu bdly‘ mstngmgntalxsts: licaylton E1;nm_y and H15 Maul Wags: Lu- ‘cri*1,1,'e Peterson, “the voice or the 'Gol,d.-n |W£~st; ahcl, the Mmgen Dan- cing G-lnls. To Baffle Heat Sheas. Hinpodrome ‘God inviting\ t;hea,ters to. be. ~I‘_'-e_adied for the summer now, my: ma.Ifu.\.zen.1e,nt.-. :33 s An olttstnnclillg slay: n.n<l_ screen p:'o—V ' \ H 7' \ gm mof ent.erv,n.1rumm. “III begin SAL-1‘ \“\ uxglay xv: ShL.x's 1i1p]Jo(i1'mne. On the S1.u'mg Sunday with the arrival 0! scream vwm be Bert wheeler and Rub-=rL the Daylight» Snung Pc-:;od.A_ Mic-nae] Woclsey In :,heu- lgxtest. lgmglx mt, Shea. pzvald or the Shea. Opemtmg Cxcaclgc-£1 N_\l1.'s. with 'D*r3Lhy Lee .0n the coxfpor.unno_ xmnL.uuce.s that the new gtnge vulll, be :\ 1,11). 1,9 h:'.1<l).!ne v;_u1(le\'|lle ! effect ,'.l.r;n.1gh wmch '1, last, complete prpgr:J.xn with Miss Franc4_es Whnc _ summer Lune; schedule will be put mm B:o.1clw_'ny cuxneg!1enu_s_,. Sammy Cohen. m‘ ev‘ mug :,ho\w.~. wxll not begin until 9 30 persun. stage am! scxfsen com a. :un;l o'cl‘ck This ml-‘nus t.h.a1,a t/hea.tre;oers rlgeqvltg and Lucckwnagi, musical cmmdy ‘may n:n'.<.'r or golf 1n the early evening s:.tj.a1's. nmd sull have Mme Lo 1‘:-uch any or Shea G mckecl Nuts was xyricgen by. Doug; 'bheatrc.s m t;1me for the coxnplete 3:30 Ias Mncberm and l_3\_1(I.x1ofs own Ax 13.»ns- [‘H'IonmAx1ce. frne ‘ schequle affects be-rg, who, 1{o1ly.wood_ calls its gre-.\te=tr Shea's Buffalo, Cenuuty and Iixppoclroxne wit. na1dent;a.|ly the Buffalo wrlte1' is in the downyown section at the‘ cgty. and th emxm who furnishes most of; the na- the Elnw/ooq, R_o3:evc-11., Bailey. Seneca. tic/n\s gndla, e11,Lex;t‘z\11:-ms \\-.1t.h_ orgglma-1 Kenslngton. North Park in the Gomrnu- jokes and comedy s);e;tc1qe=.._’If1»e (nulogugg nines . It aim xgfleots Sh<:a.’s Rjvlcm. in was written by B0a_sbe:g and Ralph’ The Tonuwqndas and snez.'s Benevue m Spence. . ' Ni{igarz;Fa1lsC Mgss Emnccs W-hlte, ls bnllegl ;1_s s;| \'nt£1x;t;ion experts am: now on t?:e'r _smger o£_ f:_m1(_)us ar.d_ exclusive s‘ng Iylta. way from New Yprk to inspect. me mam- ‘$an1nw Cohen 11u1,c|;e his 19101}?-1.If¢1 d¢- mckh ccolmg plants m the Shea 1lt(;.etX‘0. but In \.\[-hm; Price Glory .He win up» so that they wnl be ready for nation pear in vhfs own set. The Am.=rlc=m \v-l,t,h the coming of the first warm Beam. p:.ug1ns ‘I,.rm_/itt. and Ruth weagher. Try,-se cxperps wxll work Mm l,<:ck\v0ox1 V112‘! offer Hwnorous, Inter-. the engine-er= or the Buff!-.10‘ Century pretutlon; of Life with Edcue Cassell. and Hippodrome in prepmng the ex- Fred \mlm_au I_<a,n;l_ Vera Du_1,m. tgnslvc syste~m.<-, for bxmgmg m:n_m:,a;n- Bony Wheeler. Dorothy» Lee and Robert ‘woolseyy. who are featured In \C an Nuts which wm be presented at Shezrs mppodmme’beg:nn.mg Saturday. Charlié ‘C“hoLp«L~;n. Am: -of\'Ci1tq Lights: Cl_1§l_‘1l§_¢; C1_I_apljm. 31:3); 91 \City I_..1ght,sf' which wglj be presented nt,'Sl{x,¢.!.’s sgneca !.9,51fI-1.1.18: .31.1.1_1f(!3¥~ . :t«gr~1ng Whiz-er Huston will be 521 mm D W Grxtfzth mustmpxece. Lzur.-olu 'Ir.n.ue-:' Hum. romance of savage pas- 5-ions ampueu from Eh? widely 1:eax1 story told by Alfred Aloysuus Horn to Eznelreda Lew..s, noted Szut-h African nnv- Inst M}! be .shown on the scrwn. at Fax‘,-; Grgat, Lakes begmnmg Fmlay. Harxy Can:-y appears as the trader, with Edwina Boom. Duncan Renaldo. Olive Culden (Mrs Carey) and Mutlu Omoolu, mam Atncan Lrzlx-sman, 111 other prin- mpal chamcter1zat..‘ons. Thousands of mar r.:‘;'.n¢-5 and more than vari- mes or! Wxld u1:1mal.S of the Dark Cont.- uem. a.c wen m the C(.U..l’=e oi the ac- N511. Ffmciu. y.md Saturday at. Shears Somgcex w.‘Ln nm'4.n¢e Ssuu-day at 2 OL‘lOL\K Others .u the cam. are Una Uxm Mnrkc and Kay Hzunmond Added slllJ_)I.-(‘ts v.-.11 include Kruzy Km. caruoon. -C.ud- L‘l'C“.l. and Shéa's Sc-néca News. Evczm fume an t-h: S.l'.\ll(lu_') nnaunee will be Jack Laden in Shootmg 1;:/n.5 and me elgmn xp:a.de of F.x.g.~r Prmu. wmr Kc:.x~.e'.h I-!.:r1:-.n and Edna Murphy City 1..ghv.». CnarI.c- Chnp1m‘s (up: pzuuxe :1; three yen: wul be shown (or Lh!‘(‘6 d:)°. avmtlng Sunday Mote than mo 3e..r» were clesauzd by Chaplin to me making or the. picture and 1.7. rep- rc-»un= an Investment. of s1.soo.ooo at '.h'- c¢.medmn's owx. money Vnrmmu Chen‘-1!] a..n-:wc‘n1er. Ls cast In the Ifuadlng :-apportmg rule. Others 11) mo: 1- .51» me Harry Myezs. Florence Lee .\I- 1.-n C3.1l'C1€‘, I-Lm‘-< Mann and Butfalua wn Tum St.»b=,x'mu Added uovelmee .l~L. \v.l1 ‘.3’: sh wn or. the progmm. _~;-wls SLux:u:~. B_uIl'nl_c_\'~: own 1ren‘e'R:ch and Leon. Jamney 1:. But 21 'I‘.xrl-zm kez-'3 San \ an :‘vhea.'s G2mu':y startzng '1_‘h,uz.-a(1.uy. Shc;-.a\s Bailey- iu. Dangerous Females zmd. !}i£:zer and. §et,t.ec. 3 Boy. Friend comedy. Exu-a, at the Satuiday m.at_meie will. be Young Eages .\_vith Charles Rogers. $i;\u\tt El\: vyrin and Jean Arthgr. ‘anq the oi-g_‘n_th episode 01' Fizigex Prints with Kenhetix Harlan and Eclna Mwinhy. City Lights, Charlie’ Chaplin-'8 first picture in tlgree years be shown (9: thxce days. starting SJ:_nday. v-ir- g\i_nia~ Chermil, a ne\_-:c<_>1_n_er. is cast in the leattlns: 5“i’PO3.‘i.J1.1.S rcle. A.t.i<,l,¢<l. no.\re;t1e_s. nlso wllirbe shown on t_.h_e pro- gram- 1111!; 01 the Wund, st_a1'r1ng William Bcw.->11 M11. be shown '1..‘h.ur.sc!ny- am Friday evemns. Supporting the Sim.‘ am Carole Laxxgharq hm) W‘-ynn Glbsgm. Aqdeq ngveltles wt); 1nch_xe Maxjjarle $9.959 in. '1,Fh9v §l‘1,¢'§'. Mistake and au- um: the High 0'5. On Btytnrday the Ieatxuvs will be 131.130.. Junsle‘ -V.-hlruler photographed In C.-he 'w.1l.d.s 01- Sumatm n. a.¢.1.<.1.1t«1.<$rx_ there will be M.,9.x:‘I.e Dre-ssler Ismd, Pony M.<.>r-m é On the s'..ge ml: be Jack Benny, W39 1:1 Broadway and Hulywood. sbarnng in Bus 01 W2: a Chester Hale productzon m the p<er.«<>nne-I of whom. are Evelyn W1-lsou. \syncopated spmt of mebrlatlon Mane Mush. who 15 me. 1011 for Benny's Muncr A Duml. a clever Lmcksber. Buly Rr;l~_ ;:cx'.rbat.c (lancer. and Jack Ben- nvs D.1rm.ng D.vl1= \Vll(l Oscar. organ- Hang: A_n-nqng Lovers‘«g:o-stqrrmgg Clau- dette Colbert; and Er March, mu be shown next wednesqay am} ' ’l‘hursd9.y gnlns. An ‘interesting sxlrroundmg ‘ogxfam also will be presenccq. Sl1ea’s. Buff:1.lo N Wlll !-..tun- u n w tombxnatlon of t.un~u: u. ur..u~- (‘by \V‘.|)‘ of mlcmphone zu-u In - 9 B£‘!H‘,» .e-(5-ntly starred xn F :. Lurr I \ :..u<s -.-.x.<1 was £eat..n-et Lble »cre: ;n The Holly- _e.ng lhlnbows. 1‘ILH;l' Amuu; Ln;-r» mm mic ‘im- :: L --mrlzn C1.-u:1'.'.c CulDel‘,' .nu ‘.i.:r 3 <\., « 3? M.-‘.31 u.::: . Beginning Friqay one Grand Stow! sgven Gramcl Stars‘. f. ((A1 » I 3 .4Cn.Y ST R!)Ev!\sta UM,‘ H.» D -' n\\ v. u R we anu x'. (‘ .y ‘.5 l:«-s- » Lc-me GARY COOPER, SILVIA SIDNEY. Lt.ud .1. .r :1-_\rl:' r (.3. vie of me grvml ur{ax1 I:-:'<.~. =\..l .' ‘.u.<.l out the PA_UL LUKAS. GUY KIBBEE. GIBSON. WILLIA_M 30,20, and STANLEY I.-‘I.E1$DS on stage BENNY l_{_()SS and n<;Le<1 stage band. In “~\>\’l~IS\|_'\_\_.-\l U0! Shea’s C'entur y _ \ 3 1-enuperaurus ‘.0 she auclztomum cf m the-..ucs All Lm Shea the-am-» '~ ~ ’ \ ’ ’ ' 1 w ar unue.v,«-n-.- ta.-.1‘ \—pr1ng house ::»nn.1ug\ and lmctnor decorations and Cu)‘ 5‘-«'5'&“v5- f’.~\m“5\’€ 5‘-‘\3 1’-W‘ :l:ape1.cs chmxgcdtu gzve a caal. sum- mount stars will be pm muted at Shnt‘ p\__aI-‘y ,_.u._ But‘! 1.), beginning: Pr1d.\y. Gary (‘rog- or .n-cently seen wmx Mzxrlonn D:-I-; rich In Mu: .c-co. is c»-- ma-cl wuh §:'v1- vm. Sudncv On thr .1----~ -M)-i he B’-\-3 A Picture Y:u'11_ Never FD1‘get \Q-‘.~\v'l‘lIIIB_.'.§ SON with Bu_IInl<_x,'s Own EDWINA aoom and DUNCAN \ RENALDO In HORN” at the Great. Lakes T1xex;,u:e-ac-glnmng ‘IRENE RICH LE\_VIS STONE F‘r1:l.1y. April 24 my Ross, that gol_(l,c11-voiced pcrs:mal- Alohn mth Ben L_wns_ Raquel Torre my and Shea s uunxlo :.m.e -2 .Hu. .1. and a large su‘pp.r:-mg cast. 15 n;.w play- me pnbllx reulo. wesiwu-:1 H3‘ mg the New Lafayette Lhenmre LOVE‘ Cny Streca 15 u h':<;nl}' dram xv ,: :-,-- 1urxnemx.d. cru;.X ed and found pure mre mu; \_s-men )5 MI:-cvtzxely :rwn an .m_l enduring .5 mcmplzhr-d 111 um: .ut- znszclntr:-,.: and v.v'<l .1ccov.mt- cf Inc ¢,2!.'\ , traction . LEON JANN EY [loom 'l‘:yrkix|gt_oI;'s Story for an whpse Heart's Are Young Aglgleq Screen Novelgles Sheds Century Inclzztswrlncg glztfert-nt. Eroxg axw~:h.:: .21. Alclm tells the story J :1. g\'e.1ll11x its type yet 99011 on the m (1:?1' xv an. young Axne-r.cwu who m..r' as u l.roph!cI The HCLLH is ( \ cczl, mo 5 t-1.-'; “s bgvautv and Lukas ha 11- 2.,» .u‘LS10(‘1'cL. s:1.1epence-f;ll.‘;1 and the c!1‘.nu.~ p.121):/(1 San Fr.xnc1~0- home Shea’s Hip.pt.u.lro,me Ij‘at«her's Sun. comes to Shegfs Century Thunsc This nmusmg and realistic comcd .\_vmcl1 15 based, on Booth Tarkington‘: Old Fatlmers and Young Sons 15 not ex- cellegl veen by we same nut/hots Peu- Ifpcl Lulcs which everyone knows have no equalls but; Tom Snxvyer and I-\luck Finn. nml drunatlc As the ro.~ult of his Ccxneclv l‘.\:I1(Ls .v..x'1 up r mmccv n work 111 (jtrecnnu Cm) Sue as\. Mr M.- drama of M h an ox. 2 1 -.'.-rv t- mruluul has been rc\vm'(lc<l \v»'.(h n lo:-g Th.-n1-'-. X-1 nor an! .1 (. llnxks d tetnn P.n'a.n;ouuv. camrart re.c?::l bu Mbmt Ru \ o \'1-mr -:1 l T11n‘=t we umh Wesnvxrd Ha‘ will 310.1, 11 P: dz\ '.< Z.‘ \‘ - »- s rum_1rc'-. Benny Ross m .: u.-w p\'og.um or ullppsxt :n-Iu:;<—- H u--. ?3.'!t' \! cm.ert.unmcm.. Bcnm has b»-c mu nu H:-)9. Tmlsx - ‘y 4- ‘ ' ljeglxxnlng Sahxrglay Laugh Until It Hurts BEl_:'l‘ \\fm:t:1.iEi_( mm n(II,II:-In‘ \§'ooI.sg:\' with Dorothy Lee. in 1?‘nther's Son Is the story of one Bill Emory ,n freckled-raced, txvelve-year-old who is forever bemg 1jep'}_.n1au(lecl by has Inllxt.-1'. :1 man of middle life. Bill's mtsuenxcnunrs are pumshegl In mum ways bue. especially by his bemg kept Inna ha. .u.g, tho tender soncn.n'.1ons ox o\'e.rnlz'xt. s'n~n;on mm is Iu.~b amx: lg .')u~ Irlmlrn, 1 P.\ B~rn .5 R ‘> .n pOp\1l.11'1t-\‘ \v1\\ Sht‘.\> Bus’!-In nu‘ - 1's Dun-It: P I .5‘ -' I CRACKED NUTS .\.-how pr! n*‘~.-~.. MISS FRANCES WHITE SAhjI1\1f\_' COHEN Pms—On the Stage. of r.c.h quaht-3' and .2 on.- cf th- n- =t Jahv‘ '3' I-‘-v «Ii -n H. (l:'\ 1.“ 7 at the Wynn «K !\‘'.x Pal ulf ..»., sv n » . LEAVITT and LOOKWOOD Q\_\'(\Al.'.\'.n\;l H5‘ :- (‘vr\r1 R‘. m “ALO H A \ A’. 77'Ff‘drzu .0roo’uct/‘on : PRESENTING SHEA-QUALITY ENTERTAINMEIWF Friday and Sx\_w,x'clny M-utmoc Saturday In 2 P M COUNTY FINALS HEW ON IN S.PELLiNBI Walton! Huston In D. w. GR|FFlTH'S lul ‘z’ ‘fzu’ ll\£'1lL-1- Mm \V H ‘.3 W. ,. l)‘.( ' 3 -'.\\g‘- ‘.-' .I\ K)-C \'s-re:-ml‘. !\c..\ 3 3':-; I‘|..|l~ u.x.I *1 \.'.i l.( I‘ 4 M-V \ ‘. Li .('f.«la VT.\ \.: uw .. .: -‘I(u ‘- iv \\~-I. nut--n ~‘ Over 600 schools registeved with institutional champions in great district-wide com- ‘~’\ “LINCOLN” fntst; Vi ‘Jr E\x‘.z. N1“ .'\Il' \ \'.Pr'>1 x,.«<L *..u‘.~ um’ 41: u.. tx-‘ax.-L P.v'.a;~. \'w 5. Ln sruxu 'u'~\ =p«.u- n. the .h-- \ucl xx 11 ft-(-.VL‘ n H \ Hum z-muuu cf H) new World Book c'n:u=l.-peclm. EXTRA FILMS I-‘OR KIDDIES AT SATURDAY MATXNEE! Sunday to 'I'\1es(luy. Matinee Sum1n‘y at 2 P. M S)-x‘-l.u.: Bu\ \ ntllmul .n W. vs 1': N X’, Lw tho BuIf.m. E\cu.m.: Nn-\\- u:..1 C‘: uuu‘ mL.ls of thc H31 Nu: vml CHARLIE CHAPLIN up-;.=..:nl m L.u:k.\\\~.n:u..\ by ‘I -.\.mn.n N.\\.~. wxll Ix heal I~‘r.v.1 u..: \1u.l 2.4 b:‘\.c.uL‘uu.1'...:'.~ u.1. 1--ll culllv.-“(:1 s.nun1v..uwuusl» L‘. .11 LIGHTS” L...c.u. wuzxu 59:13.. me .-:.1\ 1' man ~:.-I -..v‘aug in axmn-sl Um on-nan; Tlw H..-uvmqun .Jum_\ rumns \\..| .-v lull 4\L|\ l In M,n5\1tlI- high svlmul Smuwl 1n.1N‘.s trzrmls. p.m;x.1= .uvI \_gm)m=.~sI).\\' and 'nI_l'nsm,Y nuntv v:h.nmp.unsmp mu'~ .-\nloq1\\m 1u~n'I<.un has been nude In such .- nury to u'r‘ox1\111ncmto the [urge u'mvd.~ ('xpm‘r‘~ pa in amend mm year.» contests. . Ad- nwaslon to the contcsus Ls free The uumy fmnls will begm at. 7 30 p 'n Each school champion will recewe 1 ¢':ctsuI1;n'y from the’ Buffalo Evening News. wmle the second. best speller; .u;.rI.» are 1:11 lm.'.u:d In u.i-u-ml “Hll||0R AMBNE LOVERS” SUBSCRIBE FOR THE Claudette Colbert Fredric March Gary (gouper and Sm-Ia Sklm-y, fmxmrczl m ’ (‘mg SL1-c;.x.=. umxnzmc mt co Snc-n's Buffalo spnrung Fmlny LACKAWANNA NEWS IF you want T . what you want when you want it-in the printing lz'ne.....l WE HAVE IT!

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