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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, April 23, 1931, Image 5

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~wta-¢s*aunwa4iw6ev ל «..,—»-.»~ ~,-w»,»-g 6-.----. 4» ....._..,q,- we 4 ......_».a_ «'. 4_ -1.». 55% .3. ..,v..._ .. ;.;... -»-'- 44\}: ;'.,»'-.-o -1- 1- _-’;/—+;'.-'e .5‘ 9,24. . ‘.3. gnu Zl.a9ana.. ‘N. X-..A ’l.’h.urs,-.. ’i.Am'I,|’ 21!‘. 1331 NEW YORK71. APRIL, 18’ SKYS_C.R'AP12R$.‘home's., de.¢Q- ’ 3. rauve. Péllnlings, aatdens. s9ul’I>.!:u_re.. «crafts, Lwo.rl.<. of all. !unds.vir_uen‘or«dgeoratiogxsghnilgls mg equxpment and f.\3r.n.uur¢ vull be among thg ex-hxbxts. shown at the A_r_cl_mecturaI and Afllie..d Arts Expqsmon to _bc held at Ggansl Central Palace. April 18 to 25. under the. a_us1>.ices.of the (ecturalI._e,agu'e of Newkforkv and the. American Institute of Archi- tects. Artists from aI1p.art.s.of. §h.e country and fxom many foreman‘ coumnes are sending exh.ibits‘to. make this the most comprqhen: sixe show at its kind. eveyheldx Among the foreign exhibxta are. the, o‘f.fic_i.a.l exhib_it.s,_ sent by- the Swedish and Mexican 210.‘!-. emmenta. Colosiial xesi_<,1en.c.e. slqsicncd by wiui.a.I.n. C. J_r.. New Rochelle architect‘ to; Mt W- A.» Payne of La.rch.m.on.¢.., N» Y» is included anions the exhibits :21 domestic, architecture, notary ,ar,chit\e_cz'u‘;e ixi the works of many qgsxinzulshed qesngners, Fhogq al3,0..w,s, the tampus. Stockholm Town Halldesnsued bl Rune: Quhexx. A DAY PART MAY was Cnaucer’s 1a.~.o.ri.t.e ', month. and ever since he wro.t_o in the quaint English 01 his time; “For 1.11-a.v. z_col. have no, slo- aawie <miaM..\ English poets have been. singing the joy and it» spiration 01,‘ this say spring mq1_n_t_1;.. Shakespeare wrote: \43 full of spzru as the mpnm of Max¢.\' Geoxjge W1the_r; sang: “He sits fairer than the dew Or the fl<2we~r1« m_ea.¢1s. in Al<_w.,“ and Milton mentions, 4nd all ;he /lo1o<;rs sprqng up, to, see A,_: I went on to 4rcady.\ Bliss Carmen: evnk-m,ly shared this opinion that, May is 2; good month (or a. blissful hike. wlxen. he w~rot.e:; both the gx;own;u_ps and the chil- dren, So h_ére‘s :1 good subsLan- ‘V’ txa,1,r_ne-.nu calculated to serve twen- I)’-four people. beca you fvél so good on the first of fvlay that you wa,nt everyone to cpme. “H_e7.-e‘rs to. the day when it is May .,-md cqre as Igght as a /ea_tlI.er, When your little shoes and my big boats Go, granzging over the heather.\ I.-st’: Plan A. Fan: Melon Wedges with Lime Salmon and .\lacaram Mont uut.\_ (‘reamed New Peas- Cabbage, Apple and Nut Salad ' ('lo1=erl_ea,‘ R_0.Ils \1-we hm.,~\ K n.cs-lows. by John Grczqry Pzrgcagcvple qnd Bqnariq Ice (‘ream Milk Cocoa Cup Cakes Coyee Peanut Brzttlc \the cloud: that «Med Hay With. all this, poetic entbuaiasm tor May. and. much. r.d‘o.re that. there is N», space t9. quote. let's. give a party du.r—i.!.=z this month when u.x,anyA peep om. me sap runs in the trees.'c1X.I.5. you. suddenly I‘6l3!0.!I.\.l>¢.!' acme.» of tho exact leelinus you. had when you wgre Q mile xii) or boy, 0: cmnjse at Queen of. the May put! in the mine it you were the !.o.r—m.ex:. and it}: eqgally pleasant it you ware the latter. vrqvidinz you enjoyed the Queen_‘s approval; so 1et's‘p1an a. May Day Party. C. Pau_:_l1e_nn¢v,el,!I~ Luchmont I!«f\.Ilvm.t.'|\tI!I0.w.1\.I\ia!,1iuqtn.uch¢l on the. 10400,: lmxnot Zgmlqt up 'l.4eu\'ao Bxhihilil opening Aplfil ll, nculmnn decanted with h.n,1l‘s=u,I. ml and xoId.tlneea.uIlIzute1o:theml!~ chromed uculxnuxg [mug to; the Philadelalil nu-nan». _i- up and medal may for qncntnnn In. turn Wal- Emerson wrote in more 1,1,1_qd_o|,-11' limit “What mnent. blood hath. modes! May-.'—..\ and. Helen HIM Jackson. Braised the month in She l.i.I.aes.: Salmon and Afacqromj .‘Jcn1d: Mash w«i_t1_1_ a (on); the contents oz tour tan caps 01 salmon. and nu: with four and one-half_ cups crumbs. Add twelve beaten eggs. three cqps ot cooked n,1,acau-gni_ (inch pieces). one teaspoon salt. ou_e-l_1,g1,f teaspoon pepper and one- hglt cup butter. ‘Paék into loaf page _and_ steam one hour. Serve sliced with creamed new peag. Pineapple and Banana Ice (‘ream Scald together thr-e cups evaporated milk, six cups thin cream and two and muthlrds cups sugar and cool Add we con- tents of it ‘.5 ca_n «rush». {~11 -- apple and one cup mash.-.2 v.‘ ,.;,_t pu.l.t>. and freeze-‘» 'l‘h.e. exposition in the fourth hiennia! evcnt 9! its kind. TlxacelebratiotlthiayeawitheAt¢tmectural1e¢ague'a gxmiye[gar_y' adds to use Siani 01 (ll: 0.c.c.a.!Io.§I.. _ _ _ , A “The veice. 01 one wrqo. you he- /Oro. 1,0 make The paths of June more beauti- ful. is lltine Swag! U4!/.\' Later st.i.1!., Louise Chandler Mp\_1_l1,on_ extolled the month as a good. one to: an. idyllic trip: ‘—'-I Med me at! to A_rcad,1J- The month It. was. the month 0! May. And. all along ma Pleasant um. The mormjno btrqg were mad with 92.59-. Qlieuinu to 31.: puplic Sauyrday eveninz. April 18th.. following mg,-. xnyqtattonal pnvate View held that a(t_er- noqn. the exposmsm will.be open every day.-includmg Sundny Apxil 19th. to. 25th to 1030 pm. ll‘: almost gqre 19 b9 am out- dqox-« day with 101330! ru_nn_l_u_g games and dancing around, a\1\.1 pole and ev_er-yll,\_i.l7§s. and, that mean! it wl_l1_ be a._ hungry‘ day ton; 0! 3')! Val‘: 0.! the ol_d Cone; Ifalacc in Mexico. D,ies_oR.ivera has mgtrgygd the story of me Spaxnlsh Qonqucxg. These (res: nus, fomnur Aagbqmdog Dwighg \v..\1o;mw's Damn: git! $0 the Me>ucau.1 people. jqst completgd by mist. will be exhibited here 1.9: [[19 time apart of t|1cl__aIfge ol Mexinau cxmbix b.ex.nsz =_:_s- ustnbled by. Frances l,?l.s't.m. Fame [cg lb}; expoxitiog. Amm_:_z \l1_e lame and colortul pa.n_¢.=l.s is one ehowinz sh; Indians I3 wmik constmcm-c a. bulldrm: qndglj the s\1pe1;\:mor.ot (he r_nun§\_'s (gs zhuwq in the d('.§I{|l nlinsl,x..x_:.-u) while the Sp:u'1_1_:_lrds in y [;m=du_£_‘e gpd miscel_lanec_n_n: \_\ an’: fxjum the Indians Ln the; 1jI_x:ul~ I .-l,:«cc, Orchestréz for Home . Newest Fad of Rich Pnxern is «ho, 'lI.egn¢alI at tho. madam mun] decoration; 1:} (lug exbibigion. Phqlp ghowg “Tia: liucklebcm F:o|.i_a\. dcziil from one at t_h_ree Ilallelu lgeinl painted by Suzanne Miller tor thelalnaica llish Scum! at Jamaica. 1.« 1-. With I Icjiel at picturesque V II A d I mini. tun: 1 add. any D_eu_\ ldndoqapé 'arcxmeakwi1; Jgsguiq zue‘ga’s<1_~3§ nu; dcsqunod for the Eylluyood. J. home of Mr; zg.-m Mrza. Dylan; W\\ Morrqw. The I_[npe of me h_il[siq¢~. wq-._:i_r_¢d my use of X€.\uu.t.!nI wall; which dmdc Kb; aaxden. ‘Sm? tam-.cc_-s. Healthful Siiacks fgr Children New Lands To Explore ( Betty Ross, “ lecturer, novelist 1 traveler- la ‘1 in: many 1 is glzid wash dljesses I have come _ ,._-.- _-_ _-_-.-7 _ .142; % .9 r.?_T:i:.z;z.*;zr,_a~_ gm ’1~;T?_1_ 3T_:£3_gJ umw Qtxi .n wvr.'n.', TN) 5,-at .s—g)- ..__§\snu\X{u| 19.: a1mx6r“w‘»g-“Hg Sn 1 jy' .. lly MARY Kraft Chcc ‘ DMINKE. no l_n_sl_iju;e 1‘/é cups grate(l Kraft American Cheese or \'e1vcetgL_ 1 cup cooked spinach 3 eggs at last. Millionaires Hire Musi- cians Instead of tea. dinner and supporwn hz}_1f- him!‘ of btfwkfzlst nmsut. f‘‘‘' in- stancc-, he wuuld !'n_-qu:-m|.\’ order, designating each pu-m of music to be p1u_ved_. llu might specify opera. classic-a1 xnxmc. some- thing‘ Md, on sum.-thing: gay. Ho t.hnughL we Iwnmlml h-m mute thug any .lov:iur.\ THE secret chnrrna of lollipolps M. rmecnsl The joys, of gum pijoyed [tom 1-hchighostpu,nt.rAy-s xolf 1 ‘Every child knows thnm, and am-. bmsin from Olympus ‘can't. compare with tlxom in the sugary ixnngigugtion on-.h,il(||1oo(l. M_:_xko 43 sauce with tl1e1)\1tter, and milk, when t,hickeI_1ed and mnooth add seasonings a_nd gmuxj cheese. stir until ohceaga is melted, Remove from fire, add spuuwh \vhj_ch has been thor- oughly dn_xiuc,>d and pressetl through, 2; course stminor-um_\olan(ler, A(l(lbeu,tox1 egg -yolks, mix: well, fold in lmmcn, egg whites; puns; into 44 b\_II.t41rocllont‘ pm, sot in hot wu_ter-gxnd, lmke at 350° ulmut. 50 zninutca. ,uv until center is - l'u:_n_c_-.lu:¢_l Eggs Crotnsludpq 5 lxrcml orousm_d,es 5 eggs 1 puckgsgq Kmft Velvcgml )3’ cu? uulk 51! 1-‘: P“PI’°1‘ 4 New Yo!)-1: City.—Music is con- sidered so vita_1 a necessity to present-day American He that one \,ve1l_-known millionzxiro re- cently cha,r4terc-d, a prjvznte lmnd for his home by the week, xxiith as little fuss ;1s'he would buy :1 ljudio. But modorn mothers have found A way to suhlimato the ordinal? foods H9 l_I_0('(!SS:ll'«_Y to you heu_Lh and vigor. givilig thdm all the chm-m of pirated, forbidden dislnca. The [out] o<'c1o<-k “snack” which in-. «Indus rounds of red-n'1nn,1Ae<l apples, spread with wh_i_rla uf smooth \I'M- n(lelplnin\ cream clxcoso, m-» warm brown squares of graham 1-n_u-k_er.=a thick_ with tho tunthnmno crumn cheese, pruvitlun Junlmuy witlx alo- ments vi_tul to his growth and nuns- mctory Lu his »mu.~xt opi,<-uxcau taste. Mr. Lzmin spc-.cia1izu.< in society events. He and ms: ul‘«l\tf:~‘trt\_ 1'01- low the fashionable \\'orI(l from Bax! IIarbo1_:t.o Newport to Palm Beach. playing for debutantes when thc-3' homo nut. f<\r- (linners vein-xje distinguish:-ml foreigners are entartaumeal and for all kinds of pur—t1L=s in prnatc homes. “Rich people Iike a ‘kind of music that is ezvy on the car.‘ he nutos. \I suppow nmm» of Hi. m ‘~x;\\c~ the rudin1ént< of mu»im'. r|ln\.|'..(H| than i: the (‘:)-’c' in tho u-«lin:\ry allelic-mu. .»\II_\'\\'n_v. win! xwzzlthjr 1w.;u-evs denmmi u vcrv high typw of music. Tlny are pa-Hut happy when you ropmt, nvain and again, pim \ lilw ‘ Fhx-_\ S uni - fy.’ society fox trot fml. with its (1:-liczxte cmltnm-A and c‘.. '2 ‘ ‘. lusions. I \x’. ‘1 tfhcrv Va .2 2. .x nunxbexw. 1&3‘ - xt.\ DNE must really know Women In coxmgnlos where I do much trqvej. 4 order to know the what. the \ng. in fact, wash qresses! which why and the whqretore of aisle. u::- we now rlvslgncq with as much cording to Betty Ross. the sunny style as a._ hall gown. have come haired. blue eye¢_l_ yogng Arm-1‘-|r’J_n 01!! M the klloixon into me llvlngi nuxlellsg, and world Lr';L\v'\-lrr- \\hn room and, own the ba1lroom.\~ 3 loves pretty clothes but c‘Jxlr‘h5.S‘ And nlth such frock.-4 she puck} pane hug never used ruuge or sun on her» gr-In recoxuly when aha se pad a cocktail. forth on har.1ou,z-neys {hat resulted ‘ In cx,-lap trash counn wash (rock, !n I»\11.s'I‘Iz\,l for her recent nqvgi .busy 1_n,‘he_ar home in Il.‘LNfurq.l. \'UI'r.1«l and Love\. Colfnecllouh \.\_'here she hxnls n.~.1. I! n .15 in n fast d_yod_ fluffy - - and rel_uxn.t1on nfluv a_ trip m'|u.-«s M “ I“-ll N-Hon j.;Ck_:-lsult ! \ ‘(he Arajblun Insert. In tin 'l‘: . x.» um» um) at Ihv cnnr! of A1-.m1mn Jordrxnla. Pursla. .1-21:) In or Inn‘. \ — x2.- 1;:n.ir or 'l‘l‘.u\.sl(Ir(1n[1I:l anon ‘ihta, Y explm--ry \\lm nu,.ht‘1 Hm arr-N-3 th-3 :\rqhI,n.n D;-s-rt._ null [yum for a smgu ul rm. r r \\\‘n mu .1; nnnwle. sho mut the as gutting randy hu‘ .. 1- :.-r Ml; l\'_. -: rm shu xxvuulgl n. guvsl. l_n her‘ vrtmgra [[1 [:u‘ (If? I.x_u:l’-I. nun hmne \.x‘luLh.s'.\' .~-u- mwl '1\.u.‘~‘ .\\vr :1 low svcc-ks now, am-rs IHHHIIH Lint |‘«- n ' .- .- v':- .; l,l|~- nluuurs SLl!‘|Igl in her‘ faclunly us the new rnmh H u...m LI.\l‘-«It'll In lI.u:t1‘nrd_._ and a few lee} ‘froclgs \\hk‘|\_ ‘um pun. -‘ :1, Iuvn‘-il,ul'I'S. she's slartlnj; ugzun, Por-» ')y today In their 1». .\ H1511)”: nn-l'|).1]IV5 to L‘crs1:_>_, this time. she says; utast coloxjs that auunl_ the sun 1;u\dll_'u: ome of the page sh: m1s.s¢_sd an l_«l_n&l_\,Y ~\’Li1_ah,1ng;g, -won In the hotllllo lgnst trl_p3 4’ __ v Ilowgml Lzmin. famous leader. whose orchestra tank on this unigtie job, explains that the mil- lionaire was cnnvinvqd thnt music xvhenever he felt an urge for It would bene his haaltli. “He wasn't: well.\ save Mr. Lanin. \nml his illnt-si made him low-s'pi1‘-i_lm1_ llv luv.-ll:-V9-'1 that nlu-sic ahls-cl dI|.'£\St<iIIl| zuul hfrmi tho spir-its, so hr simply 17¢-taim-.«l us by t,lu= wag-k tn pluv In his home}, If £11011‘ \\N‘r gin-‘=:-. vi’ course we plan-:1 for menu. R It: we were on call t\~.'ont,v-fu1n'~ hours .11 (lay zuul oft:-n only our em- ployek and his family were in the Muse when we played. Some- times we pluyeul for him alone. “He used to make out music; nghedules for brgakfast, luncheon, Evén apingxolu, glu in u nuumé of m1u.;|_(-. lu_:ln.n(-.~1s, l:ut'u1n(.-:1 u Iuvurgtyo (huh uf <-hIl(l_1‘eu. Make um urmnstmlos from dn,§'-old lvrnsulg. (‘ut.-1l1«-u,-.~n,nr,xoguulonoequtxrtor int-hm Hm-k, mm the cr~usI,s. S('uup out txlw m-nu-1' uf ouch plum and fr-y in den-p fut: until ginldun \)I‘n\\‘lI. I);-u‘m_ on pupal‘. Puzw 1 thn eggs in \\jntm_- to which n. tormpoun of suit. um] juim of llztlf IL Il‘[llUll_'h_i1V0 been xgdyled. When Hm \\'hil,(=s gm-. |n.l:u:n uno egg in the v(~u_t0x' of 9231-11 n-r‘o1|.-mule and sofvo with a mm-0 mmln with tho \_v'ol\_'Nxt.n. mu! milk 4-nukml nlnwly in as double bullvr until Vclveeta is molwd, and gonsnqed to taste, Qgrnislx with « p!3m1«?-:'- ' n The {'(Vnlln\vnn;; ohi11lrc~.n's (ushl'.‘l urn It ¢=I'('nl fnr‘hn_v,gu-1umlnn-Llu-I ulllw. I_’_hilmlc~1pl\in (crown rm npplu sluvcs, fruit. suur-rs, Tnzxst, cu-real, and [mu- ('gxkc:L SpiI_m_0h Soumé 3 tablespoons butter 8 t_u!-l(--slmunz-1 (mu! 1 cup mill; Salt, popper _ ;_4_ teaspoon; choppcdrqulon Mr. I: . ml his ox-.hc=..r:1 now plgx. - .vqzu-L l'c:l'i[Lumx( of the St-. Lip; .11 here. ,’-“\r'l . ‘ ~ ‘ #5 ~ » 1 X. b .\-ck §;%“$‘,-..~ * V‘ n 9 ' ‘ ‘ ‘ ! E 1% W 3»?-

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