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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, April 09, 1931, Image 7

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-~2\ » u ..-¢t;~;~..,;~:~“ ,« . \$7.4. Jr’. . . . ‘N-\ 1,.) 2:: _ \>2\.-?t;’-3.«°\~‘~‘1:I~\x\ -a;:»i;‘~§é;:-‘«*...'51=:a; :;:.¢ - ;‘«.\‘~'.: g» ugcx; ; I «1 '7‘ ‘-Fla’ / ‘I-‘-,5~Vk.'lg'}§’!.1.|!‘.‘!,'l,*;_.A‘N.\¢?.-§Ya N-j \Y.-. Thy?!-z,_Ap ,9?» _1..93_‘1f«. 1TSt£Ige and Screen :‘Sheas Hipprome Serious Mine Disaster '~ Averted by Te‘Iephone5 =Genue<;n_nn's Fate. -Jvohil, G,l1bent,,'s iat- mt. stnzfrlug vehicle, will .be- prese.nted‘ at Shafs. mppoclromé begmplng ‘S-atux-—. :r.!a3\ Qn ghcsstage u_>pp'1ng\ the RKO x\a\u'levlx1e- .progi*m‘n. w1'1‘l lhé Violet Cnu-. s.on:/am: ‘Signor’ Frslcoe zuxct orchestra. in ms new mm. ~GiH;er‘t« gxguui \Ve.u5 _-his xixusnzxche amt iiumzxcujnte zclethcs. nlthqugh his role 15‘ that of wt gmngater who. despise a. gsmlexxmnly rearing. .re- -‘\’el‘l‘5— to the blood of ms family when a «crizls arises. A~lch_m1gh\l\\'oV men were ‘killed -uuexh fire bztolm out recenliy in the 'I~.‘11f«mu2 shaft (.Y the HumPs!:lke mh.c- in Suulln Dakni:-. ii .“(‘l'iu'l'i ch~:x~tr 1' um .'\\:c-MOLE with (:10 .~z\\'!m: of ‘Le liwn of -.L')'.'a:h M’ 1nivu|-' r..u ': lhw -‘hifi luv: V.Llle¢ HM‘! ll‘-~2 .1 (la _unIn<.- ‘by (('l'.phGI3f.',. ‘uul «in;-, .:..‘~1 vv--~s to cull the-rul! or: 11's gnu n 2:‘ :1 ‘fa 1\ ‘I (‘wm uu'. uL' Lhu uu'n-,- Otlu-ra m the sxlpportlng .cast are M1su=1e Prevbst‘. Louis Wolhrim. John Mu-- jan. ’Georg¢- Cooper. Ferlkc Bares, Ralph -Inca. Fran}; Re1('her_ Paul Poz*cas1'unc1 Tenen Holtz. ' 'l'l1Ia “(Illa . I.-.- :.I:.: ml: Eu-.-rudl ‘thu lzugc-at g :1’ :xvL.:c- lll :h»_~ world, ‘has :1 (‘l'!ll[)l\ 1- [\l']1lH'x- systenu lllllll'l,:l'( . T=l1e-I, E 1-_imn«s are runn-1I\l tothe compun, ~\Vl{Q:IllO3.\'(1- Thur - .\,in:hl)uur(l in turn is cuunc-r-f.eol tu the nearest telemmna central u.1nce.. r U ll1(1i(.‘{lt9<l that this tele- Qnhone system probabl_v u.erted a .nucl‘: more ll0l’IEihl«'-' disaszs-1'. involving the loss of many lives. The two men who: lost their livz-s were trapped ln. an elevator cage in the Ellison s and were killed when the steel cable burned in two and we cage fell‘ several hundred‘ feet. The damage to the ’-mining plant amounted tar half. I, mflllon dollars. On the stage, tOpp1:.g ‘t-he RKO vauc1é- ville p1'r‘:gr.1m. \vl11.ha vnudév1l1e's laugh ‘promomr, \/11:.-let Carlson, in Just A *R,:«r1n:'d NM! and S‘gnor Frlscoe and his .1F'D.'!” Cxuatmnln Ensemble. marine or- chestra. Obher acts on the program will Include Serge. Flush, King of -Rubber B:\l1Ms»mpu1nt,ars. K~11'by.u.nc1vDuval. and Southern Gzuetles, a singing. stepping retrospect-mt,’ or the old ‘plantation, with Frnxmk and Forman. Josie Camle, Bernice James and Forhnn Béys. Herb Strnub nnd His Gang w1l1 present; an- other novel dveruire -or ‘popular melo- ‘div’:-s. % ,.£~«\’ .. ;. .., V A 7 Jr, Gjlda. Guy. the Wqx-Id’: moat ‘sensapiaml ‘dancer. who “rm ippear. In “qhsklng the Blues Myuy.\ ata ‘snug. numilo beginning lfridsy. T5011. Lsen and Johmon. nut comics, who are Iersturad in \ wlhon French ’,ut_8h9af§ CAent_u,i-y, I ,_ ‘ ' of Love. and Marion Harri; in Two's 'C°mPim.Y. mango. scren sensution di lire an the jungles or Smmira. will «be -iuhovm ‘sum. urday, continuous 51 to 11 o'clook._ In addition -there will be Marie Dresaler and Polly Moran in a. camedy skit, Dan- gerous Females. Added subeqts will in- clude a Paramount -Pigt ! Review and Shawn Seneca sound‘ Nwee. Extra iilms at the childn:n\s matinee will be Fast. Compmly with Jack Oqkie, Skeu G;ai|n- gher and Evelyn Brent and t-ht; sixth episode of the secret srvice aerial thrill- r. Finger Prints, with Kenneth ygarian and Edna,Mu.rphy. The Lafayette ‘Eugene ‘wamra tamous stage play; ‘me Easiest way, will be presénud as a talking at Shea}: ‘Seneca 'I‘huxq- day and Ft Thée Icwen version will pruexit Constance Bennett. supporting Illa: Benntt are Robert uanigoxnery. Adolphe Menjou, Anita Page. Marjorie lhmbeau and others 0! screen prom!-V nqnoe. on the surrounding ‘pwgranl win be Marjorie Beebe in Mush Idea The playing 0 iaduul dole; in talking pictures By Edward Ever'ev.t; Horton is successxuily ‘carried out at the New’ La- fayette theatre this week. In the risque story of Lonely wives hich tenures besides, Mr. Horton. 1.3-, a La Pinnte, ‘Esther Raiston. and Patsy Ruth Miller ‘in conspicuous roles. Ni‘. Horton is s‘éenQ as a divorce lawyer who works hard ‘by day in his profess~ icn but when me clock strikes eight. he begins to “bioom.\ That is to say. his desire (or the companionship of women other than his wife. ‘abesses him at. night. especially when his wire is out oi town for an indefinite stay. Carefully selected shorts and iiurry -Pzmrl at the -Wurlitzer complete the bin E253 Jqall ('5-awfo1'd prsent; cwc extremes in her new picture. Dance. I-‘coll. Dance. which will ‘be presented Sunday to Tues- (lya! with mwtlnee Sunday wit. 2 o'clock. She ‘is supported by Lpsg.-r Val. ‘Oll Ed- wards, William Bnkewell. Glark Gable, Pun-hell ‘B. Pnjatt. William Holden. Ngltllle Moo:-hea<l,, Hale Hamilton, Joan Marsh and othrs: An interesting surrounding program qiso will be presented. «Body and Soul. which introduces the intematioxmi screen and stage sensation. will be shown Wednesday and Thursday evcningsc Miss Landi plays opposite Charles Farrell. Otlu-rs In the cast are Myrna Loy and Humphrey Bogart Added subjects also will be presented, and Bob- by Deming will be heard in n novelty organ rcital. Shea’S Buffalo V &' .'; ,* x >5; tz . 'V< ' H‘ .,_ I . i ; r V“, Bejglrumig Frldgy Shea's Bailey \shaking ‘the Blues Away\ BENNY R058 and Stage Band IN rmsox Dom. net. on Women, comedy romance wlcli -Eclmuml Lowe and Jeanette M..c- ‘Dounld_ will b:.- the feature Saturday only at Sheu's Bxiliicy with cmlzi.-en‘. nmtinee at 2 o'clock. Supper mg 1h: stars are Roland \'c:ung_ Una M\:-kel ahzi M. Kcmgnn Axlra at the mnmm-e mi; betlie epic oi the zvir. W\lx.gs with Rich- ard Arlen, Chnias R.-gt.-r=.. Guy Cooper. nmi Clnga Bow. zmsl Ui-; sixth eplsude or the secret service .s'riul Lhrillrei. Fm- ger Prints wlbh Kenneth Harlan nnd Edna Murphy. Ruth Chatci-ton will be seen in nu‘ l.x- bcst drama-tic starring vl.'hiCl(‘. Unfaith- tul. for turn» dnyu beginning Sundu,'.. with muilneo at 2 o'clock‘ Ii ls an ab- scrbing drama 01 the di:-illuszoncd \\'.i of :1 ‘publci hero Paul Lukas has l..“.t.' clilel supprmlng role with Pm-1 c..\.~.. naugh nnd Juli:-ite Comptn-3. he-d.n,v the cast. Added now.-ltles and N:-l<:o-.. Siby at iherconsclc 0.‘ till” grnxcl m'._:,.ir will rcund cm. mi attractive px'ogr.i= .. Body and S:.ul which in~tlr3duc*-s uh imcrnntiorml screen i-.n:l 5‘ 2' '-‘ ‘< ; '* Elism Lnndi. mil b~ :~!‘.c\vn W inc and ThlllSElIi_Y ov aims A \ 1- t ' A urrounciing pm: ln Li I z u . ’ll0\'t}ltl(s also will be pro \ed On the Screen NORMA 6HEARER , _ at the Great. Lakes beginning Friday . . RICHARD BARTHEIMESS in “Tim FINGER POINTS\ with Fay Wray. Regls Toomgy Pan; Ruth Miller And Edward Evenll Horton in I’I|III'n. Shea's Century ‘Lonely \V.vr< \ dmunntlc r.::n:mcr- wmch will be shown at the New Lira rt:-. begmnnxg Timrsdny. April 9. Don’: Miss 1t. Shea’s Century Fifty Miillcu Frenchmen, screen vex‘- sitm at the whirlwind comedy whicii lately moi: Bvoad\my by storm opens Thursday mt Shea‘s Century. The scenes arc nil laid in gay Paree—-:1 glorious me- Image ni dancing girls. wise cracking kldders. skidding taxis. sleight-at-hand performers, puss_\'root'ing etccuves. gor—- geousiy gswmd sweetie and speeding race horses—:1 perfect .=tling,ior the as- tonishing love story of n yc.'.ing Anteri- can millionaire she wnig-srs iifty thou- sand dollars that he can in two weeks woo and marry n stunning girl he has sen but not met. ‘ BOY SCOUT STAFF- HOLD MEETING In charge of supplies. James Lees who will ngnfn’ lead me‘ Buccnneers. and Craig Bliss who returns. Frisky! Gay! Naimty But Nice! “l‘l!\l'\’ MILLION I’-‘llI~}‘.\\CllMl‘}N\ \uh OLSEN as JOHNSON Sheas Buffalo 'I‘2‘.c- craft‘ of Camp T.-\'ui-Ya-Ee 0'.’ the Ene County Boy Scauts met last Satur- u..y e\»en.x..; wnh Ih_m.«~ R Colhy at th. Cuup Ope;.It!uu.s‘ c mmmee and 2‘.xecu‘.\. N M M.lr-‘s \\.lh dinner at Rmckrts Tm R:'.n., Bu1f:xl:>_ mt wmch time the p):‘;x‘a.‘ax ms planned for the camp ut the conmj._;,- -ensan. opening on July (it!) on Thu»: Halley Nature Be- “IV? .l.m. well equipped 48 acre camp grounds of the C:ux.c:l out 1:) the H01- lund 11.115. Annn Lyford, coming back to TI~Wa— as his assistant f~'i ax; . .1 Claudia Dell, William Gaxbon Shem: Buffalo will present smother gain promm at stage and screen attn\cc- tlons begtinning Fridzxy. Behind the tootligimts will be Gilda Gray. glamorous stage and screen mu‘. in a personal up- penmnce with n =h_uge company of Broadwny entertaincrsi; in shaking the Biues Away. On the semen will.» bx‘ Richard Barthlemess in the First Nu- tionnl production Finger Poi-ms. with Pay wray, Regis Toomey and Robert Elliott. . Ya-Ee ns Counsvllor or the Foresters- utter n summers nb.~encc'wltl1 the ma- gara Frills councxl. Jom Cady coming to ludershxp ns ms ass1st.:L_nt. alter four reasons In the camp as 3 Scout. Item ab_ou£ Paris from the stage play that rocked New York with laughter C‘ .7.70. Now bigger, grander and greater At POPULAR PRIO Added Screen Novelties C Theodore Lewis. who temrus 1-. Counselor (:1 the Indlzm ‘Inlay and bangs with his as ms nssxstruxt. Raymond Fnddne of Norwich an Indian boy of wlwm Scous nt camp will come to know much mare. The girl ‘in question is plyned by Claudia Deli. Wnllnm Gaxtan is the ad- onmrotm lover. John Hunidny and Les- ter Crawford are the two In’ nds of the hero. Olsen and Johnson. um cmuc-st team on stage or screcn. are cast. as fake cletecttves. ‘Helen Brcdonck is oust‘ us .a szrang-nunlgleg tm_u:1,_.::. Qihers in. the cast Include Carrnemu Gcmghty. (‘mules Jutlels. Nat Carr and Vera Gordon An Interesting program of st-rs-en non-X1105 and a novelty organ realm; by Hcrbart MncAhau will round out, the bm «Shea’s Hippodrome Among Lh..se lnvncd to «he meeting Miss Grey recently returned from Lona don where she made 21 Bmglsh plcture for Duponts. called Plccncully, It proved ‘a sensational success In l=he'vBx'lt1sh cnp~ ,lt4_\l, Qlldn Grey 15. new back 9!! $13.0 vaudeville stage at one of the highest. snlnrles ever paid an mdlvldunl star. She has new eongs. the best dances of her cnreer and rm elaborate wardrobe._ included ‘in the stage show. beslden enny Russ, thnta golden-voloed person- lfy and ‘Shea’: Buffalo stage band, will be Ray nncl Harrison. mixed comedy team: Joe Grimm. tenor soloist and the Three Dynamos. aeusatzlonnl dance trio. Alfred Spooncr, who is to be in charge of the HcM,1qum'u;-rs Dlvislon this sum- mzr. wxth Rzbert Fullr as his assistant: ah: Meyer Hurevltz. who will again be Howard Seltz, of the Pioneers. and‘ Dan Coney Mth Frank Beauvals of the Plalnsmen Vlllngn cu of whom are old timers and who have made names (ux themselves as leaders In previou scnmps. Beginning Saturday. Grand Rcmance or Racketeers and Society mun GILBERT In \GmrrL:MA'N's mun\ with Leila. Hymns, Anita Page Plus 5 RKO Acts, Headed by \.'.I.(2u=1.' CARSON Hints For Homemakers By Jane Rogers Vaude?.'ll!e's Laugh Promoter BIGNOR FRIBCOE ‘ His Marimba Orchestra. Presenting World’: Grengcst Entertain- ment in Shea-Quality Manner Buffalo’: Most Beautiful Com- munity Thanh-e . '1‘lIl'IlSl).\\' am! nun.‘u' _ “THE EASIEST WAY\ ‘ ' CONSTANCE BENNETT Robert Montgomery, Adolphe Menjou ‘VITH fruits and berries planting-11 and cheap. and sugar selling at: a price as low as we lmve seen in :1 generation. this is the ideal? year for special activity in home pre- .<o'rvlng. Put up in attractively soalml and lalwled glasses and Jars, jams nml jollles will make inexpen- sive and deeply appreciated Christ- mus gifts for friends and relatives “hen the Yule season rolls around. S.\’l‘l.'Rlhu' (Continuous 2 to 11 ‘P; M. 'l‘Hl-I SCREEN SENSA-'l’l0N 0|’ 1931 ‘ “ R A N G o \ MARIE DRESSLER AND POLLY MORAN IN “DANGEROUS FEMALE-'5,\ A few .junipm' berries. obtaingable at tho drug stnre. placed in a. try‘ 1111.: mm ilmt has hequ heated um?! wry hot. will release aromatix fumes which will quh-k1,v drive th A odor of vnukln:: out of the house. SUNDAY to Tl'l49l),t\' (3lutIno«- S\nn1ny\ JO‘A'N CRAWFORD IN “DANCE FOOLS, DANCE” What is said In ‘>9 tho‘ 1urg~s£ cnS—- ldctiun mt nexx-spnpeu In the world In been opened to thq public In a Iow.~:;-uper museun All-’IuvCh8.p Io:-many. Among‘ its collection or 150,000 newspapers are curlosities tom an over the world. including an Ilkimo paper from the middle of ms! cemm_v. Large Newspaper Collnchon v\vm'>.\'|-:sn..u' and 'r-un:<n,\rv \ “BODY AND SOUL\ . Elissa Landi . Charles, Farrell Bench: at vcuhnovlu John Gilbert and Lena Byams in 15 scene {mm \A Gentleman's Face.\ coming GILDA Glh\\’ to Shexvs mppc/drome Saturday ;_ F T on want wyhat you want when you want it—1'n the printing line-— E.» WE HAVE IT! %

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