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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, March 26, 1931, Image 6

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CHAMP-S, IN svmxcusa FRIDAY grnnzaxsronm znnurs « mes, WIRES mrsm Deluxe Aééiimmodation in New Touring 0!: to Syracuse go the ‘plucky «lacks.-‘ rLacl:n\vzynna. has dexeated illlamsvmo. wanna high school -bus-ketba-L! .pla.yei-3, Sa.1am.anca and« Hoiiréll m post.-season today t omwt. on Friday nil:-ht the cam play wmle Os-wegols last two x'~lct'ms bra). New Ycrkv dlsmct champions the; were Little Falls Just season's champions Oarwegu m 1115811001 «te:vm- and Johnson Clay. 1 The Lwc‘-:1\\vnnn.1 tevm .\.l'0 champions, ‘ Ste-élaxtmnxms‘ followers more 'en-‘V or all We='.teru New York Lhuslustl -utlmn ever as a result of the. Last Frlday nlght ln Kenmore the mumph over Hor-uell Friday nlght. are. Steel Ozty quintet 5\\';.u.p(~d the (‘rack ‘plmmlng a special excursznn to Syracuse 2 liomell lxlgh school team. sv.)L\t.m1'x1 cm‘ The Lzxckxuxmxilzx game is the first crs\ss' champions by a score or 28 tn 12. k~'p- A contest on hhe program Frlday night mg n gren tcrowd oi s]\0't,.L'um m .. '.- Lug scheduled fun: 9 o'clock. Yonkers‘ pemxrt. frenzy of excuc-u.e.lL ,:»ul Pn'.cl‘r:.,'u - ‘._\'lll meet ln the other. Télephone vc axlils 160 Through over Line Downer‘! ‘After sleet Storm izfe '.‘: .‘-_--‘ ,3: 2 L 33', 01 ' V‘ Recently a freak storm ‘descended on -the Syracuse ‘district with inter- ruptions in the telephone service here and there at isolated points; nothing serious and all quickly ‘mended. But It report came in that I row poles were down ‘on the Fairmount-Warner road west of Syracuse. Tests of the lines running out this road revealed not A single break. it seemed odd that poles should be down without the customary dislocation ‘of the tele- -phone lines. The ‘Syracuse-Rochester ‘line. which runs along this route. was all good as «far as a. break east 0: -Lyons in -the Elmira district. Special tests showeci everything in good working order with the exception of a slightly high» capacity in one circuit. A tele- phone ‘line ‘inspector, ran down the lead and soon reported that west cf the Fairrnount Station ‘bridge six poles were lying across -the road. Five poles were leaning at various angle: but not a cross-arm,‘ mwire or an in- sulator on the ten-pin, ‘arm lead was broken. spy \ 3!‘ ‘ \:!“*r$£» “\;f£t«‘~‘ 1; 4 K. ,.;-3». ‘I; \ .7. . .' .43 .'3v‘$;;: 1' 3 \ et<ra‘33 !;\.'.' 3\. ‘ ';: ‘=31.- '”’ - .1 ‘- :‘f?.Jx. ’x Soup Kitchen At Zion Church l‘|-{alps Scores of ;H1n1ngn'y Stxmt Work G-rows 4Ra_pi:dly In ‘City competition here. Clever leather-.plat,ing of ‘boys -is at-‘ tractive. IDELUXE Acconmlonn-1oN IN NEW nssizx rovnmu SEDAN Church Members Make soup from material gathered by Rev. DeLima on daily mis- \'- r >.'» ml.‘ .1 ,,:$% is :.j'§%,.:f}j '92:’. my H‘? :t i-f-M ‘spaolousness. and comturt nu provided In this new lxsex Super-Six Touilng Sedan. Beauty ‘of line and richness of appointments. combined with new standnfds at pertormimoe. are otfer_ed in all 0'! the new Essex series, with the‘ Touring sedan an outstanding member or the ‘Line. Troop 23 certainly 15 gemn a lot of kceu competition from Troops 12 and, 22 also or Lackzvwanna. Burt. the fellows‘ have gm; the spirit in htem and are‘ keeping a sine custanoe from them In‘ efficiency and do not expect to let? elthet of these troops qatch up to them. \ The Zlon ‘E Church at. 411» Sue-In wsuma avenue has been reading the jab- less and hungry free‘ to olmrgu for the past three months. This h.a.s~l'.x-on pos- nlble through the resouroexulzwas and hard work U! the pastor. Rev. Demma. Each morning he starts out to she what he can find in the way 01 donations. In and out or! the stores along. Ridge Road he goes. ~ somemmea he gets a. soup boue, some- times as few potatoes. sometimes some veg:-tablse, sometimes some brand. \ The Xellows are certainly going to‘. make one wanclerful ishowlng at :the‘‘ District. Revue: which will be held March 20 . You should hear them sing the’ songs on th esoug sheet. Why you: would mink Caruso and a few more om’ his friends came back to we and were} present at lite camp me. ‘ Yau should also nee the cleaner; leather placing the Xellows are doing ‘now. It certailnly is 3 crecut to Troop 23 to -have follows that can do ‘such; work. The only ‘service failure caused by this freak break was me Iarerln: or one prlvate line when the terminal polo tell and nnnpped on -the under- ground service entrance cable where it entered the iron duct. Construction men were noon on the job replacing the fallen polea and connecting the severed’ cable line. hatver he collects he takes back to the ehurch, where one of htls chumh members, gifted In the art of (raking. is ready -to prepare soup from whatever he brings. At live o'clock the soup is dcme. ‘ And In come the men. colored and white nuke, thin-ty or forty of them. They say the soup is good. ’And‘ {or most of them this is the only men! of the day. I! you hav eany domtlon tor tms soup kitchen Just drop a cal‘d'_‘to Mr. Dohmn or phone Friendship House Abbott 0888 and someone wtll call‘ for It It anyone 0! the readers of this piece happens to have an ottclhl Boy Scout, wit and would wish to sell it to mother fellow smut will they please get 1n{ touch mm 311! Daley am 448 Electric avenue or one may call Abbott 2376-Ri‘ where you can get In touch wlth lhlm. Round Robin Telephone Talk Speeds ‘Big Business Three man in Detroit It three di extension telephone: were all connected recently by the same line to three extension telephones in New York City. at one 0: which at a secretary recording the proceedings in her notebook. Vogue For Canape Grows \ ggl ‘:§.i‘\-' ‘ Appetizing Newcomer on Party Foot! List In Boon to Hostess tray of CID-IDO! can be I rally lovely -picture. and they will tutu just as good as they look. This unique hook-up had been hurriedly arranged to conduct an urgent meeting among these men who were oitlciais or a large chemical products iirm confronted with the necessity ot reaching a decision quickly. The meeting was conducted by the president of the company. in order to simplify the taking of records each man announced his name when he spoke. It was a round table dis- cussion by telephone. The conference lusted thirty-five minutes and an agreement was reached involving hundreds oi! thousands oi! dollars. and saving much time and effort. THE canape in one or the new- comers on the party food ‘lint but it is already extremely popular and very chic. It is atmwtlve In appearance and nppetiting In Ila» vet‘, and it has made entertaining much easier. To the smart hostess It is as necessary as the attendin- ner bowl of fruit. if J0 ear}! fo M/é zoiié 0UT-OF- TOWN ! For ten or (or evening retresh- ments there is nothing smarter than a tray of canapes of various shapes and garnishes. For 9. iirst course at lunch or dinner a canape is again correct, and convenient; it can be arranged and placed before the guests arrive. For a. first course a fruit. canape is sometimes ciimen. A ring of sliced bananas is arranged around the edge of a roxnd at bread which has been spread with cream cheese.’ in the center are heaped minced dates mixed with mayonnaise. The cnnape is placed on s lettuce lent with mayonnaise as a garnish. Sometimes a slice of pineapple is used instead of use bread. Variations oi Foundation Butter for Campos Chutney Butter: 1 teaspoon chut- ney for 2 tablespoons butter. Anchovy or sardine Butter: 2 teaspoons anchovy or sardine posts for 4 tablespoons butter. Chill Butter: 1 tablespoon chm sauce for 2 tablespoons butter. Watercress Butter: 1 tablespoon pounded cross to 4 tablespoons but- tel‘. Parsley Butter: 1 tablespoon minced parsley to 4 tablespoons butter. Cheese Butter: Equal parts soft snappy cheese and butter; 1 part Roquefort to 4 parts butter; 1 part Parmesan to 2 parts butter. Pimento Butter: 1 minced pt- mento to 4 tablespoons butter. Horsctradish Butter: 1 table- spoon ho:-serndlsh to 2 tablespoons butter. zlIus‘r~.r«_l Butter: 1 tablespoon prepar-.-d mustard to 4 tablespoons butter. Ketchup Butter: 1 tablespoon ketchup to 2 tablespoons butter.‘ EllBOPE‘8 WIIBLD WIR VETS ' ARE GIVEN SMALL BIIHUSES No matter how seen in years. To wish someone success in 2 new undertaking. To join friends with your voice when they are celebrating anniversarics or birthdays. Keep close to chil- dren at school.... survey o! Allied countries Reveals Amounts Awarded to Sol- diers by Each. friends or rela- tives may be-—.tcnv or thousands of miles—you can visit them by tele- phone as casilyas though they were living in your neighborhood. Lon(lou.—‘The unwounded World war veterans of Europe do not receive a yearly pension for their services from 1914 to 1913. For canapos which are to be eaten with the elthar bread plain or coasted on one side is used. It is usually spread with a butter —- nnvhovy ‘paste. deviled ham. )1n1\mr..d-sh. nxustard or cheese xu“ :;'n-mg the savory ma- goriala whmh mix well wlth butter. (‘olorful ;1rni:~hus are than msulu from commnan ms of mm:-utos, green pepper. .-*2’: u and grv--u .-.- -.«. egg yolks and unites. Tiny pl-‘LXC-1 onions and cagers can also be nod. All kinds of Interesting Ntecta we nossible by mrylnx the -trr~s.nz:«- ments of these garnlshes. Youx g 11,4 All allied count:-£3 paid World war veterans n “demobilization bonus,\ similar to that paid in the United States a news service survey of.‘ the vxu-ious cmmtrles showed, while the Italian Sl)Mi(‘l‘S also received insur- Ilnce policies. These are some of the priceless retum\s one gets from telephone service. Few things that cost so little, give so much satis- faction and service as the tele- phone. Just ask the operator to connect you. That's all. An amazingly easy way to keep friendship aIive.- To talk with someone near and Tho Brilisln soldiers rt~col\'ed a de- mobilization “grutu1ty\ \':u'_\'ing from a minimum of $25 to $50. zwcordlng to rank. plus about $2.50 for every month's sorvivo and a half as much for domestic service. Thus the‘ pri- vate servlng throughout the war re- oolvml a maximum of about $145. rep- resenting the “grotulty.\ plus forty- elght monthly overseas payments. The regular prewar soldiers were entitled to mldltionnl pensions as In the regular army. but no pension was granted merely for World war servlce. Thu wounrlo-l wore pensloned at from $5 to $12.50 weekly. dear whom you may not have NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY No more cellars! At the end of the war the French soldiers were paid a demobilization premium of $50. The wounded were paid according to the extent of their injuries from $115 to $752, nnnunlly, with an additional $280 a year for all who were more than 85 per cent dis- .nbled. The blind were allowed a spe- cial pension oi‘ $3.000 annually. The awards were made in trancs in 1918. when the franc was worth 10 cents as compared to slightly less than four cents today. The demobilized Italian soldiers re~ ceivéd a parcel of clothing and a cash ‘bonus of 150 lire (then worth almost 20 cents us r-ompnrcd to slightly more than five cents at present); They also ‘received an insurance policy for 1,000 ‘lire, The sick and disabled received 70 to 1.500 lire a month, according to thesextcnt of their injuries. The German soldiers were not given compensation unless they were wanna- ed. The \Vm'i«l war oillccrs, lmm-var, were eligible for pensions after ten years of service. The pension is 35 per cent of their salary. which would give I! tlrst lieutenant about $1.10 an- nually. The amount increases accord- imztn rank in a maximum 01‘ 80' per cent f.m-30 years oi‘ scr-vice. keeps them dry for all time THIS SMALL OUTLAY. an amazing saving over usual mstullutlonn. protects both your fam- ily und properly. You positively ellmlnne (ht Annoyance, unhenltlw condition. and danger from naming causcd by dump ccllnrl by Imtallln; tho UNITED ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC‘ The sllzhteitwntcrnutouutlcnllynnrtsitnndlutopa when wnter has been completely drained. Roqujnn no spacial lmmllatiun or nttantlun. Connect: to my oltctrlc light tocket. Cupnclty 2500 gala. per hour It normnl lllt. Equlpped with X H. P. 60 Cycle 110 Volt A. C. Electric Motor nnd fool-pron: -ulomntle twitch . . .'I‘hl| out ll guaranteed to give perfect utlsfhctlon and is offered for 1 limited period only at this exoeptionnlly low price--865.50 plus Ion In-ding chants. 0d 1: :1: In’ a’ I dill NC! DBALEKSX Write for Dunllu and Salon‘ flu: 5:: - I: UNITED ELECTRIC MOTOR CO. I13-A Centre St.. New York AGENTS! This monk pructlcnl. Iubstnntlnl ma low priced out offeri bl; opportunity. liberal im- mediate commissions. quick sales. no investment, upericnce unnecessary“ . .Scnd for Sales Plan CLIP THIS AD—YOU MAY NEED IT! x -\“'1Pv'~mn ‘t S Y F I P1 ' Don pare our um I e. I O ECONOM no O . 4 o O, Now Available at Summer Prices. How cgn pgople expect to keep well». whet} they ‘C--h Pri°°3= §?§k\‘§§.'a ht?§§i°Z“E52aiilgivn§:.'°w’é°§e.°§n?3‘st§3§ °-\' \\°¢*= ‘'5 59‘OO ‘hbm’es we quickly leam’the reason why. :33 5990 °°m°3 s9'o° Now they have no excuse‘ we have made D°m°3\° 3990 R3933‘ 5715 ECONOMY COKE available‘ ‘right now at -sum- n‘\¢° 3175 POI’ '50“ met pri‘ces-‘-it]: lclnzest gfghe year. Plentiful heat PO? *0\ assures -goo ea t an - appiness. > -Economy Fueh corporation, 214 Pearl St.. CL. 2024 j Lvlnfllséi-Barnettcoal cor’ ., Delawan-eat Mohawk, WA..8.o53 I‘ Daily Deliveries Direct From Ovens to Homes

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