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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, March 26, 1931, Image 5

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H‘£*~'\-u--Zc-v-u '«'--v -e--vw-« ‘I‘I-’-iv .9-..;-n«.iv-warn.-’«-men“!-saw -i-_«9~4\ii5sn~vyra-~.3.a¢»wiwu.-:.v'aaevAr.¢i1«~v-6-g-u ~.q9cn¢q,;«ai,;a¢~._~...-ms.nqum,gwgr!Ami«1-pain 1‘a¢kaWan_ri.a_’Nevls.~ T1-‘&.c'ki.w.em.na.[ Y-. \‘n7a-.jMarc‘:26;< 1931 ;L “On to Alaska With Bucha.=nan,” Slogan of Fifty Boys 8ucHANAN'.S‘ ED wwcouvee George E. Buchanan. sponsor and tracker of and room: (or the move- ment of boys to Alaska. is planning to take nny or more to the great United States possession in July.. Buchanan. who is prominent in the Detroit Coal Exclmnge. president 0: live coal companies and a bachelor. ‘.-elieveu that a trip to Alaska. pro- vided a boy partly earns his way. will re a wondermi formative incident in his me. He has already taken 400 L-cys to Alaska and this will be his ninth annual personally conducted‘ IOU)‘. The boys. ugesaii to 1'7. must earn one—third oi the cost of the trip is-125.00): the parents advance a third and Buchanan loans the boy one- tzum. which is '42 be repaid later at the boy’: leisure. no that other boys may go to Alaska later. Buqhanan. who gets letters tram all over the United States and Canada nddresaed \Alaska. Buchanan. Detroit.\ ind \Buchanan. Boy's Friend. Detroit.\ tells the boy who writes $0 him direct from nnywhere how he can earn his third by selling pencils. kitchen tongs. coal, steel ash baskets. etc. ‘Boy: who quality go- westward through Canada and the Canadian Rockies. seeing Bani! and Lake Louise. then Nnnb to Alaska on the “Prlncess Louise.\ They see the wonders or Alaska and return by the \Princess Alice\ to Vancouver and homewnrd through the United States. thus viewing the scenery in ‘:-min. Mask: and the States Buchanan goes with them on v.~~:~-*9 trip and gives them ms pexuoum ca. .« when Inked What he did 1: they gm sick. he declared that they ma not get sick. or 11 they had is bu. 01 mm disposition the wondertul cI:mute popped them up and put them bucks on their ice: lmmedmtely. “C 12 buy gamed 19 pounds during the mo; th s tour,\ said Buchanan. \and every nay has gone home a better boy physlcaliy mentally and as a young business man He has seen Al1\s)m's wonders and has earned part. or the money to the trip. which covers nboun 8.000 mnes and mszs 3. whole moma Any boy. anywhere. can no provxaed he gets his parents’ consent and eazm his third.\ THE art 0! spending money~—-not how MUCH, but how W1BELY——i:hat is whit the \Community Benutifui\ movement in teaching hundreds who are taking an active part in it. They want. their money to be used in establishing a REAL home. They are determined to have them——in 1931! tractlve garden of your own to enjoy every day. and tower treks behind slow moving rows of automobiles on crowded hmhways? It you already own In home Jon? the \Community Beautilul\ movement and make its aurroundings 3 garden of deiight. If you do not own xx home siurt laying plans for it today. The design shown above, which was found in the 1\lontcomer,v “fun! 3:. Co. book of homes, suggests the beauty that is now woven into modern amali homus by skilled ui'L'hlh.~ctS. Think for 1 moment. If you had to do It an over nznln how would you have spent the money that was your: to uue during the last yours? Would you have continued as n renter? Or would you have preferred a cumtortuble homo x\nd\an at- miling Young Housewife Breaks 3* _,= Records With Her 3-Minute Cake EasterS'atur ayLuncheon’ 1 Social Series‘ Be ' HEN the pale of Lent is lifted on Easter Saturday there is everywhere a spirit of gayety and rejuvenation. So many hostesses select this day for the reinstitution of their social functions that carry on through the late spring until houses are closed and families are off. to. the country for the summer. An Easter Saturday luncheon can he a very effective affair. The hostosa with food imagination has an opportunity to give it a wide range of play. The soft pasie] shades that are no (asinionubly combined this year can ‘be empha- Iized in table linen. service and decoration. In this matter. how- ever, your personal tastes may be your guide. but ‘this menu may o suggestions that will catalog you as a most original hostess. Enter Saturday Luncheon Pineapple Cntmpe Bean Takes Food Honors at a cross and sprinkle with sugar Return to oven for a few minutes Yield: 15 buns. creamed Sweetbreads on Rosettes 115,- tbsp. butter 1 pair s'uet- 1 {sp. salt nsh pepper brms vanurazud mnk 2 tbsp Hour 1 cup boiling ‘V§!‘§1.‘ Crzualser crumbs Salt and pepper Butler 1 c1i‘p‘e‘vnpoti\ted Prepare :1 white sauce or first 6 ingredients. Purboil sweetbremis in boiling water to which 1 tbsp. vinegar has been added. Remove membrzme lllid separate sections. Dip in uudllule-(I evaporated mill: and crumbs which have been sen- aoned with salt and pepper. Brown‘ slowly in butter. Add mushrooms to white sauce. When heated through, serve with awentbroruls on rosettes. Yield: 0 servings. Floral Easter Ice Box Cake 28fl.Abll£t.:|: 1/_. cw} ovupomlod -an muslxromna By MARY-E DAIINKE Kraft Cheese Institute HEI{E’S to the city of Bouton- home of the bean and the cod! And ins iration for more auoculani; bean diages than wen: our dreamt of in the philosophy of early New England cooks! )4 teaspoon Woroesuu-shin nuns Salt. pepper , 1%; cups cooked ummmm (broken) 6 mushroom cups chocolnto milk '5 mm sugar ‘.é em. blue!- ya cun uvxuzomted chncolnlo ‘ mm: .139 limp. augm- Greamed Sweetbrouds on Rosettes The cheese-beau mast prepared with kidney or limn. bonus und made into a _loaf with mollnn American cheese I8 a_vory modem o in- deed from its conventional ancmmr, the garden-vnriotyuoupor baked bean. There are many subatnghial uhepso and vegetable combinations ujluch am 11 more than adoqu_nu3 mbumuw for meat sq the main dish of a lunch- eon or evening meal. 1 okay; Kraft Vdvaah }J”c.up milk Salt. power Blend well the grated chemo, mil, well-bcueu eggs and aaneonings. Di- vide the nwamui equally among 6 bl}!-wnad cmtud cups and till cups with tlroclmose mixtum. Set in 1 pan ofhot wawr ugd lacks in a nodcruu: ovau. 350°, unul Unmold onto-1 plntlcr, garnish ouch with a mushroom mi», and serve with nuoe made with l: to Vglvecta, milk qnd smaoninfa cooked In A double boiler until Vc vocta is melted. Cheese and Vegetable Canada 2 cups cooked spaghetti 2 cups cooked peas 1 omon chopped 1 groan pepper chopped 3 fresh tomxtom Buttered Pens Miniature Hot Cross Buns Calla Lily Butter Mlds iumgs 34 cup \\'niei' l tsp. vanilla. 6 flotver bios- 2% dozen huiy souls. real or lim:ora. or an made from doc- oqunl cunount of ornllvo icing ugonfru cnlco lot chocolate in top of double boiler. Add sugar and avnpomtocl milk togethor with well-‘beaten egg yolks. Cook slowly over boiling water until thick and smooth. stir- ring oonsulnuy. cool. then told in stlftly beaten egg whites and vanilla. Line 6 individual molds (small custard cups or ielly glasses) with lndy lingers. Add prepared. cooled and let stand in ice box for 12 hours to set chocolnto mixture, Just before‘ eerviug. scald the 35 cup evapo- rated milk in too of double boiler. Cool. then chill in a bowl surround- ed by chimwd -ice and salt. Whip until still’ Melt chocolate over hot‘ water. add sugar and blend well with chocolate. Add water and boil directly over llame, stirring con- tinuously. until a thick six-up is formed. (‘oni thoroughly and fold into the wllipped milk. Remove mixes from molds and put on paper dollies on chilled service plates. Spread clmcniote whipped milk on top and -insert :1 waszhecl hyacinth or other spring (lower. Yield: 6 edible Easter ilolverlilms. curled Celery Radish Rose Buds Kuqunt alad Crenu Dcsalns Floral Easter lce Box Calm K Fragrant Hot Tea Iaklns Powdgr Hot Cross Bum 8 cups our 5'. cup wutor I :,t;x:l(ll:g.‘l.<ln¢ 1 am.’ Yolk or 1 OK as up. salt ‘,5 tgp. cinnamon. than. fat (hall or butter) Grated lemon rlnd Cheeae-Bcan Roast 1 lb. can kidney beans 34 lb. Kraft Amexican Cheese or y \ V on curxnts milk 22 cm; rnlshlm Mix and sift dry ingredients until light. and well blended. ii lemon rim! is used in place or cin- namon. add it after sitting. Work in fat. using a fork, with a stirring motion; or out it in with two knives, rapidly cntchlug the balls of int between the knife blades as you cut. Continue until fat is separated into balls as line ns corn- meal granules. Add currents and raisins and then stir in the com- bined liquida——ovaporate¢l milk. water and beaten. egg. Mix lightly‘ and as little as possible. Shape into balls about V, the size of lin- isiled product. Place on an oiled bnklng pnn. Balm in a hot oven (425° F.) until delicately browned. When buns are nearly done. lmxsiu with evaporated milk in the form 1 Vplveetn omon, bq 1 tablespoon tter l cup bread crumbs Salt, pepper, paprika 2 eggs Drain liquid from beans; run beans and cheese through meat chopper. C_ool-: onion in butoer. Combine ingre- dients, ndd seasonings nnd beaten eggs. Mold into a lost’ or roll, moisben with melted butter and water and roll in bread crumbs; or pack ! in 3 buttered bakingkdish and cover the top with buttm-ed crumbs. Bake in a moderate oven, 3509. until nicely browned. -Serve with tonxutu sauce’. Who mlxes nu angle-food cnkc. ready for the oven in three minutes. 11-om start; to nmsm It's {.1115 lucky young housewife. snapped us she spied lot the time a surprise from her husband. biscuits. 1!. stirs. be-nts. chops. whips. mnshes. grams. slices. and does 1. for meats, or Iruits. or vegetables. It. squeezes juices from fresh fruit. It grinds cofrec. It makes ice cream And it does :11] mass: chmgs so mucli better that the owner qulukly exxrrls ns n hostess with nor cakes nuu breads. snlonther snlnd (In.-sslngb. unu scores of other Improved clmzcq. 1 cu!» bread crumbs / ' Salt and pefgzir 1 sun gmbed ft. American Cheese or Velveela Place half the spaghetti in :1 large baking dish. Mix the pens with the ‘chopped onion and men pepper and rltuse half of it. on tie spngbot fol- owingf this with half the shced toma- toes. ,)rcnd orumlxa and seasonings. Repeat. with remaining ingredients except. (-In-(~50. Cover the dish and bake '11. H! 4» moderate oven, 350°, ubput. an hour. Uncover, sprinkle with gfgrntvd ojmesc and return to the oven orlolmnutcs. It's nu elcctro-table. and on this neat. little porcelain-topped device. with all the timings nnd mechnmsm stowed nwny bcluw. the housewue docs by elccmcny more than 100 kitchen tasks that she has had to do by hand \V.Ith n of :1 she turns on the current. zmd while she washes lettuce for snlnzl. e]cctro~tnble makes the mnyonnnlse. nnd nmkcs It better. It mnshes the smoothest potatoes she ever had as gm; rolls and cuts out Suns H. Altorfer is head LI Al:01'£c'.l‘ Bros. Company. :1 Peoria. 111‘. turn that. for twenty years has clevotc-d Itself to the manufacture of 11Dll5(5hu.J equip- ment. The eicctro-tublc Is the com- pnny‘s lntest invention to banish many more of women's tnska and to do work better than 1!. cut has unuu done buxom. Mncnroni Lhccso Timlmlc.-1 1 cup gruwd I\'mft American Choose or Velvcpta 1% cups milk 2 eggs r . .®?w“\\ 1‘. -5‘, I “\ > 3 ~' M14 L .1 I \—'1 A L __ A I ‘-3. 7~ , L951}:-, \. ~ LEA-

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