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.11.! ' \‘“\’*»-“\‘?*...+E:x:.3. E VLA-CKAWANNA NEWS. TI~I-URSDAY._=DECEMB:ER, 1, 1927 PAGE A IPicf|l|'e Story Fromé The Stage \Success By‘ Jdhn Scenes From the Univend Laura L: Plants CHIN-'1'gE'R ‘FOU R O as the spectators gaze in apeechieu ‘horror, from the n...:s there falls the body of John Crosbywfoully murdered uith his secrgt suspicions siienced foréver. (Continued \l'amarrow) Wlrile Amubelie 1| uleeplng ghe is awakened by a sense of fear. again arouse the household. In vain she shows -the et jcwci case: He!‘ eyes open Ind’ in the dim and -showy light She Sees a -Second she sees plainly that they think her crazy, only her cousin Paul stands claw-like hand Iboie her hand. Suddenly it darts down and tears the by her loyally. She endeavors to again the secret panel where the kick tron’: her Ilemler throat. Crazed with terror her screams jewels were hidden, when another secret panel suddenly open and Rl-DGE-THEATRE win be shown at the Ridge Theatre next ‘Sunday, Tom plays‘ the role of a rancher whose dbmain is besieged by a com- .pa_ny,of movie people who are shoot- ing a ‘‘western.\ 8l|EA'8 BIIFFMO Week Beg. Sat. Nov. 26 “THE ROUGH RIDDERS\ Depicting Life of Roouvdlt Will: all-star cut On the Stage ALEX HYDE and Stage Band In \MOONLIT WATERS”- Wilh Big Broadway CIIC ——Coming Saturday-— “’\i CLARA BOW ' In\GET YOUR MAN\ I And Big Stage Spectacles ' A most unusual attraction is of- fered by the Ridge Theatre Thurs- day and Friday when the Mrs. .Wal~ lac Red ‘Gotham Production “The Satin Woman,\ is pre sented as ‘the screen headliner. Here we have the elements of the spectacular which appals to the -eye and the dramatic, which appeals to the emotion. combined in one ex- ceptional photoplay. Mrs. Wallace Reid personally ap- pears in the title role of “The Satin Woman” and supporting her will‘ be found one or the few real all-star casts of screenland. To Rockliffe Fellows and John Miljan go the honors of leading men and other well known screen favorites prom- inent in the cast include. Gladys Brockwell. Alice White, Ruth Stone- houae. Ethel Wales, Laska Winters and Charles “Buddy\ Post, ‘The cast includes Doris. Hill. Le Roy Mason, Dickey Bi‘!m,d0l1, nad “Sitting Bull.” The story was writ- . ten by‘ Frederick Mindlin and the continuity by F. A. E. Pine Bob De Lacey is responsible for the splen- did direction. Liberty Theatre Alto on Sunday One of ‘the most interested spec~ tators in the Iront row of a Broad- way revue for many nights last month was Lois Wilson, learning from observation the intricate steps or at least they're said to he intri- cate. of the Black Bottom. Miss Wilson's search for local color of Broadway was prompted by the contract she signed with Robert Kane which called for her playing the lead ‘in his newest production “Broadway Nights,” which Joe Boyle directed. Sam Hardy played oppo- site her. ‘ Mathew, fathers, hlubands. (laugh. ters and sons. as patrons of this theatre, do not forego seeing \The I Commandment\ which will be shown at the Liberty theatre. Mon- day. Tuesday and Wednesday Dec. 6, 6, and 7. S|lEA’8 HIPPUDRUME Week of November 26 JULIAN ELTINGE Gnalou Female Impnnonalor I N P E R S 0 N On the Screen Few pictures have ever carried so powerlul a message to humanity. An epic 0! mother love, true to life and seething with sensational situations. it will be the dramatic treat at the neuon. DOROTHY MAC-KAILL and JACK MULKALL ln\HAN CRAZY\ —-Coming SundIy—— [5 ADOLPHE MENJOU II GINTLEMAN OF PARIS\ Big Time Vaudeville ‘Featurin NAN HALPERIN A 1 he M631 gu and Shu-lo‘-y O m the Para:..oL.nt Dxcture do p ‘ '.-‘\ Gentleman of Pearls‘ At Sheu Bulfnlo ‘Next Week Saturday December 3 Dinctod by \ Johnson. “'l‘ho‘ Fourth Comuundmgnt\ in being uc- clnilixgtl tliof of geniun. Its énndnhc story or over: In! me I: brought to the screen with a dnmr tlc sympathy and fire that In regard- ed as one of the fine thing: of the cinema world. Harold Lloyd likes speed--and theneby hung: a -tale. ,_ He h_ad nu opportunity recently to to out Ion a run with d \well-known racing driver on the Culvgr -City Spaadwny. He didn't think twice about accepting the invitntion. Forrest Halsey. who adopted the picture was retained ‘by Mr. Kane to not up supervising editor through- out the production, roleued by 1-‘irlts National Pictures. Earl Roebuck. wrote the continuity from the ori- ginal story by Norman Houston. 'fEdm§i Lowe is Ea-atafrcd with Miss Moran in the role of I “{0- ¢etter\‘ salesman--a part thnt gives nim opportunity to prove his ability as 3 character actor. the famous Ellella Dennnnlet. An orchestrgr of twelve artists accom- panies Miss Dennies. E21 The big Frontenac Specie! cued alowly forward. gathering momentum grndunlly. But by the third lapithe car was well under way and was fairly . burning up the track. As this flashed past the grandstand at a hundred and ‘ten miles an hour. Lloyd game to the conclusion that he had enough Trying to make himself heard above the roar of the engine. he yelled \Let's slow down and call it a day!\ The driver heard nothing. On and on they flew and when after doing the last lap at ll clp just under a humdred mud‘ thirty mlleei Mb hour the car sluckened its pace. slowed down gradually and came to a stop beside the pits, the nochnlnnt driver asked “‘Were you trying to say something back there?\ “No. “said Lloyd. \not a word I was just trying to get :1 lump out of my throat,” “Captain Kidd’s Kids,” one of the greatest 1:\vo-reel comedies that Lloyd eve): starred in is being re~ issued by Puthe and it will be u feéiture of the outstandiiig prograni Saturday at the Ridge Theatre. Beginning Sundgy. December 4th, the feature picture at Loew’s will be Lon Cheney's latest and critics de- clare one of his greatest pictures. The title is “London After Midnight\ and Lon Chaney plays the part of :1 Scot- land Yard detective. The picture is based on one of the great stories of Sir Conan Doyle and the great city of London, is shown with the great historic buildings. The chief of the famous Scotland Yard detective or- ganizntion aided Metro-Gold\vyn-Ma- yvr in the making of tllv picture. |.0«EN’8 STITE As Virginia. the wife and mother‘ who full: in the tent and choose: between love and luxury, Belle Ben. nett eclipues her former nccomplialv menu in “Stella Dallu.\ Magni in disaster, irrestible in hupplneiq. Miss Bennett’: perfomusnce is out- standing. A supporting cast 0! players give the characters of the story a remark- ably sincere and praiseworthy por- trayal, Among those whose work will ‘be remembered are Mary Carr. screen mother of “Over the Hill.” Henry Victor, Kathleen Myers. Rob- -ert Agnew, leading man and juvenile of half a hundred screen successes. June Marlowe and little four-yearold Wendell Phillips Franklin. Supreme as entertainment “The Fou1'th~ (3omnnmdmemt” presents 3 mil“ saglng message of umrsual s‘tr(.\ngt.‘1 See it and talk about it. Mon. Tue. Doc. 84 ‘Besides fhe principals the cast in- cludes E. J. Ratcliffe. James Gor- don. Arthur Housman, Brynn Mun- son and Norman Peck. Doccmbor 8-O IAIN AND HOHAWK You'll Lib Our Shawn Never has the any of Latskawannd viewed a motion picture as enthrall- ing and as beautiful as “The Garden of Allah.\ which is at the Ridge next Monday and Tuesday. A pre-view supports the glowing praises of leadnng crltlce elsewhere that the picture is one of the most tense and gripping ever filmed. It seems certain to top the first ten pictures of the year. Flopping in the breeze on n tra- peze of a maverick, parachute beside 11 beautiful girl is Tom Mix's latest screen stunt for the entertainment of theatre patrons. 'I‘om has ridden plunging bronchus. bucking‘ steers, runaway automobiles and broncho—- raiiwny trains. but this is his first attempt to ridv n parachute and he does it without a saddle in the opp!!- ing scemzs of “The Circu.-: Ace,\ his latest starring drama for Fox Films coming‘ to the Phiyhouse. This parachute act introduces Tom to the ‘girl of the story. in this ('a_s(- NatnIi¢- Joyce-, one of E0113‘- wood‘s famous screen beauties. who has the role of the circus trapeze performer and aeronnut. All this week JOHN GILBERT In “MAN WOMAN and SIN\ Love! Drama! Gilbert’: Finnt! Thouunda and Thouundl 05 Buffalo:-ninnu have plated their Stamp of Approval on this one——- Havc You? Alice Terry plays the leading‘ fem- inine role and she is more beautiful exquisite and divine than she has ever been before. A new side of her is shown in this pit-turv——n melt- ing humanity that will wind picture- goers around her aristocratic fing-In-s. Ivan Petrovich, Miss 'l'0l'ry’s new leading man. is an astonishingly li‘(Inds0nio xithlctic actor‘. Others in the brilliant cast are Marcel Vibc-rt, leading supporting role H. Humberston Wright. Mme Paquer ette. Armand Dutertre, Ben Sndour. Gerald Fielding. Michael Powell, _Busil Ivlumbrough and Claude Field- mg. l?0N'T SAY YOU MISSED IT No! Showing Elsewhere in Buffalo or Vicinity for 30 Days. Heading the vaudeville bill for December 4th is Lillian Shaw. inter- nationally famous comedienno. in a program of Italian. Gernum. l-Iebrew and Irish character songsll EXCELLENT V.—\.UDEVILLE Starting Sunday LON CHANEY (Aditionnl Tlmatres on Page 8) \LONDON AFTER M!DNlGHT\ [EH33 LIBERTY Sunday Dec. 4 Wed’. Dose. 7 One of the greatest pictures of 1927 is showing at Loe\v’s Theatre this week. The picture if “Man. Woman and Sin” and stars John Gil- bert. feature player of the “Big Par- ade\ and Joanne Eagles. famous stage star of the play “Rain\ who recently appeared in “Her Cardboard Lover\ at the Shubert Teck Theatre. \Man Woman and Sin\ is the first picture in which Jeanne Eagles ap- pears. The scenario was written es- pecially for her screen debut. It’ was ht.-lie\'e(l that John Gilbert had made the greatest picture that was possible when he played in the “Big Parade\ but \Man. Woman and Sin” equals his great performance in the war clzu,-.i(-., As for Jeanne Eagles she is the smile great actress on the screen a she was on the stage. “Mun. \Vonmn and Sin” is a story of intrigue and politics at the nu- tion’s cnpital John Gilbert plays the part of a newspaper reporter and Jeanne Eagles is the society editor of the paper and the mistress of its powerful owner. Because of his love for this scar- let woman. John Gilbert asses through a soul-scaring‘ experience. Figures of national and international import take part in the picture. and the Embassy Ball, the 3:1‘:-zxtest social event of the nation, is shown. Raymond and Gm-erly. famous V!l1l(l(‘Vlll(- team. have the headline not-—a comedy plnylet entitled “The Real Estotors.” Real estate men and their operations are the butt of the comedy in this act. It is a laugh from start to finshi. Hollywood transplanted to 8. west- ern ranch. that’s what happens in Tom Tyler's newest F. B. 0 pro- duction, “Tom and His Pals\ which “Publicity Madness\ Lois Moran's first starring vehicle for Fox Films direcfed by Albert Ray is at the Ridge week Wenesduy. Better Photoplays Ridge Cor. VVilkesbarre Warm and Comfortable SUNDAY—-JDEC. 4 Continuous——2 till 11 VAUDEVILLE and 2—FEATURES—2 LOIS WILSON SAM HARDY “BROADWAY NIGHTS\ and TOM TYLER TOM AND HIS GANG ‘MON. TUES. WED. December 5, 6, 7 MON.-‘TUES.—DE,C. 5-6 “THE GARDEN OF ALLAH” THURS. and ‘FRI. ALICE TERRY and ANTHONY MORENO In \MARE NOSTRUM\ I I A Spectacle worth seeing Walter Fchl and Company have second place on tho vaudeville bill in a sensational dancing act featuring AT ‘-LI-ERTYQ ‘NEXT WEEK SA,T.——Dl.-ZC. 3 Double Program HAROLD LLOYD “CAPTAIN KlDD’S KIDS\ and BILL CODY “GOLD FROM WEEPAH\ SUNDAY. DEC. 4 On the Stage OPENING ‘Liberty Vaudeville Circuit 5-Acts-5 High Class VAUDEVILLE On the Screen 2—FEATURES—2 FLORENCE VIDOR In “THE POPULAR SIN” Stunt Cowboy Feature Comedy--News If‘ Y O U N E ED Letterheads Cards ‘» Invitations Folders Statements Circular: Billhuda or anything clue in the print- ing line, come in’ and see us.

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