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“F, ‘nan 1-‘om: LAGKAWANNA NEWS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 19.27 is our team‘; and that it in our dutyi -to do /all Within our .poW1er ‘mo. spur‘ them 013. -to greater efforts. Dq your: bit rsubqei.-ibing for the pa‘p.ex:.,‘ Don't -be 3 Sjelckext! # 5! ‘I able. t oaccompllsh. great things «mu, y-can =( ‘The following were chosen to -the executive committee, with the. &1)]!_L\)- val of the faculty:- V Senilox-,, Ed, Zone: Jumop, -lsaballe Melant; Soph.. ‘Frank Rustich; Ebash Helen ‘Slifkal lllhe -cheer lleadoema for -the following year are Minnie We-insteln and -Ed. Zolte, The-.‘y h|1|Ie Elk‘ ‘lqwtslmxjmg charactex-istlcs necessary foil cl\‘o_e'r. 1ezulex'._ pensoonality school spirit. ELECTION ‘OF OFFICERS The Association has electled 'df.f»i-‘ oers well qualified, to fill mheir pclszlw nous‘ ‘Presldezntg_'l‘ed Balbilerz, also‘ manager to the \Football \I‘eam. has: proveu himself acapable 1ead»e1~. Our, Vice President Stanley: 'Bukr.«[:y a =_ta.r athlete. is just the man for his ofl'1(_>9.“ Recozlcmng ‘SECTGIC3-l',\' “st.-.3‘ Cuouhxg ranks wgh 5:21 »sch0l.as|:.ld Rltandng: and is popular throughzou tt e school.‘ The office of Financial Secretary has b-=en Placed in the very capable a]u(_l efficient hands of Henry Rosiuskl. Joe Kane 1- -‘lily deserves hls olflflce of '1‘:-easuver 1’o1'lt was he \\'who -091‘- .s_uzule(l ma. School Board to El_d\‘aD.t:e $500 fo rallrletlc purposes. With the ardent. and e,nthusia<tiv~ as glsgszlzlce \or miss Mnelseallt 811;! ,s orne, and the work 0 our 0 - cers 'conpl'ed with the united ef \ ol the student body. we should be Lackawanna. Mohawks Hold Big ‘Cazeno\(ia..s 18 Points Score Just do a thing an dd.'an’ talk about it. This is the gneat; sect-et or success in a! .1 enterprises. Talk- means discussion: diascwsslon means irritation; irritation means, 0p])_0.Si\ tion: opnosmzou means hiudrarace al- ways w;heth~e«x* you are right. 0:.- \\'.1'ung. S‘-TEENL CITY ‘ELEVEN THROWS SCARE ‘INTO BISON CHAM_PS-'-HOLD ‘EM T0 ONLY THREE TOUCl_-lDOWNS' llll‘VJll_-‘jglhlg LONG ‘QUARTE-RS—-ONE LOCAL BOY BADLY I (1'un't ‘R-now ,ve.L_ What school's all about But I'll just sit still And puzzle. in out. The, Mohawks of Lackawanna. ‘put; up 9. good game. -against the his Cazenovias of Buffalo ‘last Sunday. holding them to a trio of touch downs, in four quarters of spirited play at Canisius Villa. The contest was marred by an unfortunate in-. jury to Beffexs. left guard of the Steel City eleven. who sustained a. compound fracture of the leg during the third period. A crowd of 2000. wmnecssed the contest. Cp.zeno\'-ia.s_ (IS) (0) Mohaw-ks Chambe-.1-lin,_ Ile. . ,... . 14.-.,, Joyce ‘Ha1'vey-,‘ lt. . . . . . . . . . . . . IL, Kemy Schellburg, lg. . . . . . . . . ., . lg.,, Letters. Goldbach c., b., Davis Shea. rg. . . . . . . . . . . rg., Girlestono xv qb Yates. lhb.. x~e., Jodovicli qb., Mcclusky . . lhb, Kline Rusengmbt 1-hb. Iiruby Elanuigan, fb., ib.,_ Broconier Score by periods: Cazenovlaa ..,...._ 6 6 0 6-18 Mohawks 0. 0 ‘0 0-0 Darby Flannagan went over for the innivtiel touchdown in the first quarter. In the -second_ period, Har- vey Yates snared a. forward pass from Wrlg\t and sprinted 25 yards for Itfhe second touchdoxm. Held scqrelegas in the «third quarter, rum Cazenovlas cmae back with renewed energy in the ck\s!_ing sdston. gsgnm dxfwins deep into enemy ten-mbry, and once mom Flannagan plowed over for 3 lscove. Lineups and summary !ol~ ow: 'l‘ouch(lowns,——Fl-anulgan 2; Yates; .-s_ub_s'tl:utlons. Caze:=.o\~.la.s -w Rscagan for Cllaxnbermn; Collins for Harvey. Berry for vG'oldbach.Polcza|< for Me‘ (3,arth.v'.‘ I-‘rasser for Wright. Member- ger for Rosengranm: Mohsuvks——Don'- ohue for Mcclusky, Plllon for Kelly, Whlttley for Le2' Kern for Gun- ples. Schoenfielil for Jo.l0.vi-tch. K0. vach for Kline,‘ Kozak for Whiutley, Plan‘ for Davis. Welch for Htuby. E10!-l’s TRIANGLE ALLEYS Elch‘s Business House. League Standings W L HG HT Gen‘-mouy Opticals. .. 20 0 1004 3401 Orange Crush .... 16 4 937 35-20 C. C.. Atkinson 14 6 959 3461 Cole Shoes 12, 8 932 3419 Brahman Meats 12 S 879 3376 Beale's Dairy 11 9 849 3191 Strohms Bakery 7 13 88] 8311 Folt Candies 3 17 839 309.7 Ulrlchs Special 0 15 783 2990 Weekly Prizes _Fri_ Oct. 14-—.T. Brohman Meats vs. Oapitol Dry cleaners. Sat. 0cL 1%Germo.ny Opttcals. vs. Strohms Bakery’, Sat. Oct. 15 County Clerk Atkin- son vs. I.'lrich's Specials, The undefeated champs from Cen- ter sotregt h.e1d the tune for three years. They defeated the Wah-Ho wan: to 7-0. The lineup follows: CENTERS WA!-LHO WAH8 Torba. fb fb Smith Jackson qb qb Cook High team total four games. 3520 $2.00 range Crush. High team single games 938 $2.00. County Clerk Artkinson. High single 2nd game $1.00 Mr. Hurst of Germany Opticals team. Schedule for week October 10 Mon. Oct. 10-Good Fellowship Club E, A. M. of Laciuawanna Tues. Oct. 11—Donnex- Hanna Coke. League, ?_o'1te lhb . . Bull 1-hb Eddie 1'0 Nygie le .. . .6 Mush rt Stiugy M X Bull :2 .. lhb Joe rhb Butch . ne, Cap ‘L6. Skinny 11:. Shorty It, Gavel c, Doc \Aed.'0c;t. 12—Donner Hanna Coke Leagwe. V 'l‘hur._ Oct. 13——G. I-‘oivt C‘a.ndies vs. '1‘. A. Beale and Son. Thur. Oct. 13-——C.has. S. Cole Shoes vs. Orange Crush. Bouncer rg Sobek lg 1%’. Red 1. Zoop For guués can Abbott 421-J. ask for. Joe, Athlgti .9 Suou--E-an-:1 that 0!! burner: no uses! In runny an.‘ nouns. Senuo. Wash.‘ Newport. Vt: Hoqulam. Wuh; Bowon. Putaburg. Kansas cm. no. mo snmnurqv. betna just I Iew Instances. rot even grate: valet: eonnmentlom Inc)‘ also use widely useo In uospnuq; samurlumn. orphanage: and Ichoollq when xmny liven no entrusted In‘ tho can at tho Mnhormeu.‘ OCTOBER 11, 1927 LACKAWANNA HIGH SCHOOL VOL. 1 N0. 1 on-burner: are, amn; much. and will do I great deal‘ more. to rgduoo America‘: u-emendour louse: (tom the according to 0., 0 Wimnmo. ox Bloomxngtou, Ill. president at the Williams Qll-0-Mime Heating Corpo- ntton world's largest ‘maker: or on burnorl. LAC-KAWAN NA VS. BENNETT BUSINESS FIRST Lacknamanua High School c-hose, Bennelrt Iligh of Buffalo as aw.-,ir opnonems for the onenhig football skirmish. The game was played be- fore 2500 spz=ctators. every one of whom express-ed the opinion that they had seen it rt-al game of football. Our boys phwed the Buiilztiio team on fairly oven terms the first guarter but due to a break Bennett was able to garner a t01lCll(lo\\'n in the second period. in ortleur to give his regulars a well-nee(led rest in the third period Coach Joyce muswzeretl his seconds tog_e.ther anti pittaeti them against the well ofled Bennett ninichine in the third quarter. Bennett managed to shove over a touchdown on U115‘! nov- ices. As the whistle blow for the final quarter the regulars again took their positions and rtho resulfs of the rest were zwlnient. The lluo smash- ing of Bukmy. oi‘1' mackle thrusts of Heffler and the thrilling end runs of Decker orougnt «ill the spectators to their feet. By far the most spec- -taculm- play of the game was Harold Devclmi-‘s forty ya:-(l ran for a touch- down. Bukaty’s ttoe hi: the bail squarely for the point after touch- down. which 1na(l.e» the final score. i=i-7 with Ixi].'l<z1\\'z\nun on «the short end. Every one of our boys is to be commelmled for the gmtleniaiily eon- ducit he displayed in the I'i;s.l<l. The prestige we obtained can be under- stood from too ract than: Coach Yosf of Bennett xvnntrd our :\ssn1i:\n‘oe than we would again face Bmixiett next selison. On) lsauurday Octobel} 15L the boys journoy to L_o<-l-:port to matvh their wits and put their sitren,.\.itl1 against the Canal City boys. Be-nneitt 0 7 7 0-14 Lackawazma. 0 0 O 7- 7 A Hebrew st0I‘kL'8t}[)s9l‘ lay dying. His family xvab g~arL11e2'e<l around the bedside. His wife was trying to rouse him. “Look, ljsaac 5111?: saxm,‘ Vveire all hm'e~—~me your vife, and all her elxlldrm. Jalvey and Mosey and Benny and Rachel and Rebecca Luck-. \‘€\!'£—= -:.'r.1 h,ere-” The dying man opened one eyes‘ “ls (101 so?” he saked, \And who is minding den‘ store?” The kindest he-awed man in the Ynited sures has bnen‘ diseoveretl. Hi: cat has a habit oi‘ sleeping in the coal bin. so he had in fillez-:1 with soft coal. HL'H .~\I.O. Nl.»\(i:\RA 8; F.»\$lI‘RN SY.\\l’1:‘.\l “DOIN’S AT SCHOOL LAST WEEK” _ Last weok we enjoyed two assem- biivs of unusxum 11\LSl‘0§ii. On Mon- xiuy. October 3rd, Miss 1\IcC1u'(1y thrilled the assembly with readings from weil-known “Les l\Iise1‘abies'T‘ and :1 history of the composition of Baet.h0\'el\'S \.\'[00njighit. Sonato.,”\V’e we were them favored with ntwo hu- morous selections. .\Iiss Mvtturdy was ably assisted at the piano by .Miss Riggs, head of J. N. Auam‘s Music Department. Miss Riggs 211130 rende-red two beau- tiful solos with marked si:_ii_l. in, is our mwlent wish that we all hezu‘~ from Miss .1-.Tc(“u1'<iy and Miss Riggs in the near future. The Athletic Aseiembly herd om Fridvay Ootobor 7th was one 01‘ the most inatwwosting we have had. lit showed thznt, at last we are on tha road .10 the creation of a greater school spirit. Mr. Boland .a11d Mr. Osborne delivered inspiring address- es on School Spirit. Miss Mason]! and Mr. Osborne have given much of their ‘time and labor to the fovmation of the Associzution‘ and ‘lnchlently the “ATHLETIC WEEKLY.\ We should usixow them our appreciation of their efforts by arousing ourselves no the that malt this is our xskzhool: that the Locka- wanna High Schou Football Team at t u THE GENIUS Born in the brain of Alexander Graham Bell; His tl1'o11gms were slow—his words were few and never formed to gllsten But he xvus a joy ‘to all ‘his friends. You should have heard him Listen. raised from infancy to giant-hood in the ‘laboratories of the Bell _Syatcm; vimlized by IMPORTANT Senior Election will be held sthe latter part of this week. the energy of thousands of loyal men and it u: at. A FAMOUS DATE women, the telephone has brought together’ “Can you give me any well known date in Roman H1st,or~y” asked Mr. Osborne. the fur places and made a neighborhood of “I can. teacher.” said 3!. Soph, ‘,Antliony's with Cleopatra.\ a nation. . . . 11. When business or social matterl are pending in distant places, re- Believe it ‘or not «here is 8. student at Lackawanna, who wanted to know how many innings in a base- ball game. membex-—a telephone call get: things settled. Some “Home Made Appla Pie” we ate in a restaurant «the other day ‘must have been made in {he Home [for Aged and Eeeble Apples. mew vomg mnmoun COMPANY Have your Furs remodeled and re at lowest ‘rates ALL _WORK ‘GUARANTEED 497 South Park Ave. A _ Abbott 4618 I Concentratlon 0 Is the. Secret of Success If you will make up your mind, you can manage your affairs suffi- ciently to have something left after payday. Come as soon as possible after payday and make a deposit, and you will have something to show for the work you have done. IT’S UP TO YOU. Ilcuslaor 3.4;“: Rourvo Syaton 2%--2°~2-2-'2--‘.'-0!-'2--2\M~*2«§~-!~-!~-£--t~~:~-:-vi‘-:~~:«!~~:«§-3*‘ EICH’S Bowling Alleys Headquarters South Side Business Home Leacue Make Reservations for parties with or without support 32 Triangle St. —-Abbott 3885?

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