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N LACKAWANNA THU~R$D‘A*Y} TGBERLI3. 5192.7 NOTICE To cnapimons :|‘.EGM. NOTICE the Clerk -of the County of Erie oi; the 6th ‘day of'October, 192.7. praying -for a dissolution of the -marriage be-— tween Stanislaus Lasicx, the petition-' ver herein. and Katarzyma Laszcz. der fendnnt. pursuant .to Section -'?A of the Domestic Relations Law of the ‘State -of New York, on «the ground’ that ihaid ‘Kata:-zymn Laszcz has ab- -sented -herself for more ‘than ‘five suc- cessive years last past, without ‘being known to -petitioner to be living during that time» and that said petitioner be-« lieves said Kata:-zyma Laszcz to be- dead; that diligent search has ‘been: made to discover said Katatzyma Laszcz if living. and no ‘such evi. dance has been found. . \W\. .' \: (r . 7* : £3 3 \;’.j. \ya c}-*#_~.\ $93 I» ._ . ‘I7u LACKAWANNA NE 1C?|a‘SSi AIIS ‘SUPREME COURT. -ERIE COUNTY _ M-,A«RY /A-RNETH. Plaintiff, vs. GEORGE AWRNETH, Defendant. Summons.-action fox‘ an absolute Divorce, ‘Trial desired in Erie County. , , TO ‘THE , ABOVE NAMED DE- FENDANT: , YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMON- ED to answer the -complaint in this action; and‘ to {serve a copy ‘of your answer. or if_ the ‘complaint is ‘not served with this summons, <to«se1-ye a notice of appearance on the plain- tif—-£'s attorney within‘ twenty days af—- ter the service ‘of this summons. ‘ex- clusive of the day of service; and in case of your failure to appear, judg- ment will she taken» against you by default for the relief demanded in the complaint. Dated: -Buffalo. N. Y., September 1, 1927. . _ IRVING M. WEISS. Attorney for Plaintiff, Office and P. 0. Address. 732 Brisbane Building. Buffalo, N. Y. T0 , THE, ABOVE NAMED DE- FENDANT: Published‘ every week at Lnckawanm, N. Y. PURSUANT to an order of Hon. -LOUIS B; H-ART. -Slit-rogate or Erie County, an persons =h_gVihg‘ claims against JA-NET PHILLIPS late of the city of Lackawnnna ~deoeased; am ‘hereby required to exhibit‘ the Game with vouchers thereof to «the under- signed Administration of the Estate or said’ deceased at ‘601 Walbrldge Bldg, Buffalo, N. Y., on or bqfore the 12th day of December, 1927. Dated may 26th. 1927. -1u\.Av1. I-:s1'AFn-: WANTED For qi1'ic‘k‘s'a'le*list your propei with R-EA«'_P & do. Abbot: mu 1‘-hi:-ty rd,&y’s -in all \we ask and 111 wt ;I_(_1\'1_§§je.__i£,the7 pricg _is,x_‘ig‘ht. _ 1%‘ {ix BY THE ELEOTRIDGE PRESS, Ine- 1_,..,,.. BUSINESS OFFICE, 411 ELECTRIC AVENUE} FOR ISALEA—-F-me «building lots» fronting on South: Park Ave..‘ V ! Ave.. ‘Steam: Ave,. and the Martin‘ road; no in- -terest; prices reaspna<b1e.. In- quire of Michael Kinney. 1684 'Sout;h;Park ave. Phone Abbott 19887-W. ssuuoninc LOTS Telephone: Abbott 1181. ‘THOMAS G‘: BODKIN, Editor ADA-M HARRISON. -Administrator O'CONNOR. NEWTON -& DOYILE, Ate rtomeyg for Admlniqtrator, Office & P. 0. Address\ 601 Walhridge Bldg}, Buffalo, N. Y . , A ,, I. J. BABBlR.Jr.. Gluonl Hanna he only newspaper published in the City of Lncknwanna, N. Y. June 2 to Dec. 8 YOU WILL FURTHER TAKE NOTICE. that a hearing upon 'such~. petition will be ‘held at 1 Specials Term of the Supreme Court of the County of Erie, appointed to beheld at the City and County Hall in the City of Buffalo, N. Y“ on the 20th day of December. 1921, at 10 o'clock -in the forenoon. or as soon thereafter as counsel can be ‘heard. and a motion then and there will begnade for an Order of Decree granting the relief asked for in said petition. Dated: October 6, 192?. as second class matter at the post office at Bixffalo, N. Y. LEGAL NOTICE I-‘on sun. on Fox RENT 1 family house: on McKinley Park- way All modern -improveinonu. Cull’ ..wbonj2sao or A;=b_b_‘ott 2222. July 1 ,tr COUNTY COURT, ERIEQCOUNTY, LACKAWANNA}. N A ‘T I 0 N A L‘ BANK vs._ FRED ‘C. ST-RACK, Jr-,‘ a;xd]‘FLORENCE ‘STRACK. his wife“ ‘e a . Subscription, - - - - $2.00 Per Year. Advertising rates submitted on application Modem Aveni1e—wner_ ‘moving. beautiful 7.ro§nn, modem semi- ‘bun- galow, small down payment.‘ balance -to‘ suit purchaser. Full cellar. en- closed porch, furnace. garage. Ex- tra. ‘lot. _tf In pursuance of a judgment and .de-: cree of foreclosure ‘and. sale dulyi granted by this court. and entered in the Erie County Clerk's Office on th,. 12th day of September, 1927; I, the undersigned referee duly appointed in this action for such purpose, will expose for sale and sell’ at public auc-' tion .to the highest bidder therefor ‘in’ the westerly vestibuleof the City and ‘County Hall. in the City of Buffalo. County of Erie and State of New York. on the . 28TH DAY OF OCTOBER, 1927 at 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that day. the real estate and mortgaged premises directed in and by said nidgment to be sold and ‘therein des- cribed as follows, or so much thereof as will be sufficient to payithetamountl due upon said judgment. to wit: All that tract or parcel of land situ-. ate in the City of Lackawanna,- County of Erie and State of New York, being part of Lot 29?, Township.’ 10, Range 8 B, C. I, R.. and more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at »a point in the easterly line of Colton Avenue fifty-‘ five (55) feet northerly from its in- tersection with the northerly line of Crescent Avenue; continuing thence northerly thirty (30) feet; thence easterly at right angles one hundred t.hirty.one (131) feet; thence south- erly at right angles thirty (30) feet; thence westerly at right angles one hundred thirty-one (131) feet to the -place of beginning. SUBJECT to the restrictions contain- ed in the deed of said premises from Lewis B. Davis and Olive C. Davis. his wife, to the said Fred C. Struck and Florence Strack. his wife, above named. hearing date April 27, 1917, recorded in Erie County Clerk's of- fice May 7. 1917, in- Liher 1392 of Deeds at page 410. Also all that tract or parcel of land situate in the City of Lacl<a- wanna. County of Erie and State of New York. and being part of great lot No. 27, Township 10. Range‘8, of the Buffalo Creek Indian Reservation more particularly described as fol- lows. BEGINNING at a point on the easterly line of Colton Avenue eighty- five (85) feet northerly from its in tersection with the northerly line o -' Crescent Place; tiuipce running east- erly at right~ ang es one hundred thirty-one (131) feet; thence north- erly at right angles twenty-five (25) feet: thencp westerly at right angles one hundred thirty-one (131) feet. and thence southerly at right angles twenty—fivc (25) feet to the place of beginning. Being subdivision lot No. 25, Block B of Colton Tract, Also all the rights and privileges granted to the above named Henrietta B. Strack by Richard Baldwin by agreement dated March 27. 1922, recorded in Erie County Clerk's office in Liber 1587 of deeds. at page 382, referring to the barn on the premises firstly herein described encroaching upon the premises at the time of said agreement, owned by the said Rich- ard Baldwin. The foregoins summons is served upon you by publication pursuant to an Order of the Hon. Almon W, Lytle one of the Justices of the ‘Supreme Court. of the State of New York, dated the 10th day -of October. 1927. and filed with the ‘complaint in the gffxilcg ognthe f cit Ycounty o ne, 0. uao, . . Dated: N. Y.. October 10th. 1927. Y to ours. e ., W. BA‘R.'l'LE'l\l‘ SUMNER. Attor- ney for Petitioner, Office and P. 0. Address, 314 Erie Co. Bunk Bldg.’ Buffalo. N. Y. LACKAW_'ANNA, N. Y., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1927 Beautiful modern new ‘semi-bum -galow.‘-latest improvements and de- teorations, full cellhr. three bed rooms, tile bath. Built by owner. $500 down. terms. ti Oct. 13 20 27 Nov, 3 10 1'3 ‘ 3* Fully furnished‘. three story hotel‘ ‘on Hamburg Turnpike. Lot 60x120.= Owner leaving city,’ will sacrifice.‘ Terms, A tf REAP & C0.—Phone Abbott 1014 IRVING M, WEISS, Attorney for Plaintiff. Office and P. 0. Address, 732 Brisbane Bldg.,‘B'uffalo. N. Y- Oct. 13 20 27 Nov. 3 10 17 MAKE FIRES PASSE Martinez, California, a town of 8,000 population, has a fire loss record that lends not only the State of California, but per-0 haps the United States by a wide margin. In the year esded August 1, last, the total loss wa but $165-—1ess than three cents per ‘capita. - LEGAL NOTICE STATE OF NEW YORK. SU- ‘PREME COUR’T. ERIE COUNTY. FOR SALE——7 room house, fancy halrdwood floors‘, gas, harm, electricity, furnace and all modern conven1enc%lot. 40x105, extra. lot and garage. Apply 444 Spring St... Lackawanna, N. Y. In the matter of the application of STANISLAUS LASZCZ for the dis- solution ot his: marriage with KAT- ARZYMA LASZCZ. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a petition has been made to the Sn- preme Court of the State of New York and duly filed in the office of A record like this is worth emulating and can be emulated._ It'proves that fire loss is not an actual evil, imposible to do, away with, but an entirely unnecessary one that can be intelli- gently controlled to the point where it practically disappears. Today, what Martinez has done is considered remarkable, and it should be. But it should not be long before every town and city in the country can show minimized fire losses. FOR REN'I‘———H‘ouse For Rent on Peach Street. FEMALE HELP WOMEN——Earn big money making ‘bungalow aprons at home during ‘spare time. Enclose addressed Stamped Envelope for particulars.» lbtlossemary Apron Co..» Asbury Park. Fire loss is almost wholly caused by carelessness. Educate and interest the public, and we will have more records like that of Martinez. Oct. 6-13 FOUND—About 1 month ago, Shephard dog. Phone Abbott 3254. Call between 6 and 9 P. M. IRRESPONSIBILITY MUST BE CURED Statement of the Ovmcnluip, lug- ugement, circulgticn, ete.. -required By the Act of Cong:-on of Anna! 34, 1912. of The Lackawanna News, pub- lished weekly at Buffalo, N. Y. fbr October 1st, 1927. STATE OF NEW YORK, ‘ QOUNTY OF ER!I\E, The Califoriiln Division of Motor Vehicles canceled 41 drivers’ licenses in two months for offenses running the gamut from false statements made when applying, to various traffic violations. This is the only way reckless, incompetent and criminal automobile drivers can beiweeded off '5iir'hig'h\vays. All the compulsory liability insurance. laws in the world cannot have half the effect of such examples of the result of irresponsibility and unworthiness. In this age the auto is a necessity, and (I driver will think twice before taking _chances when he knows that he runs the risk of having his driver's li-4 eense revoked. ._. \‘ Before me, a Notary in and for the State and County aforesaid, personally appeared Thomas C. Bod- kin, who having been sworn according to law, deposes and says the he is the editor of The Lackawanna. News and the following is to the best of his knowledge and belief in true statement of the ownership, management, etc., of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in the above caption, re- quired by the Act of August 24, 1912, embodied in section 443; Postal Laws and Regulations, print- ed on the reverse of this form, to wit: \Compulsory automobile liability insurance is not fair to the companies, or the great majority of drivers, who are sane and careful. A few months of wholesale revocation of license when good cause is shown, will do more to cut down accidents than years of compulsory insurance. BE CAREFUL AT HOME As many or more people are killed right is their own resi- dences than on the streets and highways. Hundreds of commu- nlties, natural organizations, state bodies and local associations are trying to cope with the traffic problem but practically nobody is worried about the national toll taken by home acci- dents. More than 18,500 men, women and children met acci- dental deaths in their own homes last year. 1. That the names and addresses of the publishers. editor, manag- editor and busmess managers are: Publisher, Eléctridge Press, Inc., 411 Electric Ave., Lackawanna, N. 17.; ed- itor Thomns C. Bodkin 411 Electric avenue, Lacknwanna, N. Y.;. Man- aging editor. none: business man- agers. Jacob J. Barber. Jr. Dated. Buffalo, N. Y.. September 15, 1927. EDWARD L. JUNG. Referee- COATSWORTH & DIEBOLD, Plaintiffs Attorneys. Address 438 Main Street, Buffalo. N. Y. Sept. 15 22 29 0:2-‘t. 6 13 20 27 ' » v 4 o 9 o 0 9 9 9 9 o 9 v .1..;..;..g..;..:..;..;..:..;..;..g..;..;..3..;.,;..;..;..;..g..;..;..;..;..;.g..;..;..g..;..,.,..‘..;..;..;..;..;..,.§.._..g..g..,..;..,..,..,..,.,..,4 . V‘ sealed proposals tor supplies. as set forth below. will be received by the Board of Common Council of the City of Luckiw mitll eight o'¢]ock Oct. 17, 1927, at whicll mime‘ all progosals will be publicly opened and tea . LEGAL NOTICE 2. That the owner is Electridge Press, Inc., 411 Electric Ave., Luckn- wnnna, N. Y.; Thomas C. Bodkin, Jacob J. Barber, Jr., Emmett W. Horn, 411 Electric Ave., Lackawin\-* na, N. Y. 3,5. That the known bondholders, mortgagees and other security holders owning or holding l per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other secur- irtiiesy are: Emma C. Harris, Buffalo, . F01‘ Sale 2;: % ‘A 4 §E 1 F amlly House WOND_l5RFUL BARGAIN FOR QUICK SALE 297 MAGNOLIA ST. PHONE ABBOTT 4763-J ' 2*?-}+°&-}+&~4~2~?++€~4°'M-i-%°'$'H°°3-+°H-'%'I~}°H*&%*?'5~X-3-*5-'5‘-K-‘I-'3'-3°-1-°§-4-*3-’r~:~:§:: Bids for the extension of sewer west from present Buffalo storm drain on McKinley Parkway to the present sanitary sewer. No propose}: w1n De eonszuered un- less accompanied by a certified check, payable to the City Clerk of the City of Leckewenne. in an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the sum named in eeld proposal or by I bond conforming to 1ew.‘such bond to he titty percent (50%) oi’ the sum named in the propasel. The common Council reserve: the right to reject my end all bide end to waive all formalities in the Inter- ests oi the City. By order of the Common council II; set forth in ‘proceedings or meeting held in and for the City of Lnckewem na on Sept. 15, 1927. 4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the names of the owners, stockholders and security holders, if any, contain not only the list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the company, but also, in cases where the stockholder or ‘security holder a.PPears upon the books of the company as trustees or in any other relation, the name of the person or corpora- tion for whom such trustee is act- ing, is given; also that the said two. paragraphs contain statements em- bracing a full knowledge and‘ belief at to the circumstances and conditions under which stockholder conditions under which stock-» holders and security holderswho do not appear upon the books of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than that of a bona owner: and this afiiant has no reason to believe that any other person, association or‘ corporation ‘has any interest direct .or indirect in the said stocks, bonds: ,or other securities than as so stated: by him. . THOMAS C. BODKIN Sworn ‘to and subscribed before ‘me this 3rd day ofioeoer 97. § NICHOLAS A. ‘HEGEDUS ‘Oct. 6-13 City Clerk NOTICE TAKE NOTICE: That on Oatober 27111. at 10 oclock A. M., at No. 973 Ridge Road, Lackawanna, New York there will be sold «at public auction to the highest bidder, one 1923 Ford Sedan, motor No. 7164735. The name of the owner of said‘ austomobile is Mrs. Andrew McLaughlin, and for whose account said sale is held In Mrs. Andnew McLaughlin and James McLaughlin. Dated October 44th. 1927. JOHN DALZIEL, manor HOWARD -F. CUNNINGHAM. Antw- ney for Lienor, 901 White Bldg.,‘ Buffalo, N. Y. 6-1,3 RANCIS P; REAP Notary Public. Job Printing « We no ‘val to ‘handle any“ H1341 Job Printing. and when R comes to Suvlcn. wt ‘ an only rate you our cuuomgn or at I that you gm uuu-Isl. A Resttul Night on Lake Erie between Bui and Cleveland on one of the palatiulstcameri of the C & B Line makes a pleasant break in your journey. Your railtlclret is good on our Steamers. leaving eachway, every night, between Bu and Cleveland at 9:00 p. m., arriving at 7:303. tn. (Eastern Stand- ard Time). ' Fare 8550- Ilonml ‘ttlp $9.50 New Auto Rate, $5.00=and up Our new 32«page Tourist Guide with Auto Mam,- inailed free on request. 230 Cleveland and Iululo 'l‘n-eulc Coupon Whnvu: So. Michigan Ave. Bridge, Bulhln. N. Y.

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