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The journal. ([Lackawanna, N.Y.]) 191?-19??, June 28, 1917, Image 8

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4 2 A-‘- 1 ~..,' ' .- ‘w v: -4 , ;‘- ~'~\‘;‘.gr:\§“’ 5‘. ‘~ -V‘ » ‘xi-'.. ; . ’1'*s’%?‘e,=m>i‘~;~».; ,.- ...~-.~», ,. .w» ,5 _._, ..; - . 9-.-1‘;-‘ .’ '.,vw.~ '=~.'-2--\??-‘\3\’-.'. - V , v \‘ Hy , _ . . .. , - . _ .r.~. i§ri,._? 1’ ‘Ili.'¢h_‘.est.: Mén..ln‘7l_‘l3¢ C¢u_I;x.t1?'?¥ Woxk. At.f’l‘l.\e. ‘ste_e1. l I 37:‘. ' cent, They ‘viii!!! Advettfisgd <G ff; Earle. Who; itljsays Iiifs; illaad; Is: a Modal: to iFai!Vow:. A-I':l elAp_ Wanted, -N|j_ale.__ .?<\WA’NTE*D—CQat pres~-_ t.‘ H, as: Clo 41 E1_1icot—t'SVtreet,: _ H . § 1' «Y 28:35:’: g‘H*¢lp Wgntedg. 5F'emalAe.. ;l?L'.'-BLIC- EMPLOYMENT ‘BUREAU ; on THE s1}*A1-‘E: 015? NEW YORK 3 229. =F1=2_1.1:1g1in Stgxteet, Buxmo, N. Y. I\zfISCELLAl\’!E01'S il=1%BW' T50: “G‘EI' M:[18T ?|lal5:il*S;.”“ W.&NTED—Godw cool: and‘ <secon‘.d. V‘ girl‘. Good; \v-ages. ‘Refe1'ei1ces. ..X,olm B. Weber, Abbott. Road‘ 3;: Smokes Creek, La.cka.\\{u.una. 26230-c ‘Sex-\:i_ce Free t,o_::—\.Tl'-?.\1\o.}.<‘ee Atmchcdi f \ State Insci_tutiox_1 '0pomted- & Mulu-. I l1,Ullt'i1 by [111-— People of the §t_:l.t_0‘ ' of .\',c\,\‘ York, u‘=I,-‘LCI3 OPEN 3 '1‘O 5, ,‘ SA FURDAYS, 8‘ TC) 12 IVLI Fliens Find, Hxglp In Time of Trouble, by ‘Putting,.ThemseIves in Enemy\s ‘Place and Wondering How F'I:§,gh‘tened' Me. Too, Must Be-,—Mystery of the \D90- ‘Hic'.ki9\ sun, ‘Unsqtved. 'WAN’L‘=E‘D—Maicb geneztal house- ? ' work. Mags. S. L‘. Babcuck,‘ .1.:.uIbu«1'g. N, Y. 0.17 B-u.1»L-m-Lr. ~L.xbu:=a.- ‘Lory. Lzu-kzLwa.nu.'L. 21-L‘2‘S-c .W'21N’.l‘ED—'-—F‘irst 019.’-:.‘». tool-makers.» ' x_nachi.nists,, aurl IO0l_ designers-.; ‘. 'At§;!ght7a;:V:fz;.§'Wbri - half ’ ,2 ;.,'avJ;L_p.ve1: 8 h,0u.!:s;, no =!.a,bor t1:o.ub1e,;' ex- \ ~' \ ...cg11ént living‘ co1Lclit;1o:_133_ ; new ‘tool ;W.xN'1‘u‘L)~Yuuxxg \vuLueu_ 1.‘) Lake _‘ the u;ursex'y UJ..l.i,L1b one yeznj train- jiug course; for lull fgwticulaurs apply ‘rmuxcduiatc-l_\' at the I~‘i;tch L‘x~et-he day uur.sex';v an I‘ lraimng sL'.huUI' fur nurs- Lery maids. L53). Sn-.111 st., Bujialu. $12 '1)er mont1L .J3u'.’.3tx26 \--u1‘upper 40,12. Feds. 21-013. LMYS. Eur uffic-0 work, $6 \H:\.-k :i—uL1< .\xuuu;,' Um 1:.--~::(*~..‘~'i()1\~% of u LH'iH~'x u.L\';xl \_.‘ \I| I III-'|;L..a1IXI1.'; \\i,lh lklle “urxu_v L-11.11 ziiz-C‘ u‘1-m.; rho front is 21 ‘Fowler up m.1.u,.; -rim lIHLx-hunk In-.u'in.: ‘L110 mum-r.».,1»u|i-pn \ on _\.-1-nu '1-‘lghhixag. 1.‘!-e .vuut_h;1~ul~ uutluar c.‘-If muse uores \\:lH- nuvor l,ld.ll£u\.‘ pm: 5a1':'uiu, l-|lt_ inn has left 1‘»elriml him .-I. 'du»‘LILl1\'l1I.‘ limt is in in; \\:l\‘ mm of tin- {|..‘J,;‘;L'S of \,\'a_u' 1it_u1'utvuro. 1'! hm; .~»i_x.-'u ,b0on, prim--.1 (iu_ o.\:px1r,~uu.-u1_ 1301111; and I 1111:; duul;tlu.s'_.~: found its \\':1_\' Int-,u I1-.\',t« lrbuuks quul‘ lu-1'tis<.-s on the subject. B1}: to he 211-pm.-«:ia1_tL'd to I-110 full, it “sholml be ljezul in the u1vigi,1url. ljuuml. %1_'nr'Lxer'la.n.visl1 lmu'.1\Vvl‘it.i11g \\'iv.hin_ In-uc. ‘mg of tug muunuuus murmur ut the ?Bxji;1sh ggxxs z_uu.l, t‘-Ae dxroue 03.. & scout- ing llllssillg o.\\e1‘hpnd. ‘It contains ten co1_nmnndm(-ut,s whjch, for ll nujioty of l;e!lS0’.|S. need, i not be xecapltulntod here. But the in- txfudug-tlou epitomizes me spirit or! v‘»‘‘ ~/ow :’*9;7l“-”“,‘“ ‘\\ /N/”\“‘ ”' ““ \‘ \“ \ ‘ (‘ ‘'.l,‘l1e man who gets mos: Huus In 9 . ’ . ‘ , r_\\\ his l11_‘eum_e the n_uu1 “bu ob»-r'.'cs ‘.f ‘ tvhe.-4». com1_1m,u,dnu~m-. -md Ii-,:‘nt.-; ujtin M‘ ‘ ' ' . \ ' \ V _\\\4_; his head. The ol'hcI'-J 4.-lzlwr '.:«-t killed 9 On¢.tQ.F1ve-Ton »1‘;.'.‘L-l_ uv.~1_'\ es in u_ \_u‘_\ .~lu-xt lilzw an-'- up. BUYS. to Iemjn u1.z1ch~inist t1,'ztd_‘e, $7 wm-k and tools. \H-A‘ll_{ I.>I<I\,'E)RrS, experienced-, piece wurk. J DRAL'G,HTSMA.\.', 1a‘yo.u-t man, $.50, \'§%:E:l._;.‘1- Wlite 01? calf; -gm: W ! C-utupan-3*, Employ- ,\\\;;‘;9.g1 Elmirax N. Y. 25tv30-c \.X]ANTE~D—¢—‘La'bore-1‘s. lumber handlers. Pine Yard office, of Maurice vs,tr<=,et, “ ‘\h’B.\'_1ff'a10. \\*'5' W;XmT.E:D,—~G~i1'51s. 16 years, L'L!..l.\ ob,- ‘ taiii st;-ail} i-inployincnt at neat and‘ inte1'esbing' work‘; will‘ be‘ ‘taught -\vim.Ii;u‘g. u.:a1'piug and xx easing of Llress silks; wages paid wrhile le3,1'l1i11g'. £01‘ other information apply Manhattan Silk (.‘u., 7,4 Grosveiior sl.., B,u 23x in-., also. expel-i‘encecL on ‘boats. s~mP« B.'LY-ILDERS, including x;i.v,eter:;, carpenters and good pay. E:‘AIH~E;\I_-A1\';, 3,0.c hix, out; of city. (‘ARP«E.\IT‘E'RS. foxy 1-ouvgh wor1_<._ 350 hr. and bonus. FAR-M_ H,-\N;D7S,, must be. able ;o.-mi‘1=k_. -/A‘N’I,‘—ED.——Mfén tbliy xthes, and ‘_~;_- diamonds dollar Vvfzeekly. Wu1- -:.,j-;:, jgogveher & Bugnham, 15 East Mohawk j\‘;.‘«‘ '13“ -l_a.etwe‘e1_1_ Main and Washixngton sts. A; _ _ _ _ _ I > J.n23*-ti ‘:';WA‘*N'I‘,ED——B,0y's :91: vbbx factory, ~ I _ 11-l.\!B,t 5,, }6 or oxex‘. Apply Box _——l*9pt.. ljont_¢o‘mez_'-y B1-on, & Go. ()l“I“1(‘E: “(ORR ‘\x/«ANTED.»--uurst‘s Private School, ‘ ‘ Brisbane B1dg., specializes‘ in com me1;cia_l, shorthand. stenoxypy and type- w1~iting:_ the school you wm eventu- ally 2_3.ttend, \..1;123t-f’ ‘SECOND MAID family of three adults $7‘ per week, COOK. family‘ or three adults, 5-8, per: week. Cau'ter’»s Little Liver You Cannot no ,- A Remedy gt Gonstipated , * Mgkeg, and Happy wggn CA fuzms mom 2-11.14.: min)! '=°ll'k‘I.I tacos, but will mteltly help most pole-laced, pcoplo. \t‘.\'\\y‘_‘*‘: _ A ,~ \ - T » L ; V , ;* ; -_,ANT;E,D——’I‘én dollars xjeward for 23:.’ ~~ _ any watch that cannot be n_1a(le hp xun. Fisher's 251 Mp.i1_1 st., opposite E’; ~ 5 *(_Iom'ier. .In22r.fx A.25‘tf-('2 WAX\'TED.——OuJ: terms and prices can- not be duplicated in business, Gregg shorthand and mechanical lines; omjoll now. Edmjsto11‘s. .!n23*tix PEBSDNALS 'Wk_§,N’1‘ED.-—1\‘len wnuggooa jobs to '- buy watches and diamonds for $1 $3 week. ‘at (‘ome1:fou1’s, 43, Seneca st.,, near V_\,'ashiu;, on st. Jmi MRS. J. H. R. .\Iatt«._-~un‘.a Runxodius are still for sale at the old h,umc.-- -ateud. No. 243 North Division 31.; de- li\s.~1‘e.'. in Li).(.‘ku\\':l‘l‘.l151 tfre-e; telephone .‘~\'I.k‘\‘.1 3t§'.HS:- hv nnlexing direct _\‘nm :;e-' Hm ox-ig‘iuu_l 1-»n1cdi(~.~x, nmmu.nc- lured and guurzum~<-«I by hot,‘ (laugh- L-Ij. .\-1111') U \VLI’hl\‘L'l1 .,’»x'}: ‘,7 ~r,-_-.—,r V-. — .~~—. ____ ,__ , _ I . . /\ «1 .. \‘ mrom Rm 9- s;::::%;,: ‘:‘:‘:..';:;‘a:.t.‘!%° \ v Ix. .' ..<Ia:.\*1. it _ .A' SXNDEBSON , '1.'lIv u-uu.:xm' m-..1‘s ..uxu.-Jmlo with 7,'~~.3(w Mam .St., B,uf:z:lo, N. S. .« -who ;..nl,M,'_. ‘.\,,_.,,l,“,,u. .\ “,..; ,5; .—_¢.: 43,; .-.-2.?-. .55 I'1«'l-t1~-;Ixt_t M hr‘;-I lu!1Lmv- ux‘ |_.mu1.{.. _ _ IS'\llu‘\I|'\1|__*.. ,',‘, and um-, ,';;f,.l _jj‘W‘.|\_|“1.::f:.:‘i: ‘iii R \1. ‘i \‘~ if _\K '1 ‘I’ ‘Pl IX: ‘wt u up] 1». [urn- vfzx $5 9‘ un11t_l':u,!'._;u 1111111. luv“ fI;;I1ll'lIl'\I\u\ E V’ . V _Jnux1. Lu‘ \_ g A Flenchman Appears. I TL‘I\ l,£l'-“' v-I. ‘: rd [L0 I l\‘l,1v'!l:I.l-. \1’ F31‘ ~11.‘-. u mx Hm ‘.I, . u um “_-“3 \ ‘ -\ ‘ ‘U10 1'.‘ y.’ In‘: il'l'-*v‘h‘ll\'~I ' --. l\u- n‘|'vI|.-’ --~ --2' .|w ;1‘1\.~ I \ it - 4. i'\- 1‘ 1:.»w‘ _\uux--__ |nu'1.' «l.uhh_\ ;.-H1 1.]m- (- (..1_ \I'M\ *3 “ \\- ‘ WM‘ In! In an -I lulu: \\‘-I'M n;u'._“ !.I-‘»;wl'.:llilj- Ill.-I In-x'.x WANT?-J1)-u‘-J)'és examined ‘free. « - glasses dollar i1p\vm'd. I“1ahe1\s 251 Main st . Opposite comrier. Jn‘.!l\‘t \ \\\()OD\\'0Rl{ ERH nu-~v1m11's-sat-tl‘.c 'W.ANTEI>»Ca1‘pg=,11te1' fu1'emuu om: ' exp,e1'ience(1 in 1'(§ill.tUl'K'|'L1 cun- crete work. Apply 402 D. S. Morgan Bldg. Jn2'.lJu11x VV2Ll|l‘.|.I\‘[l.\',\ Hm;-;I;I2. In-L-nsmI1\()r 1uzm~rn_ir_\' (‘i_l~v.*~‘ ho‘.'or<- and through mu!-nu-luemg am-unliug ph_v~ai- viun; infzuxw 1n'o\i«u\.l 1m‘. ‘Write. 12.31: L_\ en Au-nun. Iiuchuster. N. Y. ._Iu:::;&:$n.p There are many pleas- ant trips to be taken by trolley from Bufxfalo. Niagara Falls —— Cars from Main and Court streets but a few minutes apart. Round trip. 6.0. cents; round txip, inc1ud~ ing the Scenic. Belt line, $1.50. 1-,‘1_i,_:1«1'l'(_';‘}1;*.7—1i.’a §':—'r5.i«‘.I?:§ \FHE BL-xuvfz-V101‘ hr--um is sol} b.\‘ M} lixstcluaa slum»; it is better thftu .:nu1,\‘ ;u.m'.'1«.-r a'u1 ('US'.S no more than .my o;1.er; ask yum d£'.’|lL-I‘ («rt :1. .~. . C}IILIIiEN £6} adoption. > Mrs. Julia; ix’, Scultic or AI. :. .\I.1::_4ar-::C'Lt1lu1 Catholic; Mrs. Jemne R. House or .\11~~; ‘II.'mi~ttz\ M_ \\'urL\I1l\erg. Pro- u.~'uu' s..»unr_v age-.m.s, with (.'u'.mnis- sinner 01‘ (‘h;u‘:t1.-s and (‘nrxecfionm .\1‘1)Iy or 4'.|kI\h'('.~'S 211 'I‘ox'rz1<‘c. B11f\Ho. xtj. .\‘C -~ 1'}; .2 wAN'1‘.11}U—I<‘1'eighL luuulls.-rs at New Yuri. Cexxmxl freight hmlse. Lo1,x,isi,au:,1 st.; apply house fu1'cxu.Ln. , “~%jA‘3§‘§<nrvyagsx fizrgm \ fiaéxmm V_| } m . .1-&~~ ~.—-s-r.»-.4--~---.;«.»—---~-~ um.»-nu-gr,,,-vv->4--~-* » aaf ? % \‘~\ “I. , {I -‘ _ :!3~am (/28 air! % ’ v,;‘_\. 3‘ £''’‘.'.\‘''‘. ‘. 1*‘, ‘-F'-‘5'~‘.\'_ ’ 7,.” _ ; E55’ 1 _ _.;:»’-‘?‘%'_3;.._‘” ‘ RUB-‘R-T§”§’E 2 Rewa2\e1'proay.'3~ ii WA;\'|\F!D-Freight lum-Hers and laborers. Apply Peunsylvaria. l,'(,|i,h'u;! free em11lo_\meut office. 137 Exam Q“ Jwzrua-»x g,\_umx1.1a \\7<)xuu<31:.s-.bJ_ w:\'.\\.l‘I uutu \\‘a;~1u.r; ‘ l’\l1Bl'. ‘be temperme and able to take charge of garage nighl:<. Q‘lL‘L'l). Dily GtA1'nge, Main and Leroy ave .1ut2 ‘F14-1| .u-.I1'. mix? ( .~-1'x..('zun, \.uIIu:I'1lI(l1-1‘, “I[n\\' L'n(-4 i'f'5\ 4 ..u,o,\ ~1.«‘1'.!r :|'l.u1 run (‘(-Ln ~24---In I‘ 9 ‘H0 ~= h-Na nu sick k-nnv.\ ox v,-L .-u.l mum of Hm hm!’ ‘l'-I. » j:. 1 :_fl_ Zn: E-I Lu p LA we in Uv ~«'u[-:1-r vfl !i‘ U lm-'3: '~; '1.-~i \\‘H-I.\ ' ‘:sui\ .~...‘: the l‘rc-..--I:1u.xn,. 1»-nldlu-.; {anal In-hl Ii]: his ‘h..ml with uul'~1'n lrh m! \ ‘ - inn!\ \ ‘Z; NU’l‘l(‘l-I -11‘ any gzrl is in trouble, Olcott Beach -—— Cars from Main and Court streets on the half hour. Round trip, 75 cents. nee-hug a4!\‘wc. fr'.end.~hlp or help \I'x'i..t* -n‘ .-nil uuSt:1.\1'(‘np1.|iu .u (1 .‘\l1' _ 37iTI‘()R_.-\{i In ‘tin-.l nu _\<-H. ul-I xi-r-rt?\ said Hu- -..;II..xlu-1: \,ul<‘H|'.| X--1' ',l“~:-_\ ~.L-- -‘a lulu-.H :-.-uhI. uhl L‘.-t 1'--mull:-I--1' xln fur:-:1 rnlhvr . IXHI-I‘ M’ zurunml i:lm .~<lu ~lc-1‘ I:..u-'\:!m- \\'.lh llw Mu-L skull lnul ‘rn '- !.|'\ .u\..-I \Jug its l'\I,~lhI::v, S’l'§).l‘l,E your ['uI'nil\115é with reliable d V .1ze(1)_)1o; best \\'zu'e11ouse in Buffalo; fiireproot vaults, sepzwam rooms; es- Itzfnlishtaal t\v931Ly years; telephone for Name Q mu: big red vans. Cold Spring Stglfage ($0., '.-‘umacr 20-10. Juziitxi Hug; at S.x‘.\'.1t1-In Ar-m,\' 1101119 for Young’. \vu1u\-11, 699 Cottage stru-t. Buffalo. N. Y. l)n not stay z).‘\\'g1,\ if \vith()\ll monvy. Rochester——Cars from Main and Court streets on the hour. Round trip. going Saturday and re—- turning Sunday, $1.60; round trip, three~c]ay limit. $2.00; 30—day lim- it, $2.65. ‘\,‘:-4. :1 --:n I\. '7 is U.» W, dur;1|x1‘I‘.ni:=1~. and on ‘. .1 ‘ '. . '1. ' _ 1:u‘ any Mm1orsl7.».-oftop- u .:‘i . .‘x ‘ h‘r_\. ! uk‘ '1 ‘r-n:= .m.- g:vxu1iu(‘l__v new In 9 1 .. .1.--~ :a,..1 -1..r:n x.2...t; ialu-5 out gnzzxsc spots too; 5 .1 n u. -1.‘1.|.| will not um-ct IL_ 11': $1 for the RUB-R: -\ '|‘I'u ‘C \\-‘\\’ .1. —Tn~v \L\- In .~.'-U fut n u--w tup- which \'.\|’nI 1- -.'-rt‘ ul’ ~'-|‘r\ fur llu Hun, <1-eauft. il‘:\' snl-I mo rl\'l:1lm un.\i1::2_\‘ ~S;\.I«‘Ei‘\_’, service and clemxliuess as- _ sure you gmtisfacuun; phone Sun. $92 when you havcx1'u1-mture to store. Monarch Storage & Warelxouse (‘o.. :I_n_c., 286-308 Elm st. Jnzzxtf ~lpaynvu&uum wmn..s:w .. For Sale, T()1’ nugon». nu-\ an-l .~‘-cu:ull1:111d. (‘Imam \\r.xu.m» \\'ugnn Woljks ‘.5-H3 ('hi«.1go 51.. neur I-ilk s'.ruL-t nun‘- ket. 271.112 \fin-v1'.'<-.\‘ <uid uxmtlm-. “n.~‘k hlm Mun mu. dvn lm-kn-. on Elm mu7./.h- (-17 an ;,uu'a fur\ Hu indium-:1 n lh‘.:'!1“ on l.ln- lu-mnl‘ln:'. «In _\nu ‘p:I fr-1'.’ g‘ 1g 1', ‘(‘\||(“ .‘\§.',t_. I023 Rid~,-.0 l{d.-.\'ut<- ['1-od Cu_ Bu . P: 7 g _'o -. 5‘ .,...... .... _., _.....u. . .,;.,...._,~.,......_..,- ...¢,._...;.¢-.—.2-4--. «N. uua..q>\0--'1-M-- . r...Js:wm=-rymwxw:;sab1xwra5aihieim?é::¢?:‘?£?3€?$1€t'mrIst&:K4erm¥7$=.:mm: 5l‘h-‘ i’.-x ulnuun 1-X1-hinu-:1 at sumv lenulh. an-«1 flu» intnr;-rm-I«-r iul‘ur]u'vlvI.1 \I\-n||:' ~.u'-ll l'|u~ -1||HIlI'nIl (‘mu m:u|dvl' \(ml OSTND I~*oL'Nn.’ 1i‘T\’I‘611‘ ‘mi? §57\’:}i«: .I 0S'P-——L;u1ict_1 Gold’ Watch. mono- ‘g‘1'zuu on case M. G L. Lo<t he- gwoeu Joumml omce mud S‘-ourh (‘ark iw.e£1ue going thru 101 from Elnctrie Mrenue lo Cmscunt place. Return to Journal o Re\\'ar(_1—Keep sake chief value. 1 F‘-L)l'lL Ihuuuuul hm lllllnhul bu)’: 30 zurv farm; st.-n-1:. luuls. crops, gun-l huu-(2 lnun. \‘hl\‘l\L'll lmun-. \\uri<t-ll b,\ ]un-:»L~u1 mung-r mun)’ ,\eurs. 1). F. Buechzu. Ut‘l'I1l£l1l Allu3l‘i('i1ll Uillllx I£l«1g.. H\u‘iz1lu. 2\I.5u S;\l.\LI. 1‘:u'n1. near l.m'k]mI‘l Uuml lunl 1il...'—. gut‘! I ['10 lu. H1‘. rnyum-_\= Iu..luI . pI..u-. ll-|l>.¢H‘I .\-Mn- 5 \\‘a1l~ In I\I'ili\-l,'. I.m\g\pml 21'-‘1J'l‘.| Toronto — Cars con- nect with Toronto boats at Queenston. Round trip, two—day1imit, $2.50 30-day limit, $3.25. :~:|l.! tho l'l~\ll|!|ll.4lll \'l‘l’(-5: hun! You \aw 1.:-I c-N Ac-(1.0 (tum nu‘-nf d!l- . \r»- . :1 m hbhlx-‘.‘ No?\ “No.\ \\u-‘ Um r«'\,\ “\Iul~: How-z h1uu.min;: um-ll :.Ilnn~.\ 1*-‘rr “ ‘iii is:-:7, “ E; @E3F‘E3Tf5waYDETl;'0l¥ Definition of a “D00 Hickie,\ Wmnr tmv:-I lrnm Imffnlo to m-mm, Ind Clovolnnxl to Dntrolt. win the D. at 0. Fine ‘ umum u-t ll-v (‘.n-at 1.-n1u*.~\—-(ill)! of II trull. Ill. nml ( nu at (‘It-.vemn:l IH—l;I |‘- ~-runs: lnm -uuxvw {-t-nu|x=r- l.'lVUr10'm fllrntql-lung: (WCr‘llc'n( c-umnu nml unmxumnlcu u- u.. — ..ll u.x~.- mm me la make travel vln the largest mun Lina In um worlxluol o; 1; ;-- ...;mr-.» rm n «nu ma! healthful In (llnlmx sen-In-u m[3cln!|)'—fc In’ I-r--at lukm l|n Fuu-ls! and mm-r nnpmlzlnq nn\pnrmInns—-tho . «E 0. Luke Llncs ! dc rrl-at-.I:.l~~l u ;tnu~Iululr;1 ulagi uut clsowlgerc nnproauhed. All utcalperg Ayn {tamp- l wn mes wrucm co. , ' , 0 ' STF.AMl-IR SCHEDULES Rn-nmr-rs leave nuamn nnllv n: «:00 P. M , Famcrn Tlmn. nrrlvmu at bottom. 3:00 A. !\I., 17- ulml 1mm. I-lcunu.r3 lenvr (‘lowland dally Isl llI.>I.': 1‘. M. ( cumll Tlnw. r''''I\I' 1: M llnxrull. (I no A M . (‘antral ‘Plum. \ llvno sub:-dulm In «float x .. “.19. ll lu ( |r'vI-luuul. and I):-In-I} to llu Alan rt-gulur alt-xu}ur s<:r\'lca tram '. ~ _~-. ;‘ -I Imron In 1'\Inr.t:u.no Islam! and Lul'.n‘l1urnn xuy parts. I all clckctu hon: (' -I (or (rum;-urtntlon an n (c C. Llnu Ste.-xmm In oltnrr ulrcczlon. Ask vnur uckos M. .1 : . rnuxc mu \L| n (‘ lino. mnlung cunncntlous mm mu Imus to xmlms West. SEND 2:: STA MP bur lllmtrntcd pamphlet and Great Lakes Map. Aqqrouq L. G. Lewm, U. P. A., Dulrolt. Mlr|Ih:.‘|.I. DETROIT & CL_E_\(_!;ZL;_\_N[)_N_. f'A_PERr IMXGING N'iagan'a Falls Illuminat- i ed at Night. 'I‘l:-‘ Yr: :v- V-.. a 1-H ~- ml) <‘ivnl.-I hurl; Lulu |I1~ Inn him! um‘ II-I‘-lx Iv-.~,a uh‘- 1,:u't1.:.:. ’l'h\- .‘ pnzxulv .. IMI|IlI-nlulm sunnn--mu! his‘ .-hir!‘ n1'1m-rur aux-I fr‘-x 1|“ ljiiv |1u.l';I l‘.l“l'l1 Q” £lI'l*[I. QELECT papomaugxug was promptly ‘ Samples of paper shown. on re- -quest. S. S, Yoimg, 1136 Suuxhside PR1'k“j:1V. [_..acka\\-almu xtt. ll(')l HES .|<‘()H E.-‘-.‘\Llu NlE\\ muuw huu~:- uith all mu-lm'11 i7:-]HII\\:lII ul~. .\Tu ‘Ii .\~hl.«-In Pl. ‘\ppl_\ .1! .\'n 7-‘. .\~hmu i'lzu'¢-, Buffulu. nu ulll Sxt --(‘:1 1l*’l ‘.ZT!3|| The fruit growing country on the way to Olcott is worth seeing; Transfers from city cars to interurban cars apply on fare. Free transfers in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Lockport and Rochester. INTERNATIONAL HA\.-— WAY CUMPAAEY “II:-‘< .L mlhux Lul. Ilml l'r¢-m-luu:.n_' suit! Hm .~ 111 uh‘--Ix x - m n.nmlr1' \\’|x-an the rlmf lHuml('|‘ luul gum-. “I ful-~\_\ lw only \'..'.Hu' duun tn l(-t us sun llmt (1-In l:Ivl.h-u1’Ini~nn his gun. Tnu (M11511! to hour him spill sumo ur his .vuru.~'. tllum-In.\ 'l,‘Iw .\ll'¢llu,\(‘l' wllhln tho 1.‘.‘utux of tho nu\',v um; llh-sq gm-d, nft.m- tlux nr-min! S]'(‘l'k autninszl. tho luluo M’ lmmon, an-1 hm mu! nu '_-Mu] w1thII;,hlm luu'nu~u- It “Ila ull mu plI1‘I'~=t luu'y. ‘~\l‘l1ul“.-4 nil r!x:_ht.\ he .-mid. “But what I .slu-uh! lilw tn l:nu\\_' ls-, \\‘lmt tl1e»(1olu“¢- is an (hm l1ioklo'r\ HIGNS '(T'iT5WT‘éa‘d§_1§1'l1Tf€tIT' sTgi1§\fo'y‘ every day use. we print thevn in Luantmes, that makes the price cheap. .01‘ OM sign-- Boarders ivmjted ‘For Sale 5' Furnlahod Rooms mt Upper Flat To Let wt etweto. “I 1004-150 and 25¢: each according _to ‘H Ilse, we have 5 row at 50. The Journal if ' I'R[N'l?lNG A l\l‘( ).\l()BILES M()Nil‘I! I-3.\'I) .-z:-lo on all used auto- - Im-hilma; do not nus.-1 this n1I1m1'- innit) to 1-ul'|h:lSr :1 n l.::hlo 1|-4v-lcur 1'1'mu roliuhlu 1l~u'dt':1l' l1£.‘lll(‘l‘H at 21 low mu-u; all .~1;\la-s um! luélkea; M.-nus; open vvx-nInx:.~x um] Smuluy.~\. h1|Hi1' mmu I\ju‘.m' m;upl,\ (‘u.. 11;}: Man: at.. liuifulo. 2t3tZ1.‘$-c |.I’()liD delivery, touting and mad- stey bodies, all at me rlgllt‘ prices. Goo. Schmitz as B_1=os.. 866 Gcne:~oe St. xtt ;~ \\ fr 1 gll ! \ \ \ \ u..}. «-mi ~-nuulmuxn <.m1l1nIxi'::|Iillillll “A dun 1:1:-l\io‘:\ 1'(*]IH(-(I me. squndruu conuuuxulur. \.\ don lulu-1:10? II-In-m! Gt-01‘;-o, huw wuuld you (\lust-Mlle u d-In I11:-Mo?\ ii§%§$UANCE sm-:n.-; Am) l*‘L(l“_'I'IR31' COMMERCIAL pnlntlug. Letter heads - blll heads, envelopes nud hnslnoaa qards. Lowest [wines for good work. No Job too large and none too small. Lingo edition work a specialty; Dally ‘qqirnnl Pmg. 411 Electric Ave,, Lack» ‘wanna. Telephone Abbott 1181, t! \l'.‘().\IA'I‘() plulnts fmv immmlinto ship- mvut. m-ml up one dnllar fur onu lllllIu1l‘l*t1 «I ~ll\-r_\; pu.~atp;11d; u_ r-()l'l\l1 vnriotlmx. W. L. llorlrzr-rs mno11- house. Rzumomvillo. N. Y. 21.120-c ’l‘l'u- u.'Hu or umu-ulml in pllfft-Q hh pfpo In siluxxcc-. i'm'I1 mmm-n,t. ‘ \\\':-ll lm .s'u|(l_ an ls-.n;;lh, '{v'ou kunw more M iv»; what an gndge like?\ Boumanizfs Farms, E The time to get yuur house and 1,‘ ur-ni_tu1‘e insured in bo- ‘ fore you have a fire fvlwro are u million snml) fn_r_ms In R01!1nnn1u uml mxly 21 fmv l.lu.u.<un-I lwfge ones. hut the few Mg l;1mln\\}n- I¢‘UIlNl5l‘~UllE. \You.\ \And (1 gliguy?\ “Yma.\ “Wall, an (inn hit-kie is something like —thn_t. mIl_\' smnlh-r. as u ruin.\ T|i(‘I'|' wags ,-il,(-m-(-. '[‘-hm the sqligul mu cuuunnndvr iounml fuvwxnrd and n sjleuk ui’ on‘ the shomdor of the r.t.nu1;z(-r \\'|l.ll1u their gntes. “—’.l‘here you nre‘,\ he oxvluimed t._1'i~ nmphuutly, “lhnt's 41 am iiiokioi\ “llnvo ‘n dvink n11y\}_‘n_)'.“ said the oiiicor who mxs\ve§'ed to the name of Geovge suntlxiugly. _ The stranger within ‘the gates oi} the nnu‘ Llmt [Ila-s hm] Hgmlriuk nnd from tthnt time nmvnrd 'forbore_<to ask airy ‘ mm-e.quo§tin’ns., But _|1e:sti|l sometimes wonden what are ma hIn_ct.ti<;.n'I ‘oi’ I‘ f.I1oo‘hicl_xie. _ _ F??? movlg i’1-1't_t)—n1‘nT1l_ov house will sell oak bed stead, brass cor- ners; full size while enamel bed; ma- 'a_9gnny cl1lfl’enare; rocking chairs and some other lnousellqld furniture. all In good condltlon—clIeo_p. Enquire at Journal‘ o for !ldt1N¥E_B of owner. in! have more lnn than we numy siiif;-1| mus, Tine nwrugv sl'n- nf rhu mmimx muun fmrnn is (-i::h: u«\rm2 whilc- that of 4.4?! I-u--:n mm: is‘ ‘.\.‘m' new-.s,_sn_/s the .\'u1inuml (§c0gI‘g;[)!Il\ Mu_gn7.]ne. IWRITE: ' 2: FIRE, LIAMI3II.I'.I‘Y, PLATE GLASS, ,AU»ToMoB1Ljz. E AND I£;\Il’LOYI£RS COMPENSATION INSURANCE. ’)uLNt_f§g\n'rUnING Pl'Rl?()SEH -f‘ WILL purchase one or two acres for \A taqtory site. natural gas (lis- preterrotlg ran connections J10.t ?»f Address P. 0, Box 732-, I riifrnlq. , um- REAL ESTATE and BONDS A FEW’; ktov for Ialécheap; eaay pgyme;'1tI_ Wal- hrldgo Oz 00., 892 Main It; STOVES. AND» RANGES Leave; Pulpit For Vaudeville : . «as: .‘,.:r»__ Zu;;es\'illc, .(~).—’1'.lu- In-v. F. \V, mar mgm, ngg.~;tQ1- of the ‘(‘-nl!1Ire1.‘;1I clyurcly. told his r-ongxvegntvlon t—h'o mlmr night that he» hm} signed gm contm,<'t_ for a _aa\'en weeks‘ vaudeville tour, He was granted a leave 0; ghaencc. 1‘ho now, Mr. Gormanlg ppecInl_ty‘ .11. .39 was on an Itnrh-‘tor.é utaggnl tho. mlniqtn. V . 1 g -in-:\‘.'.. ._,. ..‘,i . .' mDG1§oAn POS$‘(y').l:*RF‘I«¢.i. uonmr ‘mo LOAN ~ \ E, .;.._ u;§.*:!‘ Manx LOANED on vALuAnms, _ low rates; gtrjctly conudontlal. Cohen, rellgblg ll06l_lIe_d pum- No; 61! ,|j|ln gt.., crouncj lqor, ' “ ' xtt. nmvmn ty'pew;-xtghvtushue. mmm. ‘ 01'; not linear. $865. culrqntendi mm mm, in lusdlnl, make! In amok; .lu.. Tznowrltor lmporxum. rm:-.~. |ln.‘niI.ad«§wII.!_ltIs L: -. ~'.1T¥PEWRlT1I?B8_- . , I. at’ .' 4; /:zr{,.r ;',:\.'x . nu \*- _. 91.. . _ J. v _ W, “;‘[,, .‘ , '- \:19: I v , n. «.4. % f‘* ‘*3 ‘E,iI§h?5[.\.ltg.*and ingiti\-.l; ', ‘ 4’ ‘ ‘» ’. r ., i counts. -one; um:-d.-._ =Nq s:hnrg_é. E ‘Qt .% ~th;a.;n. 15- cm:-.. '71;‘.%*e;1%e;»A1’a«_2-:.i-,«.-T, Abbott E ' ~ \\ 1-T1‘8“.1., 'b‘ef‘¢.re.~”noon. and. sycur 4ac'ljv¢I'»-~ I vt.i‘seim.en‘t willaplze .3.!i1.1¢*d.5¥- .. I ‘ Y _ C V‘__VH¢A[ _W>itIiA ON FREE TRIAL— °“%’he.nA_coII{I_lK¢IJ(l.| '- , . .- n '3 g ‘ c n\'ersn‘louo you: No DEPOSIT. _A __ hgggdg .m,,c,m,, NO EXPENSE, ‘ -' soun_c‘3_.‘7‘!“5‘”3’°“‘.':°d we will sendyouancw 3. ,.‘ K \' 7.“-’ V 10- ¢B“\\“1°\\ °\~ Acouauccn. Thisxslhc 2'\; ‘u ytvuci ! Á smnll xnsfruxnxcxnt Khul L V, ‘ .‘,, ‘&‘;_';;\hau£ in C°',”.n' has posms-dy cnuhlc-I A _f.- ‘$\,'.\-,3.‘ ~ yW1‘._-‘mg. W;-ige gt over 300.000 dual -:; \\- :\' once for ten dpys pcOP|e to hear, \’ ‘ ' fruo_ |_I0“36 IP15‘.- GENERAL Acousmc co!~.1s>ANY, 1300 Candler sum-ns. l.\w Yerk. q::§31T$&!&‘-fIrNl ' ‘ ‘ ‘ »

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