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i.:;v' ,..:, \\ N .4» 2'39.‘ $5“. _ ,_:.;,,, . *.. ~t~’.‘?.§’-Ia“-\“~\‘~ ;' ,V ~’:.;';vn~’,.A'_. ‘W’ -If . ..,.m... awuq-..._.r,,‘ *» ‘r. , __.. 1. (- ‘ ,-17,’ ;_&’ ,3‘: ,‘.a__ .. W V :; ua - _ . V7,‘. \“\!» K : ,, '\-- \ U -'.‘.‘:“‘2.\\— -2. '3.‘ J §“£§=‘if.i5=7r.« “ »;3('. «_ _, ;~\‘w ‘v1.-.\‘:‘ .»;..--zg. . <. 5,. 5 N, ..,, .: m»: x: ' ...~-Q-.\. « as L. H s 2: co». km» 14 '.\‘.w ’ \ :\ Ciuiii will inset, not} Pr!‘ -jxight». at the ‘High 'Sc]Ioo,l. faom machines will he‘ pgévldod um ltzthera are not enqtijh Mu. V511-‘ gm -0! The ‘Social,Gen1er will donate zjnofe. . \.11 I9 tn that \an -0.31117. on my stomach\ it 1.! -u1'> to ‘go Il1r!f1ish.tr:_u;iu;;ortit.!ox;; ~ ‘mm mm tofu! ' :T1,;_:-T gamma, or] course. but that won't meat; 1:; ygl tot ggoklng. Save the v'IBi.¢.!.I. or ROLAND ANNUAL CARNIVAL there anoum .bo meat! of um .10: gxembefs to make it a point to be that meeting. weed‘ tgkes~tr’om_ the? soil gome ‘three. hundred ulna: In weight In water gurlng the‘ season‘ Cultivation ;oongarvo's moisture. . .._2 ;;;:-”’c—\‘ ~'I'j:,e ‘school ‘house has lieu allotted’ to them and the soldiers need the 5 ‘[4 I0 taking both or these Into con_- ? all data: (or Friday evening 29th should ‘be cancelled. qxaopt one, Ifyou hue no mo and need one. my _oonstr‘uctlon ought not go he put 01!. 81103. were never needed so g1u¢h in they will be this coining vfnteir. BE ggnnv KEIFER or AVE; E3 ;E m =nnsmIAL Hoignewlien jnteusted in preserv- ing» mm: And Vegetable; by dfylng Iholild send to the U. S; Department) of A31-tcultnn at Wuhhzton hr In-Y met’! bulletin M1. . Coming To A _ Lackawanna ' <?i It you have -1 good sued garden it :11! ‘pay to have i wheel’ cultivator. The small garden will be better cul- <tlvvAted’1;mh hand tools. especially '1: the work has to be donaat qdd‘ ino- ments. ‘I'll: ='Bu,n'o_lo-Genera! Hospital ln!orm~= no the Journal, this -noon, that Harry: xpner ‘at 107 Avenue E had come out of an operation. for appendicltin In very load condition. The com arewadinx In the dew- soaked graze, Sister is raising the on its pole out in front; and Dad is =b\isy in theiarden near the kitch- en; from open windows comes the cheering voice of Mother —-“Com cakes for breakfast\. Noihing but an unusual happeinz will deter his recovery as everything- Io in has been in his iavor. mg was operated bn thIs- mofnng THE WORLDS GREATEST VCARNIVAL SHOWS :7. ~-,‘‘‘: ‘1.u'.s:$1 .._ .2, ». . 5 ;.-3*‘ ‘.215 . . 1\ «'7 7b_ »: YIHAT HAS BECOME BF‘- BL FHAEESS FERARI S§%§WS A DDUBLE WEDDING The Chamber of Commerce? v. who Home Deteuse League? The old civic Pride’! j ‘ The guy that was going to put The lam’-nu] out of business? ;‘~,‘~ ;'_.l‘he‘ tenow who said we could not‘ ‘mat the Liberty Loan? ‘ '1\-lge fellow who was going to get ~ out I DAILY paper, last week? ~_ The Electric avenue paving job. , The was-In weather we used to have _ ‘tn the summer? - ‘They -can't have ALL gone to the v Wilt. ' 5 J‘ . ‘,-«£2 . 3~ «B7 » \ _*».\\ , ». /, \45;-‘.. ~73‘, to; _‘ ‘Q A .05.'f'.‘. , <4 =.-#195,’, '*< 3 l\.;\'?’{'i' ' » At 9:00 o'clock, this morning. ‘at Our Lady 0! Victory chapel, a double wedding took place when Robert, La Dell and Miss Marie Duggan. Martin Kane and Miss Margaretta Mcvoy were united in marraige. _ ‘Bot-h couples will leave for Detroit but will retmfn here to reside. Trained M Anmai Karena WOMEN THANK G0-DPEBATURS PERSONAL. THE WERLE E13 EEE§.§—l?S I થ RE_A §Ef:3—-THE BAPHQLS @§* §§*¥:E {@253 TSH:-; B %*;@‘s‘«.=’ ATTEST W3 Mrs. Henry Hoep is con to her apartments by illness and is under the cure of :1 physician. . 3 xi ‘:3 ' '«, ‘ Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoep are introducing a new daughter to their friends. Mrs. Thew Wright, Chairman) of the Erie County Wt-man Suffrage party and a. member of The Executive com- mittee an fooil crmservntion,undex' the Home Defense committee. today pub- Huh.-ul :1 formal statement thanking The Retail Me)\--hams’ Association and John H. Kamm.-m Co. for their assis- tancv in Iwlmng 10 'udvemi.~:o Thu- 1luusmvivm' m 'v for Illnxv.-00:1 .\hxsu- Hall, .I%ut’mln. .\lunuIu_\~ ul’le1‘un(nI, July ‘_‘ml.. nn for their z1s.~sis1a11t-u in help- my, to runlm the plans of the Commit- we a. rt-ulity. Young M193 X-Ioep arrived Inst Friday. The mother and bnbo are both doing niceiy. P’ ‘ ( xaw‘ . .4 ._. I ‘V 5,. '1 4 ‘. GUBBEETINVG AN ERHIIH In reading the proof thls morulng of ballot No. 6, Carnxvzu Contest. the vote of Mlss Dorothy Ilylnnd was given as 308. This should have read 380. I11-as-much as the Ellis-.l'oslyn Pub. 00.. printed the result of tlw ballot The Journal wlshes ta correct the error in behalf of, the Puhllslling (:0. \Tim Wnnl-.m .H'11lT-mgn parly la mum! in Imw \1:nl rhv pri‘n'lv-no uf nslmz its m'gauizz1\.iun Tm‘ lhv 1‘rlllI1(‘lilI!..‘, 01' Hu- Huuu-r (‘:l‘]’;’ll‘.P:‘|u. ~:. ~ (hr >.~3lul1-xxlmxl \)1 i»: Alum‘. .-;-)-'u-a-1.u,i.|\1-. Inf Ilw rno.u-rutim. zumu!--:1 H {mm many :12:-urivs « (‘ha H nl-‘I-H»---' L--.:L'n:. the [Fund (‘mm-rv‘..‘iuu f‘un:|uH.n-r- un- I'M-sill:-nI':a('u1x.'. il J-uhn H I\',:uun.:m (‘n nnn‘1u-V.- hm‘! I:h<- H--[ail '\‘Ierc‘11zu1t3, Asnnclufiun L ‘\«. ‘In 1’ ’ : . .:>1J'7. if: N“ .4‘ 3*}. »_4: at‘ | < K ] .. % ,.~.. = .‘.~ -‘.'.,‘_f1 0’MABI\-VBUULEY it is (luv thus.» Agmn-3.»; In «-xpiuin that in (‘Hum-l'Hlilll! \\'i'.]l u.-4 mhvy im- in no way pl;-.li..mg aim-..~(~i..-~i in a §)l'n[I.\ of .21 1-:mIx'nvrr.~.ul n.Hurr» In tliesu I)a_\.-2. \x|.i]a- wu rr.-Inin Hill‘ on iilculu and hold in tho mm-Iiiiiury wliicli we airoxulv imvu knowing lh[\t :it can lie of iiicslilnilmv \ulIie- 1'--r national servim-. we work pmn.'mi,v as men and women. in am» in our loyally in our country and our «in-aim 0 put effective ..-.urvlce iirai. Mr. Hoover has re:-ugnizcd this in his whole hearted ilCC(![)ftlll(*l- of mu‘ ni‘i‘m- of service, as has Mrs. William Grant ‘Brown. of the council of national defense.\ ;}.)‘4.‘‘ ~’-. ,, ‘J This murnim: u very m'eh._v wedding was soleumized at Illusdon, when moh- Ird O'Marn. brother of Mr. M.‘ M. O'M_ar-a. was married to Miss Florence Bouley, daughter or Mr. andn Mrs. Hon. Joseph 0. Buuley. The new couple. after’ a reception at’ the home of the bride's pniezxls. to- night, will leave for a short trip East. After their return they win live at‘ Woodlawn Beach for the summer after that making their home Lin Lackn~ Wanna, ’ f**:'.‘,x.. H. 1 6,? ue: -Tr T Princess Alice Da_nce The Tango V‘/ii}: A Licn. Prof. Purchace Wrestle With A Man Eating Tiger. ‘ Carlos Bernardo And His Group of Leopar :33. . The 101 Trained V'v’il;3 Beasts. 2 %BA§i§§S ESE W03!!! 3 GREAT Ri DEVICES 20 $!§ 250 PE EMPLJYED 1‘/. 4 I . 4/ IHEWHIP , IHEFERRISWHEH /\1 A THETANGBSVIINGS THE MERRY—G0—R0llN|) ._-1 2., ’ \ C'.{“.*.z‘~’« W-F-*:. ;- e.a'm'*‘ H r L ~: ‘« '.I~.= 2* Electric Building N0 GAMBLING GAMES No IMMORAL. SHOWS THE BEST GREATEST AND ACLEANET CARNIVAL SHOWS IN THE m . 5’ W 2 : 00 IN fpwau AWAY in THE PoPUL'ARI1f‘Y‘ von co’N1'Esir{ 4 % 6% 5250' PRIZES I:,_ RYANT’S ‘swonrg. '. ‘P: ..-. X L-.,~a ‘.5-t',‘ ~..;=:’—;.-; *v.e~'<.: ‘\ *1 *f‘:.~. VI $2;000,l} F03 HUM51\NiTY Buffalo came through nobly for the Red ’ 1 Cross fund; passing her allotment by Q; $500,000. 3‘ 5 And Red Cross money will smooth the .-,_, paths of the wounded boys who 2 for you. Speaking of smoothing reminds us that I ‘:5’ these are practical timea—-an ELEC- 7* TR?! C FLATIRON IS ALSO A , t W . SMOOTHER-—ONE OF THE BEST. L; Stop in and get 3. GENERAL ELEC- L TRIC IRON FOR $3.75. Give it a 15-day trial F ' -

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