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~, ‘<-vfz\ “, 1'? aw a .V .-.. ‘W’. 7.» ., _, _,,-‘_ ‘~ . I. “ »_ ' . W ,‘,'v _,.-,1: 3. ’ y,..~,. ' ~;. .«.. __ .-...‘..u_-.‘ _ E . . 9. , __ , ‘ ’- . ‘>2 _ , f, .~_‘ - 5:3 g¢.;'~‘-»\\ \ v. -. . N: * : ;-x' »a-.«,:: ‘ ‘ mu “JERSEY” ENF‘ ~Qn.!nn or Fire How +2..n.m1 uliso or: musical tame véayiy he is going to. give up ‘playing the picolo, he don’! -like‘ the that part -of ‘tho m”im_e. it-r \ sounds to much «like work. line Go“, 0%” M’ _I'sCua,p._¢‘7r‘t- nerl b ‘You don’! know who 1- ail! I am xthz» Gei- Kqiset, Der, Emperor, vet} I sum. «aw ‘ Albany, June 23.—'ln \order to set .3 better undersianding at just wh state is demanding -tiiie gummer of; -motorists visiting’ it from »the other, ‘Sedretgiy or State Francis M. Hugo- «nnd William L. Dill. ‘Commissioner of Motor Vehicles or New ‘Jersey. met in‘ New York recently and thrashed out a number of matters. Secretary Hugo, -is anxious to give the mitomobillets of this state something better than they present 15 day reciprocity between; Nw York and New Jersey. The pros position was put up to C_omm_iseloner. Dill -but owing to the -fact vthet -the‘ ‘Jersey.-statutes contain the ‘ dai clause. and has .1hie ‘ante can only grant in ‘the way of reciprocity along motoring lines a period or the umej‘ durastlon it receives. little‘-‘headwni wee ma 0. You ‘know 1 whipped dam Be}- > gians, A Um: mm bullets mt 1a1uua*II€1l End -1 will whip I-‘rance and _1talv, Una ‘blow up Jammy Bull.‘ 'n‘\ . -. :‘='r§ : E‘;‘E.:\:?§.—) W’ “ Geo. LeRo_y says cucumberi are very scarce. this wet weather made} the vines ‘grow so »!a.st, that 11: wow; the cucumber: all out to 3-; =lon§. Now an den: other nations I don‘: give a ‘dam, If you just ‘be mine mrmcr Und whip dot Uncle Sam. A little nonsense, some call Jokes. ls ‘relished, -by ‘the -best. ‘of folks. You know I not dam submarine: And all :l'7‘IH‘_0p9 Imago: dot veil But do man Edison not 0 patch! _ mm 703 blow them all to hell. O I 0 We heard a fellow say. :0 snotlm on or \rm: FLEE'1‘ on mum Tn AOIORS owmwm Bx mm: 13., R. a P. RAILWAY IN ormuuox m-Anicmusvnmn, x. Y. today: “I'll moot ‘you at the mualcu do-‘ partment in the bank.\ Geewo followed him and be‘ round up at the NOTE teller’: windows. Gee we've been doing buslnesa with; that department for some time ‘and: that's a new on us. Now, Gait, I,I_y91s um do IMO, Der) you I om away: lovg, And I val D‘: the ‘emperor ofzdcr earth, ‘ V Uud you be der -eaipemrzabovc. in order to Assist in the movement to encourage food production in this country, the Buifalo, Rochester &. Pitts- burgh Railway bought several tractors ot -the type shown in the picture. Ar- rangements were then made with farm ers. who desired to plow more land than their teams would be able to handle, whereby they would he tur- nshed the use 0!! this tractor and an expert opera,tor'at 1: charge of $1.50 per acre‘ for plowing, and 75¢ per acre for harrowing. The tractor. which has a draw bar. pull or 8 Horse Power can draw «three. 14'’ plows at a taster gait than that‘ attained by the «average farm team’ with a single plow. Under 1‘noder§te- ly ymvorable conditions it can plow about six acres .per day; The tractor- operates on kerosene, consuming a- bout three gallons to the acre. Reports from the farms along’ the Company's lines in New York and Pennsylvania, show an increase 0! a~ ‘bouth 30% In acreage «under. cultiva- tion Over last year, for the State -of New York, and about 20% torthe State of Pennsylvania. Mr. J. M. Hawley, Agricultural -Agent for the ‘B. R. & P.. Railway has been ‘over the toad situation in Wyoming County, New York. and is authority tor the statement that the ‘increased acreage of food crops ‘there 15- 24%, a.- mounting to over 20,000 acres, and that the increase In grass crops in 9% amounting -to 7,000 acres. ‘WHITMAN CENSUS PER- 5|0lJ STANDS. ‘SAYS IIIBEGTQB But «can, if you refuse am, Tomorrow night at elemin, 1511 can mine Zeppelin: out, Una declare war -on heaven Well he might have zbeeil in busi- ness yet if he had been a good adver- TYSER. I vouldwt ask dis from you, But-it can be plainly seen I Dot wherr Edison pasherdqt but- (on I go/no submarines. H I I '0 We've wanted to spring that for -9. mg time but we waited. -'—ANON; HHRRAH! HINGLING DAY ALMOST HERE WHRKING ‘FOB SOLDIERS TRUST THE EXEMPTIUN BMHD Arrests After Monday. slt sounds better now Albany, June 23.— No additional -time for taking the state census and inventory of military resources will be‘ granted, according to a statement by Capt.‘ G. C. Henry, director or the census, issued last night. Alter Monday, when the census-tale ing time will ol close, census “sIackers\ who -have tailed to fill out the necessary blanks will be liable to arrest. It May Be Foolish O O 0 Jack ‘Barrett. says he is sorry that :,_“ \ ‘»,:-. >, , The following ladies of Roland he pvlzmted those potatoes now as it will be cold, this Fall, and he will have to -dig them out doors. We were setting over at NQ Two’:- -Fire House, last night, and -homer gee the skeeters were thick. Mccarrick said they reminded him of politicians at Albany. How's that says we? Why they all want to get their ‘bills mm at one session. met at the home of Mrs. ‘C. J. Ehr-_ mann, last Thursday atternoon, furn- ished material and made 30 pillows‘ tor the soldiers; Mrs Wel.ert, Mrs.‘ Fix, Mrs. H. J. -Ehrmann, Mlss Mc-V Gllroy, Mrs. McConnell, Mrs. Eggles- ton, Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Spicer, Mrs. Gritlith and Mrs. C. J. Ehrmanu, next Tlrursdny afternoon the ladies will meet ut the ‘home or Mrs. Nic- hols, 1603 Elecmc Avo., trom 1 to 5 P. M. to make towels for the Rezlg Cross. All ‘ladies interested in this work are invites! to help. Big Circus and Great * Spect“cl'e Occupy Five Trains Crammed With Wonders. - By ETHEL WATTS MUMI-‘ORD or the Vigilantes some one asked ‘him why he »dldn’t plant them in a GREEN house and 5110 said “Nay, nay, potatoes are IRISH and 'I‘H=EY know it.\ [Novelist, Poet, Playwright, Author of \The (.‘ynic's ‘(7alcn.(Iar,\ \Out of the‘ A‘.s-lzes.\ “Good Night Nurse.\ etc.] t O 0 When we asked Fritz Wenzel why he didn't raise some celery this spring he replied, there's been enough snlnr~ ies raised in the city hall, this year, without me starting out raising more’ One or them stung Birmingham and‘, just for that he chases them ALL away from him now. 3 The big event for which the young- sters and grownups have been im- }. patiently waiting is drawing near, for f next Monday. July 2, Ringling Broth- ‘~_¥\ era’ circus is to exhibit afternoon and '2 /1 night in Buffalo. ‘*4’ Expectancy never run so high before and it is 1ikely'that this city will send nlurge delegation to it-ed the elephants Ilnusual interest centers around the gigantic spectacle, “Cimlei'ella\. with which the famous showman are this season opening their wonderful main tent progrztm. \Cinderella\ is prob- ably the best loved of all fairy tales and to see it produced with more than 1000 pa.-rson.-4, Dulldl‘L‘LlS of dancing girls and glorious pngeaiits. imlcud QIVC‘: pi'oniise 01‘ making \childl.luod's gold- on dronms come true.\ In the same great tom. win cums» the marvelous‘ circus nunilu.-rs in which -luu men and women poi-l’u1'rnui-:4. .su'u1-s of trained anlruul-x and n g'l]IiX_V' ul’ spuvinl foal-, ures uro ].llll'(lrlI‘.(-HI. 'l‘lio ma}:-i-ity of the nets are out.irol_v new to .\l\l(‘I'i(\': The Ringling Bros. livning sen-1-nvli .1110 pick of all ]':lll'0])L\xl.]l inc-x:fuJ'uiui's, wlio huvo hm-n Ul|“:'l'l to son]; «nga ,y.. ments in this mtiiilry. 'l‘ln- ullillt.-\\\ strc-eL_ p.'u'n.(Iu will take pl:l('c .-Ill)“ day I morning. Trust the Exemption Board. It is there to take care of’ your case, what- ever it may be. \Selective Draft\ does not mean the mere selection or the physically fit, the weeding out of the ublest for war service. It means that for the first time in history. common sense and knowledge of our common needs will be brought to bear in con-_ scrlption. The land must not lose its labor- ers. the fan-mry must nnt lnce its skll led mechanics in such numbers that its output will be crippled. Tho hOT1l(‘ must not he depleted. dependents mun not become public charges. Trust the llnard of Exeniptlon. While I.lm,\' are t.-hinl;ln_'.*. ol’ the individual, they are also thinking of the country at lame. Tlu-re will be lllull_\' an ar- xl---nt lad bitu-1'l_\' (lis.nm:uint.ml l1o¢-:1n«.- he \\“I b(- bixlllrn to am} buhinrl wlxilc o:.lmz~ no tn the front, but he will» lanmv and Iixizleistniitl the 1-nnann. [[0 ie b(-RY ucrvin.-2-; hbl cnunt,r_v by remain- in: The war l‘lu:|.Vl9 Smwiae Fur M] Tu out-l1 hi~x allm.t(-ti pl'u‘v. \\’i.~ulnm must diver-t wlic-tlmr we shall go 0:‘ .~f.u'. It is for us to accent the plate ixlI'1HI'inn-lulu \\:Il1 iI]IO\1l'l‘.1lLZlIl flu.\ '-1-'.( \\u' are il,(ljll(l¥|‘<l Jmir-rim (‘\- pm-t~‘ to-l:1_v everyone to (In his duh. lJuI,\‘ has niauy fnrms. loyalty but one. Do lnyul to your duty. SPEGIAL TELEBRAM FROM M. F. BARRETT We asked the skipper =how heA!e1t and he said \Oh Sew, Sew.” Quinn must be going to get the band in shape for the summer season. He went across to the bank, last night,‘ and asked Mr. Carroll 11! he hadmny old notes laying aground that he didn't want? But the Firemen and the Policemen on't believe it. All members and friends at thef Lackawaxlun Branch of the Red. Cross in mm vicinity of Ridge Road and South Park Ave., will meet next. Friday evening and every FI‘1LlZl_\\ evening until further notice. in the High School builclimg, to work rm- the suldiexs, now uh duty. mm for the Rm! (‘russ. All unu pussilzly can are n1-gm] to ayttonxl those n1(=(=1ings. bring-‘ ing with ttzmu sci-.-nx~:=, tlximme, Xl<:\'l1lt'.~. I'h.«ad, «>::«~ _.an‘«l 0!’ Mun‘ denim. ml snap f:1.~tz-xx-'z'.:. Otlu-:~ \\'m'kI wnll bx‘ mmltbd f--2 t.!m.~u who dol not brim: mun-ziul-. Ylunrs 'I:3u to (Night Letter) To The Journal 10:45 XT Coll ad- dress L.ackuwum1a., N. Y., near Roland. ‘£1-'.\ Ed. -Flanagan said, \the man who invented the when} barrow ‘was CRAZY, that's why he only put one wheel on it, if he had put two on, he. would have had to \v1u-elcd twlco as much each load. Quinn says sheet music is too ‘high 0 buy naw. ~ Fritz Wenzel says “its a lucky think they put those ropes on the pole, at the city hall.\ He swears he'd never have climbed that pole to get the down nights. Arrived in Chicago Monday, could- u't see the cny on account of the high buildings. They call it Clxicago. I11. I want to {(-11 the foks it ain't 111., its the healthiest town I over struck. I’: 3 I, , .‘.‘ Jim Mm-ton s:1,\'s he won't have to go to war, as he has served steeu years on the No. 2 gate ear of the B. & L. E. 'I‘ra«-tim1 00.. line and that the only diffu\vzm-’1>et«\vven t‘ha,'. jub and the present crisis it, that war was l)E(‘L.MU-ID by the L‘. S. and you can haw IL mu‘ on (nut ~<‘.u' any time- wimlxuut. as-«luring it.. in zulvance. It's a wonder that Italy didn't say ‘you first my dear Alphonso.” I waited in the Llohot till it stopped mining. mum ouv stole my umbrella, 111‘:-0 utln.=1- fo-llmvs had tlu-ir grips ift-11 and one hi: wutrh. C O U How do you like Alphs mustache? 0 O O $1 (‘aunt that day lost, whose sun in setting in the west 1 mm the --on the-1'0 would he an awful rcr1mui):,': whvn Galwivl blmv his horn ow-r (‘.hicm:n. The \U[) said \He will 11:-vex’ Lluw That you hasve not ‘been. nniléd _to- divie up for some contest. .‘\1r.<. C. J l~Zhxmu.un.u1' Milnur .\vo., .\ fa-iluw \\'.m1«-d mu ht 11: that m’; _\..-I( 1 .l;u_v fur it 1: up to S.uu~ um Jimxliu Gm\'..~-‘-1;M bin: n.~=rnnui1‘r \\ u \vuuhln'1, mku tin» ‘Lu-t l‘eum1sc- we fv:m :1 that f‘hu-. would run up an nzlly and W0 c~nu1m1't pa-:c: him-—thI~n wv would lose. Yesterday was the longest day in the _\'eu1', a fellow will have to hurry up now to Q1‘! hume before dark. .\l|-tin)‘. 5|l«»lw:.1 .*\pI'inu‘.~ zunl NIW Ymk. '>“--~ will illltlhl 1'10 (3 .\. Z1. his hmu on-1' ('him_L:n. t\1--_\'H .~Lc-ul it l)L‘f)lr' l|« {£014 2: clmn--0 to hluw i(..“ v‘.‘uv..-Inn-n: ‘ill :11. .\‘u\1lm::\ S1m‘.x\:'~' Jim Keaney is going to put a. “For Sulv\ sngn uu his lot. in the Ridge Ruml. \\l1c1'c he has the potatoes platit- od just to fool the ‘potatoe bugs as they fly zxlong. I wnnt over to sea the old lake from and found they had moved it about u min-. PERSONAL. Séilili TIHEKNESS ' * UNEXPLAINEIJ We p)'im.c-d :1 story, 1':-rmxllv “A Wheel Witllin 21 Wheel\ and in looking over the Lnm-115101‘ Ente1'p1'iso it looks as tho it made some one timed. WA | _ . ’l‘he lake still comes right up to shore, they use the water in lake Miclligzm to convert into beer, some people wash in it. Not many. He says they won't stop t11e_re as they know that :1 follow wouldn't sell- a lot that's planted to potatoes. - Crystal Beach Grows 4‘ More Pogular Daily .\1r. M F‘. Banuxl rulurlunl last night from Chicagu wl'1c-re he has been at iontling tho c(-n\'on1i«m of the Modern Woodmen of Amm-ica. -—-~, W... n.—u- . Cryslu] Bonvh é'.‘l‘O\\'!< 71Im\l.- popular You can't buy 50 cents worth of potatoes any more, the grocers won't slice them. Barrett says he would rather dig potatoes this fan. than dig trenches. every day. Those who have been keep- ing tabs on the pau'ona1.:e say the nun1Ahr-r M’. persons to visit that resort has invrousml greatly in lhv last few ‘awn. ‘Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Wicks motored today to Mzms Pa.. where’ Mrs.’ Wicks will‘ uueud the 20th reunion of her class at the State Normal School this week. Mrs. Wicks will respond to the zuldrcss uf welcome at this re. union 0!1_‘Tll1l1'sd:\Y evening. Mr. Wi_cka will visit old friends in Hans and Wollsboro before returning to Lac-kawaunm. some people are so thick skulled that jt is strange how anything human oozes tlirn and enters the ‘brain. 'l‘hr»~ story printed in The Journal, last Saturday, from M. F. Barrett, just because it was not under the heading “It May Be Foolish\ some people met that \Mike\ really sent a telegram costing several dollars. to the Journal. Thev failed to see the joke and poor Mike is being \called\ for not seag- ing volumnous correspondence to dif- ferent folks here. We did not think that we would have to ummml to a story of this kind, the words THIS IS A JOKE, but it seems that we will have to in the future. Hinky Dink is still in ‘business, here and he says Lac1<zn=mn11a ‘is called the steel city but we have more stuff stolen here than you own in Luckn- There are others Jack O O O With lots of vacant land in Lacks.- vamm. some people still insist on lviug in Hambtlrgh. In fact. we'd rather live in Hamburg. W A fellow got stuck in the mud In Wiggins Grove the other night and he said \I guess that's what put the CPS ‘in circus.” 1:‘. Naturally the midway attracts many of those who go there. (‘l1iquiiz1, who‘ was one of the sensations of the \an- Amerleans midway. is now :11, the‘ bench. 'l‘hn.t dainty uulu 1¢ld_\', \the smallest woman in the world.\ is holding forth at l\’x-nzy Knstie. The big c-ozuxlc-r ride thrills thou-: sands of nutmnv of the In-uvh with: its mile long run up high hills and down into all-on vallt-ya. and the scenic rullwny. -wllion has given plea< sure to l'()llllH0~K:4 pr-rsuns. retains its old-time popularity. Week ending at Crystal Beach con- tinues to afford rest and recreation to many. The cost of going tiicre Sat- urday and remaining over Sunday is not much and tile ‘benefits are many. Crystal Beach is an excellent place at which to spend one’s vaca- tion. Many are already planning to go‘ there for their summer holidays. All the people here seem to know that we are at war with Gextmany and as they have been fighting the Illinois Central Rail Road su long they are glad to have a change. The people are awful clean here, why when you land in Chicago they even make you change cizfs. After seeing some of the buildings here. the city hall at Lackuwanna will look like a Russian Bomb Proof to Geo. Buck was it‘. town -today, he stopped at The Journal office, he \vzu1te(1_ us to put his name in the paper but we won't do it. Remember when you used to carry water for the Elephants, just to get. in!‘ Mrs. Daniel Schndwick, of Meadow Lane, went. to Hamilton. 0111., Saturday to attend the tuneral of her aunt. O O 0 Well we have to go up to the cor- ner and hear the band. We never thot their trunk could: hold so much. The Lackawannxizi Lodge. F‘. 85 A, M. and the Lnckawxmna Chapter. 0. E. S. attended the services at Bethel church in 9. body last evening. A collection was taken for the bene of the Red Cross. ' 0 0' 0 What did you think? Quinn went to the cupboard to get :3 ‘trombone, But he found that Tom Daley had WESTERN NEW YORK VOLUNTEER EIREMEN‘ When I landed here I asked the cap, at the depot where -the Woodmen were camping and I that he'd die laughing. Mgss HOSE C. Cxma IX. Presentation of Diplomas taken it home. ,And that night the noise that sailed ‘\ $4 ANNUAL GIIMMENGEMENT Mu. FAYETTE Principal of High School X. Presentation of Awards for Declnmation Contest XI. Orchestra ..........Selectiom XII. America out on the air Made most of the neighbors give up in despair. They closed all the windows and shut He said \say ho the trees have been chopped down here since you were a kid, tht aint no woodmen here they've all gone further west.\ I said I don't mean those kind. I am looking for Camp No. 10 Mod-‘ em Woodmen‘-of America. \Well begory I don't even ‘know where Camp No. 9 is. You can‘: out any thing here, every time you step up and speak to a fellow he feels for his watch to see if its still there. Convention and Parade To Be Held At Dan!- 5?. §%» i. 4: every door, But that only made Tommie blow all the more. _ “_\> f v‘f:‘v‘;. .4, ..; 5 i2:-“r.'~«'- »-1 ,.~;;“§{ .‘ NT?‘ r '§‘}\F 1\ I‘ *.-_\E».-.'.‘_l‘ '-'2'. 7 ~‘§;\.. . {.._. :‘ .. .L M}? 7~;\“‘ V w « A 3‘. ,s’}.u, ;‘ ».. ;« _~ 1 :_';q «J av; (‘ -3 J \‘ J 3., 2} .. ~..s m CLASS OF‘ 1917 Margaret Ursula Brown Leonard Herbert Busch Mary Bathllde Carey Julia. Louise Emerllng Mary Rose Joyce Mae Mercedes Keefe Edward Patrick Thompson Muriel Alice Tougher Loretta Edna‘ Walsh ville, N. Y., July 31 And August 1. Lackawanna High They wanted to stop him the worst kind of a way When some foxey guy in the crowd had to say, Let's all get a lemon and suck them before him And it that doesn't stop him I'll’ give you a Florin. So of! they all went with the \frnit” where Tom sit And Tom couidn’t play on account of the spit. ,, _Nex't. -Sunday evening the steamer dnindiana will run on a special lake ride. She will so as far as Port Col- borne, and then will wheel in in big aemi-circle and return to Buifalo, ar- riving here three\ hours otter the time or her departure. Aside from oifering the evening on the water the juorney will atlord the ‘excurslonists opportunity to hear pro-' lessional singers in ‘the latest songs, 5nd to listen to excellent orchestral music. Those who go on the trip will have the privilege or joining in the songs. The regular annual commencement exercises of the Lackawmma ‘High School was held in the auditorium last night. A fair sized audience greeted the graduates. Mr. Geo. H. Kennedy or Buffalo de- livered the graduation address and Mr. Fayette awarded the diplomas. Following is the programme and names or the graduates: Irrespective of all rumor; to tub contrary, the Eighteenth Annual Gon- ventlon and Parade .o! the wemm New York Volunteer Firemewn Allo- ciatlon will be held in Dqnavllle. N. Y’; Tuesday, July thirty-nrst and Woslnelv day, August first, as originally 11191;- ndd. Makes an gink from Lackawanna. feel kind 0 sheepish. I told one guy that I never stole a watch in my life and he said “what's the matter are you -paralized?\ Everybody seems to «be looking up ‘in the air,'I thot they'were expecting‘ air ships: but I found out that they were people from elsewhere trying to see the tops of the buildings. After a big - you hear the people asking each other \what did you got out or it?\ An Egyptian snicker of hnslneesh is even a mum helpless slave than the Chinese opium He knows that In the end he will become xx madman‘: yet he rushes toward the awful gum with um-olnxcnl speed. With Lye strange ormltutitm which mst comes to the smoker he fuels himself from cloud to cloud or nllghthxg in thr‘ gardens’ of palaces all his own. Most. of the hashcesh -which Egypt con-_' sumes r from Greece. From the‘ hunks of the hemp needy and the‘ ten? der hop: '0! thé hemp plant the Greeks‘ manufacture I greenish. powdgr whose ‘fumes ‘bx-Inc!‘ the acntuy its Indus. Egyptian Smoky-o and Madmn. ' We are advised by‘ the Da.nsvillo- Convention Committee that -the men and citizens have made extensive‘ preparation tor the comiort, conveni- ence nnd entertainment of the -ltrlfi number of delegates, ! and ‘on: tertalnment ot the large number of delegates. ! and other visitors who will be their guests and, -from ‘present prospects, the meeting thigh years bids fair to be'e most snoeuh ml and enjoyable one. \ _n ‘l_,‘”_,,.,. I. Max-ch..............0rcheatra II. Star [Spangled Banner III. Voc-11 Soio. . . . . . . . . . M --as Ross: 0. Cum IV. Orchestra ((1) A Ballad. . .. . .1!cKec ' (‘In The Secret. . . .Gaut1'cr V. Valedictory LEONARD H. Bvscn VI. Orchestra (-a) Melody in F.Rubinste€n (Ir) ‘Bob, . . . . . .Kap1tm VII. Address to Graduates _ V GDOBGI-‘H. Knxxsnx , VIII. Voctl Solo 1 Selected ARCHITECTS, Designers of Iionses,‘-schools. Church I ~. , 3\ -.*‘.r _ n -.32\? J ‘ya 2, ~.V.’*‘:‘. I lint Doctor—Ead a couple or rather IIIII patients thli morning. Second Doc,tor— Indeed! Who were they? I‘!!! Doctox~——0no 0! them WI! a bee- wmz the mvéu and the other a -pail ‘widow vim thn hay fever. Free Consultation Free Estimates ‘Most everyone answer: back \-noth-. mg, the cops got there first.\ Well as I am sending this message ..:onect I -had better stop or’ you will tune to send It back gnu they won’«& ‘be able to and me to terms money .. - .-. as I 155'» for home tomghg. ' 5 I. ‘I know now why they can 1t_Olt!j§-1; 00. you have to 00 mono 1,2‘ 161; '_\} wnnt tokoon-lip with thgipyu ’. ' '. 1 ,0‘-7'? .. 3:‘ ‘L’ \ 0. H. A. WANNE am 31.. nun-I'o.. ‘I. 1'. I0 poke!» thy ow Selected 2. I

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