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The Freeport Baldwin Leader. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1987-current, December 14, 1989, Image 2

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u to £ o*. 00 S CQ :s B ui Q FREEPORT . .i Building Superintendent W anted - West Herrick Road c t l k Eugene J. Staudt 516 - 466-3333 JONIS REALTY Community Calendar Provtdad A« A Com m u n ity Service By Er Gtaxk, fJnc. Funeral Home NEW V t £>EC0RATED Jerry Frey h r 110 Pino Street Comer South Ocean Ave. Kevin Motese Freeport, N.Y. 379-3119 THURSDAY; DECEMBER 14 Freepwt V illan Coort in aenioa. J n d ^ S oocdod I presiding 1:80 p.m ., 40 N o rth Ocean Avenue, courtw a tehera are welcnne. Explorer Post 406, FVeeport Fire Department Headquarters. 15 Broadwajr. 8 pan. KAR<AN6N.lK>eted h j Operation PRIDE, 8 PJd.. 33 Guy Lombardo Avenue. Freeport Rotarr, 7 pan.. West Wind Yadit Chib. F reeport P a rlts and R e c reation Commission. 8 p.m ., Rccreaboa Center. Freeport H i^w a i Freeport W U « i _____ Bajrriew Holiday Concert, 8 p ja. Freeport UemorislIibraiTCTcnV^* Brsndcta, 9 * ^ a.m. and 12:45 p.m 4 Helen KeUer'a VJ j . ’a, 6:30 p^n.; Cbeia d u b , 7 p.m.; O e e r e a U r t Anonymous, 7:30 p.m.; Lecture: The ChaUenge of Greatness, 7:30 pmt. ay Commission, 8 p.m. ^ U s « Hsll. I Planning Board. 7:15 pjn., VilUge Hall. FRIDAl^ DECEMBER 15 Monthly general m e etup a t the American Legion Dugout, 49 West Sunrise B i A n j , 8 3 0 p m . 1 SoDOo)dhoo) Seniorenior O a tss Holiday d idar Dance.ance. 7'12>11 p m . ’ events: Lunch *N' IWveL' ^ 7 ^ Freeport High S S O a t H D 7 Free port Mmsorial lib r a r r events: Li M ysterW s Galapagos Islands,* 12 nooa SATURDAY. DECEMBER 16 Christmas Party a t the WiDiam Clinton Story Peat No. 342, American Legion, 49 West Sunrise Highwsy, 4 pm . Bring a grab bag g ift Freeport Memorial library events: Film: *Emprc of the Sun,* 1030 a m . and 2 3 0 p m .; Recovery, 130 p m . SUNDAY. DECEMBER 17 Freeport Memorial Library events: Holiday Concert: 'Freeport Community Chorale.* 2 p->\ - MONDAY. DECEMBER 18 Freeport VilUge Court in session. Judge Solomon presiding, ei»me. 730 p-m-. 40 North Ocean Avenue eem/t watchers wei ____ Bingo at Congregation B'nai Israel, 7:45 p.m., 91 North Bsmevr Avenue. rreep o r t Village Board of Trustees. Public meeting, 8 p.m..Vlilage Hall. Legislative session. 730 pm ., no public participabon. AUdnsoo Winter Concert, 7 3 0 p m ., Freeport High Sriwol. Baldwin Public library events: Bcok Discussion: 'A Thief of Time' bylbny HBlerman, 8 3 0 p m . Freeport Memorisl library events: Tbulmsstcrs, 7 3 0 p.m.; Leo Club, 730 p.m.; 'Ibnsnta Associstion, 730 p-m. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 19 Archbishop Molloy Council. Knights ^ Columbus, 8 p.m., chtht Freeport Ysc d u b , 533 Guy Lombardo Avenue. Dodd Winter Conoett, 8 p m , Freeport H i ^ SchooL Baldwin Public library events: library Board Meeting. 8 Freeport Memorial library events: Orrresters Anenymmia, 12:30 p.m.; N.E. Civic AkSsociation. 7:30 pm .; Old House Society, 730 pm. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 20 Freeport tGwsnis, 6:45 p Dockside. Civil Air Pstrol, Nassau Cadet Squadron #6, 8 • 10 p.m.. Freeport Arzoory, Babylon Ibrepike. Drugs Anonymous, hosted by OperatioD PRIDE, 8 pm .. 33 Coy Lombardo Avenue. Bingo a t the American Legion Dugout, 7:45 p.m.. 49 West Sunrise Highway. Freeport F .Tfhary d u h . 1230 p.m., West Wwd Yadit Club. Freeport GOP. Town of Hempstead Merrick dnbheuse. dubhoQse Road, 8 n-«*- Preepon Winter Concert, 730 p m . Freeport Memorial Library eventa: Homemakers. 10 a m ; Basie C if 'hip ‘ * ----------- ^itixens Course, 10 s.m.; ARISE, 7 p.m.; Library Board oflVustees Meeting. 8 pm. Kids art to decorate South Main F r e e p o r t's S o u th M a in S treet b u s in e u district will become a wonderland o f holi­ day a r t w o r k s by V illage school children competing in the Hobday Window Decorat­ ing Contest being sponsored by the Freeport Cham b er of Commerce. P u b lic a n d P a rochial School y o u n g sters have been busy all th is week painting sto r e w indow s alo n g th e Freeport slv^ping thorough­ fa r e w ith th e i r o r ig i n a l designs of the season, provid­ in g a colorful w elcom e for holiday shoppers. T h e C h a m b e r w ill be a w a r d i n g p r izes to t a l l i n g $250 to young a r t i s t s in grades two through 6ve. with $ ^ prizes going to first place w inners and 120 to second place w inners- Also being provided b y the Chamber are h o t chocolate and cookies to chase the chill for the groups of c h ildren from each school a s they c r e a te t h e i r pam i i n ^ J u d g i n g w ill ta k e place S a t u r d a y , D e c e m b e r 16 C h a irm e n of the contest are C h a m b e r m e m b e rs Michael Byrne a n d Boy Cacdotore. Carolers will cruise Freeport’s canals B e tw e e n 10 a n d 80 cu s ­ tomers a n d s taff members of The Helm R e s taurant on Guy Lombardo Avenue will b e ser­ enading luck y P r e e p o r ters who live along th e Village's canals os well u patrons of selected w a terside eateries on W e d n e s d a y evening, December 13. The en th u s iastie carolers w ill s e t s a i l a b o a r d th e Superspray a t 8 p m . a n d ply the W oodcleft, H u d son and other canals tinging holiday m u sic u n til 11 p.m . for the 12th y e a r i s a row. Among th e songsters will be The Helm’s oarner, N a n ^ Raia, and m a n a g e rs, Gloria a n d B o b b y M a i t l a n d and J e r r y Isler. Plying in from th e N o r th Pole to a d d h i s voice to the chorus i t S a n ta C laus (H e lm custom e r Bob H o lub in h i t 12th re t u r n engagem ent). According to Mr. Isler, Santa tings so loud­ ly *he c a n \ even talk the next da) So i f you live b y the water, perk u p y o u r e a rs Wednesday a n d listen to a free concert Historical and Old House Societies share holiday Together for the first time will be tbc Freeport Old House Society sod the Freeport Histori­ cal Sodety as they gather for a joint meetiag Tuesday, December 19, at the Frtepon Memorial Library. The two groups wUI get acquainted FRANK ELECTRIC CO. \DI$tlnguUh 0 d S9nrtC9 S/nca 194T LAMP. REPAIR COMPLSTS BLCCTRICAL SERVICES SHOWROOM SUPP 2100 Grand Avsnus .Baldwin •EES^OI 0 8 wtuie enjoying holiday refresh- m enu and viewing slides of the Freeport Museum in days gone by. Special guest for the esening wiU be Joshua S o rtn. president of the Seaford Historical Socirt>. who will present a program and re-acquamted entitled. “ High Hill Beach/Jones Beacfa,“ with vinuge postcards, maps, photographs, artifacts and slides. Mr. Soren will take his audience back to a summer 70 yean ago when the area was a V ictorian seaside communit} with cottages, hotel, boarding bouses, general store, and only ferries yadiu to get there. PaitiapanU are asked to bring a *iioliday snack“ to share, as ell as their own old house pictures Tbc meeting b ^ n s at 8 p.m. For more information, call 62J-OOS9 Starting DeeSmber 5 We Will Be Open The Following Holiday Hours For Your Convenience: Mon. Thru Thnrs. 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Frl. and Sat. 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Sundays 10:00 a.m. - 3 p.m. (Authorized Dealer) 20% - 30% OFF SEIKO, 8ULOVA & CmZEN WATCHES 50% OFF All List Prices RECEIVE A FREE APPRAISAL AND GIFT WRAPPING WITH ANY PURCHASE FROM OUR MERCHANDISE *4 Cam Of A Jeweler Since 1950“ Seldom Equallad, Haver Excelled We Buy OUmondt And Old Qotd OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 195 Atlantic Ave. Freeport 3798000 FOCU recent the Rt rental Youth eepre tract U c U marmtl terG a tng Fi grou]; Stand who 1 •mpi( DIrec Mlctu OtVl glfti i

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