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Sisterhood sets Chinese Auction o\ CO Ov UJ ca S u Q Q 'Hie Sisterhood of Congre> gntion Itraei, 91 North Bayview Avenue. Fi^eport. will hold iU December meet* ing a t 8 p.m . on Tuesday, December 19, three nights before the first Chanukah U Candle lighting. ^ Jew s have celebrated Chanukah since X8S B.C. by lighting candles for e ight days as a rem inder of the m iracle of the cruse of oil ^ which burned for eight daj*s S instead of one. X Florence HelCtnd end Ellen ^ Extract, program ^ce«pr«si- dents, announceU h a t the m ain event of the evening will be a Chinese auction, M with a *joHymyiteiy auction- eer.\ ^ All attending are requested to bring a gaily wrapped package containing a new or unused item to be auctioned. A tag should be attached to give the a u ^ o n e e r a hint of the contents, and the amount of acceptable bid. A further Q NASSAUCOAimON FORA}1kriO}iAL HEAlSHPUlf BOX 4227 GREAT NECK NY IJ023 PkidAitmtaecaas indication of *male* or \female* should be used, if th is would be helpful. Refreshments will be served and all friends'of Sisterhood are welcomed to the fun. Fellowship Bowling action Fellowship Bowling League resu lts during Week *14 were os follows: Rams (4) vs. Bobcats (7): W th Lorry Tby- lor's 538 series and Xavier Abraham's 555 series show- itvg the way, the \Cate* took the m e a sure of the Rams. JefT of the Rams rolled a 208 game for a 522 series. Jagxiors (4) vs. Pan­ thers t7h Leading the Pan­ thers to victory was Joe Etzo with a 524 series. Habs (3) vs. Orioles (8): For the winning Orioles, Reg­ gie Callus h ad a 217 game, Rick Dorr a 510 series, and Craig Coester a 55? series. For the Habs, Dennis Navin had a 510 series. Wolves (11) vs. HawksCOk Led hy Al But­ terfield's 222 game ond 585 series, the Wolves ^ u t out. the Hawks. B e a rs (8) vs. Eagles (3): This win for the B e ars w as due to M ario DeAngelis* 538 series and Bob Notheie' 525 series. WEDDING AND engapemant announcements are invited end printed free o1 ^^erpe by tfils newspaper. To prevent errors, ell •nnourrcaments should be doubte-speced. typed H possible, or else needy printed, tsU n g epedal care to PRINT AU. NAMES dearty. A day time telephone number should be Included s o w e can contact you. DR. MAKTIN G. I-ULLER, PODIATRIST Medical & Surgical Pool Care llA ATLANTIC AVENUE • FREEPORT Do the words \Nationall ■Health Plan* bring to mindl r socialized medicine*? Dt lyoo think of England, andl Iwaiiiog lisb for neededl Isenricts? If so, you've been! [misinformed. Great Britmni [chose to have a system wtichl [was entirely state-ron.l [Canada, and most oibei [coantries with an KHP, [a mix of forms of poymeoL And the reason for the ■\waiting lists* in GB is [the Thatcher governmeni [limits the Health Servict [budget to itoat 6 j 2 % i |GHP > as opposed to ooi ■most 12%. the world'sl [largest. When wemtbeU.S. deddel jwe can oo louger toktaie i [present health care mess, [we'il probably choose a| [system similar to Canada's. Ibut tailored to OUR needs. Learn the facts. The Nassao[ ICoaliiion for a National] [Health Plan, composed ol ■many (hlfercnt orgaiuzations,| [educates and advocates for aj [ n i l ?. Write us at Box 4227,] IGreai Neck NY 11023 loi lleain more about th( jCoaliUoR, or just to let usj [know how you feel about [health care. Alice A Martin. < • Office Hours & House Calls * Most Insurance Plans Accepted Call 867-0560 FOR a p p o i n t m e n t F r e e Consultation Children's & Adults' Foot Care ^ ^ n l y F reeport • Baldwin ■ i The Leader! I exlPttJ <ii»rdWO,craMr»yordafefcrSa.OQtef i j w Aarr»ftvH»ng I I lXAOCA/0UiM»MMnuCeuiO*<^^''MMMnrMvMWtMmrM^ i I I I N m M I _PW0IM_ 1 51% OF NEW HOMEOWNERS NEED THE SERVICES OF A LAWYER... ... That's what they told us in a recent survey. We're Getting To Know You. the ei^iehs in welcoming new households in corrmovties across the nation. If you would like new homoc^'r>- ers in your area to yoitf name and address in their personal address book, become a Getting To Know You sponso€. We're in our third decade of helpuig proles- sioruus and merchants welcome new families efleetTvety, exclusively and with dgnrty. C y g T ^ i f s i G - T q y o u WELCOMNQ NEWCOMERS NATIONWIDE T«bM0a»a«>0Mer. cm (800) 645^376 . to ww iwk 8ua» (aod w - a w Ha Mr, & Mrs. WlUtam SchOch, J r Dawn Marie PerdikakU. daughter of Mr. and Mn. John Perdikakb of Freeport married WtOUm Schikh. Jr., of Garrison, New York oo Noii'ember 25. at Our Holy Redeemer Roman Catholk Church. The reception immediately foUoa'td at the Fox Hollow Inn. The iwwlywtds will honeymoon in Jamaica o\'cr the Christmas holidays. They will reside in Freeport The groom is the son o f Mr. and Mrv William Schlkh Sr. The bride had two maids of honor, her sisters, Usa and Maria Perdi- kakis, and fi>‘e attendants. The bride's father is currently employed at Freeport High School Dollars for s c h o lars I F reeport has taken the first steps towards estabUah- ing a ^ a p t e r of Dollars for S^olara, a v6lttOteer-<^>erat> ed community scholarship foundati«t affiliated with the Citixetis' Scholarship Foun­ dation of Am erican, Ine. (CSFA). M anaged by a board of trustees, Dollars for SdsoUra functions to raise funds for local adtolanhips and makes awards to deaerring local stu­ dents. Althoui^ It is a cmnmuidty and not a Sdtool District pro­ ject, the initial movement to establish a chapter cam e from S u p e rintendent of Schools John E . B i e r v i r ^ who is a m em ber of the national advisory board of CSFA He sees i t ss \making the value o f edueation a priority for the com m unity a s a whole* by helping academi­ cally competent students for whom money is an obstede to attending a better college or any a college a t all. The Superintendent notes: \Financing a college educa­ tion today is a nationwide problem. Even students who can afford to go ctiU graduate from college with tl^ussuids of dollars of debt- We can help address the problem here th r o n g the community showing concern a n d sup­ port.* Dr. Bierwirth hopes that, once established, a Freeport DollaTS for Schblsn chapter will be able to rsdae $40,000 the first year. That averages $20 firom e a d i o f 2,000 b o t i ^ bolds. With approximately 14,000 residences in the S^ool IXstriet, the odds are good the initial $40,000 can be raised in the first year of the program^ operation. In £ a ^ if each of the District's 14j000hoosd)olds contributed just $3, the initial goel would be m e t As c u rrently envisioned, some of the first year’s contri­ butions would go to scholar- ahipa, while some would go into a trust account As more money is raised eadi year, it could be placed in the trust w ith the in terest earnings going to students. Dr. Bier­ wirth hopes that the program (coRWueden pege 16) DURING th* Upcoming holiday waaka, aditorlal and ativartUing daaaOnaa for *fha Laadoc will ha ona aarilar than usual Copy for ths Issua of Dactmbar 28 should bo submittsci no Istar than 12 noon on Thwsday, Docombor 21. For ths Issus o f Jinusry 4, sQ copy must bo rocotvod by Thursdsy; Docombor 28, s t noon. PloMO plsn osriyHiro want to Ineluao ad o f your holiday nows.! m s LARGEST ONE^STOPUGNTm CENTER O f LL «a c. sttwmsi mrr.. nttzpofrr, u . (SIC) FR $-4650 Showroom Hourw Mon. • Thur. S-$:3Q. FrL S-i, S e t S-S OUBELECTTOCAL SUPPLY COUNTBUSOfOi TbcF itf of t p.oL on at Conj North I portEi] prestdet Ellner.i Rockvil Hadiss Artaifi Regioa Irvit on No suniw Jr., u brothr Scnic X qo IL Funcr UU portei ioPhi 7: Mr wtre Redo where Stella Daug Bynw Defei opera Sb of T) bdov Maui New Hou< (ine ; Tavc Char A celcb JaoM burg and.

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