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The Freeport Baldwin Leader. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1987-current, September 21, 1989, Image 6

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THE LEADER Freeport*Baldwln E $ n 0 US»CD 103 S AS H OOUHLMTT SEPEVC£ PUeUS»ER LMCATOSCANQ EDfTOft (MJLlAUftSEN ASSSTAWT PUBLISHER W THBREHNAN BilMnE4fer *«O A ref OraMorv Jbyo»Ued*rtgl» Ad««<«*g Umi««r: UvliTna* SMWMm: CM anUia O vv UVW mt itexIe»Fere* Pub&$h«d Ev«fy Thursday By LAM Pub6catbos, Ire, POBox^2, 23Bo.Ualn$t,Sta203.FrMpoil.H.Y.11S20 3 7 M 1 3 3 PRICE: 2S Qtru ptr CB9if. ta k y«ar. I^e tor 2 yaws. C l lar SyMr* fcy mai. Ou&WaNttUuCoui«r<tll •yMr.'t20tor2yMrt.tZ7far9y««n Saoond ClBM po«9g* ptM «t F/mpoit H.V. (USK 207420) Compottoen mpontbitor: Not Ml* bkjrwd coto «l apaca eco^tod by «iw. Ai adk pnparatf bf «ur «nil. art M k . tofOMi M< MllOflil eele prqawty e l« » itADER. and w * 1 ba Npiedueed to wbdk w to part —tttUwrttowpatHitoaelLbM^Whapjiia. POSTMASTER: 8MdaMnaac*aBMaaTHeiJEAlXR,POBOXSl2. rTa£PORXN.iiis»«»ti TTw e e m m u id y o a m p a p e r . A p ohw A s t h9/pmhei/M> • ■ •r. »nd thm*p*jrtti9th»tp»kms>nB>wOig coouminty 1P0M ^ dp* kM0 A flaoMTio wrtosrrf. BEDEaBAYH0U8EwMbuatdrcs1948fayMttrvinB«d*a8r.sndJr,Tb*B«dpnbW houM}s on* of ttio h o u m t««tut«d A tho sxhlbK **LMng on the Bsy'* at tho Frosport MsmocW Ubrscy. pheaa by Andnw Greenberg Important investments This is ihc season for a n im p o rtant k ind of investment. T o get ready to make one, no one is busy perusing the Wall Street Journal, checking on bank rates o r getting advice from the accountant. No o n e is fending ofT phone calls from firms interested in p roviding “helpful** inform ation. M o st of us go it alone. W ith “the season** starting, m ajoi purchases m u st be m ade, whether for a new p a ir o f leather shoes a n d a woolen o r l a t h e r c o at o r for d ressy a ttire for services m a rking the Jewish New Year, for b a r m itzvahs a n d b a t m itzvahs, for weddings a n d other fall celebrations. Because m any will b e spending large sums on these investm ents, they d o a lot o f c o m p arison shopping. Usually, they will find that local m e rchants p v e the best value for their m o n ey a n d a lso p rovide rouch-nceded advice a n d coun­ sel, a long with long-term service. We’re used to thinking o f jewelry purchases in terms of investments. T h a t engagem ent ring m eans a Ufeiimc com­ m itm e n t. And many o ther jewelry items a rc passed down generations. But there arc other items we buy because we expect foT them t o s e n e u s fo r y ears. O u r b e s t bet f o r a happy result is to buy them close to hom e from a trusted friend, a local merchant. Fashion statements That old refrain “baseball, hot dogs, a p p le pic a n d lemo­ nade.** is going Vo have t o a d d o n e more especially American item, the lee shirt. W hy do young p eople all o v er the w o rld scram b le for tee shins with anything in English o n them? Because to them, tee shirts and their variety of messages symbolize th a t special freedom of expression we Americans have, that many of them can only wish for. The v a n eiy in tec shirts is trem endous, from expensive to bargain, from h> League to tasteless, from satin to plain. Each has a message, o r m o re often, a d ream . A fter all. how- many H a rvard students have you actually seen w eanng a Har\-ard tec shin, espcaally one spelled “ Hci^erd.*^ How m any wearing skateboard motifs could really soar off a ram p ? And how many tiny batm en can there be*' In America, it seems, eseryone has a dream . A n d the tec shirts tell all. A CONTINGENT from the Freepo rt Auxiliary of the Association for the Help of Retarded Children will be atten d ing the AHRC's annual Luncheon and Fashion Show in early October, marking the for­ tieth anniversary of the organizationY founding in October, IW9. LAZY DAYS of sumrocr have ghen way to resump­ tion of local dub aaivtUes. FreeportY Exchange Qub. fflceting for the first time this Fall, last Wednesday heard Nassau County’s Acting Commissioner of Commerce and Industry, Sto-en G. Latham, ouiiioc the func­ tions of the Comm'usion and express optimism about Long Island's economic situation despite slightly higher unemployment and slightly lower retail sales. Also visiting with the Club were County Execuiise Tom Gulotta arid Town Oerk Daniel Ftsber. The Exchange Club will be iuning a program to expose kids to the judicul system as a learning expe­ rience under the direaion of Freeport’s own Justice Mike Solomon. THE ATLANTIS Ang­ lers will ;oin forces wuh 7-11 of Roslyn on October 21 to sponsor a bluefish tourna­ ment at Guy Lombardo .Marina to benefit the .Mus­ cular D)strophy Associa- uon This tournament, which will be the finale to the bluefish season, promises to be very exciting With SI 0,000 m prizes being offered to the lop catches of the day Boats will hast a $W ent r> fee. and they will be eligible for the 25 pares awarded to the boats with the top 25 heaviest bluefirh Ties»ilitx broken by earliest weigh ir, time. The touraament tUelf will be^n at 6 ».m. on Saturday morning, and boats can reg­ ister up until 5 a.m. at Ron- nieY at Hudson Point or Lou Charbin’s. The location where the fislung will take place is east to Moriches inlet and west to the New Jersey line. Weigh in win start at I p.m.. with up to three fish submitted per b<Mt. Awarded will be S10.000 in prizes,and the club with the best total three fish weight from combined boats will also win a trophy. For more information call MDA at 746-T403. A REPRESENTATIVE from the D e p a ^ e n t of Social Ser^-kes will be certi­ fying and recertifying eligi­ ble cJiecu for food stamps on Monday, September 25, form 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the Freeport Economic Opportunity Council. 404 North Main Street. Freeport. The Freeport Economic Opportumty Council. Inc. is a noiTot-profii amipoveny agency dedkaied to serving the aecdi of the poor and disadvantaged residents of Freeport and its surrounding areas. • • • 'Cooperation' praised lb TT m Leadari Pleas* allow me to use your paper to thank the rest- dents and busineaa owner* of Proepoet for their cooperation during the recent strike agairtst the majority of pri­ vate refuse carters on Long Island Once aware of the s itua­ tion, of -whidt we in Village government had little warn­ ing, a great many homeown­ er* helped by u k i n g their refuse ^ the curb. In addi­ tion. many o( them, as well as business operators, took the trouble to haul their refuse to our Tranifer Sta­ tion. The Public Works Department manned that facility from 8 a jn. to 5 p.m. and later expanded it until 7 p-m. A)j together, we nicely weathered what could have been a most unsightly, and potentially unhealthy situs- Uon. We certainly all appre­ ciated the rapid cleanup that w a s a^ecompHshed a t the strike's eonelusioci. A reminder to all that dur­ ing such emergencies the Vil­ lage govemm eot m o st rely on the electronic media to get infonnatioQ out immediately Sudt annourttements are car­ ried by WBAB (1240 AhO. WHU (1100 AM) and Cable vision (Channel 12). Yburs for a finer Freeport. Dorothy Storm, Mayor Liked Message Tbihe Leader: I ootmnend you on your edi • toriai in the August 17, Lead­ er, entitled ‘ M essage to s young man\. It was a breath of fresh air in a world filled with poOution. It makes me feel hopefu'. for positive change in out mor^ values when the media prinu a cdumn t u ^ as tKi» one. ‘Thank you. I look forward Co reading more of the samr in your pubtieations. My husband and 15 year old daughter concur wv.h these views. Phyllis S. Doy>

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