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The Freeport Baldwin Leader. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1987-current, August 17, 1989, Image 15

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P U B L I C N O T I C E (from p « g # 14) o & lht*f Urrv •cU- Con- S/W Av« 'Mer L BE [rtes. R.) Jfern \ in igfor ng in coc. ativ* Ifam CtKat on of ' ^ 0 Var- h at con- loger Var- irartt th at tain- rage. hah- m A. m 15) i Ch/i*tina M. Lv»>cB. Variances, lot »,ta occupiod. side yvd. s»d# yards aoQieoate. »aat vaid. mamum aOdi- i>on 1st & 2nd floor decks. traUis & ik>al H /S Park S t . 75.38’ W / 0 Bat- s>de Or. S31 BEttMORE * R'Cha'd J &B«r- ri<e M. Anmart Variancas. lot area cccupiad. aide yard* akja yards jooreoate. rear yard, malntam wood d S d tS /S G IartD f. 161 78'W /O L e e M 2 AUANTIC BEACH - Joseph W A Franctna L Osirow. Mamu»n swimming POO* >•*» t M n 4’ from rear (Koeany Hria w/1anca enclosure laroer than pool installation area. vv/S ^ m a a la r Ava.. 260\ N / 0 Ocean BNd 833. OCEANSIDE > Ounliin Donuts c/o Anthony PaUitti. Erect one doubla*fac#d illum inated ground s«n. 64 ao-ft overall soa setback 10' from front property lines (Fairviaw Ave.J. S/E>cof. Long Beach Rd & Faifview Ave. 834. NR. V A U £ Y STREAM-GREEN ACHES - EQK Green Acres. LP.. Var- tsnce. oK-sireet parting proposed retail stores. N /E cor. Hook Creek Bhd. h 2&7ih S t {Negativa Declara­ tion issued under S-E-Q-R.) 835-836. MERRICK • Of. Morton & Jean Singer, use premises lor non­ resident doctor: aide yard, side yards aggregate, constrict ramps: Waiver oH-sutai patting ^Ot. o « ic*l S /S jerusalam Ave.. 263-23’ E / 0 Park- wood D r.'fN e g a tive OacUration ■ssu^under S E Q R j 837 838 OCEANSiOE Corp. c/o lnternat«nai House Pancake*. Variance off jueet oar* mg (addition to Be*taurint\. Perrnu S'on to park m Res B ronvfedd to Rest L E /6 Long Beach Bd 127 34 S /O E AtlamicAve (NegativeDecia ration issued under S E Q R ) CASE RE-AOVERnSEO 693-696 WEST HEMPSTgAO Eugene Ciranm, Lfse prerm*es for catering service (8Wg 8L Mamu.o bidg for2stores&4apts(Btdg C 'l Variance, rear yard, maintain 2 car garage net accessory to dwig. Var­ iance. off-sueet parking & permis­ sion to park »n 1 r oni setback area. S / S Hempstead Tpke . 281 0 9 'E /0 Mun­ son Ave (Negative Declaration issued under S.E O-R ) Interested parties should appear at the above time and place, by order of the Board oi Zoning Appeals Henry W. R o m . Chairman Joseph f Pehegrini. Secretary EL e 7 S 6 U 8 / 1 7 N o n a TO B*30ERS THE BOARDS OP education Of BALOWN UNION FREE SCHOOL OCSTWCT. BAtOWW, KY EAST ROCKAWAY UNION FREE SCHOOt OtSTRJCT, EAST ROCKAWAY.HT FREEPORT UNION FREE SCHOOL OtSTTUCT. FREEPCRT. NY fCWLETT-WOOOiC RE UNION FREE SCHOOL OtSTRJCT. WOCOMERE. MY tSUJO PMPLVAPOH TREE SCHOOL DCS TRIO I. ISLAND PARK. NY UWRENCE UNION FREE SCHOOt OtSTRpT. LAVYRENCE. NY IVNOROOK UNION FREE SCHOOL OtSTRCT. LYN8R00K. NY UALVER. se UNIONFREE SCHOOL OtSTRCT. WULVERNE.KY o c e a n s o e u n io n free school OtSTRCT. OCEANSOE. KY ROCAVLLE c e n t e r UNION FREE SCHOOt DtSTRCT. R V C . NY valley stream l p p qn free SCMCXX DtSTRCT » ti. VALIFY STREAM. NY VALLEY STREAM CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL OtSTRCT. VALLEY STREAM. NY Naieau County, in accordance with Section 103 o> Article S-A ol the General UuoiapM L m . hereby vtvite tie tufirnuion i t leafed tad* tor FUEL OC FOR THE PERJOO Of SEPtEUeCRV.vgbPTO AUGUST 31. 1900 Sealed bid* be received vKi ^00 PM. prevailing 6me on Wedneiday. Augutt 2 3 .1069.«tW DUHct OOoM. Haungs Skeet Bafdekv N*«r York, at ahdi inve t«y « il be opened p u b f^ Information for Bidden. Speofcaaona, and Bid Forma may be obaned at fie Baidenn Otitrva 0(b:ea. Monday through Friday between the hovrs of 6:30 AJA and ^^0 PM. Bd security wfl be required. The Board el Educabon reaarves tfie right to reject any or a l bid* and to varve ary irdermafcbea or deleea in such M a * 9 o r betore or a!ier cperarg. OI 10 accept ihai b>d which m me juOgment of Che Boards, n tor r e best iniered or me school dise/Kti No tadOer rnay vntidnm Ns bd «l'rv^ go days aher the daw of the openmg of t>da FORTVE AECNE BCARDS OF EDUCATION BY. QadyaKruh DuraCtork FL *757 ta 8 /1 7 NOtCEO fSAlE ~ SUPREME COURT O f THE STATE OF NEW YORK. COUNTY Of NASSAU HERBERT MAHLER. PlansTI - agunat EARLE JAMES. LORNA JAMES. niCHUCNO HKL SAVINGS - BANK. BROOtaVN SAVINGS BANK and CHERYL SAUNDERS Defendants, the person or parties nwnded bemg 9 * tonaro. ocOLpants. peraore, or eorporason. * ar*r, hawng or d*mng an avareat in. or Hn tpen n * premtsea in r o oomptokv. Tn pursuance o1 the Judgment ol Foredoture and Sale made end en’wred in the above entiila4 action. be«rg dale 2nd day of June, 1S69. ^ the ixidersigned. the relaree to said Judgment named, win sell at public auction on the north atepa ot the Nassau County Courthouse. 2S2 Old CouMry Rd. hbnecia. Nassau County. New York on the l6th day of SeptemOer. 1969 at 900 o'ctock m yie iortnoon ot (hat day. the premises directed to be sold and th«r«.n Otscnbed as tolcwt;-' CLASSIFIED SERVICE DIRECTORY A.1 that cwittfi (ML P«c». psrcwi or I#ne. with the buiid.ngs sno <T'oro»wmena ffiereon weoed. vkaw. ty-ng^nd oe>ng in the tncorporawo V-'iage o> Freeport. Counry of Nassau and State of New York, known and oeugnaied as Lou 5*4 and SaS on a certan map ensbed Map ot Ueis«r»e Park, property 0> Long lsu.nc Rea-’ty Co., kicawd at Fmeport. L l . surveyed and Subdivided February. 1902 by Robert Kyra. CE and suiveyor. jamarca, N Y* and tied n Vw Office o' me County of Nassau on March 2d. 1902 as Old Map No 231. New Map NO. 17S6 and bemg more parboAarfy bo<.rded end desotoed a* toitows QCGffNMQ at a point on tie eastorv Side of Shennerd Avenue, daunt 350 test soufierly bom to* comer tormeo py toe tossneeson o< tie eastoriy stoe oi Shcjrnard Avenue wito toe seuiheny side of P»aen* Avenue; a m n g tosnc* sasterfy at right angles to Shemaro Avenue, too leet; running thence southerly parallel with Shonnard Avenue SQ teeu tunning thence westerly again at right angles to Shonnard Avenue. lOO feet to the easuhy tto* oi Shermard Av«rvj*. SO feet to th* point or place ol BEGtMNG. Premises known as 29 Shonnard Avenue. Freeport NY JOSEPH CANZOrCRl. Reieree (Sid) 3S4 902« FL»758 1x8/17 X \A w > > c « c k m > o m X Accounting Svc. Driveways Eioclrical Contractor Insurance Paint & Gutters I. it h A % 8 ] R5HER&STU0ER (S16)37»457S Account^ - Tax Retims Piipared Tax Problems Solws Joseph H. Baber. PJC EA. UkM e l T. Studer. C.PA. 111W .$unrieeH«Y F r M p o r L N . Y .1 1 ^ Concrete S&UCOHCtlETE Patio*. Orivewaya, LTprooted SidewatKs OLT Speoafty. FrMEsbmtfas No Job Too Sntod o r Too Large Spedei Aawtfon to Homeowners S a t* (STB) 8 2 8 4 3 7 8 insured Lie • K230204000 Driveways J & P BLACKTOP DRIVEWAYS Rapedrs-Seeflng RaOaUe Worfcmansnlp Free EatSmatea 781*8128 TO PLACE YOUR AD IN THIS DIRECTORY CALL 378-3133 This space Could be Filled With YOUR Ad Call Today! 378-3133 R & R BLACKTOP. C ;rrr\!< f.: R- '. ft >NewCors»uceon.ParicineHeidi.| Drtveweys cennucMd • RMurladng »Beigjum Boek CmttoQ •SsMcotfne FREE Oi Spots Removed SmM H « Pad) Reoers todided wito SeetJob We us* criy a Top Grad* SMier 679-0172 Lie. eVf?30l930«> Insured Injured* All V/oik Guarjntccd FREE Estimates Wc have long bet-n known for neatness end dependability EfecUicat BROADWAY ELECTRIC Be wise To Your ^eelrtcdl NewJs 546-1717 Electrical Contractor J .H k S . B l e c t r i c e l S e n ftc e e In c . lic c u e d electrical eoatxactaxe. Recessed BDktlsif. G crrice epfrades. DonDere and cxtersaloBe. 785-0648 Fences U L T W A T E F a iC E C a • ChainUnk •aeprirs *Stodurie -Custom Wood Free ^lim e lef No iob too im ril or too large 0*nnla 518426-6213 Ucense 481302969999 Insured CARBONE-GIACKEN AGENCY • FOR* ALL INSURANCE Aufftodtotive Advice U 7 W. Sunrise Hwy Ece^poil. N.Y. 378-8000/379-1625 Masonry Glazing FREEPORT GLAZING WORKS Esiabttshed 1910 SpecUSsts In Store Fronts Uirrora, Tebletope HomeGUzIng Plezl 8 Auto QUss 126 East Uertkit Road FrenNNt. N-Y. 11520 Telephone (516) 378-1312 Weekdays 7 am • 6 pm Sat. 7 am - 4 pm C A R M 0 4 £ A K n j O N r S COHTRACtINQ • Bnetoeork • Concrete • Stooewak • Gtess Blocks instodation • B e k ^ Blocks • AspteAOmeweys* BbeStorw -Skieirafc Repairs Fraa Esbmales 5l6-7»1-eiS4 Paint 6 Decorate Pc8nttng 4 Wedpopering by THEP205 Cormercjcl 9e*denfKX •Custom totortof PointTig •Pitriro a Wol PteoorcT'On •Woctooper tosfederhona Porrovah •Wc6 Ikvecs irstefoo C A U Mon. - FfL 9am - $ pm 516-679-0123 Handyman T.RForker, Inc. deeuLesl CoetxscLoe fstss CSTTMATte An raxsc* o f Electxle Work MA3-6965 - h a n d y m a n s e r y ic s s - General house repairs Plumb- ng carpertfry. pamsrvg Prompt & roltabl* Free ftstimstes fteteretxe* fumtshed CsttEd Or Leave Has sag* (516)546-6896 DAVE’S PAINTINC Inssnors/Extorior* > SearNess Guoerina (Instafiabons and Ctoancig) Free Eitimatos Can Afi»r6om 546-7023 Aak for DAVE Plumbing JOHN MARSHALL Ucenaad Plumber CormNeta Plumbing 6 Repair Sarvloa Fraeport A VIdnIty 378-6350 Pumps PUMPS Soies 8t Service tndustrkR 8 Domestic Beris&Pufleys Frank D. Curiey' 76 N. Main St. Freeport 9-2565 READ THE LEADER AND BE WELL INFORMED CALL Surveyors Baidvrin & Cornelius Co. Coosulllng Cfvfl Englnoers SURVEYORS 210 Express Si. ptainview 349-0440

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