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C h r , . . ■ i - . '..W . V - * ' * ‘ i — * * • ■■’ ■ W ^ S' They beat the coach The Freeport KckiTtatioD Youth botriing P rotrtm held itY *1 BfM M y Co»ch Touroacaent'* rtcenUy. Coaches Ste>x Surk aod Dianne MulhoUaod found the competition to be t o u ^ The follow ing bowlers beat the coadtet and wiU be itcti>-ing ■patches.\ . Jumot Divirion: Garry Mas- . earo» Chris KeUy. Jason Bellini, ' Aaren Looks, Michael G a lpho, N k k y Pisionc, Chris URocco, Nina Pistone, Laurie Mulhol: land, Kevin AUen. Ptter Caggia, ■^ C h ru' Stanich, Artie Bellmk Steve PanagioUdU, Jaime Trav- . ers, Cathi T ^ k w a le r . Bantam Girls: Karin Butter­ field. Karen MulhoUand. Susan G a lc ^ Danielle Stem. JuBanne . Bellafatto. Lori D i Gasso. Shan- non Carey. Nancy Undner. Keri Uos, Adrienne Horonntz, Jaime Ryder, Kimberly Hclfst,-Kristy Kidan, Danielle Ballard. Amy Alcorn, Christine M a llicoat, Shirley Wright, Corinne Camp- beU. Sarah ^ n k r o f f . '^ n la m Boyv Kevin Savmd- .ets, Lucas Grimpel, Michael Reid. Bryan Sttatlon. JusUn M c Q m y . \nih Zehner. Darryl D'Ateno. Peter Spelin^ Jc^ Terry, I^ n u a n C o n tnte;A lan DeBekker. M ik e Tuchholski. Ben T e rzul^ T o D jT e m i^ Glen Sm ith,- Skip Travers. Keith : Cooper. Ryiin Koutsoj^nnis, Cfartitopher M o n roe, John ' Fttsco, Kevin Reid, Scott BcUrni, M a m Hroncich, S ^ n Evans, Uoyd James; A d w Welsh. Mike Schumaa PROUD OF THEIR PATCHES nra membem of tho 1988 Freeport Rocreatlon Department All - Star Junior OMaion Soccerteefn. From left are: kneeHng. Suxanne Berry* ABeon Fiore end . Neewy Roea: standing, Nicole DelQvdtBce, Alex Puedno. 0 ^ Skeffrey, Mordque Laneux, Lauren Reizlaff, Lite Rodriguez and Karen Staingruebner.' ' Freeport Fellowship Bowling results 'Spprtsnite captains ResulU.of week ff24 o f League bowling which was position pUy, were: Cougars (0) vs. Bobcats ( I l):Thisw in fo r tte Bobcats was punctuated ^ a 200 game by Ron Shippey. .O r io k a - f ^ ' vs. E a ^ (8): L ^ i n g the Eagles to victory were Kevin MoleseY 205. game, S38 scries and D a n Mate- rah series. For the O rioks.' Rick Darr bad a 506 series. Giants ( I I ) Hawks (0): Fo r the winning Giants, Jerry Tekb had a 202 gamel For the Hawks, Jim TumerY 524 scries was not eno u ^ to stem the tide. Jaguars (3) vs. JUms (8): Showing the way for the Rains were Jeff TtcmanY 540 series aod Frank Cassonetio^ S34 series. Panthers ( I I ) vs. Habs (0): L ^ by Pat GilmourY 226 game, 559 series, plus Pete AngUm^ 5I6ser- ies. the Panthers were big winners. For the Habs. Tom W aneoY 530 series and pennis NavtnY 200 game came up short. Bears (3) vs. Wolves (S):.!!!!! bat­ tle for first place saw the Wohes come out on top by virttie o f A1 BtittcrriddY 521 series and Jerry .N6tare*s 515. series. Fo r the Bears, Ed Gineel tried hard with a 531 serks. B a ld w in H ig h School la seeking infonnatioa cm cem - ing the w'tereabottta o f aome past captains froxnjhe 6SH S •‘SpMtanita* program. * ' • ^ y m i e knowing o f the fol­ lowing captains* addresses is asked to contact In a Fletcher a t the H i ^ School: H d e h Q n l C o rb e tt, L o r i B liss B a k e r, E la in e Pxlson S h iber, P a t Bleier.Caiisoo, Helen Breatin Sm ith, June Uvingston Coit- k ltit, M a z io ii DeVoe S m ith , Alice McCinniQf Party, Bar­ bara Sim Miton l<asher, J o a n ' B a ld w in P ie t r ie k , E l e a n o r ' Weiss N o b iletti, Jean Lelser, H e len Fox H a d e o , P a tric ia B u r g e t t Lon g m a n , C a rol W a n a m a k e r L e n k e r , B e tty B u m T h e r i a u l t , M a r jo r ie Fortin Carl, Adelrida Meyers Sanders, l i n d a Bowen Sddri, M ic k e y W a ld m a n , K a th y McAvoy, P a t Itle y Carlson, A n i t a Forgeron Z a e c a id i, L o r a a Skogvbid, C h rissie C h r is tia n s e n , F a t Pierce, Susan Cerium, M a rilyn Enek M a r k e n t , D e b b ie Colem a n P a r k e r , G u d i W o e h lbrandt, Melanie Cantor, Kim Zimmer­ m a n , K a ren C a r l H i l le r and Jean Stodart. V- * The Freeport Leader |s pleased to announce our second annual 'K/DS' issue on March 2,1989 This special Issue will be devoted to ail Local gymnast scoresi Baldwin High School graduate Trida Curry, a tenior French and International Relations major o n . the Um aus College gymaasrics team, repstered a career-high 7.95 on the floor ezerdse and- helped Ursifltts to score a'team- record 151.05 p<M 0 ts in a tii-meet split with the U m v tfsty of Fcn- t^ v s n i a aod Princeton recently. Miss Curry, a semor co- captain, tied her career best with an 8.3S in the vault agalostTrco- ton State on January 20. The Freeport native served as team captain in her senior year at Baldwin High School where she was also a . member of the NsiionaLHoabr Sodety. Wondering What Your Home Is Worth? FREE APPRAISAL aspecfTcf keeping up with our 'K IDS’. Yoiir q d can appear In this very unique sectfbri, mailed to our paid subscribers arid purchased d L n e w ^ d n tif b y cdlling Onlui);, b r a s s RING REALTY ■Run by Raapertara-' ForFreaperMr^ 20 West Herrick R(t • Freeport (516)S4S-7500 ‘VacatleoFab.20- Happy Wkuar 378-3133 Children's Book Store Books - Gffis - AudtoAndao Caaaaoas Rsggfcwis/Awti ka - Pwsntlag - SpacU Salacfloo Look For Maw Hsrefc CslMtfar 20a MawbrWga Road. Batooro (5 1 6 ) 7 8 3 ^ 5 3 9

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