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,i - • * V v7‘ •v-r-d > ’ \i :'M ^ -n’ ':V' *. • . . ' ' f t ” r 11 ' '.. A - f t ■' • 'ft f t ;-,a , ■-’-,- r l ■ ''rft ■• .- ..'/ - '.ft- ' ' - f t Ollkitl Newspaper - Village of -- Ffeepoft • Freeport School Oisfrici • Baidwin- School District FREEPORT BALDWIN t E A m € » f n f r u ^ ^ u ^ 55lhYEAR.N0.8 FREEPORT. NEW YORK THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 23.1989 PRICE 25 CENTS^ERCOPY 'Killer Fish' broadcasts rouse local ire by S\it Motzan Concern w u evident in Free­ port last week tiuit a television report questiomna the safety of eatins n foodtitM -K O k r Ftsh** cottld result in killiog some of the VUlageV waterfront business. local waterfront businesses, nshetraen, Ttsh tnatkets and res- uurants asking them to call the station immediately after the air­ ings to lodge complaints. day. anu tciotsiou spots. *Tbe name 'Kilkr Fish* alone is just b>'stecical,'’ Mr. Wertz said. *They Ve either being paid by the beef indqstry. or specificaHy mentioned in the ser­ ies Ftore Brothers Fish Market arid its owner, Vinnk Flore, were Speaking at a F rec^hR e p u b - filmed by reporter Ralph Penia lican Qub meeting last Wedoes- and h b crew and shown as back- day in the Merrick Park Qub- ground foouge during the first house. Mayor Dorothy Storm segment Although tl* Villas was not completely irresponsible.\ termed Channel, Four's continu­ ing segments on Hs nightly news broidduts \a horrendous tirade slandering the seafood industry and vrted the o s '^ o w crowd to \call a ^ flood the ssritchboard at \I don't tike it*\ Mr. Fiore told the Leader. going to bun us.\ People get skk on meal, chickeo or vegeUbles loo.\ he continued, referring to televised interviews with people who said reporting. Mayor Storm said she felt the Station w u taking advantage of Chaoi^ Four to protest unfair they had become sick eating fish. Charles Wertz, chairman of the West End FisiKrmen's Asso­ ciation called some of the show's contenUoos \outright lies\ and he .Mayor Storm, who main­ tained tbit the broadcasters \gave DO opponte side\ and that they fiuled to mention that Mk- ness from eating fbh is a *Ysre occurrence.\ told the Leader she bad cssucted ofliciab from the Town of Hempstead and Nassau and Suffolk Counties to ibect to explore ways of countering mis­ conceptions whidi might be caused by the Channel Four report. Following the medical waste scare last sumieer, which by all accounts damaged the economy of Freeport a i^ that of Long Island as a whole. Mayor Storm pontnbTiHliHjM. as tm y brbwaad and atvoippad M tabUiaUddri with Hispanic crafts, danead and tappad thair toas to tha Latin baat of Los Macondos and othar'mUsicpl groups, and anjoyad tha aromas and tastas of chorizos, aimpaiaidas and othar Hia- parde daBcacias- Tha occarion waa tha A m C outm A a t Traa- port's Hispanic Festival w h ldi brought aB-thasa Latin sights, sourtds and smalls to tha.Racraation Cairtar.pnoto* br Piut Uurswv. *^sensational promotions indi- catingtbaievejypieeeofflshyou included full page newspaper ads e^t is unsafe.\ Earlier id the week reading. \ T b m ^ no telling whai the Mayor bad sent 100 fliers to youll catch from the catch of the also o l ^ c d to ihe-advenisiog... promotions focthc report, which ««>n^uofi<InirpfpvelhalFfec- port^ fish was safe to eat The Leader was unable to reach Mr. Penza . to determine public response to the special report. BparcLeompletes first budget review by Joan Delaney NWCA hosts candidates The Northwest Civ)c Associa- tion has invited the 12 eaiaiidates for mayor, trustee and judge In FreeportV Mards 21 c l ^ o u to Us monthly meeting \niotsday February 23 from 8 to 10 p.m. in the Freeport Memorial Ulmry. The \Candidates Kighi,\ an eko- tioo year tradition wUh the Asso- datioa, is open to all vniage residents. ___ The beguming ctf the two-bour program wiU be devoted to five minute opening remarks from each of t ^ mayoral candidates and three minutes allotted to the trustee and judicial candidates. The meeting win then be opened to audieoce questions, which NWCA spokoman Keo Bag^ (elk said would be consolidated to ty<7id.t3tp?ti^9D and allow for a wideeoverage of issues. The candidates win p v e their preUaunaty remarks b the order determioed by tbeif arrival at tbe meeting. Bic^phlca] infonna- timi on eadi olthe candidates will bet^Uibuted. The nomioees are: Future Party, Vincent Caopioo. ra^or; K e n n ^ ' Reese and Iris Ber­ mudez, trustees; Doughs Hof­ fmann. judge; Horae Rule- Democrat coalition. Anna Jean Caccialore. mayor; Mary Webs­ ter and Marvin Iskols, trustees; and Cbarlo Mehrmann. judge, and vnhge Party incumbents Mayor Dorothy Storm. Trustees ‘*RaipIi Smith and Victor Coben. and* VHtige Justice Micbgel Solcman. Tbe Baldwin Board of Educa­ tion, A d m inistration and members of the community, completed the first review of the 19SS^ school budget at a special meeting held on February 15. Considerefl were budget codes dealing with instruction, supervi- . siott. special education, continu­ ing educatipn, summer school, r ^ i n g and library / media, com­ p u tet assisted in s tr u c tio n , attendance, guidance; health ser­ vices. p sychology sm-kes. co- .curricular and interscholastic activities. Other budget codes had, been dhenssed at a special tDcetiog held the previous week. With' discussioa led by Assist­ ant Superintendent for Buriness Lee Chapman, admizusuatpn and Board members commented on coda that seemed signifi­ cantly dlfforenent In ruimattd costs from previous )tars. In some cases, the differenca were attributed umpiy to ebanga in tbe actual coda-with some hems moved from one code to another to be in better sync with Stale codes. In several eases, iocreasa were signxTicanL The budget for special educa­ tion tuitions b projected to increase sigsificanUy. Mr Chap­ man noted that tbb year, tbe dis- ! trkt b already S70.00D over the projected estimate. By hw. stu­ dents with, handicapping.pnndi- tions must be provide with edu­ cation. When that education cannot be prorided in Baldwin, because there are not suHIdent students in a category, or when tbe servica needed are so special­ ized, then students must be edu­ cated out of dbtrict. In some casa thb involva raidential schools out of state. It b pro­ jected that tuitions will mcrcase 10 percent and that tbe number of sttdenb in thb category will also increase. Also projected for an increase are costs for postage. Mr. Chap­ man said tbe dbtrict b projecting a possible 3 to 5 cent increase in first class postage Since the dis­ trict miut project its costs and cannot come back to taxpayers at a later date, such possIbUitia must be provided for in develop- tng estimates. Although tbe State reimbursa school dbtricts at a rate of $25 p a student for textbooks^ Baldwin b projecting$30 per stodenL It was noted that textbooks far exceed that $25 per student ryborse- oeat. particularty s d e ^ texts which a n range b^ood $40. Tbe dbtrict u p d aia books only when needed / but costs still usually exceed rrimbuncaem. Additions to program include the pre-K program for ceruin screened kindergarteners at tbe summer elementary school This was previously approved by the Board and b budded for inclu­ sion. Other prognms ioclisde a summer foreign language immer­ sion program through BOCES which b State aided at a rate of 48 percent Possiblyslatedforinclu- sion b a summer Englbh immer­ sion, program since the dbtrict b experieocioga g rater number of children from forrign countries xntering without English lan­ guage competence. Board president Lorraine Deller commented on the sutus of finaiKa relatbe to the b ^ g e i and stale aid. She noted that **wc will have to be a r tf u l with our - school budget\ and noted a \g r a l d a l of concern with the Governor's proposal.\ She said that \many upstate legislators are unaware of the reponat costs of Long Island.\ She said that state aid \ do where b meeting the . mandates\ and stressed that communitia like Baldwin are - \severiy and dbproportionately hit.\ She said that the whole problem of taxes b very discou­ raging\ tcknowledgjng projected increasa in County taxes. She said that the Board, however, still had to propose an ^ u a tio n a l system “worth our people’s money.\ I d other business, the Board heard comments from Mrs Nancy McElroy. Director of Library and Media Services, about cooperative efforu wuh tbe Baldskin Library dunng the lime when the facility wili be closed for renovations (See J um Wtife column.pajf 7.

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