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£OALNQXJC^_ 4 .EGAL NOTICES LEOAL NOTiCES (Continued from Page 8) . ■ < Village of Freeport F R E E P O R T U N IT E D , ST, DBMETRIOS CREEK' .48 North Ocean Avenue METHODIST a n m a i , 48 Pine 'ORTHODOX CHURCH, . J06 Freeport, New York 11520 SI. (Sun.) 10:30 am Family Broadway. ISun.) lu am Malm ~ Worship ^ rvice, Church School Services; II am Divine Liturgy; and Child Care, Sermon Topic; U aip Sunday School gr. N;«). “Thp PnmnltmpTit of T n i s t t ” 6 ' e r t i t ' m k iacb & it tfu tv A n tA ih r The project site is located east of Altmny Avenue adjacent to “The Compliment of Trust;” 6 pm Youth Fellowship meet for UNICEF; 7:30 pm Spanish Service, Chapel. • FIRST CHURCH OF aiRIST SCIENTIST, Elm PI. & Merrick Rd. (Sun.) U am Service: Probation After Death,” Sunday School (up to 20 years old), nursery available. (Wed.) 8:15 pm Testimonial Meeting. (Mon.; Tucs., Thurs. & Sat.) .Reading Room, I2-I pm. , ■ CHRIST LUTHERAN aiURCH. No. Grove St. and Randall! Ave. (Sun.) REFORMATION' SUNDAY , 8 am Holy. Com­ munion; 9 am The Liturgy; Church-School (N-gr. 4); 11 am The liturgy. (Wed.) 7 pm Church School (gr. M ). BETHEL A.hl.E. CHURai. 420 No. Main SL (Sun.) 11 am Worship Service. UNION REFORM TEMPLE, 275 No. Brookside Ave, (Fri,) 8:30 pm Fall Family Festival Service. (Sat.) 11 am Services, Bar MUzvah of Mitchell Brorfestone. CONGREGATION B'NAl ISRAEL;'91 No. Bayview Ave. SOUTH NASSAU UNITARIAN CHURCH. 228 So. Ocean Ave. (Sun.) 10:30 am Worship Service and (Church School. CHURCH OF THE TRAN- SFIGURATION, So. Long Beach Ave. & F inest. (Fri.) 7 am Holy E^jdmrlst. (SaU 9 am Holy hioiarisl. Stadium Park Canal, Freeport^ Town of Hempstead, Nasuu County, New York. The applfcant York, on November 21, 1975 at 9:00 A.M. on that day, the prem ises directed by said Judgment to be sold and therein described as follows: ALL that certain plot, piece or parcel of land, with the buildings thereon erected, situate, lying ?riy side of Pershing Place, iccly GrafflngStreet; being a p r o p o ^ to pave an area of ap­ proximately 1 acre which Is and being at FVeeport, in the Town of Hempstead, (^u N a0..4.U, ^ u , State of New York, easteriy formccl reguUr'parcel of land 50 fw U n width, front and rear by 125 feet in depth on . both sides with the buildings and improvements thereon erected and commonly known os and by Premises No. 105 E a s t Seam an Avenue, Freeport, New York. Said premises will be sold subject to survey facts, covenants and restrictions as stated in the E u ^ r u t (Sun.) 8 am Holy Ciounty of 8W0 VA ixOW YOriS. known and designated as lots 110, iS ^ ™ U u d “ ^ “ r i e d “ l „ S ^ cinerator ouenrh water The Clerk of the County of Nassau on 23, 1975. MICHAEL M. v X e e w S to 9/9/21 as Map No. 508, Case No. PREM ISLER. ESQ. Referee 80IW w « “ ^ r 8 L f e r 8 U ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 3182. which lots .when token CIURLES H. AHEARN, ESQ.. K (Continui _ complishinE representat professionah $600,000 per . m em b er pa will cost. Newsday ' ■ Does that me • this Cwmty Has N ew s^ *7 seat of-our just another Eucharwt; 10am Holy Eucharist includimt a KXl-feet bv 100 feet together are more particularly .Attorney for Plaintiff, 410 Udant care and Sunday building for equipment storage, described and bound as follows: Madison Avenue, New York, New School classes for all ages. (Mon.) 7 am Holy Eucharist. (Tues.) 10 am Holy Eucharist. (Wed.) 7 .am & 11 am Holy Eucharist. (Thufs.). 10 a m Holy Eucharist.' . > FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, So. Long Beach Ave. & E*ine S t (Sun.) 9:30 am Sunday School; 10;45 am Worship Service. 0[) h it u a r il's The petitioner claims that this project is necessary to update waste handling facilities and that a financial hardship will result if the. p erm it'is denied, plans for which have been filed with the Ti(tel Wetlands Perm it Agent, Department of Environmental Conservation, and a re now in his (rffice in Stony Brook, N.Y., where the BEGINNING at a point on the York, 10017. northerly side of Elm Street, . 5T 10/23,30, 11/6, IS. 20 #449 distant 240 feet easteriy from ' ____ — ^-------- the corner formed by -the In- PINE ^PROPERTIES, c / o tOTCction of the said northerly Klempner. .116 West side of Elm S t r ^ t and the Mernck Road. Freeport, N .Y .- easterly side of Ray Avenue rSubslance -of Ltd. Partnership (Raymond Avenue)* filed Nassau Co. Clk’s -RUNNING THENCE North 37 Office June 26.1975. Business: to degrees 45 m inute west, a purchase all rights to a motion distance of 100 feel; ' picture entitled “ Instant Coffee” THENCE North 52 degrees 15 the United Stales and Canada, Howard B. Smith Sr., of Freeport,, died October 14. He was. the husband of the late M a rgaret I.; the father of same are open for i ’“ ( b ) ' ^ ^ ^ t h e “i!«iUonerthe- minutes casL k 'd i^taL 'r a '^ ip f SCUD. 82 aegrees'^S ' I B to ( » theV licy of the State to m inuteseastadistanceof lOOfeel Fnoeport. N.Y. To'* o S ' ^ t h e i J : w L o n 7 r e s \ r e n c e .' .Carolee Hanbury, Howard B. J r , despoliation and destruction and • RUNNING THENCE South 52 ISRAEL'O IN o Bawiew \v e and Leslie; and the borther oL to give du^consideration to the d ^ r e e s 15 minutes .west, along „ v ^ - { I ^ a h 4 ? T S y ^ ^ M i Mitzvah of Tracey MiUer. (Sat.) .erv ices were conducted by the proviaions of TiUe 2, Article or i j a « of B E t^N IN G . W « t Memck RM d .r^^ Pastor- Albert Holmes at the 25 of the Environmental Con- ; ^ E D PI^M ISES being known N.Y.. $2,000.(KL M ., The Part-, Hungerford &' Clark, Inc;; servation Law. • as and by street address 17 E lm neiship,term shall rommence on : Funeral Home;, ; \ The peUtionw further requesU Street. Freeport, New York. toe j i y upon which pur^^^ ••• - that, pursuant to Section Said premises a re sold subject the Partnership Law of the State William g : ' B arnes, a 401 (a) ( l ) o f P L 9 2 - ^ (The Act);: to any state of facts an accurate York, the .Certificate of . - F r e ^ r t e r , died Octobw-lO. He ..theprojeclbeccrtifiedthatitwUl---Survey__may_ show,, .roning . fil^ in was the brother of Kenneth arid comply with applicable effluent restrictionsandany amendments -of the d e r k of the N o rm an’ Barnes; - Religious limitatiohs or other limitations o r thereto; covenants, restrictions, County of Nassau, and thereafter . 1.-8J-s XL-r. ------ 1 —t— —.:_4. -------- ---------- xi— fit)m year to year, and shall 8:45 am Services, Bar hfitzvah d BRtchell Ardbaum. (Siin.) 8:30 am Sm ices, followed by .Break- fast'.and Discussion; 8 pm Mr. and Mrs. Club Social. (Tues.) Women's Institute; 8:30 pni , Slst&rhfiod.Open MeeUng. . SALVA-hoN ARMY, 86 (Slurch Rt (Run MQ ftm RimrfAv RrhMi* services Were held a t the funeral standaids under Sections 301,302, agreem en ts, reservation s and from year to year, and shall ■ ■ “ ’nrshin* A nm home ofChcstcrA. Fulton 8s Son ^ dr 307 of the Act. ■ - . easements of record, municipal terminate on Dec. 31. l ^ . u n l e ^ Inc. .' \ All persons, corporations or departm ental violations, and i. terminated. No^additional 11 am Morning Won Evening Worship. COMMUNITY- CHURCH OF Gei. '■^r^MfesBYTER.ANVffl^TL^^lTS w Freeport. Interment ..pt^isi^^groun^.erf^pjort:^ or: : Smith St. tSim.) 10 am W w ^ip Cem etery, oppositiohtothe^tition.withthe ' Servwe OiUd Care a j ^ O ^ y i ^ g e . u n ^ r the T id S WetlandV P e rm it Ad- S c ^ I C l ^ s ^ , 11 a m C n b C are JrccU o n rfC h ester A, Fulton & . niinistralor atBuilding 40. State ’ - ( a 2 ) ^ 3 ^ Partnership; in excess of said - & Coffee Hour, Son, Inc. Funeral Home. . Ui^iyersity of New York', Stony 10/23, 30,11/6, is #448 ' : cash reserve shall be paid to the Brook, N ew York, 11794 on or ^ ^ Ltd.. P artners until their, totals October 13,1975 - ELI w a g e r < . V‘ - Refoiw AARON, BRUMAN&GATES Attorneys for Plaintiff contributions may be r^iiired to be made by the Ltd. Partners of the Partnership. The contribution of each. Ltd. Partner shall be . returned to.him at: ^ch..tim es (after'distributimL.oLilje motion ' picture has cdmmencedKasi4he Partnership has. paid or made reasonable provision for all 400 Jericho Turnpike debts, liabilities, taxes and Jericho,NewYork 11753 (516)433-5500 contingent' liabilities; all cash - received frorn time to time by the Bower* For All OcCation* ALEX ADAM & DAUGHTERS Raul E. Hwidrickion F LORIST- S 3 V f« t Marrkfc Road F f t p o r t , W, Y - - Brook, N ew York, 11794 on or before the 6th day of November, 1975. Filing for this purpose shall require actual. receipt in the office of the Tidal Wetlands ____________________________ Ltd .. P artners until their- to ta l; NOTICEOFSALE , contributions shall have b « n Supreme Court, Nassau thereby fully repaid, and County. The Greater. New York thereafter, in accoidahce with Savings Bank, Plaintiff, a g a i n s t , t h e i r .Partnership percerUages. 7 'a f ter“tJiij(iiic;»l uf I -(2%)- pe^^ CHESTER A. FULTON & SON. INC. f Funeraf-Dlrecfor- 49 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport, N.Y. FR 8-3401 .Pernilt AdmliilstraUr. If uu tienjamin CummingS, et al, . notices of appearance are filed, Defendants. Caje No. 18223/74. cent to the General Partner as the hearing may be cancell^. - In. pursuance of-a judgment: erf---compensation. No Ltd, Partner. Dated: Oct. 2,1975 foreclosure and sale dated shall have the right to substitute New Y (rt, N.Y. • August 29, 1975, I, the un- T an assignee in his place, without Daniel • dersigned, the Refeiw, in said the w ritten consent of the Local Tidal Wetlands ju^m e n t named, will sen at General Partner. No additional Perm it Administrator public auction afcthe North Steps Lid. Parthere may be admitted N e w Y o r k S t^ of the Nassau County G m irthouse-into the Partnership. No Ltd. _Depaj±mfint_oi_:_ ------- -- ---------- ;— om r.fntnh-y Road, Miricola,' New _ Partnef'Shall haveany priority Enrironmental Conservation. Stony Brook, New York .11794 EA-124C (12/74) IT 10/23.1445 SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK V COUNTY OF NASSAU F ^ ' ^ A L NATIONAL^MOR- ^TGAGE ASSOCIATION • Plaintiff ST. m e m o r l u T c h u r c h o f GOD IN CHRIST, a reU^oua organiiation '■ etal. Defendants . ■ IndcxNo. » . 1914/75 NOTICE OF SALE Pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered herein on May 29, 1 ^ , I, the undersign^ the Referee in said 'Judgm ent named, will sell York,, on the - 21sl .day of ' November, 1975, at9:15 o’clock in the forenoon of that day, the prem ises described . ln_ and- dlrected by said judgment to be 'sold, being in the Village of. Freeport, T < ^ of Hempstead, CkMinty of Nassau ahd*^State of -New York, known and designated on a certain m ap entitled, “ Map of RusseQ Park, , comprising 268 lots , the property of Charles A. Sigmond Realty Company, . located at Freeport, Nassau _ Ckiunty, Long Island, New Y c i k ' surveyed by Alvin G- Smith, E n g inw r and- Surveyor- of Freeport, Long Island, January 1903” and filed In the Office <rf the - Clerk of the County of Nassau on the 22nd day of September, 1903, as hlap No. 237, Case. No. -1826, and by the lots numbers 38 and 39; said lots, when taken together being more particularly bnmded and described as follows:. BEGINNING at a point on the over any oth'^ Ltd. p a rtneras to contribution or as to c o m ­ pensation by way of income. In the.pvfiDtof the death, retirement or’ disability of the .General Partner^ such General Partner 6hall cease to function or have any authority a s General P artner and the-Partnership-shall-be . dissolved and liquidated. No Ltd. P a rtner m ay demand and. receive property other than cash for his contribution. 6T 10/ 23/ 30. 11/6/ 13,20, 27 '.-HSO- ' ----- . . a t northerly side o f . Seam an public auction on the front steps Avenue, distant 200 feet easteriy of the Supreme Gxirt Building;; from the comer formed by the Supreme Court Drive,-Mineda, • m tereectionof the northerly Sde - County of NASSAU, State of New -- of Seaman Avenue an d ' the -4^0nC E OP ADOPTION-^ Local law to amend Ckde of Ordinances Artide--XI-MARINE. INDUSTRIESTDISTBICrrS, SEC. 24-208 - Uses permitted. RESOLVED; that the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Vniagfi of Freeport,.by virtue of the authority in it vested by law, after a public hearing duly held on the 20th day of October, 1975 in accordance with the V flla^ Law, an^nf anrl does ena ct and ordain • the following amendment to Sec. 24- 208 as-fofiows:. (Contioufid on Page 11) . (CohUnu To/'delete s . Sec. 24-208 £ (11) The motor vehicl portion of U abuts on a adjacent f protected b> fence of j quality as r the superini AND to rc( (12) as (11) as subsectic FURTHER foregoing a entered in Board of - ‘ corporated ■ Yiot Sto'rt.i ■ OFFICl, & PARO BO • Jnfim • Toddi • - - f l Ba> 6 1 S<LM i T i ARMYi ■.WoricdoilM , 90 S i MA 3-772 N a w C ) A»F« BOE.Sut C S l Ou*l'tflK rjrr fitm end -N O SE rfpurchi CAI

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